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Antonio Brown Faces INSTANT Backlash Over Deeply Offensive Tweetyeah one more yeah another one,as we

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Updated on Jan 13,2023

Antonio Brown Faces INSTANT Backlash Over Deeply Offensive Tweet

yeah one more yeah another one,as we brought to you last week Antonio,Brown put his rear end in the face of a,woman multiple times then while naked,flashed the woman who became angry and,alerted those working at the facility,Brown after getting into it with members,of his former team the Tampa Bay,Buccaneers through a fit took his jersey,off threw his pads against the bench and,then just Departed the field,to never return no team has signed him,he remains a free agent and there is,good reason Tom Brady the greatest,quarterback ever to Grace a football,field and a man whose daily Mantra could,not be anything less than win at all,costs has not publicly made it clear he,wants a b back which is telling if the,goat is saying no Moss it kind of speaks,volumes I want to know what all those a,b supporters are now,because every time I say something about,a b you say Shannon sharp you're putting,another black man down so what would you,call What A B is doing currently Chelsea,you look like a fish,The Fish Out of Water look there,look at her come on fishbowl,Fishbowl fish you want a bag of dicks,you and that broke guy here out,here get that lousy out of here,broke ass he spoke like this to,the mother of his children with the,children present Antonio Brown is,accused of sexually assaulting his,former fitness trainer Brown's accuser,identifying herself as 28 year old,Brittany Taylor a former LSU gymnast who,began working with brown in 2017.,according to the lawsuit she says he,exploited and sexually assaulted her,after she claims he used manipulation,and false promises to lure her into his,world he has had multiple cases against,him and when this happen to Antonio,Brown we're following a developing story,in the NFL as well the Tampa Bay Times,is reporting that the former Chef for,Antonio Brown is accusing the Bucks wide,receiver of obtaining a fake vaccination,card he did what any friend of this,anti-semite would do he attacked the,Press,it's a lot of drama a lot of drama you,guys create a lot of drama that people,create who want stuff from me you know,but that's just a part of life you know,it's a part of being in a position I,mean I can't control what people want,from me I can't control what people,write about me I can't control what,people say about me all I could do is,get up every day be the best person I,could be and when I get a chance to do,my job do my job the best way I could do,it after this weekend's Affairs in the,National Football League Brown took it,upon himself to post this,incredibly hateful image after the,Arizona Cardinals is lost to the,Philadelphia Eagles Brown put this,picture up on his Twitter it is now his,pinned tweet this comes after he mocked,Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen's marital,woes with multiple Outlets reporting,they are headed towards a divorce when a,once important musician posted a white,lives matter shirt with a commentator,who panders to the alt-right for profit,Brown backed it writing in a post of him,and that musician all lives matter like,I said the politics of the business like,we see if go wrong on the politics side,right like we all watch the Colin,Kaepernick everybody's seen it we've,seen how it happened and it was just,like what happened to Kevin me,personally I feel like,because he you know he was kneeling he,was doing that people didn't like and it,was like we ain't gonna pick him up no,more because we didn't like that that's,what it's not like for me but they gave,him the money and they gave him a,commercial they gave him the uh,they gave him the documentary would you,mean after that yeah but he didn't get,back in the league though that's why,they gave me other things which really,puts his quotes on Colin Kaepernick in,perspective as a compensation,we don't feel sorry for you you took,this deal out of here,oh cabinet,I don't want to play Man Brown,rightfully so is receiving a ton,of criticism for his r word image are,you and Kanye in some kind of,competition the user said of the newest,post while another pleaded you gotta,just get off social media bro a B has,not deleted the post and given the way,he's been handling his online presence,lately it's doubtful he will wrote TMZ,sports this all comes after Andy Slater,reported in a tweet Antonio Brown is,being accused of stealing a hundred and,twenty two thousand dollars in jewelry,while in Dubai and having the Jeweler,falsely jailed for a month according to,a lawsuit I obtained

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Antonio Brown Goes Viral After Disturbing Video Surfaces

