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Years Before Shooting, Vester Flanagan's Big TV Break Turned Sourwe continue with 2020s tragedy on T

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Updated on Jan 22,2023

Years Before Shooting, Vester Flanagan's Big TV Break Turned Sour

we continue with 2020s tragedy on TV now,take a look behind me as you can see,this is a road to nowhere,when aspiring to get to network,television local reporters will often,tell you they're real is everything work,on this visit and for make a compilation,of clips that showcase a correspondence,on-air charisma and creativity investor,Flanagan's case not so much a man bit a,dog it happened Friday morning when,police went looking for the suspect is,lucky that dog didn't do a little bit,more Flanagan had struggled in small TV,markets around the country for years,never making his mark in the media,Vester Flanigan w2c news but ironically,in those fateful morning hours of,Wednesday Flanagan would produce his own,demise and that of two others like he,would one of his news packages not on TV,but filming it all on his phone,spewing bitterness and frustration on,social media this is all about you look,at me you respect me I'm not a bad,person these are bad people and I got,rid of them obviously none of that makes,any rational sense but in his mind he,sort of hit the jackpot of,attention-getting,before it all went so wrong Flanigan's,life seemingly started full of promise,here in that other city by the bay,Oakland California at Skyline High,School proud home of the Titans Flanagan,was one of those cool kids his yearbook,shows a popular and outgoing student who,was voted junior prom court Prince there,all the cute girls were hung out with,Wester but he wasn't really dating him,he was the best-dressed guy in school,very good-looking young man it turns out,the reason Flanagan didn't like to date,girls was because he preferred guys I,thought my friend i well know Wester I,think he I think he might be gay but but,I think back then it wasn't the thing to,come out as a gay black male as shown on,his Twitter feed since an early age,Flanigan's good looks landed him work as,a part-time model but his real dream was,to make it big Intel,vision news he majored in broadcast,journalism at San Francisco State,University and also landed an internship,at KPIX TV in San Francisco where he,made an impression on former anchor,Barbara Rodgers in the years that I knew,him in the early 90s he was like so many,other young people who come through the,newsroom happy to be in the TV station,happy to have his foot in the door on,his first job eager to do a good job,Flanagan launched his on-air career in,relative obscurity in dusty oil-rich,Midland Texas where he filed reports 4km,id television after a brief stint he,moved on to the Spanish moss oak trees,and antebellum homes of Savannah Georgia,reporting for WTO see each year here in,Savannah small businesses pump 1.6,billion dollars everyone who was just,starting out so there was a lot of,energy a lot of ambition elaine reyes,was another young fresh-faced reporter,at WTO see who never saw anything,sinister lurking behind Flanagan's,million-dollar smile we're gonna go,inside and check out the anchoring I,didn't personally have any issues with,him he was sometimes silly or goofy as I,think maybe we all can be in stressful,newsrooms he seemed like any other young,reporter trying to make it in the world,but there was one thing that seemed to,set him apart she says a laser-focused,ambition to be famous,he'd go out and shoot his own stories,and a three-piece suit I think it was,because he had ambitions for greater,things he wanted to be an anchor he,wanted to move up to a bigger markets,and in 1999 it looked like his ship had,finally come in here in the Florida,Panhandle from Tallahassee the Sunshine,State's capital Flanagan landed his,promising job with WPW see Don Schafer,was the news director he did a pretty,good job he had,he was a funny guy he could do good live,shots he could speak and walk and talk,and and we actually you know he did so,well for us we actually moved him into a,an anchor slide finally tonight a day at,the beach brings in big bucks for the,American Cancer Society Flanagan settled,into this Tallahassee apartment complex,convinced that his career was about to,take off on Vesta fine I can have a good,night but it was all about to go south a,watershed moment one day when Schaefer,says Flanagan showed up for work not in,that three-piece suit but in tights,there were some questions about whether,or not he was gay or not he had heard,some comments over the headphones in the,studio when he was anchoring and some,other times where they were making fun,of him or making comments about him you,know zoom in on the gay boy or have him,turn his head or something like that and,he really took exception to that,Schaefer says that was a turning point,for Flanagan all of a sudden the,formerly affable reporter turned on his,colleagues lashing out at any perceived,slight the station's meteorologist Nancy,Dignan says she was one of the targets,of Flanagan's hostilities after she told,him he made a small mistake during a,broadcast he used the term on-air,opening arguments and I said it's,opening stateme

