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Why you might not be getting any Twitter engagement - Shadowbanshey i'm rudy from the enthusiast tea


Updated on Jan 28,2023

Why you might not be getting any Twitter engagement - Shadowbans

hey i'm rudy from the enthusiast team,today i will tell you why you might not,be getting any twitter engagement and,how to fix it and this reason is pretty,obscure because it actually makes you,receive less engagement the harder you,try i'm talking of course about shadow,we recently launched an nft project and,we're determined to advertise it through,twitter however we may have gone a,little overboard we left likes from,people's tweets like there is no,tomorrow follow tons of people including,everyone who followed us and as,showcased in our last video i posted,hundreds of replies to drop your nfd,tweets to see how much engagement you,can realistically expect from them,twitter didn't punish us for it at the,time however after another day or two of,high activity and deleting all of the,replies it was all a bit too much for,them to handle and we were hit with a,dreaded,what makes shadow bands so dangerous is,that you don't even know that you have,one twitter doesn't just drop you a,notification like hey why are you,spending five hours per day scrolling,through your twitter feed and liking,every post you weirdo get a life instead,you will go about your day promoting,your twitter and making new tweets just,to get little to no likes retweets and,other engagement because practically,nobody sees them so you might be,wondering,rudy but how do you know you were shadow,band then well luckily i found a website,that saves you all the trouble of,testing it yourself by making some,checks on your behalf and letting you,know if you've been shadow banned i have,linked the website in the description,below there are several different types,of shadow bands on twitter and the,website goes into a little more detail,about which bands you have and how they,affect your account in our case we were,banned from search suggestions unless,the person searching for enthusiasts,already followed us or was followed by,us as well as completely banned from,having our tweets appear in search,including hashtag searches we also,noticed that if we hit like on a tweet,the person who posted it wasn't notified,in other words everything we did was,pointless so,how do you fix it how do you get rid of,a shadow ban well thankfully there's a,great article about shadow bands that i,will link in the description if you want,to read it yourself but basically what,you have to do,is nothing preferably you would do,nothing for about 48 to 72 hours which,is apparently how long it normally takes,for a twitter shadow band to expire any,further actions you take during the,shadow band period put you at risk of,receiving an additional shadow ban and,extending the time that your account is,useless for so you're much better off,leaving twitter for a couple of days and,letting the ban expire there's a bunch,more useful information in the article,about preventing shadow bans but i will,let you read that on your own i have to,go do a whole lot of nothing now but i,would really appreciate it if you,followed her twitter during these dark,times and click subscribe if you enjoyed,the video maybe even join our discord,you don't need to own or buy any of,these to have a good time we host,giveaways play games together and watch,gordon ramsay scream at people it's,great fun the link is in the description,below if you made it all the way to the,end of the video we want to give you,this a unique discord invite link to our,server that can only be found by,watching this video to the end it's not,linked in the description the first five,people who click like subscribe comment,on this video and join our discord,through this link are guaranteed a,whiteless spot for the egg token,pre-sale

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Shadow Banning EXPOSED - The Twitter Files Continue

