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Poni's rant on USCjordan addison is not going to usc,because of the bright lights of la,he's going t

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Updated on Jan 15,2023

Poni's rant on USC

jordan addison is not going to usc,because of the bright lights of la,he's going to usc because of the dollar,signs let's just get right down to it,don't act like we're naive as sports,fans here in pittsburgh don't act like,you know we were born yesterday that's,why he's going to usc,not because of some friendship with,caleb williams they did they don't,follow each other on social media or,didn't until a few weeks ago,and they grew up an hour away from each,other it's not like they were in the,same neighborhood like they were eating,fruit snacks and playing,nintendo 64 together growing up no okay,that's not the situation that has been,exaggerated and blown way out of,proportion,it's a very dirty game right now college,sports i have to give,and this is where we're starting today's,show with the fallout from this addison,thing,i've got to give pat narduzzi a lot of,credit,narduzi's been very nice to this show,i've gotten to know him,much better over the last few months,going back to our relationship with,kenny pickett,and that was a nice springboard into,i think,developing an even better relationship,with pat narduzzi,i gave him huge points for this,think about what's happened over the,last 24 hours,we have two coaches and nick saban and,jimbo fisher,who,have actually been friends for a long,time,fisher worked for nick saban they've got,a relationship that spans 30 40 years,and they now hate each other's guts,because saban bitched,about being in second place,he complained about finishing second in,something a m having a better recruiting,class,being number two out of how many college,football teams are there in division one,donnie 130 somewhere in that,neighborhood i think it's like 120 to,12. he was second,in recruiting,and he ruined a,i would borderline a lifelong friendship,over it,alabama's not going anywhere they're,gonna start this season as the number,one ranked team in the country ahead of,georgia,because they bring their quarterback,back,and he's got this ultimate fest,and he's in this sour puss mood where,he's burning bridges all over the place,he's like that old roman emperor nero,watching rome burn here he's setting,fire to everything,because he and his seven national titles,he's ticked off over the way college,football has evolved nick saban has been,put in a bad mood over this,nil on the transfer portal,narduzi,at least publicly hasn't said peep yet,he's taken a much higher road than nick,saban,now narduzzi makes over five million,dollars a year we found out because he's,a uh he works for a public university,he's a state employee technically we're,able to obtain records we know how much,money he made a couple of years ago he's,making big money he's actually making,more money than jordan addison,reportedly if you believe the usc is,paying him three and a half million,dollars i have some doubts about that,but who knows when the la boosters and,la money get involved that's why he's,there he's not there because jordan,addison thinks this is where i'm going,to thrive as a wide receiver and make,the nfl,i know for a fact that pit was going to,build its entire offense around jordan,addison this year,he was going to be the center of,attention the same way larry fitzgerald,was at pitt in uh 2003,where everything was going to be about,jordan addison,as their best returning player,every single thing pit did,between now in the backyard brawl would,have been a promotion vehicle for jordan,addison they would have kick-started a,heisman campaign for him i wouldn't have,been surprised if uh,our bespectacled friend e.j borgetti who,runs the pit,sports information department if he,tried to get him on our show to kick off,something like that it would have been,all about jordan edison,that is not going to be the case at usc,they've got jerry rice's son who plays,wide receiver there they've got another,guy from oklahoma who actually played,with the quarterback and played with the,coach there last year who's a big time,wide receiver who was a freshman,all-american,so there's more mouths to feed there,this it's not a slam dunk like this is,going to,benefit him in the long run,that it's going to make him a better nfl,prospect every one of these draft nicks,who we listen to and like on this show,when they've done their way too early,2023,mock nfl draft they've all got jordan,addison in the first round,they're not saying he was a creation of,kenny pickett or mark whipple's offense,or anything like that on his own merits,they think even at six feet tall and 175,pounds soaking wet,that pit had made him into a first round,nfl wide receiver he did not need,lincoln riley's offense or a quarterback,that grew up an hour down the road to be,that guy at pitt,i and this came out in an athletic,article today,that other acc coaches have a lot of,empathy for what happened to pat,nardoozi and pit fans,that takes a lot for like the dabo,swinneys of the world to feel sorry for,pitt,but the timing of this just sucks,and the way it went d

