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Angela White on Her Worst Experience Hooking Up with a Fandisaster that i had listen i want,to tell

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Updated on Jan 29,2023

Angela White on Her Worst Experience Hooking Up with a Fan

disaster that i had listen i want,to tell the story i can tell the story,if you disastrous i don't want to hear,one all right let's hear it yeah it was,actually a fan,um yeah i know i i three,fans,fan on what level like he was waiting in,line at the porno,okay so he was legitimately a fan i met,him at an expo i was at sexpo in,australia,um he came up met me got a signature he,was very sexy and very charming he was a,french model so i can imagine he was,like give me your number i'm like no you,give me your number and i had no,intention of texting or calling him but,after i got back i was staying at a,hotel because i wasn't living in that,state i was like you know what,maybe i will like text him so i texted,him,and um i was going back to victoria,which was where i was this is in,australia so this is where i was at the,time i was like let me know when you're,in melbourne,so the next time he was in melbourne he,hit me up and he's like let's go out and,do something so it's like okay let's do,brunch because dinner's way too,like serious i want to do something very,casual so we did brunch he was really,sweet,um and at the end of brunch he was like,by the way i missed the point um he's,actually he's also an artist so he's,this french model he's got he's a french,model and artist so just in case any of,the fans out there are feeling like oh,this could be me,i mean this guy he got a couple things,going for him,he's a really good artist i've looked at,all this so he's not just any old artist,he's a beautiful artist,so after brunch he's like okay so i'm,staying at my friend's place at the,moment he's out at work um i want you to,come back with me and i want to paint,you,and i'm like,this is my titanic this is titanic,he's going to paint me like one of his,friends yeah so why australian girls,yeah so,we went back to the apartment and we,start making out no painting going on,nothing was he even set up did he make,it look like he was gonna paint you i,mean he did have a sketchbook okay dirty,dogs he brought his sketchbook to brunch,so i thought okay maybe he's,legitimately gonna paint me so now we,start making the whole thing was a,disaster by the oh really yes i thought,really was it was he bad at kissing he,was okay at kissing okay but we get to,the bedroom and um so he's like groping,me he's moving down he goes to finger me,he shoves four fingers straight into my, no,no just four fingers and i'm like whoa,no do you think that he thought because,you're a porn star that you were ready,to go maximum volume he said i thought,you can take it and i'm like,yes i can take it but you know like spit,on it a little bit treat me like a lady,yeah yeah kurt's thinking about this,so i was like no we're not doing that i,also wasn't prepared for ana,no you can't you have to ask before you,go into that poll,so so that happened and then we,continued on and it got to the point,where we're about to and he tries,to put it in me bare and i'm like,no yeah like put a condom on he's like,oh uh i don't have any and i'm like okay,i have some condoms here you go so,already like so many red flags like if,you're willing to just slide your ,in me bear i don't know you you're,probably doing that with everyone i'm,very i'm very like particular about,sexual health so i like that yeah no so,we start and there's like a big,mirrored wall in the bedroom and i,noticed like he's not looking at me and,i look across and he is literally,watching himself like american,psycho style i'm like wow,so i'm like you know what i'm already,here i'm already this dude i may,as well get off so i'm like you know,getting myself off rubbing my doing,my thing like whatever,um and then we switch positions and i go,to suck his dick,and he picks up his phone and i think,he's changing the music,and then i look up and i'm like no,you're not about to like film me without,consent,so i i start getting dressed immediately,i am out the door and he's like no wait,wait don't go don't go in his french,charming french accent oh my god i'm in,the elevator and he runs down the,hallway in his box of shorts being like,poo stay as the elephant oh my,god you got out of there and didn't,forget anything,no i didn't forget anything i put all my,clothes on grab my handbag i'm out i'm,just imagining like there's something,that she's gonna leave behind that's,gonna force her to come back in this,story okay,like i gotta prove to everyone that i,was with angela white i mean,wow no consent nothing so will you ever,try,to a fan again,well,um,there was a couple other ones there,they were before him though they were,good they were identical twins right,well but okay before it went bad from,your perspective was it a turn on,thinking that this was a guy who was,jerked off to you or was it kind of,neutral i didn't think about it like,that i just thought it was like so dude,let's see what's going on yeah i wasn't,sitting there thinking this is a a fan,or anything like that wow,yeah but that is but i haven't ,the f

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Alura Jenson makes her pick between Mayweather-McGregor - Who Would You Bet On?

