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Elon Musk in Among Usso today and among us we're taking over,Twitter with Elon Musk our goal is to,b


Updated on Jan 19,2023

Elon Musk in Among Us

so today and among us we're taking over,Twitter with Elon Musk our goal is to,become the richest man alive by using,our flamethrower our band hammer and,investing all of our money sometimes do,me a favor if you've ever used Twitter,before hit the like button down below,the video what hit the Subscribe button,let's do this all right let's do it boys,all right listen up we are all trying to,get a billion dollars the first one wait,no if we get a billion dollars before,the Imposter we win,working boys I'm gonna go call my lawyer,call my lawyer call my lawyer,dudes welcome to Elon Musk like I said,in the intro I look I have 20 million,dollars right now look at my phone right,I can invest this money and make more,money but I'm gonna wait until I get a,little bit more like I can invest in,Tesla all of uh elon's thingies Tesla,SpaceX the boring company and Twitter my,goal is to get a billion dollars before,all those losers and there's a bunch of,different ways to get this like look,this is elon's little home right uh we,got elon's Twitter office and we got the,boring company first thing I'm gonna do,I'm gonna run down here to the boring,company,look at me,I have all these abilities that I'm,gonna unlock as I start to work at these,different companies right so I have 20,million dollars I if I do that look look,at them at the boring company look I'm,Drilling in a boring company look at,this hey and then when I finish this,drill,I got a million dollars now I have 21,million and I get a Mobility we now have,the drill ability look at this so I'm,underground right now nobody knows I'm,here and I can remember on the map so,what I'm gonna do first over here in the,Tesla company I can build a Tesla car,right but I need all these parts I need,a I need the doors I need the tires I,need the the frame of the car so I need,to go on around and find that before I,do that let's do this Tesla solar panels,I gotta line up the Tesla panels to the,lights to the Sun and,we just got another,give me another ability,so I'm gonna drill down,I'm gonna go listen to people I'm gonna,go see how much money people have,because I can also sue people and take,their money maybe there's Nico wait I,need this part I need I need this part,on drill,untransformed I mean grab this part,there we go I'm gonna go see if I can,see the only way hey Pat hey wait how,much money do you got somebody how much,wait don't shoot how much money you got,like 10 mil why I just wondering no,reason no please,Pat you'd never tell anybody how much,money you have I stolen all oh here Pat,I'll give you a tip I know you're paying,handling here take a mill thank you,thank you oh,there we go now we got 32 million hey,Gary all right we need to keep making,money uh oh yeah hold on let's grab this,this is uh for the for the spaceship the,rocket canister we gotta go all the way,to we gotta do this spaceship like I,said there are a ton of different,abilities what is this is this part of,the car,Tesla back door nice we got the Tesla,computer and the Tesla back door let me,look for the the rest of this wait I,want to see oh here's the Tesla tires I,gotta get those uh oh the body got it,let's see how much money they have yeah,because if I kill them when they respawn,they lose 40 million don't hurt me you,don't know what I'm making a car,oh now they're gonna respond with uh 40,million dollars left that's perfect oh I,also have disability hold on let me do,PayPal PayPal there we go so we can see,how much everybody has oh gosh hello I,am has 54 million if I click her how,much am I gonna take,10 million from,oh my God he's tired what else do I need,if you see my inventory I have the,computer the back of the Tesla now the,tires,so I have the tires,and the computer now I just need to,frame in the other door here's the frame,what is this Tesla body what is this,uh rocket wing,that's gonna be for this rocket that's,gonna be for the rocket holder since I,have 42 million let me invest wait or,people are tweeting why is there a,letter D in the word fridge but not,refrigerator that is I never thought of,that well the more you know all right,hold on uh 42 million let me invest so,one of these companies has a very high,return rate so I'm gonna invest 20,million into yeah,Tesla 20 million into Tesla are we gonna,get our money back are we gonna get our,money back please,20 mil that is terrible I just invested,20 million and got 20 million back but,I'm not going to tell you I invested it,because you guys might be the Imposter,wait what do you say no tell me which,one sorry I can't hear you I'm on the,phone sorry I'm doing it I did Twitter I,did Twitter you're on the phone with me,uh you're sorry I'm on the phone testing,with oh here's the door,this is gonna give me the Tesla now hey,Gary I'm building myself a Tesla you,building the Tesla too front tire back,tire frame there we go I got 10 million,for that oh snap wait Gary how much,money do you have I only have 21 million,so if you sue somebody and you

