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Apex Legends New Collection Event Update Todayforeign,it's beautiful,hey everyone Thornton smash her

Thordan Smash

Updated on Jan 16,2023

Apex Legends New Collection Event Update Today

foreign,it's beautiful,hey everyone Thornton smash here and,today we are finally getting the,Spellbound collection event and since,everything seems to be Marvel themed or,witch themed I thought I would dress up,as the Mandalorian I don't know anyways,we're going to go ahead and talk about,all the unique skins coming into the,game the new store rotation with the,regular store and then also we're gonna,go over all the major updates there's a,lot is changing in Apex Legends we're,also gonna give out 45 bucks all you got,to do is like comment subscribe but,before we go into the video can you find,the hidden essay in the video in the,background so the Spellbound collection,event is going to be going live in just,five hours after the release of this,video and with it we are going to have a,regular store rotation you can look,forward to things like the Marvel,goddess for rape which will come bundled,with the prowler skin along with the,Falling Sky Bloodhound and the fury,valve skin as well and the last one we,know of is the shuriken Showboat for,octane now these are the data mined ones,found by Crow Windows Discord server if,there are any changes it can always,happen but this is what you can likely,expect and it is being reported along,with that we will have the collection,event sale you'll be able to get the,cryptic conjurer bundle and the Mischief,Mage bundle for Mirage and crypto,individually along with seven and three,collection event packs remember to do,this if you are going to buy the Seer,heirloom as it will save you the most,money the rest of the skids will be,randomized through those Apex packs,there will be special sales as well for,the ghost stalker lifeline and the Royal,huntsmaster Bloodhound along with a deep,six bundle with Pathfinder with a,flatland skin and a grand slam and a,torn unlock bundle for Loba as well then,this Friday you can also expect to see,the Queen's guard for wraith give me,Tron for Gibraltar along with the Silent,Assassin for Revenant with a third times,a charm emotes and the electric blue,unlock bundle for Watson now of course,with any collection event there's going,to be a ton of new changes coming in the,big one that everyone's talking about is,the fact that there will be private,matches it will go live when the update,is launched this morning and anyone will,be able to use this as long as you meet,the minimum player requirement which as,is being reported is around 30 players,control is also going to be coming back,as a limited time mode it'll be 9 verse,9 as normal and the maps that will be,played on are storm Point barometer,world's Edge lava siphon and Olympus,Hammond Labs there's been no new maps,added in for this update which is a,little bit of a letdown the other other,important thing to know about Maps is,that in Split 2 we are going to be,playing on Olympus the split will end,next Tuesday so you have one week to,finish up your rank grind before we,leave broken moon but speaking of things,being broken there are some bug fixes,that respawn is going to be addressing a,lot of these are very minor such as,fixing the Raven and Bloodhounds,niflheim Hunter skin so it's a little,bit more white they did also add new,welcome challenges along with an apex,101 badge and then at the bottom it does,say follow updates on the issues we are,tracking with our Apex Dev tracker and,as we do for every update video we're,going to take a look at the board and,nothing once again has been updated at,all there's still issues of reports of,players not receiving coins after,purchase and the banner incorrectly,displaying players previous Rank and,people just not getting the ranked,rewards although it is a little bit odd,that they have gifting in the resolve,section because as far as last week and,on Wednesday players are still reporting,that gifting is not working that they,sent bundles and the other people have,never received it multiple people have,chimed in that this is in fact happening,one guy even says he bought coins and,never even got them so at this point,response should probably figure out what,they're going to do on selling stuff and,having this gifting feature stay in the,game it feels kind of wrong to take,people's money and not give anything,back speaking of that you may have,noticed that there is a new Rampage,recolor in the store called neon nails,it's probably one of the coolest ones in,the game unfortunately a ton of players,are also reporting that they bought this,and that it disappeared from the,inventory it's showing that they do have,a new item for their Rampage but then it,simply isn't actually equippable nor,does it appear whatsoever as one of the,skins that they own hopefully they get a,fix out for the update today otherwise,it's just another case of players not,being able to get their coins gifting,not working and even when you do get all,that stuff and you buy something it is,not put into your inventory very similar,to the triple take battle pass skin as,players are stil