Alura Jenson makes her pick between Mayweather-McGregor - Who Would You Bet On?

hi everyone welcome back to the cage,cider Jeremy long along with the coach,Angelo Reyes were joined in studio by,the lovely and talented they're always,wonderful our favorite guest of all time,at Laura Jensen a lot auntie baby hi-c,yes back better bigger than ever yeah I,some places oh oh I know I mean you know,you move very athletically we just had,that boxing laughter now you know so,that that's going to be funded our,viewers we're going to get a chance to,see but uh we're here to do our favorite,segment which is who would you better oh,my god alright now the last time we did,it Elora you would we lost,means Jeremy we picked coach go by the,way ladies and gentlemen just retired as,we talked about earlier this year after,the Josh was still trying to set up his,match for November November,t-mobile arena so you were correcting,the Joshua prediction so we brought you,back for the next biggest event of the,year,Mayweather vs McGregor oh my god so here,we go a little just go right off the,best value who do you pick for,Mayweather McGregor I've picked McGregor,100% all right and very quickly to very,quickly Gary tell us all the reasons why,you're you're saying what most people,are not saying well most people are,caught up into this marketing campaign,that the promoters have thrust upon the,public and jammed down their throats and,I need to preface what I'm about to say,by Klitschko just retired Anthony Joshua,took the torch do you see other than,acting like a bunch of fools on camera,in order to sell tickets to their,matchups,no why because they're awesome fighters,okay now we know what McGregor is,capable of doing we know what Mayweather,was capable of doing are we describing,that by public affairs campaigns and,some you know what's his name Don King,that guy you know I don't see this bug,here dude standing up you know in front,of the camera shouting out about how,great spider is but still you know,there's no need to add all of this extra,BS to the promotion of a big ticket,fight unless a big ticket fight isn't,worth,watching so they themselves must believe,that he's either going to be boring or,he's going to lose quickly and this is,his own people mind you because they're,clearly in charge of all the promotions,for this fight because where's McGregor,going to get involved in that he's,coming from outside to the inside of the,box now I'm an outsider okay I do what I,do for a living and these guys are,experts in their field but I am a boxing,and athletic enthusiast I love a solid,pure athletic matchup and I'm all about,it because I love knowing that after,years and years and years of dedication,months of training nutritional,sacrifices you know not to mention the,testosteron wear-and-tear that this has,on the body like that peanut hurts it,hurts a guy to go through all of that,and I knew that because I've been around,it and I just I just don't see that kind,of ferocity coming from McGregor anymore,I tell you whether from Mayweather yeah,Mayweather just I don't yeah and that's,right now what do you like about,McGregor what about him even though this,is going to be his first ever,professional boxing match he's in a,sport that's completely different and,often times when I've talked to you,about this tool or I've said this is,like a swimmer like a Michael Phelps,trying to do a foot race again Usain,Bolt but you actually said something,really interesting to me can you kind of,let us know why you really believe you,know Conor has not only a small chance,but a great chance of beating Floyd,Mayweather there's a few different,reasons and first but not most,importantly is his mental focus,I see Mayweather showboating and this is,just what I see I don't know what's,happening behind the scenes so I'm not,saying this is the way that it is this,is my perception of how they are,presenting him to the public right he's,more interested in being a superstar in,the cameras and on the TV to get those,ticket sales rather than focusing his,energy inward and becoming this this,massive athlete on his way out of the,industry because let's face it he's,getting along in years now you know and,it's going to be time for him soon to,consider other things you know to make a,living or just a retire McGregor on the,other hand he's much more dignified he's,he's very he's very quietly spoken and,his presentation is just that of it's,like a thousand-yard stare coming out of,this guy you know whenever he's whenever,he's in you know doing his weigh-ins or,at the at the joint you know press,conferences this guy has like the stare,of a soldier if you've ever noticed this,if you've ever watched him talking on TV,or you know to McGregor period he's just,the way that she looked at the guy like,he's constantly thinking what's his next,move what's his next move and I'm,telling you there's a reason for that,the next reason I think that McGregor is,going to take this fight beyond,Mayweather is because of the two,different styles of fighting coming to,the tab

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Top 10 most beautiful & hottest MILF PORNSTARS 2022 e.g Kendra lust, Sarah jay, Victoria cakes etc..

