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SO ABOUT AUNT CASS CHECKS YOUR SEARCH HISTORY...okay aunt cass with all that ass so,apparently a you


Updated on Jan 24,2023


okay aunt cass with all that ass so,apparently a young hustler can't,complete his iron mouth satasha without,all y'all silly scoundrels simping over,yet another product of pixar producing,stupidly improportionate dummy thick,waifus yes i will talk about aunt cass,right now and my atasha at the end of,this video so we're all on the same page,for the direction of this channel,caprese so you're familiar with big hero,6. yes cool then you're all hip on it,now thanks to rule 34 artist from here,and now we've seen this now with the,samsung girl the anka zone not even,starbucks is safe from you gremlins,we've got a whole animation in the works,right here where aunt cass finds your,browser history and confronts you about,it and by god is it spicy i can't even,show you this video on youtube and to,the youtube employee reviewing this for,demonetization please watch till the end,i need the green from this video for,that goddamn mousy money pic want cass,off rip off the bang bros bang bus fake,taxi type fantasy bout she has your,search history in hand your worst,nightmare shielded by your smoking hot,step aunt is that a thing i've gone,through your computer's browser history,and,you,seem to have a type do you have a type,no,yes,yes i have,it,yeah if you couldn't tell i'm starting,to see my way out of my mommy issues i'm,becoming a man working on cars and ,i am ready to top i am ready to be,dominant oh oh man i know she's sweating,she's freaking out looking at that,browser history,and to help you lose interest in those,sites i figured it would be best if i,let you experience the real thing,titties who,yes yes let me give me them titties give,me them big oppais oh yes so,i am not talking dirty to you by the way,oh no,where am i going to get that from that,should stop you from going to those,dirty websites ironically that is where,i will go to find more of this video the,parts i will enjoy with my door locked,closed and shut like my front door when,a jehovah's witness decides he wants to,witness a door being shut in his goddamn,fate i happily encourage you to find the,rest of this video yourself the small,horny scraps you scrape up from youtube,will never be enough for your gargantuan,appetite nor mine so with that being,said what exactly is in my browser,history that aunt cass is so interested,in well at point blank it's a lot of,porn a lot of hentai i'm sorry to tell,you the truth auntie but there's also a,lot of atasha cars a lot of car ,speaking of car i do that on my,channel go watch those videos,and now a new arc for this channel is,about to unfold real quick imma talk,about it right now just like i love,waifus i love cars and with my mustang,came shenanigans y'all remember that i,wrapped that beast in high school dxd,guess what i blew it up now i've got a,1995 n a miata and we're going to wrap,it in iron mouse demon queen precious,family rise up if you made it to the end,of this video and want to see a build,series as we polish this miata for,unforeseen degeneracy leave me a comment,right now the iron mouse miata will come,to life and it's all thanks to salad,have you ever wanted to toss salad,without having in your mouth behold, it's all the benefits of,tossing salad without reenacting the,human centipede all in the comfort of,your own home on your computer salad is,a crypto mining and passive income app,available on windows mac and linux for,free which makes you money and lets you,earn rewards on everything you can get,everything from discord nitro gift cards,in-game rewards and all your favorite,games all sorts of goodies all by doing,no physical work you don't even have to,lift a finger your computer just does it,all now i know there's a lot of crypto,scams out there a lot of influencers,trying to get a cash grab but here's,what makes salad different number one,their code is open source go look at it,yourself on github and number two,they've got a 4.6 out of five star,rating on trust pilot they're not,messing around and it's literally free,there is no reason not to have salad on,your computer you're making money in the,background and when you download it use,my promo code flow to enable you to make,double the money when your computer is,mining again promo code flow f-l-o-w to,double your money okay i'm gonna cut off,this little thing i'm doing,this sponsorship is funding my dream of,worshiping iron mouse in the form of my,newfound love for cars and in order for,salad to continue being interested in,funding more videos more of these crazy,shenanigans that we do on the channel i,need you guys to show the same love for,them as they're showing for us because i,want to make the best possible content,without having to worry about a budget,link in the description use code flow,when you install salad,thank you so much guys

