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Andy Richter Bitter About Norm Macdonald?he also was really drawn to touchy,subjects so it's like a

I'm not Norm

Updated on Jan 29,2023

Andy Richter Bitter About Norm Macdonald?

he also was really drawn to touchy,subjects so it's like a brutal murder,yeah he you know pleasure in,in being dangerous yeah how many whether,it was how many,rated jokes did we hear you know how,many you know including,uh i must bring it up yeah swedish,german he that became andy ricky the,swedish german that became a thing yeah,and actually conan and i were talking,about this i had,forgotten about this and and of course,um you said that you you sometimes see,it online yeah like i'm like okay well,let's hear about that because you know,me i'm in the nose cone of the rocket,right right i'm at the top of the,pyramid right your ivory tower there's a,lot of clouds underneath your window i'm,up there counting my gold points i can't,be concerned with what you're doing down,in the moat no people i mean every,uh weekly someone will just an arbiter,you know arbitrarily just call me a,swedish german and it was,explain how that what that means i know,well i mean i i know they're norm fans,because norm,would do and norm was also like kind of,a traditionalist so he did the,you know talk to the talk show host but,then there's this guy over here this one,let's make fun of him yeah yeah and,a lot of his jokes he like i say he was,drawn to the things that you're not,supposed to say,so a lot of his jokes were about,being queer,gay porno,this fellow over here he enjoys the gay,porno and that became a thing with me,and at one point he was talking about,your ethnicity you're irish i'm scottish,what are you and i said swedish german,and for some reason like really,and i was like yeah well,why would i make that up,i'm scottish,i'm a scot you're irish yes what are you,uh swedish german swedish german are you,really yeah yeah really why would i lie,about that it's not funny,it's a very strange lie,i put one around those people yeah,swedish german,but that then later became a euphemism,for,gay you know the old prospector comes to,town and wants a prostitute but no,there's no prostitutes there's just,andy richter the swedish german and i've,been in that mine for a hell of a long,time and i'm only flesh and blood i need,a woman well a bartender says hell there,ain't no women in this town if you want,to do any of that business all we got is,andy richter the swedish german,it's outrageous because it's norm it's,outrageous because it's on a talk show,and it's like and it's me,but like and i think that some people,think that like i was somehow and well,then somebody else a friend of mine,pointed out there's nothing you can't do,anything with that right like you,there's nothing to do with that when,when norm mcdonald says this fellow over,like any you know it would go to like,hey conan have you met his wife but then,you did say at least i had my dignity,and says you were raped yeah he goes to,rape you know yeah and oh my god i got,to be all secret nobody i see nobody can,know about this bartender says well four,people know about it how do you figure,that he said well he says i don't know,about it,he says you'll know about it and,director the swedish german will know,about it,and the fellow that has to hold down,andy will know about it,at least you left me my dignity yeah,i liked the way that story ended yeah it,was a nice you weren't good yeah,but that's not beside the point you're,raped,and i said,but i never was that crazy about that,because,i would think you know i'm sitting there,and we're in a studio and we're laughing,about it now and it is like the point of,that joke is this fella is a queer yeah,and,and it's a very very old-fashioned,retrograde joke that we just don't do,anymore right and some jokes that we,don't do anymore we don't do them,anymore because they shouldn't be done,right and we shouldn't have been doing,them in the first place so i was always,thinking about,the gay people that work on the conan,o'brien show how do i look them in the,face after being there and hearty,harrying about the punchline being that,i'm a gay fella,and you know and we're thinking about,the people in my family who are gay like,if they're gonna watch that how are they,gonna think when the real bottom line,what's funny about that is that i was,supposedly,a homosexual and that i was which to me,i always was like it's like,it's like saying like this fellow over,here he said he doesn't want anybody to,know it but he's a secret jew his his,kitchen's full of matzos you know it's,like you would go like what are you,talking about you know what is that how,is that funny my kitchen's fine i know,but you're you're not a secret but but,you know what i mean i just it always it,made me uncomfortable not because i was,afraid that people would think i was gay,because if i was gay everybody would,know that i was gay it made me,uncomfortable because,there were people out there,in the audience who whom i love and care,about,who,would be left thinking like what's so,terrible about me that i,am a joke that i'm a punchline you know,that how i am and who i am is a,punc