Top 10 most beautiful & hottest MILF PORNSTARS 2022 e.g Kendra lust, Sarah jay, Victoria cakes etc..

are you tired of scrolling to the last,page just looking for the right milf,star,you i will be ranking the best hottest,and most beautiful milf stars performers,to ever grace our screens,but before that make sure you subscribe,to our channel,number 10,number 10 and my personal favorite two,years ago it's victoria cakes,she is an american actress who works in,the av industry imdb source,born on september 2nd 1991 victoria,hails from miami florida united states,as in 2022 victoria cake's age is 31,years,her real name is andrea crabtree,number nine,bella bells as an american actress who,works in the av industry,born on march 28 1985 bella hails from,atlanta georgia united states,as in 2022 bella belle's age is 36 years,she is popular for her amazing body,physique and tattoos,she began as a young ambitious girl who,aspired to be a celebrity in the future,by entertaining people,she did good to acquire some academic,schooling as well as life experience,education,number,eight ryan connor is an american adult,entertainment star who was born and,raised in santa ana california,ryan started out in the adult,entertainment industry dancing at a,strip club,connor began performing in the main,adult in front of camera at age 28 in,1999,she's the mother of adult film actress,dylan phoenix,number seven,india summer is an american pornographic,actress and nude model and a member of,the abn and xrco halls of fame,her real name is jodie jean she is five,feet four but how she looks in photos,might make you think she's six feet zero,she has won a lot of awards especially,in her prime in the industry,avn award is like the oscars of the,adult industry,number six,asa takagami aka asakira is a popular,model adult film actress and adult movie,director,she lived in japan between the age of 6,and 13 before they moved to america,she does interviews on television and,online from time to time she managed to,get into the industry after befriending,a fellow porn actress named gina lind,she was married and divorced to tony,rebus between 2012-2017,number 5 luna star,luna star was born on august 24th in,havana cuba in the caribbean sea,luna first began performing in adult,films in 2013,she is the youngest milf on our list and,our only latina star,luna has a worked for various popular,and big fish adult websites that include,bang bros brazzers reality kings and,naughty america,she lives in miami florida number 4,sarah j,sarah j is an award-winning american,adult film actress and producer,the 44 year old is the only adult,actress followed by former usa president,barack obama on twitter in which brought,up a lot of controversy on social media,sarah j studied at the university of,cincinnati she started the adult film,acting career aged 18 years she grew up,in cincinnati ohio and moved to las,vegas when she was 22.,number three we have the iconic kendra,lust,kendra was born to a french canadian and,an italian,kendra was broke in college so she,stripped part-time so she could afford,school to become a nurse,she studied at the university of,michigan she was married to a policeman,named chuck mason and have one daughter,together she worked as a nurse for seven,years kendra quit nursing after seven,years so she could make more money and,work less hours in the adult business,she is a big fan of basketball and she,supports the la lakers she also loves,wwe wrestling five years ago she was,rumored to be dating john cena,she loves attending basketball games as,well she is very passionate about,working out as she loves doing yoga and,lifting weights,kendra has been awarded hottest milf by,avn in 2016.,number two and my personal favorite,elora jensen,elora jensen was born on may 31st in,fiorente italy,jensen first began performing in,explicit adult movies in her mid-30s in,2012.,she is an extremely talented and,hardworking woman she is a natural,blonde tall and weighs over 75 kilogram,among the notable companies allora has,appeared in x-rated features for our,devil's film evil angel venus girls,productions pureplay media and west,coast productions,number one the legendary diamond jackson,she is a film actress who first entered,the industry in 2007 while in her early,40s,she is one of the well-known and,successful actress and born in miami,florida united states,she was a cheerleader in high school and,then attended denver university where,she graduated with a degree in sports,medicine technology explaining her love,for sports,that's the end of our list today if you,enjoyed kindly like share comment and,subscribe

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Top 10 Hottest Granny Prnstars Of All Time

