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ana navarro amusingly ENDING politiciansyes absolutely he's talking about people,do not raise your v

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Updated on Jan 13,2023

ana navarro amusingly ENDING politicians

yes absolutely he's talking about people,do not raise your voice at me boy,and why does his namesake put something,like this on Instagram you know why you,can enjoy a day at the zoo because walls,work frankly look first of all uh zoos,maybe have fences to protect the animals,from people like Donald Trump Jr who,like to shoot them but you know at the,end of the day Donald Trump Jr and,whatever he says can I can I just file,my nails I mean this is an entitled Rich,spoiled little brat who's only called to,fame as being his daddy's son who hasn't,built anything of his own who hasn't,done anything of his own who is somehow,trying to hang on to the fame of his,father in order to have some level of,relevancy you know being asked to,comment about Donald Trump Jr,who's really only called to fame is,Donald Trump senior is something that,really deserves nail filing,he's married let me tell you this no way,let me say this I have asked you in the,past and I will ask you again today to,stop referring to me as left let me,remind you that I was a republican When,Donald Trump was a Democrat I was a,republican When Donald Trump,Republican and supporting Republicans,When Donald Trump had Hillary and Bill,Clinton at his wedding and was giving,Nancy Pelosi money I swear,80 million copies of 50 Shades of Gray,was sold uh even Magic Mike was one of,the most popular movies,no it was not all the time or not um,Trilogy unfortunately become a very um,interesting pop culture stuff has been,very uh very stretched in these areas,this is just a part of it if you read,anything from swords unfortunately,however you talk about the women listen,let me tell you something everything you,just said is 50 Shades of crazy to,Compare running for president to an,erotic film or an erotic movie an erotic,novel is crazy if he wants to be held to,that standard great then go write the,art of the groping,what did you do the day you saw the tape,of this man boasting about grabbing a,woman's,period all right will you please stop,saying that word my daughter is,listening yeah,but you're not offended when Donald,Trump,yes and I said okay don't act outrageous,when I say the word that you're not,offended by the man who you are,supporting is saying that is,but we have some bad ombres here and,we're gonna get them out first of all I,didn't know whether he had said hombre,which means man or he had said Umbro,which means shoulder or he had said,Ambre which means hunger uh look bad,ombre,I guess he was trying to be cute I don't,know what now at least listen at least,now we know that Donald Trump has two,Spanish words in his vocabulary hombre,and taco I I almost feel like my,capacity to react has been exhausted I I,want to apologize to you for being a,millennial I know Millennials aren't,allowed to have opinions in this day and,age,my old ancient Stradivarius I think the,fact that this panel,oh come on what has he done to lgbtq,first thing his administration did was,curtailed the rights of transgender,students in public schools he doesn't,even recognize pride month something,that practically every Administration,has done for years since before Trump,and you know why he has to do it because,he's on very thin eyes number one,because he's full of flaws and full of,sins and because I mean yeah nobody,thought we were voting for John the,Baptist but did you think you were going,to vote for Hugh Hefner so let's just,imagine for a moment there comes a day,when he's willing to leave the White,House okay and okay okay let's enjoy the,momentum tell me more like describe it,in more detail for me you're also on The,View on Fridays what can you speak on,The View that you can't speak on CNN how,is that different as a gig oh like for,example I can now proudly say I can tell,the difference between the five,Kardashian Jenners there are five right,are they five the slightest three idea,four five and I now know who Tristan,somebody is he cheated on somebody he,cheated yes yes he cheated this has been,on the news now for so many days it's,actually going to force me to Google him,this program is important words in his,mouth they're quoting him that's him on,videos,his entire life oh no I'm not melting,you guys it's not even Springtime Jason,Anna hang on one second hang on one,second Anna the president just Jason I,don't say that you look like a buffoon,trying to make sense of what this man is,saying this is about Donald Trump being,a racist I don't care what you say,I don't like to be interested so you,know let me finish my my thought and,then you can say whatever you want yes,absolutely he's talking about people do,not raise your voice at me boy,okay I'm not a boy go ahead but go ahead,and finish Anna go ahead then Steve I'm,a grown man and an American citizen but,go ahead well then act like one then act,like one and give me the,just let me just say this,I do not think well you can ask any,American wait Jan I don't interrupt you,so please give me the same respect that,I've given you whic

