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Police Visited a Person Who Criticized AOC on Twitterthe jurgen experience you do you know,the story


Updated on Jan 14,2023

Police Visited a Person Who Criticized AOC on Twitter

the jurgen experience you do you know,the story,about this guy who is a a liberal,journalist,who what did he do he agreed with,someone that said something he likes,something,about alexandria ocasio-cortez and the,police came,to his house did you hear this story i,did pull this story up because it's,so crazy crazy that you you go this,can't be real,now i don't think that it's aoc who's,doing this,it's probably some nutty aoc,reporter,or uh supporter rather police visit the,home of podcaster,after it criticized aoc on twitter so,pull up the story because,this is so crazy this is like so crazy,communist china type ,it's so crazy that i feel like there has,to be more to it when i heard about it,the other night but,no it's not yeah screw please scroll,down so i could read this,here it goes no no no so i could read,that oh yeah it's about that interview,that she had which was,see yeah the the interview was ,awesome it's so ridiculous,on april 1st aoc did a live stream with,michael miller the head of the jewish,community relations council of new york,she was asked about peace between,israelis and palestinians her response,was incredibly underwhelming,to say the very least now if you listen,to her response,she's unprepared she doesn't really have,a thing to say about this so she,basically just sort of uses word salad,and it's a nonsense answer okay but no,go back down go back right there,um really shaken up right now uh so the,guy puts this thing saying it's,underwhelming he puts it up on twitter,and i'm really shaken right now this is,the next tweet,i was just visited by two plainclothes,police officers from california,highway patrol at my home they said they,came here,on behalf of the capitol police and,accused me of threatening aoc on twitter,yesterday,this is provably false so go back up to,what we just saw,so this is all he said her response was,incredibly underwhelming,to say the very least so someone decided,that what he's,now the reason being is i'm sure,this is some sort of a supporter of aoc,that contacted the capitol hill police,and probably lied but the fact that they,could just come to your house,without any proof that you it's not like,he's saying this,lady deserves to die she must be stopped,we have to stop,none of that none of that none of that,underwhelming to say the least,which is a very mild criticism it is,especially if you watch that interview,the guy's face is classic though the guy,interviewing,it's just like he can't believe what,she's saying it's classic people watch,his facial expressions,but we should play it just so people,understand,what how because it is it's really a,ridiculous answer,but it's it's it's the kind of answer,you give when you're in seventh grade,and you're doing a uh you like the,teacher asked you a question about a,book report you didn't really read the,book,exactly what it was about columbus and,this is it was so important that,columbus was here because without,columbus,there were so many things that would not,have happened you know,what columbus did was brave and amazing,you know yeah really that's exactly what,it is,now you have to be careful they might be,showing up at your house tonight they,might be at the studio when we're when,we walk out of here i don't think aoc,does i really don't i think it's a crazy,person,that thinks that this is just my opinion,i think it was most likely a crazy,person,that is angry at this guy for not toeing,the liberal line,because he's a liberal journalist yeah,podcaster,that's the interesting thing too when,you talk about you know growing up when,we grew up when you talk about,liberalism it means something different,than it does today and there's a,difference between a classical liberal,and,a leftist and what we're seeing more of,in this country is those terms,intertwined and they're very different,things yes,and leftists are kind of what we're,seeing more of uh which is,grabbing this control restrictions on,freedom of speech,restrictions on owning firearms,restrictions on whatever they think,might be quote unquote dangerous,yeah especially when they throw in,dangerous to the children that's the,other other key when uh talking about it,but then,they take power and guess who's back,she's buying all the expensive houses,and has that has the power and the,control oh those same people that were,fighting for the little guy a little,while ago and talking about all these,restrictions that we needed to place,on uh some of these more natural rights,that uh are inherent at birth,namely to be able to defend ourselves,and our family defend that gift of life,yeah like when a marxist starts making,money and buys million dollar houses ah,did that happen recently yeah it did,yeah yeah that's what happens yeah,you're a marxist if you're a marxist,you're not buying million dollar houses,you're not on a real estate bank,that's not marxism that's why i talk to,well all that,as often as i possibly can i talk about,the importance of studying our history,p

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Elon Musk roasts AOC on Twitter: 'Your feedback is appreciated'