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Andrew Fillipponi - Full Interview

Andrew Fillipponi - Full Interview

hey lemony the pony express from,pittsburgh joining us here on the,bostonian versus the book andrew i'm,matt i'm the bostonian you haven't,realized dave is the book what's up,buddy how are you,dave what's on your shirt what's that,shirt say,this is a muhammad ali model i am the,greatest,oh i only wore today pony well one,because you're on the show but two,because all these bettors for preseason,football got everything right this,weekend including matt he went back to,the future he got dox almanac got every,game he bet right this weekend 13-3 to,the overs,in your world in your space did you hear,about the success of sports bettors,getting everything right this weekend,well i have a very simple formula when,it comes to betting the preseason i just,pull up the r lads quarterback depth,charts and i just compare third string,quarterbacks week one,i just look at like trace mcsorley for,arizona was going up against jake,browning in cincinnati i said that's,easy i'm getting two and a half points,give me that one all day so that was an,easy one that was a slam dunk the one,game i lost and i fell victim to it i,got burned by it i always do i had,detroit i watched friggin hard knocks,like a and there's always that,hard knocks bump people watch hard,knocks,and then that that inflates the team on,hard knocks so i did that and that let,that late atlanta touchdown did me in so,i went three and one i had pittsburgh,big so kenny pickett as he will do often,in his career will win me money,uh i had cleveland,and i had arizona so i went three and,one boys,as he will all right is kitty two gloves,playing game one is he the starting,quarterback thank you tell him why pony,no but i don't think it's a good move,i'm a big believer in playing,especially a 24 year old quarterback i,think there's more to be gained even if,he struggles,by playing than by waiting and watching,their offensive line if you saw the game,saturday is abysmal uh but pickett can,take a hit he did at pit he keeps,ticking,so my preference would be to play him,week one but,i don't think that part of the steelers,plans changed for saturday trubisky had,a touchdown drive he looked okay maybe a,little bit better than okay so i think,the status quo remains trubisky will be,the sacrificial lamb in cincinnati week,one and then we'll go from there,pony all the boys at home you got a good,feel for the people and everything in,pittsburgh all right you're coming on,and saying it's not the right move,when,not a matter of if according to what you,just said when is kenny pickett going to,play this season in your opinion right,now before barring any injuries,you notice the other schedule when is,pickett playing,i think the latest is week four,i think that's when he'll absolutely,start that's the jets,because if you think about it it's at,cincinnati new england and then it's a,quick thursday turnaround in cleveland,so i think that gives a mini buy a quasi,buy for tomlin to get his rookie,quarterback extra ready for an easy,opponent at home,so i think that would be,barring a 3-0 start from trubisky which,i don't think will happen i've got them,losing in cincinnati week one then i,think new england's a toss-up game the,lot the bookmakers agree tell the truth,tell the truth they're going to beat the,patriots right i mean they're going to,beat the patriots it's okay tell,them tell them tony tell them please i,never feel good against new england i i,don't i hate to say it but,now i guess there's some,well hold on,dave i guess there's some uh there was,some podcast that came out in the last,week i was in new orleans last week,getting blackout drunk so i missed it i,would have made a huge deal about it on,my show,apparently tomlin,put out his top five coaches in the,league and didn't put belichick on there,oh no i mean,if that's true i gotta i gotta double,check that,but,bill's gonna come in here and want to,beat him by 60 if that's the case he,looks at every little slight and he'll,turn that into a big deal back in the,day when anthony smith said they'd beat,the undefeated patriots and then brady,went at him and scored i think three,touchdowns on him personally in that,game back in 07. so i don't even know,who you are right now it's gonna be,dave you disagree with that when the,steelers play the patriots i don't feel,good about those games i wish i did you,want me to be honest with your audience,or lie to them i never feel good in,those spots even if it is mac jones and,matt patricia call him the plays brought,you on the,i don't feel good either but you ain't,got to tell everybody this is bostonian,versus the book look at this guy's in,his glory now i gotta listen to,this hey though dave i think,they're gonna i think they'll go tell me,why please tell me why it's going,i think you'll go over the seven and a,half,well thank you,look i think the browns thing is,self-evident they're going to go with,jacoby brissette who's 14 and 23 in his,career as a starter and it wasn't on bad,teams,if