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Aunt Cass being Aunt cass

Aunt Cass being Aunt cass

hi cass are you guys okay tell me you're,okay we're fine okay,oh good,then what will you do knuckleheads,for ten years i have done the best i,could to raise you,have i been perfect no do i know,anything about children no should i pick,up a book on parenting probably where,was i going with this i had a point,sorry we love you aunt cass bay dinner,is on,yes nothing is better than free food and,cash unless it's moldy we'll uh we'll,catch up okay sure i'm so proud of you,oh the university called again,it's been a few weeks since classes,started but they said it's not too late,to register,okay,thanks,hero hey they had guests wow you're up,yeah and figured it was time are you,registering for school uh yes thought,about what you said really inspired me,oh honey that's so great uh-huh,i thought i heard you,hi hey hey,guys,oh look at my little college man oh i,can't wait to hear all about it oh and,wings are almost ready,last hug,if we're going to catch that guy you,need some upgrades,to close up early because of you two,felons on beat poetry night,stress eating because of you come on,emoji,this is really good,hey sweetie i made your lunch uh do you,pack lunch to college i don't i don't,know was that is that not cool i'm so,proud,you guys better go,less hug,tadashi would be so proud of you,it's movie night hero i rented his,kentucky kaiju versus zombie soros yeah,uh be right down just putting on my uh,movie clothes okay,where's baymax,hello come on hurry before i eat all,this popcorn myself,coordination is developed by me gotta,stay fit,feel the burn,nice patch thanks,nice fall,and cass hey what what are you doing,here,oh you forgot your chemistry homework um,i think i'm feeling a little chemistry,right now,are you flirting with me well this,sounds like flirting,okay,thanks haha you can go now aunt ass aunt,cass,do you mean like the toes,i'm gonna get the fish,now is he gonna be surprised,uh,i never would have guessed you're a fan,of origami too,yes we always had plenty laying around,papa never let me fold anything bigger,than a 50. but i made do a crane amazing,check this out,it's me and and i'm literally made of,money just like in my dreams i'll,treasure it always,here's 20 bucks buy yourself some,chicken toes,okay,that was sweet but you got a little,something from yeah pretty much all over,right,sorry uncle cray,what's she doing in good luck ally this,place is dangerous,what,what is going on,not again,good morning,what time is it 8 45. the cafe should be,open who are you and what have you done,with my aunt cass oh relax they can wait,an extra few minutes for their coffee,what's going on you're supposed to be,the responsible one there's nothing,wrong with going out once in a while to,cut loose cut loose what are you doing,all night where do you go uh the movies,the cognitive work,she has no idea what it's like to deal,with someone who's obviously lying to,you,aunt cass in the spotlight hey hey cass,hey cass hero what are you doing here,what are you doing here um winning and,now back in the ring to defend her title,you know her as reigning champion,no she's bad really bad you've got to,get out of here i will hear him just as,soon as i crush her and take her knives,oh wait you don't want to get me her,knives hey it's inappropriate to mess,with the fighters,oh opponent a man who needs no,introduction,vulcan,um well i didn't actually mean to enter,i'm just here to look for my nephew so,i'm gonna you know give up good move,leave the cooking to the real chefs,oh we'll see who's the real chef you're,about to get stir-fried,feisty,lucky cat special funny side up ah it's,so cute i don't like my breakfast cute,i suggest you back away,oh watch out sorry,i will get it,i have got it,oh well maybe i can fix it,and cass what are you doing here i saw,fred's livestream i love karaoke,i mean cray-okey oh good so you want to,buy one for your little plucky cat cafe,what no i just want to sing,when you try to say my name,you choke up on the phone,that's all for today thanks for joining,us take a moment to look at this other,recent clip by director's choice and be,sure to subscribe to our channel and,ring that bright notification bell to,get alerts for our latest videos,you

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Rating Aunt Cass Memes! | Dank Memes of March

