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this hҽntai went viral and caught everyone in 4k (ft ankha zone)yo welcome to one of the rare nuxino


Updated on Jan 18,2023

this hҽntai went viral and caught everyone in 4k (ft ankha zone)

yo welcome to one of the rare nuxinor,uploads that was not done live on stream,these are the extra special uploads that,you guys suggest and be like hey please,talk about this please make a video,about this and i'm like well it's not,streamable,he's born,but i'm a man that likes to well put out,content i mean obviously that's what i,was referring to in fact so i will not,let this go awry and i will definitely,always give you the content that you,want so let me know in the comments,stuff that you're interested in seeing,or whatever you want me to talk about,because there are some things that i,can't talk about on stream but i'm still,willing to go out of my way to make a,separate upload for you guys because i,just love you so much and just want to,traumatize more people in the world,that's what it's all about here anyway a,lot of you may be familiar with um this,this cat thing uh from um,the very well-known game,animal crossing anka so zone a very,legendary hentai animator of the,internet put together this very,interesting music video that blatant,hentai with anka and i guess it's just,funny like the whole egyptian background,the furry aesthetic to get the real the,furries involved too and the whole dance,and the swaying that matches the beat so,well and it's just such a well put,together piece of degeneracy online uh,even though it was made a while ago,thank you tip talk it became a trend,anyway let me first show you the video,uh obviously this one's censored,but it's catchy it's all hell,i've been humming this for like days,i've been hunting this,terrible,is,that should not be existing,okay,yeah rub that magic lamp rub that lamp,yeah,and then she goes super saiyans,uh the animation's well done the music,is hilarious,so this is uh in the world of the,internet where tick tock reigns supreme,oh my god,what am i doing why am i doing this,all right we are reaching,anywho yes i paid for it to get censored,and everything just for the sake of it,you know i got to teach you guys what,this the internet's all about i'm here,to talk about the degenerate trends you,know me,not the hentai guy or anything but you,know i've uh you know i've had my,experience with internet degeneracy so,anyway this became a trend on tick tock,where you got,as you can see so this is where things,have been going funnily enough anka,became such a huge thing so first of all,you got all these people dancing to that,tune which is a little sus because i use,the word dancing very,simulated intercourse at best if you,know what i'm,saying actually amazing point because,you have no idea how many of my tick,tocks actually got the band hammer like,i have so many tick tocks that have been,taken down for community guidelines and,it's because i'm like laughing at anime,memes here you have like scantily clad,women literally simulating sex like,tick-tock just like i saw nothing i,still don't think there was nothing to,see there's nothing to say by the way,follow me on tick tock my tech talks are,great i like 250 000 followers on tic,tac right now it's taco official i'm,pretty i'm pretty bang and ball in there,i'm having a really good time and so,originally people have been doing this,dance and once the music video i believe,this post like the actual animal,crossing porn song thing on twitter has,like six million views so it got really,popular because of tick tock like tick,tock started posting it and then once,someone does something glued on tick,tock everyone else has to follow so,everyone else does the loot thing on,tick tock too and people don't,and it's like totally fine i mean,i don't understand these all have,millions of views by the way like oh my,god all right so now obviously the,degeneracy police could not let this,slide because you see this is where it's,their time to shine as well you see you,got two people that can monetize a good,hentai dance you got the thoughts and,you got the thought patrol this is,currently the most concerning trend on,tick tock is it really the most,concerning trend on tick tock there's,literally a trend right now called,devious lakes where people break into,schools or are in schools and steal,stuff like,hand sanitizer and fire alarms and,toilet seats they just rip them off the,toilets that is a trend on tick tock,right now but no this this is the most,disturbing trend on tick tock all right,dude alright dude basically a lot of,girls have started to do a dance that,looks like the writing on a word i can't,say but starts with d these nuts by the,way that is kind of hilarious they're,literally simulating sex and he can't,say dick like do you understand,how hilarious and terrible and broken,tick tock's guidelines are trend comes,from this animation that i can't show,basically i showed because i'm a man of,the people i just know what the people,want like and subscribe for more,epicness video of the popular animal,crossing villager anka riding the,villager and yes i mean riding well more,and more tick tockers have started to,r

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ISABELLE INTERVIEWS ANKHA 2 (ft. ChocoVania & Skye Rocket!)