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Shootin' the Stick - Episode 2 - 93.7 The Fan Host Andrew Fillipponi

Shootin' the Stick - Episode 2 - 93.7 The Fan Host Andrew Fillipponi

yes whoa,whoa,that's what you get for looking up the,rules point dexter,what's up everybody it's kale burger,from 937 the fan this is shooting the,stick presented by leon's billiards and,more they are located in wexford right,on route 19 and our guest this week,the andrew phillipone host of the pm,team right here on the fan andrew how,are you at pool,it's important to chalk up now andrew,you are obviously a very successful talk,show host now not a lot of people know,that used to be a minor league baseball,broadcaster do you have a most memorable,moment that sticks out about your minor,league baseball career i almost got,fired on the air,i had a uh president of broadcasting,operations in uh syracuse who hated my,guts he told me that i was not going to,work in this business because my,attitude was bad,and so one time i was doing a game and i,gave the center fielder crap for taking,a bad route to a ball,and he passed a note to me that said,you're an effing idiot,this is the type of run you worry about,in the game of billiards this is,the type of run you don't want to see,billiards is a totally different game,played at a different table is it really,yeah,that's leon,as someone who's probably been punched,in the face more than anyone on this,staff what is the key to withstanding a,solid right hand,you almost have to,go numb,you almost have to basically become,outside of your body,and just don't tense up,don't grit it and try to take it just be,as loose as poss possible and let it,happen so if you're really drunk kale,that usually helps,never mind,what the hell was that,too crazy of trick shots here oh you got,to be,me pony i know you're a historian an,appreciator of the industry who would,you say is on your mount rushmore of,sports talk radio host,well first of all i hate mount rushmores,all right and i hate mount rushmores i,mean i love mount rushmores i hate,people who hate mount rushmores,i put dan patrick on there,i put mike in the mad dog on there and,then i would put vinnie ritchichi,pretty good list,what the f was that,skill,talent ability,who would you say is your your comp on,the basketball court,you need to have,an incredible tenacity when you're,playing an outdoor game,it's rugged you know that you can you,can break your nose,you can pull your groin,so if i had to compare my game,to any one player historically i would,probably say bob cousy,what's the best sports movie of all time,you consider saving private ryan a,sports movie,i i don't see how you could yeah i would,agree with that,uh,i think rocky five is a very underrated,sports movie took rocky out of his,element,you know he was the guy that was most,comfortable in the ring as the underdog,looking for adrian,and it brought him back to his brawler,days,i highly recommend rocky 5.,oh,yes yes yes whoa whoa,that's what you get for looking up the,rules point dexter,you just lost,put it on the board i,two episodes of shooting the stick twice,now i've lost by scratching on the eight,bulb this is what happens when you're,still in your 20s,you're reckless you're careless,your attention to detail is awful,i mean kale is frankly lucky to be alive,based on the way he plays pool if that,is,if that's emblematic of his behavior,away from work,and when he's not playing sports,then it really is,we're lucky that he's still here so,that's what i take away from this game,we'll see you next time on shooting the,stick presented by leon's billiards and,more

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Andrew fillipponi Isa 🤡 says Tomlinson top 10 coach cause he called cocoon cast member