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Among Us but I unfollow Wildcat on Twitter

Among Us but I unfollow Wildcat on Twitter

this one,yeah,but I couldn't see who it was they were,just barely ahead of me,leave me alone,yeah he is trying to give Bonsai well,I'm gonna vote for pasta then by the way,during your sidebar he literally comes,up he's like I think pasta is a little,sucks with no explanations,hey man did I save your ass or did you,do that,follow follow yo you guys oh my gosh,both you guys's mics are quiet I,actually genuinely want to help you,what's your mic set at and better,cooling 300 there's no way you're, lying,areasiac now,um,we're not chill we're not chill you and,I aren't you no no no that group is not,chilled,I'm sorry I'm sorry,give us the info quick before you get,shot uh investigator syrup swooper and,more fun,oh my gosh,see through his votes everywhere,you missed everybody I'm glad that,game's over here,oh my God,the big boy lunch,who's the big boy I don't know whose big,boy is but they launched then he wanted,to die now that I've stepped on him so,I'm assuming somebody killed oh well I,mean thank you for uh obliging his Kink,he likes I actually believe this,scenario probably was Bonsai saying step,on me so I could uh yeah,let me finish nevermind I'm skipping,okay thank you,okay hey I was just agreeing with you I,believe that I had a whole point but no,it's fine okay,sometimes I was Sheriff by the way if,you could pay attention to how that was,gonna go if you're bad and you know it,clap your hands if you're bad and you,know it clap your hands,clap your hands clap your hands it's not,clapping I trust him oh no can't help,you win if you're bad and you know it,clap your hands if you're bad and you,know it clap your hands,clap your hands,clap your hands,oh no wait didn't uh who's going,specimen with,well Z just came out a specimen yeah,I wanted to find out who actually killed,the mic continuing to walk also hit me,super easy go ahead and shoot me we're,not even paying attention in the meeting,probably not a killer,whale my money my money's on Z or Himi,to be honest D or Himmy but not both yes,what are we thinking here folks oh red,just walked right in there oh what are,you doing it was meat pasta wonton,hanging out top left reactor Palms go,down pasta lead wonton and I are sitting,there shooting our pants Toms gets fixed,as a Cara walks over kills wonton,doesn't say a word and then jumps in the,vent but then I reported Cara's body,right side over by the other vent,because I went to see look who popped,out so car is dead and wonton's dead but,I saw Cara kill wonton but the car,didn't say any words but it also,happened right as comms got fixed so,Cara could have gotten caught and then,just didn't say a word to try and cover,I think it's two people I think it's Z,and Jimmy actually,listen to me the reason why I didn't,report the body and specimen is because,I'm the veteran and I wanted to try to,kill someone but it never made sense,I know he's lying I know him 100 he's,lying guys yeah I'm in a bit of a,conundrum I know who the two killers are,who and I'm the veggie but I just don't,want to be that guy why did he tell you,the rules I was gonna help pasta and she,told me her role and I know him he's a,role himy swooper pasta's Grenadier I,just don't have the heart to do it to me,though yeah but it's so much funnier to,you pasta I you know I actually want to,help her it's National pasta day it is,this so I'm only gonna do it if I know,the last no is that pasta,Harry,so speak up Himi Harry,I've been in love the whole time,oh,Harry what are you huh the glitch,I don't want to stay with you Scotty,dance,I think Scotty and horkid are clear the,entire game,they were together lights go out I'm in,the room and neither of them decide to,kill me oh guys a few more people and we,can get wild cat out Scotty come with me,wait what,oh no,no someone killed my medic please if you,don't have a good reason or know someone,who did this you're getting voted out,all right uh we got this first I walked,out of o2 with wonton together and we,found the body no because he literally,just died like a second or two ago so,there's no way you just two of you walk,up on a dead body that flopped over he,brought me out I don't care I,didn't do it hey that's wild that I got,votes but move hey it's time we won't be,manufactured love we'll make the love,happen this game like the sound of that,movie I like real love yeah not that,fake love we got the real love now oh,dude trying to follow someone that's,going really fast it's so bad it's a big,party right here yeah we never really,get along but the start of this round we,definitely got along so I want to hang,out with Z but he didn't want to hang,out with me so I'll hang out with you oh,you are certainly I'm pretty sure,because he and I spent a lot of time,together he would have doused me okay,fair enough does anyone see anyone else,right now,okay okay so that was Speedy,Pokemon putting people Ablaze that's,possible no he's literally known for,fire I don't want to like throw this on,you but like we already h