ISABELLE INTERVIEWS ANKHA 2 (ft. ChocoVania & Skye Rocket!)

oh stupid cat always causing problems,all right mr mayor,let's talk about anka,and her lawsuit,why are you wearing a cowboy hat this,isn't about my cowboy hat isabelle did,you really evict anka from her home on,thanksgiving,yes okay and you put,being ugly as a reason for her eviction,well i also put tax evasion fine focus,on that one i guess isabel nobody pays,taxes this is animal crossing all anyone,does is fish and catch bugs look in my,last video everyone in the comment,section said that she roasted me that,she won look at this i thought minus 8,was my guy when did he draw my booty so,thick this is slander well i mean we're,better off look we got kids walking,around in every day,isabel this is serious she's suing us,for over 50 million bells oh my god like,she's worth 50 million bells isabelle,this is not great she's got a gofundme,for the lawsuit and everything 400 plus,isn't growing someone donated 600 000,bells why does she have so many sips,she's very thematic and adorable grow up,look,isabelle okay we need to work this out,professionally with anka so she drops,the suit we're all friends here right,just give her back her house and she'll,forget about the whole thing,the whole lawsuit thing fine but i'm,spelling her name wrong oh thank you,give me back my head,okay now give me back my house you,copyright my videos yes,okay what's this about a copyright claim,uncle is running a muk on youtube,copyright claiming every single video,that uses even a speck of that stupid,song that i keep hearing in my,nightmares you have no proof that it's,me you idiot i know it's you who else,could it be what kind of name is music,rights management well i decoded it if,you scramble music rights management you,get i'll try summer nut eggs with,admittedly a leftover m and if you,include an additional u and s but i know,it's you i bet you sell one of these too,isabelle,oh my god we're gonna be here all night,oh hey mr mayor love the new look cowboy,huh kind of reminds me of something,we are now here to hear your gross,sexual innuendos we're here to discuss,your frivolous lawsuit,huh oh oh yeah give me back my house i,can't somebody already bought the place,who did you get my house to,is it diana or rodney there's a mira,that weeb,i gave it to pietro,the clown get that balloon,out of my house right now he lives there,what do you want me to do get sued by,him too he's going to turn my house into,a circus like it already wasn't a,nucleus,guys you are so mad what's the matter,isabel stuck in the friend zone,this thinks she's moses ruining my,egypt thinking she could boot me from my,own house what do you even need a house,for there wasn't even a bed in there,just a pyramid and a toilet i'll tell,you what you can use the beach all you,want make some sand castles out of kitty,litter it'll be practically the same,what did you do with all my gold,mute,isabelle come on give her back her house,but i know hey remember that song,that's what friends do,that song is ruined now but you promised,you do your best to play your part and,give me the start i need to succeed,right well we can't get sued that's not,succeeding whatever don't play dumb with,me mr mayor i saw you in anka's music,video,i,do not know what you're talking about i,caught you in 4k 50k this isn't you,that is not me that's not you,oh yeah,let's see what anka has to say okay what,do you mean that's not,that wasn't you drooling all over my,floor i showed you a whole new world,what am i to you okay i'm hurt oh my god,wounded okay crush steven oh my god okay,ladies,the time has come to get back to the,issues at hand anka what can we do to,stop this lawsuit for you to tell all of,your sit your sweet sweet followers who,love you very much who have an unnerving,amount of political and material power,that this is all just a big,misunderstanding i want my damn house,back and my pyramids and my gold plus,five million bills you are not worth,five million bells your amiibo card,costs like six bucks isabelle i am the,mayor and i want you to move pietro back,into his old house give anka her house,and put her belongings back,and,we'll settle for five million bells,okay i'll just fish for some sharks or,something all right it's christmas time,you mean toy day time no,it's christmas time,fine,anka you can have your circus tent of a,house back where you belong,i'll get back all your belongings i,donated to the museum of natural history,and returned them to you,and i'll put 5 million bells in your,inventory i'll even throw in a bonus 10,000. deal,okay okay,there the lawsuit averted now can we all,be friends again maybe check up on rabot,who hasn't been seen in mind no no wait,one more condition,what,isabel,admit you're fat,admit you're heavier than sora right now,in front of everyone,i will see your acid court bring it,well,that went slightly better than the,absolute worst it could have went,guess i'm really in the danger zone now,i said i'd give uncle five million and,throwing an extra 10k to

