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I Bought Ash Kaashh's OnlyFans so you dont have to | Ash Kash OnlyFans Reviewfifty dollars let's see

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Updated on Jan 26,2023

I Bought Ash Kaashh's OnlyFans so you dont have to | Ash Kash OnlyFans Review

fifty dollars let's see what we get,she's so nice,listen man listen you read the title and,everything you know,last video i did on ruby rose got like,32,000 they even reacted to the same,videos ruby rose and ddg they were,literally sitting there,in the ddg mansion watching my video,so five hours ago she posted,just because you know we just might be,on that level so,you know what i'm saying but uh ashley i,have known about her for like since last,year she went viral on twitter,a long time ago the two color eyes i was,like dang she's beautiful and i was,seeing her a lot i had to block her,listen she was so beautiful i had to,block this woman,and there's only two girls i've ever,done that with i just kept seeing them,on my timeline,and it was just too much it's like it's,not fair it's not fair,i can't get any of that i i will never,be able to obtain that,i literally just unblocked her and i,found out she had only fans,we obviously all seen the video there's,actually a second video which is,crazy it's crazy because she was really,going ham,like that's a great video that's a great,video i was looking to,i was doing some research and the guy,she was slobbing on,i'm not even mad because it gives ugly,dudes like me,hope but i just got to sit there and,think like ashley,like what was going on this dude,obviously had to have a lot of money and,it's like her,and him and her this girl's literally,number one yeah i'ma give her the,benefit of the doubt,maybe she came from like a small town so,she didn't know her worth,so since she doesn't know her worth she,just dates,what she thinks is a good looking guy,until she actually gets out into the,real world,she gets away from her small town boring,i'm about to get this on the business,debit again i wonder how,fifty dollars fifty dollars,who is gassing these up,who you're not beyonce i'm about to pay,fifty dollars,just like the video because i'm really,about to drop 50,50 bands i might just plug myself real,quick follow me on twitter,i gotta run a little mean page,and your voice may be used for,verification um, is that the transaction,you're trying to process online sir,which requires additional verification,yeah that's this is actually the,merchant's fraud system,it requires additional verification sir,it's just to confirm that it was you,doing the transaction,yeah that it was me okay,let me go ahead and clear this off for,you then hold on,i think it finally went through 49.99,like the video that's all i want to do,all i want you to do is like the video,bro,50 let's see what we get 50,keep in mind first picture i see,just a picture of her looking out at the,view,nice butt can't hold you nice but,next video,hello yorkie,oh hey hold on,oh okay i was kind of seductive i ain't,gonna hurt you,okay okay,next,hey look i'm not gonna hold y'all so far,this is better than ruby rose 100 even,though i have to remind myself that i,just paid,fifty dollars i'm actually somewhat,enjoying this,lucy oh yeah so i like this i'm not,gonna hold you,if i was a ash cash fanboy and this was,like,ten dollars a month i would,hey i ain't gonna hold y'all i would,consider it and i was a weirdo who,already paid,for porn,dude she's so nice with it,oh my people overuse the girl of your,dreams,i ain't saying girl my dreams but,this is like,this is legitimately someone's girl of,their dreams,just pure beauty just pure,beauty bro,just and she know i'm not even mad at,her for charging 50 because she know,what she's doing,all y'all gassing her up and she,deserves it she deserves it,but everyone's hyping her up she's a hot,commodity right now,yeah bro she's so solid she's so tough,she don't even look short bro,she look like she a decent five five at,least,five five she probably like five eight,or something,something crazy,she's so tough wait i think i got a dm,from her let's see what she gave me,dang i gotta walk for five dollars bro,that's what i'm,not about to do fifty dollars is all you,getting out of me,wow glizzy gobbler,that's what they got her named as glizzy,gobbler that's a tongue twister,klizzy globbler wait glizzy gobbler if i,seen her,walking if i seen a girl like her,walking bro you couldn't pay me to go,talk to her though on some weirdo,i just but you know what bro i'm not,gonna do

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I Paid For "Ash Kaashh" OnlyFans So You Don’t Have To...

