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AMC INVESTORS MOVING HERE! - #1 Short Squeeze Stock of 2023 [revealed]are AMC investors moving to th

Moon Market

Updated on Jan 14,2023

AMC INVESTORS MOVING HERE! - #1 Short Squeeze Stock of 2023 [revealed]

are AMC investors moving to this stock,what is going on in the small cap market,today party City has kicked off a small,cap party and I have a stock at the end,of this video that I believe has a nice,chance for a run in the near future,remember nothing is guaranteed none of,these stocks May ever run nothing on,this channel is financial advice nobody,on YouTube or on Twitter is giving,Financial advice just stock ideas but,they have potential FDA approval news,that is the site the type of news right,now that is creating these big Runners,these biotech stocks with the exception,for prty once again the moon Market,family was able to capture prty before,the crowd I covered this one on Sunday,at about 20 cents per share this is why,I keep saying turn on the notification,Bell so you don't miss out on these,plays because we're non-stop calling the,best place in the entire Market I got,the receipts for you right here we just,called ctmx recently at a dollar per,share round over three so you've got to,have that notification Bell on so at,least get that notification whenever I,upload a video it ended up running over,100 percent today 116 today another 50,after hours to over 70 cents in the,after hours make sure you're taking,profit and make sure you're using the,MooMoo app the MooMoo trading app with,the link in the top and comment which,gives you access to pre-market a lot of,the times you're able to get these,stocks a lot lower pre-market or you,know a lot of times they're they're,pumped up way higher pre-market but a,lot of the times you can get in lower,pre-market because there's low volume,and they can drive the price down easily,so you get in those pre-market loads,with moomo and then you can take profit,in the after hours where there's a bunch,of volume and people are still buying it,up and this is going to take your,trading to the next level with MooMoo,you also get 15 free stocks with MooMoo,if you sign up and deposit using my link,in the top pin comment you got to use my,link and the deposit after you use that,link you get 15 free stocks you can,trade pre-market and after hours pretty,much any time on your schedule so what,is going on with PRT why,first of all the stock dropped 60,percent I think it was Friday last week,to 15 cents after it was reported that,Party City could be filing for,bankruptcy it caused a big drop any,stock that dropped sixty percent I'm the,first one to check why it dropped,because if it's an overreaction in some,cases you're able to quickly get a dead,cat bounce get in at the bottom and then,it bounces up a little bit and then you,can sell for like 10 20 30 40 50 100,gains depending on how big of an over,reaction it was but in this case prty,ended up giving us much more than just a,dead cat bounce because we got some news,on prty today it was reported that the,franchise group could be looking to,acquire Party City I saw this on,benzinga and it was axios that ended up,reporting that that was alerted in the,Discord as soon as the news dropped so,use the link in the top and comment to,get stock ideas in the private Discord,tons of stock out ideas we also called,inm today and bior we got shout out to,Stockton for that bior ended up running,150 another 60 in the after hours but we,alerted that news that you know Party,City could be getting acquired or a,company thinking about acquiring Party,City and then I said this is the type of,news that can make these bankruptcy,plays squeeze and I alerted that to,everybody at 11 32 A.M,of course we did get that squeeze after,that was reported there was another,report that franchise group is,considering going private via management,buyout so franchise group is a company,that was apparently looking to buy out,Party City so this further news created,massive speculation and rumors that prty,could actually get bought out it may or,may not actually get bought a may or may,not happen but I do believe tomorrow,could present even further trading,opportunities on this stock but never,forget to take profits on the way up as,because as quickly as these goes these,go up they can go right back down just,as quickly and you may even want to,consider shorting this on the way down,it's extremely risky to short a stock,like this because it could just keep,climbing for a little while longer but,definitely have prty on your watch list,a Discord member was able to rake in 193,on our Discord alert another one made,thirteen thousand dollars on that,Discord idea the other bankruptcy play,right now is ticker bbby you may want to,keep an eye on this as well if because,if they get any bio rumor like prty they,could also have a nice move but remember,it's all it's already up a good bit from,the bottom and always know these,bankruptcy plays most of the time they,end up getting delisted and go into zero,so you got to be able to get in and get,out quickly be be willing to take your,profit quickly and be able to take a,loss quickly if it doesn't go your way,or just have a stop loss