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Vtubers need to stop this...| WHAT IS ANKHA ZONE, Vtuber Cancelled, Hololive, Nintendo, Gawr Gura

Vtubers need to stop this...| WHAT IS ANKHA ZONE, Vtuber Cancelled, Hololive, Nintendo, Gawr Gura

the internet wants to a cat but,before we get into that subscribe so you,can never miss out on the v tuber and,twitter news that we cover every day now,let's get into the news and topics the,switch outlet is on display in certain,places in japan it looks beautiful i,honestly wish i was able to get one i do,not think they are up for pre-order,anymore as they were sold out so let me,know if you were lucky enough to get one,ginger impact is having its one year,anniversary finally and you know with,gotcha games most of the time they will,give free stuff mihoyo is not really,doing that mihoyo wants you to give them,free advertisement for you to get,anything free message in time web event,event duration is september 29th through,october 7th event rewards blessing of,the welcome moon chance to win 10 moro,times 100 000 chance to win 90 during,the event travelers can take part in a,raffle by creating their own anniversary,cards after the event ends we will,randomly select 10 of the participants,to receive the blessing of the welcome,moon the remaining participants who are,not selected will be rewarded with more,at times 100 000. how to participate,through the links posted by each,official community on september 29th i,don't even think they're giving you,primo jim you poor poor gentian players,come over to fake go our game might be,boring but we get a lot of free,though it's not confirmed that this is,all they're doing maybe they'll release,something soon after all the backlash,but who knows mihoyo sucks spongebob,squarepants a cosmic shake has been,announced for all concerts including the,switch and pc so if you're a fan of,spongebob games then look forward to,that i've recently started playing punch,bob battle for bikini bottom rehydrated,and i am enjoying it so i look forward,to this you can now carry v tubers with,you everywhere at v-take official we've,worked with our we've worked with our r,d team to digital and rapture at outcast,ray and at mikuchu into our backpacks,they're they're on the backpacks and uh,that's pretty cute i don't know,if you can buy this i'm sure you can in,the future the internet has blown up,over wanting to anka from animal,crossing who is a cat what is wrong with,you guys she's a literal cat so smug i,can't play the video because,a video blow up look all i gotta do is,play this sound this is how the video,starts this isn't the actual video i'm,not linking the video but uh this is how,it starts and you know sound anytime i,hear it i know exactly what it's from,yep there you go uh yeah you can only,imagine what's going on in that house,yeah the internet is just drawing anka,so much queen anka,what the hell is wrong with you guys,it's a cat stop it i,i have nothing else to say on this other,than if you want the video just search,ankazone and you'll find it and that,brings me to our final topic today a v,tuber canceled himself at banshee boo i,lied to you all multiple times about,needing emergency money that i needed to,move out then recklessly spent it on,gift subs slash art that i didn't need,i'm going to stop so the guy lied,multiple times about needing emergency,funding doing an emergency stream a,donathon and just had people give him,money because he needed to move out when,that was not the case let me tell you,that my post was very subpar on the,issue this hasn't happened until this,year my first donathon was raised up a,lot by friends and i didn't touch any,bit of it however money that i got from,my twitch payout and unemployment at the,time was the currency i used to buy in,the art slash gift subs friends multiple,times came to me wondering why i'm still,gifting subs and buying art regardless,of what type of money it was the,notation money from the last one did,help because just not the intended one,my grandma lost her job due to a foot,injury back in november and they cut her,workers comp that donation money went,towards everything to help keep this,house over our heads food cat food bills,rent et cetera my grandma is now getting,paid again on disability i've been,recommending spending other sources of,money on stuff i didn't need i never,once touched the donathon or unimportant,stuff it was intended for me moving out,and i saw on that but i couldn't leave,my grandma moneyless to worry about,being evicted it was direct help i swear,on my cat's life to you it was ever,since i filed taxes i confirmed twitch,is my job so unemployment stopped for me,i just need to stop using my payouts for,unimportant stuff please just know i,never use any of the donation money for,gifts subs art etc that's all i want to,get across so he swore on his cat's life,about this,why are you swearing on your cats i,understand what is wrong with people i,don't know if he's trying to justify the,fact that he lied to people saying that,he was in need of money which i mean,yeah he helped his grandma out and used,it for bills and but come on i i it,wasn't emergency money and people,believe these emergency money sit

