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Alina Lopez on Her First Time Sleeping with a Black Guyas i,got older i started doing like obviously

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Updated on Jan 24,2023

Alina Lopez on Her First Time Sleeping with a Black Guy

as i,got older i started doing like obviously,like once i,was like out of high school i started,doing like boudoir and then started,doing nude and i just like,from modeling i started like,wanting to like keep pushing it there,and i was like hey i think this is where,i jump into porn okay it was like a,natural a very natural transition how,did you do it you get in touch with a,director or something yeah well i just,like started looking up girls like porn,stars,and,like you could tell some are,shitty and some are great some are,successful and some are not so i found,like the most successful girls shout out,riley reed and,and you know girls like that who are,just doing really well and thriving,and being like okay who represents them,because they they're clearly doing well,and um that's how i found my agent it's,a very smart linear path to success,there like find people who are super,successful in a field figure out who,manages them or that they work for and,then get in touch and then there's girls,in this industry that are like yeah i,just saw like a craigslist ad i'm like,what,no,or like they like,met a guy like on tinder and he was,actually a porn agent looking for girls,like stuff like that i'm like right wow,okay so you have the rare experience,where you basically got ushered into the,porn game via one of the goats spiegeler,yeah who i interviewed on no jumper you,should all check that out on youtube if,you want to learn about the porn game,he's an extremely interesting uh,resource for information yeah he was,great and he i mean within my first year,of doing porn i was on the cover of,penthouse hustler wow taboo avn like i,it just kind of happened very quickly,and he was like helping make those kind,of connections oh definitely yeah he,took me to meet the people at penthouse,like my first week out in l.a wow yeah,you really felt like okay you made the,right move oh yeah yeah my first scene i,ever shot i was like so nervous in the,makeup chair and i was like oh my gosh,like i'm really doing this and i was,like scared and whatever and then as,soon as that camera started rolling i,just like you just,i was like this is where i'm meant to be,right here,what scene was it was like a girl a girl,well you said cox,it was it was a boy girl and it was a,black guy and it was also the first time,i ever a black guy,so i was like yeah like just in general,i just never a black guy and,uh i was so excited for all of it i'm,like oh my gosh all this is so new and,exciting and i've like got this big,black and i'm shooting porn and i'm,in la like as i came from utah it just,was like the biggest adventure of my,life and still sometimes when i'm doing,that drive to la from utah,i'll have like a flashback of the first,time i drove out my 2001 honda accord,that could like barely make it to la to,shoot my first porn scene i love that,like a lot of women might get into porn,just because they need to make some,money or they just figure like you know,whatever what else am i gonna do but i,love that you got into it because you,were like really passionate and excited,about it and then you're describing,being there for the first time is this,amazing experience and i just i just,contrast that in my head with like the,the genre on youtube or whatever of like,export stars being like oh it was so,horrible and yeah and terrible enough,they're like i was tricked into it and,i'm like,where like is it tricked how do you get,tricked into like on a couch in,camera like you could just,not i mean i don't know i don't know,everyone's situation but i'm always,confused every situation is different,for me like some girls are maybe they,have cold feet and then someone's,selling them this dream and so they say,yes even if they wanted to say no and,then that's what they regret but that's,like more on them if you do it and think,that you're gonna like make enough money,to last you the rest of your life from,like shooting for a year then you're, stupid,anyway i feel like don't you agree that,she's probably like the kind of girl who,entered the industry and was just like,naturally pretty enough that it was just,kind of like a done deal as soon as you,got in the game like everybody was just, with you,was that how it felt be honest where,like everybody just was all over you,from the beginning i came in,pretty confident i was ready to go i,felt good like i had a good agent i,shot for a big company my first scene,right and i was like yeah we're,doing this let's go so you just started,working your ass off all the time oh my,god yeah i shot like like,my hurts thinking about like the,first year in porn so i'm shooting so,much wow like seven days a week,um so i would come out for two weeks at,a time or a week a week or two at a time,because i was coming from utah and i,would shoot every single day and usually,two or three of those i'd shoot two,scenes a day,so and a scene for those who don't know,it takes how long from that perspective,like the sex part or being on s

