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Former Judge on the Twitter Files latest | Morning in Americatalk a little bit more about this in th


Updated on Jan 12,2023

Former Judge on the Twitter Files latest | Morning in America

talk a little bit more about this in the,legal implications as well Judge Andrew,Napolitano a former New Jersey Superior,Court Judge with us now Twitter,obviously has gotten a lot of attention,over the years about this uh and there,have been a lot of questions as to,whether uh Twitter could have violated,any laws maybe breached the First,Amendment but what they're doing is not,technically illegal is it,well good morning Adrian and Mitch a,pleasure to be on with you you're you're,right it is not illegal I mean we start,with the premise that the First,Amendment only regulates the government,so even though it says Congress shall,make no law today that means that no,government shall make any law or do,anything that infringes upon the freedom,of speech but that does not prevent,private entities from doing so so,Twitter think of it as a private,bulletin board they can they can post,and and take down whatever they want,because they have political biases like,the rest of us however if they're doing,the government's bidding if Twitter was,doing this is a favor to FBI agents or,DHS agents or or some group in the,government that did not want Trump to,get reelected then Twitter has a serious,problem on its hands but if it's just,Twitter it's employees it's management,it's shareholders expressing opinions by,suppressing speech,as unlikable as that is that anybody's,speech is suppressed they can do it and,they can do it legally they can do it,legally it just may not be in the,Public's best interest According to some,uh you say that to protect all speech we,should protect the speech we hate what,do you mean by that,well you know there's been a lot of hate,speech lately uh particularly uh yay,formerly known as Kanye West has said,horrific things that are extremely,offensive to to nearly all rational,people about uh Hitler uh and about the,Nazis and the issue arises should he be,able to say that and and the short,answer is yes he should be able to say,whatever he wants I mean we we have the,freedom to think as we wish and say what,we think and publish what we say I say,publish meaning you can say it like I'm,saying it now on a national uh Network,and the Supreme Court has ruled that,even speech we hate even speech that,hurts and stings by its very words it's,just speech and the remedy for it is not,to suppress it or silence it the remedy,is more speech to challenge it so even,though I I hate,what yeah he says I'll defend to the,death is right to say it,you know another name that has been,coming up besides yea is uh Hunter Biden,House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy says,that lawmakers will subpoena these 51,intelligence agents who allegedly,discredited the hunter Biden laptop,story as Russian disinformation what's,the end game here we keep hearing about,the hunter Biden laptop story are these,officials these intelligence officials,potentially going to face any legal,repercussions or is this all hyperbole,I think this is probably an effort by,the uh Republicans in the house who now,have a very slim majority but a majority,nevertheless uh to expose what they,believe were Shenanigans by Rogue,members of the intelligence and law,enforcement community so they were they,were providing information Snippets of,information uh to Big Tech in an effort,to uh frame the dialogue you know again,if they did that as as Rogue individuals,on their own just happen to be,intelligence agents who happen to be,whispering things into the era of of of,big text management uh there's no crime,but if there's a quid pro quo if the,government is asking for a favor and,giving a favor in return Then big Tech,has a very serious issue on its hands,then then Adrian the First Amendment,could be imposed on big Tech which would,prevent it from discriminating on the,basis of the content of speech so,Twitter kicked off Donald Trump because,they hated him they didn't want to get,reelected they didn't like what he said,they didn't like that Maga response to,what he said they can do it if they did,it for political reasons but if they did,it as a benefit to somebody in the,government and then that government,entity gave Twitter a benefit in return,Then Twitter has a very serious,constitutional issue on its hands we'll,see if that's any uh chapter in this,Twitter file Saga that we've been,following Judge Andrew Napolitano thank,you as always for your time more to come,Adrian thank you so much thank you for,watching go to to find,news Nation on your television provider,and don't forget to click the red,subscribe button below to get more of,news Nations fact-driven unbiased,coverage

