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Amy Jacobson is live at the BP in Melrose Park pumping gas for the people courtesy of Willie Wilsonh

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Updated on Jan 30,2023

Amy Jacobson is live at the BP in Melrose Park pumping gas for the people courtesy of Willie Wilson

home solutions studios this is chicago's,morning answer on am 560 the answer,listen to am560 the answer online at,560v on the am560 mobile app,on your alexa powered smart speaker and,on tune in i heart and on odyssey,america first with sebastian gorka today,at three right before sean thompson at,four on am 560 the answer,top of the morning dan and amy she's not,here she's uh in the field,she's at the bp station in melrose park,1309 north 25th avenue if you want to,stop by and say hi and have her pump 50,worth of will of uh free gas courtesy of,willie wilson into your car,um she has been out there talking to,folks,about willie wilson's great gas giveaway,and uh here's some of what they had to,say,this is a woman named rosa,this is rosa from franklin park yes all,right so you're in melrose park what,time did you get here uh about ten to,five were you surprised nobody else was,here um there were just a few cars so i,was very surprised yes but why 50 bucks,i mean are you burning more gas waiting,to get gas,um i don't think so i mean like i took,advantage of it you know everything's,gone sky high prices so if i can get,some free gas i'm gonna take advantage,of that yeah but rosa was about an hour,and ten minutes early that's why nobody,was there you know it starts at seven,o'clock doesn't it,i think so,uh a couple more of uh amy's interview,subjects,all right why is it so important for,fifty dollars,because they well the economy is bad you,know my i'm not working right now and,this is why i'm here,to try to save some money,reasonable last time we just heard that,people started lining up overnight,and um we decided to just we live around,the corner so we're like,3 a.m sounds like a reasonable hour so,yeah we got here at 3 a.m,yeah a little bit after 3. what do you,want to say to dr willie wilson thank,you it's,it's a good help um,especially for for me i work in el grove,village so it is quite a drive from here,to el grove,and gas prices ain't cheap here or there,so thank you thank you very much i think,that was our general sales manager,driving to elk grove village okay uh,now let's uh join uh amy j and melrose,park uh lining up at 3 a.m did they not,get the memo that this thing starts uh t,minus 18 minutes,i i know it's it is i am i've gone by,three gas stations on the way here that,are giving the guests away dan i i can't,believe,the lines i mean first of all i started,at irving and asked irving in western,and that line went all the way,down western wrapped around grace,for two miles,it's so i mean it's kind of sad how,desperate people are and how you know,every penny counts right now so that i,went from there to another station,here i finally ended up here and uh the,line goes from 25th avenue all the way,down to 11,avenue i talked to the melrose park,police deputy police chief and he said,you know they don't have to have they,haven't had any fights so far but,they're here and there's public safety,officers here that volunteer to just,keep things in order but it's a traffic,mess anywhere of these anywhere around,these 46 gas stations that they're doing,the gas giveaway i would completely,avoid if i was uh driving in my car,but these people you know,oh yeah well so so the people in line at,uh melrose park i mean how are they,passing in time to did anybody bring,a sausage sampler or something for,people to enjoy while they wait for,their gas,no something i mean i woke a couple up,they were sleeping in a car that couple,that you heard that's been here since,3am they were watching a movie,and then they fell asleep and they had a,little bit of a breakfast but yeah,they're um it's just so sad that it's,come to this that,people are you know desperate they're,desperate for food they're desperate for,gas anything anything helps our youth,economy are you i feel like joe biden,did this yeah well put some stickers up,and we got to have the uh no but you,need the biden,and pritzker here because pritzker,double the state gas tax are you telling,people that you can thank governor,pritzker for the high price of high,price of gas because you double the,state gas tax,well i'm going to when i start pumping i,talked to the bp owner here okay and he,they only have three people,pumping gas and i said well you know,he's got five pumps i can help out he,said that'd be great and guess who's,gonna give me a cup of coffee what about,some how about some beef jerky how about,you know you could get anything from,the impulse buy,shelf right what about that you know the,checkout line um so uh,and so so the bp so so is will where's,willy's not there with you no really no,willie's and sister he's at the station,in cicero and i wanted to go to a gas,station,that you know,more more people like me would hang out,at and um just a place where not media,is you know western uh,irving park every tv station is here,because every station is close to them,because they're lazy,of course so now are you are you every,every single station was ther

