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[Preview] Andy Ngo live: Antifa rage over being banned on Twitter for violent extremismwhen I was,um

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Updated on Jan 12,2023

[Preview] Andy Ngo live: Antifa rage over being banned on Twitter for violent extremism

when I was,um Undercover on the ground in field,reporting field observations I heard,with my own ears then saying this is a,quote Mutual Aid cannot happen without,Twitter Mutual Aid when they say it's,referring to their ability to fundraise,money for their causes so I'm gonna pull,up my my various um Twitter exchanges,with,um Elon so you can all see how this,played out and the Fallout from that and,the reaction from the left of course,Okay so,let me get a little bigger,so this account Ramsey Paul was writing,twitters reportedly nuking pedo accounts,this is eliminating much of antifa,Twitter Elon responded removing,child exploitation is priority number,one please reply in comments if you see,anything that Twitter needs to address,now here's where I wrote a large number,of anti-cloud accounts library on,Twitter to promote rides good tips on,how to connect violent crimes and post,names photos and addresses of targets,plus so family members,and I was really shocked that he,actually responded and so I'm into,violence will result in account,suspension,um so this is on 25th of November then I,took the opportunity,um to follow up I asked well how do we,best influence Twitter of these,violations I'm reporting on specific,accounts for years and pretty much all,of them remain and then I talked about,um how last year in May of 2021 Twitter,was used to organize a mob to go after,me after I had already been beaten and,ran into a hotel and I was on Portland,and was in the lobby and people live,streaming videos and telling the,comrades where to go and then of course,issuing the death threats,um so I'll link to the New York Post,um piece that I wrote um anti film,almost killed me but I won't stop,recording their crimes,um you can Google that and read it in,this video,um take a look if you haven't seen it,yet,Elon responded that is a disturbing,story and very concerning that Twitter,took no action despite despite clear,violation of terms of service reporting,this thread for now,so I thinking for that,um and then the first thing that I,brought attention to,um was an account called crime thing,which has been um since Sunday now when,we close our crime thing so crime think,is a far left violent violent extremist,and Collective and,um they haven't they had an account on,Twitter but they primarily they run,their own website,and um but I'm gonna post some of the,receipts I had on what they posted on,Twitter so,um,the tax is kind of small it summarizes,so,um during the 2020 riots for example,they linked to,um uh what they said a demonstrators,guides to helmets gas masks and goggles,tools and tactics in the Portland,protests so they were they wrote up this,after action report on what made these,quote direct actions which were violent,attacks on federal property private,property businesses and people are so,successful they talked about how you can,organize in these various uh types of,brigades laser groups,um,recognizance you know I write about all,of this in my book by the way but crime,think was specifically posting this,stuff on Twitter yeah and then look they,wrote this is the third precinct in,Minneapolis today so they posted a,picture of the ruins of the police,station in Minneapolis that was,completely brought to the ground when we,say abolish the police we don't mean beg,politicians to defund them quote we mean,take Grassroots action to prevent them,from continuing to do harm until flowers,grow in the wreckage of the system so,that's an assignment to violence,um here they wrote rest in power Willem,van sponsen and they posted this picture,of their members,um praising,um villain so villain defense Bronson is,the antifa member in John Brown Club,John Brown Gun Club member in Washington,state who in 2019 carried out a domestic,terrorist attack on the local ice,facility in Tacoma Washington he brought,a rifle and a homemade explosives,and was has started made a call explode,and was trying to make a 500 gallon,propane tank that was attached to the,building explode he was killed by police,in the process he had already written,and sent out a Manifesto another,question I know GEOS is why those,comrades who receive those manifestos,then alert law enforcement beforehand I,think we know why,anyways crime think was praising him,um and then they linked and then crime,thing crucially they're known for making,the tax and propaganda that answer for,use at their Book Fairs and their social,events where they radicalize and recruit,people so these texts are made us,printouts uh one is called why we break,windows so,uh in a way they're kind of similar to,um how Muslim Brotherhood or uh,recruiting and organizing on these traps,these little booklets that are cheap,easy to print out and you just give out,and it distills really militant,extremist ideas in ways that are easy,for anybody to pick up and read and just,follow,I constantly bring over,um bring up the comparison between,um jihadism and antifa not because their,ideologies are similar but bec