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【APEX LEGENDS】最新アプデ検証!ホライゾン大幅弱体化/センチネル無料チャージ/シアスパレジェ紹介!!【エーペックスレジェンズ】

【APEX LEGENDS】最新アプデ検証!ホライゾン大幅弱体化/センチネル無料チャージ/シアスパレジェ紹介!!【エーペックスレジェンズ】


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TWITTER APEX - 11S | Harga dan Spesifikasi Lengkap

TWITTER APEX - 11S | Harga dan Spesifikasi Lengkap

di Indonesia Halo sobat SS Selamat,datang kembali ke channel nya, untuk saat ini pecinta,Gravel baik mulai bermunculan di kalian,goweser ya sepeda yang bisa dipakai di,dua alam mulai dari jalan raya halus,Hai hingga jalan rusak sampai semua aksi,pun bisa dilibas dengan sepeda ini untuk,jalanan Indonesia yang enggak semuanya,mulus-mulus aja jadi enggak heran ya,kalau genre-genre follback ini banyak,peminatnya Nah kalau biasanya,serbasepeda bahas produk lokal pabrikan,Indonesia kali ini kita kedatangan,sepeda yang spesial dari pabrikan luar,negeri nih yaitu Twitter it's bukancoder,yang buat update hutan itu ya Twitter,adalah sepeda asal Tiongkok pabrik,sepeda yang juga memiliki banyak varian,sepeda namun dikesempatan kali ini kita,bahas dulu untuk Klinik level baiknya ya,sepeda ini diberi nama Twitter app x11s,Wah dari namanya aja kita sudah bisa,nebak dong Oke kalau gitu tanpa banyak,basa basi kita langsung aja Bu,urutan vemmy terlebih dahulu ya guys,Hai dari penampakan frame ini juga sudah,terlihat kalau sepeda ini premium banget,ya semua paduan warna striping dan,rangkanya itu terlihat sangat elegan dan,lux Oh ya karena beberapa dari sobat SS,pernah request ke kami untuk memberikan,info geometri pada sepeda akan dibahas,maka kali ini kami akan tepatin Tapi,sebelum itu kami minta dukungan coba,tes-tes untuk channel seru sepeda supaya,semakin berkembang memberikan informasi,sport sepeda dengan lengkap Oke kembali,kebebasan produk ya kalau biasanya,fremde follback yang hadir di pasar saat,ini yaitu berbahan alloy Gravel baik,yang satu ini sudah menggunakan bahan,karbon Wafa still berkendara menggunakan,sepeda ini akan sangat ringan ya ringan,pada saat muncul Jalan Raya,Hai namun tetap tangguh waktu kita mau,blusukan aspek geometri yang akan kami,bahas untuk sepeda ini ada lima poin,informasi ini berlaku untuk ukuran XS s,m dan l ya yang pertama itu ada hedley,atau panjang headlamp panjang head up,untuk sepeda ini adalah 100 mm untuk,ukuran xs-110 mm untuk ukuran s130 mm,untuk ukuran M dan 150 mm untuk ukuran L,yang kedua ada efektif topeng atau,panjang toptul panjang top-top untuk,sepeda ini adalah 505 mm untuk ukuran XS,520 mm untuk ukuran S 538 mm untuk,ukuran,Hai dan 550 mm untuk ukuran L yang,ketiga ada Rich atau Seberapa jauh stang,akan terasa Rich pada sepeda ini adalah,363 