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Bill Gertz joins Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson to talk security clearance

Bill Gertz joins Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson to talk security clearance

but you've got questions he always has,an answer it's Sean Hannity this,afternoon at 2:00 right before Jill,Walsh at 5:00 on AM 560 the answer,thought the morning Dan and Amy so was,the big story today John Brennan's,security clearance revoked by the prison,yesterday former CIA director is still,crying this morning habitual liar Lee,was crying all over the pages of the New,York Times about how he's being silenced,yeah I know,the irony is lost on him on MSNBC,yesterday about how he's being silenced,and you know intimidated I do believe,that mr. Trump decided to take this,action as he's done with others to try,to intimidate and suppress any criticism,of him or his administration and,revoking my security clearances is his,way of trying to get back at me,but I think I have tried to voice the,concerns of millions of Americans about,mr. Trump's failures in terms of,fulfilling the responsibilities of that,sacred and solemn office of the,presidency and this is not going to,deter me at all no it's clearly not and,thank goodness despite John Brennan's,comparisons of Trump to foreign,dictators despite his suggestion that,Trump is a traitor and has committed,treason an offense punishable by death,oh by the way Brennan does have access,to the media it seems to me rather than,silencing anybody Trump wants more,communication it's always more,communication and Brennan's op-ed in The,New York Times,president Trump's claims of no collusion,are hogwash a Brennan still prosecuting,his case the same case that he takes,credit for opening up based on pitching,that phony baloney dossier around great,and he's called him a traitor in a,danger to this country Brennan's just,upset right now and pouting because he,can't get the access that he needs to be,effective at his job as a you know he's,a contributor at NBC there's six figures,a year I mean just just so work there's,more evidence of Russian collusion,against John,then there is president Trump at this,point because one thing we know is that,John Brennan voted for Gus Hall for,president 1976,Communist Party candidate so I mean if,you just want to talk I mean and you,might as well I mean based on John,Brennan's standard of evidence you might,as well spin a conspiracy theory about,him the way that he does about Trump,just to illustrate the point because,that's what this op-ed does a bunch of,conspiracy theories about people who,personally profited and whether the only,question now is whether Trump Associates,were part of a criminal conspiracy if it,rises the level of criminality not just,sort of well not illegal collusion with,Russians when in point of fact what we,understand can and is coming into,clearer focus the release Smith's,investigation at real clear,investigations calm we discussed,yesterday,Kim Strasse reporting byron York's,reporting is maybe we've been looking,and the DC press corps has been,purposely looking at this all the wrong,way this entire time and the only,evidence of any collusion with Russian,interests was on the Hillary Clinton,intelligence and law enforcement agency,senior leadership side so the question,is should you stop with John Brennan or,should you move to some of the other,Obama era officials that are under,consideration with respect to their,security clearance rice and power and,Hayden and clapper maybe even some,Department of Justice officials who,should be perhaps former Department of,Justice officials like Bruce or for more,on this topic we're pleased to be joined,by Bill Gertz he is senior editor for,the Washington free beacon and author of,the book I war war and peace in the,information age bill thanks for joining,us appreciate it,hi good to be on the program now I put,this to Alberto Gonzales earlier in the,show but there's a piece by Tom Rogan in,the Washington Examiner no you know,left-winger suggesting that Trump was,wrong to suspend Brennan's clearance,because there could be ongoing,initiatives,operations in CIA where Brennan even,though he has called the president,traitor may have some insight that would,be beneficial to national security,obviously that's a determination that,the president made the other way but do,you have any concerns that Brennan has,any value to add to this administration,no I think he's he's displayed his,opposition to the president and his,administration and there's a fundamental,misunderstanding about security,clearances you know ultimately the buck,stops at the president a lot of times,the intelligence community seems to,think that security clearances are their,purview and that they can grant them and,take them away and they've used that as,kind of a weapon they used it early on,in the in the Trump administration by,pulling the clearances of people that,they didn't like people that the,president had picked to work in the,White House and then the intelligence,community said well they're not,qualified to have security clearances,and I would also point out to that this,happened under the Obama administration,I know a