Elon Musk roasts AOC on Twitter: 'Your feedback is appreciated'

the White House taking down this tweet,after it was fact checked by Twitter it,said seniors are getting the biggest,increase in their Social Security checks,in 10 years through President Biden's,leadership but Twitter adding a note,clarifying that statement that said,seniors will receive a large social,security benefit increase due to the,annual cost of living adjustment which,is based on inflation rate had nothing,to do with the White House Jimmy Fila,has everything to do with awesomeness,he's always a fox Across America on Fox,News Radio and on Fox Nation okay Jimmy,so is the White House stupid for,thinking that an automatic increase is,something you make to take credit for or,do they think the American people are,stupid that they can pull a fast one,over on them they absolutely think the,American people stupid number one number,two,um they're used to getting away with,this sort of thing I don't know if you,heard but the game just changed on,Twitter very recently in the past week,and now for the first time ever they are,getting fact checked on what they should,get fact checked for which is a,ridiculous claim Social Security,increases are obviously Tethered to,inflation so when you brag to see,seniors that Social Security went up,it's like I'm bragging to you that I,lowered your home heating costs by,burning down your house you don't have a,house to pay for anymore yeah the bills,are going to be a little bit lower and,that's the scam of the whole thing they,weren't ready for this they deleted it,her explanation was well we had to add,context yeah the context was you're full,of blank yep do you think the goal will,ultimately be no more fact checks though,right I mean like let's go back to that,I mean just let everybody yeah just free,speech for all yes I mean just a novel,concept for all as a guy who like kind,of says dumb things for a living I'd,love it if we laid off the word police,you know defunded them but when it comes,to the White House you know they're in a,desperate spot now you know we're five,days away from the election the woman's,leaving she's walking out the door she's,packing a suitcase so now they're just,saying anything oh baby I was going to,raise Social Security you know what I'm,saying oh baby we're gonna load a few,calls babies leaving baby doesn't care,what you say she's tuned you out baby's,leaving this baby in the scenario the,voters oh got it keep up with the group,Carly sorry,meantime uh somebody who considers,herself probably a birthing person and,not a woman is congresswoman Alexandria,ocasio-cortez one of the many people,complaining about what we're just,talking about Elon Musk,he's complaining he's going to charge a,monthly fee to have the blue check on,Twitter musk responding to the Democrats,saying your feedback is appreciated now,pay eight dollars as a comedian are you,more impressed,um by Elon Musk or are you threatened by,him because he can make a burn like,nobody else right now it's a solid burn,it really is there was a better burn to,be made though the better burn was yo,AOC you tweeted this from your Tesla she,drives a Tesla no that's true think,about that she's driving around their,white Tesla telling us the guy who owns,Tesla is the devil which is insane but,what's funny and revealing about her,tweet is her her line was well there's,billionaires telling us free speech cost,eight dollars and that's actually not,the argument free speech is still free,she's just too dumb to know the,difference between speaking and being a,verified speaker totally the eight,dollars wasn't to join Twitter speaking,of not free he also points out that,she's selling T-shirts for like 58,dollars 58 bucks is big money for,somebody who hates capitalism and wants,to tear down the system bingo,Tick-Tock and influencers to push the,Democrats message to get out and vote,and I believe he's sitting on the floor,on this clip,it's Monday night and here's what's,happened me what are you what are you,doing under my desk well under the desk,is kind of my thing I mean but here's,the thing you can stay for now but when,it comes time to voting you're gonna,have to get up oh gosh yeah what do you,think about that I mean the youth votes,a problem right now for Democrats,that is so embarrassing okay yeah this,whole cycle for Obama he looks like a,guy who's giving a best man speech for a,couple he knows shouldn't be getting,married like there's just no enthusiasm,he's up there campaigning last week and,he's like uh yeah Bill and uh Jessica,they they uh they really love each other,don't they and he just takes a shot no I,I feel bad that they're doing this to,him and that they've tied him into their,whole we're gonna do this on Tick Tock,thing because they've yet to trot out a,tick tocker that anyone thinks is sane,okay every tick tocker Biden has met,with has come off to the rest of the,country there have been many too yeah,there's there's a big amount of tick,tocks which is funny because Biden,doesn't even realiz

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'So you won't take down lies?': Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez challenges Facebook CEO