Antonio Brown Goes Viral After Disturbing Video Surfaces

yeah one more yeah another one,this is former NFL wide receiver Antonio,Brown,he's waterboarding here,he's giving her the long board,then after throwing a woman around and,putting his butt in her face he exposed,himself in a Dubai pool it be the clown,and he's been a clown for the longest,and at this point a b is responsible for,his behavior I hold a lot of people that,co-sign his bulljab that he's been going,on since he did what he did and that uh,in that playoff game in Kansas City you,see what happens skip he's around people,they egging him on,instead of say come on AB come on nah,nah nah bro not here come on bro we,can't do that they egging them all yeah,baby yeah baby you see I told you that's,what he does thus fs1's Shannon sharp,reacted to the AP video he's done in the,NFL nobody's gonna waste their time no,and and and last night took the cake for,me I'm done everybody should be done,after he posted Tom Brady's wife and,post and said what he said,that man took your ass in that man,revived your career nobody was going to,give you a chance and you take a shot at,this man's wife you do that maybe what's,sharp is referring to is the following a,b posted this picture of himself and Tom,Brady's wife supermodel Gisele Bundchen,on Instagram the caption reads put that,stuff on this comes at a time where page,six reported Brady and bunchen are,having marital problems which the outlet,reported through their insiders,informing them it was over Brady's,decision to unretire and return to the,National Football League this has been,conflicted through different sources in,the Press I would love for a,professional uh somebody in my if Kevin,Winslow or somebody was hey Sean bro,you're going down the road a dangerous,path bro slow it down a little bit pull,it pull it back yeah I see some things,that's very destructive that's that's,going to lead you down a road that you,don't really want to go I would welcome,that,I don't want you to tell me what I need,to hear tell me what I need to know this,is a fair point from Shark where he,believes Brown 34 is simply surrounded,by yes men to go back to one point on,the Brady front it should not go,unnoticed that in Brady's first season,with the Bucks in 2020 the former,Patriots QB reportedly let Brown stay,with him after he signed with Tampa,Browns Union with the Bucks infamously,ended in January when he shed his game,day apparel and ran off the field,shirtless at MetLife Stadium in the,middle of the contest against the Jets,one should not forget this facet of,their now strained relationship as well,Tom Brady manipulate the game gets 14,days go home and get his mind right lol,now you see the difference put that,stuff on Brown tweeted but it wouldn't,end there in another tweet that is now,down due to violating Twitter's policy a,b called out Tom Brady's trainer Alex,Guerrero Alex Guerra you think I won't,have you smacked at tb12 boy stop,playing with me boy getting paid by,bucks and taking players money too as,for the pool video he looks to be,completely naked in the water which,makes the incident all the more,disturbing Brown is fooling around with,the lady and even lifts her up and dunks,her eventually she swims away this while,some men off camera egg him on and from,a distance Brown lifts his private parts,out of the pool to flash her the post,cites Witnesses claiming the woman was,angry after this and even went in to,complain about him unfortunately Brown,pulling these stunts it follows a,pattern that many teams overlooked,simply because he excelled in this sport,a painter at Brown's house told SI she,was in a kneeling position when she,turned to find Brown behind her naked,holding a small hand towel oh over his,genitals he was flirty with me but I,paid him no mind because I was there on,business plus I had already seen him,with multiple girls in the short time I,was with him the woman said I was about,40 percent done on the second day and,I'm on my knees painting the bottom and,he walks up to me butt ass naked with a,handcloth covering his privates and,starts having a conversation with me she,took it as a clear sexual come on then,it appeared he threatened her over text,messages putting her in a group with,some members of his inner circle and,this with the mother of his children,outside his Florida Home Chelsea you,look like a fish,The Fish Out of Water look there look at,her come on fishbowl,fish bowl fish you want a bag of dicks,you're not broke out here get that lousy,out of here broke ass can't trust,him because he's so addicted to that,camera phone and so addicted to being on,social media you never know what he's,gonna say about you next that is broke,with two more other kids that got,nothing she don't have no billing he's,got problems,get out of here,there was also this Antonio Brown is,accused of sexually assaulting his,former fitness trainer Brown's accuser,identifying herself as 28 year old,Brittany Taylor a former LSU gymnast who,began working with brown in 2017.,acc