mm untuk ukuran XS 373 mm untuk,ukuran s388 mm untuk ukuran M dan 395 m,untuk ukuran L yang keempat ada stek,atau ketinggian handle bar akan terasa,stek pada sepeda ini adalah 505 mm untuk,ukuran XS 519 mm untuk ukuran s533 mm,untuk ukuran M dan 552 mm untuk ukuran L,bagi sobat SSC masih bingung untuk apa,mengukur panjang here to,di sepanjang tok tok Rich dan stek bisa,nonton video dikasih kami seputar,geometri ya ukuran-ukuran Ini penting,untuk menentukan kenyamanan kamu saat,bersepeda,Hai nah aspek yang kelima ini banyak di,request oleh sobat SS nih yaitu willbes,willbes pada sepeda ini adalah 969 mm,untuk ukuran XS 985 mm untuk ukuran,s1040 ukuran M dan 1017 mm untuk ukuran,L itu dia tadi untuk geometri dari free,follback ini ya kira-kira aspek geometri,apalagi yang kamu mau tahu kasih,komennya dibawa dong kita kembali ke,penampakan vremya frame sepeda ini sudah,dibekali dengan teknologi internet cable,routing sehingga tampilan secara,keseluruhan tetapi tanpa jutaan kabel di,luar frame dan terlihat juga disini,frame pada sepeda ini sudah menggunakan,sensor Excel pada bagian dari lainnya,nih kita,sebagian Fox sepeda ini dibekali,berbentuk pipih dengan bahan yang sama,seperti framenya yaitu karbon naik ke,bagian Siring sepeda ini dibekali dengan,setang model druber dengan panjang 400,ml dengan griptape yang mewah banget ya,pada bagian setirnya juga cukup panjang,yaitu 95 mm untuk handle bar dan stem,keduanya dari Three components dan,berbahan Allah ya semut SS Oh ya Sebagai,tambahan informasi jika pada umumnya,Gravel baik menggunakan stang model flat,out pada Twitter page menggunakan stang,dropbar yang lurus yang digunakan pada,rutberg ya dropbar Model rutberg seperti,ini berfokus pada kecepatan sehingga,memungkinkan pengendara untuk ngebut,share maksimal pada saat melewati trek,dengan RE halus,yang berbeda dengan travel yang umumnya,menggunakan setang model selera out yang,akan lebih nyaman saat melewati lintasan,off-road masih sejajar dengan handle bar,atau stang sekarang kita bahas keuangan,situasi dansa doanya ya untuk bagian,shitpostbot sedia jas ketinggiannya,menggunakan Kuncen Prilly seperti ini,dibekali dengan situs berbahan alloy,rupanya 360 mm dan diameter vipos 31,6,mm shitpost ini terhubung dengan sebuah,sadar yang cukup ampuh dengan lebar 140,mm untuk shitpost dan sadel ini keduanya,dari Twitter components ya Nah akhirnya,kita masuk ke pembahasan groupset nih,sobat SS untuk groupset yang digunakan,sepeda ini menggunakan groupset dari,merek terkemuka asal Amerika yaitu Sram,tepat,asal efek terlihat disini Pada bagian,brifter kreng dan Er Di semuanya,bermerek sama efs ya Sebagai tambahan,informasi untuk sem

