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MMQB’s Albert Breer McVay’s Rams Future and Playoff Coaches on the Hot Seat | The Rich Eisen Showlet

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Updated on Jan 19,2023

MMQB’s Albert Breer McVay’s Rams Future and Playoff Coaches on the Hot Seat | The Rich Eisen Show

let's hit some jobs that aren't open,that might be is anybody in your,estimation coaching for his job in the,playoffs yeah you know what's weird,about this rich is like the the the,expansion of the field I think has sort,of changed the dynamic here you know,where now you've got 14 teams going in,so there are more teams that are sort of,I said I guess quote unquote middling,that are making it through,um you know the three that were sort of,you know floated to me over the last,week you know and kind of gathering,information ahead of Black Monday,um were Dallas the Chargers and Tampa,and uh you know I I don't think anything,I don't think any of those guys deserve,to get fired but there was just three,that were put on my radar over the last,couple of weeks,um you know with Dallas I just think,McCarthy's done a really good job this,year for all the the hits that he's,taken you look at it and it's like you,know like they lose the left tackle they,replace them with a with a rookie who'd,been playing Garden camp and the road he,does great they do an awesome job you,know with Cooper Russian there's a,starting quarterback for for for five,weeks,um you know he was responsible for,bringing in Dan Quinn so I just I don't,think he deserves it Jerry shot it down,um and this morning on Dallas radio said,no uh but I don't think that one's going,but that one just hasn't seemed to go,away with the Chargers I think it,relates directly to to Shantae you know,and and whether or not like the the,Spanos family would do something bold,again I don't think Brandon Staley,deserves to to be walked out on the,plank after two years as a head coach,but maybe the Spano says look at this is,a unique opportunity with their Young,quarterback to go and get somebody like,Sean Payton and maybe they are willing,to spend in an area where they haven't,been willing to spend in the past I,don't think so but maybe,um and then you know like the third one,Tampa,um you know I I just think so much of,this depends on what Tom Brady is going,to do after the year and you know like I,I think regardless of what happens,they're probably going to be some,changes made to the offensive staff if,Brady's gone you wonder if you know,maybe the way that the Glazer family,looks at the organization is more you,know sort of in a total sense like,looking at the organization from a total,view rather than looking to make tweaks,further down the line what about the,Rams Albert you were the one who came on,this show a few months ago and let's,like you know keep an eye on Sean McVay,who you know had some ideas to maybe,join a broadcasting uh in a booth those,opportunities are are not there uh right,now unless that another bold move is,made you want to talk about bold moves,by a television executive but,um and then we're here and he wants to,take time away or he's going to take,time away I got Andrew Whitworth in hour,three I'll ask him about that but what,what's the latest on that what's your,reporting there yeah I mean it's a long,year for Sean I would say that like I,think you know,between everything you know he's the,real life stuff like you know losing his,grandfather and going through,um you know going through things with,his wife and you know for those who,don't know I know you know this rich but,those who don't know his wife's,Ukrainian,um you know and then obviously going,through the season that they went,through,um yeah I think it was a lot you know I,think it was a lot and so you know I I,know and I've made the commentee I've,been pretty consistent in saying this,um going back to the summer,um that Sean has one to five years left,well that one was always in play and I,think it's sort of always been based on,where he was and how he felt at the end,of the year and I think it also ties,again to those four players,um that are that serve as the core of,the team Matthew Stafford Cooper cup,Jalen Ramsey and Aaron Donald and where,are those guys at and are those guys,locked in for 2023 and you heard Aaron,Donald come out and say it like you know,I'm here as long as Sean is you know so,I think you know all those things are in,play as Sean sort of you know unplugs,over the next couple of days and gives,this some thought,um you know but I I certainly think it's,something that he's very seriously,thought about and I also know that you,know he I think he thinks I I my feeling,is he he thinks is that it'd be a bad a,bad move to make a decision the Sunday,or Monday after I think he knows himself,well enough he's self-aware enough to,know like he's gonna need a little time,to get away from it to under to to to to,to to to be able to make the right,decision not only for him but for,everybody around him and you know guys,who are on that staff guys who played,for him,um I think he knows how it affects all,of them too,before I would say this one one other,thing on this too like I do think like,you know you look at the Rams I look,like I think if Shawna walked away last,year where he more

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The MMQB’s Albert Breer on Chances the Bears Draft a QB #1 Overall | The Rich Eisen Show