I Paid For "Ash Kaashh" OnlyFans So You Don’t Have To...

six,yo first of all before the video even,begins bro,y'all it's 5 25,hey look when i seen her back angle i,kind of got lost in her eyes but i know,y'all got lost too,i seen the video of her you feel me like,yo,but y'all know what i'm talking about,baby i don't know bruh there's no,she pretty much got exposed okay look,she got like curly hair,she light skin she's got green knives,she,got lost her eyes and i even watched the,video and got lost her eyes bro,i'm here she got to own these fans bro,never,owning friends this is my first time,even being on the app bro i mean the,website will never look i never even,been on i kept hearing about my ain't,like yo i don't really care for that you,feel me yeah we about to purchase,her only fans i'm about to purchase her,only fan so you won't have to purchase,no more bro before the video even begins,make sure you smash that like button,right now but no capri smash that like,button,i might do another video like this but,look bro don't do too much talking bra,we finna purchase our own friends hold,on bro let me turn my screen recorder a,little cat a little awesome,hey look we don't ask only fans bro hold,on bro this thing say,49 hey look her only friends is,50 dollars bro 60 dollars my ,bro,it was at this moment that he knew he, up,transactions cannot be processed at this,time,but it took the bread out my cash out,bro what,my card is not declining bro it took the,money out so yeah i'm getting,situated and i'm gonna hit y'all back up,maybe but i don't know that's what's up,right hopefully i did not get scammed,but yeah all right charlie look man i'm,back right look bruh,got everything situated but look i,almost thought i got scared and bruh,from,i got everything situated hopefully bro,i got everything everything is good now,you know how to,call them and tell them,yes this is could you please just pay me,and look the screen point is already in,place look bruh this is ash,account like i said bro hold on she,verified,that 3.7 k likes and her username say,just a secret so yeah i ain't gonna lie,like i said,make sure y'all smash that like button, okay approved hey look,that fifty dollars dude brett hey,yo,yo that better be working baby,scroll down right now but hold up,i could see this at the beach you,feel me next day oh she got 34,posts,yo what the is this bro the first,post,she had on the business too all right,you feel me i see the nipples poking out,oh you gay,still got my clothes bro what's up ass,what's up i still got clothes on bruh,that's it are you scared,this on instagram right for me but,that's the that fifty dollars yo,what the look what time it,a is four second long video what i'm,gonna do with that,huh my ass look y'all eight hold on my,bad guy,yo i'm talking to y'all like y'all ass,but look bruh ash are you watching this,what am i gonna do with a four second,video let me know right now,oh come,hey hold,hey look up hopefully the next one is,way better than this bro,okay oh,this is like just talking,see what what are you talking about no,late night conversations brother how did,late night,just talking to them bro everybody knows,what happens at nighttime,now,you

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PamiBaby Reacts to Adin Talking About Having S*X with Her!

PamiBaby Reacts to Adin Talking About Having S*X with Her!