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Zone on TikTok and The Ankha Renaissance - Zone Chats

Zone on TikTok and The Ankha Renaissance - Zone Chats

Hai menghayal Neni menyusul,nyanyian magnetnya Ning kene wae,Travel,pengen ngancem yang Kekek,nyariin seekor,swellnet,= X,map Minecraft dengan seni sange-sange,syamsuni apapun awal-awal,Hai influences email,Neng us nenek-nenek nenek-nenek ramai,menyanyi memang namun,angkek-angkek memang cumiasin,Nyonya Fany dan segala menata ikhlasnya,cintaku,Neng Eneng,yay anyone senyum menyiksa,mekanisme enjoy,nyaman cuma TNI warnanya,Neng mainkan Slank,ngengek ngenge ngengek mainan,nengok Indonesia Indonesia makanya seven,eight nine ten,khasnya nangis-nangis namanya Revo CW,asli weh,ngengek ngenge,Hai yang sangat menghilang monyet,Hai Mel nesyri,MSG ingin cewek-cewek,dengan iklim jengkelnya khas Indonesia,bebas,nyanyi pengen nanya sakit,paling memikat sama sangat tenar,anggenipun sange,Kyle Kyle range,ingin Snow White meneh kecewa cover Nike,bingung nih kawin,dengan normal,Hai dengan nenek gayung masyrakat,semangat Pancasila,Hai angin-anginkan selama,Hai Neng,Qweena Skincare cacingan teman,Neng Smash Smash Smash,the lounge