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Bill Gertz joins Dan Proft & Amy Jacobson with reaction to Pres Trump's summit with Putin

Bill Gertz joins Dan Proft & Amy Jacobson with reaction to Pres Trump's summit with Putin

good morning Dan and Amy so Putin and,Trump wrapped up their summit meeting,which lasted a couple hours from saying,at least see some reports what you had,me at hello did not say that I don't,believe but he said it's good start so,he's he you know they exchanged numbers,they may see each other again and he was,sort of optimistic but with no,expectations much like when I go on a,date about this summit meeting we'll be,talking a little bit about China,President Xi I think we have great,opportunities together as two countries,we have not been getting along very well,for the last two years all right for,more on this topic we're pleased to be,joined by bill Gertz senior editor for,the Washington free beacon and author of,the book I war war and peace in the,information age bill thanks for being,with us all right good morning Dan,morning and so a lot was made in the,run-up of this of you know how Trump,should be characterizing Putin how Trump,should be characterizing Russia the,meeting happens against the backdrop of,those sort of virtues signaling,indictments by Muller on Friday,I mean is there much to read into what,we know to be the case at this point,yeah I think Trump really did a very,good strategic move by criticizing NATO,in the run-up to its meeting with Putin,that kind of gave him leverage in this,closed-door meeting with the Russian,leader basically saying look you know,this isn't he's a different kind of,leader he's trying to play I think the,Russia card against China which i think,is a good thing he's trying to make a,deal with Putin there's a lot of issues,as he said there's the issue of Crimea,there's the issue of Russian violations,of the INF treaty they've deployed a new,cruise missile which really sets off a,whole strategic nuclear issue and again,he was also talking about the Russian,buildup of nuclear forces so I think,it's a good thing that he's meeting with,the Russian leader hopefully again I,think he's a good negotiator and he's,he's looking for some deal down the road,with Putin well I mean it's not a summit,so they're just getting to know each,other real no agenda any deliverables,coming out I mean they're gonna say come,out and say during this joint press,conference that we're now going to go do,XY and Z no I think that they're looking,to read reports that they're looking to,do some kind of deal on Syria that would,lead to the,and withdrawal from Syria I don't know,if that may be one of the deliverables,that they're reportedly looking at but I,think this is just a get-acquainted,session I think they're going to both be,checking each other out I noted that,Putin arrived very late for the meeting,that was definitely a power move on the,Russian leaders part to keep Trump,waiting and again to send a signal that,he's in charge when that's usually,something that Trump does in terms of,kind of framing the relationship how,important is that that Trump established,some boundaries some you shall not cross,boundaries you shall not extend your,revanche ISM to the Baltics we are you,know we will respond if you continue,your four Ray's into trying to,reconstitute Mother Russia yes see I,don't see Trump doing that Trump is uh,as he's announced his policies are,America first so he's looking everything,in the context of what Russia can do to,support American interests rather than,the US again going to bat for Europe,defending Europe trying to deal with,issues like Russian expansionism I don't,think that's kind of a high on his,agenda it's obviously something that the,u.s. is has a responsibility as the,world's main superpower but again from,from Trump standpoint again he's looking,at it from a strategic position of,America first how can better relations,with Moscow benefit America down the,road and like I said I think that the,big deliverable if they could if he,could develop a better relationship,we need to wean Russia we need to what,sorry in Russia off what I'm sorry we,need to wean Russia away from China,right now Russia and China are,developing an anti us alliance so I,think that basically Trump is trying to,get Russia away from China and develop,some type of accommodation with the US,that can be used eventually down the,road because if you look at the threats,from Russia and China the Chinese,economy is like seven times bigger,than the Russian economy plus Russia is,really struggling with the sanctions,that have been posed on the you on it by,the US and Europe over Crimea and other,issues what about you know do you think,President Trump or even the media during,this joint press conference will bring,up the poisoning of those British,residents well certainly that's an issue,of Russian behavior the fact that the,Russians have in I outlined this in my,book I war they've been engaged in,killing journalists killing opposition,figures let's face it this is not a good,regime in Moscow and the president needs,to make clear that any accommodation,between the US and Russia will be for US,interests in the sho

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Rob Blagojevich joins Dan Proft & Amy Jacobson with reaction to Pres Trump's comments on Rod

