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Annie Agar on Creating Viral NFL Social Media Content, Allegiant Stadium and More | Raiders | NFLi'm


Updated on Jan 28,2023

Annie Agar on Creating Viral NFL Social Media Content, Allegiant Stadium and More | Raiders | NFL

i'm back on radio road with annie agar,not agar as you told me before we got,rolling you see her on instagram you see,her on tick tock you see her on tv you,see her everywhere and an exciting week,for the city and exciting week for the,week i'm sure an exciting week for you,as well and we'll get to what you're,doing this week in a second but i just,want to start here at what point were,you like,i think i'm kind of on to something here,that's a great question uh you know so i,started this all when covid was,happening and we i felt like we needed a,little comedic relief from these you,know dark nobody was laughing nobody's,talking about sports again we it was all,political and all you know these,depressing news stories so um i was,getting ready to cover the big ten um we,just had been ramping up their spring,games starting and i had this idea to do,a zoom meeting because that's what we,were all doing on the big ten and if you,know they did a call to get football up,and running again what that would look,like knowing the big ten in and out you,know seeing that i grew up there uh i,kind of had a grasp of what each frame,what each fan base looked like or what,each college looked like in a person um,so i i imitated that and put it in a,video and then i didn't actually so i,did that on tik tok i didn't actually,put that video on twitter,someone had shared it on twitter and,then desmond howard and i'm not even,kidding you within a day um i i i it my,phone was blowing up and i think desmond,howard kerkhurst retweeted it and when,that happened and i saw all of these i,mean i've never seen notifications go,that quickly on my phone i didn't know,that was possible uh that's when i kind,of knew this idea could go somewhere we,you know it was a time like i said it,was a time we needed some laughter and,something to kind of look at in a,positive way and um and i thought this,would this was a great opportunity for,it and kind of just went from there so,you look at you talk about all the,college football stuff now obviously,you're doing so much nfl like i'm,curious do you is it hard to like keep,up with 32 nfl teams because like you,don't have to be in like the weeds of,the x's but you kind of have to know,like what's going on all around the,league right uh yes it's it's very,difficult and people think oh she just,watches games all day sunday and i do i,watch red zone religiously um and i'm,you know i'm compiling notes throughout,all the games but i i say that i want to,make jokes that i just don't get because,everybody can you know make a joke,that's because we all are a little,biased,i have a favorite team you know we all,are i like that um but i want to make,jokes that people and fan bases relate,to so i'll sit on twitter i'll stock the,fan bases and see what they're talking,about what's trending and what and you,can look at every nfl situation and see,how every fan base is handling it based,off the comments they're making and the,tweets that they're that they're putting,out so i try to do that so that when i,make these jokes it's coming from each,one of the fan bases and it feels,personal and people even said before i i,released who my favorite team is they,said they wanted to know who it was and,that was a that was a great compliment,to me because i i wanted it to be pretty,equal to the point where they thought i,was a fan of every team so it is a lot,of research and a lot of making sure i'm,on the beat of every one of these nfl,teams and i like no one shoots a hundred,percent right like i give these guys a,hard time or we i think we shoot a,really high percentage but we we miss,sometimes like is have you used russell,westbrook yes,like fifty percent,but do you like ever is there have there,been any like jokes that you put out,there like,oh it didn't land it didn't land i,thought it was gonna be lit like it was,gonna be solid and it just,yeah um,not too much and this is this is what's,great about the videos is i make the,joke so quickly that hopefully and this,i think is a fun comedic timing thing,too i make the joke and then i'll back,it up with another joke so by the time,you're you're still reeling from that,first joke there's another one that,hopefully hits you um and the only thing,i've i've nobody's really said that that,joke didn't hit but that they've missed,it so it which is hilarious because i'll,do i'll do little things in there um,that maybe that's not really the part of,the joke but leads into it too so you,know say there's something that happened,um during like the two-minute warning,i'll use two minutes instead of five,minutes so i'll do little um little,easter eggs in there too so it's not,been so much that a joke hasn't hit but,maybe that people have missed the joke,and it sometimes is my favorite joke so,i'm like okay someone nobody like nobody,saw that really it's like when a,comedian is up there and says a great,thing and nobody laughs you're like okay,well next one know but you know what you,know we

