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Archeage Unchained: Future 6.2 Patch Reviewwhat's going on everyone we got some,really exciting news


Updated on Jan 20,2023

Archeage Unchained: Future 6.2 Patch Review

what's going on everyone we got some,really exciting news this past week,regarding our cage specifically 4kr,however this will affect the future of,our cage Unchained as we will be getting,it sometime in the near future as : did,state on Twitter that it is very,possible that we could see this most,recent update that kr is getting some,time in maybe December or January so,it's really not too far away but it's a,far away enough for it to not be,immediately important but it's good to,go over and be aware of what it is to,expect in the coming future of the game,so the first thing getting into this,article and we're going to try to go,through this pretty quickly for everyone,is a new world boss alright the new,world boss is called-- as' alright for,those of you who have done the blood,salt Bay arena is that giant mouth,tentacle creature that is at the center,of the map and just fires laser beams,and poison globs and he's a pain in the,ass there but you hate him all right but,he is coming to the open world it says,that he's gonna be in whale song,straight so that's really exciting,there's gonna be a new world boss that,spawns supposed to be on the same level,as Leviathan and black dragon,aka he's not gonna be killed anytime,soon that being said he does drop gear,that is equivalent to Leviathan however,it is going to be a leather set the,Leviathan currently drops a plate dead,of gear calenus is going to drop a,leather set of gear alright and this is,what it looks like it's very pretty,got a really nice cloak to go with it,too just like the leviathans that are,just like haram really just like a ROM,it's going to have synthesis effects on,it so you're going to be able to choose,the stats that you want on the gear when,you get it on top of its equip set,effects all right so it's a five piece,set and the headpiece gives three,percent increased skill damage the chest,gives four percent evasion it's a lot,the pants give physical and magic,defense penetration,gloves are going to give you focus and,the feet are going to give you 5%,movespeed,the set effect is pretty standard it is,50% swim speed and 20% stealth detection,or the equip set effects those are,pretty nice,nothing too drastic with it you know we,I don't expect us to see this gear being,used on Unchained for a really long time,depending on how difficult the boss is,you may not even see it on legacy or a,long chine long time as even Leviathan,isn't killed that often but it's still,cool to see that we are still getting,new bosses and all this other stuff,coming to the game so it's something to,look forward to in the you know long,haul of the server something another new,thing is that we are getting a new world,PvP event that is going to take place as,a faction vers faction event on,Unisphere and cinder stone there are,going to be these towers that spawn that,you have to purify and destroy the event,lasts for 30 minutes it has three stages,ten minutes for each stage however each,stage has points that are worth a,different amount so what you do in one,stage is going to be worth more than,another there will be you know more,towers in a different phase than another,phase the first faction to get to 3,000,points wins you can get these points by,purifying towers or by killing the enemy,faction so you can PvP for this event to,win it it's actually a really cool thing,to win because if you win you get guards,stationed at those trade outlets in that,zone so if you win in unis tier you will,get guards of your faction the station,at the cargo outlet there and anybody,from the opposing faction that tries to,go there is going to be attacked so,they're not gonna be able to take packs,there this will you know might have a,slight effect on the economy in some way,or maybe you know have to make you have,to think about where you want to place,your land now if you're you know if you,wanted to place land in Innis tier as,new en or vice versa as Hourani into,cinder probably not but you never know,um but it's cool that there's another,event to PvP over that brings a open,world impact to the game,it gives something in the open world,value which is really really nice to,have and since it's on such a large,scale it impacts the entire faction one,of the really big things coming with,this patch is a whole bunch of new,skills,yeah we're getting a whole bunch of new,skills and the first one is swift blade,Swift late is getting ancestral skills,yes however they're only getting one,type of ancestral skill for its three,skills so its first one is triple cut,from what it looks like triple cut it,they make it a faster attack so it has a,even lower GCD and it's gonna be a,really fast attack however it's not,going to give you the dash anymore and,it's not going to apply a shadow mark so,it kind of loses some of its value there,in terms of what it was good for with it,doubling as a mobility skill and a mark,applying skill which allowed you to,combo with the rest of your delayed,skills so we'll see ho