Shadow Banning EXPOSED - The Twitter Files Continue

this video is brought to you by keeps,stick around to hear more about their,special offer for the entire upper,echelon Community alright the Twitter,files yeah this is no longer a nothing,Burger the first installment showcased a,series of emails that seem to indicate,some kind of back Channel moderation at,Twitter I have a video about that up on,the channel already I'll link it down,below in the description but the second,and third installments yeah now there's,dirt evidence questions and in my,opinion it went from that's intriguing,I'll keep an eye on it to oh my God now,there's proof quick summary before,getting into what's new because the,Legacy Media is largely ignoring all of,this and acting like it doesn't exist,save a few outlets and commentators,Twitter openly invented a reason to,censor a story by the New York Post,about a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden,during the 2020 election cycle this,decision was not rooted in policy or,legal precedent it was purely the result,of ideologically driven employees,however the First Data dump in which,emails and policy decisions were exposed,had a few issues for starters it was,fairly obvious that the internal,structure of Twitter had severe problems,to begin with allowing for Content,moderation to be dictated by the,politics of just whoever happened to be,holding the reins at that specific,Moment In Time according to the very,same journalist leaking the initial,emails both political parties enjoyed,access to special moderation channels,even if one party enjoyed far greater,access as a result of company culture,what I mean by this is that according to,every single available public metric,Twitter both as a corporate entity and a,function of individual Behavior inside,that corporate entity gave,overwhelmingly to support Democratic,political candidates 99 of employee,donations as well as the Lion's Share of,all corporate donations slanted blue,especially during the 2020 election,cycle in particular which reasonably,indicates that there are more people,inside the company with an inclination,either conscious or subconscious to,support left-leaning policy actions or,requests once again referencing a,statement made by Jack Dorsey prior CEO,of Twitter conservatives at the company,were afraid to voice their opinions or,speak about their views because the,culture was overwhelmingly dominated by,left-leaning View points that's a,problem by itself however the Twitter,files have now given us an entirely new,look inside the guts of a prominent,social media company and what we see is,pretty insane the second data dump in my,opinion is the most interesting but,since the initial reveal there have been,two more threads one published by a,journalist named Barry Weiss and the,other by journalist named Matt taibi,which give us a shockingly Clear Vision,of just how bad things had gotten inside,Twitter HQ thread number two is my,personal Focus for today more so than,the other though I will of course cover,or address thread number three because,of this quote and this video by Jack,Dorsey in front of a congressional,committee on Shadow Banning Social Media,is being rigged to censor conservatives,is that true of Twitter no,I don't know what Twitter is up to it,sure looks like to me that they're,censoring people and they ought to stop,it uh are you censoring people no,Twitter Shadow Banning prominent,Republicans,bad is that true no,so these were statements made by Kevin,McCarthy the House Majority Leader on,Twitter Devin noon is on Fox News and,president Trump on Twitter and I want to,place those statements into the record,Mr chairman,that objection I think it's important,for people to understand you know the,premise of this whole hearing and the,reason that Twitter somehow with all the,other social media platforms out there,got the singular honor to sit in front,of this committee uh is because there's,some implication that that your site is,is trying to censor conservative voices,on your platform now when you try to,explain the shadow Banning as I,understand it you had a a system where,if people who were following,people had some behaviors that that was,the trigger that allowed that that,caused you to do the shadow Banning so,you're really like an equal opportunity,Shadow Banner right you didn't just,Shadow ban for conservative Republicans,you Shadow ban 600 000 people across,your entire platform across the globe,who had people following them that had,certain behaviors that caused you to,downgrade them coming up is that correct,correct so this was never targeted at,conservative Republicans uh this was,targeted to a group of 600 000 people,because of the people who followed them,and then you determined that wasn't fair,and you corrected that practice is that,correct correct so just just for the,record uh since you've been singled out,as a social media platform before this,committee uh Twitter undertook no,Behavior to selectively censor,conservative Republicans or conservative,voices is on

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Twitter ShadowBan All You Need To Know!

Twitter ShadowBan All You Need To Know!

