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Aliza Says Her Life Goal Is To Sleep With Drakeyeah i would have laughed at you too,honestly i still

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Updated on Jan 23,2023

Aliza Says Her Life Goal Is To Sleep With Drake

yeah i would have laughed at you too,honestly i still i still believe that,that's true but,are you saying that it's true or that,it's not i need to confirm,verify what have i been on this podcast,in life if i can if i,lie on public streams i can get sued why,would i ever risk me getting sued,yeah why doesn't why doesn't trade sue,us trey will not sue me because did you,did you see him post our dm's what is,that telling you he's jumping,jumping he can get sued from no joke,yelling at the same time,okay what are you saying okay did you,see trey's screenshots he posted do you,think i followed trey songz no,okay well it was awesome i was trying on,twitter for two hours straight uh,like number 30 but i was trending i got,i got deleted from twitter last year,no he posted our screenshots trying to,say oh you guys want to believe a bird,but literally in the screenshots it's,him being like where you at catch an,uber where are you at,so he exposed himself for actually,knowing you then precisely,yes yeah and y'all you said and he,exposed our numbers yeah wait,wait wait wait you said he peed on you,or he took a on you,oh no he peed on me but would you let,him take a on you no,i didn't even know he was gonna pee on,me he just did it he's like getting,about,what other bodily fluids besides ,have you let,drip down your body nut nut,knit nut nut nutty yeah,people were saying i'm trying to like,say that he sexually assaulted me,i didn't feel that way yeah why does it,everywhere why does everyone try to turn,everything into like oh my god,allegations,i was just telling the story i didn't,feel like i was abused or nothing like,that i just thought it was weird,i don't think you would have told a,story like that if you was trying to say,oh my god uh i would have just made it,where i could have said where you,want to hear some ,sure that's what we're here for if i,really wanted to expose trey i would,have said how you have orgy parties with,dicks,oh dude he has orgy parties with all,dudes literally that's confirmed by a,sans player i'm just saying,and it was confirmed that drake likes to,get his dick sucked with his legs up,hey i'm gonna come clean now how does,that work but she likes to get stuck,wait wait wait wait wait wait wait who,was this confirmed by the touchdown,she's going to believe some randomness,because i have jake's number i have,jake's number we confirmed it with her,facetime drake right now no he started,that he changed his number but i have,the old one and it's him because it,connects to his whatsapp,yo why are you banging drake so hard i,love him what does this say right here,another drake lyric,no what does that say that's you're not,a finished product this is greek i'm,greek,the greek freak oh my god refer to me as,your people are so disappointed,what do you want to fight square up i,actually with you you're funny,square up yeah i want you to break a,nail you for me oh my god i will never,these are okay so happy have you,met or encountered drake in any,way when i was with trey that night when,he locked me up,he faced when he locked me up he faced,time jake with me you just said you were,he wasn't doing any no he said he took,my phone and my purse and held it over,the balcony was like if you try,and leave i'll drop it he should ignited,you over the balcony he,r kellyed me oh yeah oh you kind of and,then,but yeah no he facetimed drake because,he was like oh you j,khan because he saw my tattoos i was,like i wish i don't think i'm,his type,he was like what the so he,facetimed him what do you mean not his,tight why would you not be drake's side,i feel like he likes like super super,thick and that's why you gotta,go get your ass done,that's exactly why i'm doing that so so,you can, drake oh my god that's my life goal,but then look but then if you get your,ass done,you might you might stretch the the the,the owl out and it might look like a,nose,like a deformed job you'll see the,before and after picture but you might,have to get the tattoo like re,that's fine whatever i gotta do i'm rich,only fans we're rich we made 100k,in a date,in a day two days wait like separately,y'all different accounts scott we don't,give a , texting about trey yo trey's, friend is texting us talking,about stop talking about trey, trey songz tell trick you trey,songs,suck dick trey songs you,go back to your orgy party with all,these guys go back to second date,you walk out of here nuts hey just to,say,no jumper no i am a spokesman for,no jumper we do not condone,any uh no we don't represent no jumper,we don't represent,actually we do i with no jumper i'm,wearing no i i felt that but,these these are these views these views,and opinions are,of these ladies only they're not,represented by no jumper yeah that's,true,if you have a problem pick it up with,sweden but not adam twenty-two think,he's that baby,having okay yeah so wait let's go ahead,and,did adam hear this song and how did you,get this fight,but this is the thing though but i know,be