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Q&A: Andy Bitter

Q&A: Andy Bitter

at opportunities uh you know i think,you know when i'm coming out of college,and i went to the university of,wisconsin-madison which is a pretty fun,town if any of you have been there i,don't know if you've traveled within the,big ten but i enjoyed it uh moving to,danville virginia is not first and,foremost in a 21 year old's mind that's,not exactly at the top of the list but i,did it it was sort of a leap of faith,and trying to get into the business so,you know sometimes these opportunities,don't look great when you're first,looking at them but they do lead to,better things down the line so i think,that's probably,one of my biggest,piece of pieces of advice on that,uh so i'm curious when you knew that you,wanted to go into sports journalism,because i hear sort of there's a,spectrum of people that always knew that,they wanted to go into it since they,were a little kid and people that just,kind of fell into it once they entered,into their professional life so where do,you fit uh sorry in that,i'm kind of in both camps i mean,when i was little i was the kid that,would go to baseball games and keep the,official score,in a notebook so,you know before i ever knew i wanted to,do this it was probably kind of obvious,that i wanted to do this i mean i was,big into statistics and,uh collected baseball cards and all that,stuff so i was into sports big time when,i was younger,i didn't really dawn on me that could be,a career until i got to college and i,was just like looking for something to,do,uh that freshman year just like i didn't,want to join a frat and i don't know i,was just looking for an activity in the,second semester of my freshman year,i you know kind of on a lark i went out,and i,tried to write for the college newspaper,and uh you know i was covering uh you,know women's soccer and i didn't know,what i was doing they had me doing,uh the next fall i was doing the big ten,notebook where i would just sit on a,teleconference and listen to what,coaches say and then put into a notebook,and i again i had no idea what i was,doing but gradually,uh i enjoyed doing it they put me on the,men's basketball beat that first year i,was covering the men's basketball team,they went to the final four and i'm like,oh this is kind of cool,and you know you get your upper years in,college and you're like i have to,find a job i have to figure out what i,want to do in life,and i'm like this is kind of fun i enjoy,this and you know the money was not,great and maybe i should have looked at,that a little bit more before i got into,it but,i enjoyed doing it my dad always said if,you enjoy doing it it doesn't feel like,work so,i don't know if that's saying that i,always knew i was going to be a sports,writer if i sort of fell into it just,based on how circumstances went but that,that's how it went to where i got into,this profession,what's the biggest difference from,working at the athletic versus a,traditional newspaper,i think,the athletic allows us to expand on some,stuff that we want to do a little bit,more,than what a newspaper does when you're a,newspaper it's always,hitting deadline after deadline after,deadline and it's the the daily grind,and churn of being in the newspaper,where,you hit it one day and then it's blank,and you start over for the next day and,you find another thing and it's got to,be filed by five o'clock and uh their,space constraints you know give us a,story between 15 and 18 inches because,that's the space we have for it,uh you can plan bigger pieces but they,always go on like sundays when they have,a bunch of space to run that type of,thing and at the athletic,i think there's a little bit less focus,on this day-to-day need to put something,out there,and that was tough for me originally,when i got there because i was i've been,a newspaper guy for almost 20 years of,my life,so i was used to that day-to-day grind,and trying to find something every day,to write about,at the athletic they kind of want us to,step back a little bit and go okay uh,you know take in the scene write a,little bit bigger picture,uh you know take some time to do bigger,type stories i'm working on one right,now we're doing sort of a wayward,program,pieces,for for football,nebraska is one of them uh,virginia tech is in that same,category as well just hasn't quite been,what it once was,in the past and this has been something,i've been working on for probably a,month and of course i put it off to the,last second now i'm hustling to write it,uh by tomorrow so my editor can get a,look at it because that's how i do,things but,uh you know,theoretically you should have more time,to do this kind of stuff at the athletic,and they give you a little bit more time,to breathe with your stories and do some,do some things that you know,you know there's a little bit more,opinion in it a little bit more analysis,in it because they want us to be,different from what a newspaper is where,they're just sort of reporting straight,facts so they like uh they like thi