welcome back my junkies we back,we back we back welcome back,to fandom411 if you haven't been here,before welcome you're gonna learn,something here i can guarantee you,and if you're a loyal subscriber please,make sure to like this video and,thank you for tagging along this journey,with me and still being here with me,before we hop into the video today i do,want to,just say um quick thank you of course,for the views and the subscribers,my channel's just grown by the day but,you guys i think that we,i think i need to go bigger like i need,more i need to grow more okay,um so please you guys definitely don't,forget to follow me on my social media i,don't know,like is it too crazy to believe that,if i have 4 000 subscribers on,youtube i should have at least half that,on instagram,is that too much to believe because i,have like 1600 followers on instagram,and,you guys say you love me and you say you,follow me but,it doesn't seem that way so if you don't,follow me on my personal social media,do that now ten seconds later,okay great and just like i said my last,video you guys i,am looking for a brief quick nice,introduction,to my channel if you can make one,and if you're savvy with the camera if,you're savvy with the editing skills,um please get at me and you guys i'm not,talking about,any old regular intro,that has emojis and like your basic like,august alcina theme song i don't know,i want it to be personalized i want it,to be really nice,i'm willing to pay if that's what you,require,um but yeah um and also before i get,into this video you guys i do want to do,a lot more like,collabs i want to do a lot more like,interviews with you guys,and i want to hear from you all,and i might just start doing an,interview like if i can find some people,in my area then i will definitely start,expanding more so definitely hit me up,if you're in the atlanta area,and without further ado we are just,going to hop into this video,i feel like this video has been a long,time coming,um i did make a video briefly on this a,few years ago,and it wasn't really on this topic but,it was basically just saying how i got,shadow band whatever but,yes this video is going to be about,we're talking about being shadow band,today,um before we just hop into,the video you guys do need to know being,shadow band,comes with four parts it comes with sub,categories,so just because you're a shadow band,does not completely mean,that uh people can't see your tweets,that um people won't be able to search,you,when they look for your name or people,won't be able to say your comments,it doesn't mean that necessarily like i,said there are four,um sub categories to being shadow band,so we're just going to talk about that,today guys because,up until literally the other day i just,could not figure out like,why am i always shadow band on and off,why is my follow camp so stagnant,what is going on like i couldn't get to,the bottom of,chat being shadow band because for one,twitter doesn't really talk about,it there's no like there's,there's no explanation there's no,definitions anywhere the only place that,you can really get,a small little liquid of information is,on the twitter shatterband,um website but it's still very,like vague and complex information and,sometimes,that site doesn't even work so sometimes,you can't even check and see if your,shadow band,or sometimes they won't even those it'll,just completely say error like so,i'm gonna create this video for you all,who cannot seem to grasp it like me it's,just too confusing,i'm gonna try to dumb it down for y'all,okay,try to try to sum it up okay so,four subcategories being shadowed in the,first,subcategory is search suggestion ban,this type of van causes an account to,not populate,suggestions and people's search results,when it is searched for while being,logged out,twitter seems to take tie strength or,similar metric into account,while an account may be suggested to,users you are strongly tied to,it may not be shown to others so this,type of,ban makes it so that the only way,to find your account is by going to the,search bar,and twitter and typing out letter for,letter,your twitter handle and yeah so what it,meant by,um twitter seems to take,tie strength and similar metric into,account basically,that just has something to do with like,who your friends are and who you talk,who you regularly talk to on a twit on,twitter um,over like an extended extended period of,time and basically they're going to say,while an account,may be suggested to others you are,strongly tied to it may not be shown to,others okay so what they mean by that is,if you are search suggestion ban,um you know how on your home page it,might show three profiles of,this is who you should follow you're not,gonna show up on those,at all you're not going to show up on,any suggestions um,when it comes to the search bar like,when you're typing out a name so say,with my name you type in,m-i-s-t-r you can go all the way,down to the a in my in my name and i,st

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Shadow banning explained: Why Trump's blasting Twitter | Bridget Breaks It Down