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons - The Ankha Zone

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - The Ankha Zone

you know you know what feels good,recording animal crossing in the morning,especially after like a cup of coffee,hey guys my name is blake also known as,the nerd and i just gave out the title,what i was doing,so i don't need to do the traditional,welcome back but welcome back anyways,now this isn't a compilation video like,i mentioned last time but in case you,run what we did last time we had coffee,with rooster and i think we visited,harvard's island i don't remember that,much,so this time around,not much is gonna change i will show off,some of the minor changes that i made to,the island,as well as reveal a new villager that,i've actually acquired,through,no kazan means i'll explain that a,little bit later,but before i do that i actually found,out that,through isabelle she will sometimes make,announcements of certain villagers not,villagers but certain animals certain,special animals that will appear she,never did this prior to the 2.0 update,she just usually she feels like oh since,there's no news we talk about something,random,but she will now tell you if there's any,additional animals you might want to be,aware of,case in point,that's actually really perfect um,i don't,actually do i have a fish or a fish,model,not that i need it in any shape or form,but,maybe i'll double check,uh but alongside that i did make again,some minor changes to my island yeah you,could clearly see,oh wait oh there's cj first why is he in,the wait,why is he in the flowers,cj my guy you picked the wrong spot my,dude,oh boy never mind about that muzzle i,guess,oh yeah i also forgot i was too lazy to,sell whatever i had for 268 bells,and decided to just,put it in the box,i kind of forget what i did,let me remember,so yeah i moved my mailbox over here,i'll explain this one a little bit later,but for now,oh i guess i'll try to figure out how to,get to see why of all places that cj,land there that is so inconvenient,i mean i do have a ladder but like am i,even gonna be able to get to him,no,so those flowers i spawned to make sure,that fossils weren't dug up apparently,was a good trap for cj because i i can't,even get to unless i want to mess this,up entirely and i don't want to,it's not worth man it's not worth it uh,so let me pick up a couple things here,and then i'll show some minor things to,the island,so minus some few decoration placements,here and there like you notice some,beach chairs replacing some other items,i'll go over the major minor things so,first off this is entirely a diy section,this used to be just a hot tub with a,couple hour wood benches since i didn't,really have anything else to put on,there i have to deconstruct and shrink,the brick this brick right no this is,wood uh the wood tile a little bit in,order to make this convenient but this,is actually most convenient ever i put,the trash can right next to the diy in,case there's any junk that i don't need,and of course the storage conveniently,right next to the doi machine so that,way i can easily just pop off get some,materials from here and then work on it,at a very nice very,nice convenient pace sentence is how,they work there you go for those of you,who missed that catchphrase uh there is,that i guess we'll shut us off,this is kind of a memorial to costa,nerd's past basically all the villagers,are no longer here as well as the very,first fountain that actually spawn on,that actually i actually built on the,island for the main gate that is,actually the original one i didn't sell,it and then make a new one i did,actually repurpose that one since i do,now have the park fountain over there,i don't think there's anything else,that's,no worth of any changes i think,everything else remains pretty much the,same,i think the major stuff is coming up,here very soon like you'll see some new,lights especially here in the city area,oh actually the entrance,so,these used to be the shell arches but i,have these toys now as they actually,look a lot better than the shell arches,plus i kept them the same colors as the,shallow arches so one is brown the other,one is white indicating the pathways to,uh which direction you want also,instead of two lights in a,rainbow,flashy sign it's now two of these,vertical flags which look way better in,one light,seriously this looks more welcoming does,it not,like let's get in on that,uh without dodo airlines there we go,you gotta love that i i love that so,much when there's the flash she's like i,am so glad they added vertical banners,so make our way over to the city here,again not much major changes in terms of,the buildings,but outside there is wait raymond hello,excuse me,why are you handing me a mug,okay raymond's all like yo,second let me stop your tour to give you,a freaking buck,this is why i love you man,but yeah uh here in the city there's,actually a lot more i guess money,related things like i got a couple,gotcha machines over here which you,could get little toys from,got a crane game over here so basically,the the little knucklings,

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V.s Ankha & Tails Doll | ZONE WHO?? (Friday Night Funkin Mods)

V.s Ankha & Tails Doll | ZONE WHO?? (Friday Night Funkin Mods)