The MMQB’s Albert Breer on Chances the Bears Draft a QB #1 Overall | The Rich Eisen Show

Before I Let You Go Albert I know we've,been talking uh quite some time but I do,want to hit the number one overall draft,choice here,um and and the two questions I have are,this one was kind of touched upon by,Ryan Paul's the general manager of the,uh Bears today but the first things,first did lovey know he was going to get,fired and he just goes out there and,he's like uh we're gonna play to win,this game even though I'm serious like,and and did he you know kind of like uh,The Wrath of Khan spit spit in the eye,of uh Captain Kirk before he blows up,his ship,um did he do that did he basically say,we're gonna play to win this game and,even though it you know the Texans would,I'm sure would have preferred him to,lose one more did that happen power,struggle might be a strong uh term for,it but I had her like over the last,couple of weeks that there was some push,and pull on who was gonna come out of,this with the job you know and I had,heard that lovey went to ownership to,make his case the team was still playing,hard for him and all the rest of that,and so I think loving knew you know his,job was on the line the last few weeks,on the flip side I think there were,people in that front office who felt,like that lovey maybe didn't have a,command over the game the way that the,way that he needed to in 2023 and or he,would need to in 2023 and that the,schemes on both sides of the ball were,lacking they weren't adjusting the way,they needed to,um you know it's just I think all this,stuff was sort of in play over the last,couple of weeks inside that organization,and,um you know so I think Levy had an idea,that at the end of all this like he,might be the one left without a job,which obviously is the way it ended up,playing out but I don't think it was a,secret to to love or anybody else in,that organization,um that somebody was going to pay the,price for the way this year played out,well I mean talk about an oh henry-like,twist now that the Bears have the first,overall pick,um and Justin Fields balling out the way,that he did this year in a year that we,thought he was just going to be fodder,behind that line of scrimmage and he did,in fact get hurt but and then I know,they they they started two and one and,then finished three and fourteen but,still,um what do the Bears do with that first,pick yeah I had I had a long,conversation with Matt eberfloose on,Saturday about about Justin and um,they love him as a leader they love him,as a person I mean the thing we should,do like you think about this like Justin,didn't about anything like you,look back at it like and like we've,heard quarterbacks complain in these,situations before we saw you know Zach,Wilson in New York and we saw like Mac,Jones with some of the the sideline,Antics in New England and this is a guy,who got the crap knocked out of him and,didn't complain once right so like I,think they had they think they've got,the right person the Right leader all of,that the question is is he the right,quarterback and so you know I'd expect,over the next you know couple months,it's going to be like we have to like,look like we don't know where I have the,first pick again so we have to very,seriously look at all the quarterbacks,and compare them to Justin Fields,remember those guys didn't draft Justin,Fields Hebrews and Ryan poles,um and so I I think there's something,they're going to look at but I do think,that they feel strongly about fields and,um so you know I think over the next,couple of months that'll sort of play,out and you know I think that the great,thing about the position that they're in,right now is they could probably get,something significant for the first pick,and use whatever they get to put,something great around something better,around fields and you know if they do,that they could say okay like we'll do,this right if we're not if we don't,think like that any of these,quarterbacks in the draft this year and,they all have flaws is the next Trevor,Lawrence we'll do this,um we'll we'll trade the number one,overall pick we'll get a bunch of picks,we'll give Justin a better situation,we'll get a cleaner evaluation of just,in 2023 and then in 2024 we'll either,have our quarterback of the future in,Justin fields or we'll have a high pick,and a draft where Caleb Williams and,Drake May are going to be coming out to,me doing that makes more sense where,you're not like you're not like 100,Justin's going to be the poor guy for,the next years but you're giving him a,really fair shot a better shot than he,had this year and then like having the,backstop of you could have an even,better quarterback class next year and,oh by the way if you trade that first,overall pick you could put yourself in a,position where you have multiple first,round picks to play with in 2020. damn,straight Albert you do that damn,straight catch the Rich Eisen show every,single day on the Roku Channel 12 to 3,Eastern for free

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The MMQB’s Albert Breer: Georgia QB Stetson Bennett WILL Be Drafted in April | The Rich Eisen Show

The MMQB’s Albert Breer: Georgia QB Stetson Bennett WILL Be Drafted in April | The Rich Eisen Show

