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*NEW* Alex Becker CRYPTO RECOMMENDATIONS Update (Leaked On Twitter!)it's been weeks since alex beck

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

*NEW* Alex Becker CRYPTO RECOMMENDATIONS Update (Leaked On Twitter!)

it's been weeks since alex beck has,posted a youtube video and although,cardamono holders are probably out in,the streets celebrating everybody else,is waiting for him to return with a,magical list of cryptocurrencies that,are gonna 100x in the next month or two,well that's you you're in the perfect,place not only has alex becker been,putting out sneaky coin recommendations,over in his twitter replies but he said,his bear market strategy is to,accumulate underpriced cryptocurrencies,to make 100 to 500x returns once that,bull cycle comes if they buy in this,bear market they're going to see the,highest returns so if you want to know,exactly how he's playing this bear,market and exactly what cryptocurrencies,he's actually recommending over there on,twitter hit that like button below and,let's jump straight in oh also as a,bonus fun fact while i was researching,for this video i found out what,originally got alex becker into crypto,pop in the comments below your guess of,how you think alex becker originally got,into cryptocurrencies and i'll reveal it,by the end of the video so alex baker,has a crypto hypothesis that i really,love and it can be broken down in four,simple steps one you yes you,specifically and me will have the,opportunity to make life-changing crypto,gains in the next crypto bull cycle now,obviously nobody knows when this is,going to occur but alex becker says it's,very much most likely in the next two,years and definitely within the next,five years number two the next crypto,bull market will be way bigger than the,last one that we just had why because,the last bull market was built on,nothing but hype speculation and,narrative now when becca says this he,basically means we haven't seen real,businesses in web3 generating real,revenues or real profits we haven't seen,anybody playing crypto games for fun and,we haven't seen mainstream adoption of,crypto just less than three percent of,the world is using crypto currencies,which is crazy when you think more than,60 percent of the world uses the,internet and what's even crazier is to,think that 40 of the world doesn't yet,use internet but if you're like me,wickedly smart you may be thinking benji,there are real businesses out there in,web 3 generating revenue what about open,c what about coin base they both have,millions of users and generate billions,of dollars every single year well that's,a great question because that's exactly,what i thought well alex becker,acknowledges this fact but he says,basically the only real businesses that,are existing like that are the ones that,are currently selling shovels to traders,and those traders are only out there,trading on speculation and hype and,narratives in order to get rich and sell,their crypto on to somebody else becca,wants to see businesses being built,outside this hype bubble and he says,there's so many hundreds if not,thousands of them being built right now,that are going 100 x plus when the next,bull cycle comes around right now it's,building season but these projects are,going to be real businesses that,actually make money the shopify's the,stripes the youtubes the verizons real,life businesses that are innovating,supply a product or a service and,actually make money at the end of the,day becca does give a couple of examples,out there in the crypto market that,people are working on right now like,filecoin which aims to be a,decentralized data storage like aws but,owned by the people or theta which is,created by the creator of youtube who,wants to bring videos into web3 becca,also mentions thor chain which aims to,decentralize crypto liquidity and,veracity streaming a big one it,basically wants to be the biggest,streaming platform like twitch of web3,another one that becca didn't personally,recommend but i really like is helium,they're attempting to decentralize the,internet through millions of hotspots,worldwide that people get paid to put,into their house and supply internet to,the people around them brilliant becca,says there's thousands of these,businesses being built right now that,are coming to web3 and they're gonna,drive the next bull cycle through the,roof and unlike this bull cycle it's,gonna actually be sustainable because,they're providing a service that,actually makes money you know the old,profitable business thing that web 2,seems to be really obsessed with but,this takes us to point number three if,you want these 100x to 500x that,everybody keeps talking about you must,buy during the bear cycle you can't wait,until the market is already soaring you,already lost most of the games by then,let me give you a couple of examples,becca talks about solana a massive chain,right now that he's a really big fan of,he says if you bought during the last,bear cycle you'd have a hundred x on,your money celina was trading at just,2.50 and it peaked during the last bull,cycle at 250 of course that's if you,know exactly how to time the market,which you don't and i don't and nobody,does but they're the

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Alex Becker’s NEW LIST of Crypto Recommendations