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What Happened After IG Girl Aliza Told The World She Blew 7 Phoenix Suns? - Adam22 on KFC Radio

What Happened After IG Girl Aliza Told The World She Blew 7 Phoenix Suns? - Adam22 on KFC Radio

what's good chillin man that girl just,sent me a screenshot she made 60 000 in,the last couple days,so i'm a little a little jealous all,right let's get right into it we got,adam 22 from the no jumper podcast who,lit the internet on fire the,last uh 48 hours uh,i mean you you you have had several big,moments in your podcasting career but,has this been the most viral,it feels like it right now um it's,definitely the one that the bar stool,universe has,embraced the most so there's something,to be thankful for you know yep for sure,so,so uh selena has been on the show a,couple times is this eliza's first time,she showed up for the first time and,just let it rip,yeah i mean selena was scheduled to be,on and she,had a friend with her and the friend you,know had the the glazed over googly eyed,look that uh you saw on the podcast i,guess and uh,but i had no idea she was gonna be,talking on there and selena was so like,gleeful to bring her into that,environment to have her share the story,i you got your barbara walters on man,you had your interview hat on you were,like and tell me more and how did that,feel and so exactly what happened i mean,bravo dude well i appreciate it but the,reason why i was so concerned,about exactly what the physical effect,of swallowing seven nuts might be was,because,previously i did an interview with a,porn star girl who told me that she,swallowed,like eight nuts and she got like an,insane,stomach uh bacterial infection of sorts,so i was kind of,concerned that that might have happened,so you're telling me i mean one of my,favorite urban legends of all time is,that lil kim needed to get her stomach,pumped when she was on tour with bad boy,so you're saying it might be real it,could po i was a kid it was britney,spears,oh wow really interesting but who was,she blowing,like it made sense that was on tour with,like all these rappers who would,brittany,i didn't know the the rapper part of it,oh you know the tour part of it i,thought it was just a little kidding me,their stomach pump,which it could have just taken an,average tuesday night who knows you can,like google this and find that that's,like one of the most enduring urban,legends and that the person who's like,the target of it is constantly sort of,in flux so uh yeah but i mean these,girls are out here really doing it you,know,yeah man i mean uh so,was there any thought that maybe this is,not true or is this like this girl,she just has no reason to lie and she's,just spitting facts because it really,hasn't been,confirmed but it's not like anyone the,sons is going to step up and be like,yeah i was there,but i i believe her i don't know i just,i just trust this girl,i mean she named and shamed the team and,then the specific players and even,started to dig into like the order that,they,went in um that's kind of like why this,podcast normally we don't do them live,but we did this one live because it just,seemed like,uh you know well i don't know why we did,it live but thank god we did because it,wasn't,at least a little bit of a decision,right on whether we could air it or not,but,dude we did one we do a show that we,always pre-record and,one time when facebook live first was a,thing we went live with a guest who just,she,ordinarily wasn't in the mix with us,ended up making some like racist,jokes and like it was the one and only,time we were live she got fired,only three hours totally her i,still i we always still feel so bad,about that but in this case,you must have been like well let's look,and go can't do anything about it now,yeah i did a podcast back in the day,where i had this 65 year old dude who,was like,viral on twitter and he was he was like,a used honda salesman,and he just straight dropped the hard r,in the middle of the podcast and,and i just had to deal with it i was,like i probably would have removed it in,that case because i would have kind of,felt bad,about the fact because this guy lost his,job and for saying it,um what do you think you would have done,if this was pre-recorded do you think,you would aired it,uh yeah probably because i mean,everybody's got stories about trey songz,anyway,and how creepy he is so i mean i don't,really feel bad about uh encouraging,that and you know she really didn't name,names on the podcast that's the thing it,was only in the comments so you actually,you know it's all on her but the the,follow-up to,this girl's whole story is that so she,got fired from her job and that was one,of the main,shocking things is that she's saying i,work as a cpa,and so i'm immediately envisioning like,the guy who has to sit across from her,in the,office thinking about this all day you,know this girl eliza is a certified,public accountant,but then the thing is that i got hit up,last night and i was informed that she,got,fired and she got disowned by her,parents,and it turns out that she was working,for her dad and her family is,mormon i shouldn't laugh but i mean,i mean that's actually a recipe for like,if you wer

