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Alexis Texas on Her First Scene & Being All Naturalif a girl has the only fans and she,posts videos

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Updated on Jan 23,2023

Alexis Texas on Her First Scene & Being All Natural

if a girl has the only fans and she,posts videos of herself,masturbating let's say should she refer,to herself as a porn star I don't think,so I felt like you know it's about again,it's about the longevity who you know,who your fans are and like being,recognized and things like that I feel,like I wasn't even myself a porn star,until like maybe the fifth year I got,was in the business and I was in the,business for over ten years I think that,you know but again it has changed it's,not really like how it was before with,DVDs and box covers and you know these,appearances that were once a big deal,and now it's just kind of more lucrative,as far as the only fans and more that,was kind of neat kind of things and,webcaming and is a really big thing as,well so I feel like people are more,popular in their own merit in those,things but I wouldn't necessarily call,them stars a porn star like if you were,to go even do like if you were to make,your triumphant return and drop a crazy,scene or whatever with a big point,company it's like whatever they're gonna,pay you is almost certainly less than,the additional bump that you would see,in your only fans and stuff from just,getting more subscribers and stuff so,all of a sudden the mainstream porn,companies who used to be like the sole,source of revenue for somebody like,you're not sold but like majority of the,money we're bringing in all of a sudden,are just basically like average diving,platform for your home agreed and I also,feel like it kind of showed us how,greedy that some of those companies were,and how much money they were really,making and you know as an independent,contractor you can't control or see,numbers you know and that they're really,making and so now because you are seeing,the pay difference from my only fans,thing it's kind of like again as a,business person how could you go back,and do what's making it's like if you're,losing money in doing something like,that so it does you know they do have,advertising things but I feel like it's,kind of awoken a lot of you know even,performers like myself of knowing the,capability of what we could do with,eliminating the middleman there is,probably like when you got into porn,there's probably very few girls that,were making a million dollars a year,right for sure now there's a lot there's,a lot and there's no companies,involved exactly it's it's definitely,changed you know the game and again it's,social media it's like the internet it's,you know it's a blessing you know it's,definitely given us more of a,a more of a stay in a stand of like what,we can do with their business on ongoing,its as well so you got into doing,important at 21 I was 21 okay so what,was your sex life leading up to that and,what helped you make the decision that's,what you wanted to do my sex life before,I was in I was in college and so I mean,I was just young dumb and full of I,just had sex like every other college,girl I when I was a bartender frat,parties I didn't do frat parties cuz I,worked I was like a bartender and I,system manager in a bar there's a lot of,to get as a bartender,that's true so you see all the drunk,ones the non ones like what to navigate,you know you see what you do and you,know you know if they're still awake you,know and where I went to college it you,know it closed really early I think it,was like midnight and then one o'clock,on the weekends so most times would,either go to Austin which was not very,far,sixth Street warzone it straight is,pretty cool I lived out there for a few,months and it is a scary scary scene,every night it is it's pretty intense,it's it's like Mardi Gras like all year,round there's like a big part of me that,would like to just go to stick Street,and just sort of stand on a roof can,just watch as all the different bars,flood out and there's because there's,literally like a frat like jock bar and,then like a Puerto Rican bar and they're,like both let out at the same time but,then like it's done other bars too and,they all that out and then somebody,steps on somebody's foot and all of a,sudden they're just beating the dog ,out of each other,he's so there's always a fire in six,treetops on horses to stop it and even,that even they close down the whole,street and it's yeah and even the local,ones to you that stay that height like,have a little tutu you know and it's,like for me like the second where I'm,about to punch somebody and then I,remember like oh yeah there's there's,five cops on horses right there that,makes me know I'm not gonna punch this,dude yeah that that's a good that's good,I'm scared of cops go to the horse real,talk,okay so because being the bartender is,kind of like training for being like a,stripper and adults are right because,you're sort of like the focus of the,whole room everybody needs to come to,you you're like many famous in that,environment right and you know I guess,in some sense the words I've always,liked you know attention things but I,started from doing shot girl waitre

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Alexis Texas and the Boys Plan Making a TAPE Together!