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Among Us again I know I’m sorry… (it’s pretty funny tho)

Among Us again I know I’m sorry… (it’s pretty funny tho)

I overheard a conversation I just heard,that pasta pyong and I believe it was,wonton right y'all were together oh with,the ppw y'all are super good that's all,I I said wanton super good wait,what was the name what were the names,again,PTW,yeah,oh man working did you catch the names,he said I think so,all right see you guys later,go down here,my piss is bringing me down here,nice nice because you're yeah you got,directions down here to the weather,balloon I gotta download this while I'm,pissing,you kill me even though I medic Shield,you kill me can't kill oh all right well,we gotta we gotta figure out then how to,win this game that's what we're gonna,figure out,I didn't know,uh jorca was my medic he was following,me around he was like Hey can you kill,someone I said no I can't he goes all,right well then you and I are gonna,figure out who who it is and then he got,killed by wonton as Bianca was jumping,in and out of event nearby so oh that's,my story continue I was in,decontamination so piano Convent only,one good role convinced Wildcat is,actually bad,oh yikes that's a yikes from Cara that,is a dog read,um,I don't think so I don't think so I'm,gonna happen he is my work it was my,medic and I was promising to to help him,assist in winning this game for us the,crew oh yeah I'm gonna go back to my,vaginal fast,yep that's a wild cup is an executioner,or something now Larry is claiming,wildcat's bad too oh you guys are all,against me for no reason what is,happening he said he's sheriff and he,was gonna prove to us that you killed,pasta okay then Skip and let him shoot,me then no I'm just gonna vote I won't,move let him shoot me I won't move,okay the only way that this backfires is,if uh someone with this guy from Wildcat,so let's see what happens oh man what,what a crazy thing that would be if,that's what happened it probably is what,happened now,no you made it such a big deal,all right sending ,15 seconds,or was I bluffing who knows,yeah weird,hey so I am I am a killer by the way,yeah I know,stupid oh you guys are not gonna,believe this yet another person has,exploded on me, exploded on me it's like a nasty,one time yeah,disgusting I I think wonton is a killer,but I don't think he is arsonist we,still have the arsonists,what,what,oh my God,someone's chainsaw is broken,hey why aren't you subscribed it's free,you're coming back for the videos anyway,click subscribe like the video as well,while you're at it okay back in the,video,um but you gotta understand from my,point of view bro you you said you're,gonna you're gonna you know tell,them your role I can't find you then all,of a sudden he's dead and you're right,there it looks a little sucks,attitude,if I'm actually not ever been to where,do you guys are all why,would you be mad are you good,nope it's a matter of principles,don't be too early,your life dumbass,all right pasta come over here come over,here come over here,please don't kill me punk I've been dead,first like six games in a row what do,you need possibly we oh Kimmy's dead I,forgot I'll be back,is good,I think that one's on me,okay you can kill me,I was trying to have a sidebar with,pasta and this is all I got from her for,30 seconds straight,there it is,please,like her esophagus has to be like,straight wiggling It's gotta be like,waves to make that sound,because he sounds like that,dude,oh ,what are you doing,I wouldn't I was trying to tell you not,to do that,oh I just found it or wanton's body,I didn't want to fix bombs and get,murdered so I butt and buried based well,Slade do you have any info I trust you,yeah I saw Scotty kill uh pasta I think,Larry What's your deal huh,nothing,hey you could talk Larry,don't got much to say,vote him out on them on a lack of,defending himself,no I'm I mean I trust Slade someone said,something about Scotty killing in the,first round I don't know I was trying to,talk to Pasta this entire round then we,got dispersed and she's gone,which is fine because I was sick of,hearing her weeds in my ear anyway it's,awfully wordy of you,what the is this I voted Larry,um,that's great,let's go the Flawless Victory we killed,them all it's not too shabby,welcome unless he's gesture somehow,that's not possible right okay,what do you want me to do man I can hack,I can go yeah mimic is me and go kill,somebody fortnite give me three seconds,to finish this med scan and then,let's go you dresses me and let's go,kill someone,okay hold on one second uh boom hey,I like playing fortnite oh it's me,wildcat,I play fortnite oh okay now you walk,away and I'm gonna stand here,beautiful oh,I just realized,okay I know what the game is,I know the game room come on come on the,closet folks that's where all the gays,are oh in the closet,stay back I'll protect you no he he he,he,protected me,for nothing set back all unpreneur,Wildcat,what do you want uh what do you want,janitor and killer they're janitor and,killer,a cat explained well a cannon slayed,wild cat is laid nah oh see weird okay,amnesiac,janit