you're playing the song in the,background oh my lord how's it going,everyone welcome to some friday night,funking anka mod from,a video posted by zoen that everyone,should know by now it has been an,extremely big tic toc trend uh there's,only one song on this mod don't worry i,got something else planned for the video,don't worry it's not gonna be like two,minutes long i got you there's gonna be,more content i just wanted to play this,song for the memes so let's get straight,into it um,yeah it's a very oh my she's doing the,dance oh no okay flashback,i'm getting flashbacks oh my lord no,yeah so i'm not a lie i didn't know um,on tick tock right i,went ahead and started i was just,scrolling you know doing my thing then i,saw this video of girls doing a specific,dance all right a very specific dance,and i was like wait this is familiar now,the video as i was scrolling i following,the actual live video oh it's like a,clip of it and,let's just say,i remember when it was,i remember what it was on the god damn,that i wish him i didn't remember,i was like wait a minute i know this,this looks familiar,you're playing the song in the,background oh my lord the flashbacks i'm,getting so many flashbacks,oh god,so yeah it's it's it's a very uh popular,video but amongst men you know uh men's,fellow men i i would say we,and women because apparently women like,women like to do the dance so,there's that,um,i'm basically traumatized with the whole,experience because a lot of people are,hyping up the dance floor for a certain,reason,and it's become a property takeout trend,and when you become the things that,change just goes up,so uh minus eight zones wherever you,wanna call yourself man,you made a goddamn meme,you made a goddamn meme your song is a,banger though you have to admit this one,is a banger,oh they're playing the theme in the,background okay i'm getting horrendous,flashbacks though i'm getting horrendous,flashbacks,from the freaking mod,from the video,oh god,i like it,i really don't like it,oh god,oh my god,so you guys don't worry just saying the,end of the video we still got another,thing coming so with that being said,let's get into the next one,welcome ladies and gentlemen to the,second part of the video so as i said i,wasn't going to leave it down to just,one video but one part of the video i,wanted the video to be a little longer,so we're going to do the tail doll mod,now let's go straight into it oh,obviously we're doing it hard um i've,not played this much i don't know what,to expect to be honest with you,i like heated already,bro what is this we got some animations,but why is it like an old school tv bro,what the hell is happening here,i like that i like the song go about,them,okay,damn damn damn is it different,wait a minute,okay,it sounds like sonic adventures when,they first uh introduced kale,doesn't it sounds like sonic adventures,bro what the hell,oh,no the lines are curved,i don't know it's so curved oh it's,going to be extremely difficult isn't it,oh,no,oh this sounds good though it's going to,lie,okay all right okay yeah this is sonic,adventures too oh i love this,this is amazing what the hell,i absolutely love this theme song back,in the day though,yeah i absolutely love this song back in,the day my god damn but i i have like,basically my dad um,had like an old school gaming console,and he has some adventures too and god,damn did i play that bro that was,so fun to play,oh man memories freaking memories man,it's so different i might stop crying,though,it's my running theme in these videos no,it's been running these goddamn videos,this box screen tv thing is putting me,off man the resolution looks weird as,hell,damn,the beats picking up the pace is jumping,let's go,oh okay hold on it smells like skye,hello,what does it sound like skye is that me,it just it doesn't smell like skye,yeah yeah 100 bro what the hell,is the same guy who makes kai make this,mod,i can't i'm trying to clock it but it,just yeah bro it sounds so familiar even,the beat sounds familiar,i'm a hundred percent how much of a,centralized is the sky vocals bro,i don't know if they think i made it or,not though,it's like so blatant too you know it's,so obvious,it's so obvious this is not like skye,dude,oh my god the ring sound i just heard,the ring song oh no what the hell,the dominoes whoa,what the hell is the doubles man,the hell,i was about that was lying online that,kind of scared me so yeah we played the,anchor mode it was fun um i i got ptsd,from now on come on now man i can't even,look at anchor the same anymore i can't,this is i,i can't play it don't worry man,oh that rings on the face though,yeah,it sounds like a sky 100 i'll use the,beat sounds like skye's second song,just before manifest,okay what's happening now oh of course,hey yo what the okay i 100 feel,like the person that made sky made this,mod now just from that transition hey yo,uh creator of skymod can we please get,out um i know this might be asking come,and get princ