Rob Blagojevich joins Dan Proft & Amy Jacobson with reaction to Pres Trump's comments on Rod

Chicago's morning answer with Dan and,Amy continues now and make sure to stay,tuned to catch me Mike Gallagher coming,up at 9:00,only on AM 560 the answer good morning,Dan and Amy the full press is on we,talked about the Rob Blagojevich op-ed,in Monday's Wall Street Journal and now,here we are at the end of the week and,Dinesh D'Souza has been pardoned and,Martha Stewart and Rod Blagojevich could,be next up to perhaps send a message,across the bow of trumps enemies perhaps,and an indication to Trump allies of his,willingness to use his presidential,pardon / commutation power - to advance,his interests to send political messages,as well as to reward allies well,yesterday President Trump spoke with,reporters on Air Force One while he who,was heading to Texas and rarely does he,invite reporters on his plane into his,office but he did and everything was,kind of off the record they were just,chatting then he said but I do want you,to put one thing on the record and he,talked about pardoning Martha Stewart,fellow apprentice alum and also rabble,agoI and what he said about the,governor he said 18 years I think really,unfair for being stupid and saying,things that every other politician,you know for that many I know well,that's his 14 years but that's what he,told reporters so they kept saying yeah,and he said 18 and that he was sent to,prison for being stupid and saying,things that every other politician you,know that many other politicians say,that's accept verbatim and he said I am,seriously thinking about not pardoning,but I am seriously thinking of,curtailment for Blagojevich the exact,words that came out of his mouth well to,get reaction to that presidential,pronouncement or pleased to be joined,again by Robert o glavish Rod,Blagojevich's brother you'll remember he,was originally indicted in the first,trial of rod Blagojevich he when that,jury hung he was not retried he,ultimately wrote a book called,fundraiser a my fight for,freedom and justice and Rob Blagojevich,joins us now thanks so much for being,with us again we appreciate it,good morning thank you so how do you,react to the news that your brother may,have his sentence community,well I'm cautiously optimistic I'm,hopeful that if President Trump is,gracious enough to commute pardon,whatever the technical term might be to,shorten rods stay in prison I think it,would be a wonderful thing for rod to be,reunited with his family and back to get,on with his life where were you when you,heard the news and how did you hear it,yeah I was in my car driving the,Huntsville Tennessee or Huntsville,Alabama on business I heard it on a,business Channel I mean I was thrown,back when I heard it cautiously,optimistic of course and you know,completely changed my day I'm very happy,but but sober at the same time now after,the ordeal that you went through with,your brother when you kind of came on to,help him with his reelection campaign,and the fundraising for that campaign um,if I remember correctly from one of the,last times we spoke you were estranged,from your brother and I wonder if that,relationship has been repaired or,there's still some estrangement but,obviously you use your brother so you,don't want him to be in prison any,longer than he has to be yeah I've got a,chuckle no we're not we have not made,any contact really since rod and I spoke,last just before he went to prison but,that truly is as you said beside the,point I'm I'm his brother I love him and,I really want him to be reunited with,his family and get out with his life so,whatever issues he and I have our,secondary to him getting his freedom do,you think anitya did anything wrong do,you think that he committed crimes that,he should have been imprisoned you know,here's what I know,i sat through that first trial and I saw,how lopsided the prosecution was allowed,to present evidence and at that time,judge Hagel gave him every opportunity,to show one side of it and when it was,time for rods team in the second,trial to show evidence that was,exculpatory of the accusations and all,the all the stupid talk I would say that,rod is guilty of that was presented to,the jury he was to me a travesty,there were if you heard all the tapes,that I heard getting ready for trial you,would conclude a very you come to a very,different conclusion than what what has,openly played out I'm a veteran I pay my,taxes I believed in our justice system,until I was a part of it and learned how,corrupt and one-sided it is and it's and,if the prosecution has an agenda to go,after someone as they did with my,brother and ultimately is a pawn and,wiretap you have surveil you for 50 days,they will make a federal crime on it and,so I am so sobered by what happened to,us that I wrote the book I've spoken to,law schools,done many things in the Chicago area,trying to get the word out that I really,sincerely believe our civil liberties,are at stake here and if you see what's,going on in Washington DC with the,Muller,investigation and I see many of