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Andy Ngo: Twitter's Trust and Safety actively forced us to lie to be on the platform

Andy Ngo: Twitter's Trust and Safety actively forced us to lie to be on the platform

Elon Musk once again blowing the whistle,on his own company he's blowing his own,whistle people you heard a deer first,the latest round of Twitter files,dropping today showing employees bending,over backward to ban president Trump,from the platform even though many,agreed he had not violated the rules,prior document dumps showed staffers,suppressing conservative accounts in a,number of waves uh musk seems Furious he,tweeted this weekend quote Twitter is,both a social media company and a crime,scene House Republicans say they're,ready to rule out the red carpet for,musk to testify on what's going on there,but how far down this rabbit hole will,the story go joining me now to discuss,independent journalists and Twitter,suspension victim Andy no Andy welcome,back to the show,thanks for having me on so we've learned,a lot about you know I I alluded to it a,little earlier in the show federal,agencies uh working with Executives at,Twitter to silence speech and you know,help them figure out which accounts to,Shadow ban and which to amplify,I think what's really disturbing is that,in the name of so-called protecting,democracy or fighting misinformation and,disinformation,that Twitter under the prior regime was,acting as if it was a authoritarian,tyrannical government and you see we see,how there were many rules where even,when rules were not broken by various,users and accounts the people who were,behind the decision making found a way,to nonetheless either silence was,suppress certain topics from being,discussed or to silence accounts and,that's what you would see in states,where there are no rules of laws they,find the crime they find the sin even if,um even if the individual has broken no,law yes and even though you know they,had numerous rules and it would take a,lot of time to go over their terms of,service they still seem to be making,things up as they went along because if,there weren't clear violations they,would they would find ways as you were,saying uh to impose sanctions on a,violation looking for uh looking for an,outlet so you were banned in 2019. did,they ever let you know why you were,banned or how long it was going to take,for you to get reinstated by Twitter,so Twitter's under the prior regime and,I think some of these rules are actually,still in place currently but basically,um truth telling depending on what it,was could actually lead one to get,suspended so for example if you,um misgendered somebody you could get,um you were forced to delete that tweet,in order to come back on if you,so-called dead name someone and in the,case of me for example in my reporting I,always report out prior legal names or,or known aliases of the criminal,suspects and and that in at least one,instance have been found to be a,violation of the Dead so-called dead,naming policy of a trans person so you,see here it's like you can actually stay,in empirical true empirical truth or,um a statement of fact and still be,found to be in violation of TOS,previously you know and and one thing,that I do want to say is that I think,um sensible people agree that there,needs to be content moderation I'm not,arguing for a complete free-for-all,however for Content moderation to be,legitimate it has the rules have to be,clear and it has to most importantly be,applied equally and what I've seen in my,reporting is that behind the scenes when,there was all this emphasis on,suppressing with sunscreen conservative,or right-wing accounts or ideas there,was all this looking away when far left,violent extremist accounts then,particularly antifa which is what I,report on use Twitter as part of its,ecosystem to organize rights promote,riots tell people what weapons to bring,to people right to your life avoid,arrests and increasingly after the how,if there are arrests raising money,through sharing links and accounts on on,Twitter,and uh the vice president of the United,States happy to help bail you out if in,fact you are engaged in any of those,riots,um Andy keep us posted I know that,you've been reporting on this for quite,some time you saw a lot of this coming,and you know Jack Dorsey lied to,Congress when he said this stuff wasn't,happening when clearly there is now all,this documentation it certainly was Andy,no thank you,my pleasure

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Andy Ngo explains how Antifa uses Twitter to organize violence