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Aliza on if She'll Ever Reconcile with Celina Powell

Aliza on if She'll Ever Reconcile with Celina Powell

how do you feel about selena talking, though last week bro i don't give a, she's never stopped talking ,it's nothing new the only thing that's,annoying is the fact that,people keep bringing attention to us,beefing when really i have not seen the, in over a year so it's like to me,she's not even in my life but like to,the internet everyone wants to ask us,about each other because that's who they,know,us with,but like in my real life i don't even,entertain her because she's nowhere like,in like i'm so locked in on what i'm,doing and i understand like that's who,she is you haven't brought her up once,you feel me that's what i'm saying i,don't think about her and like i don't,even care if she talks about me because,she's never stopped talking about me and,the like the that goes on with,us is nothing new and i know her and,everybody knows of course she's just,gonna say whatever the so like okay,i don't entertain it question do you do,you feel like you owe her anything,because she was the one who brought you,around or introduced you to no and,here's why here's exactly why because,before i ever even came on a jumper her,and i were friends for like two years,just,like over the phone like we linked up a,couple times like when we have that,threesome or whatever,and like,obviously me being naive to this,industry and just to life i i was really,really really sheltered and locked up in,my life and then i got freedom and then,i started all these rappers and, i didn't know about the real,world like,paint being like nothing,so she kind of took me under her wing,and,um,i i felt like i could connect with her,because she was the only person i knew,that i thought was rappers like,me and i was okay,so the reason why i don't feel like i,owe his is because for two years,straight i told her over and over and,over i want to stay where i'm at low-key,i like i like the fact that i'm not in,the public eye and that these dudes ,with me on the low and i can live my,regular life and like kind of live the,rock star life low key though without,people in my business,so,when she brought me on no jumper she,told me like i wouldn't have to be,interviewed i could just sit in the,corner so that's what i was planning on,if you pay attention that interview,i was so nervous and uncomfortable and,shy that's not the energy you know me as,you know if you look back at my first,interview that's completely different,energy and you could tell like i was put,on the spot i didn't i never wanted that,and like i at the same time i'm thankful,because obviously i got rich outfit i,got a lot of opportunities i'm able now,to do what i've always wanted to do,which is my music through that but i,don't feel like i owe her because i,know she put me on for her own selfish,reasons not not to plug me it was,because she wanted me to talk my story,on her interview and get blown up so and,it's not even saying like she took,advantage of me or anything i'm like i,literally don't have any animosity so,sorry i don't think about her i'm in my,lane she's in hers i just don't see a,reason to even compare us anymore,because we're not doing the same ,yeah but she doesn't feel that way,though i know of course she keeps,bringing you up and that's fine she will,continue what does she want from you,though i don't know,she ever wants your attention your,acknowledgement probably she keeps,sending her friends and to me,saying that she wants to make up but,then she keeps coming and talking ,so it's like ,a conversation with her goes nowhere,because she's not a real person if she's,communicating with me it's for a reason,she's she has her own,agenda talking to me it's not out of,it's not out of love it's not like let's,be friends it's like i want to make,amends with eliza so that she doesn't,talk about me no more which i don't but,you didn't expect this like going into,that friendship like you know what this,is probably an ugly you could i'm gonna,end this his relationship with me,no because nothing that happened i,foresaw i never thought that i would,come on no jumper i never thought i,always thought i would just be her,friend that would like tell her about my,life and she could because i looked at,her like okay she's doing the that,i'm doing so i want to talk to her and,like see if like the same guys or like,you know how i always talk about how,like rappers are getting like i,would want to hit her up and ask her,about that should be like yo do you see,the same type yeah but like,stay low key,but i mean i'm not mad like i'm blessed,everything that happened like you ever,missed like what once was like your,friendship with her i missed before we,had a lot of fun together what did y'all,do together like behind closed doors no,way we're watching youtube oh we would,like cuddle watch movies talk and spend,hell of money that's what's going on,hell of money we go shopping like i had,fun with her that's one thing like she,like i had so much fun with her and,she's hilarious like she was born to be,