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Sonic Twitter Takeover #5 - All Answers

Sonic Twitter Takeover #5 - All Answers

finally after five long years I'm taking,over Sonic's Twitter send in your,questions now with the hashtag ask,Shadow Shadow I found you what hey guys,he's in here,Shadow you weren't thinking of starting,the fun without us,hello doctor I was actually under the,impression that this was going to be a,solo production today hey Shadow it's,good to see you again,great now everyone's here and I brought,an extra friend this time too come on in,yakker,I brought the Miles Electric so I can,help translate anything he has to say,he's excited to answer some of your,questions,sweet thanks Tails well since we're all,here I think it's about time we get,started then you all know the drill if,you want to ask us a question just send,us a tweet using the hashtag ask Sonic,and you may get a personal response from,us,why are we using ask Sonic again well,actually we pulled straws while we're,outside yeah we couldn't find you though,sorry,see what kind of system is this an honor,System and a system I just happened to,win so,very well don't worry Shadow we couldn't,have a Twitter takeover for Sonic Colors,ultimate without the ultimate life form,don't try to butter me up Hedgehog,anyway make sure to get your questions,in within the next six hours we'll be,waiting,see you soon,audible asks Tails it's been a while,since you had to carry Sonic so much I,bet it takes a lot of energy is it tough,to pull him up every time he falls,wow yeah Tails doesn't have nearly the,upper body strength I have how do you do,it well I've actually been doing a,little screening here and there,oh,my gosh eyes,Tails I can't believe these games thanks,guys,whoa those abs tails oh,I might be picking my enemies,incorrectly clearly you're the tougher,enemy than Sonic,Eggman I'm so sorry my muscles they're,just so defined,gains comes great pains thanks for the,question Audible,lebastian asks what's your favorite,movie besides the Sonic movie,as if he can sit through an entire movie,hey I so can sit through an entire movie,I just run around the theater every few,minutes to keep myself awake,wouldn't you miss crucial parts of the,film leaving all the time uh I'm the,fastest thing alive I make it back in no,time flat don't miss a thing,so what's your favorite movie then oh oh,a definitely ciao in space love that one,so sad that ciao didn't make it though,pretty bummer of an ending,the uh ciao definitely lives Sonic,did you even catch to call huh to call,wasn't in Chow in space where was to,call,fastest thing alive huh,he didn't even see to call,uh I think that's enough time on this,question thanks for asking lebastian,muffin kid 64 asks oh boy now I want 64,muffins does yakker wink or blink that's,easy he blinks yeah I'm with Shadow here,the little guy only has one eye so he,blinks no no let's not be Hasty it's all,about intent I think Yacker could wink,or blink,all right all right let's settle this,Yacker please blink,okay yeah that was it,okay now wink,huh yeah I didn't notice any difference,okay he's going to do it again watch,oh uh yeah that was totally different,yeah yeah I liked his uh tentacle,flourish that time um,see guys it pays to be observant great,job yakker absolutely nothing was,different but muffin kid 64. thanks for,the question,toad gameplay asks hey Eggman how much,of the sweets at Sweet Mountain are real,I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that,they're all real I would just make an,amusement park without pulling out all,the stops wait you're telling me that I,could have just eaten straight through,all that cake I mean I appreciate the,drill wisps help but that would have,been way more delicious I think he would,have gotten a stomachache pretty quickly,Sonic Eggman how did you get all that,food all the way up there we baked it,all on site my little egg pawns are,quite the Bakers if I do say so myself,except Fred he just keeps falling in the,chocolate fountain it's simple,malfunction hold on how does it not all,go moldy oh it's all made of 99.9,preservatives but I assure you it's,perfectly healthy oh yeah where'd you,get the preservatives from chemical,plant zone what happened,yakker says that's gross well I was,going to invite you all to share on a,giant cupcake after this but maybe I'll,just save it all for myself good I,wouldn't eat that yeah I can't believe,I'm saying this but I think I agree with,Shadow on this one thanks for the,question oh here's a fun one Among Us,asks who's the best at lying within your,crew I need to know for science,I tricked that one knucklehead a couple,times before,huh that's a little suspicious Eggman,I've only told three lies in my life,before and no one will ever know what,they are,I promise Maria I would never tell a lie,and I never have,been a victim,ah yakker said he likes murder,well wait what,yeah he's saying that he downed someone,in an electric room at tropical resort,and then hopped into a vent hey that's,pretty messed up even for my standards,for real,well I believe we all know what needs to,be done oh oh