Alex Becker’s NEW LIST of Crypto Recommendations

so we've received news from our Overlord,Alex Beckett that not only is he buying,cryptocurrency but he's buying mid cap,and even the teeny tiny micro cap,cryptos that are under 10 million,dollars of market cap he tweeted mostly,rebuying my portfolio but taking a few,d-gen shots in the mid to low cab gaming,have a good weekend well we have a,complete list of every single crypto,coin he's ever recommended but the,problem is a lot of these are now out of,date and a little bit too old so we've,gone ahead and updated this list to the,most recent recommendations from Alex,Becker on what is buying right now so in,this video we're going to go through,that list together as well as the list,of things that has explicitly stated,that he's not going to be buying and,we've actually broken this down into two,parts so in this video you'll see the,large cap the mid cap and some micro cap,gaming cryptos and in the next video,part two the coins that he's currently,looking at under 10 million dollars that,he has never publicized before we'll be,dropping that later this week so hit,that big red button below so let's start,with some necessary contacts we exploit,Becca's face a lot on this channel for,views and if you remember the last time,we did that we told Becca that he was,wrong in his thesis basically he was,saying that he wouldn't buy altcoins,until Bitcoin broke fifty thousand,dollars and absolutely absurd statement,one that I had to keep going back and,reading to make sure this is actually,something that he said where did he get,this thought from well basically he said,in any other bull cycle Bitcoin moves,first and then all the other all coins,and micro caps follow afterwards so I,had to go and look at the facts myself,so I layered the top 10 altcoins of the,last bull cycle on top of one another to,see which coin moved first and if you,can see on the screen right now it's,impossible to tell which one of these is,Bitcoin and which one actually started,moving first the moral of the story is,they all really move at basically the,exact same time well the good news is,Becca seems to have come around to his,senses he is no longer waiting for a,fifty thousand dollar Bitcoin to buy,instead he's actually waiting for a,thirty thousand dollar Bitcoin he,tweeted on July 19th the movie is,rolling into gaming mids and micros once,Bitcoin busts 30k with Gusto well that's,slightly less silly but still is it just,me or do you also believe that it's,silly not to touch these mid and micro,caps until Bitcoin grows 50 from where,it currently is it's just not how it's,historically worked well luckily it took,Becca just another three days to come,around to agree with us this time he,bought his thesis down to 25 000 Bitcoin,he tweeted 25k Bitcoin seems like the,trigger for me we might even see some,micro pumps that is the micro Cap all,coins pumping Okay cool so this is much,more reasonable but I was even more,excited when I saw that just three days,after this Alex Becker has scrapped his,thesis altogether he tweeted out on the,25th of July that he's aggressively DCA,into ethmatic and soul and even as we'll,find out later in this video he's,looking at some ultra micro cap cryptos,with really low market cap that's the,stuff that gives you the 50 to 100 X's,awesome so we put together his,recommendations across his Twitter,across his YouTube and across his actual,crypto wallet on what he's recommending,today okay awesome so if you don't mind,hitting that like button below we can,jump in and get started with the big,boys the billion dollar market caps at,the top that Becca's buying working our,way down all the way down to the,smallest micro cap that Becca is,currently scooping up the first coin is,ethereum and this one takes very little,explaining Becca's thesis is that,ethereum will become the number one,crypto coin in the world by market cap,he basically says it has far more,utility than Bitcoin the current number,one coin and will soon flip it for the,top spot Becker is also buying up bags,of Solana he's actually been bullish on,this token for a very long time because,it basically serves as a foundation for,a lot of crypto games which is obviously,Alex Becker's Niche it's currently,listed at 36 a token where at the top of,the last bull cycle it actually peaked,at 250 a token Becca's thesis is it's,going to get to 300 to 500 during the,next ball cycle he's also buying up xrp,or Ripple now to be honest I don't know,much about the technical side of this,token but all I do know is it is a top,10 crypto that's down 10x from all-time,highs I know they're going through some,court cases at the moment that they're,apparently going to come out on top of,and the most important thing is Becca,says that he's scooping this up right,now Finance Becca thinks that this is,the most profitable and responsibly run,centralized exchange or real business,out there in the web 3 world right now,in fact they hired over 2 000 people,during this bear Market where a lot of

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These 3x Cryptos Will Make Millionaires On This Date...