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The Truth About AMC - APES Were So Scared Twitter Banned Me

The Truth About AMC - APES Were So Scared Twitter Banned Me

what's going on guys gabe here with,viewdork you already know who i am or,you probably don't because twitter wiped,me off the face of the earth and more on,that in a second we're gonna do a good,old,amc video so let's go ahead and get the,chart ready let's look at what happened,today out of the gate you had that put,signal pre-market what did the stock do,it moved down found a level of support,bounced off hit rejection came back down,bounced off hit rejection and you know,there was money made here,maybe not by the apes but there was,money made,maybe by the institutions,and well i have a spreadsheet,that is based on entry and exit points,of 1348,on amc since the day the buy button was,removed,and you know looking at this data,the narrative that hedgies are or, banks are ,i just don't believe it you see,while we're buying and holding and,holding for their life,you know you have some day traders and,you have some institutions that are,playing both ways,now let's get into that all right so i,have this spreadsheet right here and we,got several tabs and guys i'm going to,include this down in the description so,you guys can take a look,now if you played amc both ways keep in,mind we have date stamps and time stamps,you could go ahead and look at,uh basically,on the chart and you could see date and,time when all this happens right but,five million invested into amc,since the button was removed playing,both sides with five percent minimum,gain with a one-to-one risk reward ratio,you are turning five million dollars,into 1.9 billion now that's a little,far-fetched right especially for the,brains of apes you know a lot of us had,two thousand dollars right so let's go,ahead and put this number here,two,thousand,okay and what would that have returned,guys this spreadsheet down in the,description,two thousand dollars playing both ways,would have made you 784 thousand now i,know some of you will say well you know,hindsight's always 20 20. let's see,here's the thing,right,knowing what i know now,the game has to change and apes need to,evolve and apes need to change,just,having this narrative that that has,literally anchored this movement has,prevented us prosperity,after all we're fighting against money,doesn't it make sense to,make more money to fight against the,money after all we are talking about sec,do their job adam aaron you know do your,job as a ceo you know we're talking,about everybody else doing their jobs,except yeah,nobody wants to do their own and it,starts with an education now let's go,back to the chart here because i know,that playing both sides is taboo no one,wants to short so let's go ahead and,look at a long situation again time,stamps with the dates if you played just,the long side of amc with 25 000,you would have made 372,000,now as it stands anyone who invested,let's say twenty five thousand dollars,with a seven dollar cost average,gear up what another twenty five,thousand,let that sink in okay but also the,narrative that hedgies are well,we have a shorts only tab where you guys,can go ahead and input your own,information let's get right back into,this again you guys you're getting the,dates you're getting the timestamps,you're getting the average percentage,made on the move according to 1348 guys,men lie women lie charts don't all right,men lie women lie charts don't oh i also,have to mention youtubers lie all right,let's get back to it here we go now we,have a tab here,if you were put side only,or if you were shorting amc,on every possible dip again average,percentage gains you could see that,there,nothing astronomical these are base hits,baby this is what i teach my discord,base hits no yolo but going back to the,data here thirty thousand dollars would,have made to a cool 789 thousand,okay look at the market has changed i,know me kevin did a video you know,talking about the whole buy and hold and,how,uh maybe it wasn't me kevin it was a,french capital probably the most,respected youtuber out there right he,practices absolute neutrality and,absolutely not biased not biased to the,moon not biased to anything he just,tells facts,now with the current volatility and the,volatility that we've seen in amc,for the past year and a half,there was a lot of money to be made yet,the ape community does not want to hear,another narrative outside of it's going,to the moon now,let's go ahead you see this data you,can't argue against facts,let's look at the chart here and let's,go to the daily right because this is,where,my name my brand got into a world of,hurt right you guys try to cancel me in,november congratulations guys you've,succeeded you've succeeded in canceling,me on twitter but,you can't do nothing on youtube great,again men like women like charts don't,let's get back to the chart here you see,the run up to 72 our charts are already,giving you these lines right that this,isn't guesstimation this is automation,baby and this is what we do,in our discord your respect support and,resistance here and you k