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Annie Agar On Becoming Social Media Famous

Annie Agar On Becoming Social Media Famous

who's not impressed with you as a,self-made woman in terms of coming out,with these very funny videos and just,watching them take off i mean,what's it feel like to what'd you think,when you started making these videos was,the most that was going to come with it,you know i it's so crazy because i,didn't when i started making these i did,it when covid first happened and i did,it as a way to,you know kind of bring some comedic,relief in a time where we didn't nobody,knew it was okay to laugh everybody was,so it was so dark and political and,everybody just forgot the sports was the,thing you know and i wanted to kind of,bring that back because we just had,gotten into we were starting to cover,the big ten that's what i did at the,local news station and we were getting,ready for spring games and lost all that,so i just had this idea that maybe you,know we do this video that reminds,people what the rivalry in the big ten,is like and it ties it back into the zoo,meetings we were doing every day uh and,i had no intention of it turning into,this big thing i just wanted i just had,gone on tick tock and i wanted to,connect with fans and because that those,were my people you know i i connect with,fans that's what i do that's what i,wanted to do in my industry so it was a,tick tock's a great way to do it social,media is a great way to do it and i just,thought that there was a need for that,and for some comedy in a you know darker,time so i think the self-made part of it,is really cool that you just decided it,was a huge hit you know millions of,people watched and it grew into now your,work with nfl network and what you're,doing,um and i think having the pulse of fan,bases is a skill,um did you always have that where you,kind of knew okay this is what a,northwestern fan is like this is what an,illinois fan is like not everyone has,that sensibility right yeah you know in,terms of college football i think that,came a little bit easier because i'm an,ohio state fan i grew up in michigan so,i knew the hatred wait a minute so how,are you an ohio state fan i know i know,explain explain yourself before he,continues i loved evan turner it's like,my fa i tried to play basketball i got,my styled my game after love the guy for,some reason i not obviously in the nba,but definitely college uh for some,reason he was he was like my idol so,ohio state seemed like the obvious,choice my family are all michigan state,fans my extended family are all michigan,fans i apparently like controversy so,much that i was like yeah i'm gonna be,someone that's not named in any of your,wills um but i i loved it it was fun way,to grow up all my i had a lot of guy,friends that would try and question me,and my sports knowledge so it kind of,pushed me to be a little bit more,knowledgeable i think uh yeah so that's,kind of where that started so i know i,knew the dynamic of the big ten when it,comes to nfl teams and nfl fans that was,a little bit harder because i'm i'm very,biased i also like everybody having a,favorite nfl team and i i wanted to make,jokes that not only i got and i i,enjoyed but what the fans enjoyed so,i'll sit on twitter for hours during,games and see what the fan bases are,talking about on top of what you know,the jokes that i know based on my sports,knowledge so it's it's a process but,there's nothing no better feeling than,when a fan retweets me and they say this,is exactly what i was feeling i love it,you're now you know you're paid to do,this you have an employer,do you love or hate the term influencer,to describe you that's a good question,um i like it because i i know because,there's a negative connotation right,right i do i do like it that it gives me,kind of a status where i'm able to reach,out to a lot of people but i don't ever,want to be i'm not trying to influence,people i'm trying to connect with them,so kind of it's great that it takes me,to another level but i also want to be,a part of them i'm a fan too at the end,of the day i'm just trying to relate all,of them so i yeah i wouldn't say,influencer i guess would be my title but,people have been saying nfl meeting girl,i like that i'm good at that i'm nfl,meeting girl so um,in your one of your latest videos you've,got a lot of you know guest appearances,from different fan bases,how do you choose the people in your,video are these legitimate fans of these,teams yes yeah i had do they apply,somewhere to be in it or are they,friends of yours no i sent out a tweet i,put on all my social channels i said we,did this last year and it went really,well so i wanted to do it again because,since there was no games going on this,weekend i do like a wrap-up meeting and,i have fans send in videos and i got so,many submissions of videos i mean we're,talking hundreds and hundreds of videos,and people said oh i pity the intern,that goes through them all and i'm like,you guys i go through them i love your,videos yeah i'm the intern what are you,doing i'm on tick tock come on so i love,their fan