'So you won't take down lies?': Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez challenges Facebook CEO

mr. Zuckerberg what year and month did,you personally first become aware of,Cambridge analytic ah I'm not I'm not,sure of the exact time but it was,probably around the time when it became,public I think it was around March of,2018 I could be wrong though mm-hmm when,did Facebook CEO Oh Cheryl Sandberg,become aware of Cambridge analytic on oh,and did anyone on your leadership team,know about Cambridge analytic apriority,the card Ian on December 11 2015,congresswoman I I believe so and that,some folks were were tracking it,internally and actually as you're asking,this I III do think I was aware of,Cambridge analytic as an entity earlier,I just I don't know if I was tracking,how they were using Facebook,specifically when was the issue,discussed with your board member Peter,Thiel,congresswoman I don't I don't know this,was the largest data scandal with,respect to your company that had,catastrophic impacts on the 2016,election you don't you don't know well,congresswoman I'm sure we discussed it,after it after after we were aware of,what happened okay you announced,recently that the official policy of,Facebook now allows politicians to pay,to spread disinformation in 2020,elections and in the future so I just,want to know how far I can push this I'm,in the next year under your policy you,know using census data as well could I,pay to target predominantly black zip,codes and advertise them the incorrect,election date no congresswoman you,couldn't we we have even for these,policies around the newsworthiness,of content that politicians say in the,general principle that I believe that,but you said you're not going to,fact-check my ass we have if if anyone,including a politician is saying things,that can cause that is calling for,violence or could risk imminent physical,harm or voter or census suppression when,we roll out the census suppress,policy we will take that content so so,you will there is some threshold where,you will fact check political,advertisements is that where you're,telling me well,congresswoman yes and for specific,things like that where there's imminent,risk of harm could I run ads targeting,Republicans in primaries saying that,they voted for the Green New Deal,sorry can you repeat that would I be,able to run advertisements on Facebook,targeting Republicans in primary saying,that they voted for the green new deal I,mean if you're not fact-checking,political advertisements I'm trying to,understand the bounds here don't know if,I'll be able to do that do you see a,potential problem here with a complete,lack of fact-checking on political,advertisements,well congresswoman I think lying is bad,and I think if you were to run an ad,that had a lie that would be bad that's,different from it being from from or in,our position the right thing to do to,prevent your constituents or people in,an election from seeing that you had,lied so we can so you won't take down,lies or you will take down lives I think,it's just a pretty simple yes or no,congresswoman might talk about spin I'm,talking about actual yes democracy I,believe that people should be able to,see for themselves what politicians that,they may or may not vote for you won't,take so you won't you may flag that it's,wrong but you won't take it down,congresswoman it's a it depends on the,context that it shows up Organic Post,one question one more question in your,ongoing dinner parties with far-right,figures some of who advanced the,conspiracy theory that white supremacy,is a hoax did you discuss so-called,social media bias against conservatives,and do you believe there is a bias,congresswoman I don't remember,everything that was in the Senate in the,course array I'll move on can you,explain why you've named the Daily,Caller,a publication white well documented,with ties to white supremacists as an,official fact checker for facebook,congresswoman sure we actually don't,appoint the independent fact checkers,they go through an independent,organization called the independent fact,checking network that has a rigorous,standard for who they allow to to serve,as a fact checker so you would say that,white supremacist tide publications meet,a rigorous standard for fact-checking,Thank You congresswoman I would say that,we're not the one assessing that that,standard the international fact-checking,network is the one who is setting that,standard

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Elon Musk Attacks AOC with Misleading Twitter Poll