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Alina Lopez on Why She Has Never Done A**l On Camera Even Though She Loves It

Alina Lopez on Why She Has Never Done A**l On Camera Even Though She Loves It

no but I think that's like when I,started to realize that I liked anal,like when I was like you'd masturbate,while ,not well but like I would like and,then I'd be like hey I'm horny now and I,never connected I'm like oh it's because,I like something in my butt when did you,first this is such a tease because I'd,never do anal,not on camera no really never done but,you want it I love anal but I'm not I,don't wanna I don't I don't do it on,camera do you do it with your man uh I,don't have a man but if you have a man,yeah okay it's so much more fun in your,private life yeah that's your thing like,with your man is like you just yeah I,mean I I like I like everything like I,don't think there's anything hotter than,like being able to just like put your,dick in every hole of my body and I know,that sounds like so generic every like,porn girl says that but I genuinely like,am so aroused by like being able to be,like okay here there there all like it's,just like hot yeah wow you're right it,is hot really it's a butt play right now,um right now like more like I was really,scared because we took a long break yeah,and now it's like I'll be me and,I was like hold on can I go get a butt,plug I'll be right back yes yes anal is,a it's like doing acid together it's a,spiritual journey through your mind,through your colon yeah because you're,sharing something that like if it was,done wrong could be very unpleasant,disaster a disaster that would really,ruin your bed in a lot of ways,um okay when you first put something in,your ass,um actually not until I didn't actually,penetrate my until adulthood,really yeah like I didn't I didn't,really like realize that I like liked it,I didn't really try it much I think it,was 19 or 20. okay yeah and there was no,going back like the first time I did,anal like the first time I took stuck,anything in my butt it was a penis and I,he like starts to put it in my butt and,I came as it was I'm not even making,this sound like prep you or nothing just,like no it was like spontaneous that was,the opposite of what most women say,about their first time doing it no I ca,I like literally he put it in and I just,orgasmed like immediately wow and I was,like wow I everything else is the first,time they tried anal it felt like being,stabbed and they wanted I don't know you,must be like really like sensitive well,I just never do it until I'm like really,warmed up I feel like you guys have to,be so horny like you can't start with it,you gotta warm up with like a lot of,foreplay and ,um actually I used to have a homie who,told me that he had some like numbing,gel that he would put on his girl's ass,before they did but then make your dick,yeah I've never tried it because I just,didn't want that I've seen that for like,the oral stuff which I would I would,never actually buy it but like people,use it for deep throating but now I hear,podcast ads for these wipes that are,like numbing wipes for your dicks,honestly I'm kind of curious about it,because I keep hearing these ads and I'm,like I mean it's not the worst thing to,help if you're enduring I don't want it,in my though I don't want to feel,that no no because it's kind of like,have you you drink and you have sex like,it's fun but you you're not feeling the,sensation as much I miss drinking and,having sex,hope is the best I miss it,um it's been a long time no but I mean,just in general yeah I feel you but I,feel like my recipe to do instead of uh,you know numbing my penis with a wipe is,to just a bunch of times but by the,time time to get to the last one you'll,be able to go for a long time sometimes,I need a break yeah well that's what,that's not what this podcast is about,um okay so when did you uh like really,start being a hoe,um instantly yes,like at an appropriate age like I I was,like like you know like puberty like hit,me like a bomb like it was just all like,like it was like literally and I,remember like when I I didn't date I,didn't care about like dating or like I,didn't care enough about boys to like be,in a relationship and but I wanted to,have sex so I want I like I felt ready,to like lose my virginity and I wanted,to do it and like I specifically picked,out like the like boy of the school,because I'm like oh he's had sex a lot,so he'll know what to do,um and,so I like picked him out and like we, at a New Year's party and so were,you thinking about the fact that you had,been taught your whole life that you,weren't supposed to be doing this I,didn't care at all like I lit like I was,so none I just wasn't there in the room,no I mean he probably was but I just,didn't get like he was my cook so,well now you're going on I'm sure a lot,of people were like that's the line,right there you can't say that I mean he,didn't do anything so like he stayed,quiet like like a good cook would but,anyways so,yeah I just I'd like I never felt I was,taught all growing up Mormon like don't,masturbate don't touch yourself don't,have obviously don't have sex don't even,ki