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Mike Colter Shares the Advice Clint Eastwood Gave Him | WWHL

Mike Colter Shares the Advice Clint Eastwood Gave Him | WWHL

all right Allison Williams starts to,make him huge hit in theaters now and,playing is gonna knock it out of the,charts comes out on yeah,um you have until Sunday to see Death of,a Salesman with McKinley yes,Dodson theater uh he plays happy Loman,okay let's go back to our virtual fans,Kelsey and John from New York City,what's your question for Allison wow,what a cute guy,oh my God are you married,we're too young and hot to be buried,right now I love that answer how long,have you dated what,four years,John this is,you're gonna spoil the surprise no he's,kidding,when you starred in girls with Adam,Driver did you have any idea he would,turn out to be such a massive star and,when was the last time you two cross,paths it's been a long time,I know I'm like mesmerized by you know,like what's your question,um about Adam yes I mean he's so intense,and talented and he has like all this,energy just bubbling right below the,surface plus he's Juilliard trained so,that's always a giveaway that someone's,gonna go places,um I haven't seen him in years I don't,think I've seen him since the girls days,potentially but like what is time I have,no sense of time after the last couple,of years since you had a big falling out,Adam and I famously okay famous in,public falling out yeah I don't know you,were just trying to get it started um,but no he's like obviously you knew like,there was just something about him the,Poise and the gravitas say but yeah very,happy for him okay let's go to Mary and,Meredith from North Dakota with a,question for Mike hi you two oh cozy,great job,thank you,Mike what was the greatest piece of,advice you received from Clint Eastwood,when you worked together on Million,Dollar Baby oh good question um,I think for me it was like um he was get,your he roll your sleeves up and get in,there he was he was he wasn't he was,really humble and it's like it's like he,take the work seriously but don't take,yourself too seriously how we would talk,about it you know that was really,important just like you know just we,y'all cut everybody get in there we grab,something and we move on for the next,scene but it wasn't like you know he was,like I'm the boss and I'm this movie,star everybody was sort of equal with,him you know it really she treated,everyone the same down to the caterer,you know it was always that kind of way,you know talk to everyone that's great,yeah that is a good that's a good lesson,that's something good to pass on,um I want to thank Allison and Mike I,want to thank McKinley everybody see,Megan and playing and Death of a,Salesman for more because around Robin, good night everybody,foreign,thanks for watching watch more Clips,here,And subscribe to our channel here,see ya

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Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #12

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #12

Will Ferrell is overrated,sorry but he just screams it's gotcha,Jon Hamm is a soft boy with a dad bod,hashtag truth you Chris Rock you are,grownups too,well if you lost all your money in,divorce,you'd be all grown ups too - I'd rather,plant poison ivy plants in my anus,before hearing another word about Kim,Kardashian and go ahead and do that,please,Maisie Williams looks like a very young,grandma,hashtag David Harbour hey I'm ready to,be punched in the face bring it back,it's nice I just cut a fart that smells,so bad they added David Spade as a,supporting character that's not bad,hyukoh addition for that I didn't know,if I got it,Jake Gyllenhaal's smells like hot dog,water haiku like a beaut beautiful,beautiful things say a Benson dais feet,smell like Funyuns,let's check shall we know smells like,success to me kid only to grow up,looking like a creep yes Fred Savage I'm,talking about you that's true,Tiffany Haddish has a big-ass mouth you,can't bring ratchet ass like her,no we're just Shep well you know what,why don't you shut with your 14,followers but thank you for introducing,me to them you think Martin shorts had,sex,I bet Martin shorts never had sex,the older Mark Hamill gets the more he,looks like Yoda seriously,seeing that guy lately he's Yoda me and,burn this is Sarah Paulson you I,have mixed feelings about you right now,guess what mother flick I have mixed,feelings about you too cap cap says Jeff,Goldblum is starting to annoy me now,like okay dude you're quirky we get it,you have some weird sweaters good for,you I I know what you're talking about,believe you me if I was in your shoes I,might feel the same way like my new,shirt thanks for watching if you liked,that video click the subscribe button,and if you didn't like it will you hurt,my feelings