Top 10 Hottest Granny Prnstars Of All Time

hello welcome to i love stars,we are back again with another,interesting video,in this video we will look at the top 10,hottest granny av stars of 2022,let's,number begin,andy james,andy james is a ravishing hot american,av star,she is 5 feet 7 inches tall,she was born on 1966,and he has beautiful red hair and a,pretty smile,number nine,erica lauren,erica lauren is a beautiful granny av,star,she has a slim figure and a beautiful,blonde hair,she was born on december 21 1954 in usa,eight,doma,domo was born on 1960 in germany,she is a av star who loves adventure,once during a shoot she drove a car in,the nevada mountains without a power,steering,number seven,vicki vette,vicki vette pretty granny was born on,the 12 th of june 1965 in norway,she has been nominated for numerous,prestigious awards in the industry,she is one of the most followed,norwegian personalities on twitter,six,julia inn,a very hot american av granny star julia,and is a hall of famer in the av network,julia was born on october 8 1969,she has soft blonde hair and a very,attractive personality,number five,darla crane,darla crane was born on may 20 1966.,she grew up in los angeles california,she is one of the hottest women in,today's generation of grand uv stars,number four,janet mason,janet is from roosevelt georgia,this beautiful granny av star was born,on april 8,1967 in santa barbara california,janet has light red hair and vivid blue,eyes,number three,mina hartley beautiful nina hartley was,born on the 11th of march,1959 in california,she is a legend of the av industry,mina is also a renowned public figure,she has written several books related to,feminism,number two,siren de mer,siren the mayor whose real name is,shannon is a hot granny av actress,she is also a popular media personality,siren was born on june 4th 1969 in,washington state usa,her height is five feet six inches,number one,rita daniels,number one on our list of top 10 hottest,granny av stars we have rita daniels,she was born on june 22 1950,she is the mother of a popular teen,actress gina daniels

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Cagesiders (Ep.25): guests Alura Jenson, Kyra Batara

Cagesiders (Ep.25): guests Alura Jenson, Kyra Batara

hi everyone welcome to the cage sliders,Jeremy long alone with my co-host as,always the coach Angelo Ray's Angelo you,look good I Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame,shirt man baby,Ken Norton you know I got a support cam,Norden because the Sun is the defensive,coach of all Las Vegas Raiders baby so,you know but now I'm super excited for,us to finally get a chance to be at the,Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame,it had so many guests come through our,shelf yeah talking about how lots of it,is so are we going to see you two talks,what do you wear who knows it is at,least the suit gotta be classy I won't,have a baseball cap on so there's,something I wear to bake look and you,you're better and it's gonna save,Mayweather yeah well a lot of lots going,on in boxing right now a long time,heavyweight kingpin Vladimir Klitschko,announced his retirement,rather than face Joshua again he,announces you know what that's the end,of it he even said basically this is the,passing of the torch to the new,generation now coach my question to you,is what is Vladimir legacy in this sport,I I got to tell you guys I mean Vladimir,Klitschko is definitely in this in this,era he's the most dominant heavyweight,we had even if for some of them maybe,fans that have watched it said I don't,know I didn't really like dr. steel,hammer because he wasn't as exciting you,have to remember again it's heavyweight,boxing and definitely one of the most,explosive jabs and most dominant runs in,boxing history,that Vladimir Klitschko did see it's,kind of like when we had Roy Jones jr.,and then at a certain point everybody,just kept saying well Roy Joneses are,really fighting anybody and Roy would,say it's not that they're nobodies I,just make them look like they're,nobodies and I think that's Klitschko's,legacy I think that in Klitschko kind of,is our newest version of Larry Holmes,Larry Holmes was the most dominating his,era not a lot of people gave him credit,at that time but then as years went on,people realize,Wow this is how amazing Larry Holmes was,same exact thing Vladimir Klitschko dr.,steel hammer you know a big fan of of,Klitschko and I'm a big fan of it of his,wife's estate in canotary,but different movie of indepen series,the one with Denzel Washington Remember,the Titans ah there you go man you know,what saved the cheerleaders saved the,world speaking of saving cheerleaders,saving world last weekend we saw Basilio,man chato your guy my mad you know we,saw him do his work first time I've ever,actually watched him that was a,highlight to where I watched it all the,way through really great fight he was,entertaining I should say the lease is,very entertaining but the big thing is,that uh days after his fight and the,Paulie Malignaggi Conor McGregor fallout,which we'll talk about on our podcast,tuned to our podcast iTunes you,subscribe,Kate Siders shameless plug yeah what,lomachenko through his how the ring said,basically Conor if you need a sparring,partner brother I'm here for you give me,a call anything about that I like it,just because again think about it this,light nice think about it this way right,Holly just left,well paulie's talking to us at our,podcaster cakes Anderson exclusive make,sure you tune in on Kate cider calm or,the plug right is a high tune I took,Ryan iTunes but I want to know you guys,are gonna want to hear what Polly says,about it for me myself Vasily lomachenko,would just whip on Conor anyways so I,think peepers of saying hey man I'd easy,worked as fast as we can you know you,know have a sparring partner I don't,mind whoopin on YouTube for the next,couple of rounds because in truth moment,Chico style is so high and again we're,not talking about a retired boxer now,who's going to fly in a tow in less than,in less than 24 hours for you after,jet-lagged from across the country low,Michiko just defended his title and beat,the heck out of Mariana so if lo Magento,were to show up in Vegas this sweet,buddies and spar at owner I don't know,guys that McGregor mayweather fight,might get cancelled because that's how,good my man lo,would depart out of Tata McGregor I,think you would put those damn hands on,Conor McGregor and I smell disrespected,to undermine Gregor now you're talking,about a fighter that many consider is,that are the pound-for-pound best in,boxing at this very moment not like you,said no disrespect to Polly not retired,fighters who were out you know coming,out of their prime and twilights of,their career and things like that we're,talking the best of the freakin best and,we saw you know a couple months ago you,know uh the video was released with TJ,decide anyone written you know it he was,just helping TJ yes he was just helping,teach it that's actually that's one of,my whole points about why I've been so,vocal about what Connors done Paulie,went in there with every intention to,help you out Connor and instead you done,kind of like on the whole family of,boxing that we have so guess what buddy,it's a crap on us we get the crap on you