Alexis Texas and the Boys Plan Making a TAPE Together!

so we got alexis texas coming soon if,you guys don't know alexis texas she's,like a she's an og porn star she's been,in the game for a while,really i honestly used to have you ever,like, tugged one to her no not to her,but normally what i'll probably do is,after this interview after like sitting,with her and talking with her like after,you build that like weird thing up like,oh she's sitting next to me it'll make,it more reason to jerk off too hundred,percent every time,every time i'm around a porn star and,you film with them and i always,immediately eat one to them after yeah,yeah like lana rhodes emily willis like,what's your process for watching porn,like do you guys pick one and like say,it's like you have a special kind that,you go to uh i like uh my favorite porn,stars leela star who,laila star yeah,she got a fat ass really yeah sometimes,if they're too famous though i don't,like them because it's not like,realistic for me it's like when i go,into porn i was like you like that,snapchat eh i don't use snapchat,like the ones with the bars on the side,and what do you mean like do i send,my dick out on snapchat oh i mean like,the ones that are like recorded on,snapchat and you don't see those no,i like but those are amateur i think are,you talking about pov,now pov doesn't do it for me no no i,don't like people are you like a steady,pornhub guy or do you get into like i,don't really,i don't watch,hampshire i really really don't watch,porn that much i really don't i uh once,in a while though if i'm like really,zinged and i have nobody and it's like,three in the morning and i know that my,chances of getting laid are impossible,and i've ran out of options yeah i'll,put on i'll go to like that's,my thing are you wearing two hoodies,um no i don't think so well maybe it's a,little cold outside yeah it's a little,cold outside yeah but how how should we,go about this,this interview because like like what,can we ask her what can we not ask her,i'm more honestly i'm curious about,just the process of how the porn,industry works i know it sounds kind of,vague but i think we can really dive in,it just depends how much it's going to,like let us in no pun intended but,like do i tell her that like i like her, or do i like not yeah i think you,just be completely honest this interview,and the earth is staged this podcast,were so all over the place like is it a,compliment for me to tell her like yo,you're one of the first girls like i,jerked off to or is that like offensive,no i think that's what i don't really,know this porn i have not i've never,i've i haven't watched her in a while,like the big question is are we smoking,wheat on it or no,i think we gotta smoke for like every,pod,every people love tyson tyson was great,you're just so funny i was the highest,ever but i'm actually embarrassed my,family,was and uh,my family like was like are you okay,i was at a family party is that my god,son's christening,i had went through three days of like,obviously like a little rough,relationship breakup and so i was really,down and out no steve has held the,pre-rolls in his room but i was gonna,ask steiny,oh nice it's pouring my heart on the, table here sleeping you're just,talking about pre-rolls i'm,saying long story short is i was going,through a lot and i was so ,zapped out of my mind at the godf,because i became a godfather i,christened my godson,and uh basically my family like every,member of my family because i guess i,went off the rails on social media,between the hours of like midnight and 3,30 a.m,and said some things on there that,i shouldn't have,and uh,i i guess my family was really concerned,about me and my and then they saw the,titan tyson review and they thought i,was like hit rock bottom because my,eyeballs were so wrong really yeah so,they're like okay i'm like yeah i'm okay,i just got really high off that episode,i'm sorry guys so you're officially,single now,yeah,yeah i'm officially single now yeah yeah,so what went down,you thought you caught it yeah i thought,you were going to marry this girl,so lastly,are you are you actually hurt by it or,are you just like yeah it was like three,days three days of pain yeah i just,didn't leave the hotel room but you,always said you didn't care like every,time like something happened you're like,i really don't give a that was just,me trying to be cool,no you know i was rattled by it but the,thing is you know we bounce back we,bounce back,uh we'll get more into it i'll,definitely talk to election texas about,it because i really want a real she,seems like she's really got her ,together,so i want to talk to alexis about it and,that's that so that's one of the things,that i'm excited to talk about no you,told me you're like yo like we're having,a little trouble at camp memory right,now and i was like what you're like,i don't think i'm hitting it right so i,actually appreciate you lining this,interview up yeah whoever did this,whoever's responsible for this,i appreciate it

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Alexis Texas: The Most Iconic Ass in P*rn