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Trump's tweet on CNN 'is an incitement to violence,' Ana Navarro says

Trump's tweet on CNN 'is an incitement to violence,' Ana Navarro says

and we're back now with the roundtable,and I have a feeling you guys are going,to have little different comments then,Tombaugh sort out about that jiff let's,let's look at it again this happened,just as we were ending our other,roundtable okay I know I gotta start,with you I'm a CNN commentator I think,that is unacceptable I think that is the,president of the United States taking,things way too far,here is an incitement to violence he is,going to get somebody killed in the,media,maybe that will stop him I am,disappointed beyond belief by the answer,that the Homeland Security Advisor just,gave what a wuss what a wuss,you could see that he is feeding his,principles you are the homeland security,adviser and you can't stand here and say,the difference between right and wrong,that's what's part of the problem he is,surrounded by enablers that do nothing,but shake their heads and nod their,heads in agreement with everything that,he says they have got to stop they have,got to stand for democracy for freedom,of the press this is just going way too,far the President of the United States,is inciting violence against the Free,Press and America we cannot stand for it,I mean it is just kind of theater of the,absurd right hey um I don't think any of,us would have thought that this is,something that the president any,president would do but in particular it,just comes as you mentioned right after,the shooting of Steve Scalise,Republicans and Democrats that it's time,to take the rhetoric down a notch and,this clearly does not do that in every,one that we spoke to on the hill right,after that incident said the president,was actually quite good on that stage he,was reassuring he called to the cup of,the country to get together he gave a,really good speech and visited the,hospital to see Steve Scalise and now,this listen I know a lot of people who,work for CNN who have to be scared and,and and wondering why the president has,decided to physically pummel somebody,with the CNN logo on his face so I'd be,interested to get something nobody at,CNN is scared if anything this is making,each and every one of us more resolute,not to cower at the bullying of this,present the,is a free press this is a free country,this is a democracy and if he thinks,that were these little tricks he's going,to scare Jeff sucker he's going to scare,anybody at CNN he's got something,different coming we are resolute a,continuing searching the truth speaking,the truth and calling out right versus,wrong and I'm sitting here thinking now,what do Americans think when they look,at that what are those voters think who,I talked to in Ohio I know that when we,talk about ourselves and we say oh it's,terrible that he's going after the media,but that that's a pummeling somebody,from CNN well I think that probably my,guess is the president doesn't regard,this is literally inciting people to,violence I'm sure he thinks it's funny,and I think that most people see it and,they think pro wrestling is fake and,they think that's sort of what he's,getting at here the problem is that it's,just it's more juvenile behavior it's,something that most people including a,lot of his own supporters want him to,quit doing and he can't do it you know I,didn't agree with the way Thomas Bossert,was talking about this but I think he's,right that it is genuine in the sense,that he is showing this genuinely who,the president not funny look there's way,I know but I mean there's way too and he,can't think it's funny there's way too,many unstable people out in the streets,right now at this time of impassioned,and heightened passions we all know it,we've all seen it we have seen the,results of harassment we've seen the,results of shootings we've seen the,result of violence out in the street and,for the President of the United States,who are supposed to be unifying this,country on a July 4th weekend to be,tweeting out incitement to violence,it is incitement to violence later it's,not parse words that is not collared by,any other name it is disgusting by this,president yet one more disgusting act,you

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Celebrating Ana Navarro's Birthday | The View