I mentioned how last night Georgia is,you know proving that they're they're,the best,um my gosh they are terrific and,um and how me as a Michigan guy sitting,there like how do we lose to a TCU team,that looks like this,um I wonder and I know I'm heading,towards the third rail here but I'll,give you the floor uh as a buckeye what,did you think watching that game well I,mean it looked to me like it,it's hard not to think that like last,night would have been a heck of a,celebration if we had been able to kick,a 50-yard field goal or get a few yards,closer for our kicker so obviously you,have those thoughts as a fan and maybe,it's not the most rational way of,looking at it but that's obviously the,way you're going to look at it uh you,know George is incredible and I and I,will say this like just having talked to,um you know Scouts who've gone through,there and done a bunch of work over the,last you know a few weeks since the,college football playoff teams it's you,know what they what they all uniformly,say about George is you go there on a,school call for those who don't know,School calls like when you go there in,the middle of the week right like so,you're out of practice and you get to,see these guys up close if you're a,scout,and they all say like you get there and,your head's on a swivel and you're like,who's that who's that it's like oh well,that's the true freshman who's not,playing yet that's the that's the,Redshirt sophomore who's stuck behind a,first round pick at his position and,it's just like the death that's what it,is you know like TCU actually has like,this isn't this isn't Mountain West TCU,people are making that mistake it's not,like this,legitimate TCU team the receiver is,going to be a first round pick one of,their offensive lineman might be a first,round pick the defensive end I think is,the top hundred guy looks they've got,talent the difference is Georgia can,come in waves and Georgia has a guy,who's probably going to go in the top 50,and Nolan Smith is a pass rusher who,didn't even play last night you know,what I mean like so it's George has got,like just this pipe and it's similar to,what Kirby was part of building at,Alabama you know where it's not just,like that they have a handful of guys,that you and I are going to be talking,about for the month of April is that,they can come in waves and it's there's,so many of them and I think like last,night was such a vivid display of that,you know what I mean like yeah certainly,and certainly from kids who aren't even,draft eligible right now Albert and,right and then you know I think the the,um uh one of the ways that you can,measure how terrific Stetson Bennett IV,is and how he has become his not just,his presence at the Heisman Trophy uh,Ceremony this year but I don't think you,know he's lost the sneaking on the,sneaky athletic phrase I mean like he,he's just flat out athletic what what is,his uh draft,um status do you think going into yeah,coming out of back-to-back Champions,he's 25.,um but man is he a self-made winner what,do you got for me on that what are you,hearing I think he I think he's going to,get drafted and I think before the year,like a lot of NFL Scouts might have told,yeah like he's probably gonna be selling,Insurance in September 2023.,um I I think he legitimately gets,drafted now and and I'm not saying he's,going to be a a first or a second round,pick but I think someone's going to take,him in the sixth or seventh round with,the idea like the size is the question,right like he's not Bitcoin as big as,these guys but can I make him my case,Keenan or Michael McCoy and there's real,value in that too you know like some,teams are spending,you know five or six million dollars on,a backup quarterback if you can have a,guy in a rookie contract like that like,for four years and you think he can play,and oh by the way not only does he have,some physical ability but this is a guy,who is like is never going to shrink you,know when the lights are bright right,like we know that about him like we know,like if he's put in a big situation he's,not going to melt down,um there's real value in that what about,the idea Albert what about the idea that,there's another number 13 who was,drafted last uh in the draft and I know,Purdy is two inches taller at six one,and and quarterbacks who are 5-11 are,just overlooked for for many reasons uh,physically as well as uh figuratively,but uh do you think that might be,playing into it like if Purdy can do,what he's doing put Bennett in the right,system and who knows what do you think,yeah I mean there there's definitely,there's definitely some like,similarities from an intangible,standpoint and I I know it's a different,level of college football and everything,but like Brock Purdy was seen as that,guy Iowa State you know like great,intangibles a leader like he sort of,helped them get to a level they hadn't,gotten to before which you know again,like different levels and like the level,at which sets embedded d

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Albert Breer on how Robert Kraft feels about the Patriots performance in 2022 | Zolak & Bertrand

Albert Breer on how Robert Kraft feels about the Patriots performance in 2022 | Zolak & Bertrand