yes,let's remember they want you to host oh,my god,i love it,so okay because this is so we haven't,even really talked about sex we got to,get gritty we gotta go,um,i want to hear i'm trying to think,because you are young you're 20. yeah,i'm like do you have crazy and you're,streaming oh give me something come on,give me the juice streaming uh it's,actually insane like you're saying,myself,no it's actually like five i actually,really miss him,um,me and my girlfriend like literally,every time like,we like come at the same time every time,how at the same time you're lying bro,everybody says that i swear on my mom,and dad's like i'm not joking wait are,you okay,no yes i'm positive,what do you guys think of that,what do you guys think of that,what do you guys think of that,jealousy jealousy yeah,those girls trying to get with them,no,she's cute though,bro,okay now i get why they were surprised,let me i don't even know if i could talk,about this can i go about this,it's gonna be like she's weird you know,she's weird,that's all you guys do she's weird,okay it's true but like what he said,like it doesn't like what he meant so,like okay when it first came out like,yeah it's true like why is everybody,tripping but now i get what like it,meant,so,basically,basically,he,he said that,we do something at the same time right,so,every time,not every time,bro i don't even know how to explain,this,um,can i just,i'll just keep uh watching this ,they should do this something weird you,guys asked me to elaborate on the video,i'm watching and now i'm weird,where are we how,literally how,no i'm not telling her first and then,she's like oh yeah i mean so i was yeah,i'm telling you bro it's like every time,and i can time it to where it's like,after y'all use sex toys,no,how do you make your girlfriend come can,you please tell the male audience and,make sure that someone is listening i,feel like i feel like it's just like,compatibility like no that's , no it's not i have been really,compatible with men and i have ended,things because it was like there's just,no way well,huh,you don't know,no like with past girls that i've slept,with it's like like i would obviously,finish but like they would never like a,couple of them might have finished here,there but it's like he's like good,comfortable well he and bex are talking,about really like how nice must it be to,be a guy going into sex and being like,man i hope i don't come too soon like as,a girl we go i'm like like i hope i,get something out of this,like you know oh my god why are you like,why are you all like tweaking right now,are y'all like uncomfortable with me,is this i'm actually asking is this,video making you all uncomfortable or,are you guys chilling,you're funny i see you bro someone said,something and it was mad funny actually,no okay so why are you all bitching like,little girls like what what is this chat,doing bro,stop pausing go watch out yourself,what the is on the internet the,whole point is for me to pause,and elaborate the ,weirdo,we can't talk,bro,y'all could talk but,why are y'all crying,why are you saying oh my god i'm,uncomfortable what is it like scaring,you,it's like touching girls,yeah but i can't imagine being a guy,being like yeah i know for a full fact,unless like obviously like how do i stop,okay now continue so you you said,compatib i don't believe that i swear i,okay describe compatibility like if,you're just compatible with somebody,like you get signs about somebody i,don't know even outside of like sex like,it makes the sex but i can't like would,you say what's better for both you like,when you're hooking up or like when,you're in love with somebody in love,with someone right of course so when,you're in love with somebody,like you know everything gets better,like the guy obviously is more turned on,the girls more turned on is just,more like,like real yeah but there's just no way,you're making this girl come every,single time without sex toys,describe your sex enemy i want to know i,want to know what do you have you've,broken something you come at the same,time,like every time like literally 90 of the,time like 9 out of 10 i promise you,every single time how,it's just literally i it's so rare okay,well spill the beans what are you doing,like every time like literally 90 of the,time like 9 out of 10 i promise you,every single time,how,it's just literally i it's so rare okay,well spill the beans what are you doing,literally what position are you okay,like we'll use like like i'll get her on,a pillow right yeah so like obviously,elevation maybe um i'll stand up,sometimes so you put her you put no,now i get why you guys were tripping,it's a very interesting conversation to,be having with me,who's he putting on a pillow,who's he putting on a pillow,me laugh hella hard like,like that ass like y'all be like,oh wait oh wait no i've heard i've i've,really heard that yeah,you've heard that or you've done it no,tony number two has told me that i don't,want to do my

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Sharife Cooper Gets Played By Ash Kaash..