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Aliza and Sharp Get HEATED After The Podcast

Aliza and Sharp Get HEATED After The Podcast

did not invite me to his 72 hour,you were nah he and i,wasn't invited,were you invited to yuri ,hell no yuri,this has took a turn in ,events today this man showed up today,which we all know him by,mark from soft white underbelly,this man interviewed me two years ago,and i promised you he sparked,my entire he sparked a whole new life,for me in 16 minutes and one fight no,you did that that was you're doing,you're amazing i was just a,vehicle for it you you made it happen,you know they don't really get to ever,see the face behind the behind the,camera they always just hear the voice i,don't want to be in front of the camera,so well you're going to be today yeah i,am today and we're going to do it we,turn the table we have turned me,interview you're interviewing me i'm,interviewing you now it'll be fun i,think this is going to be great it only, happens shark tank no jumper, it's on his way how was the,interview it was great,excellent did you like that i liked it,you're really good you think so yeah,you're joe rogan good i said oh my god,man that's a compliment right there man,if i ever heard one before in my life my,full circle moment,that one right there man kind of touched,me man that one was different right,there because that's where i started so,you know uh i hope y'all enjoy that one,man you know uh,yeah i'ma still talk it's no jumper,hey man sharpers coolest podcast in the,world just had more soft white,underbelly on this and damn it we,moving you want to watch,hey bro this one about to be epic,don't nobody get boo you tried you see,these knuckles ,when they say calluses yeah this right,here some knuckles,yeah come to carson man we have some,knuckles,got a couple gunshot wounds for myself,real quick i gotta eat those real quick,bruh this interview about to go bananas,man i can't even cut no more this ,too exclusive hey man i still got mark,in the building man he over here,catching this like whoa this whole,another interview for these guys hey man,we gonna do this for real now for,play man it's only going down shark tank,no jump just give me the light,just give me the light,just give me the light,and pass the draw,right along with your whole,problems to solve today,just a few,hopefully ain't too much rift for you,wait,bro with technology you're gonna need to,like the are up every time man i,never know she's a baby to it she's a,baby too what the is the game she's,a baby too but we're gonna figure out,what a little bit of what the g-a-m-e,means today,got my stone cold 316 music going in my,head what do you think of josh's uh,shirt right now how do you feel about,this,love you josh but i want him,come on,i bet you should jiggle a little bit too,much a little bit satellite in the back,i don't know the interview went the way,it went hopefully in the future the, could come back and really get on,some real substance because this one,right here maybe just want to throw a, drink on her but i guess that's,what happens on no jumper good times,bad times but it's times ,what happened,dude i don't know i thought i i thought,it was amazing i think he's mad because,he i probably made him look dumb,but,i think i did good,crazy day fire day is going down around,this man it's no jumper,just half filthy rich walking the, doe man we about to get,ready to do this for real not for,play,he gonna pass the buddy and up and,we're gonna go ahead we're gonna go do,something real man around the, so my man how you,doing what's going on how are you,feeling good because,she do all that bro she eat ass she,do all that real frequently that, came from freak nick98 okay,bro you don't know me yeah,that's where elizabeth's filthy ,right,yeah,elijah yeah,thanks me,for dallas,no i'm just a little cowgirl,yeah where's the horse there,where's the table i'm looking for him,the throat goat throw god now,okay,that cross probably should you probably,wanted to put it upside down when you,first got it huh no,you did,we're moving around here man just,knocked out a dope epic legendary, interview with that boy,rich man aka mr sim god y'all better be,on the she's still around here,drunk as she don't even know she,lost her keys she didn't lost her whole,life hey yo,you wanna take it with you church,yo,ladies and gentlemen elijah james i'm,not gonna be the same,or maybe you will,keep massaging it tell them how it feels,baby,feels okay she know what time oh why are,you gonna stop,why are you gonna stop she said go get,the camera i'm i was getting the,massage man well why y'all be trying to,feel maybe i always try to feel on a, like me man,why,yeah,she know what it's going to take,it only happens we're just well,there's more to it,it only happens oh no jumper y'all never,know what the going going around,this man we stay war ready,man you dig what i'm saying cheers,enough to my trip man he do some,of the best vlogs cause he knows how to,catch this when it's for real and,not for play no jumper shark tank ,shark what's going on you got to be,sharp this is legendar