I know both guys and I think the the big,big guy I mean and the one that signs in,the bottom right corner if he had any,issues he's right down in his office,yeah they got a lot of respect for each,other they've been at this too long,together for him to be dropping like,things to get back to him you know I,think,he sent it to owner's meetings too like,I mean he's I'm a fan I question it but,he's got the right to do it so we'll see,what happens he's made comments to,people in the building I know that for a,fact and like I'm sure yeah football,it's about the uh and and I do think,that they're look like I think there's a,level of,pride in the way that the product looks,and I yeah and I think that that's part,of the issue right now is like what it's,not just that it's not performing at the,highest level because you can't expect,to have a top five offense every year if,you don't have no but it's the 95,crapping on judging it Patricia that he,hears yeah he hears all of that he,doesn't like that and I think like it's,also the way it looks it's like the,operational issues the false starts the,delay of games the quarterback's,frustration it's just it's like and I,look again like I think Matt and Joe are,good football coaches but they're in,this position and it sort of looks like,a little bit of a clown show right now,and I think that that's from what I,understand like that's sort of like the,issue I think with the craft has is like,what's our way out of this you know what,I mean like where are we what are we,building towards and why does it look,this way because it I mean honestly like,it sort of looks like it it looks like,what they like would make fun of in that,building yeah the last 20. yeah stuff we,made fun of with the Jets for how many,years so yeah you just jetted it um,how about cinnamon Josh though you're,sitting there watching are you asking,like why is he why is that happening you,know like there's a good coach and that,guy was in our system why don't we look,like that why are we still looking like,that yeah and I think that that's,probably why like again like I made the,point like I've heard he I've heard,Robert Kraft thinks that Nick Caley is a,promising young coach and I think there,was some of that question inside and you,got to get my title this year because I,mean I think that there were some of,that like question inside that they've,done such a good job over the year years,and I've I've used this term before,developing people right and it looked,like Nick Haley was being developed into,being the next guy and instead of,putting him in that role you've decided,to go in a completely different and,unconventional Direction and you've sort,of alienated Kaylee to the point where,he turned down an extension he's in a,contract year and he may be out the door,didn't Bill keep him from going with,Josh yes yeah,and that was part of the problem I mean,like from and just to take people,through this again like first of all,like tight ends coaches a lot of like I,know the natural progressions generally,from quarterbacks coaches but there are,a lot of guys like Sean McVay Arthur,Smith there are guys who've ascended,from tight ends coach to,offensive coordinator for very logical,reasons because you're involved in both,the Run game in the past game and you've,got like really good knowledge of,everything which Kaylee did,um and what the operation was last year,I think he thought like when those guys,walked out the door and he got blocked,right from leaving with them I think he,thought okay like now I'm gonna be I'm,gonna have my career Advanced here,and then I my understanding is he wanted,Clarity on what his role was going to be,going forward Bill wasn't ready to give,him Clarity so he declined to sign an,extension here because I think his logic,was if you don't give me an extension or,if you don't give me Clarity on my role,like how am I going to commit to being,here for longer than the next year,and I think that's a very understandable,point of view right but you know how,these things can get sideways sometimes,and so I think that there are some very,real questions that they all have to,answer at the end of the year there's no,question about that and I I wonder if,you've already lost Nick like I think,Nick might be gone now,which would leave you with what the void,that we've already talked about which is,because these guys that are doing the,job now are not doing it to a,satisfactory level right I think Zoe is,built what you said this is my theory,though that's my theory about why you,know some middle and middling you know,okay it's not not believing I believe,it's built it up in his mind as like,Robert marching around the office being,like oh this is terrible yeah you know I,I just I don't think it's not it's not,that it's comments it's like people hear,comments you know what I mean like,that's all it is it's not like I'm not,like saying like it's hard not to walk,in that building and not see the Patriot,logo not

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David Zweig: Twitter CENSORED 'Inconvenient' Covid Info, Discredited Doctors