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NEW Fusehound Lore - Apex Legends

NEW Fusehound Lore - Apex Legends

Dark foreboden Forest evil Chompy,creatures lying in white and me and all,houndy on the hunt,if that ain't a great weekend I don't,know what is,I am hap for the invitation,well what a best mates for eh yes no to,focus on the hunt and speaking of best,mates say,um we salvonians ain't exactly expert,communicators,just ask mags,so when we need to get something off our,chests we let a little Adventure Grease,the wheels,my feelings are sufficiently,a beast as you say,are they,and we got something to talk about,something even the new kids smelled a,mile off,put observations,if the new kids talking about it we,ought to talk about it,it's exactly the right time isn't it you,and me sparks flying signals going back,and forth Bud slaps re-entering the,conversation but it all went cold and I,don't,I don't know why you're shutting me out,what we got mate,I ain't felt with anyone,really yeah and all it took to Rattle,you was some kid pointing out what we,both obviously feel no it is not her so,it's me then,course it's bloody mary then what the,bloody hell is it,is the Beast that cannot be tracked or,predicted it is filed,Untapable,to feel so much for someone,too long such feelings,it is frightening,I lost all,listen I'll Grant you,she can be a rough ride this life,a mate,I'm not going anywhere,falter

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Unlocking SEER'S HEIRLOOM for FREE in Apex legends (Seer Heirloom Giveaway)

Unlocking SEER'S HEIRLOOM for FREE in Apex legends (Seer Heirloom Giveaway)

it's finally here CS heirloom has,finally dropped and stay we are going to,be getting it for free for free how well,you have to watch a video to find out,but this event has some absolutely,insane skins The Horizon skin is,absolutely nuts maybe she just got to be,hardly nerfed uh the Mirage skins really,cool the Watson emote is the best he,ever made but I won't ruin any more of,it the Skin's absolutely insane so sit,back what you enjoy it and let me know,in the comments below what are you guys,rate to CSL about a 10. oh also before I,forget I am doing an heirloom giveaway 4,Series heirloom the link will be uh in,the description and the pin comment,below so check that out go with yourself,a cereal if you've got a few days,foreign,do I like especially little head gear,there pretty cool,you're welcome Jester mysterious match,definitely Loki definitely Loki kind of,mischievous perfect for March March I,like it a lot looks really cool let's,get that for free okay so CSL see you,soon so is it too like little sphere,thinks he's got two like little blades,oh they come out a little bit as well,that's kind of cool they're called Show,Stoppers I guess that's to do with his,whole you know son of him being a,performer and whatnot it's kind of cool,though I like it I don't get the part I,don't get white actually on the inside,oh it's got the roots it's got little,diamonds in there as well to come out,okay what do we get here,that's all right that's all right that's,not that great but it's okay,that was lame we are getting crypto's,heirloom for free how am I doing that,you may ask how am I getting,cryptozillion for free well I am an,idiot that spends way too much money on,apex Legends and I have 156 405 crafting,materials,that we won't talk about,so let's do it what we got,yeah,how strong you are,that's crypto isn't it that's crypto,that's definitely crypto,awesome oh dude she's getting pointy,with it yo dude Watson can dance better,than me God damn,long dancer mode as well,dude catch me in zip building dancing on,you after I kill you,I know Watson's ass never mind all right,what we got here we've got a few easy,Banner frame that is the ugliest benef,oh advantage,another Bandit frame I don't know oh,frame I'm not I'm not really out of this,benef,icial chamber,what anyway,all right next up we have see it,I guess this is yellow flying in with,the moth Skydive Trail once again the,devs want to take pay to win things out,of the games why that you know Nerf the,Flatline pay to win skin and with their,reasoning to be you know competitive,Integrity you don't want pay to win,things and some people can have others,can't yet they add skydiving boats which,are paid to win so interesting,interesting call but kind of cool I,guess to put them off the wings and,whatnot I Viber yo low ball playing,soccer with weapons head,dude she got the attackers or oh she,stops it I mean you can stomp on me if,you want but,is she destroying his soul right now,wait robituss destroys red on its head,and then destroys his soul after it as,well what the what it changes from her,head into a soul after she Stomps it,that's actually so cool that's a really,cool interaction I like that,okay that's lit,remains rising up,all right uh Ash,epic ashkin I'm gonna be honest it looks,like just every other ashkin but it's,kind of nice I think it's like more like,a royal family kind of our skin kind of,vibe to it,I like it color School,devotion damn actually a really nice,hero skin not gonna lie but doesn't have,good eye insides it,has,you yo this is actually fire what the,hell, rampage skin that's a Pity it's,a rampage imagine this was unlike the R3,or something that looks so good why does,it have to be a rampage to get to cool,skin,foreign,look at valkyrie's thighs wait what oh,what it's so anyway valkyrie's hair,is really nice it's so puffy it was like,puffy at the back though,I like how like the lightning or,whatever it goes up through here Sky,drift off cool name as well I feel like,these are getting in the way though like,she's got these little wings out here I,don't know what they're for aerodynamics,are saying but sure she like sits down,they just get in the way that seems just,I don't know unpractical gonna buy it,though ,all right our Sentinel yo absolute,bangerous it's meant to be an ash,Sentinel Ghostly,that's Ash's face there yeah I'm pretty,sure that's Ash's face definitely Ash's,face absolute Bank of a sentinel skin,though Sentinels again a big buff as,well if you guys haven't heard big buff,and the Sentinel it only takes one,Shield cell to charge up a Sentinels AKA,gold Armor's nerfed not really,pretty big buff at the Sentinel though,88 body shots of the child shop Sentinel,constantly only one cell kind of nice,I almost done with all the epics yo,there's some actually fire skins in this,event not gonna lie I mean it's an ra45,you're never going to use it because,it's in care package,it's an r845 but it's kind of a fire,skin not gonna lie,pretty cool,I li