Shadow banning explained: Why Trump's blasting Twitter | Bridget Breaks It Down

the claims are frightening Republicans,are being shadow banned from Twitter,President Trump is tweeting that this is,discriminatory and illegal cue the,internet outraged so what exactly is,shadow banning it sounds like nonsense,from a science-fiction show guys Steve's,been shadow banned by a demagogue in in,upside-down for anyone who is not in the,mix with the angry side of social media,this whole concept must sound bizarre,but there is a real thing called shadow,banning and unlike with Trump is,claiming it is not happening to,Republicans on Twitter let's break it,down,shadow banning has been around for a,long time on the Internet it goes way,back before Twitter or Facebook we're,talking the ye olde web forum days let's,say you were in an online discussion and,a bad user got in the mix maybe throwing,around spammy links or violating the,rules and just being an unwanted troll,an admin could make it so no one else,will see that users future posts it's,like turning the user into a ghost but,they don't know they're dead and maybe,they'll get the point that their,unwanted when everyone stops interacting,with them or they'll just get bored and,bother someone else so why not just tell,a user they are kicked off because maybe,they'll get mad and make another account,to continue the bad behavior Shadow,bannings stuck around as the internet,grew up it was read its only form of,banning for years until 2015,Facebook has its own twist on the,concept if a page is sharing hoaxes and,misinformation the network said it would,rather demote the posts so fewer people,will see them but it won't totally ban,the page so what is happening over at,Twitter now this all got messy when a,vice news post claimed a few Republican,Twitter accounts were shadow banned but,it wasn't true you could always see the,users post the tweets were not banned,nothing was hidden the thing that got,folks upset had to do with Twitter,search function if you went to type in,these accounts in the search bar their,names were not being suggested in an,autocomplete an example would be if you,type in Donal that's gonna autosuggest,Donald Trump or other popular Donald's,wait someone's name wasn't showing up in,a search suggestion bar automatically it,must be a conspiracy to silence,right-wing voices sorry it's much less,sensational Twitter says it was a bug,back in May Twitter changed his search,so that it wouldn't give high,recommendations to accounts with signs,of negative behavior so if an account is,getting muted blocked and reported often,well the system may have flagged it as a,problematic account,Twitter's head of product said these,behavior signals were causing those,names to not appear in search and it is,being fixed Twitter said it had nothing,to do with political views or the,substance of the tweets now when it,comes to if shadow banning is illegal,well I have some inside information on,this are you ready okay listen up social,networks can ban whoever they want so be,good on the Internet kids thanks for,watching hopefully that sheds some light,on shadow banning share your thoughts,about it in the comments and let us know,if you have concerns about the practice,be sure to LIKE and subscribe and hit,that bell to never miss a breakdown the,next time someone tweets about something,that gets everyone whipped up into a,conspiracy craze until next time

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Twitter Files 2.0: Confirmation of Shadow Banning