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Former US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales joins Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson

Former US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales joins Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson

hey before you read about it on Facebook,or Twitter well hear about it from your,friends find out what today's big,stories really mean with me Sean Hannity,today at two right here on AM 560 the,answer Dan and Amy interesting piece in,The Wall Street Journal over the weekend,by Steven Calabresi who was special,assistant to attorney general ed Meese,he was also a clerk for Justice Antonin,Scalia,he argues that per the Constitution's,appointment appointments clause special,counsel Bob Muller is exceeding his,authority he cites some case law to make,the argument that Muller is should not,be the one bringing the indictments he,has brought Rosenstein is not really,constitutionally empowered to delegate,that authority to a mother any more than,president from could delegate his veto,power to mister Rosenstein rights,Calabresi suggesting that mothers,investigation has crossed the legal line,and sort of not asking the question but,it's implicit in his op-ed where is rod,Rosenstein where's the Department of,Justice to abide constitutional limits,and a so an enforced associated case law,on the topic of special counsel for more,on this topic and others related we're,pleased to be joined again by our friend,former United States Attorney General,Alberto Gonzales who is now the Dean of,Belmont University School of Law in,Nashville also author of the book true,faith and allegiance Alberto Gonzales,thanks for joining us again appreciate,it good morning how are you dad good,morning and so what about the argument,that Calabresi makes that you know,Muller is exceeding his authority and,Rosenstein isn't abiding his and this,creates a problem it's just it's not,consistent with case law on the topic,and the appointments clause the,Constitution well several points one I'm,assuming that I mean there are a number,of very,our lawyers as mark as the author here,and in terms of looking at these kinds,of issues and questions and I suspect,that they've looked at it and perhaps it,reached a different conclusion secondly,in terms of supervision we don't know,what kind of oversight supervision rod,is given it's providing in connection,with with the investigation and there,may become conversations every day and,so that rod is watching very carefully,while Bob Muller is doing and then third,in terms of what I'm not the,investigation should be stopped we have,to remember that there is there is also,the objection to finding out what Russia,did and how they did it so that we can,hold them accountable so that for that,very reason in my judgment the,investigation needs to be allowed to,conclude so that BOM Waller can tell us,what the heck the Russians did to us,what about the questions though that are,have been raised and new ones being,raised per last week's disclosure to,Gowdy and Nunez about this top secret,source without revealing the source and,so forth but this back and forth between,justice and house an Intel committee for,the better part of the last year to get,documents to which that house Intel,committee is entitled and the questions,about the Obama administration about the,FBI investigation they the contradictory,statements from Jim Comey about Mike,Flynn and whether he was being truthful,or not truthful I mean all of the,internal questions with respect to these,law enforcement agencies and senior,level officials in the previous,administration should the investigation,include that - prior to its conclusion I,don't know that it that it should rod,Rosen's time can make that cause -,whether or not that should also be,included or whether or not there should,be an the appointment of another Special,Counsel or whether or not the Congress,should exercise its oversight I,understand the frustration that Congress,has with the department in receiving,information there is a stance agos that,occurs between every Congress and every,DOJ with respect to sensitive,information and oftentimes as a matter,of comedy that a problem is going,provide the information either directly,providing the documents or providing a,summary or providing a briefing as to,what the documents say one thing we had,to remember is that these documents may,be very sensitive in terms of relating,to an ongoing investigation and when,you're talking about an ongoing,investigation and provide them any,information bottle that investigation to,the Congress whether there is a history,of leaking then I can understand there,is concern by the Department of Justice,in providing that information and so I,have every confidence that the,department is working hard to try to,reach some kind of arrangement with the,Congress to alleviate so that Congress,can conduct the proper oversight at the,appropriate time they will have access,to the documentation but you know the,number one priority for the department,is to make sure that they get this,investigation light and get it done as,quickly as possible and the last thing,they want to do is turn over documents,of the Congress which which may have,been co

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Ronald Kessler joins Dan Proft & Amy Jacobson with reaction to the DOJ report on the FBI

