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Facebook Live session 12: Musk Twitter (recorded 12/25/22)good evening everyone,merry Christmas happ

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

Facebook Live session 12: Musk Twitter (recorded 12/25/22)

good evening everyone,merry Christmas happy last night of,Hanukkah,happy whatever holiday you are,celebrating if you are alone today,hopefully you can enjoy being with us,now,as we have our 11th musk Twitter update,and as I said we're going to be going,through some numbers tonight so you,don't actually need your calculator but,if you want to bring one we're going to,go through some Finance tonight,uh we have a lot of ground to cover,since our last Facebook live on Tuesday,so a lot has happened since then,and,um just as a reminder today is Sunday in,addition to being Christmas,and that is exactly one week,from the time when musk did his,quote-unquote poll to,um,ask whether he should step down and we,all know what the answer was and we all,know what happened then,so let's start there let's start with,the emperor has no clothes let's start,with,if you run a company and you're planning,to step down whether your company is a,huge company a multi-billion dollar,company or you run a restaurant a small,business whatever kind of business or,type of business,you need to have a succession plan,if you are planning to step down,whether you want to or not in this case,if you are stepping down because of,what's happening with your other,businesses and Tesla plunging,you naturally would have someone in mind,to take your place,we are one week in,to musk throwing out the idea that he,was going to step down from Twitter and,there is still no replacement,uh and as I've said if he does replace,himself with somebody it will be the,equivalent of a puppet regime because he,is unwilling to,surrender any sort of control and that,person would just be a continuation of,him and the disarray maybe less disarray,because he could hire a good manager but,nobody good is going to come work for,him and that's what we've seen already,one weekend,the other thing that we know in this,Emperor has no closed regime uh is that,musk has said he will maintain his,position as CEO,uh in more of the engineering kind of,part of the business and,he had his moment this week in a Twitter,space kind of,conversation where he talked about that,and talked about I'm I'll might get the,vernacular on coding is not my world but,basically said in other words they,should just throw away all the coding,and start again,to which he was challenged by a lot of,Engineers,uh and it basically exposed again the,emperor has no clothes I saw one comment,that I sort of thought summarized it,best,if this guy were applying for a job went,out on interviews without the name Elon,Musk on his resume,for an entry-level position in coding he,wouldn't get the job,so those are two bits of evidence the,succession,the engineering know-how and tonight,we're going to talk about something I do,know which is the financial side which,what he's throwing out makes absolutely,no sense,and the media uh you know it reminds me,of the way they covered Trump in the,first year where they were trying to,make him out as just another Republican,musk has built such an essential halo,around him that no one is challenging,him on the stuff he's throwing out or,any of the people associated with this,transaction even though it is completely,nonsensical,so we're going to go through this we're,going to go through the numbers,but where we before we get going on all,of it I just want to say we are where we,were which is please do not provide,content Tomas Twitter,uh things are playing out as we thought,they would he is on his way out whatever,that is but more importantly this,company is hemorrhaging cash and despite,what what he said which we're going to,go through the numbers today,um you know it will not be long before,this company's either sold or forced to,go into bankruptcy,so first let's talk about what happened,since Tuesday,and musk personally you know when we,talked Tuesday we had said that he had,lost about half of his net worth,uh just by virtue of what was happening,with the Tesla stock that trend is,continued,when we spoke on Tuesday his net worth,was down to about 148 billion from 304,billion in the beginning of the year,as we closed out for the holiday weekend,his net worth is down to 139 billion,that is how much money he has lost and,how he has lost that money almost all of,his net worth is tied up in Tesla's,stock Tesla stock is down 69 percent,this year in this past week alone in,five trading days it went down 20,percent I have to say I you know and and,it's part of it a little bit you know,part of it is Tesla there are issues,with car makers or our issues with,higher rates and but the majority of it,it is it is not moving in tandem with,the other car companies or the S P it is,on its own journey and that is related,to musk and how much he has hurt his,brand and,not only has he lost net worth He has,lost the capability to be what I'll what,the term I'll use is liquid or have cash,you know for example you might have a,lot of money that you get from your,employer each month you put something,into a 401