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AMC Twitter Manager

AMC Twitter Manager

today we are going to talk about,water manager we all know that twitter,is one of the most popular,social media platforms in the world,through twitter manager we can do,comments,favorites create tweets retweets and,send messages,we are going to learn how to get a,trends and tweet on it,to get more visits and sell products,how to analyze tweets users profiles how,to follow or,unfollow anyone and send bulk messages,the most incredible feature in twitter,manager is how to collect,clients and control them by using their,profiles to tweet,retweet do likes do comments do reply do,retweet do,anything you want you are going to learn,how to publish,or schedule tweets how to follow or,unfollow specific users and how to load,your followers list,to send them messages the second part of,this video is about twitter boot how to,build a twitter boot,how to create saved messages according,to specific keywords,how to create quick reply message must,answer message,and how to save the audience and,categories or calcify them,according to their behavior how to get,orders information from the customer,and save it how to make a broadcast or,message campaigns and send these,messages to subscribers but it's also,possible to send message campaigns to a,certain part of the audience according,to their behavior,we can increase the subscribers of any,application or book,we can double reach visits views,subscribers which will increase our,income from,google adsense admob affiliate marketing,or cda click on twitter choose your,account,and then login to be able to use twitter,services you must add your application,and if you don't have an application,click on how to twitter settings you,will find a video that teaches you step,by step how to make an application and,general application will appear here,choose your application and click on,login give it permissions,and you will be redirected to the,platform first of,all these accounts that i registered,with and i can display all the accounts,and delete what i don't need from them,there is an essential thing without,which the bot will not work,watches to add this word to your,developer account on twitter,copy this world then go to the developer,account and from account activity click,on setup dev environment,paste the word choose your application,complete setup back to the platform and,click setup webhook,the first service on twitter is get,trends you can find all trends around,the world here,and you can choose a specific country,let me choose egypt,cairo the trends in egypt will appear,click the trend you want to pause to,post was tagged you will be redirected,to a post with this hashtag,on all platforms not just the twitter,but we are talking about twitter,choose twitter select the accounts that,we want to post on,select the name for the post let it be,post with tag,and you will find in the message section,the hashtag you have chosen,you can tweak in this format or add the,contents that you want to publish with,this hashtag,after that click add youtube link then,add the image and you can upload a new,image from upload center go to the,upload center,select an image or a video back to the,post again and then choose the image,that we have,uploaded you can add a video with its,title and description,you can add call to action but this,option is only available on facebook,and not available on twitter finally,second drill the boss,you can specify the time as a day or,leave it blank if you want to publish,the tweet now,post wait a while for the process to,complete by doing this we were able to,publish a tweet with a tag and secretary,to publish at a later time you can,review tweets by status,you are going to find hashtag with,youtube link and image the second,service on twitter is get my boss,choose your account and then load posts,all tweets on your account have been,loaded,like this select these tweets for taking,an action like favorite or comment,start with favorite action when three,tweets throws three accounts,post you find your action and it's a,status the action was completed and can,be viewed through this link,favorite was done try comment action get,my bosses choose your account,and then load posts select the tweets,select accounts,then type your comment let it be gojob,post you find your action and its status,in,status you can see account id post id,and result,this feature enables you to increase the,number of comments and favorites on any,tweet,we go to view our work on twitter a,comment was added the third service and,twitter,is search user select the account and,then type the keyword that you want to,search for interested users let it be,real estate company all accounts,interested in this keyword,appear for you in a table with multiple,columns,id username name location,description created time after selecting,the accounts you want to work with,you will find these actions follow,unfollow,message send saved message and save to,file,click follow a list of all accounts you,have selected when

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The Real Story of the Mayfairs | Mayfair Witches | AMC+