Celebrating Ana Navarro's Birthday | The View

all right,you can't not move,you cannot not move to Gloria and step,five hello and welcome to review in,honor of Anna's birthday which was last,week why are we on a break so we,couldn't do it while we're on the break,we walked out to Gloria Estefan's conga,why did you choose that particular song,because it's the best one well first of,all uh it's Gloria it's Miami it's Latin,it's rhythmic it's catchy and uh one of,the ways I celebrated my birthday was by,going to my favorite Drag Brunch in,Miami at the yard house and I took my 82,year old father,who ended up dancing the conga,thank you,and it was uh it was a wonderful time my,actual birthday was a disaster because,you know for any of you whose birthdays,fall between Christmas and New Years,that's like the Bermuda Triangle yeah,you're like the first time everybody's,drunk everybody's hungover but he's,broke everybody's on vacation,everybody's thinking what am I going to,wear for New Year's I mean you literally,I think half my issues stem from being,Anna is your wound it is not the trauma,World trauma you were a Valentine's baby,and we were gonna go um we were gonna go,to dinner and then Al hit the electric,gate with the car I love Al broke the,gate what drove for two miles before,realizing that we were we had a,punctured tire so we ended up on my,birthday at a gas station where they,punctured tired and my 82 year old,father showing my husband how to change,a tire,but the next day Gloria Estefan and I,went to play Pickleball she's the new,pickle She's it's her daughter got her a,pickleball,rackets for Christmas and uh we went out,and played and then after we played we,came home and drank and sang and partied,for like uh until like it was 1999 how,many Margaritas a lot of margaritas you,know I think Jose is that night how many,many Margaritas I don't like the,Judgment,I'm not judging I'm just asking because,I know you love a margarita yeah,and a rose yeah okay so well a few of,you are a famous Pals want to wish you a,very happy birthday so let's look at,that,foreign,happy birthday Anna I love your candor I,love your humor and on those rare,occasions when you're wrong I live your,passion happy birthday my friend,happy birthday Anna Navarro it's been so,wonderful connecting with you this year,on a deeper level being able to spend,some time with you,um and begin a friendship it's just been,lovely I'm sending you all the love and,peace that's possible on this very,special day of yours happy birthday God,bless,happy birthday Anna happy birthday yes,it's wonderful our good good friend and,now my pickleball partner by the way,happy birthday,I know my sister I'm in Miami where you,should be I love you happy birthday,shout out to everybody in the view,respect yo I love you Anna God bless you,my sister,happy Birthday,hola is,foreign,happy birthday well sorry cannot be,there with you today actually I've never,been invited to the view but,I think I have a surprise for you all of,your friends at the view we have a,surprise for you and you're gonna be so,happy because that's one product I know,you love,so,happy birthday I hope uh on the next one,I'll be with you,so wait a minute Bring Out The Fabulous,food from Jose Andreas Mercado little,Spain,that's Mandy's favorite oh wow so we've,got tortilla we've got pan tomato and,we've got paella valenciana,oh and you know what today is Three,Kings Day and this is so,Happy Three Kings Day this is cold,wow I'm in a damn Fork this is um what,is this this potato thing oh it's a,tortilla that is Manny's favorite dish,from space is it supposed to be cold,because it's yes it's supposed to be,cold,she refused to give me the recipe,actually foreign,well that's what the view does it makes,up for all these horrible losses,we'll be right back

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Ana Navarro blasts Rubio over tweet about Dr. Fauci

Ana Navarro blasts Rubio over tweet about Dr. Fauci

thằng chơi chắc như partan nên phải hay,thẩm giáo bảo và trả lời sàn miền than,taxi

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Alyssa Farah Griffin SNAPS On Ana Navarro And Exposes The View Over Toxic Femininity!