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Facebook Live session 10: Musk Twitter (recorded 12/18/22)

Facebook Live session 10: Musk Twitter (recorded 12/18/22)

good evening everyone,so we are doing it,we are slaying a second authoritarian,very proud of us so here's the message,that we start off with tonight,stay the course do not go back to,Twitter he's going to,step down tonight,uh as head of Twitter,musk Twitter that is a first step First,Step only,but our strategy Remains the Same,now let's just quickly go through what,has happened and what has put us to the,point where he needs to step down since,we spoke last on Thursday night,first and foremost,Tesla stock declined 15 last week it's,down 62 percent so far this year and,down it's lost a third of its value,since musk closed on Twitter okay so,that is the driving force here the,difference between Putin not being able,to stop his Ukraine Invasion for fear of,losing face,and what musk is about to do with musk,Twitter the difference is there is,something that holds him accountable and,that is Tesla apologies for the sound in,the background Chef has decided to do,his by weekly drink of water which as,you can see is going to last for a long,time,um so apologies okay but what has,happened since then,we know the value declined we know the,third largest holder of Tesla's stock,publicly called,for us to step down as Tesla CEO we know,that others were making that appeal,directly to the board,we know that over the weekend,on Friday it was reported by The Wall,Street Journal in Reuters and several,others,that musk was approaching,Equity investors to ask them to take,some Equity or put some additional,Equity into most Twitter at a price of,44 billion but as we've discussed here,at this point must Twitter is worth,about one third of that so of course,they said no,we also know today he spent the day with,Jared and Saudis in Qatar after,ironically saying you can't be docks you,doxed himself uh but my suspicion is he,was also asking them for money because,we do know one of the equity investors,in Twitter is one of the princes one of,the Saudi princes at least one is,publicly known to be we don't know who,else is involved but I'm sure he was,asking for money he went in there with,his hat in hand today in the box of the,World Cup to ask for money and I'm sure,he was turned down,um and we also know all the tumult that,he created over the weekend by several,several acts first by Banning,journalists from his platform,unilaterally remember the council he was,going to form to decide who could stay,and who couldn't say authoritarians,don't play with that kind of stuff he,never formed that he just was in a bad,mood he didn't like those people saying,mean things about him so he kicked them,off then he kicked another Washington,Post journalist off yesterday,he tried to let the other ones back on,and only under the circumstance that,they would delete their tweets and they,refused so again you get the sense of,this is one man it reminds you of Putin,to remind you of trump this,authoritarian trait uh of being erratic,of being very thin-skinned uh being,totally in control,the other thing he did for all the,bragging he does about all the traffic,on Twitter,he today announced that he would be,blocking those of us who put links on,Twitter to say find me on Facebook find,me on IG find me on Mastodon,um because he's that paranoid that,people are leaving and people are,leaving and I can tell you I mean I,barely do Instagram but I know a lot of,people don't like Facebook so,um ironically too like out of nowhere,Facebook just verified my twit my IG,account the day after musk took over but,so I had a huge influx over at Instagram,my presence grew by 50 there because,people are wanting to go somewhere else,so all of these things are happening,at what happens tomorrow morning at 9 30,A.M,Stock Market opens again,and you can bet your bottom dollar that,these shareholders are up in arms and,they are in conversation with the board,even though elon's brother is on the,board and he stacked it with a lot of,friendly people there's only so much,they can hold back and they are telling,him either he steps off as the CEO of,Tesla or he steps off as the CEO of,Twitter can't do both,potentially might be able to do neither,when this is all done but definitely,cannot do both,so this poll as I wrote about in my,article all these polls remember Trump,did the polls too oh I'm such a person,of the people let me ask with it it's,irrelevant he's going to step down,tonight before the Stock Market opens,tomorrow you're going to see Tesla stock,rally because he's going to say he's,going to devote his attention to Tesla,and there's going to be huge short,covering on Tesla tomorrow okay but,we don't care about Tesla this is not,like a stock analysis uh Facebook live,series we care about musk Twitter,and whether he is CEO of it or just the,owner of it nothing is going to change,and let me tell you one thing,he is not going to get talent to run,this company nobody with any ounce of,sense would be the CEO of this company,as it is first of all he will be in,total control even if so

