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Beth Moore Gets Slapped On Twitter By Critical Race TheoristBeth Moore has found herself in a,simila

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Updated on Jan 24,2023

Beth Moore Gets Slapped On Twitter By Critical Race Theorist

Beth Moore has found herself in a,similar situation,she said which I know she was trying to,be snarky which again she's put herself,in this situation of constantly having,to kowtow to people who are wokeer than,her,she said that was scarier than a,Southern Baptist convention so she's,trying to make a joke she left the,Southern Baptist convention a lot of it,had to do with I think it probably had,to do with Southern Baptist support of,Donald Trump but it also had to do with,a lot of criticism towards her preaching,because she preaches and teaches,um in front of men particularly In a,Pulpit and so she of course has been,very offended and disenchanted because,of some of the words of the people I,guess in leadership or just who are a,part of the Southern Baptist convention,maybe some of her feelings are Justified,maybe not but she doesn't like the,Southern Baptist convention and so she,said that was scarier than a Southern,Baptist convention and then Lisa Harper,not there's two Lisa Harper's there's,Elisa Harper I don't really she's a,Christian Author but this Lisa Harper,she's got like pronouns in her profile I,think she also considers herself a a,Christian Author but she's like very,unabashedly woke so like in her name on,Twitter she's got she her so that tells,that tells me personally all that I need,to know but she quote tweets Beth Moore,and she says perhaps the violence,displayed between Will Smith and Chris,rocket Oscars 2022 was quote scarier,than the Southern Baptist convention,because it was an open display of the,outcome of four centuries of Violence by,Southern Baptists on body's minds and,Souls of African descent hold up,The Slap,between Will Smith and Chris Rock has to,do with Southern Baptist owning slaves,400 years ago,can you square that Circle for me can,you help me understand is this something,that only makes sense if you speak,critical race Theory I mean I know I I'm,fluent in critical race Theory,unfortunately because I've read so much,about it and talked so much about it but,this must be like a dialect of critical,race theory that I'm not familiar with,because usually I can try to understand,how they're making the connections but,here it's really tough for me to,understand what she's trying to say but,you know actually she explains it so let,me go on in her tweet thread it was,Chris Rock's bow to White patriarchy,oh sometimes I just can't get through,this stuff by undercutting a sharp black,woman's hair and calling her less than a,woman in front of billions of people,except that's not really what he was,doing again agree or disagree with Chris,Rock's joke I understand why Jada,Pinkett Smith was offended and I,understand why Will Smith would be,offended on her behalf even if something,is a joke it can be hurtful but is it,really about to White patriarchy so,every time a black person tells a joke,about another black person or a black,woman that's whiteness,that's white patriarchy or maybe it's,just them telling a joke like did you,think of that maybe it's just not that,complex,she goes on to say oh she said calling,her less than a woman in front of,billions of people that might be my,favorite part that she thinks that,billions of people watch the Oscars I,get it probably wasn't even one million,people it was probably hundreds of,thousands of people billions of people,that's that's awesome uh then she goes,on to say it was Chris Rock's choice to,belittle a human being with a disability,disability,alopecia alopecia is definitely a,disorder a serious one a disability I,don't know the roots of white supremacy,do not consider the disabled human,therefore they are unprotected from,humiliation so do you see what they do,do you see what these race baiters and,racial Justice activists do white,supremacy is a stand-in for all kind of,evil so really what she's doing she is,actually abdicating not just Will Smith,of responsibility but also Chris Rock,because this is just Chris Rock's,manifestation of internalized white,supremacy that of course was imparted on,him by the white supremacists of your I,guess the southern Baptists she goes on,to say we all saw the outcome of body,trauma and it shook us because we were,watching internalized violence again,internalized violence so it's so again,Will Smith she is saying it's actually a,victim in this in this case,um we watch internalized violence spill,out on an international stage and no one,knew what to do so they did what we have,done in this nation since 1619 nothing,literally no thing,we've done nothing the Emancipation,Proclamation was nothing we've done,nothing since 1619 the Civil Rights Act,was nothing actually that is what,critical race theory asserts that is,what critical race theory is hurts,that's what 1619 project asserts that,since since 1619 racism not just racism,but systemic white supremacy and forms,of slavery have just evolved they,haven't actually fully gone away what's,incredible is that we are talking about,the Oscars we are talking about