Rating Aunt Cass Memes! | Dank Memes of March

once again reddit you disappoint me,alright jesus christ,ready we gotta talk bruh y'all too horny,over there man y'all gotta slow down,okay slow down bruh every week y'all,making a waifu y'all just had the,residence evil lady y'all had vows that,y'all had mr elastigirl y'all had the,pink hair girl from the robot anime oh,y'all need to calm down over there okay,go outside nice man i know i was gonna,have to bust this out on y'all here man,take this,when you're not making waifus what do,y'all do,what do y'all do oh i know where y'all,at i know 100,where your knees is at r slash waifu,ism well i'm out man i tripping,yo what's going on guys spymask7 here we,are back at it with another goddamn,dank meme video of the month of march,dawg our first one yet now lads as you,boys can see man,reddit has disappointed me once again,okay actually reddit has never,made me satisfied in my life other than,the scp lore,reddit is like ugh yuck gotta smell yo i,would usually say something before this,but i don't have anything to say,so let's just jump right into this bruh,today's meme is,on cast bro if you guys have ever seen,the movie,big hero 6 alright i never seen that,movie okay but in the movie right aunt,cass comes up and she's like yo my man,you getting big and stuff yo you growing,up but yo for some reason right,seven years later redditors found this,it was like yo let's put some,honker donkers on this aunt right here,she bust down okay i gave the cap this,is nothing new,reddit has always been making waifus out,of these cartoon characters,these anime characters and these game,characters right i just want to look at,these memes today and see if they're,even worthy of,other people seeing this outside of,reddit all right without further ado,boys let's look at some of these,memes hi horny redditers i am ant cass,if you want to see my boobs subscribe to,my only fans what,are you winning son,oh hell no bro you down bad first of all,yo the qualities meme,is a little low tier i mean he got the,paper stacks he got the toilet paper you,know what i'm saying he got the jpeg,image on the the tv screen,and i don't even know what type of,lotion that is because that ain't,no coco butter that's some white people, right there that's some white,people,i'll give this meme up morning you know,what six out of ten i thought i heard,you,hi hey oh look at my little college man,oh my god,jesus where are they where,are they imagine assaulting a guy,because you didn't see boobs in a movie,god damn large trap be goaded by a large,trap be golden imma give this one,seven out of ten not bad large not bad,okay,it's 100,not really too much going on in this,meme other than music not too much,really happening,six out of ten six out of ten actually,i'll give it a second i like the music,all right little doge dad can i go to,the dvd store and buy something,sure son yo,so cute big hero 6 what a child friendly,show,are you watching son what the heck cute,and innocent boy,all right not too bad not too bad of a,meme i actually like that one,i'm not a fan of swole doge you boys,know that i hate that but i mean the,qualities there the content's there and,i mean,i saw boobs so eight out of ten,hold on bruh i see my boy master chief i,got a click that's combative all baby,bless up bless up,oh all right,watch that that ain't,not good this is bad,i don't understand,not representative of the action,yes yo okay dawg i see y'all with the, halo 2 reference you know i'm a,sucker for master chief i saw master,chief,i saw boobs holy moly eight out of ten,no nine out of two,nine out of ten okay so yo this guy name,is sexy he's doing a,speed run all right i will be attempting,a nsfw speedrun okay all right,nsfw speedrun okay he's got the timer,nice,nice click i think he could have did a,pace better but you know it's all good,okay he's in there he's in there he's in,there found him,right there 10 seconds 10 seconds i can,definitely beat that though i can,definitely beat that i'll do it,right now brother i can definitely beat,that time dog aunt cass,all i gotta do is type in on cass i got,this all right one two three all right,on cash come on image image image come,on come on, there it is there it is i,found it stop stop let's go let's go,eight seconds,eight seconds okay so the last one we,got is aunt cass mommy milkers featuring,bad last chugs okay the chug,master look at my little college man,mommy milkers big big mommy milkers big,big huge milk is it,huge big milkies yo on the reel,that was not a bad beef i would give it,to him i like the green screen i like,what you did with uh badlands chugs,mommy milkers that's a nine out of ten,that's a nine out of ten right there yo,good job mr pie,dog yo we pie brothers out here that's,all the memes i got today honestly if i,had to rate these memes i'm gonna give,them a six and a half,out of ten right they're not too crazy,the creativity is okay,sometimes you might hit it on the mark,sometimes it's out of the park you know,what i'm say

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Parents Read Their Son & Daughters Search History... (r/AskReddit)

Parents Read Their Son & Daughters Search History... (r/AskReddit)