Alyssa Farah Griffin SNAPS On Ana Navarro And Exposes The View Over Toxic Femininity!

all right guys so there was a,interesting segment on The View in which,they were talking about toxic femininity,and yeah I think it was interesting,because I can't think of a show on top,of my head that has more toxic,femininity than the view okay all the,cackling hands are nothing but trouble,and bringing them all together is how,you have a show like The View which has,become an absolute total joke okay,um but but uh this show uh they didn't,have the most toxic cackling hint uh Joy,Behar and Sonny Halston,um and they were having this discussion,and at one point uh Alyssa Fair Griffin,who's supposed to be the conservative on,the panel uh snaps and Anna Navarro,after she makes a joke about Alyssa,Farah working at the Trump White House,is an example of,toxic femininity right her working,around kellyanne Conway that's why,Alyssa feels the way she does about,toxic femininity so all further Ado go,ahead and play the clip well in the term,toxic masculinity comes up a lot these,days but women took to Reddit to talk,about when they faced toxic femininity,from other women by being told to act,like a lady or getting bullied by other,moms is this something you are aware of,before we begin let me tell you,something I think we have a legal note,from the werewolves,we've come,that are not helpful and that needed to,be called out and I think that women,have made a ton of progress but we can,also be each other's worst enemies it's,still the case and I hate to say it some,of the worst bosses I've had have been,women and sometimes colleagues in the,workplace who are women and I always,think of the Madeleine Albright quotes,what happens when you work with,kellyanne Conway no I mean,well I I can't really get a word in,Without You attacking me so I wouldn't,say this is it oh I have a totally,different this isn't like a totally,different environment of women,supporting each other but Madeleine,Albright's always said uh there's a,special place in hell for women who,don't help and support other women and,something I try to live by I think that,we have a duty to kind of give that back,especially for the women who come after,us yeah so that was an interesting,moment because clearly it shows the,behind the scenes dynamic in between all,of these women and it really just goes,to show what I've been telling you guys,a whole time about the mainstream,liberal media and how they feel about,Republicans or conservatives it doesn't,matter if or if you don't support Trump,um they still don't like you right they,still hate you they still think that,you're a bad person you're just less of,a bad person if you decide to tap dance,for them in regards to spewing,anti-trunk rhetoric right with Elizabeth,Griffin I don't know why she was,actually chosen to be the conservative,uh woman on The View uh but I my gut,feeling tells me that she was Cho chosen,because she's anti-trump but she worked,at the Trump White House okay so they,can say well we're not discriminating,against people who are associated with,Trump right but at the same time you,know they don't actually want a woman,who is a strong conservative that,supports Trump they don't want that,that's their worst nightmare right so,they settle for her okay just to say,that when we have somebody that was,affiliated with Trump but they don't,like Trump and she can give us the T,right she can give us the inside tea all,the dirt that went on at the white house,so that we can laugh okay so we can make,fun of trump that that's what's going on,here but deep down people like Anna,Navarro who also claims to be a,republican uh and conservative but,really she's liberal uh all those,cackling hands at the table they don't,like Alyssa because again she is not,liberal enough right again to,conservatives we feel like you know,she's kind of you know she she she's,basically aligns with them that's what,kind of what it seems like but she still,claims to be conservative and as long as,she claims to be conservative,um they're gonna dispute hate they're,going to spew vitriol right and this is,what happens between women right you,want to talk about toxic masculinity,what happens between men again you got a,whole table full of estrogen sitting,there on a view and you see how insane,and toxic that environment is on a daily,basis okay that's one of the most toxic,shows on television right again for all,this talk about men uh again any of,these shows where all these women right,it's nothing but drama nothing but drama,okay,um but again you can see the dynamic,there and it just goes to show like I've,been saying that again,as long as you are conservative doesn't,matter if you hate Trump they don't like,you right they don't agree with you you,always be in the out group right the,only reason some of these Republicans,are on MSNBC and CNN is because they're,tap dancing in their Trump hatred right,they tap dance for liberal media when it,comes to Trump hatred but if they stop,tap dancing or the day that Trump,becomes politically ir

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CNN's Ana Navarro Is An AWFUL Person.