Sharife Cooper Gets Played By Ash Kaash..

so,so you guys i want to bring out this,video on sheree cooper just because we,definitely got some things we got to,talk about so i know some of y'all seen,my last video i made on cherie back in,may well as you can see this is an,update just because a lot has happened,ever since then such as sharif getting,waved off the team and also breaking up,with his girlfriend ashcast a few times,so we all know sharif is currently 21,years old he was drafted as a second,round 48th overall peak by the atlanta,hawks back in the 2021 nba draft and,throughout his rookie season he played,13 games at average three minutes and,also put up point five points point four,assists shooting 21 field goal,percentage as soon as 16 percent from,the three-point line and he played a,total of 39 minutes throughout his,entire rookie season and if you guys do,not know sharif was on a two-way,contract which means he was playing half,of the season in a g league playing with,the college park skyhawks throughout 22,games at average in 30 minutes sharif,was putting up 17 points seven assists,four rebounds from the 43 field goal,percentage and shooting 36 percent from,the three-point line so when you look at,charisse g lee stats he actually was,playing really really good because,atlanta hawks sent him to the g league,playing alongside with jalen johnson who,both got selected by the hawks in the,2021 nba drive and they just wanted both,of them to develop their games together,and sharif really was doing his theme,but once the summer league came around,here's what things got really really,interesting for him so if you guys do,not know before he played his rookie,season with the atlanta hawks him,compete in the summer league he actually,was playing really really good because,throughout four games he was averaging,27 minutes putting up 14 points seven,assists to the 46 field goal percentage,is 233 percent for the three-point line,but he was averaging five turnovers so,him playing good for his first summer,league experience is one of the main,reasons why the atlanta hawks decided to,give him the two-way contract for the,first time back in august of 2021 but,then when you fast forward a year later,to the 2022 summer league when you look,at sarit cooper's stats it all went down,tremendously because throughout five,games he was still averaging 20 plus,minutes but here's the thing sharif was,only putting up four points four assists,shooting 18 field goal percentage to,soon at 18 for the three-point line and,also averaging two turnovers and on top,of that they claimed that he was playing,through a right thumb soreness so when,you compare his summer league stats from,last year to this year it has decreased,tremendously because he just wasn't,playing the same at all and atlanta,hawks they still was rocking with chris,cooper because back on june 29th they,still offer him another two-way,qualifier offer and they said on july,the first shari became a restricted free,agent but here's the thing while he was,a restrictive free agent no other teams,wanted sharif basically no other teams,offered to sign him and i'm not sure on,why maybe all the scouts was at the,summer league games and it just saw,sharif play and they just didn't really,like how he was playing and on top of,that he barely even played with atlanta,hawks in the regular season so you know,he don't have that much of experience,playing on the nba level but no other,teams really wanted him and on top of,that he is a smaller guard so you,already know sharif he's dealing with a,lot of odds that's against him but,here's the thing on july 22nd which was,21 days later the atlanta hawks decided,to resign cerrito another two-way,contract so he was back on the team just,like how i was during his rookie year,and honestly i thought he did have one,more year on his contract but i guess,once he became that restricted free,agent that's when he had to figure out,if he was going to resign with the hawks,or not but like i said he did resign,with the hawks but check this out three,days later on july 25th at 5 30 pm the,atlanta hawks released a statement,saying the team had requested waivers on,sheree cooper and they needed to clear,up a two-way roster spot because the,other two-way contract chine brown has,it so basically they took the two-way,contract from sheree cooper because they,trying to replace him with someone else,and it seems like the front office is,not really rocking with sharif i'm not,sure on why maybe because he didn't play,that well in the summer league but he,did have a good rookie season playing in,the g league so it's going to be very,interesting to see what's going to,happen in the future with reese's career,he just got to stay in the gym right now,and hopefully wait for another phone,call from the nba team now let's talk,about what's going on behind the scenes,with sheree cooper and his girlfriend,ashcas so here's the thing now before i,even talk about everything just to let,you guys know the reason wh

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KAI CENAT read ASH KASH tweets about SPEED!! Reaction!!