Elon Musk Attacks AOC with Misleading Twitter Poll

elon musk posed a question for his uh,many twitter followers and um you could,probably guess,what he was looking to get out of this,let's check out this tweet,he goes who do you trust less,real question i guess he usually asks,fake questions on twitter uh politicians,or billionaires,but also he followed up with this,question because he wanted to point out,to aoc that um maybe she should ask her,followers this question as well i dare,you to run the same poll with your,followers i get it so uh like they trust,billionaires more they're following elon,musk who's a billionaire they're fans of,elon musk it's like the least reliable,poll in american history but beyond that,it's a trick question i'm going to,explain how it's a trick question in a,second but jared yeah a little more so,he's listed as the richest person in the,world as you just pointed out there and,he's estimated worth around 200 billion,dollars uh he may see the results so far,as vindication of the views that he's,opined on his twitter platform recently,that billionaires are forced for good of,course with all he's pushing here used,to the world billionaires what he also,wrote as a pejorative is morally wrong,and dumb he said that on the same day,and that attracted 100 000 likes,more from him if the reason for it is,building products that make millions of,people happy so um he's the happy,presenter and everyone else that's,fighting against them is just trying to,suppress happiness and joy in the,country,so look i i don't think that uh,billionaires existing is the problem so,i know some people say that aoc said,that some other progressives have said,that i don't agree okay i think,billionaires not paying taxes is a,problem it's a giant giant problem,billionaires giving donations to,politicians and telling them to rig the,rules so that their companies are,deregulated and also don't pay taxes is,a giant giant problem if billionaires,didn't buy our politicians,then they wouldn't be anywhere near a,problem okay so in fact that's what,leads to this even though he called it a,real question it's actually a trick,question,well the politicians are billionaires,what do you mean the politicians work,for the billionaires it's the same thing,the politicians are just glorified,servants of billionaires not all of them,because they are now progressives and,there are people who don't take,corporate pac money but i know one right,here in fact,okay michael's show running for office,right now and he doesn't take corporate,pac money uh the just democrats don't,take corporate pac money so there's,different branches that don't in fact,there's a couple of conservatives that,don't take corporate back money i give,them credit for that okay but,ninety percent of politicians do and so,people like elon musk come by and,including the nra that we've talked,about all day today and they give uh ron,johnson 1.2 million dollars they give,bill cassidy 2.4 million dollars and,guess what they do they buy their votes,that's how it works so,who do you trust less politicians or,billionaires the answer is both,it's really the same phenomenon,i like how you look at me,who do you trust less billionaires or,apologists they're always they're all,the same,he did that,as we just explained michael doesn't,take over bag,and in this case actually i'd choose if,i'm just going to get that look anyway,i'd rather be a billionaire,okay by the way some sometimes,politicians become billionaires yeah,that's curious how that happens but,that's what they're trying to push back,on they're trying to make sure people,again it's the changing of the narrative,so people can have this trust and belief,in what billionaires are doing there's,there's,a good number of billionaires so there's,this generic statement that oh do you,trust billionaires or do you trust,politicians so the billionaires that are,getting involved in politics which are,many of them,as you said they're funding these guys,so what are billionaires getting how,about we ask more questions or if you're,asking a billionaire is asking a,question i wonder what he's looking to,get as the answer and for some reason,people can read that and go um i don't,understand what he's doing here he's,trying to make sure that you're still,brainwashed in the same narrative that,you've always been brainwashed in yeah,and by the way guys look there's rich,people who are wonderful who are,progressive fdr was rich,passed social security made a big,giant difference obviously in this,country there's politicians who are good,wonderful people i ran for office i like,to think i'm a decent guy michael is,definitely a decent guy etcetera that's,not the problem the problem is that you,can buy politicians and so we have to,get the money out of politics otherwise,yes billionaires are incentivized to buy,the politicians so they can rig the,economy in their favor,okay by the way wolfpack,get money out of politics join them in,doing that thanks for wat

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Elon Musk dares AOC to ask who her followers trust more