Andy Ngo explains how Antifa uses Twitter to organize violence

but uh let's get into the news,so let's start with a few uh,developments on the Twitter front and,why I focus on Twitter so much is,Twitter is an incredibly not not only is,it entertaining and a little soul,sucking but it's an incredibly,um consequential platform for the entire,world and for how people consume news,and information so any news about,Twitter is uh going to be significant,and there's a few things that have been,going on one of them just makes me so,damn happy I can hardly stand it so,there was a tweet that someone was,saying that Twitter has been out there,like nuking pedophilia accounts or,people who like promote or sympathize,with pedophilia which why wasn't that,happening before,um Elon Musk said removing child,exploitation is priority number one,please reply in comments if you see,anything that Twitter needs to address,so Andy Noe responded to that if you,don't know Andy no he contributes to the,post-millennial and he literally wrote,the book on antifa it's called unmasked,in fact I haven't talked about this,publicly but he asked me he has to,interview me for that book but at the,time my boss is at um Fox I believe we,had switched ownership to Fox by then or,it might have just been on the brink of,that refused to allow me to and I in,part understood their argument because I,have been a target of anarchists in,Seattle for a decade,um it's hard for me to go out and any of,the protests that happened without being,targeted or physically assaulted and so,their logic was that they thought since,Andy know is like Enemy Number One for,antifa they thought by me participating,in the book or being quoted in the book,it would make me even more of a Target,and put me even more in danger and so I,kind of understood that but they refused,to let me participate uh in what has,become a New York Times bestseller,unmasked but he's also editor at large,for the post-millennial and look he's,become like a controversial guy because,he goes after antifa and the left just,hates and you know for it but he,responded to Elon Musk and said a large,number of antifa accounts operate on,Twitter to promote riots give tips on,how to commit violent crimes and post,names photos and addresses of targets,plus their family members and Elon Musk,immediately responded to that and said,incitement to violence will result in,account suspension and Andy Noe,proceeded to point out a bunch of,instances where he personally has been,doxxed he was violently physically,assaulted by antifa,um it's something that he's documented,quite a bit in the past but so he he was,sharing on Twitter a couple of these,instances saying last year antifa used,Twitter to direct comrades to swarm me,after I ran into a hotel following a,violent Street beating Elon Musk,responded that is just that is a,disturbing story very concerning that,Twitter took no action despite a clear,violation of the terms of service report,in this thread,so I'm going to get into this more of,this in a second but what the reason,this just pleases the hell out of me is,antifa and okay first pause let's talk,about the phrase antifa because,technically it stands for anti-fascist,which isn't a bad thing right and that's,the argument we'll always hear is why,are you against antifa it stands for,anti-fascist well antifa is a name,co-opted by anarchists and,um anarchists that stand for violence,and vandalism so they've co-opted that,word that that is what they call,themselves so if you have an issue with,that take it up with them don't take it,up with this us for calling them what,they call themselves,anyway,I had noticed over the years the extent,to which antifa and anarchists in,Seattle used Twitter as a way to,organize it happened during the um,summer of 2020 in Seattle during Chad's,chop where they you know had these kind,of threads going on where sometimes it,would be kind of cryptic language but it,was like this this wording that they,used to communicate with each other and,try to say hey here's where we're going,here's what we're trying to do and it,always seemed like Twitter just turned a,blind eye to it like you have other,people who are being,um suspended for incitement to violence,or you know even less than that and then,you have these antifa accounts that were,just operating freely out in the open,and I think this is one of the main,problems I had with Twitter that it's,terms of service didn't seem to be,applied evenly or equally and so Elon,Musk saying hey I'm going to take,incitement to violence violence,seriously no matter who does it which is,a really good thing I invited Andy know,on the show to talk about this exchange,with Elon Musk and what he hopes will,come from it Andy welcome to undivided,thanks for being here,my pleasure thanks for having me on did,you expect,mosque to respond so quickly to your,concern that you raised,I didn't because uh everyone has been,tagging Elon Musk for a number of months,now actually and,um it I I was really shocked that he did,acknowledge f

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Democrats’ online safety 'expert' humiliated in congress with her own tweets threatening judges

Democrats’ online safety 'expert' humiliated in congress with her own tweets threatening judges