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The Theology of Work | Guest: Jordan Raynor | Ep 736

The Theology of Work | Guest: Jordan Raynor | Ep 736

work can't live without it but sometimes,you feel like you can't live with it,maybe you're discontent in your job you,don't know what God is calling you to do,or you just don't know how to honor God,and find true and deep fulfillment in,your job whether you're a stay-at-home,mom a publicist a podcaster we all as,Christians are trying to figure out how,to work well in a way that glorifies God,Jordan Raynor author of the books called,to create and the word before work is an,expert on this subject he is an,incredible refreshing perspective on the,Theology of work and how we actually,apply it to our lives apply it to our,work for the good of others ourselves,and for the glory of God wow I was so,encouraged by this conversation I know,this is going to be a popular episode,listen to it multiple times share it,with your friends this is a great one,for the new year without further Ado,here's our new friend Jordan Raynor,Jordan thanks so much for taking the,time to join us for those who may not,know can you tell us who you are and,what you do,yeah so hey Ali it's great to be with,you my name is Jordan Raynor I live in,Tampa Florida and my mission in life is,to help Christians connect their faith,with the work that they do 40 50 hours a,week whether that's as an entrepreneur a,barista an accountant a stay-at-home,parent whatever that work is because,when we read the scriptures it's clear,that work is of great importance both,now and for eternity to the god of the,Bible,and what inspired you to start writing,about this I mean work has been a fact,of life for all of human existence and,so you decided to kind of approach it,though in a new way why'd you do that,yes this is really rooted in my personal,story so before I was creating content,like this full time I spent 10 years as,a tech entrepreneur and about halfway,through that Journey uh I was in the,process of selling my second company,trying to figure out what I was going to,do next with my life and when you sell,two companies like the natural thing is,you go you know you start a third right,so that was the plan but for a hot,minute there my wife and I were very,seriously considering planning a church,because I think a lot of our listeners,will resonate with this,yeah I I was just overcome with guilt of,how dare I want to go start another,business when there is a need for people,to move to into mud Huts 5 000 miles,away from home to make disciples and,plant churches and so we're really,seriously considering plenty of church,for a little bit,and by the grace of God alone I had this,Godly Mentor pull me aside after church,one Sunday he's like hey uh I hear you,think about playing a church and I'm,like yeah and I'm thinking this guy's,gonna like Pat me on the back maybe,write me my first check and I'll never,forget you just look me like Square in,the eyes he's like Jordan yeah that just,sounds like really dumb for you for you,personally he's like Jordan you're a,talented entrepreneur you have served,your investors and your teams through,the ministry of Excellence why do you,think you have to go plan a church in,order to do ministry don't you get that,your work is Ministry yeah I was like I,have no idea what you're talking about,and so he told me he's like Hey listen,in light of this conversation go back to,your Bible read Genesis 1 and 2 that you,probably read a hundred times in light,of this conversation and tell me what,you find and what I found changed my,life forever I I found that before God,tells us that he is loving or holy or,omnipotent he tells us that he is a God,who works created as the first verb in,the Bible and pretty much the only thing,we know about God through this first,couple of chapters of Genesis and then I,saw that long before the Great,Commission comes onto the scene where,Jesus tells us to make disciples of all,Nations right there in Genesis 1 is the,first commission to humankind to fill,the Earth to subdue it to rule it in,line with God's character and his law,and that transformed my perspective,about work work is not a means to an end,work is not the curse of sin work is,God's first gift to humanity uh and it's,the only gift that never really ends,because we're gonna be working forever,uh in eternity with Jesus by our side so,that that makes it changed my life I was,like I gotta go all in on this yes I,remember hearing a few years ago,um the truth that work is not a result,of the fall but as you said it it,predates the fall that Adam was placed,in the garden to what to sit there and,enjoy the fruit no to work and to keep,it and so that was before sin entered,the world so that does disrupt kind of,our idea of work being a necessary evil,just something that you do to get to,Friday so how does that tangibly change,then how we work as an accountant as a,barista as a stay-at-home mom because I,mean a lot of people feel like their,work is just kind of purposeless outside,of making themselves and making maybe,making their your boss money maybe they,d