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Shannon Sharpe defends Juju Smith-Schuster after Twitter feud with Antonio Brown | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Shannon Sharpe defends Juju Smith-Schuster after Twitter feud with Antonio Brown | NFL | UNDISPUTED

shannon side are you on here I'm on juju,this let even close,although juju it took that pose for you,to realize a bee was like this you've,been with the guy for two years it took,you two years to realize what I knew,from a distance six years ago that is,true and I said this two years ago in,January 2017 skill when he put out that,fall and winter face book life I say,steal it you need to move on because,it's only gonna get worse from here you,said it oh and they moved right on with,a whole new track and they gave 19,million last year any sabotage the,season pretending like he was hurt he,gonna skip how low must a teammate be to,point out on social media boy I'm gonna,playoffs awake it for a second and,that's a teammate Oakland good luck,Oakland can I make a quick play after,that play the next day,juju tweeted when I'm at my lowest I'm,not going to hide I'm sorry that loss,was on me yes I let everybody down it,won't happen again,well he did I mean now you're gonna,shame him further exactly I said this,before I said it early in the year yeah,I say what guy a be most butthurt is,that juju has more catches more yard oh,you don't know what you're talking about,you're not in the locker room and he got,voted by his team and at the end I said,him being voted MVP by his teammates him,that was the final straw for Antonio,Brown see Antonio Brown see what he did,you weren't here we were to Houston he,coming he also spoken we had after you,blast yes yeah I wanna win you know it's,all about you know I wear 84 cuz you,wore 84 and I'm just trying to get,jewelry I just I just want to be minted,with the great antonio brown does wanna,win you were nice to him that yeah yeah,i'm always gonna be cordial yeah but I,know you full of up but I say it,but I knew it I can't picture him,soft-spoken no he can be yes but his,boys it doesn't have the the carry baby,does want to win but only when he gets,10 catches for a buck 15 two touchdowns,7 for 65 with no touchdowns there's no,good,so that's that's how he equates he,equates numbers to a be winning and if,the steel is weighted the process skip,oh that was good to man this dude here,why are you continuously talking about,what transpired in Pittsburgh you are an,Oakland Raider they compensated you,handsomely they did and you're taking,shots at someone that as he said showed,you love and he did because we had him,on here he didn't take a shot that was,his opportunity he'd know a B was acting,a fool in the locker room he no aiming,was missing me as usual but yes we,hadn't dude you here right after the,seasons get here,he knew a B was acting the fool dishing,out old meetings and then prac and he go,talk about he performing away what about,that last week in week 17 when you,didn't show up for not one practice how,about your head you're a jerk all the,time but you ready to go agreed you just,you should have told him to kick rocks,and when you see me you don't see me I,cannot agree with you anymore and this,is another indication of Antonio Brown,left his heart in Pittsburgh yeah can't,let Pittsburgh go it's killing him that,he's not in the middle of all things,Steelers is it's a great place to play,yes and one day he's gonna wake up and,say what was i doing because clearly he,left the better team behind he's in a,rebuilding mode,he left the better quarterback behind,absolutely and juju is in the power,position here because he was voted MVP,it and juju made the Pro Bowl last year,I mean that's that's pretty great right,they both made the Pro Bowl yep so did,you jus I can see if a bee had never won,their war skip he had wonder war four,times in nine years he had just won it,the year before juju did mm-hmm with,them you want all the awards and I,appreciated juju going back at him one,last time but I hope this is the last,time from juju now he needs to let it go,Jim they've done enough but I told you,I've known Jon Gruden for a long time he,he did not like remember we did this two,weeks ago guys this is this wasn't the,first of this right and I'm sure Jon,Gruden was not pleased the first time,now he's got to be seething over this,but you know what he has no out here,he's going to have,to bite his lip and gnashes teeth,because Jon Gruden is the one who gave,antoniou a big New Deal to Oakland yeah,right,oh that hard-working nobody works hard,like a Tony old brown basically called,Antonio Brown their Savior that's how it,came across it was Savior tone and,because of that your stock man stuff,you just got to ride this one out but,but clearly his focus is not on making,the Raiders better it's trying to make,the Steelers worse named a one time in,all the tails and all the conversations,that Antonio Brown has had about what,transpired in Pittsburgh has he said he,was that fall where is the culpability,where is the responsibility a be done,did nothing wrong this was all big being,this was all Mike Tomlin this was all,juju and I blamed it other 52 guys in,the locker room that didn't vote me MVP,so if every