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【Among Us】見せてくれよクルーの絆を

【Among Us】見せてくれよクルーの絆を


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Did 'every conspiracy theory' about Twitter turn out to be... true?

Did 'every conspiracy theory' about Twitter turn out to be... true?

The so-called Twitter files, which,were written by a group of,independent journalists, given,access to internal company,documents, offer a behind the scenes,glimpse at how the federal,government shaped the flow of,information on one of the world's,largest social media platforms.,Whether or not the Twitter files,contain information that was,surprising to those already aware,of the thousands of takedown,requests the company receives every,month from law enforcement agencies,and the courts, or of the immense,challenges of content moderation,is beside the point.,Twitter files have brought important,new information to light.,They show that the company stifled,debate over important policy issues,by shadow banning certain accounts,for no good reason and then,misleading the public about it.,They show that Twitter was routinely,strongarmed by the White House and,the FBI into complying,with frivolous takedown requests,,and they provide evidence,that the intelligence community,likely influenced the decision,to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop,story in the lead up to the 2020,election.,I mean, to be totally frank,,almost every conspiracy theory that,people had about Twitter turned out,to be true.,So,is there a conspiracy theory about,Twitter that didn't turn out to be,true?,Conspiracy theorists are often,sloppy with the facts and exaggerate,what really happened.,But the information brought to light,by the Twitter files should be,alarming to anyone who cares about,free speech and a free society.,Government meddling in similar ways,on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram,,and Google Search.,How can we prevent the Internet from,turning into a centralized apparatus,through which state actors can shape,and censor public debate?,Here are three major takeaways,from the Twitter files.,One: twitter distorted,the conversation and misled the,public. Twitter had a system of,white lists and blacklists,that allowed its algorithms and,human moderators to turn,engagement dials up and down,based on their users.,It used this power to limit the,ability of certain groups and,individuals to reach an audience,,including conservative commentator,Dan Bongino, Stanford economist,and medical school professor Jay,Battacharya,,MNRA vaccine critic Alex Berenson,and the Libs of TikTok.,When asked if Twitter Shadow bans,,then co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey,misled Congress.,Social media is being rigged to,censor conservatives.,Is that true of Twitter?,No.,Twitter Shadow Banning Prominent,Republicans.,Bad.,Is that true?,No.,The company sought to cover by tapdancing around,the meaning of the word.,In a 2018 blog post, Twitter's,trust and Safety team wrote,"We do not shadow ban.,We were always able to see the,tweets with no follow.,Although you may have to do more,work to find them, like go,directly to their profile.",Needless to say, making tweets,so hard to find.,Digging through someone's profile is,the only way to unearth them is,what's commonly known as shadow,banning, or as Twitter employees,termed it, with an Orwellian flair,,"visibility filtering." The Twitter,files show the company's staff,became increasingly comfortable,using these tools to manage,the flow of information and,political discourse around the 2020,election. Regularly deploying,filters to limit the visibility of,Trump's tweets and many others,pertaining to election results in,the weeks preceding the January 6,riot and the decision to evict,the president from the platform.,Yes, Twitter is a private company,and it has every right to label the,tweets of Harvard epidemiologist,Martin Kulldorf as misleading,when he tweets. Statements such as,"Thinking that everyone must be,vaccinated is a scientifically,flawed, is thinking that nobody,should." But Twitter is still worthy,of our condemnation,,Dr. Battacharya was shadow banned despite,being a respected epidemiologist,from a prestigious university, and,many of his warnings during the,pandemic turned out to be correct.,And you can acknowledge serious,problems with the work of former,New York Times reporter Alex,Berenson, who, for instance, badly,misinterpreted data to infer a spike,in vaccine caused mortality,while still believing it's,preferable to have a public airing,of controversial and deeply flawed,arguments.,A better way to deal with speech you,disagree with is to respond,to it, as Derek Thompson attempted,to do in the Atlantic when he,called Berenson "The Pandemic's,Wrongness Man." Ironically,,Twitter raised Berenson profile,by allowing him to inhabit the role,of the oppressed truth seeker.,Two: The government is secretly,policing speech.,The most troubling thing about the,Berenson De-platforming isn't,Twitter's decision per say,,but whether it made that decision,freely. Was it done at the behest,of the federal government?,The Twitter files provide,circumstantial evidence that the,White House played a role when the,Biden administration took over.,One of their first meeting requests,with Twitter executives was on,COVID, writes journalist Davi