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Twitter Banned Me for Biological Facts. Here's Why Those Facts Matter | Ep 467

Twitter Banned Me for Biological Facts. Here's Why Those Facts Matter | Ep 467

thank you,hey guys welcome to relatable happy,Monday hope everyone had a wonderful,weekend oh my gosh we have so much to,talk about today that I don't have time,to talk about because I showed up late,to the studio,um I want to talk about Obama's Soiree I,want to talk about the hypocrisy I want,to talk about uh the fact that they just,don't care the people in power do not,care about the double standards they do,not care about any of that I had a,Twitter thread on that and I want to,talk about that I want to talk about the,eviction moratorium I want to talk about,the infrastructure belt there's so much,I want to talk about but I've got to,talk about something else first and then,we'll talk about some of that stuff,tomorrow I only have time to talk about,this one subject that as you guys know,if you've been listening to my podcast,for a while I really care about and I'll,explain why I care about and that is,um this issue of gender especially as it,pertains to women and girls protection,and their rights and because I care,about this I also care about speaking,the truth about this which means that I,am not going to acquiesce when it comes,to my language to absurdity I am not,going to validate something that I think,is a harmful delusion when it's applied,uh societally by bending what I say to,conform to it,um and for that I got a 12 hour,suspension from Twitter specifically for,saying that even though Laurel Hubbard,the transgender Olympic weightlifter,lost uh his inclusion in the women's,Olympics is still not fair because men,should not be competing against women he,still took the spot of a woman who had,been working her whole life to get to,the Olympics whereas he wouldn't have,gotten anywhere close to the Olympics,had he been competing against other men,now I don't believe in being cruel to,him I don't believe in you know trying,to be mean mean to him in any way but I,do believe in speaking the truth,especially when it comes to this subject,so I was prevented from tweeting for 12,hours I was told that if I keep it up,that I'll get permanently banned so that,does not bode well for the longest,gravity of my existence on Twitter and,their reason was specifically so I got,an email from them this is the first,time I've been suspended from Twitter,even though I've said stuff like this,before uh they said it was hate speech,it promoted violence they said which is,just so crazy because it didn't at all,it did not promote violence in any way I,would never you guys know me I would,never advocate for violence against,anyone no matter their lifestyle or,their Identity or political affiliation,no matter how fiercely I disagree with,them I understand that the new,Progressive idea is that words are,violent or even sometimes silence is,violent but that physical violence in,response to those things is not violence,but I am not going to go along with that,redefinition of terms and with that,Madness stating a fact is not violent it,is not inciting violence in any way that,kind of thinking is absolute lutely is,absolutely destructive to a democracy,Twitter allows Chinese State propaganda,the leaders of Iranian terrorist regimes,and Argo terrorists doxing abuse,obscenity all kinds of misinformation to,thrive on their site without any,censorship whatsoever but if I say that,a man is a man uh more specifically,about a particular athlete that I am,kicked off,so in case you're new here I do want to,explain my position on this because it,is backed by fact which makes the,tyranny of big Tech even crazier it's,not that someone is spreading in some,kind of harmful misinformation at their,sensory they're censoring facts that,they don't like and are they technically,free to do that sure but I don't think,that's a very good argument for,suspending someone for just saying,something that is true now for anyone,who watched this happen and who said oh,well you know she's just being a,flamethrower she's just being a,provocateur that is not me now do I say,things that are controversial yes but if,you've been following me for long enough,you know that that is never my intention,like I it is not my bread if you will to,be click baby it is not my brand to try,to just trigger someone or to purpose,obviously offend someone I take pains to,very clearly explain,um my positions now that doesn't mean,that my positions are not controversial,certainly to the secular left,um but they are not presented in a way,that is meant to Simply stir the pot or,make people mad or cause conflict if,they do that that is that is incidental,that is not their purpose so I've been,very clear on this and have explained,this position on so-called gender,identity extremely thoroughly with all,the necessary nuance and specificity and,gentleness and biblical exegesis in,history and biology,um I have I've talked about gender,identity and transgenderism and sex uh,for a long time very thoroughly we have,defined our terms we have traced back,the origin of the concept of gender,identi