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Vikings Circle: Annie Agar

Vikings Circle: Annie Agar

we got annie agar,on viking circle today you are like are,you okay with this because i know you're,itching in that that it's burning a,little bit just slightly but i'm here,and i'm you know i'm a big person,because of it i think i love that,because what you're from michigan yep,live in illinois yeah now you're in,minnesota so we can't talk anything,about wisconsin right no i did drive,through wisconsin though and i waved to,all my friends i went by back in enemy,territory i went from a state that hates,me to a state that hates me more,probably well i think they'll love you a,little more at this drive you ready,absolutely let's do it i have to get in,the passenger seat,this is like first class okay it is it's,like a six seater golf cart,would be great to hold all the alcohol,that i take when i go golfing,just to make my golf game a little bit,better,speaking of alcohol i just watched your,most recent video,oh dear and it said what alcoholic,beverage is your team's quarterback yup,this is obviously kirk cousins to me,there's no other answer he is a white,claw not just any white claw a lime,white claw i had no further discussion,next that is specific to you you got to,say lime it's like a solid go-to it's,your you know your your trustworthy,drink but you don't always love the,limelight,but it's always going to be there for,you that is true you know it's reliable,it is very reliable reliable rain sleet,snow or summer it's going to be there,absolutely all right so,now fans,now i got to ask if you had to describe,the vikings as a soft drink or a pop oh,my god i just said pop soda i'm from the,south i see it from anything really can,we not say pop out here i don't people i,say when people say pop i'm just like,what are you talking about popcorn,popsicle lollipops but people sometimes,will say like coke or like cola as in,all of the pops but that's not no like,how old is hot we say pop up here so,anyway pop yes so what kind what what,kind of pop or soda would you describe,the viking's ass,i got to say like fanta because it's,purple right okay and um yes,i'll leave it at that fan people like,great fanta see the people that like,great fanta love great fanta and that is,that is vikings fans to a t because if,they love the vikings they love the,vikings and nobody can talk bad about,them no and nobody but me maybe even,so what about the vikings makes you get,on them like you do other teams,it's the nfc it's the nfc north like,camaraderie because of because it's what,i grew up in like kurt cousins went to,michigan state right which is my dad,went to michigan state too so i feel,like i have a deeper connection there so,i feel like if i make fun of the nfc,north teams they take it less personally,because they know i'm already a part of,that like i was you know i'm i saw kirk,cousins play in college i um then out to,every state in the midwest so it's just,it's like a connecting thing and i know,how their fans are because i've,experienced them my family are all,alliance fans okay i'm sorry,they go to group therapy all the time um,but my family are all lions fans so i'm,a part of this nfc north i know the,traditions i i try to know how the fans,act so i just feel like there's more,ground for me to make jokes there all,right so do you prefer to do sketches on,fan bases or players,probably fan bases the players get,touchy because i don't want to insult,them because i respect them so much and,i love watching them play like like i,was you know talking like carson wentz,the other week and i'm thinking the,whole time in my head i'm like does he,know who i am because i have definitely,said mean things about him before in,jokes you know in videos so stuff like,that i never want to insult the guys but,then it's part of the the skit and the,joke too so,it's a give and take fan bases though,are so much more fun to make venom yeah,so much more with that fan base these,vikings have a you know very strong,skull,wow you just said that,you just said that,technically it just means cheers i'm not,actually saying you're trying i'm just,saying cheers and it happens to be in,nordic language,who knew,i know you probably get this question a,lot but i got to ask you how much of,actual games do you watch versus like,nfl redzone yeah i watch a lot of red,zones just because i want to get every,you know what's happening with every,game for the fans and i'll sit in my,apartment and watch them from you know,noon chicago time until sunday night,football because i want to make sure and,people are like oh don't you go out to,the games you want to and i do want to,be there but then i miss the rest of the,games,and i really want to make sure i know,what goes on in the league so these,jokes i make feel like i'm,a part of each fan base so it's a lot of,watching games so you actually enjoy,watching football has that always been a,thing since you were a kid yeah,surprisingly lions fans are still,enjoying watching football um yeah,growing up my brother was a big fo