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皆さんこんにちはパルんです突然ですが,先日話題になった寿司子というツイッター,感とをご存知でしょうか,こちらになります,プレイ apx シーズン7ゴールド,シーズン8プラチナ,上手くなって配信したい教えてくれる人は,正義バロトロルもやってますカッコ初心者,2021年8月から twitter を,利用しています今月からですね,そしてこのアカウントからツイートされた,一つのツイートが twitter 上で,とても話題になっています,このツイートがこちらになります,ox 募集ツイートした時に dmt 一緒,にプレーした人ほんと怖かったんだけど私,が下手なのはわかってますけどここまで,言われたの初めてでトラウマになりそう,しばらくエイベックス止めますもう誰も,誘わないでください,まだて震えてるし動画見直して涙で上振れ,てて恥ずかしかったので自分の声は決して,ます女なのに奥たん使ってすみませんでし,た,実際にこの動画を見てみましょう,ロップは私自身で入れさせていただきまし,た,この動画非常に聞き苦しいものとなってい,ますので行きたくない方は2分20秒,スキップしてください,一応私自身の合いの手を入れさせて,いただきます,それではご覧ください,これオクタン使いたかったんだけどマジ,音読たんですか偏見がすごいのよ,ペキ目の前,あーヒロえっつってんだろ,yuta れてますよ,た小左衛門に残せて決めの舞さあ起こせ,皓星社私は腰私の個性のオンパレード,起こせ,横しとる,アーマー回復して落とせを,も当然大穴の武器持たせ方じゃいやも,ビックリだよそりゃあ,は落とせ,武器も落とせ早すごくいいなぁ,いいや落とすんかい,終わったまた売れ強すぎアートすぎ,殺してくるわ,いらっしゃいいっ,アマレ,あっちょ激怒激浪国益の意義の女によって,のカバーは売ってます,カバーわーうってますカバー,何やってんだってピン連打がすごい今に,なって,殺しに行くマイク近いなぁ,ピンやすごいなすごいなちゃうそこまで,言うか所に行け,l 便注いでやる,l 誰かが入っているピンレンダーすごい,売ってますよ取ってますよ,どうしてますねあれでます難波,うちゃってます,いやそこすかー,やっぱりいや殺すん蛙味を時や聞こえ,端折っ,味メタきて品連打で足音聞こえフェロ,ブーブ殺したぞ,ここで起こせあたら込めてはくれない越生,つってんだろ持っていますごて起こして,ますピンれながらもう敵はありません,もう敵はいませんぴん連打がすごい,だ,いや暴君,いやその台版はもう俺るぺ,という動画が水土されました意見この,ツイートだけを見たら方言中に巻き込まれ,たエイペックス女子の方がとても,かわいそうだと思うかもしれませんが,実は裏でとんでもないことが起こってい,ました,こちらをご覧ください,右のツイートが先ほどの寿司子のツイート,になります左側はまた別の女性の,twitter