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Facebook Live session 13: Musk Twitter (recorded 1/1/23)

Facebook Live session 13: Musk Twitter (recorded 1/1/23)

hi everyone happy New Year,welcome to 2023,and our 13th Lucky 13,uh Facebook live session welcome,we have a lot of ground to cover this,evening and,um thank you again for joining and thank,you again for being part of making 2022,successful together,so in addition to must Twitter a lot of,you have asked me to cover two other,areas one is Trump and his tax returns,and the other is George Santos out on,Long Island who is set to be sworn in,tomorrow,uh and I just thought as an interesting,Prelude to doing so tonight I would,mention the,similarity of the three and that is all,three of these men Elon Musk Donald,Trump and George Santos all present,themselves to be a certain thing and,turn out to be another in other words,they create a story they create a myth,about themselves,the difference between Trump and musk is,they were both born extremely wealthy as,billionaires so they had the money to,paper over the fact that maybe they,didn't go to college where they said,they went to college uh maybe the art of,the deal was really being born a,billionaire and actually losing a good,portion of that each year,maybe if you're a musk being born a,billionaire allows you to also hide your,education and and be able to buy series,a and Tesla and take over a company and,make it your idea allows you to be an,investor in SpaceX and put people in,place that allow you to look like the,smart guy until,the emperor has no clothes which was our,discussion last week and then,this time we're also going to talk about,George Santos who similarly has created,this,myth about himself for lack of better,word and that is likewise unfolding but,unlike the other two he doesn't have the,billions of dollars in the army of,people to hide it so it comes out in,plain sight more quickly so we're going,to discuss all three but we have a lot,of ground to cover on must Twitter as we,get into 2023 and some of this is going,to be sort of a synopsis of things we've,discussed in the first 12 sessions which,are now also on YouTube the last two,sessions had over a hundred and ten,thousand views so thank you all for,watching and sharing it so let's start,off with something that we discussed in,the first few Facebook live sessions,which was the idea that it would be two,things that could possibly take musk,Twitter down,um and those two things were financial,and Technology remember,and mostly since then we've been talking,about technology although we talked,about excuse me about financial although,we mentioned with technology the warning,signs of all the engineers who are being,fired uh and just in in some just to put,a metric on it three quarters of Twitter,employees today where we said have been,fired or resigned this company is down,to under 2 000 employees from 7 500.,the engineers at left warned us that it,wouldn't be like an overnight,you know just everything breaking down,but that gradually things would degrade,uh there was there was a massive hack,last week that was reported but as well,there was in the Twitter actually went,down in some places last week which is a,major occurrence,and the reason may have been there's,three data centers that Twitter has and,uh in his cost cutting efforts which,we're going to discuss tonight at length,musk decided to shut down the Sacramento,data center so we don't know if that is,what it was to blame onto on last,Wednesday but for many people who went,to go log on to their Twitter account,around the world last Wednesday uh they,were not able to get in or they had,other malfunctions that occurred so,again that's something we're going to,keep an eye on you know the the,degrading of these systems you've closed,one of three data centers what happens,in the in a surge or this might have,been a software update uh but you don't,have the engineers you can only borrow,the Tesla and the SpaceX Engineers for,so long it is not a company strategy to,not have employees,although my you know musk seems to think,it is but that's not a strategy,um so the other way that this company,and what we've talked about so far could,go away or be bankrupt or need to be,sold is the financial side and I want to,start off here by saying tonight is,Sunday,two weeks ago Sunday we had a,conversation,you'll recall and that conversation was,because musk had put up a poll,on his page saying should I reside,and I told you that night he was going,to have to resign it wasn't just a poll,as any of the polls had been to actually,want your input it was because Tesla's,stock was tanking and he was getting,pressure to step away from Twitter,because Tesla was going,so two weeks ago he did the poll then he,said hey no it was just a poll and maybe,next time I do the polls only paid,subscribers will be part of it it's not,really a poll but then the pressure kept,building and within a couple of days he,said okay I'm gonna step down,so that's now two weeks ago and so part,of what we've been talking about in our,whole Emperor has no clothes discussion,is succession planning,