These 3x Cryptos Will Make Millionaires On This Date...

so after a massive break Alex Becker has,just returned to YouTube posting a,crypto YouTube video he's got a new,studio a new investment philosophy and,best of all new cardano jokes now in,that video Becca hand-picked three,tokens that he thinks with 20x he also,gave us a step-by-step investment plan,on how and when he's going to implement,those trades and so in this video I want,to show you exactly what those 20x,tokens are what his step-by-step plan is,but most importantly where I think he's,gone wrong all asking return is you hit,that like button down below put on your,20x hat and let's jump in okay so let's,start with the most important thing Alex,Beck is crypto investment philosophy,because this underpins his entire,strategy and as she reveals which tokens,he's gonna buy and when Alex Becker,tweeted this Market is super simple do,nothing until one a Black Swan in,traditional markets and a hard recession,or two inflation gets back to good,without a Black Swan event and we return,to Bull and roll into mid cap Oakland he,then goes on to say I made my biggest,gains Midway through the bull run if,you're looking for major gains buying,the absolute bottom especially in big,caps like Bitcoin and eth is not,required making it to the bull run with,cash is all that matters so put simply,don't try to time the bottom of the,market instead wait till we're already,in a bull cycle before you start to,deploy that cash and make life-changing,gains so this is why in the latest,YouTube video that Alex Becker posted he,explains what I'm going to be calling,the Becca trickle-down thesis which is,at the core of his investment philosophy,he explains that the US economy as,represented through the S P 500 that is,the top 500 companies in the US is the,biggest factor to determining what,bitcoin's price is going to do the,trickle down then continues because,Bitcoin is the biggest Factor that's,going to influence the next top 10,cryptocurrency and then the top 10,cryptocurrencies influence the top 100,the top hundred will then go on to,influence the top thousand and finally,at long last the top thousand cryptos,will then trickle down and influence the,top 10 000 cryptos below it so basically,no matter if it's a bull market or a,bear Market it's going to start with the,bottom of this craft and then slowly,trickle upwards what's also evident with,this graph is you get the biggest,Returns the higher up the graph you go,but of course you also get the biggest,losses so now let's get some actual,practical examples in here let's apply,this trickle-down thesis to the three,coins he picked in his latest video and,it's important to note that he said,these three coins are going to 20 x but,the first thing that we're waiting on is,a forty thousand dollar Bitcoin why,because this signals that the Market's,back and pumping the three tokens that,Alex Becker chose was B and B which is,currently ranked fourth by market cap,chain link which is currently ranked,22nd by market cap and polka dot which,is currently ranked 11th by market cap,it just has a side note since you're,interested in Becca Becca has a new very,strong passion for the polka dot,ecosystem Becca said that dot and its,ecosystem meaning the tokens within,polka dot is insanely underrated,borderline neglected and could be one of,the biggest rois in the next Bull Run,but back to his three recommendations,which are all are close to being in the,top 10 cryptocurrencies in the world,that means it would be in this tier,right here so in order for this tier to,move Becca would need the US economy to,be back in a bull run then he'd need,Bitcoin to reflect this to be in a bull,run and only then would these coins,start to move and have a potential 20x,now I do think this theory is true and,the chain of events through these layers,have proven to be true with the data but,where I can't find evidence to support,his theory is the timing of how quickly,this trickle-down effect happened for,what I've seen these first three to four,layers are almost more of a cascading,effect where things happen really,quickly Becca says we should wait for a,40 000 Bitcoin before this next layer,really starts moving I say this,philosophy is correct for maybe the top,hundred top thousand and top 10 000,tokens but for the number four number 11,and number 22 token I really don't think,you have time to sit on your hands as,Bitcoins rallies all the way up to 40,000 in fact let me show you what that,looked like in the last bull cycle so,this is the Bitcoin price from March,2020 when it was priced at five thousand,dollars past the Forty thousand dollar,Bitcoin Mark which I've got these lines,here so you can see exactly when it,crossed the Forty thousand dollars all,the way to the bull market high in April,2021. now let's have a look how quickly,the top 10 cryptocurrencies Rose,compared to bitcoin well first of all,you have to realize the top 10,cryptocurrencies are different back in,March 2020 than they are today in March,2020

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Alex Becker Has Made A BIG Mistake.