David Zweig: Twitter CENSORED 'Inconvenient' Covid Info, Discredited Doctors

journalist David swag is the latest to,participate in the Twitter files last,week he published how Twitter rigged the,covid debate by censoring information,that was true but inconvenient to U.S,government policy by discrediting,doctors and other experts who disagreed,and by suppressing ordinary users,including some who are sharing the cdc's,own data here to break down what he,found out journalist David swag,wonderful to have you with us David,thanks for having me all right so what,were the big headlines from your perusal,of the Twitter files what did you see,that really caught your attention,um I think there there were a few key,things,um the first one is that there certainly,was evidence of direct pressure from the,White House in both the Trump,Administration but much more so from the,Biden Administration on Twitter to get,them to moderate,um specific content,um so the first thing is government,involvement or sort of government,pressure and then the larger part of my,reporting that I found fascinating that,was that I was curious about that really,prompted me to want to go to San,Francisco was to get a little bit better,understanding of what goes on sort of,behind the scenes at Twitter,um these social media platforms that,hundreds of millions of us use it's very,very opaque about how the algorithms,work and what the process is so I really,wanted to uncover a little bit The,process by which you know they decide,which things get flagged as misleading,and which things don't,so let's talk about that process a,little bit,um you wrote that part of the issue is,that so much of the content moderation,was being done by Bots who were,insufficiently nuanced to actually,capture what even the intention was by,the people at Twitter and at other,points you you talk about content,moderation decisions that were made kind,of contrary to Twitter's own policy can,you unpack that a little bit,yeah it's it's it's pretty fascinating,um I think a lot of us hear the word,algorithm or Bots it's not really,entirely clear what that means I spent a,long time talking with an engineer at,Twitter as well as another executive,trying to just a little get a little bit,better understanding of what that stuff,means and basically when we talk about,Bots it's they they essentially train,the the employees will train the the,software the system through machine,learning and through AI they feed it you,know a handful of tweets or key terms or,other things like that and then the more,the the sort of bots crawl across the,network the more they train themselves,about what to look for and then,periodically over time humans will,actually give it more feeding it more,inputs to help sort of refine what the,Bots are looking for so that's kind of,the very basic sketch about how these,Bots work but we have to understand it,always freeze comes back to the humans,who are actually deciding what the,inputs are for the Bots to look for,about the Twitter files in the context,of the FBI and and the hunter Biden,laptop and election stuff,um I I what we saw I think at first at,least was a lot of resistance on,Twitter's part to be overly compliant,with the government and then that kind,of resistance being eroded gradually,when when the government employees keep,coming back to them over and over again,and and really you know not threatening,using very careful language but uh but,pushing them more and more toward toward,a compliance mindset,um did you see a similar thing happening,here from the White House and the CDC,perspective with respect to covid,well what we do know is from an internal,email that I found from um from an,executive ad Twitter Lauren Culbertson,where she characterized,um the multiple meetings from the Biden,White House and she characterized the,the tone of the White House staff,members being quote very angry with,Twitter that they were not being more,compliant with um the White House's you,know wishes or you know or demands as it,were,um that they really really wanted them,to be much more aggressive with,de-platforming what they whoever they,deemed were quote anti-vaxxers or,information that they deemed to be,insufficiently in in accordance with um,the sort of White House and CDC,guidelines,yeah I I want to be specific about the,kind of tweets that we're talking about,being censored here you mentioned one in,particular,um by Martin uh kuldroff who tweeted out,that basically thinking about everyone,must be vaccinated is scientifically,flawed thinking uh as as is the thinking,that nobody should be vaccinated,vaccines are more important for older,high-risk people and their caretakers,those with natural prior infection do,not need it nor children and this is,something that is obviously much more,discussed today as we have learned more,perhaps people already knew more about,uh the failures of the vaccines to,prevent transmission the way that we,thought they might before so the,argument in the earlier days was even,though we do know that kids are,relatively

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The MMQB’s Albert Breer Breaks Down the NFL’s Options for Bills-Bengals Game | The Rich Eisen Show

The MMQB’s Albert Breer Breaks Down the NFL’s Options for Bills-Bengals Game | The Rich Eisen Show