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Annie Agar Bows the Knee to the Agenda

Annie Agar Bows the Knee to the Agenda

i guess some people will just never,learn no matter how many examples that,we have seen no matter how many times it,has been proven that this does not work,some people just refuse to learn refuse,to listen,i guess they prefer learning this,valuable lesson the hard way,the lesson i'm talking about it's,actually a two-part lesson one,you never apologize for something when,you haven't done anything wrong and,number two and this is the most,important part,you never,ever,ever ever ever ever,apologize to social justice warriors,ever,you never apologize to woke twitter i,don't even care if you're in the wrong,you don't apologize to these people if,you offend them you're doing something,right you should feel like you,accomplish something great if you have,offended the woke,these people are the lowest of the low,the drags of society other than,possessing the innate ability to be,offended by any and everything,the only other purpose of a social,justice warrior is converting oxygen to,carbon dioxide the trees the plants they,appreciate them for doing that,even if you're in the wrong,there's a reason you don't apologize to,the identifiers,you put yourself in a lose-lose scenario,you're never going to appease them with,an apology it's not going to be good,enough they're going to view an apology,as a sign of weakness and continue to,stay on top of you until they force you,into compliance,but what also happens when you apologize,to the unemployables,you lose the respect of normal people,and when i say normal people i'm talking,about the 92 percent of the american,population that think social justice,warriors are useless ,annie agar has chosen to learn this,lesson the hard way now i'm sure many of,you are unfamiliar with her she just,came onto my radar this past nfl season,she has had quite the meteoric rise to,fame in the sports world two years ago,annie agar was unknown she started out,doing these parody videos on the nfl,built the following online she parlayed,that into a gig with valley sports where,i believe she's a sideline reporter for,college football games,annie agar is talented she's funny she's,charismatic she has everything katie,nolan and michelle beadle wish they,could be,the only thing katie nolan and michelle,beadle contributed was a pretty face,neither could maintain an audience over,the long term,annie agar is more than just a pretty,face but,let's be honest here,any agar is fine as i mean look at,her gay men would have a difficult time,resisting annie agar she's a beautiful,woman no doubt about it,part of what makes her so appealing and,contributed to her rise in the sports,media world was her ability to be funny,in order to be funny,you have to make jokes you have to make,fun of people it kind of comes with the,territory you make jokes people laugh,we used to call that comedy now it's,called offensive,in case you didn't get the memo you are,not allowed to make fun of people,anymore even if it's satire parody you,must consider their feelings and the,feelings of others,luckily for us here on the channel we,don't give a about your feelings so,we make fun of people on a daily basis,mostly,people who deserve it people like,stephen a smith the 54 year old virgin,you know what they should make a movie,about steven a it would be extremely,compelling the story writes itself,how a man goes 54 years over 20 of those,years in the public eye and has never,touched a woman,it would be the blueprint for young men,across the country of what not to do if,you want to get laid,last sunday annie agar took to twitter,and expressed her disappointment with it,being the first sunday without nfl,football,we can all relate to that we can all,feel the same pain sundays have a,different feel a different meaning,during the fall and winter months,her tweet read it's sunday and no one is,playing football i guess we all feel,like jags fans today,innocent enough a little dig at fans of,the jacksonville jaguars but with there,only being like three or four jags fans,across the country you would figure,nothing would come of this innocent,little tweet,but you would figure wrong,enter jesse sykes,chairman of the chicago chapter of,lonely guys who never get laid,look at this guy,legs crossed wearing women's shorts this,dude sees a hot woman like annie agar,and he gets immediately triggered he,would be the perfect co-star in the,stephen a smith movie i just talked,about,jesse sykes he didn't have anything to,do on sunday much like every other day,of the week jesse sykes had nothing but,time and lotion on his hands,he spent hours pilfering through 10,years worth of tweets from annie agar he,finds a handful of tweets that he knew,would trigger his fellow virgins on,twitter here they are take a look at him,do you find any of these to be the least,bit offensive,she makes a negative reference to,hillary clinton who cares,hillary clinton is universally despised,she says colin kaepernick should get off,his ass and stand for the national,anthem,clearl