our slash asked granite parents who have,checked their child's internet history,what is the weirdest almost duct up,thing you found on it,my son is 16 now so this was about four,years ago I had got a new tablet and he,had gotten in the habit of taking it,into his room to play games on I got,curious one day and looked at the search,history Pokemon cheat code halo map big,boobies pin sack minecraft it was such,an odd mix I had to laughs i bookmarked,some sites that he could look at that,weren't hardcore porn see swimsuits site,etc I'll let him know he could look at,these and it was okay the last few years,he's had his own laptop and I really,don't even bother anymore trying to,control a teenage boys masturbator II,habits is the definition of fighting a,losing battle you're a pretty cool,parent yeah my parents bought me an,account to a porn website when I was a,teenager so I didn't ruin my computer,the fact that his internet history is,clear he knows how to use incognito mode,I thought incognito mode was only for,hackers how can you get hard when a man,is sitting in the corner watching you,touch yourself not a parent story but,close enough used to be the department,for a kind of through fifth grade school,once we actually received a budget to,purchase laptops for the classrooms I,was tasked with imaging them all and,also implementing a web content filter,which we hadn't had previously since it,was before students had computer access,well I wanted to make sure my filter was,working well so naturally I tested my,go-to site is always boobs point comm,because it's relatively benign or it was,haven't checked it in ten years and it,should always trigger a filter it gets,blocked filter works,life is good I deliver laptops to the,classrooms and go about my job as usual,a few months later a teacher comes,ripping down into my office holding a,laptop breathlessly yelling we have a,problem,the kids are systematically trying to,bypass the filter I'm like,whoa whoa whoa how do you know I've,checked ten machines now and everyone,one of them has boobs point common the,search history as soon as she said it I,realize my mistake I use the first,laptop to check the filter which,happened to be the laptop I used to,create the donor image that I then,cloned on to every other laptop in the,school I successfully put boobs point,commas the only address in the search,history on every school computer you're,welcome,parents we have a problem students are,trying to bypass the filter did it work,well no also true that filter was rock,solid my 10 year old googled exif ajna,his spelling is atrocious he could have,been looking up a lot of fad uniform,Austin Powers,she was quite XE when I was in first,grade I watched Austin Powers in our,hotel while on vacation and the whole,time back in the airport and on the,plane I kept whispering a lot of,fattener to myself because I thought it,sounded pretty my dad was definitely,humiliated when the flight attendant,heard me say it I received my first,computer when I was 15 before that my,only interaction with the Internet was,when I visited my older married sister,during the summer my first experience,with the Internet was when I was 12 I,visited my sister and she left me alone,in the house for the day while she and,my beau worked my parents did that all,the time it was cool that night when he,got home my bill sat me down he had a,little smirk on his face he thought he,caught me red-handed did you know my,computer keeps a record of the websites,you visit no I didn't he proceeds to,pull up his internet history and sees,nine hours of activity of Animorphs,searching for Animorph websites posting,in anymore forums,reading about Animorphs reading Animorph,and fiction looking at animal fan art,just Animorphs my guess is he expected,me to look up porn and instead of,telling me not to do it ahead of time he,thought it was fair and reasonable to,bust my balls after the fact,humiliate me but duck that doubt sure,bag Animorphs is where it's at,I'll shame this young child entering,puberty about his growing Excel,curiosity that'll show him hahaha a,friend's younger brother was starting to,get to that age I think 11 also their,family computer kept getting infected,with viruses and wot net parents,wouldn't do much about it until they,found how big is of a Jana in the Google,search and they decided to sit him down,for a little exhibition cracks me up,every time VAT Jo Mayo five-year-old,looked up on YouTube when I wasn't,around for fijian of videos and peak,videos and he didn't mean rare pets what,the duck is with all these frogs,Oh hit wad up not parent but cousin,little cousin had tab open called how to,get revenge,this wicker how point calm / get revenge,on anyone comes up when you search that,pt.1 is a list of the lamest revenge,suggestions ever PT 2 is just as LeMay,PT 3 jumps off a cliff from Lane kill,them with kindness type of stuff to,things like bully them,Harrison Hyde dead shrimp in their room,centum things a

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bro,it's like,it's not possible,foreign,i'm trying to sleep,something that you can eat every single,day and not get tired my sink's fine,this area,right here,what happens here is now my goddamn,business i don't give a what,happens here,i didn't mean it,oh dude all i can do is pour a cup of,monster and calm the down i'll try,but no guarantees,who driving this bug,it's not doing anything,wow,so,um,wow,so,hmm,there you go,oh,score,a free,foreign,god i just want something sweet right,now,something sweet right now is that,another,oh,okay,one two three go four,subscribe,okay,oh my gosh just fell through the ,there you go,jesus wait cameron there's something to,block your phone is a calling no,one gives a ,i'm letting go,bro what's his commercials custom,measured and installed just for you,built to last forever call today for a,free consultation if you support joe,biden in our liberal don't call us,wow,welcome to vb,oh is just like jingling,there he is,look at her,show him that you know how to swim,what the is you doing what the ,what's her name skyler she don't bite,uh,you said i look like who,yeah tell everybody everybody dm this,man tell him he look like selena gomez i,look like selena gomez me,give it some,presses on the top,in the water,and you gotta hear these,clips oh god what oh god what's,happening,what the my head went between,it's called timing your jump oh,where are you getting pizza,you cannot come inside with two slices,of pizza, you,yeah it's just,it's just there,oh,is still alive,foreign

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The most important question...