Elon Musk dares AOC to ask who her followers trust more

Tesla CEO Elon Musk polling his Twitter,followers on whether they distrust,billionaires or politicians more with 14,hours remaining 76 percent vote,politicians are less trustworthy he also,dared near congresswoman Alexander,ocasio-cortez who he recently sparred,with on the platform to run the same,poll with our own followers musk also,weighing in a possible recession the,world's richest man saying in part this,is actually a good thing a necessary,quote rude awakening after a LAX,attitude from the pandemic Liz your,reaction to musk well certainly gin and,up interest in Twitter by being very,active on it,yeah well he's very outspoken Dagan but,I sort of view this as a larger contest,between Elizabeth Warren uh and Elon,Musk Elizabeth Warren of course famously,has said he hasn't really contributed,anything doesn't pay enough in taxes to,which he responded Yes I spent 11,billion dollars uh in taxes last year,look I think Elon Musk comes from the,school of most private sector,individuals and businessmen and,entrepreneurs who really view,politicians as people who get in the way,of what they're trying to do and I gotta,say when you look at what he's trying to,do right now which is to create a free,speech platform on a social media giant,boy are the politicians lining up to get,in the way so I have very little respect,uh for the people who are opposing him,on this uh and I'd have to say I would,certainly be with the 76 percent saying,that politicians are less trustworthy,yes uh can I think elon's point is that,billionaires well they became,billionaires because they created a,thing or things that people uh want and,love and gravitate to and certainly Elon,if as if I know him but let's just call,him by his first name from here on out,he he became a billionaire because he's,one of the greatest entrepreneurs in,modern history and all these Democrats,who are person pushing a climate change,agenda the fact that they've turned,their backs on him who made electric,vehicles cool,you know look at the jobs that he's,created and all the billionaires Jeff,Bezos how many jobs created because of,Amazon I mean Elizabeth Warren how many,jobs has she created and look I hope,this goes through I really hope he owns,Twitter I love more polls like this it's,really no surprise I would think about,75 percent pretty much it came close to,75 percent of people don't believe in,house Reps versus musk or billionaires,for that matter and the reason why I,look at Nancy Pelosi she makes 200 000 a,year she's worth north of a hundred,million dollars I mean I think most,people at least I speak to investors who,say what it's not a Level Playing Field,I mean some of these members of Congress,they go into a committee meeting or a,subcommittee meeting and they come out,they call the broker to buy and sell,that's crazy you know they should put,money to the S P 500 Index or a blind,trust but I think that's where a lot of,this thing comes from digging is that,these same politicians here to serve us,serve themselves right and I also see a,government particularly the Federal,Reserve that has made the rich that much,richer with this giant blow out of the,balance sheet and much of what the Biden,Administration has done fomenting,inflation uh debt payment moratorium for,student debt the inflation the record,high gas prices that crushes the middle,class and the lower middle class so in,the last couple of years the rich have,gotten so much richer and the middle,class and lower middle class have just,the government has put the thumb on them,and their livelihoods so again if you're,going to vilify who you vilified here,better the better the politicians than,the rich who have actually helped the,middle class like Jeff Bezos

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What Logan Paul vs Andrew Tate Really Shows Us, Elon, Twitter, AOC, Bo Burnham, Ukraine, Iran & More

What Logan Paul vs Andrew Tate Really Shows Us, Elon, Twitter, AOC, Bo Burnham, Ukraine, Iran & More