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What The Hell Happened? ArcheAge: Gift That Keeps On Taking [ArcheAge Unchained]

What The Hell Happened? ArcheAge: Gift That Keeps On Taking [ArcheAge Unchained]

hello everyone welcome back to another,video before we get started as always,whether you are new or returning i'd,really appreciate if you would subscribe,to the channel and don't forget to drop,a hammer on the bell notification so you,don't miss when a video is posted,now we're going to talk today about a,game that i haven't talked about in a,little while got a bit of flack whenever,cacao games decided to take over,publishing of archeage and arch agent,chained and i gave a lot of my,perspectives on that already so if you,haven't seen that already i encourage,you to check those videos out a lot of,people were like hey sim give them a,chance it's just happening you know give,them some time you know i talked about,whether or not this company specifically,has held the same level of,accountability the promises made by,their predecessors in regard to the game,a lot of people said no some people said,yes people were very divided on this i,hate to say i told you so but real talk,is was like was i sort of waiting until,uh i saw some indicators of something,that was pretty scummy and uh before i,really called them out of saying yeah,this is like really dirty i need some,more evidence don't i before i can,really start to say like yo they're,really doing people dirty at this point,our cage simply feels just like the gift,that keeps on taking it doesn't seem to,matter who the publisher is how are they,doing that well look there's an article,right here someone came to one of my,previous youtube videos,they dropped a comment they were like,you really need to get in the discord,and see how they're just taking money,from people and i was like wow that's,like a pretty grand,statement isn't it to just say that,they're they're coming in,and it says right here i'm going to read,this comment cacao games are stealing,from their player base,visit the arcade discord server the,amount of angry players from the,last theft should stop anyone from,investing in them please research his,company they have real issues that could,put any investor or gamer at risk,now people have made references around,how they've made some decisions related,to other games previously for example,bdo and things like that so the article,here on mmorpg is outlining in a,superficial way what the problem is and,i'm going to talk about that and then,i'm going to look at something that i,think it really,resonates what the overarching response,from many of the community are right now,and that is that they feel cheated and,they feel that their money is being,stolen or they feel that cal gaines is,maybe not making the money they wanted,to be making currently uh as a result of,launching the way they did and so maybe,this is a a reaction to,force people into paying to play the,game where a lot of people aren't really,paying the kind of money that maybe they,were expecting to see again this is just,a theory a bit of speculation,a lot of resonating comments from the,player base which we'll get into so,archeage begins reopening marketplace,begins claims and sieges on fresh start,servers long and short of it is is that,they are saying here that the,marketplace issue,stems from errors during the data,transfer process in early december when,cacao took over publishing from the,franchise number of errors happened and,players were compensated for items that,couldn't be transferred to the global,build i want to note something here,we're compensated for items that,couldn't be transferred to the global,build this is not true,i put in a ticket because one of the,specific things that was in their shop a,cosmetic outfit that i had purchased,previously didn't transfer over instead,they gave me something that quite,frankly looked like garbage as a,replacement or i assumed at the time,was just like,maybe they got it wrong in the data,transfer i'm gonna shoot him a message,and you'll go hey can you give me this,one this is what i actually had you,could check what i purchased or whatever,that's why i bought uh there keep it in,mind i had the credits i could have,bought it i had my credits from when,arcade and chain launched and you're,probably going to what's the why does it,matter just spend those well because i,shouldn't have to spend those it's the,principle here but they said here that,they were compensated for items that,couldn't be transferred to the global,build i don't consider giving someone,like myself as an example,a cosmetic i don't care about as a,compensation for the one that i cared,about and that i was excited about,having right so you didn't actually,compensate and you're going yeah well,what came of that uh message you sent to,the support well i sent it in they said,we sent you something as compensation we,can't blah blah blah i asked for them to,do it they said they couldn't,couldn't and wouldn't are two very,different things can't means you're not,able to right,won't,means you aren't willing to so you,weren't willing to,okay,you weren't willing to you could easily,give