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Alina Lopez: Naked Hug Attack

Alina Lopez: Naked Hug Attack

what was your first season uh it was for,lansky it was for black draw,oh wow yeah that was your first scene,wow how was that,it was because they're do they did you,shoot them in hotel rooms uh no that was,shot at a home okay um,yeah they do shoot in hotel rooms a lot,for that particular site uh but this one,was shot in a home,uh and he told me he's like now like not,all porn companies are gonna be like,this because lansky's you know days on a,landscape set is definitely very like um,long and structured and you know,there's time frames that need to be met,and you know it's just it's very,professional and,um,you know,so and he was like not not all porn,companies are going to be like this yeah,like long long days like this and all,that but,but it was great everyone was really,nice and,it was uh,my heart was just racing the whole day,but like as soon as the camera started,rolling,and like,yeah jason love pulled out his and i,started sucking out it all went away and,i was just like this is where i'm,supposed to be,like,it just came i just i just like did what,i do you know yeah yeah like and i love,being before,um,i i love being on camera like i love,modeling and,i,uh,used to go on a video chat website,that's not even meant for in fact if,they catch you like naked or anything,they kick you off,um,and it's just like a video chat website,where you get assigned like random,people to like video chat with from all,over the world it's supposed to be this,like sweet thing that brings the world,together to video chat and i just people,use it to like take off,and i was one of those people so i would,go on there and like,and like have people watch me,like i loved it wow so so you know it,was right for you i did that for a long,time and i was like why am i like not,getting paid for this like,you know that's why i thought about,doing camping because i enjoyed that,that specific scenario so much yeah um,that's the thing about it's like it,can't be,just for the money like you have to,enjoy the work you have to enjoy being,an exhibitionist you have to enjoy this,otherwise the money is never going to be,enough yeah and and i'm one of those,people,like i'll be on set and you know i've,everyone not everyone should be,professional on set like talent and crew,and,but i'm one of those people where i'm,like well i'm like working and having,i want everyone in the room to be like,me too like if i look over and a pa has,a boner i'm like yeah that's hot like so,that that's great that's interesting,because actually like a lot of times um,girls would be like creeped out by that,yeah and i said that yeah i said that to,i was talking about it to bring mills,and she was like i'm the one like saying,no everyone be professional yeah no like,if everyone was like if like if the,director was filming and like that would,be ideal to me that would make it more,fun can i tell you like the funniest,story that just reminded me so when we,shot your tweet of the month shoot you,know the guy that was doing the,steadicam,yeah so he like only works mainstream,like he never ever ever works in a and,he only shoots the tease stuff he never,shoots any of like the,shoot it that day mm-hmm no he never,does he left yeah i think i remember he,left early because,when he and he's still like kind of new,to it because he's only ever worked for,me and he's only you know done he only,does true to the month stuff like i said,only the t stuff,um and when he was leaving because he,was leaving early you were naked because,you're about to do,and you ran up to him and gave him this,hug,naked not thinking about it and i of,course like to me like that whatever i,don't know it's normal and i just,remember his face to be like over your,shoulder was like oh my like he was like,he wasn't like freaked out but he was,kind of he was so shocked,he was so taken i remember this i,remember like teasing him like oh you're,leaving before the show yeah yeah it was,hilarious and just a look at his face he,was just like oh my god and i was like,laughing i keep forgetting that you're,not really part of this world and this,is different for you i hope i didn't,make him feel uncomfortable no no no no,he like no we laugh about it we laugh,about it because i still he still works,with me on all all those shoots and,no he thought you were great honestly,like he was everyone was great that day,that was that was such a good day that,was such a good day it was definitely,one of the best treat of the month,shoots i've ever done i love to hear you,say that because i i i mean it was the,only tree of the month i've done yeah,but it was one of my favorite shoots,i've ever done before it was epic it was,so so good hey guys if you want to,support my show then you should think,about joining my patreon,at my patreon i offer all kinds of,amazing perks in exchange for your,financial support from live streams of,my interviews as they are happening to,bonus q a's behind the scenes photos and,videos of my shoots plus co