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Andy Puddicombe Suggests Unfollowing Your Ex

Andy Puddicombe Suggests Unfollowing Your Ex

what some of your best practices are,,and by that, I mean I wanna know how you handle,some of life's daily negotiations,,and I feel like there's no one better to ask.,Are you ready for this?,- I mean, let's see. - All right.,Tell me your best practice in this scenario.,Your ex who you recently broke up with,and you're still bitter about just posted a thirst trap,,and you're like, "Oh, they look so good!",How do you deal with those emotions?,Best practice. - ,I mean, personally, I would just--,I would unfollow straight away anyway.,I mean--like, why would you even kind of want,to be putting yourself in a situation,where you're, you know, being perhaps encouraged,to feel kind of bad about a situation?,I mean, just take yourself out of the situation.,Is that mean? - You see?,That's not mean. That's not petty.,Even monks would unfollow their exes.,Please learn this lesson right now, okay?,All right, next one.,Best practice for this scenario.,You're running late for an important meeting,,and you keep hitting every red light.,Me this morning.,- Yeah, so I genuinely use this,as an opportunity to practice.,So I'm at a red light.,There's nothing I can do short of breaking the law,,so I would actually-- I would take a moment,and I normally kind of start,by just focusing on that sensation,of the body on the seat,,my hands on the steering wheel.,I check kind of my pre-- am I squeezing the wheel?,Is it kind of-- so I kinda just check myself--,I use it as an opportunity to check myself,to realize kinda how I'm driving,and how I'm kinda going into the day.,- So check yourself before you wreck yourself.,I like that. - Exactly.,- Okay, next one.,You're trying--ooh, I think,a lot of people are gonna be able to relate to this one.,Okay, parents, listen up.,You're trying to meditate,,but your kid keeps bothering you.,What's the best practice? - Yeah.,I mean, as a dad,of a three-year-old and a six-year-old boy,,I mean, this happens so regularly.,And look,,some people might say you should shut yourself away.,I don't prescribe to that kind of way of meditating.,I genuinely believe, kind of,,it's about connecting with others,rather than trying to disconnect.,So we kinda have an open door policy.,The kids can kind of come in if I'm meditating.,They might come in and sit down,next to me for a while.,If they start kinda tapping me,,I tend not to--at first, I kind of don't respond.,I just kind of, you know, see if they go away.,But if they keep kinda tapping me,,then I'll pause and say, kind of, "What do you need?",And then go back to the meditation.,And so I really kind of believe in--,like, that's-- I don't want my kids to feel,like I meditate to get away from them.,You know, I meditate,so that I can be more present for them,,and I don't mind if they kinda come in,and wanna chat once in a while.,- What a sentence.,Literally every parent at home was like,,"I cannot relate.",Literally all the parents here are like,,"Wow, that is-- he is a monk for real,,"because that is not why I meditate.,I meditate to get as far as possible.",Andy, thank you so much.,I have enjoyed talking to you so much,,and I--thank you for just all your work,,because I do think meditation and mindfulness,,two separate things, are very important,,and I appreciate anyone who's trying to bring,more of that to the world, so thank you.,For people watching at home,,make sure you check out Headspace,,but also "Headspace: Guide to Meditation" on Netflix,is out right now.,Andy, you are incredible!,- Thanks so much, Lilly.