The most important question...

ladies and gentlemen it's time again for,another youtube non-deep dive where i,have been told about a channel i want to,explore it i want to see what it's about,naturally right i just want to watch,videos okay i i'm really spreading this,up this is just me watching youtube,videos but i promise it's gonna be funny,because look at this channel and look at,these thumbnails this is professor lando,a youtuber who creates videos where he,teaches you about things popular culture,things while writing on a whiteboard and,i think it is very very interesting very,very cool and personally for me,i really really really just need to know,the reason why i like milf so much i was,just browsing and i was like oh,submissive and breathable whatever the,hottest pokemon this makes me feel a,little uncomfortable and then,oh like a shining beacon something that,i had to know,why,you love milks,title of the class is milfs101 why does,i'm gonna love this animate their moms,like that why they so thick,and and you know pixar is is kinda,listen it's the name grab i know but not,just pixar,not just pixar but a lot of of mediums,animated mediums and uh i i just want to,say i know some of you are taking this,class because it's a requirement i know,a portion of you are here because um,you're majoring in a pogology,right we have some pogology majors some,uh thickology majors in here this is one,of the intro classes that everyone has,to take you gotta take milf 101 to get,into pogology if you think you can be a,partner twitch streamer without,understanding milf 101 without watching,the incredibles on repeat i've got news,for you ladies and gentlemen g-o-g no,sorry common misconception with the,pogology major uh it's,p-a-w-g,okay so,oh,he he meant that pog,oh,i don't i can't google it i promise i,don't have safe search on i cannot,google what that means youtube you're,gonna have to do it yourself,alone not in front of people what is a,milf,huh,is that is that milk with an f is that,what you call spoiled milk,right it's not urban dictionary says,it's a mom i would like to frick i think,this is the most general,oh come on come on you won't even give,me the stank on it accept the definition,or,mature,there is also a second definition you,know,it's important to cover,mysteries mature no one's using milf,interchangeably are they right i mean,there's and i don't want to make this a,gender binary but right now we have like,milfs and dilfs i guess if i wanted to,be inclusive maybe i would use milf for,everyone you want to be sure,if you're talking about milfs you're,talking about milfs okay because the,second definition is the moral islamic,liberation front who are based in the,southern philippi what a hilarious,misunderstanding man i was trying to,talk about what i believe the values of,the moro islamic liberation front was,you were talking about getting it on,with someone's mom philippines and were,created in 1978,their primary goals are to establish an,independent homeland governed under,sharia law,oh for the moral peoples,this is not,that is not what we're talking about,today you're googling or you know you're,you're searching up milf eventually you,find yourself on some kind of watch list,i don't know,for more reasons than one okay well,actually let's start there did you see a,classic mistake classic it's you can't,fault anyone for it because i make the,same mistake i just made it right now i,said milfs i think what the plural is,technically speaking,is it,milbs like calves for a cow no you're,you're pulling my leg mills,or milfs mandela effect perhaps i want,to say milfs but i think technically,speaking it is milds let's use something,i will die on this hill i'm never gonna,say i'm looking for a group of milvs,elf,oh,alf,plural,elves you can't say alpha's elves and at,the same time milf is milfs it's got to,be mills it's gotta be we don't want to,be an appropriator of milfs just to you,know just to be hip with our mills to,truly appreciate,versus appropriate,mills we need to understand the history,oedipus rex,is this is the title of a tragedy,written by,sophocles i i i maybe think is how you,pronounce it it might be,uh who was a i believe he was greek,killed his dad his name hey,spoiler alert killed his dad his,mom oedipus accidentally fulfilled a,prophecy that he would end up killing,his father yeah and,marrying oh marion i'm sorry i'm so,vulgar maybe depending who you are maybe,not so much a tragedy oedipus rex,i'm sorry one more time depending who,you are maybe not so much a tragedy,no that sounds like a tragedy to me that,was the past we're moving into the,present and the we're kind of getting,more into the meat of what i'm talking,about the focus of this class is the,animated pixar films animated cartoons,yeah i want to know why mrs fantastic is,so thick so i'm going to show you some,examples to an unbelievable level and i,know she's a stretchy woman but come on,oh he can draw,okay so we have some we have is that,from dexter's lab,and who