is rhetoric on social media a problem,and a threat to our democracy Mr Ward,yes I've told Mr Siegel,yes Miss carabaio yes Ms Domani yes Miss,Tyler yes,yes,um another question I have uh do you,believe that rhetoric targeting,officials with violence for carrying out,their constitutional duties as a threat,to democracy Mr Ward,Mr Siegel yes,yes,all right thank you very much only a few,weeks after the attempted attack on a,Supreme Court Justice on June 25th one,of the witnesses Alejandra carabayo,tweeted out the following in response to,a decision on abortion overturning Roe v,Wade and I'll quote directly from the,Tweet the six justices who overturned,ROE should never know peace again it is,our civic duty to accost them every time,they're in public they are pariahs since,women don't have their rights these,justices should never have a peaceful,moment in public again I know something,about being accosted the night of,January 5th I was physically accosted on,the streets of DC in Navy yard by a,constituent of mine I fervently blamed,rhetoric rhetoric on social media,rhetoric at public events for being,physically accosted I carry a gun,everywhere I go when I am in my district,and I'm at home because I know,personally that rhetoric has,consequences I've had my car key I've,had my house spray painted I had someone,trespassed in my house as recently as,August I've been doxed on social media,about where I live and I've had to add,to security everywhere I go often,because I can't afford it I have to,carry my own firearm wherever I go and,Alejandra carabayo also recently tweeted,on November 19th not even a month ago,that the Supreme Court vested with the,judicial power of the United States by,our Constitution stated they are not a,legitimate Court issuing decisions and,also the Supreme Court is an organ of,the far right so my last question today,of Ms carabao do you stand by these,comments this kind of rhetoric on social,media,and do you believe it's a threat to,democracy,thank you representative for the,opportunity to clarify and provide,context to my tweets,um I have a question is it yes you know,do you believe you're a rhetoric as a,threat to democracy when you're calling,to a cost a branch of government the,Supreme Court,I don't believe that's a correct uh,characterization statements did you not,tweet that that you thought that the,Supreme Court Justices should be,accosted,characterization of my statements on,June 8th of this year A man was arrested,near Justice Brett Kavanaugh's home in,Maryland he told Law Enforcement,Officers he wanted to kill Supreme Court,Justice he was found,um uh with a knife with a pistol two,magazines ammunition pepper spray zip,ties a hammer crowbar and duct tape Miss,Carl bio on page 12 and 13 of your,written testimony you painted concern,parents as having being infiltrated by,white nationalists and far-right militia,groups which played a significant role,in school board protests this is not,this has not actually been my experience,with concerned parents in your testimony,you wrote that in Loudoun County,Virginia unfounded rumors that spread in,local parent groups on Facebook about an,alleged trans student sexually Abu,assaulting a girl in a bathroom led to a,firestorm of of several heated School,Board protests that descended into,violence but in fact the perpetrator,it actually turned out had committed to,sexual assaults at two different Loudoun,County schools in 2021 and was arrested,on October 7 2021 by the Loudoun County,Sheriff's Office these weren't unfounded,rumors as you suggest it actually turns,out law enforcement had to act because,of sexual assault,occurred,so giving this I'm assuming that until,now you were unaware of of what happened,here and you're going to update your,testimony for the committee is that,correct

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Andy Ngo Suspended from Twitter for 'Hateful Conduct'

Andy Ngo Suspended from Twitter for 'Hateful Conduct'