Ronald Kessler joins Dan Proft & Amy Jacobson with reaction to the DOJ report on the FBI

freedom ring this afternoon Metsu with,Sean Hannity right before joe walsh at,5:00 on AM 560 the answer good morning,Dan and Amy and boy yeah the different,of Justice Inspector General report,really puts Democrats in a trick bag on,so many levels one of which is I think,they don't know whether they're supposed,to like Jim Comey or not anymore right,he knows he's Muller star witness,ostensibly in the obstruction case,they're trying to conjure up against,President Trump but it didn't fare too,well that Inspector General report nor,did some of his underlings like page and,struck and five unnamed agents,Department of Justice doesn't fare,particularly well either going back to,the days when Loretta Lynch was the,Attorney General and this has President,Trump and House Republicans on offense,over the weekend both trey Gowdy,chairman the House Oversight and Devon,Nunez chairman of the House in telling,led by speaker Ryan that included,Christopher Rea FBI director,representatives from DOJ including rod,Rosenstein at the Deputy Attorney,General where they basically said look,those subpoenas that have been pending,for more than a year you're gonna,produce those documents,you're gonna produce the documents we've,requested this week or we're going to,take it on the floor yeah the,disciplinary action that we have,available to us including but not,limited to impeachment,here's trey Gowdy laying it out with,Chris Wallace on Fox we had a meeting,Friday night under the heading of minor,miracles you had members of the House,working on a Friday night Paul Ryan led,this meeting yeah Devin noonas Bob,Goodlatte myself and everyone you can,think of from the FBI and the DOJ and we,went item by item on both of those,outstanding subpoenas we either have,compliance we have partial compliance or,we have non-compliance and Paul made it,very clear there's going to be action on,the floor of the House this week,if the FBI and DOJ do not comply with,our so,Pina request so rod Rosenstein Chris,rape you were in the meeting you,understood him just as clearly as I did,we're going to get compliance or the,House of Representatives is going to use,its full arsenal of constitutional,weapons to gang well it part of that,depends upon what you view the Muller,probe as now you mentioned collusion the,only person in the universe who claims,to have evidence of collusion is atom,chef and unlike any other speaker he's,ever had he's actually kept this one,he's never told anyone what evidence he,has so there's no evidence of collusion,obstruction of justice Chris good luck,having your star witness big Jim Comey,and any prosecution from shoplifting to,obstruction of justice good luck if,that's your star witness for me the,Muller probe is about what Russia did in,2016 and who if anyone they did it with,for more on this for pleased to be,joined by New York Times bestselling,author of books on a range of topics,including the Secret Service the FBI and,the CIA most recent offering the Trump,White House an exclusive exclusive,access he got with President Trump that,informs his book he is Ronald Kessler,Ronald thanks for joining us again,appreciate it,so what about the fallout from that,Inspector General report and some seems,it seems renewed vigor coming from more,than just Devon hoon yes after that,report well I think they are making,progress on getting additional documents,out of the FBI it is you know very,sensitive when you're talking about an,ongoing investigation if you're talking,about a source you know his life could,be in danger if his identity were,revealed I think that's what part of,this is about the report itself directed,the greatest criticism towards call me,as you indicated and in fact towards the,fact that he gave the public statements,about Hillary which actually hurt,Hillary as opposed to Trump also it,gives Trump ammunition because of the,Peter Stroup messages that will stop,Trump but it also says that stroke said,another message,he didn't want to work on the mother,investigation because he didn't think,there was much there and also that both,he and Lisa Paige his lover were for,more aggressive actions in some cases,using more use of subpoenas so it was,quite a jumble of information there it,you know it really pertains to the,actions about a dozen FBI employees,including the director and the deputy,director so though it's not a systemic,problem with the within the FBI but why,would why would the IG report say that,this he's not politically bias when,clearly if you read the port it sounds,like there's some bias behavior going on,well there's clearly had bias in terms,of his personal opinions but they,couldn't identify any decision that,resulted from that in fact as I,mentioned you know in in some cases he,was for more aggressive actions against,Hillary so it's just not you know it's,yeah I can wait situation right I mean,he says Horowitz says he couldn't prove,it but he talks about examples of what,appeared to be bias throughout and,they're obvi

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David Harsanyi joins Dan Proft & Amy Jacobson w/ reaction to "Stormy" weather at the White House