Alex Becker Has Made A BIG Mistake.

during the day Alex Beckett is Florida's,most diced orange eating champion but by,night he calls the crypto Market with,reasonable actress let's just say enough,accuracy to have me continue to milk his,name for YouTube view but recently he,has made a mistake and no it's not this,sentence that actually came out of his,mouth Corona could have a really big,place in the future of ecosystems but it,does have to do with him being a little,fast and loose with details which,doesn't normally matter in these,circumstances this time the detail is,critical one that undermines his entire,investment thesis and when the Market's,going to return now I am also super fast,and super loose with details and this,detail would have gone way over my head,unless I'd made this video a couple of,months ago surgically analyzing this,exact decent so if you're following Alex,Becker for Alpha or crypto advice you,need to make sure you're aware of,exactly what's going on so hit that like,button below for me and let's crack open,this investigation together so there's,about a million other people out there,like me and you who follow Alex Becker,for his crypto advice specifically we,all want to know two things one exactly,what tokens should we be investing in,and two when should we be investing in,those tokens mastering these skills are,pretty valuable in fact they can make,you a billionaire in a year if you could,Master these two things so it's pretty,clear why people like you and me turn to,Alex Becker for help because Alex is,normally fantastic at identifying what,we should be putting our money into he,spends a lot of his time breaking down,these crypto projects talking to,Founders and coming up with gems like,Altura but the when to invest in these,is difficult and funny enough far more,important for example if you invested in,Arturo when Becca first found it you,would have a clean 10x on your money,turning say your ten thousand dollars,into a hundred thousand dollars in just,three weeks but if you were late to the,party and invested your ten thousand,dollars at the back end of those three,weeks you'd have just five hundred,dollars left now okay so this is pretty,straightforward but where is our,shredded friend Alex Becker mistaken,well right now we're in a very clear,bear Market cycle tokens are bleeding,millions of dollars daily billion dollar,really well respected top five cryptos,and other Protocols are crashing to zero,and services like Celsius are being,caught over leveraged and actually,freezing people's assets so what does,Alex Becker say in terms of when that we,should be buying token well Becca says,we should be buying right now like,literally today but obviously we don't,want to be a silly goose and ape all of,our money in at once Alex Becker has,been saying all over his Twitter all,over his YouTube to be dollar cost,averaging your money in while those that,DCA at 20K are probably missing the,bottom they will probably be pretty good,long term it's those that don't take,action due to fomo or loss of any kind,that lose it all basically it says if,you believe in crypto over the long term,which he does and you believe it's going,to get back to all-time highs it's a,fantastic time to buy because although,it's not necessarily the bottom,definitely not the top of the market and,we can still get a clean 5 to 10 x if,we're patient Panda but in saying this,Becca keeps saying that we're 30 to 60,percent away from the bottom of the,market he says big big big big big big,big players are hunting in Celsius block,5 Voyager and even tether meaning these,massive tokens are about to flop and,crash the entire Market another 30 to 60,percent and only after they get cleaned,out can we get another bull cycle,started which could be true and either,way Becker is fine because his dollar,cost averaging it meaning if it is going,to crash another 30 to 60 percent it's,going to be okay because Becca is just,lowering his average buy-in price over,that time and therefore when the bull,market picks up he's going to be making,more money awesome so that's half of the,billion dollar criteria figured out we,should be buying now and we should be,dollar cost averaging in and doesn't,really matter if it goes up or down just,keep dollar cost averaging but what,about the what we should be buying this,is where things get a little bit dicey,and Becca's Theory starts to crumble,like a sand pancake because Becca says,he's not comfortable dollar cost,averaging into anything but Bitcoin and,ethereum because the bigger the market,cap normally the safer the token but,then he makes this logical jump that I'm,really struggling to find the research,to back he says that link BNB Seoul even,Ada a great altcoins but he's not,touching them until we get closer to the,Bitcoin halving or until Bitcoin hits,fifty thousand dollars what mate now I'm,not sure if you're feeling the same way,but this immediately turned me into a,bit of a skeptical Sally Bitcoin is,currently at about twenty t