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Ann Coulter's "How many f-ing Jews" statement against Mexicans Invading US & out-voting Jews

Ann Coulter's "How many f-ing Jews" statement against Mexicans Invading US & out-voting Jews

you're proud of your family just as I am,to subject my wife into the middle of,raucous political conversation was,completely inappropriate and I hope you,apologize for that Donnell well I have,to tell you I hear phenomenal things I,hear your wife is a lovely one right,here apologize I prefer no I won't,because I said nothing wrong but I do,here's a lovely woman that was Donald,Trump and Jeb Bush mixing it up over,remarks that Trump made about Jeb's wife,who is a mexican-american suggesting,that Jeb has to like immigrants because,he's married to one just one of the more,tense moments of the night,joining us now Joe Trippi former,presidential campaign manager for Howard,Dean annek fox news contributor and,conservative commentator and Coulter,body author of adios America,the left's plan to turn our country into,a third-world hellhole we start tonight,with an and good to see you let me let's,just get this out of the way right now,because tonight you you caused a lot of,upset on Twitter because you tweeted out,because the candidates were talking,about support for Israel and their,closing statements,how many effing Jews do these people,think there are in the United States you,got hit from the left and the right,Jeffrey Goldberg of the Atlantic and,Coulter just lost my vote John pidor,it's wholly blank and shame on you do,you want to take that back no I had just,tweeted the question the last well,actually I was tweeting all night and,all the candidates were pandering,pandering pandering I wrote my column,about it they seem to be hitting certain,boxes after mention Reagan have to,mention that they're pro-life have to,mention Israel yet the entire Republican,Party is Pro Reagan pro-life pro-israel,the last question was after your,president how will America be better and,suddenly we're back to Israel again it's,just this this checking off of the boxes,and the virtue boxes and it's one of the,things I like about in fact I think of,probably pandering which was the,subsequent feat they're probably,pandering to evangelicals not Jews but,it's just pandering pandering pandering,something we all agree on it's not,really separating the candidates all,right let's talk about Trump and his he,had that exchange on immigration how do,you think he did fantastic I mean what's,interesting is,if they're all backing down on,immigration now that now that they have,Trump to disagree with them now you know,Rand Paul says yes he's right on the,14th amendment Carly Fiorina didn't,bother disagreeing,she's probably justifiably embarrassed,that she forgot about the civil war you,had chris Christie who said it was gonna,be impossible to deport the illegals he,backed down on that all Carly had to say,was that to complain that that Obama,didn't do something about immigration so,she's joining a wall Raza and Univision,just say that Obama didn't pass say I'm,gonna see but we're not really getting,into it I mean what did what did what it,shows me as well either we need you back,as a moderator or how about have the,candidates just our debate with one,another I thought the questions kept I,mean the last question actually was,about Reagan how much do we have to talk,about Reagan he was president 35 years,ago even his son is a different world,Ron Reagan jr. has come out and said can,we stop that my dad never ran around,comparing himself to anybody why does,that why does he have to be the,benchmark for everybody and thank you,for being here thank you

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Ann Coulter Eviscerated By Twitter