KAI CENAT read ASH KASH tweets about SPEED!! Reaction!!

man what's good youtube it's your boy,juice reacted back with another video,man and today we're gonna be reacting to,oh my bad y'all we're gonna be,reacting to uh constant that reads,ash cash tweets about speed now i didn't,see these tweets because i'm not on,social media so i don't know i don't,know what she tweeted in and what it was,about,but um,we gonna get we gonna get into this,video as soon as y'all subscribe to me,as soon as y'all like this video because,i i went through my analytics and i was,looking at we're looking through it,and i see a lot of y'all,watching this and y'all not,subscribing i have over 70,of people of non-subscribers watching my,videos and y'all don't subscribe i don't,understand i mean is it me and like i,said if it's me comment down below,down below if it's me,with the video and why y'all don't want,to subscribe if y'all if y'all just tell,me what it is then you stop being some, ass and y'all just tell me,what it is and i think i think we'll be,all right,but y'all won't tell me nothing and,y'all being some l man y'all need to,y'all need to bws and just let me know,if it's something without that i'm doing,and why you're not subscribing if it's,something that i'm doing let me know but,y'all won't even let me know,y'all just like y'all just watching the,video and then going on with y'all,they're like y'all at least tell me like,why y'all not subscribing you ain't got,to subscribe if you don't want to,even though it don't cost you no money,to subscribe to a channel,you know what i'm saying,like i just don't i just don't,understand like y'all like you know what,i'm saying but i ain't tripping i ain't,tripping the people that did subscribe,you know what i'm saying the people that,do watch my videos,i'm grateful for y'all watching them but,like if you're gonna watch it at least,like it or subscribe to it you know what,i'm saying like,give me a little give me something,but um,it's all good man i ain't tripping i,ain't tripping i ain't tripping i got on,the red i got on the red beanie today,i got on the red bean today merch comes,nah i'm just playing i got no merch,coming out um,yeah yeah we're gonna get let's get into,the video so let me let me shut up let,me stop rambling because it's probably,why i don't like the videos,i'm getting kissed,chat i want you guys to know are you,compassionate i want you guys,i want you guys to know all these tweets,is about me type so like i'm,getting kissed under the mistletoe this,year like she was talking about me um,i'd be hungry but i don't have to settle,for anything or anyone like she's saying,like she because i had told her like yo,don't let don't you you know,my youth then she said crazy how i've,been driving out here damn near blind,with no glasses,you know i'm saying don't let the liquor,hype you up and get your ass beat,uh okay,men joke about rapping me i'm just,saying if i know what it says i don't,know that one is t.o.s or not i know,what it says bro i know what it says,relax get off my dick,get off my dick all right i already know,your buddy with my dick you know,what i'm saying stop bruh stop the cow,man joke about rap me on the internet,every single day yeah i think the ,funny but yeah no no no no speed speed,together was saying that the who gonna,stop me who gonna stop me yeah you know,he took a l on that hey,you don't you know,let me shut up dumb weird to be honest,it's exhausting that i have that i'm,used to it,mindset just to get through today,what the , bad,speedwalling,chat,he's weird now,y'all saying he's weird now the whole,time y'all was laughing word,yeah like you can't look see that's what,that's what's funny like that's what's,so funny like when people when people be,like getting exposed or something like,that y'all y'all quick to switch and get,against them but when as soon as they,like on top of the world y'all don't,want to support nobody but like as soon,as you,as soon as they quickly they they do,something that y'all that that,that that that somebody else don't like,that's,that has a a nicer following y'all ready,to be like oh he weird oh he didn't see,that he did see that he,man shut the up y'all was just,laughing at that 35-80 35 seconds ago,now y'all trying to be uh y'all trying,to be all nice and saying oh,nah that's weird he he held person for,saying that and oh let me get the ,out everybody all the time was,dying yeah bro y'all was y'all was y'all,was dead i was dead out here laughing,and saying all this you know what i'm,saying all this stuff and now now,somebody said that they ain't like that,so now y'all don't like it get the ,out of here with that bro y'all,fake this is what i go through everyday,basis people harassing me telling me,how they want to,what,yo,i'm going to,yeah,yeah,i think i swim in the air today you look,so good to be good i wish i would have,followed you home so,no,oh my god,how good it will how good it would feel,to cut oh,my god oh,my god,what the ,with me,i hope you're pressing charges on the