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Stocks and Crypto. STAY OUT NOW! (Actually Urgent)

Stocks and Crypto. STAY OUT NOW! (Actually Urgent)

I told you to sell I told you to sell,last last video absolute peak of the,bear Market rally,did you,doesn't matter doesn't matter because in,this video I'm going to be giving you,the crypto bottom I'm just gonna give it,to you silver platter day minute hour,this one's gonna happen you're gonna go,Thanksgiving dinner to all your family,members you told invest in ethereum at,45 and be like look I got a treat for,you it's your son who larps as a,financial investor a smart guy I know on,the bottom of the crypto Market's gonna,be,and they're gonna be like how do you,know I mean like I'm just really smart,but your secret is you're watching this,Channel right now because in this video,I'm gonna give you the generational,bottom I'm going to tell you exactly,when it's going to be how it's going to,look and all you have to do is like the,last video is you just have to listen,you just have to listen,and I know what you're thinking I know,what you think of yourself especially if,you're new here I'm watching this video,I see this big beautiful handsome,internet man he's screaming and his body,looks fantastic because he's been,working out damn,there's no way this guy is smart enough,clever enough to not only be this,handsome but to call these markets like,an absolute animal,you tell me you tell me here's my last,video absolute Talk of the bear Market,rally here's my call in November where I,told you to sell the gaming top remember,that we got out made a lot of money that,was good too here's my Kohl's the last,few months on Twitter at CSS Becker you,should follow me there I have nailed,every top and bottom of this Market the,last few months and every single person,who has doubted me has lost all their,money and you know why,it's very simple you might have,forgotten it's been a while since I made,a video I've come back to this channel,to give your kids a role model and to,save you this Thanksgiving dinner from,having to look your grandmother and I,and just being able to say like hey,Sam lost all my monies it's his fault,don't you need should die earlier you're,not gonna have that conversation because,guys,look I got I got good news I know what,you're looking for you're looking for,the oh the jams looking for me to say,look we're getting close we're going,back to bull market we're about to start,dunking on people's grandmothers going,below behind General dark areas behind,7-Eleven and investing in five amount,coins making money for doing nothing,we're gonna be pieces of yeah we're,gonna have no skills no no,responsibility or discipline whatsoever,we're making tons of money way more than,everybody everyone's gonna think we're,super smart that's what you're looking,for me to say and guys to that I gotta,say,that's not going to happen you acted,like a piece of for literally two,years if you want to see a piece of ,don't take a dump and go look in the,toilet go look in the mirror because,that's what a piece looks like you acted,with zero financial responsibility you,kept all your money in all sorts of,Wahoo places for a five percent apy you,you spend all your money on monkey,pictures and you told all your friends,and family to do it too you were an, you deserve nothing you deserve,the Cucumber covered in paper sandpaper,and glass that's entering your body,right now there is no outcome for you,that is probably going to look good here,anytime soon which is why you're,watching this video,I'm going to tell you when the Cucumber,suffering the Cucumber of sandpaper that,you're enjoying so pleasantly right now,in your rectum I'm going to tell you,when the pain is going to end and then,when you can come in and scoop back up,in the crypto and make those,generational buys oh and I'll even give,you the coins that are about to oh these,juicy 200 X's or thousand X's ten,thousand X's you're gonna be so rich no,hyperbole whatsoever that's the common,reasonable gains so um,let's let's go look at my computer so,this point guys let's let's get back to,the good old the traditional the good,old uh the Vintage the Vintage worst,crypto worst channel in all of crypto uh,technique of going to coin market cap,and randomly reading charts,so look guys,let's talk about these markets I see,people analyzing everything I see people,loading up Warren Buffett's entire,investing thesis from the last 50 years,they're using the these job reports and,this job report and they're talking,about investment movements over the last,50 years I'm sure you you guys know,these Financial advice channels if you,want that type of information that's,over complicated hard the process and,anything but simple and still these,people manage to lose all their money,and make no returns in the entire last,Bull Run by all means those are the,channels for you I'm in a super dumb,everything down in this video I'm going,to talk about where the bomb is likely,going to be in my opinion what it's,going to look like and how everything is,going to perform here and what I'm going,to do in certa