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Antonio Brown Gets Emotional In Interview When Confronted About Recent Tom Brady Tweets

Antonio Brown Gets Emotional In Interview When Confronted About Recent Tom Brady Tweets

to tell you what is going on like what,did it what does it mean I'm not,smashing this girl I don't know his girl,I don't know where I'm going,so Antonio Brown was recently on the,Patrick David bat podcast where someone,finally confronted AV about all his,recent posts shading Tom Brady on social,media and shout out to Patrick for,actually getting real and not dodging,the tough questions in this interview he,actually asked the things that no one,really has in any of the interviews I've,seen him on over the last couple months,he was very direct asking the receiver,why in the world would he continue to,shade Tom Brady a man who helped revive,his NFL career in Tampa Bay and why,involve his family with all these posts,and you could tell a b didn't really,have any answers for the host kind of,just brushing off his recent Antics and,at some points getting defensive with,Patrick Patrick then directly asked San,Antonio if there was something that,caused his Fallout with his quarterback,and you could see brown someone kind of,get a bit uncomfortable,ask the question hey you play with this,guy this guy had your back what happened,between the two of you guys that's a,that's a sincere question you know you,know what he didn't do not once did he,throw you under the bus how is he gonna,throw me under the bus but how would you,throw me under the bus how but but what,I'm saying is it's not how it's not how,you know how can you throw me another,book it's but but but you did I did what,then you can see just how delusional a b,is comparing his situation with the,media reporting on his personal legal,matters with all his posts related to,Tom Brady he doesn't seem to understand,that Tom never once talked about his,personal life but for Antonio to think,it's fair game because the media,reported on his own family just displays,how Out Of Tune he is with reality that,is that is a woman who's got kids with,me that's gonna that's gonna hurt if,they didn't put my kids my mother my,kids out too everyone but he never did,that to you,Brady didn't do that to you bro Brady,had your back but Brady had your back,the entire time Brady was all in love,with you Brady went out bad for you so,when I see this I sincerely maybe no,joke I sincerely ask,is something bothering maybe no one,knows about maybe publicly we don't know,nothing or something's bothering you on,the inside,but even that's a big now that's a dig,this is a real moment that happened at,the studio at the game play the video no,no it's a dig because you don't,understand and you trying to make me,rationalize and why you want it why to,tell you what is going on like what did,it what does it mean I'm not smashing,this girl I don't know his girl I know,somewhere I'm going or something,okay not where I'm going all right where,are you at where I'm going it's a,t-shirt that raised money from a real,moment that happened how is this a reach,because they're going through a divorce,people go through stuff every day man,yeah exactly I understand but what about,me when I'm on uh the news for uh I'm,crazy something happened over this this,bro has a t-shirt on his shirt bro image,that really happened man it's all right,bro yeah but it's wife it is what it is,man they got nothing to do with the kids,man it's a picture bro,guys try to keep up with former bucks,receiver Antonio Brown's social media is,like a full-time job the guy has been,posting non-stop all season Throwing,Shade at Tom Brady more in particular,the recent follow-up between him and his,wife Giselle and now it's being reported,that the parent have officially filed,for divorce which is pretty sad to hear,so Antonio has been in a lot of,controversies in the last few years and,his downfall from the league has to be,one of the greatest Falls from grace in,sports,this was a guy who seemed to be a,consummate professional for years in,Pittsburgh before his last season in,Steeler town and what he has become as,of late is just an Internet troll for,those you don't know AB was always,viewed as a guy who took football,seriously dude would always post videos,of himself practicing with other players,and just really honing in on his game he,became the best wide receiver over a six,year stretch and put up insane,production on the field but after,getting cut by the Raiders and Patriots,Brady and Tampa Bay vouched for the,trouble receiver and gave him another,shot in the league heck he even let the,guy live with him for a period of time,and when you think about it now it's,just crazy repeating those words a b,living under the same roof with Giselle,and his kids the parent won a Super Bowl,together two seasons ago however things,would soon come crashing down in his,second season in Tampa after the,receiver walked off in the middle of the,game against the Jets,so the recent shade AB has been throwing,at Tom Brady came out of nowhere from,posting a video of him hugging Giselle,after the Super Bowl to trolling Tom,about his recent family issues to the,inci