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Facebook Live session 11: Musk Twitter (recorded 12/20/22)

Facebook Live session 11: Musk Twitter (recorded 12/20/22)

good evening everyone,thank you to Elon Musk for silent,finally doing something right and timing,in his,supposed resignation as CEO in time for,our nine o'clock,get together,so,um we're going to talk about all of this,and all that's happened in the last 48,hours and,um,I want to start off by saying how,um,um the only thing that has surprised me,since this whole thing started because,pretty much everything that we've spoken,about in this podcast Series has come to,fruition the thing that surprised me the,most is,um this man just has no,understanding of Finance even in the,most basic of terms and I I just I I,find it shocking,disturbing uh you know we when we spoke,Sunday,um I told you all that he was going to,have to resign it wasn't because he,realizes it was the right thing to do he,was going to have to resign because,Tesla's shareholders had had enough and,the stock was down 15 last week,and so he did this poll Sunday night and,I expected in a rational world he would,wake up on Monday and did the poll,because he knew what he was going to do,anyway which was he had to resign and,focus on Tesla but he didn't,and he let it go for an extra day,and just to put into perspective the,damage that he did to himself,most of his net worth,is tied up in Tesla he also has a 40,stake in SpaceX which on paper,is worth 50 million oh here goes Chef on,cue now he's drinking his water but the,vast majority of his net worth is tied,up in Tesla shares so of course you want,to do something to preserve the you know,the value if you're a rational player,you want to preserve your net worth,here's what he did to day alone,musk owns,423.6 million shares of Tesla,he also owns options I don't have the,valuation you know the strike price and,all the the information to Value those,in time for the call tonight,but assuming they're worth nothing and,they're not worth nothing,just on the shares he owns outright,alone,today those shares traded down twelve,dollars and seven cents per share today,alone musk lost,5.1 billion of his net worth,just for hubris,if he had done this same thing on Sunday,night or Monday morning before the,market opened,none of this would have happened and,will he get it back well you know I'm,not so sure anymore first of all as we,talked about Sunday I don't think there,is a person that is going to come in and,fill this void,he tried this morning first they leaked,a story to CNBC this morning to tweet,because you could see in pre-market that,the stock was going to trade down Tesla,they leaked disorient to CNBC that he,was already hunting out for a CEO they,leaked a story to the Fox News that he,was speaking to former PayPal Executives,who then denied they had heard of from,him but folks in a real world of any of,you who have worked for a company big or,small if you're planning to step down,what is the thing you do first you find,the person who is going to take your,place,so this guy is um a bad manager the guy,doesn't understand Finance I found his,tweet today which I shared on my wall if,you didn't see it when people were I,guess mocking him for his stock going,down twelve dollars in one day,his response was like the kind of thing,a junior high school student would say,who would who had like taken you know,seen something on TV and wanted to,Parrot it back yes there is some,year-end talk about yields being very,attractive next year and that making the,stock market less attractive that is,true but that's not why Tesla traded,down today,the Oppenheimer analysts calls it like a,negative reinforcement Loop he's pissing,off his users he's pissing off the,advertisers and it's going round and,round,I believe now it's unclear if this stock,is going to rebound even if he were able,to replace the CEO but you have to,understand he's lost so much credibility,with the financial community that I,don't know if they're dumb enough to,believe him,he had said he would not be selling more,Tesla shares he sold Tesla shares uh in,April when he initially made his bid for,Twitter he sold more shares in November,promised everyone that would be his last,sale sold more shares last week told,everyone that would be his last sale the,guy is,um has ruined his reputation and you,know the musk Bros the ones who come to,my page and tell me I don't understand,the Art of War and how brilliant he is,no no no no no no no no this is a you,know a sad man who,um similar to Putin and similar to Trump,has surrounded himself with a small,circle and with Elon it seems like the,circle has just gotten smaller now,that's that's Arlene barking the circle,has just gotten smaller and there's,nobody that's able to talk common sense,into him I think probably finally,tonight his brother who was on the board,of Tesla or somebody said to him,we're going to be going down another 10,tomorrow unless you get this right,so he made the statement okay,again I don't know that he's going to,find anyone of any quality all you're,going to be doing is falling on the,sword whoever co