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Captain Sandy Yawn Captained For Madonna | WWHL

Captain Sandy Yawn Captained For Madonna | WWHL

thank you,Sandy is here from below deck Sandy's,book is called be the calm or be the,storm leadership awesome,Sandy we got to put your book on the set,I'm gonna put it right above Gloria,Steinem,all right,um orianna schnapps from below deck,Adventures,Lauren Rachel and Mariah Smith are from,St Louis,they echoed their way into a show on,Sirius xm's Radio Andy Smith sisters,live weekdays at 9am I will say two of,you started it Watch What Happens Live I,should make that was that both not that,was not either of your first job no no,okay your favorite you're also young,that I just had two yes best boss I've,ever had,seriously,Deirdre Connolly your best watch you've,ever had yes yes,yeah let's go back to by the way Captain,Sandy just dropped how long have I known,you seven years eight years yeah you,wait this long to drop the bombshell,that you've captained Madonna several,times well what well am I allowed to say,that I know and you said she was lovely,she was lovely that's great okay let's,go back to the virtual fans Laura and,Cliff from Delaware oh,how cute we are we are so cute wow are,we in your bedroom right now,do you keep the do you keep me in your,bedroom,absolutely wow well you know what Laura,and Cliff that's where I want to be,um what's your question folks,uh Captain Sandy do you agree with Ross,and Ben that Tony lacks a sense of,urgency and that everyone has to be on,the same level or the slower person's,work epic doesn't get respected I agree,Tony isn't on doesn't it,oh,my God I love you wow you got all the,merch,I love it I agree with them wow,I guess Bravo I guess shop by Bravo,ships to Delaware,okay here's the oh then there it goes,wow here's Allison from Austin with the,question for orianna hi Allison,hey Andy thank you so much for making my,New Year's again this year uh thanks you,don't have any merch but you got a,beautiful head of I know red hair,Crimson thank you so much,um orianna do you think it was the right,move for cats and carried a fire Kyle so,early on in the season and at the time,did you have any idea how he was being,to Nathan you know that's exactly it,it's totally up to Carrie and he knows,what's going on with his team I really,respect him as a captain so I think,whatever he decides the right approach,yeah yeah I mean she says you're loving,aren't you yes yeah no but I mean I,don't know what's going on in other,departments so I really can't speak to,that,there you go okay uh we're gonna leave,it there I want to thank Sandy I want to,thank Ariana I want to thank Lauren,Rachel and Mariah Smith for more, good night everybody,foreign,thanks for watching watch more Clips,here,And subscribe to our channel here,see ya

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Remembering Slain News Reporter Alison Parker