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Why Tom Hanks HATES Ricky Gervais | 2020 Golden Globes

Why Tom Hanks HATES Ricky Gervais | 2020 Golden Globes

Everybody Knows by now that Ricky,Gervais eviscerated pretty much all of,Hollywood while hosting the 2020 Golden,Globes and while pretty much everybody,in the audience was laughing,hysterically at Ricky's jokes there was,one guy in the audience who was being,kind of a curmudgeon and that man was of,course Tim Cook no that's not who I'm,going to talk about I mean yes he did,look like an but that's because,he is one now the guy I'm going to talk,about is Tom Hanks and he didn't seem to,enjoy any of the jokes Ricky Gervais had,to offer and while most people chalked,this up to Tom Hanks just being an,all-around nice guy who wouldn't laugh,at the expense of others I've seen other,comments also suggest that maybe he was,connected to a lot of the other scandals,that are happening right now and while I,don't know anything about that what I do,know is that Tom Hanks doesn't actually,like Ricky Gervais that much and this,all stems back to the time that Ricky,Gervais hosted the Golden Globes almost,10 years ago in 2011 and he made a joke,that kind of was at Tim Allen's expense,while introducing Tom Hanks and Tim,Allen on stage take a look what can I,say about our next two presenters,the first is an actor producer writer,and director whose movies have grossed,over three and a half billion dollars at,the box office he's won two Academy,Awards and three Golden Globes for his,powerful and varied performances,starring in such films as Philadelphia,Forrest Gump Castaway Apollo 13 and,Saving Private Ryan,the other,is Tim Allen foreign,like many of you we recall back when,Ricky Gervais was a slightly chubby but,very kind comedian yeah,neither of which is he now and so In,that clip Ricky Gervais made a joke that,kind of poked fun at Tim Allen but the,joke wasn't really poking fun at Tim,Allen so much as it was honoring Tom,Hanks because the fact is it doesn't,matter almost anybody you take in,Hollywood you put him next to Tom Hanks,on stage and you're kind of gonna look,like an unsuccessful pile of crap and,while Tim Allen's resume is nothing to,sneeze at it's just incomparable to Tom,Hanks so that's just that's the intent,of the joke and intent matters and Ricky,Gervais said as much in an interview,with The Hollywood Reporter where the,interviewer asked have you ever,regretted anything you've ever said,about anyone referring to hosting the,Golden Globes and Ricky Gervais said,Yeah Tim Allen because I think he took,it wrong I didn't want Tim Allen to,think oh that was written for me why me,well because you were standing next to,Tom Hanks and so then Tom Hanks and Tim,Allen walk up to the mic and in a,completely unscripted line of dialogue,they say we remember when Ricky Gervais,was a slightly chubby but very kind,comedian neither of which is he now,that's not really a joke that's just,saying mean something that they think,about them now and so now coming back to,the most recent 2020 Golden Globes Ricky,Gervais is telling a barrage of jokes in,front of a crowd of Hollywood,everybody's laughing you see cut after,cut after cut of people laughing,hysterically and whenever it cuts to Tom,Hanks he's just like,this looks like a crusty old man who,doesn't care for anything that's coming,out of this man's mouth on stage you,know what I have to say to you Tom Hanks,grow up grow up,don't approve of that don't approve of,that I mean you can't get one camera,shot of you'd like chuckling maybe,trying to hold back a chuckle that way,you're like oh I get the joke but I'm,still trying to defend my friend you,know Tom Hanks you can be a real human,being on camera that's all I'm saying,Ricky Gervais has no problem being a,real human being on camera thanks,everybody for watching if you like this,video thumbs up if you hated it thumbs,down and as always please subscribe