The Real Story of the Mayfairs | Mayfair Witches | AMC+

all of these memories and she never said,anything about it to me why,your mother she wanted you free from the,mayfairs,the expense of knowing who I really was,who I am things don't end well for the,women in this family,says Mayfair witches is about a super,dysfunctional family and then you have,all of these elements of fantasy and,witches and spells and ghosts and demons,and all these other things that come,into play then that's the fun of it,who is that a being,what does that even mean,we don't really know,Rowan Fielding starts to wonder where,she's come from She's driven to find her,origins in this family she goes back to,New Orleans and it's this journey,towards understanding and towards really,fully inhabiting her witchy power that,is the Arc of the first season now your,time has come to 13th witch,she's different from the others,it's a story about a family that has,been supernaturally encoded,for several hundred years because of,something that happened back in the 17th,century in Scotland,it is typically a female power but,what's beautiful about what Anne Rice,has done and then all of our writing,team has done is really elevated this,world of Witchcraft to see the humanity,in it your gift is the strongest thing,I've ever felt there is a new designee,who is the 13th witch and the 13th which,is an inflection point in the whole,course of the Mayfair history certainly,very meaningful,she's a woman that's in the medical,field so she's all about the science and,the facts and things start to happen,that cannot be explained by science,she needs to know who she is this is,where I come in to say hey look let me,help you transition to this new world,that you're experiencing and hopefully,you don't kill me in the process please,wait,you don't know anything about me I know,more about you than you think I've,spoken to ghosts I've spoken to Demons,I've had a romantic relationship with,the Demon I've had experiences with,people who can,stand the past from touching things this,is so sort of rich in character so rich,in the magic it's exciting and um spooky,I think it's going to be a crazy ride,you're,already a worldwide to you,if I'm going to end all this I need to,know how it all began after years of,hiding who you are you're finally,uncovering your true self I don't want,his power,want my own power on my own terms

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#trump #twitter, Adam Aron address #Amc tokens and stop the divide, make #ApeNation relevant again

#trump #twitter, Adam Aron address #Amc tokens and stop the divide, make #ApeNation relevant again

good morning Saturday hope you guys are,starting to have a good weekend,um and I'm hoping the person on the,interview today is still able to make it,and then of course on Monday too but,regardless I received a DM yesterday,from someone that I would not ever,expect to receive a DM from,um basically apologizing in a sense and,letting me know that they actually,respect me for who I am and what I'm,doing,one of the things and I asked him an,answered a question for me I was,wondering why they do what they do and,why they built their platform and their,their person to be so big,um because they want to write the wrongs,right and it makes it hard because I,look at everything I've I've got some of,you been around a long time and know,know who I am um um and some of you,don't a lot of you do,and I've pointed out a lot of things,because of the Corruptions and the,things that go on,and seeing more and more of it,everywhere on Twitter just the whole,process in general like the truth is,people want entertainment people want to,be able to see things and,I'm like always been against the idea of,the popularity it's not about popularity,you don't I'm not above you you're not,above me ape means all people equal but,reality is if you want to get your voice,heard you gotta you gotta be big you got,to put yourself out there you got to,grow and that's what sucks because that,puts me in that position I want to get,the voice out there I want to be heard,because I feel like I'm I'm truly inside,passion about fighting for change,fighting for a difference and not,fighting for the views and the same,thing with like a politician going into,politics they may talk a good game but,once they get in there they got that,political world they got to stay Within,and then they just figure out well might,as well take care of myself while I'm,here same thing I believe that happens,with influencers and tubers you get to a,certain point you got to keep giving,that information giving that data given,the viewers what they want to hear,um he starts changing as a person and,then eventually you give up you're like,well screw it I might as well just make,the money while I'm doing it or it gets,to the point where you start making some,really good money and I can only imagine,like I said I've said it a billion times,you get 30 000 views you could be making,three hundred dollars do you guys know,that your tubers that hit a million if,you get over a million views,and on a on a video you can get up to,five figures so imagine getting like you,know 15 20 25,000,um there's an article out about a tuber,that had 1.8 million views and she was,paid 32 000 for that and where they,really make their money of course is,going to be the endorsements and who,they can attract so those are all the,stages but regardless it's like how do,you get your voice out in the muck of,everything to have people hear you and,that was one of the reasons I went ahead,and did the space call on Twitter on,Saturday yesterday and it was supposed,to be an hour long and then all of a,sudden as I was getting ready to leave,more people started to actually join for,the first hour there's like six people,and then eventually it grew and I think,there was a total of over 245 people,potentially,um and there were some it was anyway you,need to go listen to it I mean I really,try to express myself and understand,what I'm pushing for,um but it just shows you have to,you have to rise above unfortunately,become the popular one so that maybe,just maybe people will listen to you and,at this point I want people to listen,about we need to grow together we need,to get back together as a community we,are so damn divided,um like this Adam Aaron thing okay so,with the new crypto thing I I called out,Adam uh asked him uh on his tweet like,he's going to listen to me but he says,he listens to us dude hasn't responded,me in over a year or more,ask him I said come on my channel you,know you did it with Trey come talk with,me I'm just a small guy because I want,to talk about these tokens right I know,he put out the Tweet like six months ago,I know that he said he can't address the,stock itself like you know the shorting,and all that other stuff he wants to,talk about the progress of the company,and I've always been I'm not going to,beat on Adam I think Adam's job is to,run the company but at the same time,Adam can speak on in my eyes can speak,on these tokens because he put that,tweet out that said they're doing,something about it give us an update we,own the company right what is wrong with,that an update on what do these tokens,mean we want to know more why did they,use the AMC name for these tokens right,and I think that's a fair question I,really do coming from me and I never,wanted to beat on Adam because I think,Adam is a a staple point of the,community to a degree right so I didn't,want to jump on that bandwagon of,fighting back or pushing against him,even if it even if he is a confirmed,um Democrat you know he donat