Alexis Texas: The Most Iconic Ass in P*rn

knowledge is power and the first step in,taking charge of your health if you want,to test yourself for things like,testosterone levels food sensitivity and,sexual health you need the at home,testing kits from everly well everything,is simple and pre-packaged so you can,get the answers that you need discreetly,and easily go to,holly for 20 off and at home lab test,and arm yourself with the health,knowledge that you need,hello everybody welcome back to holly,randle unfiltered before i introduce my,guest today and,this is a very special guest that i have,for you by the way,i just want to give a quick shout out to,my sponsor everly well,every well is an at-home lab test that,you can take i did mine for food,sensitivity and i found out that i,actually have a high level of,sensitivity to pineapple and bananas,which is something i was not aware of,you can also take at home lab tests for,stds for women's health and also of,course for covid if you go to,,holly you will get 20,off an at-home lab test they make it,super easy you just take your blood at,home,send it in to with a prepackaged,envelope that they already have and then,they get back to you with the lab,results so take charge of your health,with everlywell that's,holly okay,let's introduce my guest i've been,trying to get this girl on this show for,so long,i sent her a bunch of dms but you know,she is flooded with dms and probably,most of them dick pick so i was like,she's never going to get back to me,because she's never going to see them,and then one day,she responded and i was so excited,and so today i am bringing you a true,porn legend she is an avian hall of,famer she started more than 400,films and now hosts the podcast that i,was just on by the way,private talk with alexis texas i am,talking of course about the one and only, alexis texas hello thank you for,having me i love the introduction that,was you think you pat yourself in the,back sometimes you forget all those,things but it's great to be here i,definitely got flooded with dms and so i,apologize but it all came together and,do timing and we're here now i know it's,all it's all good excited i i do,recognize that twitter dms are probably,the worst way to reach out to people but,um but you never know because everybody,uses their own platform some use twitter,more some use instagram more and i never,use twitter like i i do it to post,things but not to like go through dms,and so i feel like with instagram,they've done a good job of who you,primarily uh follow can they come up,kind of first and then so it filters out,the dick pics that i don't need to see,right so that's usually for the best,place to fight with instagram but yes i,also though i will admit that i feel,really stupid because afterwards i think,you gave me your number and i went to,text you to um i think it was about,setting this podcast up and then i,realized i had your number in my phone,the whole time i know i think we when we,were doing it i was like wait it's,already up here yeah but you never also,know too because people change numbers,things happen and then they could be,texting someone and it's not really,texas when they thought it was and,they're like what do you really want,from me yeah or if it's not them and,then they don't respond because it's not,them and then you're like wow they don't,like me and then you get this whole head, thing about like what did i ever do,to piss off alexis nothing nothing,nothing at all you've always been a,sweetheart your mom you everybody since,i've met you ever working for you was,always a pleasure you always did great,pictures i had we did video too i think,a couple of times yeah but i feel like i,was kind of transitioning doing other,things before we really shot a lot of,video things well so where you're like,where you're at now yeah,yeah and at that point so,so i've known alexis for we've known,each other for a long time yeah and um,my mom used to shoot her and that was a,while ago because my mom retired quite a,long time ago um and so back then we you,know that was one of the reasons,actually my mom and i kind of split in,terms of like working together because i,saw that the future was video and she,definitely was not going that way she,wanted to be a photographer and only a,photographer which i understand you know,um so we didn't really shoot a ton of,video and it's funny because i look back,at that stuff now and like we like,didn't know what we were doing i'd have,like the boom all the way over and like,the other side of the room i didn't know,that the boom like had to be close to,you to like pick up sound like yeah i,just my hand held you know i'd shoot up,and i get the top of the set the,lighting was i mean you faced it really,well because no one could tell that you,didn't know what you're doing at least,not myself i'm like this is great what,are we doing i mean i always had a great,time and everything always turned out,great so you know even t

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Three Guys On - Alexis Texas Is On Twitter