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i can't look away i can't run away 200,000 views but i have to remove it,because of copyright so guess what you,two here's some acapella you're welcome,i've come to make an announcement uncle,the villager is up,she is dead from our town she's got a,small model it's the size of this walnut,except way smaller okay wait it's just,that for some reason all over the place,on the other villager has been way too,popular and i really am not so sure why,i might have a small tiny hunch but,before i go let me tell you a story okay,yesterday i was doing my work over at,resident services i hear tom look on his,phone suddenly i'm hearing this music,pop out and it sounds something like,so i'm thinking oh he must be playing,like a new sonic game or something so,i'm like oh hey tom nook can i see what,you're doing and suddenly he looks all,real sheepish and he's like uh no no no,no you can't you can't look at it but i,really like sonic so i kind of did a,little sneaky sneak and i say oh wait,what's that over there so i snatched his,phone and,listen i have bad reflexes okay i don't,know what i saw i immediately threw my,phone i knew it was unca and she was,making some weird weird faces i didn't,really like it and i didn't really i,wasn't really wearing my glasses that,day i don't know it was blurry and it,was too quick for me to understand but,i'm starting to suspect that anka was,doing something that she really,shouldn't have been doing and that thing,is why she's all over the place you know,everyone's cosplaying as her instead of,me and getting mr mayor's attention and,i don't really like it let's use the,google to investigate and figure this,all out,why is anka so popular,mad face unique looking character design,you know who else has a unique looking,character design,me why is anka so popular okay but this,is six years ago he's very thematic and,adorable or cool if you prefer i'm,adorable too listen listen anka is 100,banned from this town but you know i,need the proof i have to put it on the,form you know if i just immediately ban,her she's just gonna be like oh what did,i do i didn't do anything and we really,gotta get do this so let's do past month,who is anka from animal crossing why is,she true what i don't i don't i don't,put on a shirt what are you doing uh,tick tock what's up anka zone what does,that mean featuring a video of anka,dancing across space and time is that,what it's just a dance video,that's what happened,so weird okay you know what let's just,just,unka images,save search is on too not doing anything,like that and um i mean,i i don't know i mean apparently this is,like this picture is from her music,video i don't understand what's,happening,what what is she drinking we gotta,figure this out together,i don't know,you gotta wear more clothes,i don't know what this is is this,appropriate what is this is this the,dance i mean the thing is you know i,know that anka has like this interesting,fashion sense you know i understand but,like,do they have to make it look so nakey,like look at this jeez you gotta cover,some stuff up anka,you know you saw what they did to me,sure oh okay so annoying why is her,booty cheeks so big in this picture,who's posting anka's nudes on,,you're so annoying you know who else can,put news on this still,doesn't answer the question and why does,uncle so i don't like this picture i'm,not a fan of it oh wow jeez what is,going on with your paws over here why is,it swollen did you get stung by bees on,both of your paws that's not healthy,what is happening here after anka zone,what is unkazoon this entry was deleted,here is its eulogy a collection of the,kind words written about it while still,among the living isabelle finds out,about anka's video fighting ensues,i need to find this video where is the,dance video you know i bet i bet i can,do a better dance video in longer anka's,dance video we're gonna get to the,bottom of this,dance video i mean that was barely,anything look at my dance video,a playstation 5 reveal trailer ew get,that out of here refresh that,yeah look at my dance video look at that,dancing the flying body see,it's minus eight see minus eight is my,friend might say he knows what they're,doing,wait on second thought i don't think i,should write that in cause then they're,gonna see my puppy pictures i don't,wanna be eight years old okay it's my,video see,this is what everyone should be obsessed,with again,isabelle is a gay icon and here's why,why i gotta figure out she's a queen see,i'm a queen doesn't you see what is this,about our lord and overseer see see okay,i'm more better than you there's a,question of her species of course,clearly her poisoned spicy wardrobe,oliver vest was stunning it's coming to,admit that james is the absolute worst,player in the circle history i know have,you seen this okay okay wait i'm getting,off topic but back to anka oh wait,i see now uncle zone,that's what it's called that's the thing,i thought i thought it was cal

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The Musician Behind The Ankha Zone Meme