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Antonio Brown Is Now Talking Sh** About The Cardinals | When Did We Become The NFL's Punching Bag?

Antonio Brown Is Now Talking Sh** About The Cardinals | When Did We Become The NFL's Punching Bag?

years of the Cardinals are finding,themselves in the mouths of former NFL,players when did the Arizona Cardinals,become the NFL's punching bag,what's going on Arizona Sportsman family,appreciate you guys for tuning in,definitely do me one who's favor smack,the like button on this video And,subscribe for more Arizona Cardinals,content we are on the road to 10K and,last I looked we're about 300,subscribers away so we can get there,definitely subscribe it up if you are,enjoying this you know this content from,Arizona Cardinals we're pretty much,throwing it out daily here,um on this channel so definitely,subscribe it up let's move on to this,topic here that we want to talk about,here today and that is pertaining to,obviously Antonio Brown posting some,crazy Shenanigans yet again on his,Twitter page and I'm just gonna go ahead,and you know put this up right here but,I am going to go ahead and give you a,quick disclaimer this might be offensive,to some people,um so basically he says that hey he is,you know making up his own team and if,you want to sign up here it is and,obviously the logo is of an Arizona,Cardinals,um but obviously it's modified to make,the joke funnier I guess,um it's absolutely absurd right I I,don't get why we as Arizona Cardinal,fans like have to kind of deal with this,type of stuff now granted I understand,Antonio Brown might be going through,some stuff right obviously he's happy,he's he has a rap career right now and I,don't listen to that type of music but,if it's working for him good for him,um but he just kind of tries to wiggle,his way back into the NFL you know and,it's just it's uncalled for it's what it,is right I mean I don't understand,really what we did to him you know like,specifically like what did we do to him,now I do know that obviously Marquis,Hollywood Brown is the cousin of Antonio,Brown now I know there's some people,gonna ask well is there something that,maybe Marquis told you know Antonio I,don't know right I'm not gonna sit here,and speculate say in that type of level,that that is what's happening at this,very moment but it needs to stop like it,absolutely does Antonio Brown is,absolutely going wild now this ain't the,first time that he's trying to chime,back in like he's actually even attacked,you know Tom Brady which is absolutely,crazy because Tom Brady was one of the,guys that you know reached out to a,woman and tried to revive his career,back within the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and,now he posts stuff like you know pretty,much trying to get you know his his wife,or or ex-wife or whatever is going to be,I know that you know Tom Brady and his,wife isn't going through the best you,know space at this very moment but,obviously Antonio Brown's you know,getting any opportunity that he can to,you know keep himself relevant and I,don't think that that's kind of what's,going on right now I don't want to,really look too much into it um now I do,know that they're cousins now how close,are they I don't 100 know I I know that,you know Marquis Hollywood Brown seems,like a very stand-up young man I doubt,that he would put any bad you know blood,between you know what his organization's,doing you know you know and giving it,out to you know Antonio Brown like I,said I don't want to speculate but I,don't get it like I honestly don't,understand this whole situation,obviously Antonio Brown needs to just,chill out,um and keep the Arizona Cardinals you,know name out of his mouth especially,because he he's nothing to do with it,right like it's really completely out of,the blue this is almost one of those,situations where like this is out of,left field like why like like why us,right um I don't know right maybe just,because we have this not such a great,start you know the the two and five was,so much you know aspirations for the,playoffs and everything like that and,everything seems to kind of come,crashing down at least for certain fans,including myself I know there's some,positive fans out there that don't feel,that way but you know it's all opinions,at this very moment I don't get why,Antonio Brown is doing it let me know if,you guys have a little bit more insight,on this whole situation put everything,in the comments below ladies and,gentlemen as always like comment and,subscribe appreciate you guys for tuning,in have a great rest your day and go,cards