Three Guys On - Alexis Texas Is On Twitter

yeah you got those not really wanna turn,me on with you know who turn turn me on,to it a comic friend in New York leah,bonnema like she treats when a girl,looks I guess cuz she has a she claims,she has a big butt alexis texas has a,big but also they're like sisters did,yeah yeah what does this girl Leah have,a big butt she's white she white what,the chef big bud where's she working,with some women find the weirdest ,the bond over yeah you know me like we,have a large ass too yes she's in porno,and she has a larger I don't think,anything's wrong with but I know like,when she she did I think she did a,follow Friday and yeah and i responded,to she's like oh follow friday alexis,texas and i was like i retweeted i was,like she has a twitter page they all do,not that i know who she is she was like,oh you know who she is I was like I do I,mean she's no Ricky white let's be,honest ricki white is blazing that,girl's a beast I don't know who that is,ricki white I told you about her I,turned that turn I remember you,mentioned her name is all I have not,looked up break your life she is a bc,it's funny to me though when you when,you read the tweets yeah i was so i,think was telling you about that you,really alexis texas tweets it's like,they they act like they have like a,regular job I gotta be on sending,traffic with at Dirk long dog exactly,Alexis just took just took a shower,gotta feed the booty someone ate my,sandwich how the fridge it's related,this break room sucks it's ridiculous,why everything's sticky do you read the,teacher like you like you got a regular,job Tony still a regular oh she,ate the mayonnaise don't think she did,that's that's her regular job she's,gonna take smoke breaks she takes it,breaks then she has her little cup of,coffee good morning I can't live,had my coffee you don't want to see me, before my first cup of coffee it,now side in a little in a little Chinese,robe smoking businesses I'm on a smoke,break god I need some caffeine my ass,didn't sleep at all last night,didn't sleep at all it's ridiculous,would you read the tweet you like ,that was why I know I stopped follow,like you'll see the other ones like all,your little porn stars I'll follow any,of them but I started reading her tweets,I was like our tweets are hilarious or,just ironically her alley right electric,I'll be okay yes ironically hilarious,yeah we don't think you lead a normal,life you don't want to hear alexis texas,complain about the lines of DMV did some, like that all this not complain,about the lines of crack this means,snort around / ask grocery stores out of,milk FML WTF why alexis texas only hear,the mundane details of a porn star's,life pornstars prior knowledge she told,you although and it is hilarious cuz,there with everything she says I'm a,clean your mind you go to and she's a,porn star right yeah well as think as,you I mean that's the ultimate objective,acacia yeah you don't see them as people,yeah and all our pieces of meat you know,absolutely so you know envision them,doing anything but having say anything,so every time she put the tulip I'm like,and she's should be the end of,every tweet it should be oh I got up,this morning to get something to eat dot,dot dot and I was his mafia,penis how does she handle her phone with,all those sticky finger she has dot dot,dot and I was everything edwin,and i was working not having sex like,the aching alexis texas fortune cookie,just everything in and I was and,I was fun you will have great look this,month and I was i would like to,texas and i was i guess its,mundane to her just different just,different emphasis and i was and,i was and i was

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How to pick up pornstar Alexis Texas

How to pick up pornstar Alexis Texas

firstly mm just like me till I can get,my satisfaction besides water see shine,who the groom is to pour Natasha,allodynia it involved three horses,position Atrisco just now me and,Alexis Texas how you doing I'm good,thank you,you look nice today what you get here,harder what is that cookie art it's a,sexy baby sexy baby and a lot of guys,here ever think it's a really sexy babe,I think what you're most famous for is,your backside I guess here wonderful,offers if I now twerk only Vicki meets,its work mix aft on it,now tell me here in twisting for the,first time what did you see up to now,what my way so any in Switzerland it's,the first time in Switzerland isn't it,so what did you see - no I haven't,honestly really seen anything I just got,in late last night,and I was quite tired from my flight so,I slept so I could be prepared for all,my fans here six Tosca show and,hopefully I get to see some more,tomorrow he'll be here again tomorrow,but some time the exhaust will end here,and then you'll be in twist limbs and,what does Alexis Texas do when an,exhibition like this ends what's most,the next excellent as mojito feverish,woman either stand and often the,oscillation,usually when Alexis X is done with the,convention I go home and I go back to LA,because I'm a very very very busy booty,and I have to give all my fans and,access to my booty so I travel quite a,lot I have a lot of schedule or,plans on my schedule so I usually go,home the Ghana anti-fascist Li long,really got asked of the Godoy boss the,no slapping Len to this board Montana,Alberta Ferretti become all if I've got,it you ever heard anything good or bad,about Swiss guys Swiss men chocolate,I've never tried this just man but I,mean if they're anything because great,is our chocolate then I mean it should,be pretty great,now a lot of guys here I like all my,biggest wish would be to to be with,Alexis Texas for one night is it even,possible like I mean you're a porn star,but doesn't mean that you like have sex,all the people but like what does that,mean to you like if people come up with,a Alexa Texas make my dream come true,well you know I do hear that quite a lot,and I can't make everybody's dream come,true I never say never but I'm probably,not just gonna come up and you if,you're like hey you want to me this,will work that you see but um I am open,for a challenge and how should the,challenge look like if I told you then,you'd want to me huh I cannot say,anything to that at this moment I'm a,bit going a little bit redder no but you,tell me what is it like you know how,does the guy win over Alexis Texas heart,or a woman ah you know what I'm all,about,I need to be entertained I'm quite a,handful I love to laugh I love like it,sounds really cheesy but I'm more about,personality than I am about you just,coming up to me um look stuff some what,to do with it but if you're a tremor,then you could probably steal my heart,way faster than just being a douche bag,and being like me custom huh what a,funny guy you should just say it means I,I actually have got chances if I'm funny,enough of course how funny are you,what's your funny space you can do my,funniest face I don't rely on my face is,to be funny cuz I'm quite sexy but um I,do say funny thing like look I'm looking,at it I'm done alright I'm looking at,you and you're pretty funny looking at,you no that's a compliment that's not,bad I'm not the guy who wants to be six,yeah I'm the guy funny guy you always,get all the girls go to the funny man,either love the sexy ones you know open,to suggestion but you're like going,there and stealing I feel that I feel,that energy from you genetics critic we,see energy for me does the East God,diploma IDO CRI shaving or Amana was the,guns can art can reduce rattle eggs text,ish begin the Shan spirits design near,near on the circuit gets up with Eve,toast Arista shots or possession of a,high co2 fiscal sponsor knife to most,problem low sixes charmant you K as with,a gritty challenge for home deceive now,I think there's not much more to say,then can I have a hug yeah I'm the funny,also soft guy all the women like I don't,want your number I just want to hug I'm,onto your game mister,really idea all right Mina ready,now wasn't that great my best hog ever,thank you so much is that again in your,pants are you just happy to see me,it's a beast all of amid Idaho sir or,the benefit of political sit there it's,a little bit yeah it's a yeah yeah choo,choo choo thank you very much and I have,a one who stay here in a bottle at,Excelsior and hope to see you again,sometime and then maybe I'll be the guy,who wins your heart over who knows maybe,thanklessly aunt Angela be till I can,get my satisfaction