Ann Coulter Eviscerated By Twitter

so michelle obama weighed in on the,bring back our girls campaign on twitter,hashtag bring back our girls,and of course it's to show solidarity,with the kidnapped nigerian girls and to,say like hey you know the world,recognizes the problem and,uh it's just it's just a,kind thing to do to actually give a ,about what's happening in the world now,other people have made the point that,yeah you know but boko haram and al,qaeda and other jihadists they've been,doing horrible things for a long time,why is this one specifically blown up,well that's a fair point you know maybe,we should have cared about this earlier,on and,there were reports about how boko haram,was burning young boys but it didn't,blow up as big as the kidnapping of the,girls so of course that's a legitimate,point but better late than never it's,better to do the right thing at some,point than to never do it,well ann coulter decided to mock,michelle obama when michelle obama did,the hashtag bring back our girls where,she holds up the sign,and ann coulter held up a sign that says,bring back our country,you get it you get it because oba the,obamas have taken away the country,because they're black,i mean because uh ann coulter disagrees,with them well anyway twitter exploded,with clever signs,of ann coulter holding the sheet of,paper but they would fill in whatever,they wanted on the paper and they,absolutely,demolished her so let's take a look at,some of them,hashtag bring back my soul,that's so fitting for ann coulter man,because she really does have no soul not,that i believe in a soul anyway but it,does make perfect sense in this case all,right next,is p stored in the balls,they get better and better,uh next bring back our country and my,stable mate,you get it huh huh ann coulter looks,like a horse huh i didn't say it they're,saying it,next,i'm a miserable person who peddles hate,to make money off dumb republicans yeah,that one's quite literal yeah that one,is actually exactly what she does,all right next one might be my favorite,hashtag hitler did nothing wrong,no ann coulder doesn't actually believe,that,but kinda close,kinda close,uh next,i will tell you 276 things more i know,about the negro,i guess mocking clive and bundy when he,said let me tell you one more thing i,know about the negro,and uh actually this one might be a tie,for my favorite,it is ann coulter holding up a picture,of a pig ,which by the way is right in line with,how terrible her books are there's more,informational value in watching a pig,take a than there is in reading one,of ann coulter's books,god it's,you know what it is,here's the thing about ann coulter i was,thinking about it earlier and yes it,almost made me sick to just think about,her for a split second,but,the thing is people don't respect her,and people hate her the only people i,mean there's only like a few people what,in mississippi and alabama and kentucky,who are her fans they're all named,cletus and like 84 of them are missing,their teeth,but the thing is,everybody else hates her because she's a,doctrinaire,so she does the same thing that rush,limbaugh does which by the way his,ratings are so bad now and nobody likes,him now to the point where,college radio stations are beating him,in the ratings and they only have a,radius of a few miles where you could,pick up the signal he's getting,destroyed right now there was a big,article in politico recently about it,about how it's all a sham all right wing,radio and she makes the same uh mistake,that sean hannity makes and the same,mistake that rush limbaugh makes and,don't get me wrong,like there are some right wingers who,don't make the mistake like bill,o'reilly for example every once in a,while he will buck the system and,disagree with the establishment,republicans and people go oh wow okay i,guess he's more objective and smarter,but rush limbaugh sean hannity and,especially ann coulter,everything they've ever argued for in,their entire careers is republicans 100,right about everything ever democrats,100 wrong about everything ever and it's,just so comical and so stupid that,nobody can take you seriously you know,contrast that to shows on the left,whether it's myself or,david pakman or,comedians who do a political act,uh jon stewart or um bill maher,we all,not only go after republicans you know,non-stop because they deserve it but we,also go after democrats we talk about,how they're corrupt and we talk about,how they're weak and how there's a lot,of them are stupid and you know we're,equal opportunity destroyers okay but on,the right that's not something you see,on the right with rush limbaugh sean,hannity and especially ann coulter it's,the idea that's perpetuated that the,world is black and white one side is a,hundred percent correct the other side,is a hundred percent wrong and that's,all you need to know in other words vote,for republican shut your mouth,and everything will be perfect it'll be,a utopia even though it's obviously not,a utopia because whenever w

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Ann Coulter Donald Trump Tweets Channel 4 News 2017