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Sharp Warns Aliza about Blacking Out and Not Using Protection

Sharp Warns Aliza about Blacking Out and Not Using Protection

uh oh god why is it because you had sent,me some some videos whatever you know,what i'm saying like we don't have to,get even into detail we might because i,ain't gonna lie,it was one of them it was one of them,that really me up oh the ass,eating the ass eating you was eating it,like a fancy sandwich yep you were you,was eating it like a fancy sandwich and,i just couldn't understand the fact,cause i'm like damn like girl you really,like it's like a plague like what do you,cause i'm gonna ask you because i always,want to know like what's the self gain,obviously it ain't money i know it ain't,money to turn on a man a man,multiple so you just be running around,just you're going to around oh my,god it's not even like that video is,from a year ago yeah i let me,think of how many people i this,year january from january i think it's,literally been four people which is not,a lot for me personally i used to be, someone new every week,i just jack off now,you're lying i swear to god i know i'm,not doing that cause when you get horny,you get horny and you want what you want,how do you know i know you because you,didn't showed me,you didn't showed me,she want what she want and she gonna use,that face and that body and she gonna,use it all to its maximum potential,to get that but see what kind of worries,me about you is because see you project,this on camera right like you always say,all right that's cool but listen you,project this on camera i'm being cool,which i ain't yelling at you nothing i,want to get this oh i wish you oh i,can't wait till you yeah you know you,you have to yell at some point i know,how you move you're gonna yell at some,point,but i'm just i can't wait i'm gonna,laugh yeah,anyways you can project on camera right,that you like to be a butt and you,like to you know just be a , of the night it ain't even got any,meaning to it and see we all will look,at you like you know you might come up,missing for a few days right allegedly,whatever you just going out hanging out,because see us in our mind we get to,think just eliza's just doing eliza,she's just hanging out she's just,hanging out she's got some digging in,her mouth she's she's hanging out she's,doing her and it really be a,situation that you didn't really want to,be in and we don't really know how to,find you sweetie we don't really know,what's really going on,you black out too much to understand,even where you're at,okay right or wrong i can smell the red,bull from across the table too that's,because it's open and i have gum in and,i haven't taken a shot since i got here,so you're literally making that up i,could smell the red bull i said that, it hasn't been touched like a smell,of a red bull god damn it all right,anyways,i just said i could smell the red bull,from across the table,no i do not realize my own drink baby,what's in there don't worry about it no,let me see for what i'm just kidding,drinking now i'm no i have mine but i'm,waiting to take a shot i gotta fill you,out first you gotta fill me out first,scared ain't you it's a tall ride it's a,tall order for you to feel it's a tall,order for her to feel today,she know cause once i come across my,desk it's across my desk,and i'm gonna deal with it accordingly, what are you talking about baby see,that's how stupid you are my notes is,right here baby i know it all already,about you know i'm not stupid no you you,you act like it you act like you're very,naive to situations ain't no playing,dumb,you you ain't no playing dumb you don't,want to play,this ain't dumbbells place to play dumb,at though you would one that don't play,that way,where where am i,the shark tank,no jumper,sharpest coolest podcast in the, world that's where you at,so i just want to know like do you think,that you're just going to keep getting,away with this wait wait what being,nasty,eating ass,okay guys we want to thank you so so,much for getting us to a hundred,thousand subscribers right here on the,clips channel if you want to support,please click that subscribe button we're,trying to get to 200k,thank you thank you so much

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IG Model REVEALS She's Pregnant By A NBA Player After Saying She Slept W/ 7 Players 2 Yrs Ago