what's the NFL thinking about now you're,hearing so much uh about not replaying,this game I think I think we can be rest,assured this game's not going to be,resumed that it's over and that they're,not going to send these two teams back,with the wounds so raw mental wounds,obviously so raw,um so that you know assuming that what,what what is on the table best you can,tell right now as we're talking yeah on,a Thursday so they've worked through a,lot of I I know like they've worked,through a lot of different like,possibilities and,um you know I I though there was one,actually that was that did include,um resuming the game that I I don't,think got much traction at all but that,was of creating a a week 19,um and having a standalone bills Bengals,game and eliminating the Super Bowl by,week I I think the problem with that is,it sort of creates a competitive,Advantage for everybody but the bills,and Bengals right so you you'd actually,like materially be sort of punished,finishing the bells and Bengals you know,where every other playoff team would get,a bye week except those two,um so you know I you know I think that,this this like you said is trending,towards being declared a uh a no contest,and then it sort of comes down to how,you're doing the seating,um you know some of the ideas out there,I know Adam Schaffner said one that I'd,heard too which was the uh almost like,The Cut the Cake,um solution which is to allow you know,the Chiefs if they if they went on on,Saturday to pick but not have both,whether or not they would be the,um the the the one seed or host the AFC,Championship game and in essence either,pick whether or not you want the bye,week or a Home AFC Championship game I,think there's some fairness in that,there's the idea of adding the eighth,eighth playoff team which you know in,that case would,um let's call what is the NFL be adding,inventory there but also sort of level,the playing field as far as that number,one seed goes so they're working through,all that now and trying to be as Fair as,they can be you know because if you just,go strictly on win percentage it's,interesting the Chiefs would be the,chief beneficiary here you know because,the Chiefs didn't control the one seed,before 8 P.M on Monday they would,control the one seed in that scenario,and not only that they also wouldn't be,able to fall any further than two you'd,be taking the Bengals out of the out of,the running for the second seed because,the Bengals then wouldn't be able to,catch the Chiefs which wasn't the case,at 8pm on Monday and that would mean you,know potentially the the Bengals having,to go to Arrowhead in the second round,through no fault of their own you know,so I think you know they're just trying,to find the fairest way to deal with,this I'm realizing like that there,probably is going to be some level of,inequity in whatever they do there is no,question there's going to be some level,of inequity certainly if the Chiefs wind,up as the one seed they lost to the two,teams that uh that that that couldn't,finish their game on Monday night,through no fault of of their own you,know and so you know that's the and the,whole thing about uh you know getting,home field advantage for the for the AFC,Championship game but what if you you,you select home field advantage for the,AFC Championship game but you get,bounced in the Wild Card round that you,just chose or you so you know so clearly,you're going to take a buy you get,healthier and you get into the second,round of the playoffs and certainly If,part of this construct is uh is that if,you take on another team that doesn't,have the same number of regular season,games played as you for the championship,game that that goes to a neutral site so,why wouldn't you take the bye week,because your divisional round game that,you go right into is a home game that,invariably you're gonna have to play,your game outside of your home stadium,anyway you might as well just take the,buy I I I'm I'm just thinking if you add,an eighth playoff team obviously that,adds remarkable interest to week 18.,there are a whole bunch of new fan bases,that uh you know that that are now,interested in the Sunday proceedings and,then uh you give the bye week to the top,two you don't just remove the bye week,because you can't just tell the the,Eagles hey great job being the last,remaining undefeated team and winning,all those games in the NFC you no longer,have a bye week you now gotta you now,gotta take on the Washington commanders,the team that actually handed you your,first loss of the Season you can't do,that so you give a bye week to the top,two and then you have seeds three,through eight go ahead and and play it,out and the most inequitable aspect,would be say the bills of the Bengals,being that three seed because if you,look at the Bengals remember I know I'm,getting really Arcane here certainly,somebody who's driving into a listening,audience that doesn't have this,information in front of them or viewing,audience

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The MMQB’s Albert Breer on Chances Jim Harbaugh Leaves Michigan for the NFL | The Rich Eisen Show

The MMQB’s Albert Breer on Chances Jim Harbaugh Leaves Michigan for the NFL | The Rich Eisen Show