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Annie Agar gathers ideas from fans for her NFL breakdowns | Brother From Another

Annie Agar gathers ideas from fans for her NFL breakdowns | Brother From Another

huge week congratulations to the lions i,still can't believe it this is the best,day of my life you can't stop us for 365,days,364 maybe but not 300 okay great uh we,put a little montage together of all,your highlights so far to commemorate,this win so please enjoy that come a,long way,from where we began,oh i'll tell you all about it when i see,you,i again they won a super bowl you don't,act like you've been there before what,do you know about winning in super bowls,also um they're the lions so they,literally haven't been there before come,back though please i want to what were,you doing in the end zone on that last,play coach said we would look stupid if,we got v on a d-pad in the end okay uh,well you didn't that you didn't look,stupid that's great where's where's mike,zimmer get him in here please,okay,i can't that still is providing better,coverage than the viking secondary um do,you want to suffocate or use that what,you're trying to do do you want to be,saved we just we wouldn't understand i,don't really know what i'm doing you and,your head coach had that in common um,also shout out to andy dalton he had,more interceptions this weekend than,syllables brian kelly try to fit into,the word family we just want to know for,next week is his left hand okay uh yes,his left hand is okay it's actually his,throwing arm that's the problem okay oh,but the lions can still get in i can't,believe you eliminated us from the,playoffs before them well technically we,eliminated you before the season even,started but that's beside the point,why does he keep looking up at me just,retire old man mike glennon is now hurt,too we're uh we're starting jake from,i'm the only one who knows the jake from,state farm because of the commercials,that i do i kind of like your game,getting moved to sunday night weird flex,but remember when you guys were worried,about my hands being too small i fixed,it also big news out of carolina uh joe,brady has been fired which we did not,see that coming very unpredictable um,unlike his play calling go,let's go dad let's go,what a sweet moment between the guy from,dodgeball and his dad nothing i'm so,glad nothing can ruin this moment for,the troops gardener fire the truth,eddie agar as they say does not miss uh,you talk about finishing with a flurry,i don't know which one i like better uh,god talking about big ben pointing up to,it,the joe brady predictable line,the joe burrow hand,or the gardner minshew is for the truth,i mean that was that you know you don't,miss you don't miss annie and uh it's so,good to have you,we're fans of your work you're making a,lot of people laugh you have been over,the past year with your zoom meetings,um and now congratulations uh sorry for,the belated congratulations on joining,bally sports,as their nfl,college football uh correspondent but,let's let's start with where you started,this week's meeting,um with the lions how special was it to,finally,uh get a chance to get some jokes off,but on a positive a lions win for the,first time in a year well you know,people uh were messaging me on twitter,saying what are you gonna do now like,you do you have a quality content for,the lions i'd like to i honestly don't,so i'm gonna do a montage of the things,that i don't have that are good from the,lions um but you know it was it's great,i i'm happy for them i'm happy for the,franchise dan campbell deserved it,someone asked me if they they thought,this because i'm originally from detroit,so people are like oh detroit's got to,be freaking out right are they going to,throw a parade i'm like you know i don't,think they know what a parade looks like,or how to put one together because we,haven't won in so long um but you know,it's it's so cool to see and i'm i'm,really happy for him it was a painful,game to watch but you know win is a win,so,is that is that where you develop if i,could follow up real quick is that where,you developed your uh your sense of,humor uh did you laugh to keep from,crying watching the lines and you,decided you know what this sports comedy,thing may be the only way to survive,watching the detroit lions,absolutely yep um fun fact i'm actually,a packers fan um and i grew up living in,michigan i'm also an ohio state fan so,i've i've had like two friends growing,up people from my parents,i know you are just so defiant like so,packers and or i knew the ohio state,park but packers in ohio state you just,decide to be a rebel huh i do not like,going along with everybody else,apparently and i also did not like,having friends in my state um yeah you,know it was it's fun because i had to,make it a point to know what i was,talking about growing up you know,knowing my stuff because guys would try,and just lay into me knowing that i'm an,ohio state or a packers fan um but i,would tell people they'd say well how,did you become a packers fan living in,michigan you know you should be a,die-hard lions fan i'm dead serious uh,growing up i had a friend of mine from,wisconsin i u