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The Secret to Happiness for Women | Ep 735

The Secret to Happiness for Women | Ep 735

happy New Year relatable family we're,back well motherhood makes you happy,that's what the data says and white,women above 45 are most likely to be on,long-term depressants we'll look at some,recent data and analyze why that is also,a church this invited me from their,conference and I will explain why at the,end of this episode but we'll start with,some thoughts and encouragement around,the new year and then we will get into,the rest I've got nothing to say about,any Advertiser at the top of this show,so we'll just play the music and then,get into the episode,foreign,hey guys welcome to relatable happy,Monday January 9th 2023 this is our,first new show of the year I'm so,excited to be back it's always really,hard being away and not being able to,talk about all of the things that I want,to talk about I know we did have some,new episodes come out over the past few,weeks but we had pre-recorded those so,my team and I could take a nice long,break and that's exactly what we did it,was some much needed rest and reprieve,from the craziness of the world I really,wasn't online that much I didn't even,really use that as an outlet to talk,about the things going on a lot of you,have been asking for example what's,going on with the whole speaker of the,house thing dude I am just now kind of,catching up with that,Kevin McCarthy is Speaker of the House I,kind of was just like you know what just,wake me up when we find out what exactly,is going on what the demands were to,make him speaker the house all that,stuff I just wasn't in the mood to wade,into the complexities and the chaos of,that but now we're here and this show as,ever is going to help you make sense of,the chaos and the craziness of the world,that's what relatable is about that's,what you guys love about relatable I did,have a lot of time over the past few,weeks talking to so many of you who love,relatable and who by the grace of God,have been influenced and impacted and,whose minds and hearts have changed uh,because of what God has done through,relatable and so that is just,reinvigorating and re-inspiring for me,to make sure that we are a place of yes,relatability of course is I am,navigating with you all of the craziness,in the world but also a place hopefully,of clarity now today I am not going to,get into the speaker of the house thing,we will be talking politics this week,and some of the news stories but I kind,of just want to reorient us,um and give us some perspective for the,start of the new year at least starting,out,um in this episode I had some thoughts,about New Year's resolutions the other,day there's some discourse I don't know,if you have seen this heard this within,the kind of Christian online World about,New Year's resolutions should Christians,be making New Year's resolutions is that,really what we should be focusing on,should we be making these fitness goals,at the start of the Year professional,goals should we have a list of potential,successes accomplishments that we want,to reach or should we just be resting in,God's sovereignty his goodness and,simply commit by his grace to pursuing,him and glorifying him in all that we do,and it's kind of presented sometimes as,a binary as what I think is a false,choice between making goals and making,resolutions and simply resting in the,Lord and being content in him what he's,done for you and being Sanctified by the,Holy Spirit,I don't think that there's anything,wrong this is my opinion so take that as,it is,I don't think there's anything wrong,with setting goals and making,resolutions I know that people say,there's nothing magical about January,1st and that's true it is just as any,other day it is a day that the Lord has,made we are to rejoice and be glad in it,just like any other day,we are to Simply do the next right thing,in faith with excellence and for the,glory of God all you have to do today is,Elizabeth Elliott says or said and as I,take comfort in often all you have to do,today is the will of God and that is,simply the next right thing in faith,with excellence and for the glory of God,so all of that is true that a new year,isn't any different than the last year,and yet I think that God made humans,to need that turn of the calendar,that change in the year that Fresh Start,I think we inherently long for crave and,even need,the change that comes with Dawn that,comes with days that comes with weeks,that comes with Seasons that comes with,holidays that comes with the New Year,even if there is no magic and all of the,ideas about the New Year giving you some,kind of fresh opportunity or a little,bit superstitious I do think God created,us to need renewal to need Rejuvenation,and to need change one of the most,demoralizing parts of covid was the,monotony that came with being locked,inside,not being able to enjoy the things that,we enjoy around the holidays around,summertime or the ceremonies that came,with graduation and prom and all of that,we look forward to those things because,I think that God a