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This Will Kill BITCOIN In 2022. (Dec 22nd)

This Will Kill BITCOIN In 2022. (Dec 22nd)

all right guys I think people in crypto,are about to get wrecked and in this,video I want to explain why and there's,not gonna be any big intro no jokes no,sunglasses because it's a serious video,because what I'm seeing in crypto,Twitter in the crypto space in general,right now it's silly sausage level all,right it's Goof Troop I don't get it and,I want to make this video very quickly,so people clearly understand what is,going on in the markets because it's not,complicated this isn't some pseudo,science I don't have some crazy chart,that's multiplied by the levels of Pi to,explain what's gonna happen to Market,it's really clear what's most likely to,happen right here and I want to show you,that because if you understand that you,can likely Buy around the bottom here,and make a lot of money in the future,you can also avoid losing all your money,here and being stressed for the next,year and being angry at everyone and,picking up a smoking habit let's not do,that and so if you give me a few minutes,I'm gonna explain why the bottom,probably isn't in here and why everybody,talking about the bottom they're,ignoring a huge key piece to all of this,which is just sitting there it's like an,elephant with a giant erection in the,corner of a room saying hello and people,are like oh this room seems completely,normal no there's an elephant with a,giant boner in the room and it's doing,inappropriate things now even and you're,still ignoring it let's talk about the,elephant and look the data and what I'm,going to show you in this video is what,I've used to time the top of the market,in gaming crypto which is what I was,primarily invested in we all actually,then made a ton of money and I've used,this to time the bottoms and the tops of,this entire Barrel if you go look at my,videos and my tweets on Twitter I've,nailed it you should be following me at,cssbecker on Twitter that's where you're,going to see what I'm doing much earlier,now how have I done that first off,gentlemen luck luck I'm not the world's,greatest Trader and I'm probably going,to eat a ton of crap here pretty soon,with some call that's just how it is I'm,not expecting to hit Jim Cramer levels,of wrong but let's let's calm it down,here for a second I've had some good,lucky calls here recently now how have I,done that what if what's the data I've,been using I don't use some complicated,tea or Harry Potter magic I look at,what's most likely about the happen base,on the macro markets because they're,clear as day their clear as day all of,crypto is ignoring the macro markets,they did it at the top and they got,Blindside now they're doing it again I,would like you to not get rammed by the,elephant in the room without further ado,let me explain this to you just give me,five minutes and then you can go do,whatever the hell you want in the market,but just just let this it just Factor,this into your thinking just take it a,little bit tiny bit before you YOLO,Grandma's life savings at Thanksgiving,before you go to Thanksgiving the ball,that's it everyone lose all your,family's money again like last year,let's let's put a pin in it listen,all right guys let's talk about this and,again if you want spur of the moment,like insights on this follow me on,Twitter at cssbecker because I can only,make like one of these videos a week I'm,the CEO of an ad tech company that's,where most of my time goes okay and so,here's again what I'm looking at in the,data I'm looking at to actually be,consistently pretty damn right about the,markets here's my little radar here's,the warnings because it's really simple,I'm not doing complicated ta I'm not,gonna give you some science charts or,anything like that like every other,channel I'm just gonna basically break,this down because it's not that hard so,look,here's where we are off the markets I'm,sure everyone's aware we we capped out,at 64 65 000 and we're down to 15 000,right now now,buy every single data point if you are,looking at just crypto if you're looking,at just sentiment in crypto you're,looking at what's happened in crypto,with FTX and all the things that are,liquidating all the things that could,continue to keep liquidating Voyage your,Luna all the things that have happened,and you look at everybody talking on,Twitter everything in crypto all the,charts all the buy metrics everything,indicates that we were at the bottom of,crypto everything does okay and you also,have to realize at the top everything at,the top did not indicate that we were at,the top,I'll explain one in a second there's a,lot of things going on on Twitter and,people's behavior and the the buying and,selling things but it mostly did not,indicate we were at the top of the,market either if we're just looking at,crypto that's what's so damn dangerous,about right now because if if I was,looking at just crypto right now and I,was looking at the price action I was,looking at the liquidity and everything,going on I don't see what what more can,really get worse in this s

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I Sold ALL My Crypto & Stocks. Get Out NOW.