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Archeage Unchained - 13 September Livestream Recap & Twitter Quotes

Archeage Unchained - 13 September Livestream Recap & Twitter Quotes

all right guys it's chillon from the,paradox gaming Network and today I'm,gonna be giving you your 13 September,livestream recap and then a little bit,more so from today's livestream there,was absolutely nothing riveting and I'm,gonna say this Karen - did great I don't,blame him for what went on in the stream,but he had nothing to work with there,was no video footage of the swift blade,skills that he was trying to explain,there were no images or text on the,screen there was no skill tree no,nothing there was no curling Curlin was,supposed to be there to take some,questions so it was kind of a literal,trying to verbally explain the skill,tree it's almost like they went through,the motions they had a live stream,scheduled so they decided to do it and,they had like one 15-second video with,some bad audio now what we got today,that was important is the Twitter and,the discord conversations that were,going on and when it comes to the pts,there is no confirmed PTSD the goal is,for 23 September and this is from Cronin,they just over a week so targeting the,23rd we're on track for a simultaneous,steam release on the 30th I'm gonna,explain that second piece in a second,what makes me really nervous about the,23rd having 6.0 up on the 23rd is it's,once again too fast now I said I'm not,gonna hold try on spell yrs against,amigo but I'm gonna hold game egos,failures against amigo seven days isn't,enough time to test anything I don't,know what we're getting I don't know,what it's supposed to look like there's,a lot of bits and pieces that need to,work properly but but it is what it is,now to talk about steam the game won't,be available until 30 September on Steam,and this is from curling and now this is,my opinion but it's probably it has to,do with steams rules not game egos I've,been finding this more and more in with,games they're just simply not available,until long,des uh steams been changing some,policies lately now I know some people,asked steam for the South American,players and for some of them it would be,good it would be they would be able to,pay for their game that way and,unfortunately because amigo does not,have the South American distribution,rights they can't get steam to put it on,for South American players you have to,prove to steam that you have the,distribution license for the regions,that you want to put the game up in,because steam does regional control so I,know people are gonna be upset but the,steam things those are to be directed at,steam now this one caused a big hoop law,today during my show I was on for five,hours today,and we're talking about the bomb the,bound cosmetics and if first curling,comes out with the team is going through,efforts right now to review all costumes,and ensure they're bound by default,it'll likely still be possible to,convert them to an image item place them,on a basic costume and trade them that,way but there's little we can do to,influence that system well if there's,little that you can do to influence that,system then stop saying this isn't a,paid away in version of our cage because,the sale of cosmetics that only come,from a ten dollar real world money path,is pay to win I know people are gonna,say well Cosmetics don't make you win no,it's not the cosmetics it's the,acquisition of gold that lets you feed,your gear do your regrade all of those,things luckily on my show we were able,to get this taken care of Tynan was on,discord and said while curling is,correct in the answer that we don't have,control over the system we have,requested that the bound status of stat,costumes is reviewed this is a direct,request that i have in with excel,currently now what i find a little odd,here is that Cronin made the statement,two weeks ago that they had this request,in so I'm not quite sure what's going on,and then Carlin comes back our producer,on our cage just corrected me to let me,know that there's an ongoing,conversation about having basic costumes,by non-image infusion or just be bound,period I misspoke and I stand corrected,sorry for the panic okay,I'm gonna hold off I'm gonna hold fire I,want to review that footage from two,weeks ago and I want to give him a,chance to show up next week and answer,some questions the truth of the matter,is is I would love to do an interview,with them to clear up some of this,because right now it does give the,perception of it's just the same old,ArcheAge just repackaged and re bundled,and nothing is actually really changing,now with that there is one other thing,that I know people company came up with,no temporary vehicles and we have a,requesting to remove temporary vehicles,form and chained so that's the plan and,then warhead who's and streamer and he's,member of my community he said this is,amazing news please make sure you get,them all and he started listing all the,places you get them now that's all I,have for today but I'm I am gonna pin a,comment I want to know what you guys,think about the Delfin and ghost ships,despawning and pirate