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President Donald Trump on Witch Hunts, Family + Mean Tweets | Ep 519

President Donald Trump on Witch Hunts, Family + Mean Tweets | Ep 519

hey guys welcome to relatable happy,monday hope everyone had a wonderful,weekend,guys do i,have a guest for,you i put on instagram i put on twitter,that i had a big surprise guest biggest,interview that i've done i have,interviewed a ton of amazing people but,this is definitely,the best known,guest that i've ever had some of you did,guess it on instagram but a lot of you,are going to be very surprised i'm not,i'm not going to lead you on anymore i'm,just gonna tell you that after this,interview we're gonna talk about a few,things that don't have to do with,politics we're gonna talk about a few,cultural stories um we'll try to get to,the comedian on saturday night live,talking about her abortion my response,to that the travis scott astro world,festival tragedy and then also the drama,that chris pratt has um,uh,has unintentionally found himself and so,we'll be talking about that after this,interview,but,first here is my,guest,for today,hi ali beth how are you hi mr president,i'm doing well how are you,good you are doing well i watch you a,lot and you do a great job well thank,you at least we have some yes we have,some right well thank you thank you so,much thanks for taking the time to to,come on and join us gosh there's so much,so much i would love to talk to you,about um,yes okay first i've got to get your,reaction which i'm sure you have a lot,to say about this bombshell story that a,man by the name of igor janchinko i,think is how you pronounce it and just,pardon me while i kind of catch my,audience up a little bit he was the,source for the dossier that served as,the basis for spinal members of your,campaign the basis for the whole russia,collusion investigation he has been,arrested because it has come out that he,has lied to the fbi my question for you,is how how deep do you think this goes,who do you think knew that this entire,dossier was based on total fabrications,hillary clinton james comey other fbi,agents what's your take on that,they all knew,it's incredible that it's finally coming,out too bad it wasn't done sooner but a,lot of good things can happen,anyway,but they all knew about it and hillary,led it and,supposedly paid for it and paid for it,big big money we're not talking about a,little money we're talking about,millions and millions of dollars and,and the dnc the democrat party,uh they knew about it so just think,about how bad how bad that is alibeth,when you think,they concocted the scheme,of russia russia russia right they knew,it was a phony,schiff knew it,hillary knew it they all knew it,and they went out there and demanded,that trump,and his children be put in jail think of,it,so they knew it was a phony deal,they were the ones that colluded with,russia not me had nothing to do with,russia but they did,so they colluded with russia they built,a phony deal and then they got up in,news conference after news conference,demanding jail,for trump and his children,think about how how sick that is and how,evil it is it's so evil and a lot of,people believe it or not a lot of people,listening to this might not have,followed all of the details over the,past few years because it it just seems,for a lot of people too far off they,feel like it doesn't affect their,everyday life but can you explain why,the average american should care about,this story and everything that we have,found out even over the past few weeks,about how much of a farce all of this,was,well first of all it's totally dishonest,uh the lying the cheating the fisa you,know all of the things that took place,in the fisa court the all of the things,that happened,were it was a con job it was a con job,and frankly uh it was very interesting,it may have not played to a benefit i,don't know i guess we'll never know that,but it was so evil it was so sick and so,evil,and they play a vicious game,they play a dirty game they do it,continuously this has been happening,from the day i came down the escalator,it's happening in new york the same kind,of stuff it's vicious,and it's dirty and the lawyers,representing uh,the people looking to do things are,hillary clinton's lawyers these are,hillary clinton's lawyers in new york,that are,pushing for bad things which are wrong,by the way which are totally wrong but,this continues from the day i came down,the escalator this has been going on i,call it the witch hunt the greatest,witch hunt of all time,and,we won,and then we won a second time we got,many many millions more votes we won a,second time,and uh,unfortunately,bad things happen so we'll find out how,that all works out but very bad things,happened but it's really something when,you see this and,for those of you and many of your,listeners because i know you have rabid,listeners,people that enjoy politics you enjoy it,less,after after this but really think of it,they made up a scheme,they knew it was them that made it up i,heard little tidbits years and years ago,about russia,sir do you know anything about russia,with regard to this stuff no i do