I Sold ALL My Crypto & Stocks. Get Out NOW.

the tile's not click bait i've sold all,my stocks i've sold all my crypto and,i'm going to tell you why i also think,there's a chance coming up right here to,make a comical stupid 10 20 x's on a lot,of coins that i'm going to show you in,this video as well but the point of this,video and why i'm not getting into jokes,why i'm being very very quick right here,is because i don't think you're gonna,have a lot of time to make a decision,right here i think the market is going,to do this right here which is exactly,why i've sold everything right here and,you can do what you want with this info,i will leave it at this though when the,market bottomed around june 13th,i pointed it out when the market peaked,and the gaming bro run peaked and it was,time to sell i pointed that out when,bitcoin hit its all-time time time time,low during coivid i pointed that out and,i even absolutely nailed this last,earnings and cpi rally am i saying i'm,the world's greatest trader you should,always listen to me no but i am saying,that my same gut,and information i've looked at that has,told me to buy it those times and sell,it those times it's coming off right now,and so i want to show you the move i'm,trying to make because what i'm trying,to do right here is not be wrong and so,what i'm doing right here is i'm selling,very very specific assets and preparing,to get into other assets which i think,are going to make crazy crazy gains here,and i'll be showing you those coins and,assets near the end of this video but we,have to talk about what's going on in,the market first if i'm wrong if i'm,right here this is just going to be an,awesome opportunity to get back in the,dca range and make really good long-term,juicy buys on good companies,and coins that we believe in if i'm,wrong here we're gonna have a shot to,make some crazy crazy returns let me,show you what i'm talking about now also,i don't always have time to make these,videos because i'm the ceo of a company,i have other stuff to do follow me on,twitter at zss becker that's where you,can get the fastest updates anything,that i've seen the market anything i've,talked about anything i'm buying the,coins i'm looking at i share it there,first i only make like three videos a,month so let's dive into it alright guys,so let's talk about what i am seeing,right here and what i'm planning to do,because i'm trying to win in both,scenarios there's a chance that i am,totally wrong here and i have a,situation where i can win bigly make 10,20 x's very very easily if i'm wrong,here if i'm right this is going to set,us up for a whole other really awesome,buy opportunity so let me break this,down,so around june 13th you can see by my,video title right here this is when i,deployed literally tens of millions of,dollars into stocks and millions of,dollars into crypto,usually my portfolio around this time is,like five percent crypto 95 stocks okay,and you can see that the s p 500 was,pretty much bottomed at this time we,missed it by just a bit but that's fine,the whole point of how i trade and how i,trade everything is i don't try to,absolutely time the bottom and i like,right now i'm not absolutely trying to,time the top right here i'm trying to,get in at a good time and leave at a,pretty much good time aka leave 80 of,the way up with all my profits instead,of trying to max out the top because,that never ever works so i'm going to,use crypto charts for the rest of this,video instead of smp but i'm super duper,focused on smp here so,at this time what i expected to happen,was essentially it just to kind of grind,for the rest of year i thought this was,somewhere near the bottom but i thought,we were going to go a little bit lower,maybe an 800,low 800 each maybe 700 and i thought,we're just going to diddle dattle around,for the rest of year same thing with smp,500 i spot right here and i did not,expect us to do this this cataclysmic,turn up up here i was not expecting this,this is not what i was buying for it was,all just about diving in at really good,prices and then dca for the rest of time,because these prices were just they were,good okay we're only four percent off,the top of the s p 500 at this point,we're getting really heated up right,here,so,at this time right here i'm just doing,that now i was really expecting this to,happen,okay and this is what i think is,happening right here,if we go look at the the,bitcoin charts right here we zoom back,into 2017 2018 you can see we cratered,and then we had this really big rally,right here everyone was declaring bull,runs back on oh my gosh it's incredible,this stuff this is what i think is,happening right here this is what i,think is happening right here,bar none okay i didn't expect it to be,this severe is what we're seeing,especially in stocks and the reason why,i'm selling is because at this point the,amount of money i put back in if we,return,back to our our last bottom it's it's a,lot of money i'll be losing a lot of,money i'm not i'm willing to do th