IG Model REVEALS She's Pregnant By A NBA Player After Saying She Slept W/ 7 Players 2 Yrs Ago

what's going on guys Jada black here,salute to everyone tuning in I want to,talk about an Instagram model by name of,Eliza Jane or I think it's Eliza Jane,I made a video about her a while back,when she went on the no jumper podcast,and she bragged about how she got a choo,choo ran on her by a bunch of Phoenix,Suns players you know she didn't just,name one in particular it was a bunch of,these guys right it was a bunch of these,guys that she,had run a choo choo on her now we've,speculated who was a part of the choo,choo you know how many well she claimed,it was a starting five basically and now,she's pregnant and she is claiming that,one of these guys got her pregnant now,I'm looking at the Timeline right,because when I spoke about it it had to,be way before she got pregnant,so obviously she was still messing,around with one of these Phoenix Suns,players,now we can look at the roster and look,at who could be but who could be what,who's dating who right but but if this,is true because we all know these IG,models love to lie if this is true these,guys are some of the dumbest,males I have ever seen,you guys are making a lot of money why,are you screwing somebody who's for,everybody,why what what's the point of this what's,the point of this like especially when,you're in Arizona how many I know,there's plenty of attractive women in,Arizona Arizona has some big cities I've,heard they're nice places to be,y'all can't do better than this this is,outrageous to me this is how thirsty,these males are this is why nobody takes,these guys seriously this is why it's,easy for females like this who literally,bragged about getting a choo choo ran on,her,y'all got her pregnant it's just like,the female I did a video about,who claimed that she was pregnant by,either,Kevin Durant,or,Blake Griffin I think it was her name is,Lana Rhodes,like do these guys actually not care,about where they put their seed this is,if this is true now again this is,according to her but if this is true,these guys are not very intelligent but,let's get into this article this is from,Marca,it says Eliza Jane the Instagram model,that once claimed that she performed,oral relations to Devin Booker and six,other Phoenix Suns players at the same,time as thou pregnant with her first,child and the internet has been heavily,speculating that the father of the baby,could be the current NBA player even,could be a current NBA player even,though she has yet to publicly address,the issue,she hasn't publicly addressed it but,she's spec she's kind of put it out,there she's kind of put it out there she,wants people to believe that personally,I don't think any of those guys got her,pregnant I think that this is just some,misdirection from her like Lana Rhodes,you know they could have got pregnant by,a guy they had a one-night stand with I,told you all these women are not very,disciplined either you know these women,you know as much as they have been,around these streets you know they could,have been pregnant by enumerous amount,of guys as much as they've been in these,streets,in 2020 Instagram model Liza Jane,appeared on the atom 22's no jumper,podcast and reclined and recalled that,on her birthday she hooked up with seven,different players from an NBA team on,the same night but mentioned that she,wasn't sleeping with any of them at the,time of the interview yeah right see you,can't believe everything these women,tell you,because they love to lie,I tell y'all these women are liars,they're Liars,even though it's been years since that,crazy night the sun's players tons of,internet use are speculating even,ensuring,that the father of Elijah James first,child is among those seven Phoenix Suns,players even though the model isn't,making any Revelation just yet,if she's not saying anything it could be,true,it could be true,because she would have said it again,this is how,these women are,how do we get to a point to where we,have to speculate who your child's,father is it is because these women are,so in these streets,they are so in these streets that,they're sleeping with several different,men at the same time they have no solid,boyfriend,none of these women have work and if,they do they're getting cheated on most,women who are,into Instagram modeling only fans while,these women are sleeping with all types,of people,see my people for money they're sleeping,casually with exes dudes they meet off,the gram dudes they meet at the club at,some party,they're not very disciplined man,they she probably don't even know who,the father is but once the baby is born,if that baby has a tan,that I'm telling you right now we,already we already know what's going on,there,I mean these chicks are just out here in,these streets man,this is your Western woman this is the,woman that you dudes want us to stay,here in America to date,these are the women that y'all claim,that we shouldn't Leave Behind These are,the women that y'all want us to play,Captain Save a heifer for ain't no way,there ain't no w