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NYT Reporter DUPED by Satirical Tweet | @AllieBethStuckey

NYT Reporter DUPED by Satirical Tweet | @AllieBethStuckey

there was this really funny tweet by,someone named jared rabble have no idea,who this person is in fact i had had,this person blocked on twitter which,means he said something trolly to me at,one point but this was a funny,development that occurred so he,satirically tweeted i boarded a plane,today with my son and and mid-flight the,pilot announces that the mask mandate is,over flight attendants pulled off their,masks and sneezed directly into their,hands while screaming this is magga,airspace my son turned to me in tears i,don't know what to do so obviously this,is satirical it's also playing off of,the jesse smollette thing where,he claimed you know the two guys in,chicago and a polar vortex yelled at him,this is maggot country,oh that's still funny that's still funny,so he's playing off of that obviously,this is a joke i mean listen to this fly,the tennis pulled off their masks and,sneezed directly into their hands while,screaming this is maggot airspace okay,obviously that's a joke it's funny i'm,like kind of in tears just laughing at,this,okay he got,a message from a new york times reporter,named victoria kim,this is hilarious and she said hi jared,i'm a new york times journalist i'd love,to speak to you over the phone about,what happened on your flight this,evening can you please give me a call at,redacted or let me know how i can reach,you hope this isn't coming too late in,your day thank you look forward to,hearing from you,she thought this was serious,she thought,that flight attendants were sneezing,into their hands while screaming this is,maggot airspace,i would like you to take some time to,picture that and think about what kind,of person like how many brain worms you,have to have,in your mind to think that that is real,he responds hello victoria i would love,to discuss the incident at your earliest,convenience i was pretty upset about the,whole thing unfortunately it's satire,that only someone at the new york times,would believe in my time of,contemplation i was wondering how your,team deals with the multitude of false,stories that you pedal out daily to use,as political propaganda and if you could,give me advice on how to take my satire,to the next level best wishes i kind of,want to unblock this person just for,this exchange hilarious i mean think,about,how insulated from reality you have to,be to think that his tweet is real it's,really incredible,and then we've also got,we've also got the um,christian angle on this we've got,john pavlitz pavlitz um he,very frequently tweets out ridiculous,propaganda he claims i think to be a,christian but he thinks jesus was some,like transgender communist and so,everything that he says about the bible,is wrong everything i've invited him i'm,pretty sure i've invited him several,times on my show to no avail,he tweets this you know what sucks,millions of professed christians are,celebrating not having to show,compassion for other people that's what,sucks,i mean should we even dignify this tweet,with a response we've talked about this,many times,masks that don't wear ineffective masks,wearing them is not loving your neighbor,because not doing anything once again,it's a virtue signal virtue signals are,something that you do to seem virtuous,without actually having to be,virtuous you're not showing compassion,for your neighbor you're not you're not,showing compassion for your neighbor by,wearing a mask,maybe certain masks in certain settings,with certain people absolutely,but wearing your flimsy mask on an,airplane is not loving your neighbor or,showing compassion for anyone and by the,way,the mask that i've been wearing on the,plane is a mesh mask it's mesh it's full,of holes so if you've been sitting by me,you don't even get,the pretense of protection,on in,on a flight so in a lot of people by the,way a lot of people have been wearing,mesh masks you can't even tell that,they're mesh on airplanes,so,um hate to break it to you but there has,been even less protection than you,thought on airplanes because most people,aren't actually or a lot of people,aren't actually wearing real masks so,there are going to be people freaking,out about this i saw some other blue,check mark leftists freaking out about,the fact that this judge is a trump,appointee she's only 33 years old and,the aba said she wasn't qualified and oh,by the way her husband worked under the,trump administration boo hoo i like her,she's smart and she's pretty and she,seems to have integrity and obviously,she is extremely discerning and wise you,can read her 59 page decision even if,you don't agree with it,then,you even if you don't agree with it you,can't think that she is some unqualified,dummy she is obviously brilliant she is,obviously,she obviously knows what she's doing,here if you enjoyed this video hit like,and subscribe to our channel so you'll,be sure to see similar videos from blaze,tv with the added bonus of signaling,youtube that your voice and opinion,still matters and if you're looking for,m