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Twitter VS Among Us (ft. @Bowblax)

Twitter VS Among Us (ft. @Bowblax)

okay listen i get it i watch youtubers,myself i know annoying is to hear the,subscriber notification every,video like jesus it gets so repetitive,and annoying and,i'm really sorry that i have to do it to,you but listen a large proportion of,people that see my videos,aren't subscribed and that is a problem,because i am amazing and i should have,all of your subscribers,so if you're not subscribed right now,genuinely,it means so much to me because i put in,literal hours to,make a video like this get the sprites,for this big credit to,marshall uh obviously linked in the,description please go check out the,artists who little sprites,it takes a lot of work to make a video,like this so if you genuinely could just,go down,press the red button it literally takes,you less than three seconds it helps me,out so much,and if you can press a like that also,helps a lot it means this video does,better which would be amazing because,this is a video i've worked really hard,on so it'd be great to see it,get the respect and rewards that i,really wish it does so you know if you,could help me with that that would be,amazing,also checking out beau blacks would be,kind of cool but i also have a twitter,so,if you could just press subscribe leave,a like and follow my twitter,all three of those things the three,simple actions 10 seconds maximum,you make my day genuinely so much better,i'm 35 subs from,7k now which is absolutely preposterous,bro,i'm speaking in grammar right now,because that's insane,if you can genuinely just go press those,buttons it makes me so happy so,if you don't listen i understand but if,you can thank you,genuinely thank you thank you to,everyone who subscribed to my channel i,appreciate it a lot,and with that let's get into the video,all right so for simplicity's sake i've,made a little format for this video the,first portion will be very creatively,explaining what among us is through word,diagrams and probably really low quality,animations because,i'm incredibly bad at everything and,then the second part will be the huge,success of among us and where that's,great but,the third part of this video so i don't,clickbait you be dedicated to the,negative press it's perceived,mainly claims that it normalizes,extremist beliefs and i'll cover why,that viewpoint from the media is,dangerous and represents a severe,disconnect between online gaming and the,media and also around the third section,where you have a little feature from you,know small youtuber very underrated you,might not know him you know exclusive,support,uh bo blacks yay so,that'll be very cool anyway with that,out of the way let's get into it,okay so if for some reason you don't,know the game that killed four guys,among us,i'll explain to you the simple concept,so there's three maps in the game,which are all very simple very plain and,on these maps they have different tasks,and crewmates or innocents as i refer,them for simplicity's sake,have the job of completing these tasks,to finish the taskbar,and at the same time in alternative the,impostors,or villains i guess of the game have the,goal to kill all the,survivors or to the point where the,innocents don't have enough players to,vote them out which would be an even,amount of innocence to imposters,so that's a very simple concept however,the game gets a little bit more,difficult,because when someone's killed the,innocents can run a vote,after reporting the body or calling a,meeting,as it is and they can have a discussion,and try and catch up the imposters,now there's a few key signs to know who,an apostro is and then poster can only,fake tasks they can't do real tasks,and obviously if you see them kill on,cameras or through any other method,you know they're at the imposter so if,you vote out the imposters you win or if,you finish your task in time,the innocents win however if the,imposers kill all survivors,they win so it becomes survivors voting,out other survivors,and potentially the imposters based on,stories that they have and witnesses,and suspicions or someone being quote,sus,so it becomes a game of who can lie,the best or who can explain their,innocence in the easiest way,now this can result in some very very,very funny clips but,among this is growth isn't as quick as,you'd think among us was originally,published back in 2018,and the game did not see much fanfare,it's weirdly,that in 2020 for no reason the game just,blew up because some youtubers found it,and started playing it and i find that,quite interesting and i think that's a,really good transition to the next point,i wanted to make,among our success represents way more,for the gaming industry than you may,realize an initial inspection,now you may be asking me what in the,world am i talking about because,generally i might sound kind of mad,before i actually explain my point but,among us being an,old game that has now peaked and finally,blown up,and become really popular despite its,simplicity and ease,regardless of the fact it was so old and,

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Among Us Twitter News!