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Alina lopez New Video πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ Interview

Alina lopez New Video πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ Interview

so we have miss alina lopez back,hi hi we like to call you aylo around,here,i like that nickname it's very fitting,so we had you here before but we didn't,get to know,um a lot about you so i kind of want to,take us back to like when you were in,high school,okay i was definitely the bad influence,i was definitely,like kind of an aggressive person um in,all senses of the word i mean sexually,even kind of physically i mean,i i was in sports i was a competitive,cheerleader,um which is like a completely different,you think when you think cheer you think,like high school cheer like pom poms and,stuff,but i mean competitive cheer is like the,real deal,um tell us tell us it's intense i mean,um we're not just like you know like yay,team go like it's,nothing like that it's it's cut throat,especially the team i was on we were,like state championships multiple,years in a row like um and,you know it's it's a teamwork and i was,the leader of my stunt group we each had,individual stunt groups,and i'm a dominant person so the coach,thought hey you know she'd be a good,a good stunt group leader so that was me,but i think,maybe you know i was still young and,kind of immature in the power maybe went,to my head a little bit,and i would i would yell at my group a,lot and even,like like get in fights with them and it,got so bad to the point where i even got,kicked off the team,oh no way yes oh my god yeah so i got,kicked off my cheer team of such a bad,girl,so during it like explain more like you,went,to championships and yes um we,we were at a gym that also had,gymnastics and it was the kind of gym,where you only send your kids there if,you want like it's not recreational you,send your kids there to gymnastics if,you want them to go to the olympics you,send your kids there to chair if you,want them to get scholarships like,they don't around at this gym um it,was definitely like a high end and,strict like no zone um,so this is so fun knowing because you,did a bunch of stuff for us in,in hot bodies yeah yeah in in my other,uh,hardex scene yeah that was my first,scene with you actually,and that was my first scene and i i got,to take those skills that i learned and,cheer,um the the physical skills with like,you know doing my back handsprings and,stuff and then i got to channel the,aggression that i hadn't,into the sex that i had so it was like,you know,back then it was a bad thing because i i,shouldn't have been behaving that way i,got kicked off the team and all that but,now it's all it's all i get to take,those things that,people told me were bad and turn it into,something hot and sexy and fun,so i have no regrets because i mean it,all turned out great and look where it's,gotten me now yeah,for sure i was very different i think,is the best way to put it um i knew from,a young age that i definitely,was i didn't really fit in with a lot of,other girls um,they were more focused on you know,sports or school which i was too but the,difference between me and them was that,i was,very sexually mature at that age,okay and sexually adventurous okay,can you tell us some of that i would be,you know you know,in the movies and girls have sleepovers,and you know they like are like oh like,we should practice kissing on each other,that would be me i would be the one,initiating that with the girl,yeah i'm the girl at the sleepover who's,like let's play spin the bottle,let's let's play truth or dare,oh my gosh i was a bad example all the,parents hated me,and hasn't really changed that's fun,okay how about with boys were you um,i yes i loved boys and i loved girls,um all throughout high school obviously,and i think i really gravitated since i,i considered myself to be pretty,experienced i mean,even if i hadn't been with a lot of,people i felt confident,so to kind of challenge myself it's too,easy to go,hook up with people that are like ,too,you know two are obviously gonna,have sex okay so,i would go for the challenging guys the,nerdy ones the shy ones the virgins,who you know would just run away from,girls,and there i'd be chasing after them like,get back here i'm not done with you,okay tell us some stories i had a guy i,mean it sounds like the most generic,story or like,made up but it is true i asked him to,help me with homework,i believe it was either math or history,um which i was actually good at both but,you know gotta,gotta put out that um,so i invited him over um,and my parents were home and his parents,were home so we couldn't you know,i i knew that home wasn't a good place,um but i lived like a block away from,the school,it started to get dark and we were just,i had i had eased the mood into more,casual at that point i'm like you know,what let's,let's go hang out at the school you know,like let's go,just go for a walk so you know take him,and,we went out to the school and ended up,kind of getting dark um,and we i laid out a blanket for us on,the football field and we're talking,about,football and the game and stuff that's,coming up,um and