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Privileged, Snobby Influencer Tweets: 'You Can't Support Trump & Earn My Respect'

Privileged, Snobby Influencer Tweets: 'You Can't Support Trump & Earn My Respect'

there are several reasons why people,would vote for president trump,obviously you guys know listening to,this podcast that i have several reasons,why i plan to vote for president trump,and,you do too uh but you have the audacity,of people with all this going on in,liberal cities,with the weakness of democratic leaders,do you have the audacity of people like,design mom,she is an instagramer a blogger i don't,follow her so i don't really know i've,seen her tweet threads a couple times,she had a very,silly pro-abortion uh tweet thread a,while ago she's an avid anti-trumper,she did a long tweet thread about uh,your inability to be a decent person and,gain,her respect if you are a trump supporter,here's how she ended her very long,twitter thread,quote you can't support trump and also,be a decent human being you can't,support trump and earn my respect,want to be a decent person don't want to,worry about being shunned you're,unlocked the solution is easy and free,stop being a trump supporter don't vote,for trump,she says design mom that you are not,worthy of respect and she will block you,if she knows you're a trump supporter,which is just amazing with all the,division that's going on with all the,violence that's going on right now,with people being killed for their,political leanings she is just,stoking those flames of division as much,as she can and of course she does it,in the name of love and tolerance first,of all i think it's important to note,that,i don't know anyone who wants her,respect like i don't know her she's a,total,stranger to me i'm not interested in,having the respect of,uh anyone who talks to people like this,or who has this kind of mentality and i,don't think anyone is bothered,one bit by not gaining her respect,because they're voting,for donald trump so what she's saying is,that you cannot be a person,who disagrees with the policies in the,platform of joe biden in the democratic,party,and therefore know that your only other,option,is donald trump and be a decent person,it doesn't matter how much you feed the,homeless according to people like her,how much time the energy goes into,loving and serving those around you,how much you love your children or,grandchildren how awesome of a mom or,grandmother you are,it doesn't matter how much time you put,into making the lives of those around,you better,you according to design mom are a bad,person honestly design mom that was the,most,privileged snobby argument that you,could make,you don't know why people vote the way,they do i guarantee you,that i believe that your ideas and that,your politics are just as dangerous and,just as grotesque,as you believe mine to be and i would,never say something like this to you or,to anyone else who disagrees with me,if you disagree with me if you vote for,joe biden as conservative as i am as,dangerous as i think a biden president,uh presidency would be as dangerous as i,think his policies are,i don't lose all respect for you if you,vote for biden there are a million,different reasons why you might be,voting for biden,and i might disagree with every single,one of them maybe i agree with some of,them,but i would still welcome you into my,home i would still be your friend,i would still share a meal with you i,would still love you i don't lose all,respect for you i don't say that you're,not a decent person,you could give all of your time to,feeding the homeless and helping those,around you and being a great mom and,whatever it is you do,and because of your vote i'm gonna write,you off as a bad person,trust me again i think biden is just as,dangerous,as all anti-trump people think that,trump is,and his policies but i do not hate the,people that vote for him,i do not hate the people that disagree,with me now it's important to say,that we know uh that this design mom is,not a believer,so i cannot expect her to have a soft,heart i can't expect her to have a heart,of flesh that jesus,gives her places the heart of stone for,the heart of flesh but as christians,we do not cancel people we do not cancel,people based on their politics that,doesn't mean that we don't call out sin,or that we don't disagree or that we,don't speak truth but we don't cancel,people based on their politics,if if someone is voting for biden you,don't cancel them god in christ chose,not to cancel you even though he had,every right to,so we don't cancel people we forgive,people we reconcile,with people we seek relationships we,seek peace with people,we seek to love and to serve and to be,hospitable to people even people,who are diametrically opposed to us,you