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How Did Ash Kaashh Become So Popular? All You Need To Know About The TikTok and Instagram Model

How Did Ash Kaashh Become So Popular? All You Need To Know About The TikTok and Instagram Model

why on earth would a gorgeous and,successful superstar with a net worth of,about nine hundred thousand dollars fake,her own death,we will find out in this video,sometime this year there were rumors on,the internet about popular american,model and social media influencer ash,cash being dead,it all started when a twitter user with,the handle pachette shared a screenshot,of her instagram page being memorialized,with the caption,dead,the post went viral on twitter fueling,the rumors of the star's demise,neither ash nor any of her family,members made an official statement to,support or debunk the rumor,ash even posted on her instagram story,hours before the rumors started,circulating hit you like,the rumor persisted as another user,confirmed the initial news and someone,made a request to facebook to,memorialize ash's page there were mixed,reactions about the news from social,media users,someone said the internet is weird for,trying to make it sound like oshkosh,died y'all foul,another user simply could not believe it,though her instagram page at ash cash is,no longer memorialized ash has not,really said anything about the incident,have you subscribed to our youtube,channel yet,if you haven't kindly touch the,subscribe button and tap the bell icon,to get a notification for the next time,we drop one of our interesting videos,all i said was i don't want to do,business with you or i don't like,talking to people what the would i,go and be interviewed on somebody else's,um,what's it called twitch switch whatever,it is when i don't even go on my own,social media to talk about my life why,would i go on somebody else's ,number one for free,and number two we're so so other as men,can interview me for what what are you,guys going to ask me now just in case,you're wondering why ash cash is so much,of a big deal here's what we have on her,born on the 9th of january 1998 the los,angeles-based star is famous for her,work as a model in social media,influencer with top fashions in beauty,brands like fashion nova and cash cloud,she started working with these brands as,a model but the relationship quickly,evolved into partnerships and,endorsement deals she is currently being,professionally represented by the south,modeling agency,and you guys know i don't go on the,internet and i don't dress anyone or,anything,my social media,isn't meant for drama,problems you guys i post,i post,cute pictures of me,memes zodiac signs funny videos i don't,post anything else but i'm i don't like,people going and going on an internet,and trying to portray me as something,that i'm not and you guys constantly do,and it's always,man it's always a man behind her banging,body and beautiful face is a strong,entrepreneurial mindset,ash has leveraged on her fame to launch,her own virtual nail art studio heaven,sent nails heaven said nails has a range,of nail art designs that reflect ash's,fashionable and vivacious personality up,for sale she has also founded a unisex,clothing brand fatal attraction which is,yet to launch officially,ash cash has no doubt hacked the social,media game as a celebrity and influencer,currently she has 1.9 million followers,on instagram 558 000 twitter followers,and 182 000 snapchat subscribers her,large following in social medias,attributed to the sultry and seductive,photos and videos she posts on social,media,her lip syncing videos on tick-tock and,raunchy videos and only fans have also,contributed greatly to her fame,though her tick-tock page and some of,her other social media accounts have,been taken down in the past she devised,a means of sharing explicit content,legally and took things a step further,by monetizing it on only fans,a monthly subscription to her only fans,page costs 49.99,she also offers discount bundle,subscriptions of 134,for three months 254 dollars for six,months and 419 dollars annually for the,same service,you're most likely wondering what's so,special about her that makes people pay,good money to subscribe to her only fans,from her pictures you can tell that her,curvy perfect figure is one of ash's,greatest assets,the five foot six inches model weighs,approximately 121 pounds she has curly,dark brown hair her eyes are of,different colors one brown and the other,hazel she also has a dusting of freckles,on her face most likely attributed to,her mixed ethnicity coupled with her,impeccable fashion taste and sense of,style it's no surprise that people pay,to watch her videos,when ash first activated her instagram,page her first post was a flyer that,read i'm going to be a millionaire,it is really impressive to see her,manifesting that reality hit you like,this here my mind my leg up,one arm on that one arm more frontal,the whole time i'm smiling laughing,being cool with your ass and you want to,play with me,and for what in 2020 ash's net worth was,around 500 to 600 000,this figure has risen in less than a,year to about 900 000 with most of her,income coming from endorsement deals,sponsorship and business,a lo