Andrew fillipponi Isa 🤡 says Tomlinson top 10 coach cause he called cocoon cast member

andrew pony or philipponi i call,him mitchell pony he's a little man,he's got to be the dumbest,ever,his reason for ranking mike taubman a,top 10 coach,is because he called tyron methu,that's your only reason well it has to,be your only reason cause you're talking,about a guy who's three and eight in his,last 11 playoff game,three in eight at last 11 playoff games,and this pony guy calls him what,a great coach or top 10 coach three and,eight blake bortles tim tebow david,gerrard and baker mayfield have all beat,mike tomlin i mean slaughter them but,this guy says he's a top 10 coach,because oh he caught tyron with you he's,got a bit of super defense what a super,defensive cocoon what cocoon players,who is uh tyrone methua wilford brimley,or is he jill the one breakdancing like,this,face of uh major pony stills ain't got a,chance you know and i know it,get real you goddamn clown,and then he said the stillers have,the best uh what do you say,i know you know the stillers have a,better quarterback uh uh uh uh what do,you say better quarterback,hold up hold up he said a better,quarterback,what he said a better quarterback,problem than this oh the browns and the,uh ravens because,jacoby brisket sucks,better than trubisky and lamar jackson,played back last year he wants money,tell me you don't watch football without,telling me,philippone's a clown he i mean he's one,of them dudes that he just can't accept,reality the steelers are looking at 10,to 15 years of being terrible and with,mike tomlin,this guy's a clown,so,yeah that's it,you got to be embarrassing if that if,you're a steeler fan right now you got,to be really embarrassed because you got,clowns like this on,ranking a coach in the top 10 because he,called tyrone lethew he's building a,cocoon,i can see i can see uh him and um brian,hey are they going to suit up brian,flores hey maybe brian floors complete,anyway,fill the pony man you you're too much,how do you got a radio pittsburgh radio,show oh oh also he said i'm telling you,ben roethlisberger's gonna come back,someone's gonna give him a chance,someone's gonna call him yeah they want,a guy that's got the weakest arm in the,league right now,that is just flat out terrible yeah okay,someone's gonna,how's this guy gonna are all sports,shows this bad in pittsburgh are they,all that well they might be because you,gotta be calling duncrab too and he's,horrible boy,pittsburgh got some i mean think about,the philippone and colin dunlap two,terrible radio shows you guys,got no radio shows oh my god got no team,no radio show no baseball team i don't,know about the hockey team because i,don't watch guys skating on ice,you don't even get a basketball team,what the pittsburgh pisces that was a, movie

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Ireland Contracting Nightly Sports Call: November 29, 2022 (Pt. 2)

Ireland Contracting Nightly Sports Call: November 29, 2022 (Pt. 2)