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Facebook Live session 9: Musk Twitter ( recorded 12/15/22)

Facebook Live session 9: Musk Twitter ( recorded 12/15/22)

hi everyone doing a quick impromptu,Facebook live,um in light of the important news,tonight this is important development,that,um musk has,uh For No Good Reason kicked several,journalists off of Twitter this is super,important news and this is something,that I've written about about my concern,with his authoritarian traits and why I,within the first week after he closed a,transaction stopped tweeting,I want to highlight everyone here please,do not provide content to Twitter if you,want to keep your account up so be it I,don't think he's going to be there for,much longer but I am imploring everyone,to pass the word please do not provide,content to Twitter do not legitimize,what musk is doing this is super,important,you can read my piece on, or I've posted it on,my page that I look at musk and I see an,authoritarian that is exactly what is,happening he is silencing descent and,the good news is he's not going to be at,this platform for long,but the game plan is to stop providing,content until he is gone,now some major developments that keep,coming I know I keep saying that but the,major developments keep coming,we talked twice this week already in,these sessions about this the financial,state of things for Twitter,and you know as I had mentioned in our,conversation yesterday this is the,capitalization at closing,the per the purchase price was in total,46.5 billion,of which 13 billion was banked at,33.5 billion,was Equity of that equity,7.1 was held by Larry Ellison Saudi,princes and we don't know who else,and another 26 billion of the money for,this purchase,is from Musk,as we have discussed at the time he was,forced to close in October this company,that he originally had agreed to buy for,44 billion was worth about half of that,and things have gotten so much worse,since then this company is probably,worth something in the range,of 15 billion maybe even less maybe the,banks,barely covers the 13 billion,of the bank debt,so what has happened since we spoke last,musk has sold more Tesla shares to,support this company,this is how much money he is out now,the original we just said the 26 point,the 26 roughly billion that he put in,initially,and then remember he sold just under 4,billion of Tesla stock shortly after he,closed for liquidity reportedly at,Twitter,and now we found out earlier this week,he sold another 3.6 billion so in total,and this is just Twitter alone this,isn't all the losses at Tesla because of,how far down Tesla stock is down 28,since he closed on his transaction it's,down nearly 60 percent this year alone,the market valuation of Tesla was,was it one point,gonna get my math on 1.2 trillion at the,beginning of the year it's now 500,billion so he's cut off 60 of the value,of this company,mostly him alone,he's hurting his own company but this is,how much he is out the door,when I say he's lost nearly 100 billion,it's because this and also the value of,the remaining shares of Tesla he owns,but I want to explain to you in a very,simplistic way,how desperate it is of what he's doing,let me give you an example that you can,all understand and relate to say you,bought a house during the height of,things during the pandemic you were,moving out of a city and you wanted to,go in the suburbs where you could work,remote,and you paid top dollar for that house,because everyone was trying to buy,houses you paid a hundred thousand,dollars for that house,and no one you know most people if they,buy a house,they borrow money from a bank they have,a bank loan so say you borrowed,I'm gonna throw out a number you,borrowed sixty thousand and then forty,thousand of your own money you put in to,buy this house,okay,that's sort of like what musk did,it's called many of you have heard of,Leverage buyouts from the 1980s what,that essentially says is you borrow,money because it's cheaper to buy,something it makes Financial sense to,buy something like buying a home if you,borrow money,and that's what musk did he borrowed,money to buy Twitter now let's just say,you bought your home for a hundred,thousand and we know what's happened,since then interest rates have gone up,the Home Market is starting to collapse,say now your home is worth seventy five,thousand dollars,so let me explain to you how stupid what,musk is doing is is and and,you have this sixty thousand dollar loan,from A bank,what he is essentially doing say you,were in this position and and now all of,a sudden it's worth so much less say,it's worth half that say it's worth,fifty thousand,and you don't want the bank to foreclose,on your house so what do you do you go,to your 401k you take out all of your,money that's,now you have a taxable event but you're,just taking out all this money,and you start paying off the loan for,this house that's under water,that's essentially what musk is doing,he's borrowing money from Tesla he's,liquidating these shares,to pay off reportedly according to,Bloomberg,to lower his interest costs,by paying off the bottom trunc