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Liza Treyger Talks to Porn Stars at the AVN Awards

Liza Treyger Talks to Porn Stars at the AVN Awards

- Hi it's Liza Treyger.,I can not stop smiling,because I'm at the AVN Awards in Vegas!,I tricked Comedy Central into letting me,do red carpet interviews.,I have zero experience but I'm here.,We'll ask questions and meet the biggest names in porn.,Well this is my first AVN, do you have any advice?,- Ooh, yeah.,Pace yourself 'cause it's gonna keep getting more wild.,- Hydrate. Hydrate, hydrate.,- Hydrate for the road.,I've just keep drinking whiskey.,- Just keep it mellow.,- Does that mean like smoke weed?,- If that's what helps.,- What advice do you have for me? It's my first AVNs.,- Learn to gag.,- Can you give me a porn name?,- Give you a porn name? - Yeah.,- Candy Tits. - Pretty Titties.,- Betty Bad Ass. - Yes.,- Cream Soda. - Lyza Big Titty.,I see you and I see, like Gina Valentina.,- That's so nice.,- Like because it's such a sweet name.,- You already have a porn star name,,you got a Z in your name.,That's already sexy cause X and Z are like, you know,,are worth like 10 points in Scrabble.,- What's the biggest lie in porn?,- That I'm a raging bitch?,No that's actually true, fuck.,- What's the biggest secret in porn?,- The biggest secret in porn?,- Squirt's not real.,- But I squirt and I feel like it's real,,I'm not trying too hard.,- Okay let me say porn squirt (chuckling) is not real.,Sorry,- Squirt is Pee.,- I'm squirting!,- What's the biggest kept secret in porn?,- We use like sponges in our vagina,when we have our period so we can still fuck.,- That's a very good secret, thank you for sharing that.,- Girls poop on you a lot.,Really pretty girls will poop on you all the time.,- Like cream pie spills usually aren't real.,- What is real?,Is it a different substance in them?,- Yeah usually they use um...,- Cetaphil.,- Thank you.,Cetaphil, thank you.,- If you could make your bodily fluids taste,like anything, what flavor would they be?,- Steak.,- Steak?,- Yeah sure, why not?,- Alright.,- Probably a ribeye, I like ribeyes.,- Ribeye jizz, okay.,- Scotch.,- Really?,- Yeah.,- That was not the answer I was expecting.,- What did you think she was gonna say?,- Passion fruit.,- Oh also good, also good.,- You know every bitch goes, "Oh I eat pineapple,,"I drink pineapple juice,",their (bleep) still taste disgusting.,- Do you ever masturbate to your own movies?,- No, hell no.,- Only the scenes where I like know that I came really good.,- All the time. - Really?,- Literally like twice a week.,- When I watch myself I'm like,,"Oh I don't know why I'm making that face.",- No, I hate my own voice.,- Absolutely, all the time.,- Yeah?,- My first anal just got released and I'm kinda diggin' that,cause it's the only time I can watch myself,get (bleep) in the (bleep).,- What's something that you haven't filmed,,that you wanna film?,- You know I have not filmed an official gang bang.,- Getting gang banged.,- Gang bang.,- Like a gang bang but like, I'm the only one banging.,- Is there something that you haven't filmed yet,that you're dying to film?,- Anal.,- A Bukkake.,- You've never done that?,- No.,- I would really like to film a scene in zero gravity.,- Alright?,What was your last Google search?,- Soil fertility.,- Amazing, what are you planting?,- Nothing.,- That's a wrap from the AVN red carpet.,I've had a dream night and I found my friends,for the night, so I am out of here.,Bye.