Twitter Files 2.0: Confirmation of Shadow Banning

people who used to run Twitter are in,some hot water because Twitter files,part two was just published Barry Weiss,is the the person who published it you,saw the first part come out from the,journalist Matt taibi new one from Barry,Weiss,the type of journalist that Elon Musk is,hiring to go through this,is an interesting choice,if they are liberal journalists who have,some problems with the liberal left,they're not conservative journalists,that he's giving it to but he's giving,it to the the liberal what used to be,called the intellectual dark web type,kind of people you know the,I'm a liberal but I'm not a leftist you,know I'm that sort of thing but they are,still Libs I mean they are still on the,left they just are are sick of this,corrupt establishment and all the,extreme radicalism that we've seen in,recent years so Barry Weiss goes through,it,she does a bang-up job,she says the new Twitter files,investigation reveals that teams of,Twitter employees build blacklists,prevent disfavored tweets from trending,and actively limit the visibility of,entire accounts and even trending topics,which is bad enough but then they also,do this all in secret,without informing any users this is an,important release not because it tells,us that Twitter was Shadow Banning and,blacklisting people,we already knew that,but it's proving,just like with the first Twitter files,release,the the main takeaway here is not some,big news item that we didn't know about,before the main takeaway here is we're,not crazy,we are not crazy and the things that we,suspected were happening for years,actually were happening and the people,who were running Twitter and their,propagandists in the mainstream media,were lying to us,the people who run Twitter who told us,this this wasn't happening they weren't,just getting it wrong they were,interesting competent it wasn't just a,mistake they were actively lying to us,they were deceiving us,so who did they get,Dr J bhattacharya,Dr Jay bhattacharya very serious,Stanford scientist who from the early,days of covid argued that the lockdowns,were harmful,and that they would ultimately harm,children Twitter put him on a Trends,Blacklist so at the outbreak of covid,when when it was really important to get,as much information out there as we,could to try to take on the virus,one of the,credential lab coat wearing experts,who was much more correct about kovid,than Dr fauci or anybody else he was,blacklisted,that information was suppressed it is,not going too far to say,people's lives were upended and ruined,and,and people died because of this because,this information was not allowed to be,put out there because it was suppressed,by political actors uh then of course a,lot of conservatives were blackballed,Charlie Kirk was put on a do not amplify,list Dan bongino was put on a search,Blacklist so with Charlie Charlie is,absolutely great at Twitter and his,tweets would have a huge amount of reach,just the way he writes them his,personality he's just great at it and So,eventually they said okay we're just,going to suppress his tweets Dan bongino,who's got a huge rage,you couldn't even look him up you,searched for Dan bongino he wouldn't,even pop up and then here's the key,in 2018 Vijaya Gaddy who was the head of,legal policy and Trust to Twitter she's,the one who made the call to ban Donald,Trump when Jack Dorsey was out of the,office she said that the duly elected,sitting president of the United States,can't have a voice in the Public Square,Vijaya Gadi said,we do not Shadow ban,and we certainly don't Shadow ban based,on political viewpoints or ideology,that was co-signed by kvon bake poor who,is the head of Twitter product,so these are two people at the very,highest level of Twitter who said in,writing we do not Shadow ban and we,certainly don't shout a band based on,political viewpoints or ideology,we should have known them those of us,who didn't know I suppose most of us did,know but everyone should have known them,oh they do shadow bear when you say we,don't do this and we definitely don't do,it in this specific way then you are,acknowledging well we may maybe we kind,of do that first part a little bit no we,don't Shadow Dan and we definitely don't,do it on political viewpoints Well turns,out,they did,say shadow band they specifically Shadow,band based on political viewpoints,and at the very highest level there was,a team to Shadow band but then there was,a team above the team to Shadow ban and,who was on the team above the team to,Shadow ban,the jayegadi and Jack Dorsey they were,the ones making the highest level,decisions on who to Shadow ban a,practice that they lied about and said,did not occur they called it visibility,filtering,visibility filtering is just a euphemism,obviously for shadow Banning and,apparently Twitter uses this quite a lot,according to one of the Twitter,Engineers that that Barry White spoke,with quote we control visibility quite a,bit and we control the amplification of,your content qu