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Crests and Custom Images; ArcheAge Unchained

Crests and Custom Images; ArcheAge Unchained

welcome back to Ted in gaming I'm dead,end dragon and today we are talking,about getting a crest in the game or at,least getting a custom image in the game,I don't know it couldn't depends on what,you want to do you need to both really,at the same time so it's a bit of a,simple process once you get down to it,but it's just a lot of steps so it looks,confusing so let's break it down so for,the image what you're gonna want it,needs to be a specific size and file,type and name it's gonna be 256 by 256,pixels you can do that in Photoshop or,any other equivalent just make sure that,you can get into that resolution and,then you're gonna need to save it or,export it as a PNG file this is,important because it's the only file,that the program will recognize the next,part you're going to want to do is go,and title it you see see all lowercase,that's important I've had issues with it,I think it's supposed to accept it as,uppercase but just in case you might,want it to be lowercase I know lots of,cases huh so after you've got your file,you're going to want to go to your C,Drive on your file explorer and then,you're gonna want to go and go into,ArcheAge documents and you'll notice,that there's a folder called UCC place,your file in there now,we'll go into the game finally once,you're in the game you'll need to find a,crest printer there are around there's,in lots of different areas but not every,area I've found what I have found though,is there it's a main faction basis there,should be one there so that you can use,it like in the suicide lens,or in Merrion Oppel once there you will,also need to have a crest brainstorm in,game and you'll also need some memory,ink on the ready will use the memory ink,little later so let's get into using the,crest printer once we have the crest,printer up you can use one of the,progenitor crests on there or you can,use your custom image that's probably,what you're going to want to be using,especially since we just got that in,there it'll show up in the bottom left,hand corner if it's not showing up in,the bottom left-hand corner there's a,step that's wrong or it's not the right,resolution or it's not recognizing the,file or it's not in the right file,destination so maybe go back a couple,steps so once it is there continue on,you can click it and it will pop up on,the screen you can make a little design,with it there is a background that you,can put on it but in most cases I,haven't really seen it be used I think,it's only used for the background part,that you put on there is on four flags,or like on your sails for the ship I,think that's about it,I'm not even sure if it's used a lot,anymore I'm not sure but I usually just,throw something on there every now and,then just so I can kind of keep them,differentiated once you have it the way,that you want you can hit complete make,sure to also follow the guidelines when,putting your crest in they ask for no,copyright images or other things like,that because I can get a little iffy and,I can understand why so for this case,we're using using my image kind of cool,now nothing will pop up for a few,seconds but just give it like five ten,seconds and don't touch anything don't,move your camera I found that that helps,though with the process and then it,should show up in your inventory within,a few seconds what we need to do with,that is right-click it you once you,right click it it'll take one memory Inc,and it will give you some crust ink now,what that does is you that's what you,use on your pictures on your sails on,your t-shirt on whatever you want to use,this crest for and then you just imprint,on whatever you need every time you have,to imprint it on something though it,takes a memory ink but you don't have to,keep redoing it with a new crest,brainstorm every time you can just keep,using the memory ink which I think is,brilliant so I hope this helps you guys,how if you've made it this far in the,video feel free to leave a like let me,it lets me know what you want to see,more content like this and subscribe if,you're definitely are interested in,keeping up to date with more content and,other things that the channel is posting,and leave a comment below what are you,going to do what kind of crest are you,going to make let me know in the,comments below I'm always interested in,seeing what you guys are up to so see,you all next time,you

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Follow Up - Truth About Gamigo - Archeage Unchained KiraTV