- Oh my god, what am I doing?,Hi, welcome to Just Thinking Out Loud.,My name is Desi-Rae.,If you're wondering why I have a mic, don't bother asking, it's a long story.,I'm sure you might have heard by now that Andy Ngo has been suspended by Twitter I think,two days ago for about 12 hours for a tweet he posted.,And I'm always interested in these kinds of topics.,I was on Twitter when it happened and it was tweeted out by The Post Millennial that Andy,Ngo writes for, and it's quite interesting what he was suspended for and the context,,which is very, very important.,It's a little bit disengenuous, as it always is when the tweets are taken out of context.,So here what's happened.,So Chelsea Clinton, who's the daughter of Hillary Clinton, and she also runs some of,the Clinton Foundation's campaigns, she had shared an LGBT advocacy group Human Rights,Campaign message that said, "Since 2013, more than 150 trans people "have been murdered,in the U.S., "the majority black transgender women.,"On Transgender Day of Remembrance 2019, the acronym, "we remember and honor the lives,lost, "hold their loved ones in our hearts, "and must commit to doing all we can "to end,this epidemic of violence and hate.",Okay, and then Ngo replied, "The US is one of the safest countries "for trans people.,"The murder rate for trans victims is actually lower "than that for cis population.,"Also, who is behind the murders?,"Mostly black men.",Then, Twitter said that he was participating in hateful conduct and suspended his account,for 12 hours.,What Twitter actually said was, I have to look at it, "We have determined that this,account "violated the Twitter rules, specifically for, "violating our rules against hateful,conduct.,"You may not promote violence against, "threaten or harass other people, "on the basis of race,,ethnicity, national origin, "sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation,,age, disability, "or serious disease.",I'm so excited making this video because this is almost comical.,So, his tweet, "The US is one of the safest countries "for trans people.","The murder rates of trans victims is actually lower "than that for cis popualtion.,"Also, who is behind the murders, mostly black men.",And remember the context, because they were saying that there was a epidemic of hate and,violence, and they, as in the Human Rights Campaign message, specifically pointed out,that it was against black transgender women.,So it was completely relevant, what he was saying.,But apparently what he said is promoting violence against and threatening or harassing other,people on the basis of their race, da, da, da, da.,So basically you can't talk about anything.,It's a slap on the wrist and he could only send direct messages and not actually make,new tweets for a while.,So here's what I think.,I don't know if this was because it was a transgender issue, or the race issue, or if,it was a combination of both of them, but you can't stifle conversations around race,and gender.,This means that someone like this Human Rights Campaign group, and Chelsea Clinton, those,people, can tweet out anything they want and then no one can counter them.,That's basically the underlying message behind Andy Ngo being banned.,I'm sorry, being suspended.,They're saying, "I can talk about things in the ways "that I think are important, but,no one else is able to, "if they don't conform to my world view.",Also, I genuinely don't understand how that's promoting hate.,Sometimes when people just throw race in there, like they want to point out some negative,thing, some negative act that a group does, I think that's actually racism.,Like people are just trying to put negative imagery and associations in your head and,they bring it up for no reason even if it's fact, and even though it is true, I think,it's been extrapolated out to the larger group, as there's many different groups in the world.,But, I don't think that's what was happening in this case.,And even if it were, I don't think that's a reason to suspend someone, because it's,factual information.,But, what he was saying was entirely relevant to the discussion at hand.,Or they just don't want this discussion to take place.,He was pointing out that relativity is important.,You can't talk about an epidemic of violence and hate when it's much lower than other places,in the world.,And, he was also saying that it's not clear what the motive behind these killings are,and it's not just because they're all for a certain race and gender, that they're black,and they're women, black transgender women, or I guess, black men technically.,So, he's pointing out that what was insinuated from the Human Rights Campaign tweet, was,that it was because of race, but he's saying, "No, you can't actually make that statement.",And that's perfectly reasonable to say.,Something I can't stand about all these statistics and data, is whenever I hear something like,this, every time it's just manipulation of data to fit a narrati

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Andy Ngo Suspended from Twitter Over Trans Tweet

Andy Ngo Suspended from Twitter Over Trans Tweet

joining us online is handy no he's,editor-at-large at the post millennial,and this week he was suspended and now,apparently banned from Twitter for the,great crime of saying a true thing about,crime rates and murder rates against,transgender people in the United States,Andy thanks so much for joining me show,my pleasure thanks for having me on,so Andy you tweeted something you got,banned from Twitter you challenged the,ban and Twitter is upholding it saying,that you engaged in what hateful speech,what exactly did you do you great sin,are you yeah don't all things kind of,lead back to the Clintons on November,20th it was a trans Day of Remembrance,and everybody was virtue signaling and,Chelsea Clinton was trying to bring,attention to the so-called epidemic of,trans murder of trans murderers in the,United States and she's talking about,how most of them have been a black,transgender women and you see this Pat,it's become really a trope and a panic,actually by irresponsible politicians,and public figures to talk about this,non-existent at the Demick in the US I,mean we saw it on screen recently at the,scene and LGBT town hall of how they,allowed somebody to go to the microphone,steal the microphone and they could be,expunged about this this panic and and,it's untruth I mean the claim is that,trans people of color because they're,trans because they are brown or black or,being targeted and murdered on asleep at,crazy numbers and it's untrue so I was,responding to Chelsea Clinton excuse me,and I just said a made some empirical,claims that are actually verifiable as,of the u.s. is one of the safest,countries for trans people the murder,rate of consequence is actually lower,than that for the Syst population also,who is behind the murders mostly black,men unquote those are the words five,days later I was informed that which I,have determined that this statement,empirical claim verifiable is violates,their,for conduct policy that it incites,violence threats or harassment against,particular groups of people and I had,two choices one is to accept their,finding and to delete it and be held on,a 12 hour suspension and/or be locked,out of my account while I peel and I,chose the latter option my initial,appeal was denied they upheld the,decision and I chose to peel it again,and so I'm still waiting in the,meanwhile I am completely locked out of,the app I mean absolute ridiculous,nonsense obviously but perfectly,predictable from the same Twitter the,ban Megan Murphy for suggesting that a,man and is a man and a woman is a woman,our social media betters are coming down,hard on a sandy thanks for continuing to,speak the truth even if it means they,kicked off of Twitter if you want to go,check out Indies journalism he does a,wonderful job he reports on areas that,the media do not report including the,evils of ante foe particularly obviously,Andy was assaulted earlier this year by,antifa the perpetrator still have not,been found,go check Andy out over at the,post-millennial Andy thanks so much for,time really appreciate it my pleasure