Ann Coulter Donald Trump Tweets Channel 4 News 2017

well with me now the MP Roopa Huck labor,Shadow Minister for crime and Prevention,and from sorry so carry on I will Shadow,Minister one of the brakes it votes for,Machado beg your pardon and from New,York and Coulter the conservative,commentator who may well be the reason,Trump tweeted this she is one of only 45,people he follows on Twitter and she,tweeted one of those Britain first,videos just before he did and culture,did you know that what these videos were,was was fake news effects of me that,they weren't what they purported to be,and that they were being tweeted by a,vile hate group I did not know they hit,this moment have been proved to be fake,have you done an investigation of their,Dutch boy being being kicked by the,Muslim the tweet said it was a migrant,Muslim and there is absolutely no,evidence found that it was either a,migrant or a Muslim ha do you do you,know okay this is the old no this is the,okay so it's the usual you have never,done either one or tweeted okay fine no,it isn't proving it false I will be,happy we have established that you have,no evidence you have always read anglish,well if it's false I'll say that it's,false but you can't just say oh you,haven't proved it therefore it's false,because if only you had a multi-million,dollar news Investigation Bureau behind,you maybe you could find out but no this,idea that we won't count how many,Muslims are committing crimes we won't,count how many how many immigrants are,committing crimes and therefore yeah,we're all wait now don't worry,about why does this matter,can you explain to Ann Coulter why it,matters that the president's is tweeting,this stuff these people have scant,regard for folks they don't ever check,the fact check their stuff I think it's,appalling it's unacceptable you,shouldn't go unchallenged and the thing,is these kind of things have,consequences,so I mean yesterday in the House of,Commons we launched Islamophobia,awareness month and every time these,kind of things happen you hear of,hiccups being ripped off girls you hear,of you know even grandfathers coming,home from the mosque at midnight,in some cases you know we've had deaths,from me for its Britain ban these,creatures have consequences,Britain bans hate preachers it's bounty,people from America in the past yeah,should Donald Trump be allowed here no,he shouldn't and already that visit has,been downgraded it was going to be a,state visit it's now going to be a visit,whatever it is we shouldn't be rolling,out the red carpet any colored carpet,even if he comes on a visit he will,still be in Downing Street he'll still,be flying the flag it's completely,unacceptable this man is noxious and his,presence in this country is not,conducive to harmonious race relations,and culture,you see the reaction here the truth is,that this is exactly what you want an,America though isn't it because Donald,Trump was tweeting this for his own,immigration campaign in America rather,than the effect in Britain no the same,way you're commenting on American,politics right now every once in a while,Americans are interested in what's,happening in Britain I I don't think it,is about his domestic politics again you,haven't established this is untrue it,certainly seems to be true we are in the,middle of an avalanche of a massive,violence by Muslims screaming out all of,who Akbar certainly I'm not in favor of,he jobs being ripped off but I think,it's a little bit worse to be blown up,in the tube or shot up at a you know,nightclubs in New York be run down I'm,running down pedestrians I mean look,this this has the ring of truth it's not,like it was a video of monkeys,performing open-heart surgery you have,no evidence that it's untrue this is how,the internet it sounds trauma it has the,ring of the truth they send things out,if this is extraordinary person saying,it doesn't really matter whether the,videos coming to Mali,I think no I'm not saying that no I'm,not saying that you aren't you are,you're entitled one of those Russian is,it must be false well we have no,evidence that it's false I saw the video,you saw the video why don't you find the,two of them and prove it's false instead,of doctor dude we're discussion to here,assuming it's for his view with the,Dutch websites who uploaded the video,they looked into it the police looked,into the incident there was absolutely,no evidence sales either a Muslim or,realizing you're just making this stuff,up like,and now you're standing by the police,back up anything that might Rob Durham,police looked into the Pakistani rape,gangs like this is what you always do,you always change the subject into,something else we're not talking about,that we are living in a world where the,media police chief's the government lie,to us about this epidemic of Muslim,violence so yeah you have to rely on,other sources for this I mean they're,just using this for him to play to the,gallery the way that he uses our nation,America is meant to be our closest ally,and our oldest partn

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Coulter: I loved Trump's transgender tweets