Follow Up - Truth About Gamigo - Archeage Unchained KiraTV

Okay this is a video I keep being asked about and one that I honestly wasn't going to make,,I specifically don't really want to bring this back up because people from the archeage,community get upset about it and to be fair just in general it's not a great topic.,What I'm refering to of course is the whole gamigo partner fiasco which I talked about,a few months ago at the back end of 2019.,Since then I've seen a lot of rumours circulating that I am in fact a liar and the reason I,don't update people on the situation is because of me being a liar.,The usual source for this is just that gamigo will never address it because why would they,and influencers apparently are just liars according to some people.,I was fine just letting a few small minded people think I have any reason to lie even,though I don't see how it's possible to come to that conclusion considering I released,the entire actual chat logs, so not sure what I could be lying about....But people who actually,support me want to know what happened so here we are.,If you have no idea what I'm talking about, link on screen.,It's a long watch, it's basically about Gamigo, the publisher who acquired Trion Worlds assets,including Archeage and then of course launched Archeage Unchained.,I have a contract with Gamigo for affiliate revenue share based on copies of the game,sold.,Before people ask, no I won't show you the contract which would be helpful to prove the,legitmacy of what I'm saying but actually would be a breach of contract for me to do,so.,I'm not an idiot, despite what people may think.,I showed as much as I could last time to prove my point and the only real gray area was my,interpretation of statistics and whether or not I was right about being owed more.,I feel like this is getting a bit difficult to follow if you're not already aware of that,situation so I'll break it down real simple.,Gamigo contacts me, offers me a contract to revenue share, basically I have a link, people,who use said link to purchase the game gives me a certain split of that money and a certain,split of money from all sales tied to that account going forward.,The contract stated I was to be updated on my monthly revenue split , every 30 days.,What ended up happening is I tracked all my own links independantly because I'm a skeptic,at heart and they wound up telling me I had only earned a few hundred dollars revenue,after working with them for multiple months.,Now I knew this was untrue, I can look at numbers and see when stuff doesn't add up.,I tried to get them to right the situation multiple times in private, I released all,these chat logs showing what had happened and I felt that the last action I had was,to go public with the info.,Not my best idea, if I had to make the same decision today I just would keep it to myself,and hope to solve it or go another route privately.,The backlash from people just calling me a liar, the accusations of me just being greedy,and wanting more money than I'm owed it was all just a bit disheartening despite the majority,of reception being supportive.,So anyone who is actually intelligent enough to follow simple logic knew that I had a good,point, that everything I said and showed added up to support what I had been saying.,But obviously if the company just flat out said no you didn't eaarn more money, I would,just have to accept that right?,So anyone who said, KiraTV is lying, I didn't earn more money than what they offered me,etc....You are provably wrong.,I am provably right.,So what happened since all that?,I wound up being in contact with a top position in Gamigo via skype, not going to say who,or show logs.,He was very concerned by what he discovered and it took about a month total and two different,times of me rejecting the numbers before they suddely discovered over 5x the amount of money,was owed to me than what they originally told me.,So as I said in the original video, I was owed much more money than they said.,This is now a fact, provable by the evidence of them now having paid me this amount.,So you could say, the situation is resolved.,However, not really.,Why do I say this?,Well the original case of me being paid what they discovered is solved sure, I can't ever,say it was correct because honestly at the end of the day, after over 3 months of dealing,with this in total and all the drama, at the end I just stopped caring and just accepted,whatever number they said.,I had given up caring about dealing with them.,I'm not trying to drag anyone through the mud , just being real with you guys.,This is what happened and this is what I think.,To this day I think they didn't track all sales.,Which you can call greed or whatever you want.,I personally call it just being paid what I worked for.,I've had multiple people who work in SEO, Marketing, web development, affiliate sales,and business owners in general look over everything I have, conversations, numbers, everything...And,every single one of them have said the same thing.,Gami

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Archeage Unchained - Things to consider on launch