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AMC Stock and Twitter is ours

AMC Stock and Twitter is ours

what is up everybody my name is Darren,and welcome to stock Mafia great day,today great day today Green Day Green,days are always good the market was up,the Dow was up and AMC up 13.8 percent,ape up 12.3 and GameStop gme up 8.7,percent so are we doing backflips,I'm not I'm not trying to kill the,momentum here we need good news but,there was no news so the market was up,on no news and we still haven't really,found out what would the emergency fed,meeting was about on Monday,so we're holding off on that we haven't,really found out what was going on with,Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse and,those banks are they falling we believe,they are just a question of when and if,they liquidate those Banks let's close,their short positions,that's the kind of news I want to hear,maybe it's happening maybe it's,happening behind closed doors because,they know that we know,that we want to know,and we've got all our little ape minions,all out in the financial industry out in,the world trying to figure things out,so until we get some news on this I'll,say stay cautiously optimistic and,anticipate that probably tomorrow just,to get your head straight we might see,some red,listen we've seen double digit percent,drops so to get too excited about this,is like I said let's just be cautiously,optimistic,now for the greater good of the world,Elon Musk,is getting Twitter,he put an offer in put back to his,original offer and it looks like that is,happening maybe as soon as Friday so in,my opinion obviously everything I say is,my opinion but in my opinion Twitter,with Elon maybe we'll have a chance of,actually getting some real news because,we certainly don't get it on our,television sets we certainly don't get,it from mainstream media,so maybe we'll have a chance at freedom,of speech and won't have Bots uh like,tawfiq telling us what's going on and,what's gonna happen because he's a bot,there's no doubt about it he's a bot,so,let's just stay cautiously optimistic,for tomorrow and let's see if we get,some news on why this went up I mean,hopefully between the time I drop this,video and the time the Market opens,tomorrow and by the time I see you on,the live stream 10 to 12 Eastern Time,Monday Wednesday Friday,by the time I see you there maybe we'll,know why we went up and maybe we'll rise,again tomorrow which I would love,to be wrong would love to be wrong so,stay strong stay positive I'll see you,tomorrow and I'll see you on the next,one take care

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AMC GME Stock Short Squeeze | Fake @Fintel Twitter? | Evergrande SUSPENDED! | The Top 1%