Among Us Twitter News!

what's up youtube so today day two of,the month of mess,uh i almost forgot to upload but i did,it okay today as you see,my pokemon go team is basically the same,a little different,but uh i'm just going to straight into,the topic um,so among us the it's probably a game,that people have been playing,such as streamers and youtubers like,jacksepticeye,course husband um pokemane and others,like that and a manga has been updating,people,through their twitter of changes that,will happen and,stuff like the new map the airship,that's,that's coming apparently very soon,they've released the trailer already a,teaser already,and they they've done great things i'm,just here to really talk about what,they talk about what they tweeted,like one tweet they're showing off,the the platforms which you go from one,side of,like a drop i guess i don't know,to another which seems really cool seems,like it will definitely change the meta,of the game because you could just trap,someone on the other side,and but it could also be really annoying,you know having to run,and stuff you could just get trapped as,well could basically go both ways,among us has also released,well it's not really a release it's more,like they've been messing around with uh,new skins and cosmetics obviously it,looks more like a troll but who knows,these cosmetics could actually be coming,to the game,and we might not even really know it,because you know we've been,told that it was not real but even if,these aren't really it could still mean,that,they're adding new cosmetics but just,the ones they showed us were really,troll ones,they've also tweeted out a screenshot,kind of,of an amongst character standing next to,an x-ray,of it and it looks like what most people,have speculated it oh they only have one,bone,that obviously raises some questions but,um among us have just,brushed it off because it's on mostly,just a design choice not,it's not supposed to be anything,thankfully it's not like the,uh fall guys anatomy because,that when it was released very creepy,very very creepy,thankfully they did make it a little,more a little cartoonish,in among us obviously this cartoon,should as it could be because,they kind of open up their stomach and,slice people with their tongues,but we'll look over that for now they,also,apparently showed uh a new kill,animation,i don't know if this is like skin,exclusive because it looks like it is,good very possibly just skin exclusive,like if you wear that skin,you can get that um little eye laser,thing,which looks really cool like it looks,really cool,we haven't had different animations,we've only had the,the main gun knife and stab,mouth thingy and it's pretty cool it's,pretty,honestly it's really cool to see them,instead of,making among us 2 because among us has,been a game for,a while now a few years actually and,they actually it's actually so good to,see them go back to,the first among us instead of making the,second one and updating this more,to make it more enjoyable rather than,going and making a second one and,maybe doing a bad job of it so yeah the,airship just looks like it's going to be,pretty fun to play in hopefully we get a,release date,very soon because all we know right now,is it's coming,um early 2021 and it's,2021 very early in 2021,maybe might come in february who knows,but um,hopefully it comes out soon i mean,i'm definitely gonna make a video or two,on it because it looks sick and uh i,haven't made,an among this video yet because i'm,waiting for that i have a minute amongst,video but i want to make it on that,i've made like a full thing on it yet,actually you know what,if you guys would like to see an among,this video of me just playing among us,see what my pr thought process is,during an among this game uh leaving a,comment down below uh,i mean i'm i would gladly make one but,like,i i think i'd wait for the airship thing,um,hopefully the among us crew the amongst,people,they keep us still keeps updated because,they've been posting pictures replying,to a lot of,uh well replying to a lot of well,replies to their own tweets,and it's really good seeing them uh,interact with their community like so,much most games don't do that and it's,very nice to see like another big game,like fallen guys or fortnite or,minecraft they usually you know they're,big,giant it's actually really good to see a,smaller game with a smaller,like crew going getting so big,because they have time to and they make,time to reply and other things,really really good i mean i definitely,could not do that,there are amazing people um also,i may be a little late to this but um,two devs made a video with a youtuber,i forget i forgot who it was but they,were just talking about like,possibilities of making,new skins and stuff as well like as i,said before,but a thing i found interesting is what,they said is that,it's easier to add new things in than to,revise all things and mess it up because,i think one of the people that they were,playing with was asking

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