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Chrissy Teigen's Twitter Meltdown Shows Why the Left Isn't More Popular | Allie Beth Stuckey

Chrissy Teigen's Twitter Meltdown Shows Why the Left Isn't More Popular | Allie Beth Stuckey

it was chrissy teigen who said,on uh on twitter,it's insane what our fears are if we,lose i'm guessing she's talking about,people on the left,compared to their fears conservatives if,vitamins like we will,like we will prob all die or be handmade,and they're worried about bathroom,safety now chrissy teigen i came to your,defense when people,were i th i think very viciously and,cruelly,calling you out for taking pictures when,you lost your,sweet precious child and i am still so,sad and sorry about that i prayed for,you,during that time and i didn't think that,anyone had the right,to be criticizing you during that time,and your personal decision to post,pictures which i thought,you know i had nothing wrong with that,decision,so you know i'm not saying this out of,hatefulness but,this statement that you made is so,perfectly indicative of why the left,isn't more popular,like why the democrats even if they win,the presidency,why they don't have these landslide,victories that they assume that they're,going to have like they assumed that,they were going to have in 2016,in 2018 like they assumed that they were,gonna have this year they just,don't and the reason why that is is,because you guys,do not understand or make any effort to,understand,why we vote the way that we do maybe,it's because we don't like socialism,like maybe it's because we actually,believe in free speech and in the first,amendment the electoral college,and the impartiality of the supreme,court maybe we don't want,socialism so megan mccain i think,explains this,really well she says she says this in a,tweet normalizing socialism mostly,peaceful protesting cancel culture,insane tax rates arrogant identity,politics apologizing for loving america,and patriotism and overall coastal,elitism about christianity,and anyone anyone making under 100k a,year,there i explained it democrats um and,she is replying to a tweet that talks,about that,tuesday was a failure for democrats the,tweet that i will read in just a second,from someone that works at politico,but she's absolutely right and democrats,people on the left especially the,celebrity left because they are so,insulated from reality,they don't understand why people,possibly could think differently,why people who make less than 100k a,year actually,want an economy that provides them with,some kind of opportunity and freedom,they don't understand that in the,slightest they're like why,why don't you just care about my,transgender bills like i do,because it doesn't affect people's life,the way that it,you think that it should so normalizing,socialism absolutely true,and you can say that's fear-mongering,that's propaganda it's not,they have democratic socialists in the,party that almost won the democratic,nomination,that worked on joe biden's unity task,force they are self-described socialists,i mean you've got a self-described,marxist organization,supporting the democratic party the,democratic party supporting them and so,it is totally normal for people who have,fled socialism,for people who have read about socialism,to be scared of socialism,coming to america via the democratic,party that is totally rational,uh based on the things that they have,said and the things that they have,promised and again,kamala harris coming out and saying oh,we need equality of outcome,yeah that's communism that's what every,communist dictator has said,for the past 100 years and so people are,worried about socialism,normalizing socialism is going to push,people away,mostly peaceful protesting she's,referring to the media,saying that oh yeah kenosha might be,burning down minneapolis might be,burning to the ground people might be,looting and writing,and little kids and elderly people and,vulnerable women and children in these,areas poor women and children in these,areas,are put at a lot of risk but it's,probably fine and you know what riots,are the voice of the unheard it's it's,probably okay but it's mostly peaceful,anyway,anyone with eyes watches that and is,like,i don't want that to come to my i,don't want them to come to my county my,city,my neighborhood meanwhile they're,talking about joe biden is talking about,taking away my guns making it harder for,me to get guns and defunding the police,that doesn't sound safe that's why,you're not getting more people,yeah that actually scares people chrissy,teigen,who don't have private security and,don't live in a gated community,within a gated home like yeah that,affects people's life

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