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Aliza Reveals Her True Feelings about FreshandFit

Aliza Reveals Her True Feelings about FreshandFit

zoomies you work at zoomies you don't,tell me you don't work don't put that,dirt on my name,please god no no no elizabeth,i don't know if i have the ability as a,co-host but,don't say it don't say that again,on a show,last night or the other night see look,this is the thing,like i think everybody has forced me,into in into like coming off like i hate,them just because i like to see our,reaction i don't actually hate them i,just don't think that they're cool,which is two different things jokes,which they take personally because,they're friends with like a.d,so they take that personally when,really it's not personally yeah honestly,it's funny and if anything you,should joke with your friends more than,anybody to give my to i don't know if,anyone cares but to give my opinion on,their content,when i met them in person cool dudes,very nice people you know i mean i've,tried to listen to their videos and it's,kind of like i would agree with their,views if i had just got my heart broken,at like 17 years old and i was like, girls like they stuff like,then i'd be like yes these guys are, yeah which is kind of the best,or whatever kind of the vibe that,they're giving off but like now at 27,i'm like you know especially in a,relationship i'm listening to i'm like,what like you can smell it on somebody,who's selling it to me it's,entertainment i don't take what they say,seriously because like i know them in,real life and they're like they're funny,they're cool in real life so when i,watch them it's entertaining to me i,don't take what they're saying and judge,them because like but what about uh who,what was it dream dollar asian dog that,got kicked out yeah what do you think,about that though who's in the right no,um,definitely,he should not have kicked her off i,don't think she did anything kicks off,girls every every weekend yeah but i,just think i just think he didn't,understand like the level that she's on,so he probably just,no he doesn't but you know what that's,that's one thing i respect about them,like i don't respect the fact that they,say like racist out of pocket ,like the fact that they'll stand on it,like if that's how you feel then stand,on it don't just say sorry to please the,fans and get more like they're not,kissing toes i think i respect the fact,that they they're not sorry if you're,not sorry don't act like you're sorry,like that if you watch the full clip,though it's like imagine we're having,like this conversation right now and,then like two people sat in the,background and they all of a sudden,start talking to one another and we are,still trying to get into our,conversation we're like yeah we're like,keep it down keep it down that's kind of,what they are that's kind of what,happened many people on the podcast,getting these drunk that aren't,used to this that's the challenge,exactly you should have seen how hard it,was for me to adapt to a podcast,environment these it's their,first time they've never been on youtube,they've never been on ,so excuse me for not knowing but you've,been on freshman fit before yeah,multiple times right yeah damn yeah did,they kick you off i got an important,question,i,someone that doesn't watch it like i see,that is it like an apartment or,something like that yeah i live is it,just the living room oh really yeah oh,that's cool it's an apartment,thing,yeah so like i see them all the ,time you know what's crazy i met them,before they ever popped off me and,sailing back when me and selena were,friends we're going on a ,shopping spree we come back home with,bags and bat arm both our arms are full,of designer bags fresh is out,there with his vlog camera he's like,selena aj,podcast,literally,a year and a half ago yeah and we're,like who do you think of these are,really good,did you focus them back in the day,though no and now you did because,because just i don't know like i i just,saw them around like we live in the same,city i would see them oh so they became,like a casual yeah yeah okay we made a,personal connection before i went on the,show oh i see i see i with them but,i also am not as hard on them i,understand why people are but to me i,look at them as entertainers not as like,real personalities,that's why i'm not as hard on them,because i'm like but i also look at me,and a.d and adam and all of us also as,as entertainers too i'm yeah i'm just,like look i just don't want nobody to,ever get it confused like just because,y'all linked with adam or with a.d,that'll mean that we're automatically,just like homies yeah all right guys we,hit 50 000 subscribers our next goal is,a hundred thousand subscribers so make,sure you click that button to subscribe,we appreciate y'all very very much thank,you

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Aliza's New Body Reveal (Again) & Isaiah Rashad TDE Event