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Antonio Brown Reacts To Elon Musk Buying Twitter

Antonio Brown Reacts To Elon Musk Buying Twitter

are you happy that Elon is finally,buying Twitter,yo I love Elon he's a billion I never,met Elon I don't know what you know why,I'm asking I'll be doing I don't know,why you asked me I will tell you why,every question I ask has a it's like,we're playing ping pong you see yeah,you're trying to set me up to make me,look a certain way for your baby let me,tell you you what's the purpose but let,me tell you this here's what I'm willing,I'm willing to turn hear me out hear me,out hear me out let me tell you what I'm,willing to do I want to turn off the,mics not record not go live with it just,have a conversation with you did you,hear what I just said hear me on what I,just said fair for the business but but,I totally get set that side aside,money's money I don't care about money,if you want to set aside the mic and we,just have a combo I'm open to it bro and,we turn up all the cameras,because you just said to me the only,reason is I'm trying to stroke you too,much I don't know about Twitter,pauler bro you asking sure I don't know,Elon Musk man I respect Elon Musk he's a,billionaire I respect him but I don't,know him I don't know why he bought the,Twitter I know Kanye just bought Paula,that's all I know but do you know why,why I don't know man I don't know him,may I State why I asked the question so,are you asking me questions that don't,pertain to like you know but this is,what you call a conversation and you,said you like a conversation a dialogue,that's a dialogue,man because you feeling uncomfortable,you like talking about the mic's off cut,the cameras off dude I've sat down with,Mobsters I've sat down with gang I've,sat down I'm just military I've sat down,with everybody very little makes me,uncomfortable but if I may I'll let you,know why I asked that question you said,cancel culture cancel culture is a,concern for a lot of people the idea,they just asked me about Elon Musk but,Elon Musk Buy in Twitter is good for,those where they won't feel like they're,gonna be canceled who was those anybody,that so who getting cancer who who's the,people that's getting cancer if Elon,didn't who is the people that's getting,canceled who is the people that's,getting cancer that's getting canceled,so you can express yourself you could be,yourself a b walked off the field so you,could be yourself me and Kanye relate,yay relate because he could be himself,yeah but that's why that's why he's,asking the question because Elon bought,Twitter for that same exact concept but,you still that's why Elon called Kanye a,B I understand come on now if it was the,oldest would have been off,would have been off of Twitter he just,bought polish I know he did you can't,even express yourself on Twitter for 160,characters I know Elon Posse here make,that better for better expression but it,still doesn't help but God getting,canceled if you say the wrong thing or,if you're a Target like you just said,those who is those who's getting,canceled sir like a lot of people like,who,you want me to list a few of them yeah,listen please,off the top of my head obviously Trump,got canceled okay you know you're the,president you get canceled that's the,point that's exactly what we're talking,about here uh how do they cancel I think,he's off Andrew Tate just got canceled,we just did a massive interview with,Andrew Tate he's like you know who that,is of course I know okay are you in,favor of him getting canceled obviously,not I mean no one's getting canceled man,what do you mean that everyone's getting,canceled I'm saying we need to stop the,prohibited non-canceling it's like on,the same page there baby of course,that's what I'm saying so let me let me,let me read this which which is I just,saw this on Twitter earlier so Adidas,did he lose his bank's account did he,lose two B's in one day no not two B's,okay no but they did cut off Adidas Cuts,ties and the only reason we're bringing,up take this is because you said who's,been canceled so we're answering your,question for you so Adidas cut ties with,yay uh but,ties Vogue and a winter cut ties dropped,by CAA dropped by lawyer stream sales,AirPlay by the way Spotify CEO hasn't,said they're dropping yet they're still,allowing the music to stay on but it's,plummeted restricted from Instagram and,Twitter I saw him post something today,on Instagram which is great stadium,shows canceled documentary show up two,billion dollars last in a day just a,couple days ago uh he said he's only got,120 million dollars left in cash he said,this I think on it was either uh the,Pierce uh Morgan interview was the I,think was Pierce Morgan 120. uh so so,the fact that they target him the way,they did,do you think and you don't have to,answer this you can simply say no or no,comment or just not even answer it do,you think the Tipping Point was what,they call the anti-Semitism comment you,think that was a Tipping Point I thought,you would listen to everyone that got,canceled,oh we can't give that to you as well if,you want to let me give