のツイートになります,伊豆気をご覧下さい左の女性の方の,ツイートは阿智月2日のツイートになり,ますまた寿司このツイートは8月4日の,ツイートにありますつまり,寿司子は人の写真を悪用していました,これだけではありません,こちらのツイートになります目が別の女性,のツイートになります8月9日,この下のツイートが寿司このツイートに,なります4日前,つまりまた写真を悪用してツイートして,いるのがわかります,以上のことからこのツイートのリプライに,前になりすましをしているのにどういう,わけなんだ,を指プライがたくさん集まっていました,その後の寿司子スイッチで配信を始めまし,た,こちらがその配信になります,さてれます,俺は女性の声です,で彼女はエイペックスの参加が耐震を始め,ました,エルメの方が参加されました,有銘の方が参加されましたお願いします,後々分かるんですがこの2名の方はお若い,参加しに来ただけであり無関係の方らしい,です,こちら配信上での戦闘シーンでございませ,ん丁子麩,ふうになりますなんかで使うんだった,行くはじっ,中にしっかりと起こして1のポップ,普通のことを普通にプレイバーグっ,黒だと思います,あ時間をしていました寄席,今回はこれで負けてしまうところですね5,こちらは彼女一人になった時のシーンです,偽書急に何かうまい,急に甘いん,にうまいですねこれで参加者の方が,youtube のドッキリがなんかです,があって弾くんですよね猫むしろかurs,かなんか焼身者のプレッシャーてみねー,youtube の企画みたいな,違いますよ絶対だよえっ,いきますね彼女は数4個は,でここで会参加者の方がええライフライン,さんますしこう呼びかけた時の映像になり,ます,ライフがさ,お分かりいただけましたでしょうか男です,一体をと裏取ったはず安価者の方も驚いて,ますねうん,ちなみにその奥ターンここで参加者の方に,ツイッターで上げていた動画はどういう,ことなんだと聞かれたところになります,熱ってヤラセですかアレアレアレなんか,やらせて昔の膣って言うはしスクーター,全部僕の行為ですよ立っ,彼自身全部アフレコしたらしいです,鬼門でもあってエセメットです中国,よくあるんですよ,di にちょっとダウンして来いっ,中華であとで画面に向かってこうエリーで,はなかったんですけどね頭気鋭いっぱい,釣られちゃったんでね,ねっ,ありと言う訳先行きと,本当に適当にあー筋4コーナーから知ら,ない君は一応ぷれてたらしいです,ここでコメントでや声キモイなぁみたいな,コメントがあったらしいんですが,その時の反応はこちらです,4倍,姉御何そじゃなくて私に入ってっ,おじ女性が出てきましたねつまり寿司孝,寿司子役には男の着方と女の方1名ですが,いたらしいです手が込んでますね,ぽいチェン使ってるとか言ってついたよう,な使ってねーぞ,足ですお前らが座ってアンチコメで,ピーチクパーチク喋ってる間に私は,あるだからな男どもに,あのよしよしされてるだけだから別にいい,けど,らしいです,スーツるってた人たち,やべネットリテラシーても知らないどの口,が言うねん,すいません接着な人ものですなどを投稿し,たのでしょうか,なぜあの動画をツイートしたのでしょうか,という質問に対して彼は答えました,コンテンツとして,4つの面白いコンテンツとしてだそうです,起きた,うん,皆からのメッセージ募集中,配信を,をで彼の配信は終わりました,思うようにネットにはさまざまな人がい,ます皆さんも今後はネットの使い方を気を,つけていきましょう,あなたの友達も本当はなりすましかもしれ,ません