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Andy Ngo Suspended From Twitter For Hate Facts

Andy Ngo Suspended From Twitter For Hate Facts

at least 22 transgender people have been,killed this year but numbers don't tell,the full story,yikes that's quite bad isn't having,Christ in all of these women with,transgender all women all black,their stories are tragic the death,serife Akande there are many more like,that's terrible,holy crap who is killing all of these,black trans women I am staggered I had,no idea that this was an epidemic for,black women and no one said anything I,just did not know when society,continually dehumanizes and diminishes,the dignity and identities of trans,people when we have politicians,undermining the lives and rights of,transgender people it sends a dangerous,signal to those who discriminate against,or even attack the transgender community,said Sarah McBride the national press,secretary the Human Rights Campaign the,numbers and of trans and gender,non-conforming people killed each year,are disturbing but experts say they,don't tell the full story some deaths,are of course unreported the federal,government collects data primarily,through a system based on voluntary,reporting and a lot of them just go,completely completely unreported some,deaths are misreported because of,misgendering at the time of death so,that's definitely an issue incorrect,information from authorities and,relatives can lead to misgendering and,media reports - hmm okay well I mean I,guess the main question is why are black,women particularly affected why is,society murdering black trans women,because the majority of transgender,people who were killed are black trans,women says about 2013 about 111 out of,at least a hundred and fifty-seven,transgender and gender non-conforming,victims of fatal violence have been,black trans women according to advocacy,groups out of the 22 trans and gender,non-conforming people killed this year,all but two are black trans women Wow,that is remarkably disproportionate I,wonder why they're affected there's a,good question they're black they're,transgender and they're women each of,those distinct identities means that,they face discrimination prejudice,inequality and any iniquities on,multiple fronts it's really these,intersecting forms of inequality that,put trans women of color at the highest,risk of homicide says the research,director and distinguished scholar at,the Williams Institute black LGBT people,have significantly higher poverty rates,than my LGB the jeep TPT people,according to a report by the Williams,Institute and overall transgender people,have higher poverty rates than other,segments of the population the reality,is that when someone lives at the,intersection of multiple marginalized,identities when they're facing not just,transphobia but misogyny and racism the,consequences can be deadly,some people killed by people close to,them sometimes they're killed by people,who close them half of giant transgender,and gender non-conforming people killed,have been killed by an acquaintance,friend or family member or intimate,partner a corne for the Human Rights,Campaign studies show that people face,higher levels of intimate partner,violence transgender people sorry then,cisgender people and those high rates of,violence at the hands of partners are,also correlated with other risk factors,right and of course the victims are,rarely given just this so the roots of,the problem this is the important bit,well it's important she said is that we,know that violence is happening it seems,to be uncurbed we collectively across,the country need to be coming together,to say this is unacceptable and we need,to do something to stop the violence,people are focusing on the wrong part,the problem she wants the conversations,go beyond those who have been killed and,to address how violence can prevent it,in the first place I agree it's this,kind of aesthetic we need to take steps,to curb that kind of violence and,discrimination it's too late once people,have been killed,I completely agree it is too late so,maybe we need start identifying like,where the killings are coming from who's,doing them and the reasons that they,have for doing them possibly but I mean,I I'm I'm probably not the guy to do,this,CNN haven't done it but I'm probably not,the guy to do it but I mean I guess I,could I know check a blog or something,trans grants proud unapologetic black,trans woman speaking truth to power and,discussing the world around us is 2006,here are the names of the trans folk in,the US have been killed in this twenty,nineteen calendar year,twenty-two names four of them Texans to,eat two in each in Dallas and in my,Houston hometown 21 of them,african-american and 15 of them and the,age of 30 it needs to stomp but it,probably won't until the transphobic,ignorance stops it probably won't stop,until the Republican Party stops trying,to use transphobic hatred to drive the,deplorable voter base hmm it's the,Republicans doing this I see well I'm,sure that this Williams Institute study,will have a lot to say about this maybe,if we do a quick breakdown by