Coulter: I loved Trump's transgender tweets

we have reports unconfirmed reports that,say our next guest met with President,Trump at the White House and took him to,task for not focusing on his base the,author of the book in Trump we trust her,name is Ann Coulter and she's with us,now first of all and did you meet with,the president and the one thing I'll,confirm is that I would never say,anything as hacky as you must focus on,the base sir,I'm paraphrasing you know not,paraphrasing did not tell the Washington,Post that he needs to quote man up it's,like they have you know a hack ometer,where they take your quotes and put it,through the total hack machine and it,comes out in something that if I ever,did say I wouldn't even have to deputize,my friends they would just shoot well I,did you in any way shape or form using,any language suggested the president,that he focused more on his base because,I think he is focusing on his brace I,mean you saw that rally in Ohio the,other night oh I love the rallies I'm,totally for the rallies and part that's,part of what made from such a,magnificent and really quite unusual,candidate the fact that he was running,on issues that no other Republican much,less a Democrat would touch I mean he,had these 30,000 person focus groups,that he spoke to every single day he,didn't hire pollsters he didn't hire,consultants that's how he hears from I,mean in a week he'd hear directly from a,million regular Americans no other,politician can do that I think that this,idea of taxing rich people that that,would be high income earners more than,they're currently taxed I think that's,an appeal to his base granted this is,what the president was telling The Wall,Street Journal is what Steve Bannon is,talking about this is for the base the,base doesn't care about taxing,billionaires they'd love to tax them,some more they want a middle class tax,cut and if it's paid for by the rich so,be it,I think he's going right to his base,with that one yes and also I'd say it's,not the typical Democrat envy of the,rich here this is something Trump ran on,and no other candidate,Republican or Democrat would ever run on,it for president and I'm sorry this is,your audience but it is unfair on this,loophole that allows people who are,engaging in you know trading stocks for,a living hedge fund managers to pay,fifteen percent on their income I mean,this is something Warren Buffett always,boasts about opposing how he pays less a,lower rate rather than his secretary,does that is unfair just on a matter of,fairness it isn't the usual low will let,the billionaire's pay no hedge fund,managers should be paying the same rate,that you and I are I agree with that,sorry to your audience no no I think I,think a lot of our audience is very you,talk about carried interest and a lot of,our audience I absolutely agree with,that tax them at the same like everybody,else does now I'm just getting this,coming in the chairman of the Joint,Chiefs says there will be no,modifications to the military's,transgender policy regardless of,yesterday's tweet from the president the,Joint Chiefs chair says the military,will continue to quote treat all of his,personnel with respect you know and I,think this is another example of a,distraction take you back to yesterday,the floor the the Senate floor they're,debating healthcare and up comes a tweet,from the president says no transgender,in the military so immediately attention,focuses to that and not the job creation,in Wisconsin would you at least admit,that the president sometimes gets ahead,of himself distracts from his agenda,actually I thought it was a great I,agree that it was a distraction I,thought it was a good distraction for,something I wasn't very happy with the,president over and that was his,well I won't characterize them but his,tweets about the Attorney General the,greatest member of the Trump,administration that was really getting,his supporters and people who support,his agenda down besides being delusional,and insane blaming the Attorney General,for things that Trump and President,Trump himself was responsible for at,first I thought it was a distraction,from that according to the Politico,article today which is true it's,absolutely fantastic a,into the political article today GOP,leaders are opposing on both not having,taxpayers funds transgender operations,for members of the military and they are,opposing any money for the wall so in,order to get the funding through for the,wall it was being held up by,conservative or I would have thought you,know sane humans in the Senate who don't,want taxpayers on like you and me paying,for these lengthy transgender operations,years of therapy I mean for pete's sake,you can't get it into the military used,to not be able to get into the military,who knows now if you add asthma,psoriasis attention deficit disorder but,we're going to bring in people with an,extremely peculiar and rare mental,illness great and have the taxpayers pay,for it but both um Trump's defense,secretary and as you say