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Facebook Live session 2: Musk Twitter (11/17/22)

Facebook Live session 2: Musk Twitter (11/17/22)

hi there again sorry about that folks uh,I needed something to put my phone on so,welcome to our second Facebook live I,have it up on my screen as well so I'm,going to be able to see your comments,and your questions for our session,afterwards when we'll have a,conversation but I want to discuss three,topics tonight one we're going to,discuss uh an update on Elon musk's,Twitter number two we're going to talk,about the election briefly and number,three we're going to talk about Trump,running for president and what that,means,uh so let's start off with Elon Musk,Twitter hi everyone Hi hi hi welcome,so okay we spoke last and you can find,the uh recording from a week ago tonight,a Thursday on my screen we spoke about,Twitter and the concept of Elon Musk,having to put the company into,bankruptcy,so just as a continuation to that theme,and to pick up where we left off,since then things have gotten more dire,the time of year has passed a couple of,within the last week that we spoke when,roughly 30 percent of the company's,Revenue comes from booking out long-term,advertising and nominally because uh,Elon Musk has fired everyone in the,advertising Department it's likely that,a lot of the long-term advertising that,would have been signed at this time of,year also didn't happen as we know the,Twitter blue verified Fiasco happened so,last week we had talked about the,concept of how many uh subscribers he,would need to do that even if he had a,million subscribers it still wouldn't,make a dent,but that's Now put on hold and he says,he will relaunch that when it's perfect,on November 29th okay so that may or may,not happen but needless to say the weeks,are the week has passed uh the revenue,situation has not improved as well uh it,was reported that a week ago excuse me a,night ago not last night but the night,before at midnight San Francisco time,musk sent out an email to all staffers,telling telling them they either had to,work extra hard or quit and get three,months severance pay uh and just before,I signed on the the deadline was five,o'clock California time so that's about,an hour ago so I I just checked the,media about uh a few minutes ago before,I logged on here and apparently uh as,one person has described it it's a mass,Exodus again,so just some big picture perspective the,company had roughly 7 500 employees he,fired half a lot of the big pictures we,talked about engineers the senior people,um have resigned on their own accord,uh you have an additional exit today,Exodus as it was described today,and then to top it all off next week is,um the soccer tournament Fifa tournament,which according to the Articles I've,read is the busiest time of year,for Twitter,on a worldwide basis,and some of the engineers who have,either been fired or have left have said,that,um musk doesn't understand how the,platform actually functions you might be,a brilliant guy but doesn't understand,how it's set up and how it functions and,so this stress on the system,could potentially bring it down or bring,parts of it down or slow it down we'll,see that starts on Monday so you have,these dual back to back these dual risks,one is the financial side and whether,he'll just pull the plug and say I've,already sold 4 billion of Tesla stock to,fund this thing I'm already so far,underwater I might as well just walk,away,he said this week at a at a court,hearing on an unrelated matter that he's,not going to be the CEO of Twitter long,term,if there is a long term for Twitter uh,but he's kind of losing interest he's,sleeping in the office he's got other,responsibilities Tesla's stock is not,doing well,SpaceX if you read the New York Times,his other company,uh there's a lawsuit coming out of that,for him firing employees or employees,they're being fired so his plate is full,so you have that side the financial side,whether he'll dump more stock to put,money in and then you have this other,side which is the technical risk like,what's going to happen is there going to,be a breakdown uh somebody like an,anonymous going to,hack the company or who knows,um you know more of an issue from the,technology standpoint so net net I,continue to say what I said last week,which is if you're like me and you were,on Twitter I had a huge a bigger,platform there than I do on Facebook I,had many more followers and a lot of,people are not on Facebook yet and are,trying to find other ways to stay in,touch but if if you were one of those,people I would wait it out either,deactivate your account and you can,reactivate or stay on and just don't go,on you can fill the void very easily,what I've done on my phone is I've,downloaded apps where I can get the news,and some are paid subscriptions that I,have anyways like the Washington Post,the New York Times,um but others are free NBC News ABC News,um CNBC is great for financial news for,free,so you can fill the gap which is what a,lot of what Twitter has been has been a,way to get news you can fill that Gap,pretty easily on your own unt