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Twitter banned me I got an email asking,what happened to your Twitter Henry so I,logged in and sure enough poof poof and,we're not going to take it,I wasn't even notified by email and all,I have is this prompt saying I violated,rules but none were actually outlined I,appealed whatever I did and haven't,heard back so that's super fun none of,this really caught me off guard since,Twitter was hiding my replies to all,tweets including replies to my own,tweets the week leading up to this all,without warning or Reason seriously my,threads were just like hidden why this,happened is up to guesses none of my,recent tweets were anything outlandish,or out of the norm my two theories are,someone Mass flagged my account because,they didn't like what I had to say and,the second theory is Twitter didn't like,some of the privacy and security,precautions I Implement to use their,platform neither of which I think are,valid excuses for Twitter to have done,this especially the latter since Twitter,is supposed to be a decent,decent social media platform for,whistleblowers,the worst part is all other accounts are,in Jeopardy as per Twitter's own rules,including the official techlore accounts,and the surveillance report account,which is actually really more what I,care about,this wasn't just me either Twitter has,previously suspended pan Quake a work in,progress alternative to Twitter which,was just once again this week also,suspended and Manuel matusovich who's an,International Conference speaker who is,likely known by Twitter's own internal,team was also suspended super recently,they dealt with the same exact issue as,me where they were kind of Shadow banned,first before being suspended with the,weird reply issue actually his blog,details word for word exactly what,happened to me with replies being hidden,for no mysterious reason followed by,eventually a permanent suspension,both of us are also still in the same,place of just doing an appeal and,waiting to see what happens I don't I'm,not very optimistic frankly I don't care,about Twitter too much uh it's like 95,just candy points that don't really mean,anything and it doesn't provide any real,value to the world but we're there,techlore because many of you use Twitter,and have expressed you like the fast,stream of updates and we wanted to,provide that service to you and it sucks,that that's in Jeopardy so stick around,because we do have a solution ultimately,this all just speaks to how platforms we,don't control as well as you can be,ripped apart quickly and it's only made,us want to expedite our plans of having,more control over our platforms which is,important for us to stay alive but also,for all of you so you can still keep up,with our stuff and any updates we have,for you which thousands of you do and,look to us for privacy and security,advice which we greatly appreciate and,want to maintain that relationship so,let's have an honesty moment here where,is techlore right now and what do we,want to do so you're all in the loop on,this YouTube is a risk but not one I,think is large with that said we cross,post everything to Odyssey and peer tube,so we have backups of our content and,we've done this for years,our communities Twitter is a risk but,has been cross-posted to our Mastodon,for a while now an open source Federated,alternative to Twitter Discord is a risk,but we have our forum and it's likely,our form will only continue to be,prioritized going forward which is,completely hosted by ourselves with open,source discourse so it's completely ours,and you should totally join it because,it's an incredible place to be to talk,about privacy and security here's the,real issue though we have no central,place for us to send you announcements,in theory if YouTube was pulled away,from us we'd instantly lose access to,hundreds of thousands of people and even,on YouTube today if nothing happens to,us we actually have no easy way of,communicating with you our subscribers,outside publishing a video or making a,community post both of which aren't,actually sent to every subscriber and,puts pressure on us to have to lean into,the algorithm to reach a large number of,you to address all these concerns here's,where the solution comes in I want to,introduce brand new features you all,have been asking for and to give us more,Independence in a central place so I,present techlore dispatch which is our,new central place to keep up with pretty,much everything we do on your own,customizable basis our videos will be,posted there some of which will have,written blog versions to go alongside,the video which many of you have been,asking for for a long time there is now,a formal blog where we can dive into,Concepts deeply like the blog I wrote,earlier this year about the Privacy,Community we want to make a lot more,content like this,there's also a place for us to host our,brand new techlore talks which so many,of you love now in podcast format yes we,listen to your comments asking for that,to put it toget

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How Twitter Shadow Bans work for Replies

How Twitter Shadow Bans work for Replies

dates,how twitter shadow bands work for,replies,so this is a fairly generic tweet,somebody had put out,they have,about you know 1200 followers they put a,tweet out and i had replied to that,tweet,when i am logged into my own account,here,on twitter,my reply comes on the very top of the,replies,on that tweet,now if i go into the retweets i find,that most of the retweets and likes are,being done by people who are already,following me,so this is the first thing to notice,and now,let's use that same,tweet,and look,in a window where i'm not logged in,and see what somebody,who is,who's not my account somebody else is,going to see,so i go to this this other account i've,already pasted it let me re-paste this,tweet in here,and,if you notice,my reply is is no longer at the top,um even though it has many uh retweets,and likes,and some uh replies is there which,doesn't have any retweets or likes it's,fairly generic,is from some,you know doesn't have a lot of following,and if you go,and notice you say okay maybe my reply,will be one or two down but you don't,see my reply,so now there's a show more reply buttons,and we go and look at that,and again you don't see,my tweet even on the second screen of,show more replies,there are,tweets that are older there are tweets,that are that are less old but again you,don't see that reply and many of them,have fewer retweets and like now we're,on the third screen,again,very few retweets here is one with many,likes but still,you don't see my tweet anywhere among,these so let's go and go to the fourth,screen,and again my reply is not there,not seen,so you expand more you,go to show more replies,and,again even on the fifth stream there is,no,no reply,now in the sixth screen finally you find,this reply which has you know,10 likes three retweets,hidden on the sixth screen,um you know despite the fact that there,seems to be more interest in this reply,than others,so,what twitter has done essentially is,hide my reply,from,from most people who will be reading,that,and also,as a result of this twitter shadow band,for over two years now,my tweets are essentially hidden from,people who don't already follow me which,makes it very very hard to get any new,followers so this is a way that twitter,is,essentially,the platforming,and banning,voices,that,it wants to suppress on its platform

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Shadow Banning EXPOSED - The Twitter Files | Asmongold Reacts