The Musician Behind The Ankha Zone Meme

hi it's nate again i'm sure you've seen,something referencing the anka zone,dance and i know it's not technically a,dance but we'll get there i mean you,clicked on the thumbnail so i'm only,going to assume that's why you're here,you kind of have a vague idea of what,this video is pertaining to it's crazy,to see how quickly a word can spread on,something to make it viral and what felt,like less than 24 hours so today i'm,gonna vaguely talk about the sources of,the video and i might omit certain words,due to youtube censorship because i'm,not trying to get marked for something,so silly so let me go ahead and give you,a brief intro into the video itself then,i'll be talking a bit more about the,musician who created the song and more,clips of him in more recent years,the viral video itself is an animation,by an artist under the name zone or zone,sama they're an artist was pretty well,known in the nsfw artist community they,created an animation depicting the,animal crossing boy player character and,the villager anka doing some pretty,suspect things and fun fact anka's name,comes from ankh which roughly translates,to the key of life so do with that what,you will and i won't show the video here,because it gets pretty intense to say,the least the video went viral on tick,tock and was taken down due to the adult,nature of the original video the spread,of that video felt like half people who,genuinely enjoyed it and the other half,in shock and showing others the video as,a way of saying i saw this video and now,you have to as well this is what causes,the video to get as widespread as it has,at this point and overnight you'd see,female cosplayers making their own,version of the video either dressed as,anka or posed or making emotes the same,way anka did in the animation some meme,videos would also play the actual music,that was used in the video as their,background music getting questionable,comments from other users on instagram,or other social media the style of the,video itself reminds me a bit of the,zero two videos that got popular and i'm,sure that such a high amount of views,brought a much higher amount of,awareness and audience to the anime,series darling in the franxx,so let's get on to the real reason why,i'm even making this video the music,it's good it slaps it's an addicting,song that i personally find incredibly,easy to play on loop and never actually,get tired of hearing it when i first,heard the song it sounded to me like,some sort of retro revival type of music,like modern synth pop with a lot of,influence from the 80s so i'd say,something like vaporwave future funk or,even something like the midnight or,miami horror which modernized 80s music,well that's where i'd be wrong the song,was actually released in 1985. the song,is called camel by camel by alexander,martin under the alias sandy martin camo,by camel is a song that falls into a,genre of music called italio disco sandy,martin is a croatian singer and,songwriter he is famous for songs such,as people from ibiza exotic and erotic,and now camel by camel which i guess,camel by camel was known before but,nothing to the level that it is at now,sandy martin was born alexander martin,in zagreb yugoslavia on the 4th of,october in 1959 he moved to milan in the,1970s and when you look at sandy,martin's wikipedia page it says that,camo by camel was number four in the,italy charts however i couldn't find,anything relating to that in official,sources i did find a website that said,that camo by camel was number 29 in the,italy top 100 pop music charts in 1989,and i would say that's a pretty,substantial achievement and not one to,overlook,so i'm now going to show some different,video clips i also plan on reading,excerpts from interviews but i couldn't,find that much with him and written,interviews so this is always just going,to be clipped sadly the first clip i'll,show is a snippet of his live,performance and azuro 1989 which is,sadly a playback type of performance so,there are not any sort of live,components of the show and that seems to,reign true for the other clips i'm going,to show of him performing live so let's,get to the clip,azuro or subtitle with the word summer,of europe was a musical tv program made,by vittorio salvetti and it aired from,1982 to 1992. this program was born from,the idea of the creator vittorio a,singing event that brings luck to the,players of the italian national football,team who shortly after would become,world championships at its first event,at the 1982 soccer world championship in,spain the declared objective of the,event was also to promote italian music,with a voting and participation,mechanism different from the usual,singing events i personally think it is,so surreal hearing this song over,loudspeakers he also does manage to get,the audience hyped up and clapping to,the beat of the song so here's the,second video of camel by camel being,performed in 2010 the crowd seems to be,pretty large based on the size of the,stage an

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