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Runefest 2018

Runefest 2018

welcome to the runefest blog we just,arrived at our hotel time is right now,waiting in the hole and we're gonna go,out to better spoon so I'm gonna try and,film there everyone's here looks a,mammal this is my Alfie I look like I,traveled from either the past or the,future,nah I represent sure you guys let me,know currently heading down to better,spoons why does he have a chopper in his,backyard what's that all about,everyone's outside Damon here,like pick it up in their work I got a,new friend here he's showing me his that,he's got 99 fire-making he's working on,agility right now what do you think,about his account,we're doin frame there you guys living,it,how did chili resident how are you,enjoying yourself somebody's first time,what are you most excited about,we're walking home cuz we gonna wake up,dance here we get it Jake that's it but,Kevin's brother's room let's just say if,you don't know welds you're on you just,lost an item we finished the night which,one are we leak big reveal come in,slowly your prologue game is a week,reminds me of stand all day because the,desert beat cursing little pain but now,I miss my kiddies the bathroom Monica's,wait back but now make up back the,shower,it's got like one less overhead thing,having breakfast at the hotel our first,breakfast maybe just broke a show now,it's very pretty here all right they to,outfit this is my classic cowboy once,your outfit called Tokyo gamer,sophisticated actually wearing clothes,forms that's what she sees and we're,heading out down did a little bit to see,who's around and possibly everyone's,hanging out in like a field or something,supposedly I don't know moved on now,food right there oh there's that boss,but I'll count to maybe or three,it's like your personal experience,that's too much milk I think just try,splash splash Glen I drink coffee I like,CBC all done it's really good babysit,little bit outside Wilson roots can,experiment pop - I just swallow this,first reaction yeah the first sip for en,already again you look gorgeous,in this light Ian this is this is like,new profile pic mm-hmm special premix,there's smoke all over the plane taste,this,it smells like burning good who doesn't,drink what's in it,okay right reading through the venue,clothes and product or submissive room,everyone's slightly intoxicated how are,you feeling pretty drunk,excited yeah we have to jump a queue in,front of a big water for bad time feels,very inappropriate about that yeah I,don't care,private line boards guess who's taking,care of them,tickets on the private line and the,others,you got away from - oh yeah we go way,back so it's like a signal that we yeah,all right,sure we starting soon I gotta tell us,light in front of me fouling I got sick,nerves everyone's angry,all the cuties that was my finger,or just old man himself is asking me to,sign in their youtube name my,rinse can name is stinky golf I wish,ocean,is this a fight yes we need to resolve,this luminol,by the way champion of the world,begone,I got my influence or t-shirt but I will,show you guys later in the blog or,something awesome they're filming and,then I'm walking into the venue for the,first time it's romantic themes so let's,see it together and there's a prose,right at the entrance another boat right,there,I love this this is sick it looks like,an actual dog in here,I'm getting is a door those design,garcy Tyrone the nurse first yes I'm,about to go on the game show on the main,stage and they're gonna make us up now,and I'm freaking out throwing that is,offering to trim Armour for free,they're a liar you're not wrong,no I'm gonna SiC they're most likely,what again yeah bad people bad scamming,it's a all of the above really isn't it,right why do I need to stop the,premature yeah come on yeah you don't,yeah you do watch it the butler serves,tea and what kind of food is a service,team three that's it sir no Simon I'm,good at you know I think we're gonna,risk it wrong it's a cake a cake kind of,cake okay can we have chocolate cake,chocolate cake okay okay,chocolate cake it took too long to give,it to the boys,introduce the award for best old-school,video maker okay now on that research so,for any community to thrive it needs to,keep growing and this year we've seen,the obstacle community grown leaps and,bounds with that that's kind of wealth,of new talented content creators who,have produced some truly amazing content,this year so let's take a look at who's,in the running for the 2018 best new,old-school video maker award that way I,can get more better stuffs from the,varlet medium diary you got your poles,for yeah I'm not really sure what kind,of a cultist is but there's just some,Reardon they're doing here make my,dreams come true,unfortunately so the winner of the best,new old-school video maker is ditto,bitter,thank you guys for voting for me thank,you for choosing me and yeah first ever,golden oh my gosh people,Rocky's main it's the best Twitter mow,around look at it you something executed

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Let's Build: A Twitter Clone with Ruby on Rails 7 - Part 1- Overview and Creating Tweets

Let's Build: A Twitter Clone with Ruby on Rails 7 - Part 1- Overview and Creating Tweets