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about twitter and karl rove karl rosa,the most conservative watched on twitter,he has more followers on there so we're,trying to get an on twitter to see if,she can compete with co little battle,royale twitter i don't think you,understand i don't want people to know,anything i want them to read my books i,want them to hear what I'm saying and,ideas other than that I want people to,know nothing about it ok so no Ann,Coulter's on Twitter aids what's gonna,get more from an coming up but first let,me tell you what your question is I,posted this on Twitter are you on,twitter and i know you are aren't you,yeah no I'm against Twitter no I know,that makes me sound like an old,curmudgeon but maybe I am you know,there's there is there are two n,Coulter's on twitter who have used you,there are a neural I know there's all,over the internet no that's not an,Coulter we've got we've got some,questions for you from our viewers where,I will ask some of those coming up in,just a second but first Rick has a quick,look at about to join us oh who needs no,introduction right well she might if we,all there she is i didn't answer ever,doesn't need come on over to come over,and good morning to you good morrow my,side swipe you out there we're doing the,green room teas and I don't know you,were on television I said I said look,kids it was milder there was no there,was no volume though right right no we,couldn't hear anything you were you were,saying all right let's let's talk about,the whole flap over Rush Limbaugh he,gave a rousing passionate speech last,weekend at CPAC yes it's magnificent he,appears the target of the president of,the Democratic Party and the question is,why are they doing this why are they,getting involved in this I mean he don't,want anyone to notice that they're,flying to Venezuela to confer with Hugo,Chavez about how to socialize America,and turn it into another banana republic,communist dictatorship and as long as,everyone's talking about Rush Limbaugh,you should see that today Hugo Chavez,right we didn't he said he called on,President Obama yes people just go to,the social canal so is this what's going,on here because it when touch I was,shocked by this frankly because when you,have the White House basically working,now with the DNC and others right try to,create Rush Limbaugh as a straw man a,bad guy that to have everyone focused on,that don't we have a stimulus act we,need to worry about don't we have an,economic problems we need to be worrying,about world is collapsing,um we will lose trillions of dollars in,private wealth unemployment will be in,the double digits uh we will not have no,money to fund capital projects but isn't,that a small price to pay for a fully,funded head start now Rush said that he,said the White House is trying to malign,me the White House is taking all this,out of context he said that I am NOT I'm,not saying I want the economy to fail or,government to fail he says I just don't,want socialism to ride a horse of course,I wrote about this before I mean soon,after Obama was elected I don't know,what how this Democrats are so easy to,lead and they were all chattering don't,you want him to succeed don't you want,him to succeed so I had written calm,about it about the song the time rush,was responding to I guess it was the,Wall Street Journal that asked him and I,put it in the reverse way oh yes I want,him to succeed that will mean he will,have to abandon everything he believes,in all of that Saul Alinsky stuff like,picking out a straw enemy getting,everyone focused on the strong enemy so,you can push socialism and he will have,to start pursuing the policies of Ronald,Reagan so that's my idea of him,succeeding well the reverse is the way,rush put it and I are so kind of like,russia's phrase more well let me ask you,the reverse I'm sorry let me ask you,let's reverse it for you then I'm,curious about this is it working I mean,hi the White House is spending all this,time and they're not worried about other,you know they're not focused on these,other things so they're spending time,now trying to make rush the bad guy,right they're reversing it is it working,for the Democrats row is it working,strategically it would have except,unfortunately people have taken a little,peek at the 401 k's right and every once,in a while they do see the Nasdaq ticker,and they realize the world is falling,apart I mean yes there were problems in,the economy mostly slipped into the,economy through these subprime mortgages,which is what set the whole thing awful,that was Barney Frank and chris dodd,fluorescing banks to abandon their,business judgment and give loans they,never ever should have go given that God,got one through the whole banking system,and these in these bundles that blew up,now you have to foreclose on the homes,you have to let some banks go out of,business okay Bush made some mistakes in,that regard but everyone was you know,terrified and we don't want another,Great Depression I was against the tarp