Remembering Slain News Reporter Alison Parker

well it was certainly meeting the,president was was an amazing thing and,and we were so proud of him the fact,that he is stepping up and he's getting,out in front of this and Mark Kelly who,was an astronaut and her and her is his,wife Gabby Giffords meeting meeting with,them that there were just remarkable,people it's a it's an amazing group that,is part of this survivor Network and the,advocacy movement all getting together,at that town-hall meeting and I think it,is it's it's advanced the conversation,in this country and I think that we all,we all grieve differently for us we,didn't feel like we had a choice you can,either crawl up in a ball and and lie in,the bed and grieve over your child or,your loved one who's been killed through,gun violence or you can get out there,and be really angry and that's what we,did is we want to be,it's a step further and remember you,started a foundation correct we we are,in the process of starting a foundation,there are several scholarships in,Alison's memory the one at James Madison,University where she graduated is over,$200,000 and that's this growing largest,scholarship in the history of the,university I mean it was just we didn't,want it to all be about gun violence we,wanted it to be about her life too so we,are starting a foundation called the for,Allison foundation and it's just in the,planning stages but what this will do is,it will help small communities in the,area where she lived in rural Virginia,it will help bring the arts to those,kind of communities because she loved,dance she loved the Performing Arts in,theater and it will help children,participate in the arts and also to see,wonderful performing arts events in in,rural areas located in Allison the the,thing that I'm struck by and I'm sure,everyone watching would agree with this,she she was so relatable and you get,back to this idea of a lot of people are,on TV and you see a side of them that is,very carefully manipulated they they,show you what they want you to see with,her you can see her genuine character,and I spent a number of months in,Roanoke during my medical school,training and the community is a,phenomenal community but it highlights,something I know is an initiative of,yours Chris as well which is things like,this can happen in any community no,matter how great the community is where,where there's guns and mental health,issues combined you just never know and,I know that's a big initiative for you,is is you know how mental health can,play into to gun violence,so our areas no stranger to gun violence,it's no stranger to lapses and failures,in our mental health system in 2007 half,an hour away from Roanoke Virginia z' is,Blacksburg where we had the sight of the,Virginia Tech mashing and so after that,there was some tremendous advances that,were made,to help in the communication for more,mental health services in our area but,there is still much more work to be done,in our area we had a state senator who,was stabbed by his son because they,could not find a bed for him to have an,inpatient psychiatric stay in our case,it's workplace violence that happened in,a very public fashion but it's workplace,violence and there's still lots more,work to be done to increase the,communication of individuals who may be,approaching crisis and for all of us to,be able to look at people that we care,about in our community and say are they,approaching crisis do they need help and,can we get them the services and the,help that they need,and just to reduce the stigma of mental,illness because there is a stigma and,and people don't want to admit when they,need help and they won't go seek that,help and so that really something that,we need to change to make it where it's,acceptable to say I need your help,yes can someone please help and we can't,we can't sweep this under the rug,anymore you know one of my number-one,frustrations practicing emergency,medicine is the the the country as a,whole seems to want to sweep this under,the rug because they may not be dealing,with it on a daily basis but I would,urge anyone Washington to remember,Allison because you know her life,represented so much in her short time on,this earth and the fact that she died,way too early these things can be,prevented and it takes a multifactorial,approach and we're gonna have more info,about the for Allison fund on our,website the foundation and just raise,awareness in your communities I I want,to thank all three of you personally,because I know it's hard coming up here,on stage and even holding it together,but what you're doing I applaud all,three of you I think this is just such,an important thing thank you for sharing,her memory with us we we can't,you

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'Virginia 12th': Boyfriend Of Reporter Killed On TV Wins Office | TODAY

'Virginia 12th': Boyfriend Of Reporter Killed On TV Wins Office | TODAY

with a crime that shocked the nation,three years ago our Virginia TV reporter,and her cameraman were shot and killed,during a live broadcast that tragedy a,tragic day changed Chris Hurst life and,it set him on a new path August 26th,2015,Alison Parker a 24 year old reporter for,WDBJ 7 in Virginia along with her,cameraman 27 year old Adam Ward were in,the middle of an interview when suddenly,gunfire erupted Alison and Adam died,this morning shortly after 6:45 when the,shots rang out a third person Vicki,garner who was being interviewed was,wounded but survived the gunman turned,out to be a disgruntled former employee,of the news station while on the run the,gunman appeared to have posted messages,and video of the shooting this image,shows how close he got to his victims,soon afterwards while police were,closing in the gunman shot himself in,the car he was driving he died a short,time later I cannot tell you how much,they were loved Alison and Adam by the,WDBJ 17 Parker's boyfriend Chris Hurst,was an anchor at WDBJ 7 she loved me,more than more than anyone else could,and I loved her right back that was,genuine and a love that I hope everybody,else gets to experience at least once in,their life in 2017 two years after the,shooting Hurst decided to leave his job,at the station he entered politics,running for state delegate in Virginia's,12th House District hi I'm Chris Hurst,I'm running for Delegates picture now,the new documentary called Virginia 12,follows Perces grassroots campaign I had,had it in the back of my head of trying,to do something larger than myself in,response to what happened to me and,Alison but also as a way of publicly,showing people that you know you don't,have to live grief and tragedy and,the random obscenity of life just tear,you down,the documentary gives viewers a,front-row seat on election day as the,results came in the win for worse Chris,Hurst is with us this morning good to,see you buddy thanks for coming in went,back to work,two weeks after Alison was killed at,what point did you realize I can't do,this anymore I can't I can't be a TV,news anchor I think it was pretty soon,afterward I knew that I needed to make,some kind of transition but it really,became one you know I started having to,cover mass shootings and go live on the,scene again and and continue to relive,what happened to Alison and what,happened to Adam and even using the same,live truck that they were using that day,I mean it was just it was a tomb for me,that's what I tell people it's too,painful to stay at the station but,Southwest Virginia is home for me it's,where so many people gave me so much,love and support and and I didn't want,to leave that area so what could I do,that would keep me in the community and,still try and serve and going into,politics as ironic as that may seem has,actually turned out to be a great,progression but that I mean no it's,ironic but it's also public service,right all that's good in our country and,I love that through your pain you found,this purpose talk to me about how you,did that where'd you find your strength,I found a lot of strength from Alison,and trying to preserve her legacy from,her parents from my parents and really,from the community and that's really,what this documentary Virginia 12th is,all about and why now this was so,interested and and wanting to bring it,to completion and have it be available,for everybody to see because this isn't,just about me this is about the hundreds,of college students who knocked on doors,and made phone calls all of the the,senior citizens who knocked on doors and,made phone calls to hosted potlucks who,brought in food you know pumpkin bread,for the campaign staff it,I'm just the vessel it's really a story,about the community of Southwest,Virginia and how they rallied around a,common cause you were sworn in in,January,has it been what you thought it would be,politics in broadcasting is a little bit,of kind of a similar situation you know,so you have some egos and some,personality,I mind my own included with that but you,know what I tell people is that I go,from just talking about the problems in,our communities to now actually being,able to come up with the solutions and,so we're working right now on the Safe,Virginia initiative which is coming up,with a policy proposal to try and reduce,gun violence in Virginia more people die,from gun related deaths than car crashes,in the Commonwealth now I'm on the,Education Committee now I represent,students yes,represent more college students than any,anybody else in the General Assembly and,have a lot of teachers in my district,too so it's a real privilege and an,honor now to be able to start coming up,with policy answers we should mention by,the way you were the underdogs people,doubted you this documentary that shows,your progression shows your race right,what was it like to watch watch it back,it's wonderful because it really is a,testament it's a tribute it's a love,story it's a love story of Alison