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New video Alina Lopez Official Depraved fertility treatment for Latina teen Alina Lopez

New video Alina Lopez Official Depraved fertility treatment for Latina teen Alina Lopez

hey,so unfortunately as we saw in the test,results it appears that what has,happened is something known as a,chemical pregnancy,and also it can sometimes be a virtual,defiler,it usually happens within the first five,weeks in your case,in the first week after,but unfortunately the hcg levels did not,elevate at the rate necessary,for the embryo to implant itself,the good news is,foreign,you have any questions,slashers,so,fertility clinics and as soon as the,insurance right now you switch to a,private clinic and,even after fifty thousand dollars you,think they'd be more,um,maybe an issue with me but then they're,saying it's not an issue

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Alina lopez πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ (Video Official) Interview

Alina lopez πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ (Video Official) Interview

introduce yourself please i'm elena,lopez elena are you of the age of 18,yes i am perfect so let's talk about,some uh,safe words really quick if you want,everything to completely stop and for,someone to check in with you what would,you say,stop red red red um,if you have a gag or anything in your,mouth um,break character look directly in the,camera and uh uh and that way we know,something's going on both of those with,the red or,uh break out of character it's not being,like damsel looking to the camera and,we'll know something's going on if,you're okay to stay in bondage and stay,in character but you want to kind of let,me know to back off what i'm doing you,would say yellow or mercy so red stops,yellow slows down,excuse me hard limits we're not putting,anything in your butt,we're not doing animal noises and,everything else is,let's go everything,well within,um okay so everybody at home,i know it's the first time elena's been,on this site but apparently we're gonna,have some fun today um welcome to, welcome back to,this isn't your first shoot here um but,it's your,first shoot with me um this is your,second bondage well you said you did you,did some,photos but as far as like a video,shooting this is the second one you've,ever done yes,you excited i'm very excited a little,nervous,no i like that i like it um,you and i i kind of reached out and,took chances i'm like i'm just mildly,flirt with her and see if she'll take it,or not,and of course you said yes so i say of,course like i'm the man you've said yes,so you're here now um,would you saw the content did i mean,what was it that you were like that's,i want to go shoot that site what was it,that gets you excited and wanted to come,do this,uh the the challenge of it,because i always grew up very,competitive and,you know i see other girls doing like,well i can do that i want to do that,right i want the challenge and you know,shooting,having been shooting for almost two,years now which isn't a super long time,but,that's a significant amount of time i,i love it but it almost seems repetitive,at this point so it's definitely time,for something new so,i'll take that all day um so obviously,we're gonna have rope around you we're,gonna have you tied up you're gonna be,helpless,um there'll be random things that we'll,torture you with and it kind of just,depends on,the mood and what you're feeling um,because this is more because the first,shoot you did was sex and submission so,it was kind of more sex-based and not as,much torture where today obviously,there's going to be a lot of torture and,then forced orgasms,um even though we have the sheet and,we've talked about a lot about limits if,you said okay to something and i walk in,and do it and today you're just not,feeling it say so and it's done we don't,do it anymore,um so i want you to feel very empowered,no matter how submissive,you're playing today you're still the,one that's kind of calling up shots and,running so,if we do something that's not cool speak,up tell us and we'll off and we,won't do it anymore,um with that being said the things that,we do,i'm gonna push and i'm gonna try and get,you as far as you are comfortable with,letting me push you,and sometimes that comes when there's a,break sometimes there's tears break,meaning,not like bones um and if we get to a,point where tears do show up,i'm gonna stop i'll come in i'll wipe,your tear and i'll ask if you can,continue,if you say that you're okay and we can,all look at you and be like she's just,getting it out and she's good,i'm gonna go back to whatever i was,doing that started the tears and will,continue,through and i'll no longer break,character i'll still check on you and,obviously your,your safety is the most important thing,but i won't keep stopping and being like,super nice like you okay because if,you're getting off on me being mean,it's gonna it up if i keep stopping,does that sound okay yeah,awesome um with your shoes that you've,done,did you what did you enjoy more was the,the the bondage or was it the pain or,was it a combination,a combination for sure just the pure,vulnerability,all right um i think that's,all the good stuff or depending on the,person maybe,this next set of questions is the good,stuff i know you kind of have this like,what's he going to ask me,um so right now in your life,what is your favorite type of food to,eat,spicy spicy does it matter like if it's,asian or,latin it's just as long as it's spicy,we'll have to talk more about that later,what do you have like a certain do you,have a hot sauce collection,oh of course yes i do have a hot sauce,collection,now i'm like we definitely have to talk,more um do you have a certain do you,have a favorite one,cholula cholula i buy it in bulk usually,online or from costco like the giant,bottles like i say i've got,the crystals that's the big like it,looks like a 32 ounce,bottle or whatever like it's it's it's,offensive it's so big it really fits in,the fridge,um let's see,i