AMC GME Stock Short Squeeze | Fake @Fintel Twitter? | Evergrande SUSPENDED! | The Top 1%

yo what's going on you crazy savages,what is everyone doing on this fine,evening,morning wherever you're at the new year,has begun feels a little bit different,like a fresh clean slate i don't know,why i think that it's probably the,stupidest thing i've ever said never,mind i'd probably said a lot more stupid,than that,anyway,we're about to fire this thing off or if,you're tuning in in the morning let's,see where these stocks will go to this,week we got some key dates coming up,with ftds,gme amc especially gme piling to the uh,beyond the moon with the fdds and the,etfs on the threshold list and blah blah,blah blah so,let's see what comes of that,um this whole fintale thing's driving me,up the wall i've seen our boy trace,trades over there in a small piston,match with fintel and then a crazy ass,tweet from uh td ameritrade that uh,was almost mind-blowing,and then um what else do we got oh,evergrond uh suspended the news as of a,few hours ago what a show that is,and they're demolishing,everything over there and then a nice,little video at the end on uh,where this whole,over extended over,leveraged uh whatever you want to call,it the entire planet,uh inflation jerome powell speak the,whole show that is,a little bit more quiet which is,obviously we know the media is a little,bit frightening to say the very least,guys so hopefully we have a good week,hopefully these stocks start moving up,both of these son of a guns amc,obviously gets to get this thing,sustained above 30 gamestop looking for,about 180 and above 160 and then 180 and,then uh let's see where were they ripped,too so let's hop right into some guns,let's check on ryan cohen real quick why,i mean why wouldn't we,okay no he's still pooping in the uh,metaverse,and then this thing,okay so fintel is out blocking everyone,and their mother and then last night we,touched on this count with uh fintel,being real or not,and here's again you know that was last,night's video did we touch on that last,night we did,so long story short,trey's asked a couple questions or,whatever gets blocked by,the supposed fintel account dave lauer's,piping in right well i assure you he's,talking about his terminal down there,blah blah blah so then you go over here,to,fintel here okay so this guy's digging,deep right into fintel,uh shouldn't have blocked me fintel now,i'm digging turns out wilton,rising hoover what's with all these,names you guys we'll touch on these if,you guys have been around since the the,summer teeth guy but and these names why,are all these bankers and names they're,the weirdest names they're the strangest,oddest people in the entire,uh planet as we know we touched on ken,griffin with his uh,uh inca,incapability to uh blink for christ's,sakes but then this name you got a rise,in hoover i've never risen uber,um so okay long story short let's dig,into this thing so it turns out he used,to uh quantum capital partners uh a uh,managing partner of a hedge fund blah,blah blah okay so you got that going on,you got trey over here with this but,then let's just uh click on,fintill where the hell is fintel,right here okay now we touched on this,last night without them being verified i,don't think they have enough followers,to do that but i think businesses can,because i've seen some businesses,correct me if i'm wrong i'm not the,biggest twitter guys you know there's a,way to get verified if you're,you would think fintel would be verified,right but the one thing i don't like,here,five hours ago there were as you may,have heard we have started blocking,trolls okay that's all we need to read,of that and they go on and on and on,here right and they did this yesterday,too something tells me this is not a,real fintel account,like we touched on last night i don't,see,somebody putting that out alone do you,guys am i absolutely nuts here so yeah i,mean you would think fintel eventually,in the next few days if this is not,really,fintel a lot of these places you know,i've noticed again i'm not the biggest,twitter guy,you know they're they're putting out,tweets of information from from fintill,right like this page does other pages do,whatever they'll copy something from a,publication or website or whatever the,hell but i i find this very odd,right it's not the hugest of deals but,it's just super weird,with all that madness going on um this,was the funniest thing i've ever seen,okay,this is td ameritrade right with a,little blue symbol up there right,we,the first set,we do not allow naked shorting at this,time,we do not allow naked shorting at this,time you can read the maintenance,requirements for shorting in our margin,handbook here now was this was a,response to a question or whatever but,we do not allow naked shorting at this,time as we all are well aware of if,you're not well aware of naked shorting,is illegal right the comments on you,guys are pretty funny right,um i'll pop that in there for your,reading pleasure but i just found that,crazy at this time like oh we're gonna,annou

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Elon Twitter & AMC Stock | An AMC Squeeze Update