- 'Sup, you beautiful bastards?,Welcome back to the Philip DeFranco Show.,Buckle up, make sure you hit that like button,and let me know you like these big shows,,and let's just jump into it.,Logan Paul fighting Andrew Tate.,It's a weird topic,,it's been a rumored thing, heavily talked about,,it's something that Logan has kind of flip-flopped on.,At one point, Logan's saying...,- When I'm shopping the idea around to my advisors,,they're concerned that he won't be as poppin',as he is right now, or as relevant,in, you know, December or January.,- Then on an August 30th episode of his podcast, he said...,- I don't feel like platforming this guy.,I don't feel like giving him the blessing,of being my dance partner in the ring,,especially after the social media platforms,have made it very clear how they feel about this guy, right?,- At that time, also speaking about other creators,,including one of his partners, KSI.,- You want to re-platform this guy?,Anyone?,You want to have him on your shows,,you want to give him another opportunity to speak,and spread his agenda?,- But now it appears Logan Paul has flip-flopped,,with places like Dexerto noting,,On an October 31st episode of Sean O'Malley's podcast,,Logan Paul said...,- Why do we do something that both of us have never done?,Clean record, O&O,,let us step into the (beep) octagon, brother.,An MMA fight, me versus Tate in the UFC.,- With the outlet then noting that a Twitter account,that is believed to be run by Andrew Tate,voiced his thoughts on the subject,,criticizing Logan, praising his brother, Jake Paul,,but saying, "If the terms are fair to both parties,,I will fight Logan in the cage and destroy him.","I have already contacted and confirmed this,with a mutual contact.,It's time for Logan to pay the price.,I will not allow him to earn more money than me,for his destruction, as a clown like him,,with a mediocre online income,,would happily sacrifice his pride for money.","I promised I would fight him for free and I meant it.",With Logan Paul responding, "This is fantastic.,I honestly didn't think you'd take my offer.,Literally just got off the phone with our mutual contact,and I'm down for your drug test,and any other fair terms you want.,This is going to happen.",But ultimately, that is where we are and I just,,I have so many questions.,One, does this actually happen?,Two, what are your thoughts if it does happen?,Also, what are your thoughts regarding Logan Paul,changing his tune?,And I especially wanna know your answer to that,if you're someone that hates Andrew Tate,,or you love him,,or you were for or against the de-platforming.,Also, will they make money from this?,If so, how much?,Like, is it true they'll do it for free?,I don't know, like so many things these days,,it is a weird, weird mess,,but that's why I'd love to know your thoughts on it.,And then, psilocybin keeps looking better and better,as a treatment for depression.,With researchers from the UK having just published,their new findings and saying,that when used alongside psychotherapy,,psilocybin drastically improved,patient's depression symptoms.,As far as the specifics, they gave participants,25 milligrams of synthetic psilocybin,,putting them into a dream-like state for six to eight hours,,where they were just on a mild trip.,And then, while in a calm room,,they got their psychotherapy, and in the end,,one in three were no longer considered depressed,after just three weeks,,and one in five saw significant improvement at 12 weeks.,With Dr. James Rucker who authored this study,,saying that this works because the drug, quote,,"Has a direct action on the brain,,putting it into a more flexible state,and providing a window of opportunity for therapy.",Or I guess, to put it in layman terms,,it opens your bitch ass up.,And what's especially great about this,is that it often works on depression,that has otherwise been resistant to treatment.,However, a key thing is that this isn't the end-all be-all,on the subject.,There are safety concerns beyond just having a bad trip.,Things like long-term headaches, nausea,,extreme fatigue, and suicidal thoughts.,But those side effects haven't deterred the researchers,,and if anything, they help reinforce the call,for longer and larger studies to be done.,Because everything in life,,especially when you're talking about treatments,or medications, there is a give and take.,And actually on that note,,we should expect more information soon,,just because the largest ever trial of the drug,is set to start in late December,,with that, reportedly focused on how large,the doses need to be to keep depression from coming back.,And a huge key thing here is that this is the first time,any psilocybin trial has reached phase three,,which is the last step,before being sent to the FDA for approval.,Also, if you are someone that suffers from depression,and specifically treatment resistant depression,,while I am not calling for you to do anything,,I would recommend you check ou

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AOC Just Sent MTG Into A Twitter Meltdown

AOC Just Sent MTG Into A Twitter Meltdown

oh,for a while now i didn't believe that,the marjorie taylor greens of the world,were unaware of what an insurrection was,in addition to what her role in what,happened on january 6 2021 was but,maybe she doesn't know what an,insurrection is after the supreme court,overturned roe v wade aoc took to the,streets of washington d.c and told,pro-abortion slash reproductive rights,healthcare protesters to do the same the,video you saw shows her chanting that,the supreme court's decision was,illegitimate and when mtg saw it she,retweeted it and said aoc just launched,an insurrection any violence and rioting,is a direct result of democrat marching,order she said now you can tell that,marjorie taylor green just learned the,word insurrection because she's using it,and applying it where it doesn't fit,kind of like that five-year-old kid who,kept saying apparently when being,interviewed like eight years ago now was,there fisticuffs and face-offs between,pro-abortion and anti-abortion,protesters in dc and around the country,absolutely as is common in these,situations but some were blaming aoc for,what happened in phoenix she ain't got,that kind of power yet auntie maxine,maybe but she sets things off while,reclaiming her time talent aoc ain't got,those years of experience yet maybe one,day you see this turn out here,you ain't seen nothing yet,women are going to control their bodies,no matter how they try and stop us they,held with the supreme court we will defy,them approximately 8 000 pro-abortion,protesters demonstrated outside the,arizona state capitol in downtown,phoenix according to ktar fm the protest,began at 7 pm the protests escalated,into a tense situation where police had,to use tear gas to disperse the quote,mob gathered outside the arizona state,capitol legislators were evacuated into,the basement and then had to be,evacuated once again from the basement,after tear gas fumes being used in what,was being described and deemed as a,security threat riot sure destroying,property yeah violent okay but incites,sets on foot assists or engages in any,rebellion or insurrection against the,authority of the united states or the,laws thereof or gives aid or comfort,thereto,shall be fined under this title or in,prison not more than 10 years or both,and shall be incapable of holding any,office under the united states,no before i close aoc got the final word,with mtg saying i will explain this to,you slowly exercising our right to,protest is not obstruction of congress,nor an attempt to overturn democracy if,one were a heinous enough person to do,that they'd likely seek a pardon for it,too but only one of us here has done,that and it ain't me i wonder if,marjorie's taylor green will know what,an insurrection is now for rebel hq i'm,jeff wiggins my architect knows japanese,for more from the young turks stay right,here if you want to see content from,yours truly click on the hashtag below i,can also be found on all socials that he,can be all right thanks for watching