Archeage Unchained - Things to consider on launch

what's up guys Bellamy prime here and in,today's video we're just gonna be,talking about a few things that you guys,should be doing each day in ArcheAge,Unchained to make sure you don't fall,behind and make sure that you set,yourself up to be as competitive as,possible with your gear now this video,will not cover all the content you could,be doing each day to pump out all the,value possible instead I'm just gonna be,talking about a couple things that I,myself will be trying to get done on my,ArcheAge Unchained journey so that I can,be as strong as possible without running,multiple accounts or doing any other, like that so the first thing I'm,gonna talk about today is gonna be one,of the first things you do in ArcheAge,Unchained because it becomes available,at around level 30 I believe and that is,the crimson rift and the grim gasps,rifts now I believe these quests become,available at level 30 but correct me if,I'm wrong I don't believe that's changed,it used to be 30 I have no reason to,believe it change but unless they change,in 6.0 they will reward you with honor,and infusion supply kits which will both,be very useful once you hit max level,the crimson rift begins at 1200 hours in,game and the grim gasps roof begins at,just a little bit after 2400 hours,in-game if you are the hiranya faction,you'll be doing these quests in the,unity of zone and for new Ian's you'll,be doing this in cinder stone early on,these quests will require a rate of,people to complete it so keep an eye out,for people forming groups of CR and gr,once you're above level 30 I suggest,doing these every single day as the,honor is very nice and obviously the,infusions are going to be very helpful,whether you're doing library gear hyrum,or what-have-you so next I'm going to be,talking about is cargo dailies on the,NPC boat now this will be new to a lot,of players returning to our gauge,Unchained because it's not really new,but I know a lot of people will be,returning from playing basically not,long after launch so this will be quite,new these dailies require you to be in a,family in game before you before they,become available but you can acquire a,quest to deliver cargo to and from,either of the cargo docks in soulless,and to grounds all you have to do is,purchase the cargo for gold purchase a,captain's protection from the nearby,vendor climb onto the NPC boat when it,arrived,in your respective dock interact with,the captain on board and you can safely,ride the boat to turn in the quest on,the other side this will reward you with,onyx Artyom essence which is the new,version of charcoal which are super,important for crafting high-end gear and,mostly most importantly lunar gems -,socket in your endgame gear you can,easily make a nice chunk of gold per day,by selling these on the auction house or,save gold when the time comes to making,your own lunar gems or gear keep in mind,however that doing the daily safely will,cost you around 30 gold and players will,not be chasing onyx rqm for at least a,short while after launch,so unless onyx is already selling nicely,on the auction house or you need the,Onyx yourself I don't suggest doing,these dailies until the demand is there,now the next one is one of the biggest,ones we'll be talking about today,because it covers a lot of different,things but you want to be queuing into,as many instance trades as possible now,for a lot of returning players that,won't really won't really be sure what,this is but essentially in this version,of our cage we have a number of raids,that pop up daily that we can queue into,for a number of different rewards summer,PvE some of PvP now the first one is Hal,ciona this is a world PvP instance based,on the old healthy war that becomes,available two times per day for about an,hour you can easily do this Halcyon an,instance twice during this period which,will leave you at your entry cap of two,so you can only do two of them per day,competing in this instance will reward,you with a varying amount of honor and,infusion supply kits depending on the,placing of your faction not only is this,instance a lot of fun for PvE PvP,players but for those of you who aren't,interested in PvP you can easily enter,and fool around for the duration and get,your rewards a lot of people do it on,live servers right now it won't be,anything new but don't be surprised if,people get upset at you for being afk,and not helping especially on arcade,unchained where I'm sure a lot of people,will be interested in PvP,the next instance is the full of hyrum,city this is a PvE style instance that,requires you to escort refugees to,safety while defending them from a,number of dangers and supplying them,with reason,sources in the area I won't go into,detail about the incidents itself but,like he'll see you'll be able to cue,into it throughout the day for a small,duration generally you'll get a 20 man,per grade but you're actually able to,queue with a maximum team of ten to,guarantee that at least half your raid,w

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Is this the change ArcheAge NEEDS?