Elon Twitter & AMC Stock | An AMC Squeeze Update

what's up everybody it's the common,sense investor coming at you on,easter weekend,got a couple dots i want to connect for,you i'm gonna play a video,by,the masked investor a little clip,what the history behind it is,i'm doing my research,and i've got elon and amc and,uh twitter going through my mind,and i say you know what i just need to,step back take a break,and just go watch something for,entertainment so i went to tmi's channel,and i'd be damn,if what that man didn't say,i,listened,in the intro and then i'll get into the,dots and when i get through if you watch,it all the way through to the end,when you're watching the news come out,now you will not understand what's going,on,all right here's,all right so we have ourselves a little,situation going on here because ken,griffin partnered up with the the club,the cubs owner sorry it's the club,owners the ricketts family and they have,decided to put in a bid to buy chelsea,as you guys know as a chelsea supporter,and also as an ape i found myself very,conflicted if i conflicted i didn't,really find myself conflicted at all i,just don't like ken griffin i just don't,like you know what he stands for i don't,like what he does i don't like his,okay just so we're clear,what tm i was saying was,he,loves,this soccer team,yet,his,arc enemy,ken griffin,is gonna possibly be owners,and he says he's has conflicting,feelings there he loves the team but he,hates this man,and he hates what this man stands for,but he loves the team and he's trying to,figure out,can he balance the two and he couldn't,but luckily,by the end of the video he shares with,us that ken and them have bailed out,from buying the soccer team so he's,comforted again,that,the soccer team's safe from ken,griffin's hands all right that's the,background,when i heard,tmi story,it almost laid me out laughing i was,like oh my god because what i was,studying,was about elon twitter and amc,and why can't elon just buy 10 percent,of amc and,cause the squeeze,so i left that to go watch tmi,and tmi gives me the answer as i'm,listening i said oh i pause the,video i start laughing i said no way,so,the first thing,you need to understand is prior to,elon's purchase of twitter vanguard had,a 8.8,stake,in twitter okay,now,with elon stepping in,and picking up,9.2,shares of twitter,that puts,vanguard,to third,vanguard,is offended at that,they step in,and they buy up,according to the most recent publicly,available finals with the security and,exchange commission,vanguard now owns,10.3 percent,of twitter,in other words they stepped on his foot,when he bought 9.2 they stepped it up,from 8.8 to 10.3 and overtook him back,to the number two slot pushing him to,number three,and uh,when you refuse to seat on the board,vanguard stepped in and they bought the,remaining shares they needed to top him,but here's the thing i'm thinking to,myself why go through all that elon,why not why go through that why not just,buy amc,10 of amc you caused a squeeze,we went but i kept hearing this voice,and said,you can't,you can't,and i'd ask myself again no there's got,to be a answer and it was you,can't,the reason he can't it's not because of,any regulations and so forth,so then i remembered this article,not many people know this but blackrock,voted to replace tesla's musk,with independent chairman tried to get,rid of elon off the chairmanship of his,own company,blackrock did,now if you read the article you'll find,out vanguard,helped elon out,so at that point they were buddies,come to the point of twitter and elon,over takes vanguard and vanguard comes,right back and he moves his bishop to,take elon's rook to put his queen in, jeopardy now,elon's got to figure out what he's going,to do but here's the thing why not just,buy amc,who owns 42 million shares of amc,who owns i think it's 47 million shares,of amc,and vanguard and blackrock of china or,at least blackrock has tried,to remove musk from his own,chairmanship on his board so,do you really think that elon would do,anything that would benefit his ark,enemy out there in wall street which is,black right,so,you say we'll above prove it i go back,to what the mass investor said the mass,investors loved the,soccer team,but his conflict of interest was with,the devil,and,he didn't know how he could balance the,two and he wouldn't have been able to,balance two he could never watch that,game again,with that team and not think of ken,griffin so just like,that put a sour note there,elon would love to help us he would buy,fifty percent of the stock of,amc if he if he wanted to,but he'd be helping out his arcane arch,enemies,blackrock and apparently vanguard now,since vanguard overtook him on the,twitter thing,so,that's why i don't think,elon will buy,amc,and cause the squeeze,and you also now know that there's a,history between blackrock,and elon musk and vanguard and elon musk,so all them little dots now that you,watch the news you'll be watching for,these dots,and it'll start telling you what's,really goi

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