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23-year-old woman to Tucker: I regret transitioning as a teen

23-year-old woman to Tucker: I regret transitioning as a teen

i am helena i'm 23 years old,when i was about 15 i started using,tumblr,i,had an eating disorder since i was,pretty young,there's a lot of messages that said,if you feel bad about your body that,means you're trans,i was just going through this period of,like,i don't like how i'm treated as a cis,person i don't want to be cis because,cis means you're uncool and you're,privileged and you're an oppressor and,you're bad i don't want to be that,in that way i was really incentivized to,try to figure out a way,to make,my voice heard,in these communities and obviously i,can't change my race i can't really,change my sexuality,so the only thing left was to start,playing around with the gender stuff,so i decided to call myself a demi girl,which is one of the 40 million genders,and that basically means that i'm mostly,a girl but i'm a little bit not a girl,which is just like what does that even,mean and then after that i went to demi,boy and then after that i went to gender,gender fluid,and after that i eventually went to,trans boy but all this took like two or,three years of just,going through this repetitive cycle of,changing this identity and changing it,again and it was just never enough,there was a lot of hopelessness for a,long time a lot of regret,the feeling of regret was intense,ah,it's a moving interview and there's a,lot more of it in the episode helena,joins us on set now thanks so much for,coming on there's something so sad about,that first of all thank you for speaking,up because your voice does matter i,think in this conversation,but,you felt what every young woman i've,ever met,felt at a certain age which is,uncomfortable with yourself and it feels,like you were exploited at that moment,of weakness yeah absolutely i mean as,you said it's completely normal for not,only young girls but often young boys,too to feel uncomfortable with,themselves and comfortable with their,body,but we have this ideology that is,especially prevalent online that says,that if you have those feelings that,means you're trans i mean there are,literally people who say if you don't,even like your voice on a recording,that's a sign of gender dysphoria and,you need to go see a medical,professional because you're trans,talk about taking advantage of people so,how do you and this is all explained in,greater depth in the documentary but how,do you feel now at 23 looking back on,what happened i,feel,honestly grateful for the experience,because it's taught me a lot about the,world and about myself but i really feel,afraid for these other young girls like,myself who they might not be,you know i consider myself lucky that i,was able to get out of it unscarred,really medically but there's so many,young people who can't say the same,and psychologically as well i mean it's,just devastating to especially from a,young age be lied to by adults at school,and by medical professionals and told,that your body is wrong you need to,change it you need to get hormones you,need to get surgeries that's devastating,for a young person so i'm just really,concerned for younger girls and boys,like i once was being led down this path,um and and being hurt by it it's a,failure of male leadersh of adult,leadership and it does seem like some of,the steps are medically irreversible,absolutely i mean they there's all sorts,of you know the the white house actually,just put out a chart yesterday that says,that some of these steps are reversible,or partially reversible but that's such,an oversimplification of the truth i,mean when you go on a cross-sex hormone,like that's going to give you not just,physical changes but psychological,experiences that you can't just act like,they never happened you can't just take,it back and especially with surgeries,you know a,a breast implant after a mastectomy is,not the same thing as never having your,breasts taken off in the first place so,there's a lot of young women who are,going through that who had a double,mastectomy at 16 17 18 years old or,even younger that happens,who you know there's nothing you can,really do to,put that that feeling of of,oneness and safety in your body back,oh oh it's just it's heartbreaking i,hope people are hearing you with open,minds,with tolerance are they,um there's a lot of people out there,especially parents who are really,thankful for what i'm saying because,they see that their young girl or their,young boy is going through this and the,school is telling them you need to,affirm them they're trans you need to,transition them all their doctors are,telling them you need to transition them,and these parents they know,that their child should not be having,these cosmetic procedures so there's a,lot of parents who are really thankful,there are other young people who are,really thankful that i'm saying what i'm,saying but obviously you know you have,the trans activists and the trans,community that exhibits some very uh,unhealthy kind of cult-like dynamics who,are really upset about this man you are,so arti

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Adult film stars Alura Jenson and Kiki D'Aire give advice on picking up women LIVE in studio.