CNN's Ana Navarro Is An AWFUL Person.

hey guys welcome to the liberal hive,mind a channel solely focused on,exposing the abundant hypocrisy of the,left well folks this is exactly what,i've been talking about for a very long,time now if left-wing arguments and,stances are as strong as they claim they,are irrefutable fundamental moral,arguments that if you're against then,you're an extremist right-wing crazy,person then why is it that their,arguments always resort to very fringe,outlier cases and why is it that if,they're on the right side of history and,they're so compassionate the narrative,is that left-wingers democrats are,compassionate liberals that care about,people and their policies reflect that,while republicans conservatives are,selfish sociopaths then why is it when,it really comes down to it they have the,most uncompassionate absurd selfish,stances and arguments that just make,your stomach turn and man do i have the,perfect example for you anna navarro,fake republican latina anna navera who's,really just a democrat playing a role on,cnn and of course a co-host on the view,well in her outrage after the scotus roe,v wade decision she made a statement,that is so stomach turning so devoid of,feeling sympathy and compassion that,even a left-wing cnn contributor sc cub,absolutely slammed her for taking the,stance but folks it shows the whole,picture here the narrative of the,compassionate tolerant left doesn't,exist let me show you guys what's going,on we got some stuff to get into so,let's roll the tape alright friends so,take a look at this cnn contributors,clash as sc cup shreds anna navero for,her specific medical procedure comments,when it comes to reasons for keeping,that specific medical procedure legal,some of its advocates have absolutely,ghoulish reasoning cnn contributor and,co-host of the abc daytime talk show the,view anna navero had a strip torn off by,her fellow cnn contributor s c cub after,she cited disabled children as the,reason to keep abortion legal just take,a look at this,the mother of before during and after,the child and i have not anybody could,tell you what you need to do with your,life or with your uterus and because i,have a family with a lot of special,needs kids i have a brother who's 57 and,has the mental and motor skills of a,one-year-old and i know what that means,financially emotionally physically for a,family and i know not all families can,do it and i have a step granddaughter,who was born with a down syndrome and,you know what it is very difficult in,florida to get services it is not as,easy as it sounds on paper and i've got,another another step grandson who is uh,very autistic who has autism and it is,incredible and their mothers and people,who are in that society who are in that,community will tell you that they,considered suicide because that's how,difficult it is to get help because,that's how lonely they feel because they,can't get other jobs because they have,financial issues because the care that,they're able to give their other,children,suffers and so why can i be catholic and,still think this is a wrong decision,because i'm american i'm catholic inside,the church i'm catholic when it comes to,me but there's a lot of americans who,are not catholic and are not christian,and are not baptist and you have no damn,right to tell them what they should do,with their body nobody does and the,perfect word was used by the,conservative brief here ghoulish in a,previous video i recorded which is,actually a little bit late thanks to,youtube they're taking forever to review,it but in that video i've also used the,word barbaric and that's what this stuff,is a total disregard for life a lack of,compassion nothing but selfishness and,again if their argument was so strong,then why would they ever have to make,these fringe extreme a points they're so,clearly on the right side of the,argument and it just goes to show that,all of their arguments in relation to,this specific medical procedure are,based in pure selfishness greed and pure,convenience i don't want to have to deal,with a difficult circumstance i don't,want to have to deal with financial,troubles most importantly i don't want,to have to deal with my poor,decision-making skills therefore i,should have the constitutional right to,snuff out life the word despicable,doesn't even begin to describe it it's,beyond any of that and you know you're,looking like a ghoul and your argument's,bad when your left-wing co-worker at cnn,releases a personal public statement on,their twitter absolutely slamming you we,all know who s e cup is of course take a,look at what she had to say in response,to anna navarro it's taken me a minute,to decide whether i wanted to share this,but ultimately i felt like i had to,yesterday anna navero you made an,argument that one of the reasons you,were pro-choice was because you knew,children with special needs in your,family well so do i you said you have a,step-granddaughter with down syndrome,and a step-grandson who is very autistic,and t