Is this the change ArcheAge NEEDS?

this is uh,well this is news that i really did not,expect to wake up to like legit i just,hop out of bed i came onto my computer,and,i i saw this announcement and as you,guys are aware okay gamey go has been,the publisher for,archeage and archeage unchanged for,years now and gameygo has proven that,they are absolutely,100,in incapable of publishing an mmo they,promised when they released our cage,unchained that it would be a single one,time purchase and that we would,subsequently get every single future,update completely free then,a little while later after they saw,their,earnings for the year were actually,probably much lower than they had,anticipated they figured you know what,jk you got to pay for every major,content update now so yeah you game,ago either way fast forward to today's,revelation arcade has been acquired by,another publisher yeah finally someone,other than gameygo will be in charge of,publishing the game the only issue is,it's cacao yeah according to their,social media pages archeage gets a new,publisher in december the publishing,service of the game will solely be,managed by cacao games now navigating on,over to the official arcade website we,can see a small blog post made earlier,today titled a new publisher it goes on,to state it is with lots of emotion that,today after seven years of archeage and,two years of archeage unchained we,announced that the franchise will move,to a new publisher in december game ago,games and its affiliated sub companies,will no longer be in charge of or,involved with any live operation,concerning archeage and archaic,unchained all of the rights and related,duties will solely be with the new,publisher cacao games directly be at,ease though as all your items will be,transferred and every item acquired,while our shops are open will also be,transferred together with all of your,characters as well because you know,developers publishers companies in,general have a great track record with,regards to the transferring of data,especially cacao and pearl abyss with,black desert online we are aware that,the announcement leaves you with a lot,of open questions we will answer all of,them to the best of our knowledge so,next month gameygo finally loses,all right to the arcade intellectual,property they will no longer be in,charge of the game in any capacity,completely unaffiliated with neither,archeage or arcade unchained they,confirmed that there will be a transfer,of all data to cacao between now and,december however,if you recall when cacao transferred,publishing rights back to pearl abyss,with black desert online things didn't,really go over entirely,smoothly which is understandable no,company is infallible issues are sure to,arise issues that are unexpected,so while theoretically the game will be,migrated to cacao's own servers sometime,during december it could take quite a,bit longer especially given how close we,are to christmas now this should,theoretically be good news gamey go is a,uh,a cesspool,of,just,absolute incompetence and i know that,talking about gamey go is going to,potentially lose me any opportunities to,work with them in the future but at the,same time i have to be blunt and honest,with my thoughts and opinions of not,only games but the developers and the,publishers behind those games and,gameygo is just one such company that i,think is an absolute garbage publisher,they for all intents and purposes,scammed players with the paid dlc they,make their games horrendously pay to win,yet at the same time is cacao really any,better cacao aren't known for their,friendly business models not only have,players called black desert pay to win,for years even before prolabus,reacquired publishing rights to the game,but just take a look at elion weeks,after launching cacao are already,contemplating how to introduce pedowin,into their game will changing publisher,even do anything for archaegear archeage,unchained it's unlikely for all we know,this could however be the final nail in,the coffin for the game what i believe,they're doing and you're welcome to give,me your opinion here as well if you,think that i'm wrong is that they are,trying to expand their mmo portfolio add,more mmos more games to their list of,games that they have direct control over,given that they're working on developing,arch 2 with xl games it makes perfect,sense that they would want to add its,predecessor now for those of you that,might be interested in playing archeage,or arcade unchained once cacao goes,about acquiring rights to it sometime,next month or the month after this,hasn't been confirmed but i along with,many other people in the community are,of the opinion that they will probably,go about releasing a brand new fresh,start server for either one or both,iterations of the game that will provide,everyone equal opportunity to push,through and play the game without anyone,having an advantage over one another but,at the same time these are gonna be the,the same people that have continued to,pu

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ArcheAge: Unchained Founder's Packs | Thoughts 🤔