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Twitter wants its users to accept 'fake news': Andy Ngo

Twitter wants its users to accept 'fake news': Andy Ngo

I'm delighted to have here on Outsiders,he's a regular he's a great friend of,this show he's the editor of,post-millennial a very brave man who,fights the forces of the left in America,he's joining us live from California and,he knows so great to see you again Andy,how are you and you're looking a lot,healthier than last time we saw you when,you've just been beaten up by the ante,for thugs and we spoke to you the next,day what has happened since then and,also tell us about the fact that you've,now found you're at war apparently with,Facebook and and the social media who,are trying to ban you so tell us about,both those stories well we're now coming,up to five months as I was beaten and,robbed at the end of June their house,not being as businessing or arrests so,unfortunately I don't have any positive,updates in that regard it's,disappointing but not surprising the,latest issues that I've been dealing,with inside I'm currently in in Twitter,jail because I tweeted out a verifiable,empirical claim to Chelsea Clinton,countering her claim that there's an,epidemic of trans homicides in in the,United States there's wait up on our,screen right now and you're right the,tweet was factual some Fox anyone who,wants to go and check the data I can and,yet tweeting something that is factual,but perhaps not politically correct can,get you banned from Twitter now Twitter,has said you've got to delete that,before they'll allow you to come back on,will you delete it,I refuse sulfide I don't think that I,should be forced to accept a false,reality in order to be a on the largest,social media platforms in the world,particularly one used by journalists and,one that is used by people to counter,fake news it is fake news to say there's,an epidemic of trans people being killed,in the u.s. we have the data on the the,homicide rates of sis menses woman and,based on the data gathered by the Human,Rights,campaign the same organization that,Chelsea Clinton cited shows that the,number of trans homicides in the u.s. is,actually rates per hundred K is actually,lower than for sis men and women so I,mean Twitter an enormous platform,particularly for this sort of work you,do is editor at large of post-millennial,and citizen journalists as well so,that's going to really impact your work,and how you get your message across so,at the end of the day Twitter don't see,sense you're gonna have to delete a,factual tweet to be allowed back on that,massive platform yes I think people on,the Left who are cheering on my current,suspension should be concerned about,what precedences sucks for them you know,I'm continuing to speak out about this,because I think what it demonstrates,really is the the legacy LGBT groups in,the US services same-sex marriage was,legalized across the country here is,that this exists of us and,infrastructure and sources of donations,for all these organizations and day,instead of going away because the battle,has been long they now decide to take on,the whole trans issues and because trans,are widely accepted in the United States,they have to pedal in misinformation and,disinformation and I want to ask you,about your reaction to something else,that we've seen this week and it's not,about the big corporate social media,platforms for rather governments we've,got a grant from Angela Merkel from,Germany and she's talking about,basically why they need to take away,your freedom of speech and our freedom,of speech to keep everybody safe let's,have a listen to grab and I want to hear,your reaction to this Andy well Saddam,is making a my love song the motion,photography and a minor shock sometimes,upon our theatres the most avid leap,that's a Swedish pocket,Ransome,oh gee peg in davao gets to Tabo Hosford,he begins our would evolve our vanish,and II I hope your German is nice we,went there she was auditioning for a,part in the doubt remake of downfall I,think particularly with those gestures,towards the end there but seriously and,the Angela Merkel was talking about the,need for Grenn's er for borders around,free speech for walls around what you,can and cannot say so she was saying,that free speech is all very well but if,you use free speech and this is where,she went a bit she really pushed the,limits she said one that she said that,hate speech is wrong which we kind of we,can debate but she went on to say if,you're showing disrespect to other,people then we need to have borders,again it's that sort of speech what does,it mean and she says this protects our,free society Andy what does it mean to,you when you have someone like Merkel,basically saying forget free speech it's,all about controlled speech liberal,establishment in Europe and won a,position that you see more and more,adopted than the United States the US,has always been a bit of an outlier as,for God because of our First Amendment,protections but you've seen very,mainstream figures on the Democrat left,now adopting the European position which,is hate speech is harmful and infring

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