hello this is another let's build and,it's going to be,uh rehashing one i did i think it was my,second let's build in history of this,channel so it's called,a twitter clone so we're going to do,that again using rails 7 in this guide,i asked about this on the community tab,on my channel and there was a resounding,like yes do this from a lot of you so,thanks for the feedback,of basically just rehashing that,space in time that was like i think,rails five territories and now we're,into rail seven and there's a lot of new,tech with the uh front end frameworks,and stuff like that so turbo,uh turbo drive and all those bells and,whistles are now incorporated into the,framework so be able to use that do a,lot of real-time updates and stuff like,that to make this really feel like,twitter obviously rebuilding the entire,twitter app is a feat in itself that,app's very old and you know even before,i started web web development and web,design so that that was the thing so,we're gonna do our best to kind of mimic,at least the tweeting functionality some,retweeting um commenting on a tweet and,liking tweets so those are the main,features i'll worry about,um i'll be i will be using a template,that i i,pretty much use in all these just to,speed things up that kind of just,scaffolds user stuff,um using devise the gem there and so on,and so forth so excited to get started,i'll see you in the next part so as i,said in the intro the original,inspiration for this came from having,done this in december of 2017 i created,a let's build twitter clone where i was,basically learning in public so this,whole,i i guess youtube channel is pretty much,an excuse for me to learn rails and,paradigms on the web but it spiraled,into something that turned into,something cool so i'm just kind of going,with the punches here but the original,idea was to rebuild twitter,and it's just a basically a cheap knock,off of it obviously there's tons of,features with twitter that we won't be,able to include because that would take,probably months to build you know,but the idea is to update this one with,this new guide that's using rails 7,as the basis so that introduces stuff,like the turbo,or framework which includes,stimulus js turbo the new turbo,framework and a number of other things,so,we'll be able to capitalize on that and,make the app a lot more performant and,cool,right now i have,this is basically what we're going to,call it it's called tweeter,because it's i can't find a better name,for it but the idea is you just create a,new tweet i'm currently signed in as,myself but i also have a fictitious,account on the other end where you can,like and retweet and whatnot so,let's say rails 7,tweet that,automatic updates all that stuff feels,like you know ajax and all that stuff,under the hood and it's kind of doing,that but with turbo you can write ruby,and get away with it without doing much,else so it's pretty great um we do have,a like a show view of uh what's going on,of the main tweet this is like what,twitter looks like today besides a few,bells and whistles like when you reply,there's this fancy form that reveals,itself there's a lot of javascript,probably involved that it didn't really,code but,you can say um is a reply,go ahead and add that one thing i didn't,include is like mentioning users or,anything like that that's pretty,advanced um although possible you could,do that with i think action text and a,few customizations there but the idea is,basically just following suit of twitter,recreating it using newer tech and just,getting used to the framework more we do,have a profile page where i allow you to,create and edit your profile,we extend the user model a little bit,and,go go on about our day so this kind of,just the back end that,can you you can um address the account,information there,and,let's see what else we do have a retweet,functionality so if you were to click,that button it gets shot here,and it'll say retweeted by me,it looks like a maybe a little bug where,this didn't display when that happened,but,all in all i think it's pretty feature,complete minus obviously we're missing,some ui here but i just wanted to get,the functionality down so you can learn,and understand it a little better,especially with turbo being so brand new,um it's taken me a little bit to get,used to all the things with that so,uh in this guide i will be using the,kickoff tailwind template i use,predominantly most of the tutorials,i use this i say this probably with,every video but the idea is just to,scaffold a lot of stuff i don't need to,do automatically all the time,so select devise sidekick we add stripe,i've included a few new ones just for,grins but we won't make use of basically,stripe pay,um or sidekick in this guide same with,friendly idea to be honest although we,could extend it,and then,i customized tailwind a little bit,adding it and then,go to town so it's pretty,just handy just to have because you just,run a new new rails new command pass

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GLASS ONION: Ending Explained | Full Breakdown, Easter Eggs & Review