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Annie Agar Shares Her Story, #NFL Week 7, NBA Returns | Girls Who Bet

Annie Agar Shares Her Story, #NFL Week 7, NBA Returns | Girls Who Bet

what's up guys welcome to episode seven,of girls who bet i'm aaron dolan joined,by the fabulous live mood so many sports,going on we're gonna get right into it,and then we have a special guest coming,on just a little bit later in the show,so stick around for that and shout out,to all the people in the youtube chat,already saying that they're here saying,let's go annie that is who we're gonna,be bringing on but live,i know you guys invest in the nba right,now you're sweating them out before this,you're you look a little stressed yeah,let's just start by saying uh kcp i was,warned by about him when i placed this,bet a lot of people were like he's very,streaky,as of now he's played 11 minutes of,basketball with zero points on the board,so not loving that and jared allen i,took his rebounds and he has zero right,now so,not loving that um but it's okay it's,kind of risky for you to even dabble in,that prop market because it's the first,game oh i know i'm a risk taker but i,will say zach levine i was nervous about,him at first he is now heating up all,the way up and i took over 24 and a half,and he has 23 right now and it's only,the third quarter so that was a solid,move on my part but other than that,we'll just we'll sweat him out as the,show goes if you see me react it's,because when my crop is falling apart i,know i have the flyers game on here i,have the detroit pistons game on,in front of me i have so many things,going on um i tweeted out earlier some,of the plays that i liked pacers money,line they're up right now against the,hornets i also like pistons plus five,they're only up by one right now so,we'll be sweating that in the fourth,quarter and i also like the wizards plus,three they're up by 20 points right now,but again just the second quarter so a,lot of things can happen especially a,lot of times these games yeah lots of,time and then with the nuggets i took,them to cover up plus six and a half,against the slope that game's at ten,o'clock so i will be probably waking up,to seeing the results of that i was,gonna say you're braver than me that's,my own team and i did not touch it with,a ten foot pole i couldn't take it i was,like after watching them get swept by,the suns i think i have a little bit of,ptsd so i was like they did well during,the regular season they did being swept,by in the postseason was not,was not great well it was um no it,wasn't but it is excited to have the nba,back lots of props every day lots of,games,i cannot wait i'm very excited yeah i,really love the player prop market for,the nba,i was talking with uh alex monaco who i,do a show with on tuesdays and he was he,made up a he brought up a great point,that i just kind of failed to remember,and he's like this is such a like,superstar driven league where it's like,you kind of know going into each game,who to look at and that makes it easier,but,it does and it doesn't like you think,you know who's gonna pop off and they,may not but i think player props in the,nba are super fun um especially when you,have three good players on a team or,something like that you just don't know,which one is going to go off the cell,right for example last season were like,that i hated betting any player props on,anything that was my least i literally,middle of the year,told them told myself i am not betting,on the celtics they played rock and,roulette with uh they did was gonna be,having a night so i couldn't handle it,anymore and i stopped betting on them,but yeah i mean if you look at a team,like the wizards obviously like a guy,like bradley beal we've only got a you,know one guy that kind of holds down the,fort it makes it easier but either way,i'm very pumped the nba is back very,well last night was opening tonight,yeah i was gonna say last night we had,some fun games that was exciting our,bucks girls who bet best bucks money,line was a success that bounced around,so much it would be plus money b minus,money plus money minus money and then,obviously they were able to get it done,i think the whole kyrie situation is not,helping the nets i was a little,surprised it was that much it wasn't a,blowout but i mean,they ruled that whole game,no they did and i,you know i think it's one of those,things too where this nets team is just,going to need a little bit of time to,warm up and kind of acclimate without,kyrie irving i think that he was such a,dominant person on this roster and a lot,of the offense um was kind of directed,through him and he was just you know he,was a person on this team that was,pretty reliable in a big sense,especially when getting points on the,board so they're gonna have to readjust,and i'm not sure how they're gonna,handle that but in my opinion kyrie's,gotta go i think this whole in and out,thing,the nets just need to move forward with,their season and realize that there's a,roster full of people that showed up did,their job want to work hard want to play,and that needs to be what the focus is,not kyrie and whatever he's doing you,k