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Possible Suspect in the Murders of Four Idaho College Students Psychic Read - PLEASE SHARE -

Possible Suspect in the Murders of Four Idaho College Students Psychic Read - PLEASE SHARE -

hi my name is Donna and I am a,spiritualist reverend I have a Bachelors,in criminal justice I've had several,family members murdered so,um you know I I have a background in,working in criminal justice and then as,well after my daughter was murdered in,2011 I decided to pursue becoming a,spiritualist reverend and that's what I,am I am seem to be pretty good at these,cases however please note that the,world's strongest mediums are are only,um,um whatever measured at being right 80,of the time,so,with that caveat you can't just say she,said this so she's accusing this person,or she said this so whatever and this,set and the next thing is this is very,graphic the purpose of this is not,entertainment the purpose of this is to,put it up where any cop who's willing to,who has an open mind,can listen to it they'll know who it is,they'll be able to track them down today,so,um please share it everywhere you can,and also my dog is in contractions in,active labor she's gonna have puppies,like really any minute so I didn't have,time to fix myself up and do all that,and add a bunch of pictures I'm gonna,put one picture all the way through,um I did find a few things I I don't,know if I'll say them let's see,um where they talk about the benches at,the end of the street where I said they,kind of wrap around a tree they're,Square benches but it is down Main,Street,and I did find similar places that I,described near where the girls worked,and I'll leave it at that that's for the,place to go get,um definitely if there's an apple laying,around that property anywhere pick it up,um he that's his Apple that he ate after,the murders so um,they can find him off this and I just,have to whip it up as fast as I can,because my dog just disappeared again,she's literally in contractions but this,is real important I mean I didn't even,realize till I listened to this now they,they literally can go figure out who,this is just by this recording so make,sure they get it okay thank you all,right all right see you guys later bye,pray for all these people these these,children these 20 year olds,um,there's no words okay so,and for the survivors,so I will talk to you guys later all,right here's the recording,so I'm praying now for possible Clues,and the deaths of these four college,students in Idaho,I'm asking for my spirit team to come in,I'm asking for God to surround me in,pure love I'm asking for so I'm seeing,this side of the house I'm seeing this,side of the house but then I also see,the doorway and that's probably because,it's in pictures so it's like the the,doorway at the lower,um level on the hill I'm seeing that,doorway open but it's I just looked at a,photo of it so that would make sense,that it would come into my mind it could,be that they're picturing me there and I,know the address is 1102 or 22 or,something like anyways it was in the,picture so so I'm not getting that,psychically I'm just saying that's,what's going into my mind and and and,obviously the gatek person so I'm just,gonna trust now I'm just gonna trust and,wait,that I know,that I'm being used for good,and I know that,I'm gonna do my best to interpret and,and see what is there okay they're,showing me one of the blonde girls now,yeah,I can't rule I I can tell them apart a,little bit I think it's the one that has,a little rounder face,um and she's doing something so I'm just,gonna follow her a minute and I'll tell,you she's they're just showing me her,but we're walking somewhere we're in,that Main Street area of that little,town,um I'm seeing a guy talking to her and,he's about he's quite a bit taller,I mean she sits on a bench or it really,feels like if there's a tree and I'm,getting chills on my legs if there's a,tree that hasn't been surrounding the,tree like you know how they put those,half round benches around trees,sometimes he's taller he's taller and,he's taller and,um I think he he might like her he's,he's like trying to talk to her,and this is not at night so this is not,at the time it happened this is sometime,in the day of some day and and then in,the hood,now I've seen the hooded guy by the uh,truck,but I don't think it's that guy like,um,I'll just wait and see I don't think,it's that guy that they're showing me,because this guy seems like he has a um,like if he was like six feet tall or,something like that you know a bigger,build and,she's not really interested in him,because she's,like kind of I don't know if short is,the world but she's she's not super tall,like,um you know so,he's trying to talk to her strike up a,conversation about school,about history,I didn't get a lot of spirit energy,about the history let's see it might be,some kind of related like geology or,geography or you know just these types,of classes that they make you take or,whatever,um okay,I should okay anyways everyone knows,what I'm talking about,so they're bringing me to this,conversation still so she's sitting,there,she seems like she's waiting for,something because I don't know if she'