GLASS ONION: Ending Explained | Full Breakdown, Easter Eggs & Review

all right so Ryan Johnson's latest,mystery sequel Glass Onion on Knives Out,mystery is finally on Netflix so you,pour Chumps that missed it during that,random week in theaters are finally in,luck famed detective Benoit Blanc is,back at it so in this video we're gonna,be slicing open the Glass Onion and do a,full breakdown of the film explain the,twist ending some Easter eggs hidden,details you may have missed along with,our reaction and review of this latest,Netflix mystery movie with that out of,the way a huge thank you for clicking,this I'm your host Jared now let's get,into Glass Onion,foreign,so Glass Onion quickly introduces our,group of players all having some sort of,connection or let's say friendship with,a billionaire playboy philanthropist by,the name of Miles Braun each receiving a,similar mystery puzzle boxes while each,jumps on a group call to solve the,puzzle together the character slowly,revealed themselves Claire de bella the,governor of Connecticut now running for,Senate Lionel to Sant the head scientist,for Miles company named Alpha birdie j a,former supermodel turned fashion,designer and Duke Cody a twitch streamer,and men's rights activist along with,them is Peg who is Birdie's assistant,and whiskey Duke's girlfriend and twitch,Channel assistant so hit that like,button fam together they solve the,various puzzles of the puzzle box,revealing an onion looking shape with a,personal invite to bronze private Greek,island for the weekend murder mystery,party getaway from the craziness of,2020. ironically the symbol on the,invite is that of a Greek evil eye or,mati which usually symbolizes a curse,given by one person to another by the,way of spiteful or a bitter look hinting,Brawn may have some sort of power over,this group Janelle Monae's character,Cassandra Andy brand also receives a,puzzle box however was not included in,the group call and instead shows her,hilariously smashing the puzzle box open,rather than solving each of the puzzles,meaning she's unlike the others and her,current situation being in a robe in an,unfinished basement adds to this Benoit,Blanc makes his appearance playing the,social video game Among Us this both,gained popularity back in 2020 but also,is essentially a murder mystery game,funny enough he's playing with a handful,of real celebrities each having a tie to,some sort of mystery series themselves,Stephen Sondheim co-wrote the last,Sheila a 70s mystery movie Natasha Leone,is set to star in Johnson's upcoming,mystery series poker face Angela,Lansbury starred in The Classic drama,Murder She Wrote and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar,previously played himself in the 1954,murder mystery Fletch unfortunately,block desperately needs a real mystery,because he is just withering away in the,tub there's a copy of Kane's Jawbone on,the floor a murder mystery puzzle from,the 1930s featuring several time jumps,foreshadowing that the film won't follow,a chronological structure when all of a,sudden a knock on his door reveals him,receiving a mystery puzzle box himself,Blanc is seen checking his watch which,happens to be an Omega the same watch,brand that James Bond wore of which,Daniel Craig portrayed this character so,like it's all connected man but he's,winning for the ferry to take him to,bronze Island as all of the others show,up again with this taking place during,the 2020 lockdown The Masks of each,character really shows us their true,character Blanc Lionel and Peg wear,their masks and social distance rule,followers Claire with hers under her,nose and money in her mouth she does one,thing but kind of feels another like a,true politician birdie sporting a mesh,mask which which honestly that does,nothing this could even be a reference,to Lana Del Rey wearing one in a music,video back in 2020 and Duke and whiskey,don't wear masks at all hugging everyone,else further showing the wealth power,and Technology of Braun Ethan Hawke just,makes a random Cameo here's them of any,potential illnesses so masks will no,longer be needed Andy makes a last,minute arrival as the rest of the group,are shocked by her appearance block is,informed that Andy was actually booted,out of bronze company without time so,her being there is a bit odd upon,arriving to the island miles Brawn,played by Elon Norton I mean Edward,Norton greets them with playing The,Beatles song Blackbird on the exact same,guitar Paul McCartney wrote the song on,uh allegedly here you instantly know,bronze character by his actions one he,instantly discards this treasured guitar,with history and story like it's nothing,and him playing Blackbird is a bit,hypocritical because it's said that the,inspiration for this song came from the,Civil Rights troubles in 1960 Southern,United States but yet he has just found,out that he screwed over a black woman,and kicked her out of his company so uh,yeah Braun is uh he's starting off great,there's pleasantries between the group,bronze saying that the whole weekend is,just them until a random dude just walks

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Andrew Tate Responds To His Arrest!!! (CRAZY)