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Ann Coulter Clashes With Ben Shephard Over Anti-Muslim Tweets | Good Morning Britain

Ann Coulter Clashes With Ben Shephard Over Anti-Muslim Tweets | Good Morning Britain

anti-islamic anti-immigration,anti-abortion it's the the twitter feed,has been banned in Germany they've been,involved in all sorts of scuffles and,offenses and is widely condemned across,all the aisles of British politics are,you comfortable that you retweeted a,video which may or may not be a real,video by a group like that,well sure absolutely I mean there are,two issues one is I'm Twitter,I mean Twitter is just as like watching,things going by on a river and you're,saying here look at this another one is,when you are retweeting these things oh,look at this are you doing investigation,into the group,moreover Germany and I don't think you,has a First Amendment but being,anti-abortion or anti Islamic isn't a,crime in this country I mean I'm sorry,if I could just not show up because,you're saying it's just like watching,things go by and then retweeting them,and putting them out there but also,putting them out there often can be seen,as condoning what you're looking at,whether you're saying look at this,because you're then putting it out to,more of your followers and the video,that you retweeted yourself the video,that you retweeted yourself which was,supposed to be of a Muslim migrant,beating up somebody on crutches was,actually nothing of the sort it was a,Dutch national who was born and bred in,the Netherlands he wasn't a Muslim,Michael and at all no he was the child,of a Muslim migrant and look these are,videos it's not like I'm swearing to the,veracity of these people though I'm not,as you know horrified by someone who's,like you should be do don't you think,that you actually have have a duty to,make sure you can swear to the veracity,of these these people well what I was,going to say is looking for this or 1941,and someone produced a video of you know,from Germany of Jewish men with their,bones sticking out I wouldn't really,care if one of them oh that's not really,actually a Jew in a concentrate,camp that's an argentinean in in,something else and we're in the middle,of a worldwide jihad these are important,videos of the ones that Trump that Trump,tweeted yeah they were all all Muslims,and the big claim is oh but this one was,born born in the Netherlands as Dutch as,van Gogh no come on this is what the,issue is,this is Britain has become a cotton with,all of Western Europe a cautionary tale,I think for the United States if you're,just going to keep dumping these people,from very different cultures some of,whom are part of this worldwide jihad,you're gonna have big problems and,that's what was being pointed out in the,videos yeah yeah you are comfortable,with these actions and as you say you,have a right to other is quite,extraordinary you compare your,retweeting of this video with,highlighting you know the situation of,the Jews during the Second World War but,that's for you to make peace with let's,talk about Donald Trump because he is,the president of the United States and,indeed has directly tweeted our prime,minister who wants to distance Britain,from these actions saying she should,leave him alone and look to the problems,in her country now is it for him he of,all people who's been so critical of,fake news to be retweeting unverified,videos which are at the very least,inflammatory well you keep talking about,these unverified I don't know what you,mean by verified it's it's photos and,don't just brush off oh comparing that,I'll make peace with it,comparing this to the Nazis to people,fighting arguing it's a video do,beautiful roses because you challenged,me about my questions let me explain you,can film two people fighting and it's a,video two people fighting you can then,layer it as Britain first does we're,turning into a political thing that it's,a Muslim attacking a white person who,was presumably non-muslim and then it,becomes a whole different thing so yes,the video does stand but what is,surrounding it and what is being pushed,out by this group means something very,different I think we're really losing,the plot here if you're not,understanding what I'm saying,and very seriously and consistently,comparing it to to Nazi Germany and the,threat of Nazi Germany and oh boy Teresa,may is no no Winston Churchill I don't,know if you guys still like him but we,love him over here and I think we need,to sound the alarm what these are videos,of our people who are maybe not migrants,themselves but the children of migrants,there are a lot spicier videos of tubes,blowing up and and you know gang rapes,and people being stabbed on the Linden,London Bridge on Paris and Brussels in,New York and Orlando I mean it's just,one incident after another and and to,say that there's something offensive,about showing what the truth is and a,news organization saying it's unverified,well ok verify it I mean you make it,seem as if this was all just a put-up,job and it was two kids fooling around,and creating a fake video what we can't,verify though is the truth of those,videos like you say the videos can in,many ways speak for