David Harsanyi joins Dan Proft & Amy Jacobson w/ reaction to "Stormy" weather at the White House

and Amy and picking up on that to cry,room matter Amy at the collegiate level,something else at the collegiate level,is allegiant level I mean that is sick,the cry room yeah what do you mean well,I mean man up or woman up and just when,you feel like crying go cry somewhere,you don't need a cry room we don't wrong,in attention to if you know what that is,it's a cry for help,we don't somebody sees you walk in there,they'll think maybe I can help out the,days of us raising boys to be men with,chests or over I don't know well that's,why I'm sending my kids to st. John's,northwestern Military Academy summer,camp there you go and they get to where,I'm so happy I can't wait I hope they,get pushed around not pushed around but,I mean just fall in line get tough and,all that toughened up that's what I,meant to do Dan yeah make them men get,them off their computers sure off their,cell phones to get out into nature they,can't go to the scouts anymore no,because there is no more Boy Scouts also,you know and maybe paint in Eli will run,the gauntlet and be in the select group,of male college graduates I know we,don't play identity politics but since,the other side does it be fun to hear,their explanation for this and what,should be done where the numbers,reversed but our friend over at carpe,diem mark Perry a economics professor,University of Michigan has been tracking,this for a while points out that the,class of 2018 class of 2018 college,graduates associate degrees 61 39 women,bachelor's degrees 57 43 women master's,degrees 59 41 women doctoral degrees 53,47 women all degrees 59 4 well in 5941,basically so 60/40 female versus male if,those numbers were reversed what this,would be like a national crisis wouldn't,it what are we going to do about,elevating women in higher education but,three to two female-to-male and there's,no problem so is it a is it a is gender,distribution an issue when it comes to,higher education or education generally,or should it be performance based I mean,I don't like to say a law school that's,like all these this despite what Sandra,Day O'Connor said in the Michigan Law,School case I don't care if the my,entire graduating class of northwestern,was a hundred percent black women a,hundred percent into it Eskimos it's the,it should be based on performance right,but that's not what we do everywhere,else except except if it's a protected,group or a group aspiring for protected,status that is the one underperforming,thus even despite these numbers what's,the real push when it comes to anything,viewed through the gender prism in,education stem for girls right because,girls scores when it comes to math yes I,and by extension yeah engineering and,right yeah are lower than boys hmm this,is interesting to note for more,interesting things to know we're pleased,to be joined again by our friend David,Hasani who is Nash Justin ik a columnist,and he also is senior editor at The,Federalist the Federalist comm author of,first freedom a ride through America's,enduring history with the gun from the,revolution to today David thanks for,joining us appreciate it oh the pleasure,thanks for having me so switching gears,from our little foray and a higher ad,there president Trump and Rudy Giuliani,reunited from the campaign and it feels,so good this week I don't know if it,feels good it feels weird and sort of,how would I say this unplanned a little,bit of Anarchy going on it seems to me,but yeah you know well here's the thing,I let's say here what Alan Dershowitz,had to say an MSNBC yesterday before we,get to kind of Trump and some of these,self-inflicted wounds in Trump world,what about some of the II,shoes of the left when it comes to,embracing the police power of the state,- Dershowitz made this point if men were,angels as Madison wrote we wouldn't need,a constitution we need a constitution,because we as Americans don't trust,Authority and we as Liberal Democrats,used to not trust law enforcement now,it's the conservative Republicans that,don't trust law enforcement and the,liberal Democrats that are all saying we,trust law enforcement completely the,statutes are in place the rules are in,place these rules are only as good as,the people who enforce them and only as,good as the motives of the people who,are behind them and I have to tell you I,do not trust the government I do not,trust judges I do not trust prosecutors,when they are zealously seeking to go,after a particular target in this case,Donald Trump there's the the professor,have a point David of course he has a,point I mean I'm no Donald Trump's fan,but it's clear to me that there's a,business there's abuse of power going on,here I mean the other day I wrote about,the FBI and the Justice Department which,simply refuses to hand over documents,that are being asked for in an,investigation by Congress which has the,authority of oversight well you know,when it comes when it comes to the FBI,and you know they simply refuse to do it,it refused to do it because it ma

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Pres. Debate Hero Ken Bone Explains to Amy Jacobson & Bruce Wolf Why He's Back In The News