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Annie Lennox - Why (Official Music Video)

Annie Lennox - Why (Official Music Video)

(mellow music),♪ Why ♪,♪ Why ♪,♪ How many times do I have to try to tell you ♪,♪ That I'm sorry for the things I've done ♪,♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪,♪ But when I start to try to tell you ♪,♪ That's when you have to tell me ♪,♪ Hey, this kind of trouble's only just begun ♪,♪ Yeah ♪,♪ I tell myself too many times ♪,♪ Why don't you ever learn to keep your big mouth shut ♪,♪ That's why it hurts so bad to hear the words ♪,♪ That keep on falling from your mouth ♪,♪ Falling from your mouth ♪,♪ Falling from your mouth ♪,♪ Tell me ♪,♪ Why ♪,♪ Why ♪,♪ I may be mad, I may be blind ♪,♪ I may be viciously unkind ♪,♪ But I can still read what you're thinking ♪,♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪,♪ And I've heard it said too many times ♪,♪ That you'd be better off ♪,♪ Besides ♪,♪ Why can't you see this boat is sinking ♪,♪ This boat is sinking, this boat is sinking ♪,♪ Let's go down to the water's edge ♪,♪ And we can cast away those doubts ♪,♪ Some things are better left unsaid ♪,♪ But they still turn me inside out ♪,♪ Turning inside out ♪,♪ Turning inside out ♪,♪ Tell me ♪,♪ Why ♪,♪ Tell me ♪,♪ Why ♪,♪ This is the book I never read ♪,♪ These are the words I never said ♪,♪ This is the path I'll never tread ♪,♪ These are the dreams I'll dream instead ♪,♪ This is the joy that's seldom spread ♪,♪ These are the tears, the tears we shed ♪,♪ This is the fear, this is the dread ♪,♪ These are the contents of my head ♪,♪ And these are the years that we have spent ♪,♪ And this is what they represent ♪,♪ And this is how I feel ♪,♪ Do you know how I feel ♪,♪ 'Cause I don't think you know how I feel ♪,♪ I don't think you know what I feel ♪,♪ Why ♪,♪ I don't think you know what I feel ♪,♪ You don't know what I feel ♪

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Annie Agar's Full Interview with BVB