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Parker Chelsea PTO Install

Parker Chelsea PTO Install

for this installation we need to install,the input housing on the transmission,first however the 890 / 8 9 7 Series PTO,comes from the factory assembled so we,need to remove the 4 bolts from the,housing and use a rubber mallet to,gently separate it so we can get ready,to install it this is a new install and,the transmission doesn't have any oil so,the first thing we need to do is to,locate the PTO cover plate and remove,all the bolts that hold that plate into,place now one thing we're not going to,show in this video is to install the PTO,lube lines those were stalled afterwards,after the unit was sent away from paint,so after you remove the cover for the,PTO the next thing we need to do is,clean any old gasket material off the,end make sure that the maiden surface is,clean and then the next thing we need to,do is install the doll pins until they,bottom out make sure they are in the,correct location for how you're doing,the install install the special gasket,over the guide pins the ribbed surface,should be faced outward toward the,Installer this is very important to make,sure that this is done the reason why,the ribbon the gasket has to be facing,out is because it sets the backlash for,the gears now you need to take your,input house it slide it over top of the,doll pins and use the special bolts that,came with it that have Loctite already,on them stick them and tighten them down,to 40 to 50 foot-pounds of torque and,then we're going to get ready to move on,to the next step to make this go a,little bit smoother I like to remove the,bolts at the back of the transmission,where the PTO housing bracket will fit I,just like to make sure I got it in kind,of test fit before we get ready to Crane,the PTO housing over remove the bracket,then get ready to Crane the PTO housing,over I like to grease up the o-ring,before I stick it back in that way it,minimizes damage to the o-ring when I,insert it do not use a gasket with the,step the o-ring is what seals it once,you're happy with that crane it up and,then gently insert the tube into the PTO,housing and that we're going to get,ready to install the bracket at the back,of the transmission which will secure,and hold it in place the final step is,to attach the bolts the four hex head,cap screws and attach the tube to the,PTO housing should be torqued to 30 to,35 pounds the three longer bolts and the,transmission should be torqued if you,have a three thousand family it's 66 to,81 foot-pounds of torque,if you have a four thousand family it's,74 to 89 foot-pounds of torque,now remember I did not install the PTO,lube lines and when installing pumps to,use all rings supplied with the PTO,between the bump and the PTO output,torque pumps to proper torque,specifications if you have any questions,or comments post them below otherwise,thanks for watching,you