to really cause us or Force us to pull,our hair out watching the Steelers,offense and he delivered two gigantic,third down conversions to Pickens on,Third and long and then to friarmouth he,did not have a throw at any point in,that game Bob as a rookie mind you that,looked like it could have been picked,off by the other team I'll ask you how,many did Matt Ryan have many about 20.,that could have been intercepted,remember this,Patrick Mahomes went in there and only,scored 17 points Jalen Hertz went in,there it to Indy three quarters in the,books no touchdowns right that has been,a hard place for an opposing quarterback,even the best and I thought Pickett was,close to perfect last night in that game,yeah I went back and looked at my,conclusion on that was if you count the,drops and everything else it would have,been like a 23 for 27 performance with a,touchdown and no picks and the other,thing is three straight games no picks,he's really taking steps in his,development 100 pass attempts in a row,yeah with no interceptions all right,let's get to the lines iron go one,better number one Cochrane caller of the,night we're going to meet with Tony in,the Hill district Tony what's going on,hey how you doing Bob how you guys going,um I just want to say I want to commend,McFarland for,um the way he played I think he played,extremely well and I think I think that,um he he was hitting holes that maybe I,think that Naji Harris probably wouldn't,have seen why don't they just keep him,as a starting running back and that,Roger Harris do what he's doing first of,all we hadn't seen that from Anthony,McFarland it's funny what being on the,practice squad and being inactive will,do for you I thought he took advantage,of a situation I would say Benny Snell,is more of the guy if you're going to,pick one of those two which I'm not,because I still think Harris and Warren,are the two guys you're going to count,on but Benny Snell has shown the more,work he gets Andrew the better he,performs and I thought last night he,made some really hard runs made some,good Cuts took advantage of whatever,holes were available and then attacked,those and you'd like to see running,backs do more of that,well I do think though isn't it a game,that proves,it's more about the line than it is the,running back and the commitment by the,coaching staff to run the ball you have,to commit to it too yep okay so exactly,the line and the coaches continuing to,stick with the Run not the guy you draft,in the first round Nashi has played a,big chunk of this season hurt I don't,know how many times he's been at 100,percent but the bottom line is because,of that,it proves that when you invest heavily,in a running back it doesn't take much,for that running back to get off track,because it's such a physical violent,position so that's why depth of position,and the offensive line run blocking are,both way more important Bob so you know,I think could Naji if maybe if he's,played 60 Minutes have had a good game,absolutely but I think it speaks to the,way you should attack that position when,you're doing your roster building why,sync premium picks into that position,when it's so easy for guys to get hurt,and what makes a great running game the,actual running back himself is probably,lower on the list than people might,think I mean we saw it work out in this,this Camp here with Jalen Warren who,came in and earned a spot and some would,argue should be starting at times but,that's the bottom line and you're right,they're going to have to address that,line even with better performances,because they got some guys over there I,think at times they're over matched Zach,Williams on Twitter hits us up he says,Steelers o-line deserves much of the,credit for opening up the Run game as we,just discussed thank you Zach for that,back to the lines we go we have Nancy,and Tarentum hey Nancy how are you hey,Nancy,how you doing good what's up Nancy hi,Nancy um hi Andrew I wanted to tell you,I almost didn't get to see the game last,night because Channel 11 didn't air it,so I called KDKA and they told me I,could get it on ESPN so I called and,hurry up and ordered it and I got to see,the game boy I'll tell you you're a,great predictor 24-17 I thought that was,really great Bob,once in a while is that true did you get,the exact score right well I had two,different people ask me different scores,uh last week when someone I said it'd be,a tough ugly game 1.17-16 then I had,mended it on game day to 24-17 I think,whatever but the bottom line is it was,going to be ugly and I thought it was,ugly but thank you for the call and by,the way the game was on locally so you,were maybe thinking it was on Nancy the,other channel ABC channel 4 it was not,and and that's a whole different game,these days Andrews I explained to you,it's a bidding war of getting some of,these games we have the one on Christmas,we bought it from the NFL Network,that'll be the Raiders and the Steelers,on the 50th anniversary of the,Immacu

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Ireland Contracting Nightly Sports Call: December 6, 2022 (Pt. 1)

Ireland Contracting Nightly Sports Call: December 6, 2022 (Pt. 1)