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Alexis Texas TELLS DAD about her Adult Films

Alexis Texas TELLS DAD about her Adult Films

how did porn affect your relationship,with your family,uh,like were they looking at you,differently if you went to like a,Thanksgiving dinner,um like like the family no not at all uh,my family was very accepting it was,something that I was very fortunate you,know I told my dad first because,I knew he watched porn and I didn't want,it to be like a thing so I told him,first and a lot of it was just honestly,what I told them was,more like why and what I expressed,myself,let's be with this,you want it,um when I express myself and I told them,you know my my why I wanted to and,nobody was forcing me and it was my,choice and you know it was,um they I mean I think that they wanted,their kids to grow up and do but they,also were really supportive I never had,any why did I want to do it yeah why,um like I said for me it was how I,wanted to or it was like art to me and,so for me it was how I wanted to express,myself and like I said I was never,afraid of my sexuality or my body and,it felt like it was the right thing to,do so I didn't know how long or what it,was really going to all become,um but I definitely am not mad at it so,my biggest thing about it was go big or,go home and I never went home so,I am fascinated thank you I just want to,say that I'm fascinated by what you what,you've done so I'm still like trying to,learn about it um,so the company you said you worked with,what was the name of them again like the,main um I had a contract with two,companies Adam and Eve and Elegant Angel,was the last was the last company what,like category does Elegant Angel fall,into is that like the same category as,like a pornhub or like a You Porn or,like what are the different avenues for,like when you were doing porn to like,make money now independent like it's a,company itself where PornHub is like um,so pornhub's like a Netflix of like porn,yeah they're buying themselves for,sure so with Elegant Angel it's like,it's a production company so they just,produce content it used to be VHS now,it's Uber then it was DVDs and then now,even more stuff is more digital so it's,on um on the website stuff but,um and then all those other services,it's like now it's like only fans is,kind of the same thing as a PornHub in a,way okay the girls enjoy giving ,most of them I can't speak for the,masses that's an ass question yeah,um I mean again I can't speak for,everybody myself if I'm like into,somebody I enjoy doing it it makes me,see that like Bob you're here,I'm giving to people but like I,have had some girls say that they don't,a ever do it or they don't like to do it,what do you think what do you think,about it no that's literally like a note,what do you think about that like like,if if a guy's eating a girl out and your,girl said and then the girl says I I'm,not giving you head what how do you,think how do you think a man's supposed,to react to that because like for a girl,to say for a girl to say like I don't do, it's like what are you talking,about but there's some guys that say I,don't eat so how am I supposed to,I think men should be I eat ,you know what's crazy but that's you but,some girls have I myself include I've,had guys say that they don't do that,yeah it's dust it was crazy speaking of, shot Salim is that weird honestly is,that weird like I don't think it's weird,at all,I think that that's problems that,honesty is never weird it's not right I,think this is how you like to get off,yourself so you probably do it in your,personal life that's why I asked but,that's not weird if that's what you like,that shit's dope isn't it amazing as a,guy right when you shoot that like white, out of your dick you just,immediately sometimes you're just done,I'm done it's not like I'm done I'm not,right we used to love the white in,your dick you're just like I'm in love,with you so much and it's like and,you're like I'm out it's ,crazy dude that's like it's ,it's just crazy what's wrong with men,it's just answers but that's just how,we're like that's like how we're built,like we're not like faking it like yeah,maybe we're just designed to say I love,you and Gaslight these women and say,things that you don't mean it's just,because the white stuff is coming out of,you I didn't know you meant that but no,no no I'm just like I'm just not lying,I'm just saying my first thing I know,and I really like a girl because after I,fire a nugget I literally will just wow,wow,that's right fire a nugget I don't know,is that weird after you let out a little,bit like if I can still be with her,it's a thing that that it would take the,next step where I can with this,girl yo I see what you're saying like,after you come you're just like,sometimes like God damn it why have,you ever fake came in a situation no I,always know no no never fake game no,I always just bust no because I heard,that this is a thing I asked this,question on my show for the truth with,Texas because some people got guys I,asked and they're like that's crazy who,does that but I've heard I have a fri