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Top 5 Wildest Moments in Darrell Brooks Murder Trial Day One

Top 5 Wildest Moments in Darrell Brooks Murder Trial Day One

um Mr Brooks you just interrupted me,within a minute of us starting this case,here today I'm asking you to,respectfully not interrupt me that's the,second time so I can go through the list,of things that I need to get through,this morning the trial for Daryl Brooks,the man accused of driving through the,Waukesha Christmas parade last year,killing six people begins and Brooks is,representing himself as a sovereign,citizen,I'm Anjanette Levy and welcome to law,and crime's sidebar podcast Daryl Brooks,faces 76 counts in Waukesha County six,of those counts are intentional homicide,and we're looking at the top moments of,the Brooks trial so far with opening,statements beginning Thursday the day,started with Waukesha County Judge,Jennifer Doro asking Brooks to put on a,suit it is your choice though,are you willing to go back to your cell,and put on your suit,it's my right to do so or to not do so,and at this point your honor who doesn't,know that I'm in custody,Mr Brooks I've had many trials with,individuals who are in custody and when,I've talked to the jurors after the,conclusion of the case they had no idea,the whole point of allowing for Street,clothing is not only,to Shield jurors from the fact that you,are in custody but also uh,you being in a suit and a tie or other,Street clothing I think also lends to,the Dignity of the proceedings this is a,trial,again it is your choice are you willing,to go back to your cell and be dressed,in the street clothes that you,previously appeared in,what I do respect,I do not agree with that assessment,whatsoever there's no possible way that,anybody will not know that I am in,custody I think that's a well-known fact,because it's reported on every day in,the media it's shown every day on the,news where I am with jail I'm housed in,and that I'm in custody it's virtually,impossible for anybody to not know that,I'm in custody and joining me to discuss,this is Bernardo villalona she is a,defense attorney and a former prosecutor,Bernardo welcome to sidebar thanks for,coming on thank you for having me,Anjanette I don't think I've ever seen a,judge in all my years covering court,cases have to tell a defendant we need,you to put some clothes on that are,appropriate for court you need to put on,a suit what did you think when this,started this morning so in 18 years,practicing in criminal law as a,prosecutor as well as a defense attorney,I have never heard a judge tell a,defendant put on some clothes because,usually that's the very very basic in,every trial in every case where the,defending the number one they take into,account is I want to be professionally,dressed so a jury can watch me and be,able to judge me fairly because of one,the clothes that I have on remember,first appearances are the most important,let's take a look at another clip where,the judge obviously,um got frustrated with Brooks or,interruptions I'll be off the record,I don't agree to a stop where I move for,a motion that dismissed for being under,duress and being coerced into a contract,they're not that I did not consent or,agree to,I did not,I have a right to be present for trial,now Bernarda what is your take on how,the judge is handling this thus far this,is something that we don't see very,often someone's saying I'm going to,represent myself I'm a sovereign Citizen,and and his behavior is just kind of,Beyond The Pale,so what makes this case stand out from a,lot of other cases I have seen,defendants represent themselves even in,homicide cases in New York however in,those cases the judge always gives,standby counsel to be present during the,entire trial to be able to assist and,defend it but in this case as you can,see there is no standby Council because,that's not applicable in the state of,Wisconsin so this is a huge issue in,terms of the defendant's behavior and,also how he's going to represent himself,because he is totally on his own,now let's take a look as Brooks returned,to the courtroom without a shirt all,right we are back on the record,appearances are as they were before I,need to make a record that at 8 42 a.m,this court ordered Mr Brooksby removed,from the courtroom due to repeated,interruptions and disruption with the,court this of course comes on the,recent history with Mr Brooks on every,day that we have been in court since,Monday he has shown a complete and utter,disrespect for these Simple Rules of,Civility,um he has been removed from the,courtroom multiple times this morning,alone he started interrupting this court,within a minute of the Court calling the,case,I should also make a record at the,moment he is muted,because of the way that he was removed,from the courtroom and his conduct since,I have been given just a bit of,information about it I will advise,everyone that I have required that the,sheriff's department file a written,report with the court regarding Mr,Brooks's conduct I'm told that,he would not sit down while in this,courtroom in order to have the shackles,removed so that he could be

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