right now Pittsburgh's best sports show,is about to begin call us or tweet us,we've got things to talk about on the,Ireland Contracting nightly Sports call,good evening everyone and welcome inside,the fan cave this is the Ireland,Contracting nightly Sports call where we,take your calls nightly,412-575-2600 is the number to call,that's the number of the borders and,borders hotline you can also hit us up,on Twitter at KD pump at the Pony,Express Andrew filipponi joins me right,now from fan Studios where this uh,broadcast also is simulcast so if you,want to drive along and make a phone,call feel free to do so we'll take it,for you tonight Andrew up at the Penguin,game a lot of empty seats there which is,becoming more of a trend these days for,a lot of reasons I think inflation has,something to do with it I think the fact,that construction has to do with it I,think a Tuesday night and a sloppy day,in Pittsburgh against the terrible,Columbus team has something to do with,it but to me this is still a very good,product they won again tonight and you,know Sidney Crosby's playing really some,outstanding hockey two more goals 15 he,goes to the net it doesn't necessarily,add up to me other than the prices I get,it but your take on what you've seen or,haven't seen from that point of view,I thought it would be better I thought,when they retained Letang and Malkin in,the offseason uh the fans were gonna,show their appreciation maybe not every,night for all 41 home games but there,have been times this year matchups,against teams like uh Vegas Phil Kessler,comes back to town first place team uh,Toronto which is usually a big draw Matt,Murray's in net for the first time,against his former team,Carolina team that was picked to win the,division in the offseason comes in and,you know there's maybe 15 000 people,there so I did think that there was,going to be a sense of uh maybe thank,you uh the fans showing that the,organization did right by them in the,off season and you know maybe more than,anything else Bob there's a little bit,of fatigue in that you know fans have,seen great regular season hockey for a,really long time and there is a little,bit of will wake me up when the playoffs,start with the Penguins but the problem,for that with me is you you don't stop,and smell the roses you miss the journey,which when you have Sydney Crosby one of,the greatest players of all time Balkan,Letang the greatest defenseman of all of,in penguin's history once he gets back,on the ice you miss out on all those,memories and all those moments so yeah,I'm with you I thought it would be,better I know tickets are expensive but,I did think we'd see better uh a better,draw a better attendance from the,Penguins this season yeah and this group,of guys over the course of their careers,now uh have won three cups have always,been in the playoffs yeah they don't,always last long in the playoffs,recently but the fact is it's a pretty,exciting product and still is and so,hopefully that will change but there are,a lot of hockey games all right the,other big news of the night was the,Pirates winning the lottery so they win,something the question is is there a,generational talent in this group I,don't know if I see the answer to that,but they're going to get a good player,just like they did when they got Henry,Davis a couple of years ago but they,they won it and they had a 16 chance of,winning it so they do that perhaps it'll,turn into something somewhat close to,Sydney Crosby when the Penguins won I,doubt it but your take on what this,means for the franchise other than it'll,continue to stockpile talent in their,system but at some point these guys have,got to show up here and play here at a,very high level,first of all terrible branding by Major,League Baseball,I didn't even know that their draft,lottery was tonight,and that should be something I'm,interested in as a team that had a,really good chance to win the lottery,and the fact that,you know we have the Pirates games on,the fan like how is it that this,completely slipped under the radar yeah,I agree I mean the NBA and even the NHL,they do a really good job of promoting,their draft lotteries this was the first,one and I had to find out about it on,Twitter after it happened so poor job by,Major League Baseball with that,you know I don't know about Henry Davis,I think early returns are that was the,wrong pick still a long way to go but,his first season in professional,baseball his first full season did not,go well injury played then when he did,play he didn't look like the best player,in that draft crop and as far as,generational goes you know Garrett Cole,that draft he wasn't looked at as a,consensus number and one overall pick,there were guys like Trevor Bauer other,pitchers out there uh Rendon who helped,the Nationals win a World Series so I,don't know if that's necessarily a bad,thing especially being so far out,uh you have the first pick you should in,theory get the best player and if you,don't you s

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#1 Cochran Sports Showdown: November 27, 2022 (Pt. 2)

#1 Cochran Sports Showdown: November 27, 2022 (Pt. 2)