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RAWEST PODCAST EVER: Lena The Plug, Alina Lopez and Gia Derza

RAWEST PODCAST EVER: Lena The Plug, Alina Lopez and Gia Derza

I'm just chilling with ladies how y'all,doing I didn't mean to turn our date,into a podcaster sorry guys,girls love cloud a date is cool but,cloud is better I don't know pretty nice,yeah we could keep doing that right now,look at this look at this friggin thing,man we got the biggest ball a Hennessy,ever lilz am brought this through it,looks like a joke it looks like so big,that it's comedic it's not they,definitely go to the Costco or something,yeah so uh,Lenna the plug my beautiful girlfriend,Sam I left I just celebrity over here at,pornhub can you please introduce me to,the two lovely ladies she'll have to,tell our audience what you know about,them the girls left me only know Lopez I,have a huge crush on her you,don't we talk about you on my cam every,day because I'm asking who my girl,crushes and I have to be like Ali Lopez,she talks about you in our home as well,I mean we should whatever scene we don't,watch enough porn we can't get it on the,lap on the screen in there I want to see,your black ski no I'm getting,oversubscription green my black scene,was brought with Rob Piper is really,good rod of Piper I like Rod Piper,better oh it's too close to that is,copyright I did the middle splits and,like torch on his face it was really hot,you did so I guess stop that that does a,lot right there to explain what you do,for a living what you ladies do is just,one person for the record oh yeah zoom,in on that her tongue is a lot longer,than the average if you've got like a,surgery to do that know what it is it's,like you know the stringy thing,underneath your tongue the tendon I just,was born without that I don't have that,look you were made to be a porn star I,got it hey have you done oh no that's,do you know what percentage of the,population doesn't have that that's how,they do it because there's those girls,that are always on worldstar that have,it it's not one woman they're,always making on it's always been,like my weird talent like from growing,up but from elementary school it's like,oh my god you can stick your tongue up,your nose your nose and now it's like oh,my god you can like talk about girls in,their you were sucking dick in,elementary school no elementary school I,don't know what you're doing people like,the transition between elementary school,I don't know in the adult world I'm like,what I can do with my tongue has changed,so much right so this is Alina it's like,in fake tits or something it's like it's,a special bonus for a sex worker okay,and so introduce your other friend as,well she's a cutie well your ass is,booty Instagram oh okay I thought was,just a booty I was like holy shame we,don't do it because I have to wear a,butt plug to prep prep and they don't I,mean I you don't have to your ball,without any warning a couple times I,mean I just if I want to really get into,it all I got to do is put it in there,and then you'll get really into it from,my perspective I don't know I never she,just tell you something we're not,allowed to ask about her something or,who wrote that her why secrets it's a,secret it's not yes fantasy Oh see I,don't know about what you guys okay so,explain that to me and how this works,you guys have to like keep up this like,idea that you write okay that you're,like only into certain things because as,a porn star you have to like do the slow,trickle of you I could get in the game,and all you do is is missionary slowly,you just start doing more and more right,why because I wanted it to be did you,think but is then that like poorly,guided in retrospect you were just,savage or like I'm going for,don't care right yeah I've heard that,from quite a few girls build up to fine,I know I know but I just a lot of people,don't know that but I didn't know like,when I got in the industry that like not,doing IR was the thing there's a,statement like my agent asking me like,when I first got it he's like oh are you,okay with doing air I'm like what's I,are like he's like about a, black guys I'm like yeah why the, not,right so yeah yeah that's crazy to me it,didn't I didn't even think anything of,it like my first scene was amazing if,you ain't black diction missing,out on a lot of big ass dicks I know I,feel super lame being heterosexual that,I can't engage in black dick I've,watched a lot of porn in it there's just,a lot of monster out there that's,all I'm saying I've seen it shout out to,my boy Jason loved that thing that thing,is like a friggin tree trunk know what,that was the first thing I ever shot but,it's my most likes my most successful,scene I've ever shot look at Twitter on,pornhub really yeah and it was your,first one my first scene I ever shot and,it was Jason Love just going to town,what Jason laughs Wow yeah it was,amazing it was such a good scene I,looked at his Twitter cuz on in the,nobody's like and he seems like a very,like silly fun guy like he's he's,posting pictures of his dick a lot and,stuff on Twitter which is cool right,he made me so hard that like my, like creamed