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My Biggest Crypto Buy EVER (Expecting 110 Million Back)

My Biggest Crypto Buy EVER (Expecting 110 Million Back)

all right guys we got to be straight,and i know what you're thinking because,i know who this channel attracts you're,thinking to yourself alex how can we,make billions of dollars in this current,market climate at no fault to the title,this video i try to keep it very low key,and non-hypey i don't know where you,guys get these ideas that being said,you're in the right place because in,this video i'm gonna be showing you a,few investments i expect to give seven,even eight or nine figure returns over,the next few years i know that shocks,you we're gonna be doing long-term stuff,in this video i know this disappoints,you guys because i know who watches my,channel you are the type of people to go,to a five-star michelin restaurant and,try to order pizza and a cookie and,cream milkshake you're the type of,people who has kids stayed up to the,late hours of night watching hbo waiting,for the nudie films to come on the,volume turned up too loud creeping out,everyone in your house and look it's not,your fault i know why you come to this,channel you come to see the most woke,empty house business crypto fat advice,guy with a great buddy was also family,friendly and pg the tri-state orange,eating champion you're at walmart dr,disrespect ripoff,you come to see me you come to see me,take tiny micro cap coins and slam dunk,them cross court on your grandmother's,face that's why i had this stadium just,built to keep this slam dunking on,grandmother's joke going i don't know,how this became a core of this channel,but it is and since someone's going to,watch this in the bear market we might,as well just we just might as well run,with all the bad ideas we've had,recently but guys we have to bring it,back down to earth i don't know if,you've been the coin market cap recently,but it's basically like watching 50,shades of grey everyone is just getting,asked but there isn't even a plot no one,knows if this market's going to go down,everyone knows if it's going to go up,but we do know one thing that's going to,happen there is going to be a bear,market and if you get into the right,investments in a bear market,is going to be juicy and in this video,i'm going to show you those investments,that i'm getting into right now and if,we go lower that i think are going to,they're going to do neat things so,without further ado let's get into it,and wow we're here i just i just walked,all the way from mcdonald's okay yeah,look i'm gonna drop the sunglasses and,spiel because we actually have a serious,video today a lot of the things that we,talk about are long-term,uh actually well thought out plays and i,i don't think i can i can i can explain,them well while staying in the cheese,character so we're not we're gonna we're,gonna get a down to earth come to jesus,let's act like normal human beings and,maybe not scream cuckle jokes about,cardano holders though we probably will,get those they just come out naturally,uh like a fart after arby's or something,like that so guys what i want to talk,about today,is,the bear market and how to make the most,money in crypto as possible look there's,three things we know 100 are going to,happen in crypto and if you want to see,the things that i'm getting in early and,the investments that i am looking at as,i'm moving into things follow me on,twitter at css backer because i don't,always have time to make these videos,and,i've pointed out some pretty neat stuff,in the past and you should follow there,because i'm not always gonna have to,make these videos but when you do three,things for sure number one this is a,hundred percent not the biggest bull run,in crypto that's going to happen it just,isn't yes it's the biggest one in,history,but i'll talk about this more in a,second but we haven't even seen,the tip of what's going to happen here,we haven't even seen businesses that are,generating revenue we haven't even seen,users start using the video games in,crypto we haven't even seen crypto,adoption being used mainstream we,haven't seen anything this is all just,speculation at this point and i'll talk,about that here in a second but number,one most of all this is not the biggest,boom in crypto that's ever going to,happen if you're looking to make those,life-changing gains,the time is somewhere in the next five,years i don't know where it is number,two,we are going to get,a bear market 100,and it's going to probably be much,uglier than what we're seeing right now,this is not a bear market people are,still sustaining this some altcoins are,still up and look my p on the market,i'll talk about it here in a second in,this video i could strongly see us,running to 100k 150k bitcoin microcap's,going nuts this year i could also see us,going straight in the bear i don't know,but i know for sure that we are going to,get a very very very hard bear market at,some point i'll talk about that here in,a second and then number three the,people that buy in this bear market at,the lows of this bear market or even in,like the medium lows

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