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Amy Siskind Donates The Weekly List to the Annenberg School for Communication Library Archives

Amy Siskind Donates The Weekly List to the Annenberg School for Communication Library Archives

After the 2016 election, I started to read up of what experts in authoritarianism were,advising we could do, and one of the things was to write things down, and that first Saturday,after the election I visited Val-Kill, which is the home of the Eleanor Roosevelt, my north,star for all things.,And as I viewed Val-Kill and walked around with my dogs and walked on the property where,she had walked with her two Scottish terriers, I wondered, “What would Eleanor do?”,and the importance throughout her time in writing her daily column My Day and writing,things down.,And that night I came home and wrote down what became week one of The Weekly List.,The Weekly List was a list of broken norms, that things were changing around us so quickly.,We were like the frog in water coming to boil degree by degree and because of the chaos,we were living in it was impossible for us to keep track of everything changing.,One of the odd things about the early days of the Trump administration, and I would say,even the days of the post-Trump administration right, is how, kind-of, dismissive people,were of recognizing how serious a threat this really was.,So Amy’s absolute decision to do this no matter what, right from the very beginning,she was, she was alone in the effort.,The role it played is as big as one can imagine.,It is as instrumental as it should be, and I only wish that there were more, there had,been more efforts like it.,So as we were getting closer to the election, one of the norms that I documented was the,national archives had altered images of Trump.,And I thought to myself, not only is this not normal, am I adding this to the list,,I became increasingly concerned about my list being archived at the Library of Congress,and whether, if somebody like Trump or a Trump-like figure were to become the leader of our country,,whether they would try to tinker with the history of this time because it was directly,after the election and leading up to the election, Republicans were already trying to recast,what had happened during the Trump era.,So I thought about documenting it in a place that would be safe and neutral, and some people,recommended out of the country, but I wanted to do it somewhere here and also I realized,the unique challenges of it because it’s a website and something like websites didn’t,exist twenty years ago, probably will not exist in another twenty years, so I started,to understand this was a really important undertaking and decided it would be safest,at a university.,And she came to us and she said, I’d like, I’m looking for a safe place, I’m looking,for a place where the people who will be the holders, right, of this gift, that I know,that they understand how important it is and I know that they understand the severity of,,of the risk that this is struggling against.,And so she, because she had been involved with the Center for Media at Risk, she had,been following our events, we were corresponding, you know, on and off, she called me and she,said, hey, I’d like it to be with you.,I feel confident that by putting the List, The Weekly List with you, it will be safe.,We could not be more honored by the fact that we received this incredibly important gift,from Amy Siskind.,You know, Annenberg was set up to do a lot of different kinds of things and one of the,areas that we’ve always had real strength in is political communication, thinking about,the impact of our larger communication ecosystem on political possibility.,And what this gift helps to concretize is a version of what the dynamics were like in,this moment in American politics in a way that’s not just important to us, clearly,it is because it impacts our daily lives, but it will be key to have this archive for,future generations who want to understand what was happening, who want to research it,and see how they can explain things that happen in the future in American politics.,And so I do feel like Annenberg is the perfect place to take care of such an important contribution,to the larger political discourse and culture, and we’re happy to have it here, and we’ll,make sure to take good care of it.,I had been told by archivists and historians that this would be a first of its kind type,of project, but I didn’t fully appreciate, still, until we started to get into it and,spend months and months on it, trying to understand how to take it, a project that is somewhat,dynamic and would be used by historians, and put it in a format that centuries from now,would still be accessible.,So the prospect of archiving The Weekly List was exciting not only because the material,is interesting, but also because up to that point neither Annenberg nor Penn had done,that much with born-digital materials as far as archives were concerned.,So this was an opportunity to explore web archiving but also that challenges that come,with figuring out how to take on a collection that is complicated by its digital nature.,I think that there’s kind of a symbolic importance about a

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Facebook Live session 7: Musk Twitter (recorded 12/12/22)