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Hot Yoga Babe Alina Lopez Fucked and Creampie all VideoπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Hot Yoga Babe Alina Lopez Fucked and Creampie all VideoπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

i'm actually filming this if you don't,have i got my phone out,what's going on i'm doing a documentary,a vlog,uh it's actually about attractive women,doing yoga in the park well okay,well the the the concept is you know,each one of my episodes is a different,concept today is working out so i'm here,trying to find people working out but i,saw a very attractive woman in the park,what is your name,emelina hi chuck nice to meet you nice,to meet you,um so could you maybe sticking on,subject matter,teach me a couple yoga poses or,exercises have you ever done yoga before,not one time in my entire life,well i can teach you some basics so,obviously you want to start with,downward dog it's a really good,deep stretch and i mean anyone can do it,you essentially,just want to put your feet flat like,this,feet flat like shoulder width apart okay,and then you're going to reach down,and just kind of walk your hands forward,and you'll feel the stretch like in the,back of your legs let me check,oh yeah i can see your leg stretching,right there,yes so what's that so that that was,downward dog,what's this called uh this is just a leg,stretch it kind of helps you practice,for doing the splits if that's a goal,that you have,that's definitely a goal that i have,yeah then you just want to kind of fold,this leg in and,push your back hip down and do it and,you know once you practice that then,eventually you'll be able to,straighten this leg out,how are you doing that right now i,practice a lot,that is really impressive,wait can you do a full foot the other,way or is that the way yeah,oh wow,how long have you been doing yoga um,like five years a long time really,you're really flexible that's amazing,and you're just so,beautiful do people are so nice,i like to stretch my legs this way and,kind of my back at the same time and you,can do that by just,reaching down like this wow nice kind of,spread your legs a little bit yeah,it's a really good deep stretch that's,beautiful hold it hold it let me get the,full 360 experience,oh my god,yeah does it also stretch out your hips,too oh yeah totally,is there any standing stuff you can do,yeah sure,so if you move your legs just about here,put your arms out to the side,yes,once you get really comfortable on your,feet you can start to do,more complex standing poses,nice whoa,epic epic epic that looks amazing,oh well it's getting kind of cold do you,mind if we go,yeah yeah i've got just like three more,minutes of questions,let's go in my car where there's no wind,it's nice and hot,and i can just finish up my uh

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