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James Hoffmann Answers Coffee Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

James Hoffmann Answers Coffee Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

I'm James Hoffman an author and coffee,expert and I'm here to answer your,questions from Twitter this is coffee,support,first up black horse cough asks caffeine,myths dark versus light does the type of,roast affect how much caffeine is in,coffee this is a really good question,let me get some dark and light roasts,for you,now a lot of interesting stuff happens,in The Roasting process with a lighter,roasted coffee technically speaking more,of the caffeine that was in the raw,coffee is still in the coffee to get a,darker roast the coffee spends more time,in the roasting drum and it gets up to,the kind of temperatures where caffeine,sublimates it goes from a solid to a gas,which is kind of interesting but this is,the important thing this coffee is,denser and if I took 10 grams of this,coffee in 10 grams of this coffee,there'd be more beans to make up the 10,grams if I was using the darker roast so,while I might be less caffeine per Bean,I'd be using more beans and so,ultimately the amount of caffeine will,vary a lot more by the type of coffee,being roasted whether it's Arabica or a,buster whether it's high grown or low,grown the roast itself is not something,you really need to worry about Robin,Jerry Lee asks is there any good instant,coffee there is there is good instant,coffee now for a long time there was not,instant coffee the point of instant,coffee was cheap cheap coffee and that,applied to the raw coffee going into it,these days there are good specialty,coffee is being turned into instant,coffees but really the difference is,down to the raw materials by putting,good raw coffee well roasted into the,whole process you get a surprisingly,good result out Allison D rush asks how,do coffee beans grow decaffeinated good,question coffee does not grow,decaffeinated coffee trees actually,produce caffeine as a form of insect,repellent the higher you grow coffee the,less caffeine it needs to produce,because the less insects there are now,when we decaffeinate coffee there's,actually a process that's done after,harvest but before the coffee is roasted,and there's a bunch of different ways to,decaffeinate coffee some of which have,very nice sounding names like Swiss,water process others have terrifying,names like ethyl acetate But ultimately,all decaf processes are very safe and,generally have to remove 99.5 of the,caffeine from coffee to be certified as,decaf however they are now starting to,experiment with new varieties of coffee,that are naturally very low in caffeine,so keep an eye out for those those don't,need decaffeination and they'll have way,way lower levels of caffeine than normal,coffee let's see what's next the pour,over blog asks what to the ideal,temperature for coffee that's a good,question it has a bunch of different,answers because I don't know what point,you're talking if you're talking about,brewing coffee then generally speaking,close to Boiling Point is the right,temperature for water for brewing coffee,if you're talking about drinking coffee,that's a very different answer now the,interesting thing is very hot coffee,doesn't taste as good as coffee getting,closer to kind of body temperature when,coffee goes from hot to kind of,enjoyably warm it starts to taste much,much much much better and so letting,your coffee cool down a little bit,before you drink it gives you a more,complex more interesting experience,ultimately because you as a human you're,just not very good at tasting stuff,that's a long way away from body,temperature jnk vmk asks does anyone,know how to make espresso without,machine LMAO okay I have to do it I have,to just cover this quickly the drink is,technically espresso not espresso a,large fraction of the internet will get,very angry with you for using the wrong,one I'm not one of those and actually in,France it is the correct term it is,espresso in France anyway espresso is,interesting you can't really make it,without a machine because of what,defines it as espresso now espresso,machines are really expensive because,they do a bunch of stuff in terms of,temperature and pressure and all that,kind of stuff but if you just wanted to,make really good but really really,strong coffee there are a couple of bits,of coffee kit though that can make,really delicious strong coffee let me,show you what I mean I love both of,these and they're very different but,they can both make really strong coffee,this is an Aeropress it's super cheap,indestructible 20 25 worth having a,grade to travel with and this is the,time ordered Classic this is a mocha pot,or a stovetop Brewer both of these can,make really strong coffee and buy a sort,of strong coffee I'd be anything from,almost espresso strength of like one,part coffee to three parts water up to a,kind of traditional mocha pop Brew of,one part coffee to 10 parts water or if,you have a way to foam milk at home you,can make a delicious kind of homemade,cappuccino and Kaya next door asks what,about coffee makes me have to dookie,like I don't understand t

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