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CNN anchors discuss Gaetz mocking Trump's plea to vote for McCarthy

CNN anchors discuss Gaetz mocking Trump's plea to vote for McCarthy

One of the,big reasons Kevin McCarthy is in,this mess,is because he gave the former,president oxygen after January s,He went down to Mar,a Lago and opened,everything back up for him,when he could have done the oppo,Mr.,McCarthy right now,trying to make his way through a,throng of journalists and camera,can't hear him.,But the calculation,that Trump would always keep,Trump would always be,incredibly popular with the base,And now what you're seeing is,I talked to an ally of Donald,Trump on Capitol Hill,who said that the former preside,is calling some of these 20.,And he doesn't have the juice an,Right.,Something that Gates gave,Congressman Matt Gates,actually even made fun of Trump,in a comment that he made to Fox,When Trump,put out the statement backing,McCarthy, Gates,,one of the leaders of the rebell,wrote Sad ad making fun of how T,tweets, right?,No, I mean, look,,I think at this point, Trump,would have more influence in the,if he were to suddenly say,that they need,to get rid of Kevin McCarthy,or something along those lines.,Because it's very clear,that he doesn't have the power a,to actually give,Kevin McCarthy the speakership.,And, you know, I think the,I don't,if it's an irony,or exactly how to put it,,but this is a moment,where Kevin McCarthy,,the the anger among his supporte,at this group of rebels,is at an all time high.,There are a lot of people,who are supporting Kevin McCarth,who are saying, you know,,we cannot give in to them again,because they feel like,they've spent the last,however many years,giving in and giving in and givi,And these rebels,or the Freedom Caucus or whateve,you want to kind of characterize,this group,keeps moving the goalposts,,keep saying, okay,,we got what we want now. We want,And a lot of the rest,,the governing wing of the conser,are they're fed up with it.,But Kevin McCarthy has indulged ,at every single turn,And this is the fruit of that.,So there are let us acknowledge,that there are legitimate things,that this group of rebels,has asked for some of the things,72 hours,between introducing a bill on th,and voting for it.,But McCarthy has given them that,No, I know that.,But here's,another one,from one of the rebels,,Congressman elect Josh King,,who one of the things in his pre,release yesterday,says that when his mentor, Tom,Coburn, served in the in the sea,more than 50% of,all major,bills operated under open,or modified open rules,and could be amended on the floo,a balanced budget,was accomplished in that area to,0% of major bills,could be amended on the floor,absent permission, blah, blah, b,But the point is,,that's actually like,a very detailed request.,I want this rule,that would allow us to amend bil,in an open process without the s,just automatically denying it.,That doesn't seem like.,Now, it's,certainly a recipe for more chao,but it doesn't seem like,an unreasonable request.,That particular request,is actually a request,for a better democracy. Right.,Some of the requests, you know,,we want a special committee,to investigate Biden,and we want Matt Gates to have t,or somebody like McCain. Right.,Well, Kevin McCarthy, he's,never going to agree to that.,Something like that.,God forbid,,our elected representatives, Dem,or Republicans, actually,have to go to the floor,and debate policy. Right.,And vote on amendments. Right.,But the leadership doesn't want ,If you're Kevin McCarthy,you don't want that,because you're majority so narro,that the Democrats,could actually pass amendments.,They would only need to find a h,of Republicans,to go with them to pass amendmen,So as a power play,,Speaker McCarthy doesn't want th,But to the Trump point,,Trump is popular,with the base and he's popular,with most House Republicans.,There's a huge difference betwee,and powerful.,Trump is not powerful anymore,,and they don't see him as powerf,They do not fear him.,The other message, yes,,the main thing they want,is Kevin McCarthy scalp,because they view him as the K S,But they're also sending a messa,to everybody else,that we will have,a speaker of the month club,unless you give us more power,,because we will have the votes t,whoever gets the job.

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