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Ana Navarro Slams Donald Trump Jr. On 'The View'

Ana Navarro Slams Donald Trump Jr. On 'The View'

the chaos over at the view continues as,anna navarro hilariously shut down,donald trump jr,after his obesity diss but we'll get,into that in just a little bit yeah so,in case you guys forgot sunny hostin and,anna were both suddenly pulled from the,views new york stage on friday after,testing positive for kova 19 just,moments before their in-person interview,with vice president kamal harris as we,know now it has been revealed the,results were actually false positives,which the ladies addressed on today's,show,we were all given numerous numerous,covet tests,i mean,so many my nostrils are so sensitive,it's like up your nose with a rubber,hose,throughout the weekend this was,happening too and i am thrilled to,report,that sonny and anna's friday results,turned out to be false positives and,everyone is safe,healthy,and covered free,all right that that,that's a bit of scary we'll talk about,this uh yeah we're glad they were all,healthy and covet-free but what really,made headlines this weekend was donald,trump jr's comment on uh twitter where,he took a jab at anna writing,given the anna navarro news i think it's,time for a national conversation about,the dangers of coven 19 and obesity,anna quickly clapped back referencing,his father's weight and the reportedly,distanced relationship that you have,writing donald trump jr thanks for your,concern i don't have covid fortunately,for you if you want to have a,conversation about the effects of,obesity on people with kovid your dad is,a phone call away,assuming he answers your calls or just,ask your sister to call him for you,so,good,meanwhile anna also took to instagram to,shut down haters who'd been harassed or,harassing her on social media due to the,on-air covet scare,to the haters,i don't give a,keep on hating it doesn't make a ,in my armor i am so happy,that i am vaccinated and to know the,protection that that gives me,and on today's episode anna addressed,the drama with donald trump jr and,couldn't help but bring on the humor,while taking shots at the trump family,apparently he thought it was appropriate,to take advantage of the false news that,i had coveted to take a shot at my,weight babe i take a shot at my weight,every day okay i know i unlike you i,have a mirror and i know i have a weight,issue i know that when you are a dimwit,with no skill or talent or significant,accomplishments living off your father's,fame and name and fortune,you've got to draw attention to yourself,but baby if you want to have a,conversation about coven and obesity you,could have had it last october when your,elderly obese father had it okay so it,is a legitimate conversation to have and,fortunately for you you've got somebody,in your family who you can call and,discuss it with because imagine having a,father whose butt is the size of a,studio apartment in new jersey,go get them man you got the gold,you click on me god i'm not wait wait,you got the gold i see why i had so much,fun with anna navarro donald jr is the,biggest loser in this country besides,his father and his family,going in they went,in,we would be so much for polite as,canadians we wouldn't go that far but uh,good for her for speaking up and friends,was perfect absolutely absolutely,perfect uh you know one of the things we,were talking about on friday on the view,when they announced it what what are,your thoughts on that that should have,done it live was that a mistake should,they have done it went straight to,commercial and just kept it behind the,scenes rather than in front yeah i think,that that was that put everyone in an,awkward situation i mean clearly they're,over it and thank goodness it came out,the way that it did but yeah that would,have been very very difficult and you,know in hindsight maybe it would have,been better to do not live on air,but um we can only go with what they've,got they can only go with what they've,got right and she did a great job like,we said standing up for herself so good,for her yeah we got a lot of comments,here talking about that too uh gina says,anna keep on winning girl love ya um,pipito excuse me pp208 says jesus anna,drag him,uh vanessa says she is definitely,defending herself with the comments way,to go so yeah lots of people on her side,and yeah good for her