Andrew Tate Responds To His Arrest!!! (CRAZY)

holy 2022 is truly ending with an,absolute bang today we're talking about,Andrew Tate the top G himself I was,blown away researching the story I've,never seen something backfire so hard on,anyone let me take you back to where it,all started on Twitter Andrew Tate,tweeted out hello at Greta thundberg I,have 33 cars my Bugatti has a w16 8,liter quad turbo my two Ferrari a12 have,6.5 liter V12 this is just a start,please provide your email address so I,can send a complete list of my car,collection and their respective enormous,emissions well the old saying goes the,louder the car the smaller the penis,Greta seems to agree with that statement,because she tweeted out yes please do,enlighten me email me at smalldickenergy,at this tweet absolutely,blew the up 3.5 million likes over,250 million views and this is just the,star Andrew Tate being Andrew Tate could,not let this go couldn't take the L from,Greta Andrew Tate comes back with a,whole video on Twitter I'm obviously a,stranger to online controversy it's not,something I often do,but now,the mainstream press is commenting on,the fact that,I was informing Greta that my very,extensive car collection with internal,combustion engines which run on dead,dinosaurs have an enormous emission,profile,and she replied by telling me her own,email address,Greta's email addresses I have small,dick energy,why would that be your own email address,Greta strange,I mean also I don't want to assume her,gender it's 50 50. but,it is what it is,I'm not actually mad at Greta,please bring me pizza and uh make sure,that these boxes are not recycled,thank you so I'm actually mad at Greta,right because she doesn't realize she's,been programmed she doesn't realize,she's a slave of the Matrix she thinks,she's doing good someone has sat her,down and convinced her to try and,convince you to beg your government,to tax you into poverty to stop the Sun,from being home,and then because I called her out on it,the global Matrix got this bot Farm,to like and retweet and all this bought,commenting to try and pretend that her,telling me that she has a small dick in,her own email address,somehow teaches me illness,welcome to a new episode of the clown,show,but now I know at least,that Greta with a little hate-filled,face,bitter sitting somewhere without the,heating on in the cold little hot,shivering,use my Tweets we're just gonna make my,Twitter account far more fun into,eternity a typical Andrew Tate video,however if he couldn't take the L then,he certainly would very soon because of,this video Andrew Tate got arrested by,Romanian police before we get on to the,rest this Twitter thread is just,hilarious Romanian authorities needed,proof that Andrew Tate was in the,country so they reportedly use his,social media posts his ridiculous video,yesterday featured a pizza from a,Romanian Pizza chain Jerry's Pizza,confirming he was in the country to,Andrew's hate through trying to fight,with Greta a kid snitched on himself,holy this is just such a crazy,story here is the video first of all of,Andrew Tate getting arrested,foreign,you also have another video of the full,police raid on Andrew Tate's mansion,looking into custody,foreign,so let's get on to the news articles,everyone is reporting this the BBC,themselves,Andrew Tate detained in Romania over R,and human case controversial online,influencer Andrew Tate has been detained,in Romania as part of a human trap and,our investigation Tate who has detained,alongside his brother Tristan had his,house raided in the capital Bucharest a,police spokesperson confirmed the arrest,to the BBC former kickboxer Rose to Fame,in 2016 when he was removed from British,TV show Big Brother over a video which,appeared to show him attacking a woman,speaking to the BBC a spokesperson for,the directorate for investigating,organized crime and terrorism said,prosecutors had applied to hold the,influencer at a detention center for an,additional 30 days a judge will rule on,the application on Friday afternoon the,spokesperson Allen the brothers have,been under investigation since April,alongside two Romanian Nationals the,four suspects appear to have created an,organized crime group with the purpose,of recruiting housing and exploiting,women by forcing them to create a poor,content meant to be seen on Specialized,websites for a cost a spokesperson told,the Daily Mirror that he could not,provide details relating to the arrest,however Andrew and Tristan Tate have the,utmost respect for Romanian authorities,Thursday night two Romanian detectives,issued a statement but did not name a,Tate Brothers stating that two British,citizens and two Romanian citizens were,suspected of being part of a human,trafficking group the statement said,officers had identified six people who,were sexually exploited what he called,an organized criminal group please,allege the victims were recruited by,British citizens who they said had,misrepresented their intention to enter,in a relationship with

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