Pres. Debate Hero Ken Bone Explains to Amy Jacobson & Bruce Wolf Why He's Back In The News

songs right it's becoming ah good,morning Amy Jacobson here or as we like,to say Olaf well not me amigos,I'm Amy gasps Olaf backwards also keep,out of key when you're blowing a point,eight Richter scale I know everybody's,over they got straight off the plane and,went straight to the Betty Ford Clinic,it was great Mike here you go here's,where you guys can check in the Rose,grants dude yeah but good to be back and,we again and we want to thank our,listeners and those fine folks at,Secrets Maroma beech and our friends at,Apple Vacations who did a really good,job putting this trip together it's so,important to bond with the listeners and,we had a really great group of people so,if you want to get in on the fun next,year I'm sure we'll be going on a trip,and Bruce maybe you can go along with,two so we have a returning guest I don't,know if you remember him let me play a,little little ditty from it he we all,get to give you a hint he wore a red,sweater I had a really nice olive suit,that I loved a great deal and my mother,would have been very proud to see me,wearing on television but apparently,I've gained about 30 pounds and when I,went to get in my car the morning of the,debate I split the seat of my pants all,the way open so the red sweater is plan,B,now I'm glad it worked out he is Ken,bone from Belleville oh I thought it was,Bobby Knight no it wasn't Bobby Knight,but he made a name for himself when he,was picked to sit behind Hillary Clinton,and then Donald Trump at the,presidential debate 2016 at Washington,University I was actually there with Dan,and we watched it I said that guy's cool,you know what and he's so cool,they wrote a parody song about him,you come on it yeah and they show that,we never thought we'd witness in our,lives you get that point right well,joining us on our turnkey depo answer,line is the Ken bone and he's here for a,different reason,something to do with guns and safety and,Twitter good morning Ken bone how are,you we're doing great thanks again for,coming back and being a return guest so,I tell us about your son and what,happened on Twitter,hello mr. bone what happened was I had,Kyle cashews one of the parklands,shooters or one of the partners,survivors I'm sorry is a friend of mine,on Twitter good young guy 16 years old,he went to the gun range with his father,and he'd gotten a little trouble with,his school administration for posting,pictures of himself at the gun range,which we all thought was a little silly,hadn't done anything illegal I responded,to his tweet where he was expressing how,upset he was about it with a picture of,my son saying what if the security guys,had to talk to you about going in the,gun range with their dad maybe they,should talk to my son too,well it's a picture for you it sure is,me and my son at the gun range someone,from my school or my son's school saw,that and suspended my son from school,well the picture we should tell people,you're in the photo you're over his,shoulder but with you know enough room,to give him space while he's firing a,weapon at at a target and this doesn't,scare me at all this doesn't this is,your second Amendment right to own and,shoot firearms so what did the school,say and and how old is your son well my,son's 14 he's in the eighth grade and,well the school said that the caption I,put on the photo where maybe security,should talk to my son was like a threat,I guess they thought I was crying for,help from Twitter like please Twitter,come and save me from my dangerous gun,wielding child mr. bone just to put a,little perspective on this these your,son goes through this, eligible school in Belleville,and he had brought a pocketknife to his,previous school and he was expelled for,that so they're kind of justified in,being on guard about you know situations,like this on the other hand as you point,out this picture was taken before he,went to this new school it's over a year,old so maybe this thing could have been,solved without going to the draconian,extreme of a suspending your son right,well you can be as on guard as you want,and keeping the kids safe is the,ultimate goal I'm all for that the thing,is my son didn't do anything,not only is there nothing illegal going,on in the picture as we're at a gun,range under the provision of me and one,of the supervision of the Rangemaster,but also that is not my son's Twitter,account he doesn't have a Twitter,account it was me who posted the picture,and you click the caption on it so what,if I like rob a bank on the way home,from work today does my son get expelled,from the school no but if you're in jail,for a murder do your kids get kicked out,of school forever,yes see I'm actually on your side on,this one because it doesn't sound like,it Bruce well it could have been solved,through a phone call as you have said,before never yeah problem is is that,your son is going to this school where,he's ecause of he had brought a,pocketknife to his private prior campus,and was expelled from that and so t

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