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ana navarro being iconic for 13 minutes straight

ana navarro being iconic for 13 minutes straight

but you know this this act of I am,vehemently against this and I am,vehement Lee against that but at the,same time I stay in this complicit,administration and I cash in and laugh,all the way to the bank getting patents,in China and selling stuff here and,selling stuff there the act is getting a,little old girl if you are vehemently,against family separation and it is so,offensive to you if you believe the,press is not the enemy of the people,quick you can't quit it shouldn't be a,was you know it's not family separation,was a low family relation is a low point,there are separate cNN has commentators,on like me and every time I'm on on my,own against somebody that is defending,Trump so I mean MSNBC where you worked,once well a very long time ago part of,your CNN or Fox News,why are you re litigating my career,right now,well seriously one thing I worked at,MSNBC I was a host on Fox okay welcome,you could make the case that the White,House is much better without Steve Mann,let's say I think the world is much,better without Steve banner does that,mean you prefer Democratic candidates,now because I haven't like I mean I'm a,Democrat listen to Donald faster I would,I would prefer a potted plant I'm just,fine I'm a Republican,I don't think Donald Trump a so how was,a Republican who Donald Trump was a,Democrat right I was a Republican when,Donald Trump was an independent and I'm,a Republican today I defend the values,that I grew up with the values of strong,faith of family unity of inclusiveness,what I see today is not the Republican,Party the Republican values that I,embrace and I'm still a Republican,this country had a 230 system LC parties,offering solutions debating the problems,that we have and God forbid maybe even,working together to solve some yeah but,I live on a swing state I live in a,swing state and the damn thing is too,close it's too close to call it's 50/50,I decided you know what girl,get yourself together you can't do,symbolism so who'd you vote for I voted,for Hillary clock,I voted for Hillary Clinton more than,anything I voted against Donald Trump,because you know what America,we gotta stand up against bigotry we,gotta stand up again for people boasting,about sexual assault and sexual,harassment on a video and explaining it,away as locker room talk,it is not locker room talk it is,criminal talk like you out there,fighting for your party let me just tell,you guys you too much legal stuff I am,just so damn happy this guy is indicted,in a row human being he is a bully he,has said horrible things about your,father he has said horrible things about,me let me read you one final he got,banned from Twitter for saying horrible,racist offensive things about Don Lemon,about me about rolling Martin 3 I am a,happy person today let me just say what,is that really,Anna Navarro is fat stupid and what's,wrong leaping out Cardinals well guess,what baby Beyonce a Navarro is marrying,al Cartman and Bob Miller is bleeping,you nah,it's not it is not it is not,intellectually honest to sit here and,say this is completely Trump's fault,Democrats are playing partisan politics,in the exact same way,Dhaka is a very very emotional issue I,agree with you Anna that this should be,an easy layup quite frankly on both,sides because of how popular it is but,to sit here and say that this government,shutdown has anything to do with my or,the Republican Party's love for the,troops is just intellectually do you,think Mitch McConnell should have should,have allowed that amendment allowing for,payback for the family of the Fallen and,allowing for pay of course playing party,politics now have another month to,figure out doc why not listen wait I,understand the doc is a very emotional,issue at this point but most Republicans,are on my side on this one Anna and I,just don't I it's really difficult for,me to understand sometimes why you still,consider yourself as I look at an,immigrant latina because I,my own I came here through no fault of,my own had my parents not have visas had,my parents not have the resources to,hire lawyers I would be a dream act kid,to die by the way my father in Lindsey,Graham also your very good friends have,been at the forefront of daca and,embrace your love acquiesced don't,insinuate to me that I answered you,directly he'll be right back am i on,this card the c-word is completely,different but this means compromise yes,and they've got a legislate they've got,a compromise the left has gotta give the,right has got a good gotta grow are,millions of kids with her future in,limbo waiting for this law we need,Congress to act and do it quickly before,he changes his not good politics if this,is very tricky yeah as you said he was,trying to you know control the world,control the White House control the,Republican Party he was one of the most,important men most powerful men in,America today he Steve Jobs less as far,as your dad is concerned I do think,there is a disagreement on policy,questions let's keep it to policy he is

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