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Antonio Brown announces on Twitter that he’s done playing in the NFL | SportsCenter

Antonio Brown announces on Twitter that he’s done playing in the NFL | SportsCenter

now do the requisite Antonio Brown,Eggman shall we because again he is on,social media so tweeting this will not,be playing in the NFL anymore these,owners can cancel deals do whatever they,want at any time we will see if the,NFLPA hold them accountable sad they can,just void guarantees anytime going on,forty million two months will see if,they pay up so we had a thirty million,dollars guaranteed with the readers nine,with the Patriots obviously both teams,have parted ways a to be continued what,do you make of this latest look it's,just another example of an Antonio kind,of being delusional about how things go,you know there's certain there's a,certain thing called accountability in,the NFL as far as if you want to get,paid then there's certain things that,you have to do like number one be,accountable,number two show up number three do not,you know engage in behavior that they,consider to be conduct detrimental to,the team that's something that's,standard throughout the NFL they're not,doing anything to Antonio Brown that,they wouldn't do to any other player if,they acted the same way but he seems to,be wanting to operate under a different,set of rules different set of,circumstances and then he goes to social,media to kind of air out these things,were quite honestly I mean I look at,that something I just start laughing at,this point he really needs to have,someone within his inner circle kind of,grab him and go okay look man this is,how it works you you basically,self-destructing here because these,owners aren't they're not gonna start,people aren't gonna start coming over to,your side based on how you've been,acting you know you you're in the wrong,here if you want to get back in the,league and actually make some of this,money and have your you know guarantees,not voided then there's a certain way,that you have to act its investigation,but there are teams interested what,would he have to say you know what I,don't really know if there are teams,that are interested quite honestly I,mean I can either understand what Drew,Rosenhaus is saying but I'll just say,this right now is the risk really worth,the reward at this point the number one,team that figures you know what I'll,take the risk because people buy into,our culture and we know when maybe we,can get the reward the number one team,at doing that,cut the cord or you that's right so now,you tell me you tell me another team,that has the cachet of Bill Belichick,that can say I can fix anybody there's,no one there's no other team that feels,that way about themselves in their,program,the same way bill feels about his,program because it's been tried and true,and he cut the cord so you tell me why,any other team would think I can do it,constantly blaming others exactly he,tweeted he's done with the NFL has he,played his last game no Paulie,III don't know that only only because I,can say this if certain if a certain,team I don't know what team that would,be would feel as though as this plays,out they get enough information to where,they feel okay you know what maybe it is,worth the risk I wouldn't be shocked,because we've seen it happen before,we've seen players who continue to get,chances that you think that's it he's,done I will never say that that someone,is done because there's always maybe,that one team but I'd be hard-pressed to,think he plays this year for sure I tell,you sure knows how to keep himself in,the headlines yeah we're talking about,it everyone thank you for watching ESPN,on YouTube for more sports more analysis,download the ESPN app and for live,streaming sports and premium content,subscribe to ESPN plus we'll see you,there

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Stephen A. responds to Antonio Brown calling him out on Twitter: I feel sorry for AB | First Take

Stephen A. responds to Antonio Brown calling him out on Twitter: I feel sorry for AB | First Take

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