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Kai Cenat Reacts To Prime Almost Fighting NLE CHOPPAS Friend

Kai Cenat Reacts To Prime Almost Fighting NLE CHOPPAS Friend

prime and elite chopper friend get into,a heated argument on aiden ross stream,god,hold on hold on kiss the cap,what i'm not playing with you bro,indeed,to just jump into the arguing,he said i'm from chicago south side,where he's from randomly and i'm from,where i forgot bro,money,looks like they oh,they gambling i'm going to tell the,gambling are they gambling bruh,are they gambling,memphis,oh memphis i heard no what are they,doing then,what happened,they were throwing money on speed but,they were throwing money on speed,then they started picking it up jokingly,wait so he thought he was trying to,steal his money,who picked it up pride yes okay i'll get,back where you from i'm from jordan,i don't care,about my money,what it is say about my my boy,twitch on joy,is not going down for that bro he's,standing up he's doing what he got to do,bro you feel what i'm saying i ain't,going live chat let me tell you exactly,what's going to happen,if they end up fighting i'ma just,predict it,if they end up fighting bruh,and the league gonna have to get on prom,i mean all these that's i'm assuming,already energy means they all go get on,prom,speed going jumping and ain't gonna have,to jump in bruh,and they always gonna have to take that,b in bro i ain't gonna capture you they,outnumbered,um,forty dollars,and i got a pocket full of money,all right,oh,before somebody gets to he threatened,bro that's a threat right there i ain't,going live chat there's got to be stage,ball it's not stage or uh oh god it's,not staged but you can just tell that's,a narcissist you could just tell us not,stage bro,i gonna lee got a clean hit on prom,right now like if that was to happen,check i'm not gonna lie emily got a,clean hit on prom bro,like real ,and now lee got a clean,one punch,out of here,oh bro,i'm not playing with you bro you guys,might want to dab brian,yo do you and your friend want to come,out to la spent a few days oh yeah i'll,spoil you i'm gonna take you shopping,you're gonna be on my stream in my,youtube stop stop stop,what the oh it's just a little,little little eye,bro and i don't want to ,understand though,oh my god what the ,oh my god bro,that got black air forces too,here on bt bro,that is on bt i can't show to you,it's cool we're good all right all right,good bro come on bro,we're good everyone's good bro it's just,a misunderstanding,who had this,ain't nobody never took nothing for me,in my life nobody touched my pockets in,my life,nah digging through the pockets is crazy,i'm going live,like a going in your pockets that,you don't even know it's crazy,excuse me twitch world my name is lil,100.,i don't know what it was,put my money in his pocket and come on i,can't touch his pocket i don't know,what's going on for the projects we,don't let people take nothing okay,it's on now yeah,plus don't touch get back,i would have,on girl i think it's just like a,misunderstanding you know what i mean,that's the understand it well i,keep saying sir we don't play about no,money we'll give how much it is,yeah we don't play about no money i got,money at the house money in my pocket i,ain't gonna let you put none of mine in,your pocket without my consent,hey hey you know what i'm going to tell,you,i gonna ride a bird in my head put some,money in your pocket and you call me a,uh sir hold on a second,oh that's it

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Sharife Cooper Did This For Ash Kaash..