Shadow Banning EXPOSED - The Twitter Files | Asmongold Reacts

Shadow Banning exposed the Twitter files,continue here we go this video is,brought to you by keeps stick around to,hear more about their special entire,upper echelon Community all right the,Twitter files yeah this is no longer a,nothing Burger the first installment,showcased a series of emails that seem,to indicate some kind of back Channel,moderation at Twitter I have a video,about that up on the channel already,I'll link it down below in the,description but the second and third,installments yeah now there's dirt,because it's not a targeted ad like it's,just it's not it's not targeted at me,just because there's a hair loss ad okay,guys come on relax questions and in my,opinion it went from that's intriguing,I'll keep an eye on it too yeah now,there's proof quick summary before,getting into what's new because the,Legacy Media is largely ignoring all of,this and acting like it doesn't exist,say what is a few outlets and,commentators Twitter openly invented a,reason to censor a story by the New York,Post about a laptop belonging to Hunter,Biden during the 2020 election cycle,this decision was not rooted in policy,or legal precedent it was purely the,result of ideologically driven employees,however the First Data dump in which,emails and policy decisions were exposed,had a few issues for starters it was,fairly obvious that the internal,structure of Twitter had severe problems,to begin with allowing that's one of the,things that I got out of it I got out of,it that like yeah some of these people,might be politically motivated but it,was so dumb and they were doing such a,bad job that even the other Democratic,politicians were mad at Twitter because,it was so obvious that they were rigging,it that it made them look bad,content moderation to be dictated by the,politics of just whoever happened to be,holding the reins at that specific,Moment In Time according to the very,same journalist leaking the initial,emails both political parties enjoyed,access to special moderation channels,even if one party enjoyed far greater,access as a result of company culture,what I mean by this is that according to,every single available public metric,Twitter both as a corporate entity and a,function of individual Behavior inside,that corporate entity gave,overwhelmingly to support Democratic,political candidates 99 of employee,donations as well as the Lion's Share of,all corporate donations slanted well,what happened to all the red like bro in,2016 God damn people are on the Trump,Train by 2018 everybody got off holy,yeah look at that bro but they're just,like yo this like we're done,99 of employee donations as well as the,Lion's Share of all corporate donations,slanted Blues especially during the 20s,in particular which reasonably indicates,that there are more people inside the,company with an inclination either,conscious or subconscious to support,left-leaning policy actions or requests,once again I think that it is a fair it,is a fair logical conclusion that if you,have a lot of people out there who are,uh you know everybody at the company has,one type of political Viewpoint that,that type of political Viewpoint is,going to be reflected more in the,website I think this is common sense,sure,referencing a statement made by Jack,Dorsey prior CEO of Twitter so the,studio primary party I I don't think,that it's illegal I don't think it's a,problem that all of them are it's it's,not a problem but whenever there is a,question of like fairness and censorship,and then you look at the amount of,people who are actually uh you know,putting any sort of uh any donations out,and they're all donating to one group of,people,then I think that does that does paint a,picture absolutely it does,operatives at the company were afraid to,voice their opinions or speak about,their views because the culture was,overwhelmingly dominated by left-leaning,viewpoints that's a problem by itself,however the Twitter files I don't really,care about this that much I mean this is,just the company it's whatever like how,has this affected the users giving us an,entirely new look inside the guts of a,prominent social media company and what,we see is pretty insane the second data,dump in my opinion is the most,interesting but since the initial reveal,there have been two more threads one,published by a journalist named Barry,Weiss and the other by journalist named,Matt taibi which give us a shockingly,dry vision of just how bad things had,gotten inside Twitter HQ thread number,two is my personal Focus for today more,so than the other though I will of,course cover or address thread number,three because of this quote and this,video by Jack Dorsey in front of a,congressional committee let's say on,Shadow Banning Social Media is being,rigged to censor conservatives is that,true of Twitter no,I don't know what Twitter is up to it,sure looks like to me that they're,censoring people and they ought to stop,it uh are you,do you think Mr Doyle runs his own,Twitter account,no,yeah m

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