ArcheAge: Unchained Founder's Packs | Thoughts 🤔

I threw something down and all of these,fuzzies are floating in the air,embrace the fuzzies because they're here,to stay ArcheAge Unchained it's coming I,have an article here press release that,gives some details about it and then I,have a link to the actual website back,in the day whenever I knew MMORPG would,come out especially if it was one that I,was excited for we would take a look at,the founders packs see if there's,anything questionable or just see what,you get,we're curious there are founders packs,for ArcheAge and as you know or if you,don't know this is going to be a buy to,play version of our cage if you have no,clue about the changes or why this is,happening I suggest that you go back and,watch my other videos where I talk about,our cage and the new version Unchained,which I'll link in the description or go,watch another youtuber who talks about,it or go visit the website let's pull,this off our cage Unchained will be,released on September 30th so we have an,official release date for it the our,cage Unchained pre-orders starts today,on the official website so that is today,as we've seen this video there are three,different founders packs silver chain,breaker pack for $25.99 gold chain,breaker pack for $49.99 and archaeal,chain breaker pack for $79.99 unchained,grants access to game content developed,for art gauge during the past five years,so this will not be a version of art,gauge that is vanilla it's not going to,be the first experience you've ever had,an art gauge there will be a lot of,content to explore and eventually this,will be up to date and getting major,expansions and updates along with the,retail version or free-to-play version,all packages offer early character,creation name reservation exclusive,titles and batches with a golden,Archaean players receive valuable,packages that include additional,cosmetic items such as costumes emotes,and a lot more I know that people are,already worried when they see founders,facts and art gauge they're probably,thinking oh my god what's going to be,pay2win in this but reading that last,line right there additional cosmetic,items such as costumes emotes and a lot,more I want to see what's in these packs,and I hope they don't disappoint on the,official website art gauge on chain,discover your legendary self pre-order,now let's scroll down here are the three,different packs for $25.99 you get game,access at release of course early,character creation you get an expansion,scroll founder title chain breaker,silver chain breaker badge I don't know,what a badges for are these going to be,like little emblems that are next to,your name,I don't know if you guys remember or,played our gauge recently but if you got,a certain amount of achievements you,unlocked achievement levels that you,could use to put an emblem by a name and,I worked really hard to get that moon,symbol by cry because I thought it was,cool I hope they do something like this,except it offer more emblems and make,them easier to obtain or just put,different ways in the game to do that,and then with the $25.99 you also get,800 credits to spend on the cash shop,for 50 bucks you get 2,000 credits and,you get a dance emote and then you also,get two expansion Scrolls and a gold,chain breaker badge and then for 80,bucks,$79.99 crimes not $80 it's one cinch,cheaper you get an R campaign breaker,badge 5,000 credits a new dance the,robot you also get an arc pass upgrade,token and then also failed to look at,the night Raven robes and the $50 pack,but with the $80 you also get looks like,two more costumes and you get a ,sexy ass glider I don't know what an arc,pass upgrade token is so maybe they have,an FAQ somewhere this website looks,really nice man I got to give it to him,alright so there's a thread here on the,arc pass upgrade token I can also email,gimme go and find out what this is but I,feel like it may take one to two days to,get that information so probably post it,in the comment section as a pin to post,here's this person these are packs for,sell in the shop on glyph and you guys,say it ain't pay to win I had to laugh,hard for these Peter win packs on his so,called no pay to win game oh by the way,things will be tradable I had to laugh,hard for these pay to win packs on his,so called,no pay win game there's one thing and,these packs it seems slightly,questionable which is the Ark pass,upgrade token keep in mind got a love,art gauge right if the game was to fail,it would fail and that's it this game,succeeding does not it does not grab me,access into the afterlife I have no,reason to defend disc,with a shield but it's like this,that really irritates me because, like this just love to,call everything pay to win I discuss,something in my Kurt spell video the,other day where I said dude you can cut,some grass and buy this class and I gave,an example values to sell candy bars,that I bought from gas stations and I,would flip it and that's how I like I,made money in school it's like a 13 year,old I kind

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