Adult film stars Alura Jenson and Kiki D'Aire give advice on picking up women LIVE in studio.

right now the seas biggest news stories,from a biggest perspective this is the,biggest thing with Sharpie Shapiro,all right welcome back it is the Vegas,tape rolling out our number three on a,Tuesday and that's that you know this is,why JD we love doing this show right,because we can talk about very serious,issues we were just talking about Colin,Kaepernick and racism and we had the,minister stretch Sanders come in studio,now we just heard a viagra commercial,and we have two very beautiful young,ladies who are adult film stars that's,why I love doing the show we can bump,from topic to topic literally so joining,us in studio now as I said they are in,the adult entertainment business they,are I guess you could call them porn,stars I prefer adult entertainers but,Elora Jensen I like that more - and,kicky dare joining us in studio hop,right onto that microphone how you,ladies doing thanks for being here thank,you for having us yes I appreciate that,all right so our producer walked in here,and he said why is it that so many,people on the right these these,right-wing Christians know more about,sex than I do and I think it has a very,valid question why do you think that,they feel that way and do you think that,they actually do know more about sex,than people like yourselves yeah you,know hypocrisy is a great thing it,definitely leads people to seeking out,things that they probably don't ever,want to admit that's true that's true,how long have you both been in the adult,industry 10 years yeah for me it's been,off and on two decades so what made you,guys decide to do this I'm a freak so,why not get paid for it I I've always,known that I had an unusually,enthusiastic appetite and I figured why,not just you know do it safely and a,whole bunch of different ways that you,know people everyday that you're gonna,meet at the bar just refuse to do,because they're scared to tell their mom,at Christmas are there are there men,that both of you refuse to work with yes,there are yes any particular reasons why,and do you care to charity names well,I'm not a big fan of ron jeremy for a,couple of reasons guess what there's a,lot of women that wouldn't want to have,sex with ron jeremy so you so we don't,blame you for me ask you about ron,jeremy for a second okay and,be this will you know maybe this won't,help our chances were getting around,Jeremy on the show but that's us Toby,he's not a very good looking guy he's,looking like the Cryptkeeper these days,but but he has a very large you know,genitalia right but how does a guy like,that get on kik I mean he really is not,a very good-looking man,well there was a time probably back,thirty years ago when he was halfway,decent looking for the time and he was,very reliable which was a big deal back,then because we didn't have Viagra or,Cialis so you know he was known for,being a reliable stud with a large,member right and that basically got him,his fame and plus he was known for being,able to contort his body to do things,that most people can't what's the reason,well because Ron has gotten older and he,just doesn't take great care of himself,no he's a he's a whole so you don't so,you could not get sexually excited in a,room with him naked is that what you're,saying no but I could fake it really,well you could fake it when women are,doing porn,Alaura let me ask you this do you,usually fake climax or are there times,when you're in the sack with a guy that,it's actually genuine and real like give,me a percentage I'm going to tell you,that in the nine years that I have been,actively performing I think maybe five,times total I've actually had a genuine,climax that's not a lot no why is that,like in your personal life do you have,issues with that or or so okay so why is,it I mean I listen when there's a lot of,people around I'd be freaked out you,know you got sound guys you got camera,guys you got the director right does,that is that a part of it it's just it's,just a little uncomfortable to be fully,relaxed why is that not at all I get a,kick people watching me do my job so why,do you struggle to finish them it's it's,because the the production itself takes,between 3 and 12 hours depending on this,sheet for the day and that really draws,the process out and there's Ian 12,between how are you able to walk at the,end of the day I'm about five minutes,that's incredible I couldn't make it in,your industry that's for sure I don't,think there's a people are dying to get,a bald pasty white Jew in the porn,industry but that's just my I could be I,could be wrong on that I don't know it's,all good are there really not they,probably are producers and behind the,scenes right if you're just joining us,it's Allura Jensen and kicky dare,they're both two very attractive adult,film stars in the industry okay so we,wanted to show you a book that we,receive today so here's Ibaka so yeah I,want to talk about this really quickly,so in Henderson there are cross dressers,is that is that the right terminology,cross dres

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