Sharife Cooper Did This For Ash Kaash..

wait go ahead,i'm told,so you guys you guys i want to bring out,this video on sheree cooper and his,girlfriend ash cash just because we,definitely got some things we got to,talk about so we all know sharif and ash,has been going strong ever since they've,been together and they've both just been,living life but here's the thing this,video is an update because i want to go,over some of these messages ash has been,sending sharif on a low throughout these,past few weeks so we all know sharif is,currently 20 years old he just finished,off his rookie year in the nba playing,with the atlanta hawks throughout 13,games and only averaging three minutes,sharif was putting up 0.5 points point,four assists shooting 21 field goal,percentage and shooting 16 from the,three-point line back in august he,signed a two-way contract with the,atlanta hawks which led him to play half,of the season in the g league with the,college park skyhawks they finished with,a 20-13 record fifth in the east when,you look at sheree cooper's g-league,stats he played a few games in a regular,season even though he didn't average,that many minutes we all know he was,playing alongside with jalen johnson,they both got drafted in the same draft,class so it's just like the atlanta,hawks are trying to develop sharif and,jalen at the same time and we all know,sharif is also the backup point guard of,trae young who is their all-star point,guard so of course they wasn't going to,give him that many minutes but to remind,you guys when you look at sharif's,contract this year he is getting paid,462 000 and next year for 2022 he will,have a qualifying offer for 1.5 million,so he will still be on the team next,year for the atlanta hawks before he,become a free agent and hopefully,they're going to give him more playing,time so we can see what he can really do,throughout the regular season because i,really feel like if shereep was,averaging at least 15 minutes each game,he definitely will be putting up at,least 10 points and three assists in my,european but it just all depends on how,much they're going to let him play on,the court so that's going to be very,interesting to see what's going to,happen throughout this offseason you,know in training camp and everything,that's when they're really going to,figure out their rotation and their,lineup for this upcoming season now,let's talk about on what's going on,behind the scenes with sheree cooper and,his girlfriend as cass so like i said we,all know sharifah ass has been going,strong ever since they've been together,my last video i made of them was back on,february the 3rd and the title was,sheree cooper turns ash cass into a wife,if you guys have not seen that video,make sure you guys go check it out so,this video is an update now let's rewind,back to february the 14th on valentine's,day so on this day shree cooper decided,to take ash cash out on valentine's day,and he basically went all out for her,once again he decorated an entire hotel,for her he left a car for her as well,with multiple gifts and right after that,he took her out to eat so as you can see,sheree cooper really likes ash cash,because he has been going all in for her,you guys and they have not been talking,for that long so when you fast forward,to march to 15 sharif and ash went out,again and they went bowling so the first,video that they recorded together the,capture said my love bug and she put the,fire heart emoji with the bug then right,after that she made another video and,she was recording sharif being mad,standing on the wall and when you read,the caption she claims that sharif was,mad because everybody was winning,besides him right but then right after,that sharif made a post on his instagram,he took a screenshot of the scoreboard,and he was number one you know what i,mean he actually won the game so that,was really interesting i'm like why,would she record him being mad on the,wall you know then she said that he was,mad over a game when it seems like that,was not the case so when you fast,forward to march 22nd ash decides to,pull to one of sheree cooper's games and,when he was playing against the main,celtics it was a home game and ash was,spied as sitting courtside with one of,her friends so here's where he gets,really really interesting so on april,the 3rd ash decides to go on twitter and,she was just tweeting out a lot of stuff,so during this day she tweeted out,thinking of taking a month-long solo,trip and to remind you guys she actually,took the solo trip and she went to saint,lucia which is in north america so as,you can see she went overseas without,sheree cooper once again so check this,out when she came back from overseas for,a week guess what sheree cooper did he,did the exact same thing he did last,time when she went overseas for her,birthday i know you guys remember in my,last video when she went overseas on her,birthday with her mom she came back to,the states and sharif literally rewarded,her by just taking her out on dates and,he

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