Annie Agar's Full Interview with BVB

oh agar is coming in oh my you know what,i love about her though is it she's,coming to us she told us she'd do it and,now come on in yeah come on oh come on,sit down and she's coming to talk to us,which i how great is this this is,phenomenal,this is this gentleman hello howard are,you very good how are you guys look,first and foremost you coming to us to,sit down i really i appreciate that okay,i i texted it,okay,that's awesome but that's still like,that yeah we,i mean the company people are having,handlers and people and like yes i was i,was watching going i don't know how,we're gonna go over there and like,signal and like he was panicking,and i know you can catch it so am i good,with it i'm like she'll catch it just,call her name yeah there you go i was,like don't don't throw to football okay,are you having fun i'm having so much,fun it's been a while i can't believe,the week has already gone by,ever because every day is something new,you know like we're going to interview,derek henry in a little bit it's wild,the whole thing is wild it's amazing and,obviously your first time,um there's a lot going on over on this,end,what is so far,your one takeaway like you're going to,go back and tell,your mom and dad like hey you're not,going to believe this,hmm that's a good question i think how,how,many people have recognized my videos i,mean it's it's crazy because when i'm in,my hometown obviously people my,hometown's a little bit smaller,absolutely love it and then in chicago i,thought nobody's gonna recognize me at,chicago it's huge and i'm and that's,great and this is not bragging like it,blows my mind that this happens but i'll,have like one,i'll have one or two people come up to,because probably because i make so much,fun of the bears it's probably they're,probably coming up to me like will you,get out of my city jeez no but they'll,they come up to me and they'll be like,hey love your videos that's it right,it's just it's the best feeling it is so,cool and then being here,like i walked around i'm you know,introducing myself to people and then,when they say oh i know who you are i,know your videos i'm like wow that's,really wow this is so cool yeah yeah it,was the first video like i don't know if,you have,your phone hooked up to twitter so you,get the the,yeah or your watch or whatever what was,the what what video for you where you're,like wait my phone won't stop like it's,like notification notification just the,things just like when you're yeah um,something's happening right,the first big ten one um that was the,first time that it happened and now i,have my notifications on where you i,think you only get notifications when,it's either a verified comment or,something um but i still i see all,everybody's mentions all the fans and,everything so uh the first video was,wild because i'd never my that i didn't,even know my phone was capable of doing,that it was it was crazy i'd set it down,it would yeah it would go off again uh,so that was really cool and then i think,i had it was i i think it was week,15 or 16 was my probably one of my,favorite videos to do and i knew it was,going to be a pretty good one because i,just the content that week was so great,uh there's a bunch of funny things that,happened in the games so that one was,another crazy one where it just didn't,stop chris collinsworth retweeted it and,then that kind of got it up again and it,was just great yeah see and seeing all,the quote tweets and people saying that,they like the jokes and that it fit what,they're what they were feeling from,their game that's my favorite feeling,that is my favorite um,is it hard to do the videos the,production value of it or because you're,changing so many times right right yeah,it uh it's a,it is a process when i first started,doing them i was in um my p i was in my,my i moved back in with my parents,because of cove and i just graduated and,where i wasn't working and uh so i i did,it in my childhood room,so that was a little weird because that,the the you know i didn't have a,workstation i just was throwing things,around which kind of added to the video,i think because how long ago was that um,may 2020 was when i did the first video,isn't that crazy,now i i'm,it's been crazy i and i'm really you,know i think it was supposed to happen,then because my family's always taught,me to look at the positive and negative,situations and we could didn't get much,more negative than covid right everybody,was super down and negative so i i think,that was a good um opportunity for me to,see to try and see positive which is,what i've been taught to do and to kind,of turn it because i knew people weren't,laughing we there was nothing to laugh,about um and and everybody was so,nervous that they were you know there,was a political side of things i didn't,want to offend anybody and we didn't,really talk about kobed but we did so,just to kind of you know go to sports,was such a great escape for me anytime,something bad happens i you know i t

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