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Brandon ThaKidd - Alexis Texas

Brandon ThaKidd - Alexis Texas

y,2,hagamos caso a casa,sí,sí sí,no,para ser libres ley de descargas,solitario y suiza román de que no eres,como yo no vine a visitar,bienestar si yo te quiero más que ahora,así que este equipo está vivo me he,perdido de calor y 69 fueron meramente,generados de manera normal pero no estoy,sin solicitudes de mi amado comunidad de,vendedor,lo que no me convenía,phoenix arizona está quemando,10,yo

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Twitter whistleblower adds additional concerns to platform's lawsuit against Elon Musk

Twitter whistleblower adds additional concerns to platform's lawsuit against Elon Musk

twitter versus elon musk is still two,months away but the stakes got much,higher today with report from the,washington post concerning whistleblower,accusations that the company misled,regulators so where do we go from here,alexis keenan has where we go next and,appears to be going to a courtroom,quickly for a hearing,yes so but first things first we got to,talk about this whistleblower report,that's the big news today yes there are,some motions that were,decided by the judge today kind of going,through the discovery what does twitter,want what does musk want and kind of,laying the ground rules for what,documents each side can get,though this morning those big reports,came out from the washington post and,cnn from a whistleblower his name is,peter zatko he's known as mud she's one,of those good hackers that companies,hire to make sure that their platforms,their their cyber security is safe,for not only their own company but also,for users in twitter's case big deal for,third-party users on the platform so he,filed this whistleblower complaint with,the ftc the sec and the doj saying that,twitter's top executives have been,misleading federal regulators also its,own board as well as possibly violating,the ftc agreement that the company,reached in 2011 over protecting,third-party user data on the platform so,he goes on to say that the company has,lacked security that's jeopardizing its,ability to fight spam to fight hackers,to prevent foreign actors bad actors,from infiltrating the platform and also,just to protect that user info so,though the part that goes to the heart,of the lawsuit between twitter and musk,is that he does address,uh the bot issue he says that the,company that when he was there uh this,is all according to the reports from cnn,and washington post that he got the,impression that the company or says the,company did not know how many total bots,it had on its platform now why that's,important it's the central part of elon,musk's reasoning for why he thinks he,should be able to walk away from this 44,billion deal to buy the company now,twitter in its response to yahoo finance,says this they say that what we've seen,so far is a false narrative about,twitter and our privacy and data,security practices that is riddled with,inconsistencies and inaccuracies and,lacks important contacts that's what,they say about this whistleblower report,calling,zotko's employment there at the company,ineffective leadership also poor,performance he was fired,back in january from the company and,they also say that this is opportunistic,timing by him to file this report given,the pending litigation however what's,really important here is that if these,claims are true that completely changes,the nature of the case between musk and,twitter because if they're true then,that changes the case to potentially a,fraud case and not a case about material,adverse effects which is a really tough,case to prove in a merger and,acquisitions except for the fact that,twitter's sec filings admitted they,weren't exactly entirely clear how many,they had and elon musk waved due,diligence so a lot more to get into a,long story still ahead alexis keenum,there's a lot more there

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