Facebook Live session 7: Musk Twitter (recorded 12/12/22)

hi everyone Welcome to our seventh,Facebook live on musk Twitter and,um maybe we'll do a little bonus about,Kirsten Cinema and what my expectation,is and what it means,um for her as well but major,developments today on must Twitter so,first of all I just want to say,everything we have spoken about in the,past six Facebook live sessions about,most Twitter,coming to fruition so I just want to,start off with the overall message which,is this,if you have interest in returning to,Twitter you will have an opportunity to,do so in the not too distant future,under different management for now I'm,asking everybody,to stop using Twitter if you want to,keep your account up like I did so you,don't get impersonated so you don't lose,your followers so be it,but do not supply this man content this,thing is blowing up breaking news right,before we started this Facebook live,uh musk is doing away with completely,the safety and Trust Council of Twitter,that was set up to Monitor and keep the,platform safe,also and this is why I'm really pushing,people in the past I haven't really,pushed people but I'm really pushing you,to not provide content,uh yesterday he sent a tweet about,Anthony fauci that will expose him to,physical threats the White House spoke,out about that today he attacked,uh Yale Roth who is the former head of,safety who is also lgbtq and attacked,him in a very you know very homophobic,way and he has had to flee his house for,his own safety so if you are still on,Twitter and you are supplying content,you are keeping this thing going under,musk Twitter is nothing to do with,Twitter itself it has to do with his,ownership and you enriching and keeping,this going and making these people,unsafe,and Hey listen I get it I had a huge,following on Twitter much bigger than,here it's an addicting thing to wake up,every morning and turn off Twitter turn,on Twitter and see who's there and get,the likes and everything else and the,retweets but for your own self and for,everyone's safety please stop providing,him content it won't be long now okay,everything that we have talked about is,coming to fruition but for now please do,not provide content to this man,um I just want to also just State,generally as someone who observes the,news very closely I'm still getting the,news,um as I've advised you all to do,downloading apps onto my phone I have,the apps that I pay for the New York,Times The Washington Post The Wall,Street Journal but there's plenty of,ways to get news for free CNBC will give,you the finance news for free ABC News,NBC News CBS News Reuters the AP All,provide free news you do not need to be,on Twitter nor does it serve the,function that it prior did and having,trending items that are newsworthy so,many voices have left already the way,the news is even being covered used to,be very twitter-centric I'm noticing,that that is no longer happening,so okay so the major news today in,addition to all the other brouhaha you,know in the daily chaos,we've talked about the fact,that this company's capitalization,is such that he has a very short window,okay,and um I'm not going to go through,everything I just want to let you all,know and Wendy Temple if you're watching,maybe you can post the link there's a,way to watch the first six,um,Facebook lives that I've done if you are,curious but we're just going to pick off,pick up where we've been I'm going to,review a little bit but remember last,time and and I apologize for keeping it,this way I did try some of you suggested,to do it sideways but then I'm kind of,over it doesn't look as good so I'm,gonna just step aside for a little bit,we're not going to do as many sheets but,okay so we know that this is the,capitalization okay he paid in excess of,46 billion,we know that there was 13 million of,debt we're going to talk about that next,about 7 billion,from the Saudi Prince and Larry Ellison,and then musk about 26 million that's,what he paid to buy Twitter that's was,reported by Bloomberg and we discussed,it last time the other important thing,we discussed last time this is within,the 13 billion that the banks provided,this is the capitalization okay,and this 13 billion,or in the early episodes we assumed that,there was one billion that he had to pay,an interest expense on this debt we now,know it's 1.2 billion,and as we discussed in our last segment,see all of these things kind of follow,on,there's already talks of restructuring,there are six banks that own this debt,one of them is Morgan Stanley where I,used to be co-head of distress trading,they are already working on,restructuring this debt it was reported,by Bloomberg,this bottom tranche which they're stuck,with which is the lowest crunch this,kind of functions like a waterfall these,two are the most senior then these bonds,then these bonds and at when the banks,agree to do this deal in April,and when,musk agreed to buy the company in April,the company was worth around 44 billion,and so the banks were just going to,Syndicate this

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