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Apple vs Epic: What Is the Solution?this is twit it's such a complicated,story and neither epic nor

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Updated on Jan 25,2023

Apple vs Epic: What Is the Solution?

this is twit it's such a complicated,story and neither epic nor apple is,helping by adding all this kind of,you know ad hominem attacks and all of,this stuff,uh i i wish we could just kind of i,agree with you rene ben thompson's,article uh rethinking the app store is a,very,kind of measured look at he quotes um,francisco tomalski who was uh tolmasky,who was on the original iphone team,he tweeted a couple of day days ago,uh tomaski did remember apple's ios,rules,would not have allowed for the invention,of the web browser let that sink in they,would have rejected one of the most,important technical innovations,in the history of computing microsoft's,bully tactic of making ie free seems,quaint,in comparison but here's the kicker,think of all the other amazing ideas,we don't know about because they haven't,got a chance to be invented because they,aren't allowed on mobile devices,uh so yeah you don't you don't agree i,don't really agree with that because,it so he again like if you go back and,he has he has steve jobs code in there,as well and it's innocent,one but uh you you still can't develop,on any of these,devices you're still developing on,windows for android you're still,developing on mac,for ios and we've seen incredibly,innovative deeply and,like world-changing apps be created the,entire gig economy the entire entire,logistical,revolution come to life on mobile,devices,uh and those ideas on the desktop are,gonna filter yeah it doesn't make sense,to conflate the,the iphone with the desktop that's what,jobs was basically saying he said,you don't want your phone to be like a,pc the last thing you want is to have,loaded three apps in your phone then you,go to make a call and it doesn't work,anymore,these are more like ipods than they are,like that was my trio by the way,yeah yeah yeah but by the way they're,not really,phones anymore they're the primary,computing no it's changed,yeah for the vast majority of people,yeah,yeah well this is this is why this is,the second reason why,i think this is an important lawsuit i,think that i don't necessarily think,that epic is right i don't necessarily,think that epic,that would that it would be the best for,uh for apple or,the ios community if uh any time that a,developer wanted to create its own store,it was able to do so,what i do think is necessary at this,time is for apple to go to court to,defend,all of these policies to really be made,to,held in public to say you need to defend,all of these actions you need to prove,not just to the court but also to the,court of public opinion that you haven't,just,simply been allowing things to slide,because hey look every,every every wwdc we get to say how many,billions of dollars the app store is,generating for developers,it doesn't matter if a lot of smaller,developers who don't have the ability to,hire,a dream team legal team they'll simply,have to deal with the fact that oh by,the way we pulled your entire app,and we made a lot of your customers,think that your app is malware,without really any explanation well,you're going to have to you're going to,have to address that apple has never had,been forced to explain itself and,during the process of discovery just,like during the we're going to learn a,lot about apple's internal policies,and apple is not going to be able to,defend a lot of the reasons why it's,been doing what it's doing,same reason why the the samsung lawsuit,was,again i think that the findings were,correct in the very end,but at least as a as a benchwarmer,as a member of the audience and as a,journalist it was really really cool to,have apple forced to produce documents,explaining,here's how we develop things and here's,how here's the arguments that we have,sometimes it's not exactly the same,thing but during the process of,discovery we're going to have,apple is going to have to not just,simply go for pr not just go for the,bureaucratic responses of well we,case closed where are you violated the,rules and we have to apply the rules to,everybody,i think this is ultimately going to be,very very good for apple and for,everybody,yes thompson and strategy points out,that,based on existing law and supreme court,uh rulings it's very unlikely apple will,lose,in this epic battle a monopoly this the,company has a right to,determine how they do business with,third parties to be hyper competitive,yeah hyper competitive it's not antic,about it but he does,and and this it's complicated so i don't,know if i want to go through what he,proposes,as new uh app store can i suggest,something,yeah so my i i sort of i'm not on the,same side as i,i think his remedy is an interesting one,people worry if there's alternate,payment systems or alternate stores,like for example unreal um fortnite will,no longer be on the app store everyone,will have to figure out which store,which app is on,have to make accounts for every service,and it destroys the synthesis it's kind,of like the tv,situation right now the streaming tv,situation right the

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