Aliza's New Body Reveal (Again) & Isaiah Rashad TDE Event

oh i've had i've been,running trains all week and i'm very,tired from it,there's a lot of weird that like,real gangsters do but y'all gonna be,kissing each other on the lips like,birdman weighing right man,that's player you don't think that's,player no sir,i got this too this is my gym bag yeah,this this is my just my drug,drug that's what i was going to say,about 500 perks oh we put putting our,album art on the bags,on this of course i don't remember,pcp,weed cracking real estate,good combo one of my favorite rappers,roughly the plug la legend,coming through had to talk to him,speaking the facts hey if he's moving a,little different,it's the egg rolls not the ecstasy the,egg rolls not the ecstasy,look at this guy legend bro this is a,classic right here every time i see it,makes me so happy what's going on,the ruler drake just put draco on his,story like it ain't none like oh look at,this model he's just another model,you know i gave him a verse but he'll,model mostly you know,now we need the video how's the rolls,royce finger,i i just i'm getting a rap right now you,mobbing that one all the time,nah man too many people know that maybe,like fans behind the core like recording,while i'm driving in the shower it's,like you want to get the car but you,can't like and then you want to post it,and let them know but then it's like,everyone should do that yeah i want to,get this porsche rs the uh,i was gonna get an orange and black one,but they sold it you like you like uh,you like cars,i was i saw what i was doing in jail i,was looking at course oh bro,yeah that way too fast though what,is this all right guys,this is another contraption by freeze,pipe,last time we showed you the bong the,recycler bong and then we showed you the,little mini bubbler bong,now we have a dab rig oop we spoke a,little bit of water,now we have a dab rig where basically,for all the wax fans out there,we can now enjoy wax take a nice hit of,wax using the freeze pipe,coil method and some fresh cooling water,as well so,you can take the nice coolest dabs your,throat won't get injured or hot or,whatever,and you can get nice and high let's try,this thing out,boom if this was sitting on the table,what would you think this was,what would be the first thing that came,to your mind a syringe or,a anal toy,it looks like the thing you would use to,inseminate a cow,or yes or something like that some large,animal,it could be a flute we got to ask,everyone what they think it is because,i've never seen something like this,is lena coming i want to her uh,yeah,no actually she's taking care of the kid,but i mean maybe,i want to be a partner yeah we got to,make that happen look at lavell drop a,vlog,who the is that we wanted to get,your opinion on this,what is this a dildo be careful because,it comes off so just hold it from the,top,nope is this the pipe i don't smoke what,do you think it is a dildo,but i think it's not because i don't, know,i saw you getting with a gun the,other day that's yeah for you yeah,let's see what kiki thinks about this,kiki what do you think about that have,you ever seen anything like this,it reminds me of me pause,you know,no it looks like it shoots blow darts or,that too honestly yeah it's like a,mixture of a bunch of things also,it's a conversation piece it's a,conversation piece someone looks at it,they're like hey what's that,you're like oh it's actually a thing,called a neck to collect they're by,freeze pipe they're like oh can i try it,and then you sneak them a gram dab and,the next thing you know your friend's,incredibly high,so now all we have to do is just put the,tip in there,start hitting it,so smooth that's a big rip,so huge shout out to nectar collector by,freeze pipe this thing's super nice and,i'm excited for us to start smoking,dear god it moves now it's like the,double dose it looks better,it does looks great yeah i was watched,it's okay,i just got it fixed again,i've had i've been running trains all,week,and i'm very tired from it i run the,train,what the yeah choo-choo ,that's what i'm dressing up as for,halloween this year a train connector a,sexy one,well i haven't put much thought into i,literally thought about it yesterday and,i,just tweeted it out i have a question is,the train,racially diverse or was it all brothers,because from what i saw it looked like,it was all right guys,yeah but you know i want to taylor,holder let him know,yo i sent that to bryce hall i sent that,yeah why though i don't know because,this is his best friend and i don't know,taylor i sent it to him and i was like,yo this girl,she went viral for sucking like a,hundred dicks and,she wants to eat taylor's ass she had a,yada and bryce left me on red so,if you have seven or eight friends and,y'all are looking to get down just let,us know,for sure only if i could post she came,in with the big possibility i don't know,about everybody else but you can post me,for show,all right so i gotta do some interviews,i'm gonna send yuri and kiki,off to

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