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Apex Legends New Event Patch Notes Has A Surprise

Apex Legends New Event Patch Notes Has A Surprise

the answer to the question you love to,ask me yes but you asked me so many,weird questions that I can't answer the,one that I can't answer could be,difficult to track if you're attentive,you will know the question and therefore,now the answer,what the does that mean,you're welcome,hey everyone Thornton and smash here and,today we're gonna be talking about a,feature that was introduced in season 15,and did not go over well and if it's,going to be coming back as it does look,like there are some stuff in the game,files that indicate we're going to be,sold more stuff we're also going to go,over some minor patch notes because the,new collection event is dropping,tomorrow and we are getting some new,updates with it we're also going to give,up 45 bucks all you gotta do is like,comment subscribe you guys know the,drill but without further Ado let's talk,about what's going on in Apex so,tomorrow we are getting the brand new,Spellbound collection event and one of,the long-awaited features coming to it,is the fact that we will be getting,custom lobbies now it is important to,know that Karen who is response,communication director did let us know,that there is going to be a minimum,player requirement but that there would,be an FAQ to let us know more about it,now that should actually be launching,today luckily due to a data Miner known,as China man live 420. he did let us,know that in the files that there is,going to be a 30 player requirement for,Battle Royale it does look like Arenas,does have a set one as well for six,players it probably has something to do,with the map sizing of Arenas vs Battle,Royale but it does look like you will be,able to do that to some degree if you,are looking for his custom matches sadly,you won't be able to explore broken moon,with just a few friends but you can hop,onto any of the other Arena pois but now,we're going to talk about something a,little bit interesting and that's what,respawn is planning to do to add more,Cosmetics into the game kind of it's a,weird situation as most of you know we,did get stickers in this season they,were only sold for about the first week,and they were unique enough with,different themes that you could put on,your healing items there was a huge,downside in the fact that they actually,cost 300 Apex coins because all these,stickers come as epic Rarity it makes no,sense to me whatsoever it was a way for,them to Triple the price of Apex packs,to make you buy them honestly it was,really a mismanaged in my personal,opinion the one plus side was that they,were not added in the general loophole,you didn't have to worry about opening,an apex pack and getting one however,there have been some cryptic tweets by,muy Pereira as we went over in the intro,of this video who is the lead animator,and he says that he has some very,exciting stuff in the works for the,future and that he's been working on,mostly first person animations lately,and we saw that with the healing items,as they were changed before stickers,were added but now we're seeing it a lot,with new weapon animations such as the,Havoc which we saw in the winter Thai,collection event and them getting,reworked completely which is most likely,to add in new stickers in fact shrug,tall wind stickers were originally data,mined went over this and I'll let him,cover it right now you might have,noticed that the code says sticker one,for these items and while there aren't,any attachment points for the weapons,yet we can assume from this that you'll,be able to attach multiples of a sticker,to each other weapon in the game imagine,having a bunch of TSM stickers on your,r301 so as you can see this definitely,seems to be the theme they're going in,but it seems so much more than that as,well as someone who leaks recently found,something called an ice box now I,believe this is also considered a death,box and it has a bunch of the stickers,all over it why that is relevant is that,we do know that there is going to be a,party Beach event going on in season 16,this is thanks to senos and we know that,there's going to be a new Castle,legendary a Bangalore caustic and Maggie,epic skin now typically on a beach party,a lot of people carry around coolers or,ice boxes so this seems to be actually,something that will be real relevant to,that event maybe in some time of limited,time mode or a themed death box that you,can get with a bunch of stickers on it,overall though I'm not too hyped about,the fact that more stickers are getting,added in I like many others would rather,see bigger substantial things like maybe,the rank system being changed or even a,new two-time hcog ranked reward that was,added in the files that Corral rindo,showed us a couple of seasons ago this,is a much better cosmetic than a sticker,added into the game it actually gives,the player something to work for and,grind towards and the rate rewards,haven't changed at all in the last what,I think five or six seasons since they,added Hollow sprays which was another,useless c

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Do You Want This Back? (Apex Legends Season ????)