all right before we get to Jacoby,Brissette and DeSean Watson I want to,ask these guys about semifinalists for,the Pro Football Hall of Fame two,Steelers are on that list Hines Ward,he's been there before seven times now,and James Harrison is a first timer so,will Graves oh man give me your synopsis,will one of those okay all right I'm,gonna who makes it uh neither of them,and look uh I will respect both those,players look I wasn't here when uh Heinz,was in his prime my first year here was,his last year with the team,um as a guy that watched the longtime,NFL guy I didn't I never when the,Steelers played I never thought oh crap,team X is facing Heinz Ward I just never,thought that maybe you know I didn't,root for the Ravens so maybe that's why,I didn't think that,um Debo is is an interest more of an,interesting case because I think for,five years he was maybe one of the three,best players at his position in the,league Heinz it just was never he's,great numbers got got some hardware and,he can have that and have a great life I,just I just don't see him as a Hall of,Famer I don't think Harrison I don't,think first of all neither one will get,in eventually oh well I think Hinesville,and I been on that soapbox for Heinz,Ward for a while now just because not,only the stats he has assessed a,thousand catches the 80 touchdowns he,has the hardware like you said Super,Bowl MVP two Super Bowls um he has,everything I mean even big game plays,he's always showed up in big games uh,the blocking I know people you know poo,poo with the blocking right now like oh,it's wide receiver needs a catch but he,changed the game in that respect and and,I always throw those numbers out with,Andre Reed I know there are different,people but those numbers with Andre read,we're almost identity,but the problem is now is those numbers,are now much much better now with the,open offenses so if he's going to get in,it's probably going to be like you know,the veterans committee or whatever it is,yeah I think that's why the Steelers,created the Hall of Honor for guys like,this I think they're tremendous yeah I,think they're great players and Steelers,lore in Steelers history they don't win,Super Bowl 40 maybe or Super Bowl 43,without either guy but when you compare,them even to their peers among the,finalists for this uh class Andre,Johnson was a better player than Heinz I,love Heinz but Johnson was better and,DeMarcus Ware not only did he have that,great three or four year period like,Harrison he had it over a longer period,of time he had amazing longevity so I,think those guys are outstanding,all-time Steelers players but I don't,think they're Pro Football Hall of,Famers all right let's talk about the,next subject which is Jacoby Brissette,who led his team to a win at a big,fourth and tenth throw for a touchdown,to David and joking and then he led them,over Tampa Bay in the overtime session,so mark this week Sean Watson comes back,is it automatically and let's I,understand he's getting paid a lot of,money it's all guaranteed is that the,only reason why does Cleveland feel they,have a chance if they continue what,they're doing are they just going to go,roll the dice with DeSean Watson just,before and seven I mean,I mean yeah but but there are a lot of,teams that still a four and seven could,sneak in,they're still four and seven and then as,we were talking before they are paying,them 250 million bucks as you said,should he or shouldn't he this guy two,years ago was one of the what top five,quarterbacks in the league he was,absolutely amazing and I worry if if,you're in AFC North a Steelers fan that,what he might be able to provide to them,not only this year but over the Long,Haul if he's able to get back to where,he's at so you you you sold your,franchise down the river one way or,another one we just talked about we,talked about white star Kenny you know,instead of Mitch or whatever I mean it's,mentioned development that's what this,is about I mean it's it's it would have,been nice if the Browns were seven and,four I think we could have this,discussion but I mean the Browns are,looking at 2023 in 2024 they got this,guy for five years they they get the,ball rolling now maybe you get momentum,maybe you go four and two down the,stretch and have something going on into,23. so that's why you got to go with it,uh I think Geno Smith has made guys like,Jacoby Brissett a lot of money,because I think that now once we when,what's happened with Smith I think is,going to give general managers the,thought that okay I could take this guy,pay him less than the 40 million dollars,that franchise quarterbacks are making,and see if I can win with this guy I,think Jacoby Brissette will be someone's,starting quarterback at the beginning of,next year maybe there'll be a rookie,behind him like a trubisky picket,situation but I think he's going to get,another shot with someone next year yeah,he's 12. touchdown six interceptions has,a pretty good passer ratings as I said,

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NFL Week 18 Betting, DFS Value Plays PLUS Upset Picks | More Ways to Win