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Trump tweets on Mika Brzezinski were ‘fantastic,’ says Anne Coulter

Trump tweets on Mika Brzezinski were ‘fantastic,’ says Anne Coulter

Coulter is with me and I'm sorry to say,and I got to bring up the question of,the tweets and oh you laughing but my,contention is that the president's,tweets yesterday about Mika Brzezinski,they essentially hijacked his agenda and,distracted from the growth agenda which,is the most important thing before this,country your response I've heard that,argument,I love the tweets and yesterday's tweet,was fantastic even my friends who,disagree with me on whether the,president should tweet we're all calling,yesterday saying okay you're right after,the Mika tweet he's got to keep tweeting,it was fantastic,it didn't a1 was fantastic it was,hilarious it's been a one-sided war and,also you're also wrong in many of the,things you've said that I was going to,jump in on but politely did not but the,idea of this aggression the war between,the president the media it's fantastic,it's been a one-sided war until now we,finally have expected it going after,India is not distract wait wait wait,wait a minute yesterday yesterday the,president gave a speech on energy,dominance in who passed to immigration,bills Kate's law was passed which I will,do a several other things that happened,and none of it was distracted none of it,was mentions to secret retreat okay I,love it I think I've got some more on,this great that you all don't announce,where God for all of those without us,coming wait does all of those,congressmen have to go home to their,constituents this weekend and throughout,the July the flag fans Todd they're,gonna get an earful from people who,thought that those tweets would read no,they want no that way is gonna make it,less likely to get together I'd agree,with the president's wheat it was,fantastic I don't where we go raise how,you can say that I just don't know,distracting was him flying off to Saudi,Arabia to Israel to the Vatican this,week is the first week has finally,gotten back to what he was elected for,which oh by the way wasn't tax cuts it,was for trade which he was just talking,about,I love Wilbur Ross he's only one of two,cabinet secretaries I approve of he was,fantastic the deficit with with South,Korea is very important finally he's,getting back to trade finally Congress,and there's a,in no way we would have gotten that,sanctuary City bill without Trump,without Attorney General Sessions the,other cabinet official I love Kate's law,incidentally I'll give you somebody,answer that do you think that the tweets,yesterday and again half day do you,think that well I always have a facelift,will will that will these tweets will,they enhance the president's agenda on,health reform and tax cuts Willie and if,so explain how yes it makes the media,look even sillier than the rush of,conspiracy theory how do you think,they're talking about any of the,president's agenda on CNN or MSNBC,because you're not watching if you think,they are they are not it's boring the,media they ought to cut renamed,themselves the smirking Network that's,all they do about Trump even the,Republicans on secret I just had me,finish the sentence even the Republicans,when they talk say well what comes out,of the president's matter that one every,sauce these I can say her wife simple,the right I'm hearing he's Smackdown,good Donald Trump and his administration,be more effective and productive without,the to know that's my only clown I do,not think they could know I think it's,fantastic the people get to hear from,the president directly they are,attacking him non-stop they're staging,assassination plays in Central Park,holding his head up no it is non-stop it,is vicious this Russia conspiracy theory,I like the hate watch I can't even watch,MSNBC and CNN anymore I'd rather have,them talk about some dumb facelift than,help them talk about this nonsense with,the Russian conspiracy theory it's funny,and it brings his base back so in fact,the media's in a way the best thing,trunk house because every time I get mad,at him for not following his agenda I,wrote a column about this your neural,media bring me back okay I've got other,news and I've got to cover it

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