Do You Want This Back? (Apex Legends Season ????)

holder once again my ever faithful,internet audience is I the chicken man,back at it again with another one of,these missing videos now today's missing,video I'm using a weapon that is no,longer on the ground anymore using the,bow the bow check bow to be exact I must,admit I'm a fan of the bow right I'm a,fan of these long distance weapons even,though I'm not you know the greatest,with them but it feels like it's been,forever since you've seen it on the,ground right but I got to thinking do do,you even want it back on the ground,should the bow check both stay a care,package weapon this was one of those,weapons even pre-packaged you're able to,get a lot of value out of this for a,very minimal amount of effort let me,know how you feel down in the comment,section below and while you're down,there be sure to like the video if you,liked it dislike if you disliked it,consider subscribing if you're new,enable those notifications and you'll,never miss another chicken video ever,again I do hope you enjoy the rest of,this gameplay and I will be seeing you,in the next one,man,well the beak PK right there that was,that was beautiful that was like a,little trailer moment right there yeah I,mean it was you came to my rescue real,quick I appreciate that no I didn't,listen they ain't gonna get away with,that nonsense tell you that right now,bro I couldn't hit him I swear the way,his character model was moving when he,was punching yeah I'll have to show you,is insane there's a guy right here we go,check out here,there's a guy right there,guys I'm griefing I'm griefing,needed one by accident huge,oh that's got a kick it's climbing move,this way,are you good yeah I'll be fine,I won't be fine I won't be fine I just,whipped everything I whipped everything,Chase he ran away,I'm coming to push him,we don't need your help,I need your help reloading,I don't need your help,good work my friend,I'm paranoid,I was whiffing every like I had it lined,in everything was like making sense for,a minute and then all of a sudden it's,just,the focus was lost,you got him no you done it he did it,he did ultimately die if that is very,true,I'm gonna push this guy I think he's a,solo in here and there's another team,too there's two teams,ping,damn nice Longbow shot we're gonna get,pushed by another team,get on roof,Hop on Pop,yeah,I'm a bad bad man,that's me I'm the bad man,wait oh I got all the loot in the world,is amazing enemy in the distance,bro I'm under Fire,what are these little goobers doing,Target there,are they sliding all the way down yeah,wait you got a guy on you,I'll be okay because I'm pushing this,other guy I'm committed,oh yeah,I'll take my arrows back thank you,nice good job dude,we handled the ones sure,oh they're right on the other side dude,we should actually Accel tolerate the,right side somewhere okay ready,we have The High Ground Anakin it's over,for them now okay well they they took a,pad literally the one we showed up,unfortunate on the box,shot his toes his only fans career is,ruined nice,he's stuck she's stuck oh it's so good,he brings me from the heavens,look at me another team here though,because they never oh there's a there's,a gold gold heavy in that box downstairs,oh that could be him dying right now,he's right in front of me don't let him,get away no I'm gonna wait,oh the clothesline,oh he went for the pen,we're going into another team too bro he,patted into another team,cracked him up oh my God 40 HP 40. he's,so lucky that's another team just,actually hit me with that all right,bro I did that blind,nope so there's another teammate up,there another demon up there oh but he,don't care,I got one of them I'm on a battery,oh I knocked him off he fell off,nice did you slack him I did little this,is Sparta moment,I'm actually beating the octane got away,this was an octane yeah,I don't know if it was the same one or,not though,well some things are confusing right now,okay those bad guys afoot and I don't,like their tone the bullets the way they,were speaking to me I just not a fan oh,they're on the other side of the,house way out there,okay and we go directly on the building,I hope that you can Ash off from this,rope because it'll be cool if you could,okay I don't know if you can or not I've,never tried this no can't I'll just jump,like slightly before I'll try to time it,and,okay well it was okay that was awful,that was awful,okay,they ran are they still at the bins yeah,they ran it went past the bin okay one,Ash,so far and one dog let's go,oh that's a PK,will you back up go to the portal if you,need to I I can't she has no she has no,things,she still hasn't healed now she's healed,foreign,if I go through I'll live,I'm good I'm good,life,I don't know why I thought that you were,gonna be stuck in storm I wasn't gonna,come could the other portal live in the,storm,all right we're going back yeah oh yeah,100 I just got up heal because I don't,have a message yeah I'm not going,without you we're gonna go in together,listen ev

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