NFL Week 18 Betting, DFS Value Plays PLUS Upset Picks | More Ways to Win

welcome to week 18 everybody the final,week of the regular season you're,watching FanDuel TVs more ways to win,I'm Lisa Kearney here in our Los Angeles,Studio hey guys we're gonna do a show,today we are going to talk about,football there's a Full Slate of games,many that have huge playoff implications,we're going to get to our game,breakdowns in just a moment but first,the only way to start this show is by,sharing love and support for Bill safety,Demar Hamlin who is fighting for his,life after suffering cardiac arrest on,Monday Night Football the reality of,this week it's heartache it's,uncertainty after this tragedy in,Cincinnati but what we have learned,about this amazing Community is that our,shared humanity and care for one another,in the lowest moments is beautiful and,we can take that with us as we move,forward all of us here at FanDuel are,sending continued thoughts and prayers,to Demar and his family we will continue,to bring you what we know as this new,week kicks off with games on Saturday,and Sunday many of these players taking,the field will certainly be playing for,number three our team joining me now,sports betting expert Dave Weaver Super,Bowl champion James Jones here with us,in studio as always Sports Talk radio,host Andrew filippone joining us from,Pittsburgh and the face of Marquee,Sports Network Cole Wright in Chicago,we've got a full team here guys there,are games on Saturday and Sunday this,week we're going to do what we do and,we're going to start by focusing on some,playoff win and in scenarios week 18 is,here let's get you ready,and we're getting right to the Titans,and Jaguars game flexed into Saturday,night Kick It Off from Jacksonville this,one 8 15 eastern time the winner of this,matchup wins the NFC South and gets a,playoff spot the loser is going home,these teams are headed in opposite,directions the Jacks have one four in a,row Titans have lost six in a row guys,Josh Dobbs starting under Center for,Tennessee the Titans are six point,underdogs I want to get all your picks,here and pony I'm going to start with,you what you got,well this is a classic if you have two,quarterbacks you really don't have one,situation for the Titans Mike brable is,going to start Josh Dobbs like you said,Lisa guy who was not with this team,three weeks ago made his first career,NFL start not bad against Dallas but not,good enough in a situation like this and,Rabel has made it sound like Malik,Willis will see action too against one,of the hottest teams in the NFL Trevor,Lawrence playing so well and the other,thing with that Jacksonville defense has,done against teams that have had,quarterback issues held the Jets to,three points held the Texans to three,points I anticipate they covered this,six point spread and with ease I don't,see Tennessee scoring more than 10,points in this game I'm taking,Jacksonville to win the AFC South yeah,one of the remarkable things about these,two teams when they play It's Never,Close seven out of the last eight times,they've played has been at least a,13-point margin and I think Jacksonville,is going to cover the spread as well,remember go back to week number 14. they,were four and eight and they played,Tennessee and they were down 14-7 and,then they scored 29 straight points and,then they've won four games since then I,think that was really the turning point,when they played the Titans earlier this,year and they've got a lot of momentum,not only have they won those four,straight games but they have covered in,each of those four games so I just think,Trevor Lawrence who's by the way in,three games against the Titans got In,The End Zone on the ground twice maybe,keep an eye on him for an anytime,touchdown score but yeah I think,Jacksonville is going to be too tough,here all right James you heard their,picks what do you think I mean I'm with,him unless Derrick Henry plays out of,his mind and I'm talking about 300 yards,on the ground you are not going to win,this game for the Tennessee Titans they,just cannot score points they cannot,move the ball on the offensive side of,the football and pony said it best if,you have two quarterbacks you don't got,one you cannot move the football they,cannot throw it consistently so if King,Henry does not come down and run this,football down the Jacksonville Jaguars,throat they are not going to have a,chance to win this game and the Jags,defense is big time they play Big Time,football they're able to get after the,pass or they stop the run but not only,that this Jags team as we all know,Washington is playing with confidence,they are riding high they feel like it,is their time to get in the playoffs and,make some noise this is going to be a,Beatdown for dude,giving six points you see the line right,there remember this game was flexed into,Saturday night meaning the Jags are,playing on a short week while the Titans,are well rested having last played on,Thursday night,for the upset Lisa I am not there I am,not but that's a that's a big three,ex

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