what's the deal with Harbaugh what do,you got for me on that what do you got,for me um yeah I I hear I think like the,important Port here is to sort of,I think it's like look,here and I think there was a period,where where Jim was in high demand from,the NFL when he first got to Michigan,and he re buffed interest back then and,you know I'm talking about like the,period maybe his first four years at,Michigan right and then that interest,leveled off and I think by the time you,know 2020 came along when he had to take,the pay cut like that option wasn't,there for him he looked and he and there,was like Hey you know like went to the,Chargers went to the went to the Jets,trying to drum up NFL interest and it,wasn't there and then even last year I,think some of that interest was a little,bit more outgoing than incoming so you,know I I think there's some degree Jim,has felt his mortality as an NFL coach,like where early this time in Michigan,it seemed automatic that that,opportunity was going to be there no,matter what you know whenever he wanted,it and I think now it's more well like,I'm almost 60 is that chance going to be,there again like and if I can generate,interest now like am I sure that I'll be,able to generate the same interest two,or three years from now,and you know from I think that that's a,part of the equation here and so,um whether or not he goes I don't know,but I do think for the first time in a,few years the interest from the NFL is,incoming rather than outgoing and I,think that that's a factor Here,Indianapolis has a guy their assistant,general manager Ed Dodds who would have,been Harbaugh's general manager in Vegas,last year if our ball had gotten a Vegas,job,um you know obviously Denver's got the,connections through Stanford with,Condoleezza Rice and Greg Penner both,being Stanford alums rice actually has a,relationship with Harbaugh,um so like there are a couple of natural,Landing spots there I think you look at,those rosters you know Carolina too and,you see some similarities and that there,is some Frontline Talent on those,rosters and there's a need to get the,quarterback position right which is sort,of what it was in San Francisco when he,went there and so you can see all of it,I I I will say this and I mean this like,100 percent like in a genuine way yes,he's got the Michigan program in a great,great spot and they've got a really good,team coming back next year so that's the,part I can't predict like I think if,this was like JJ McCarthy and Donovan,Edwards and all those guys leaving like,I think that this would be I gotta go,you know what I mean I gotta take my,shot now I I think one thing that,probably makes it hard for him at this,point is that he's got the program in a,really good spot and he's got a really,good team coming back next year well the,issue that's what I really can't that's,what I don't know like that's what I I,don't know how much weight that's gonna,gonna have in this whole thing because I,I do believe like my reporting over the,last seven or eight years on him has,always been he's got unfinished business,in the NFL so you know we'll see whether,or not he has the offer and then how,much the idea of the team he has coming,back from at Michigan weighs on him when,he's making the final call well I mean,and that that is the ultimate thing is,what you don't know is really what's,good what is in his heart of hearts and,in his and it is head like uh is is he,truly chasing that you know that tilting,at that windmill you know that is not,winning a Super Bowl and what would it,be less of a yearn for it if he didn't,lose to his brother is there some sort,of familial rivalry that that's part of,this thing uh you know or or is it just,the fact that his contract isn't in line,with the rest of uh uh coaches who have,taken teams to the back to back college,football playoffs and that this is all a,leverage play you know which,um wouldn't surprise me either like what,what is it you know what what is it and,well I mean I certainly think I,certainly do the money thing is not to,be ruled out like I just I do know like,you know there were things when he was,in the pros where like the compensation,was a factor you know what I mean like,and so like is it possible that like you,know he he does feel like,hey put it this way after if if your,employer forced you to take a pay cut,like right and to stay on you probably,wouldn't be inclined to do them any,favors from a financial standpoint going,forward right like I think that's just,that's just being a human being and so,like I don't think you can rule that out,either like I do think that there was a,part of him last year where when the,Vikings thing came up like he was still,angry that they made him take a pay cut,you know because there's like a little,bit of a you embarrass me you know,um you know a feeling of that so I I,think that was actually like last year,was a piece of the puzzle and like going,on Signing Day and doing all that like I,think

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49ers Rumors Are HOT: Jimmy Garoppolo To Raiders? Trey Lance Injury Update + 49ers vs. Seahawks News

49ers Rumors Are HOT: Jimmy Garoppolo To Raiders? Trey Lance Injury Update + 49ers vs. Seahawks News

foreign,ERS report live here on chat sports,Chase senior here with you another,Loaded show coming your way and it's all,presented by true classic tees I've been,able to add to my wardrobe but true,classic over the last several months,since they became a sponsor here at chat,sports you can add to your wardrobe as,well all thanks to that link, chat promo code chat,for 25 off your order we'll tell you,more about them coming up here in just a,bit as for what we're discussing on,today's show Kyle Shanahan was asked,whether or not it's going to be,difficult to beat Seattle three times in,one season and yes it looks as though,weather is going to play a role in this,football game on Saturday a lot of,rumors about Jimmy Garoppolo maybe being,targeted by the Las Vegas Raiders with a,Josh McDaniels reunion in 2023 NFL free,agency and we also have an update on,Trey Lance's surgically repaired ankle,first though make sure you subscribe all,throughout this playoff run we're going,to be covering this team every day but,even if the Niners get ousted still,going to be here to provide you with the,best coverage on the daily basis year,round so subscribe and don't forget to,lock Us in for our watch party on,Saturday our pregame show it is going to,be an absolute blast and the big looming,question here for San Francisco can the,49ers is 10 and a half Point favorites,going home to Levi's Stadium beat the,Seahawks for a third time this year,oftentimes it's really difficult to beat,one opponent three times in one year,it's even difficult to beat a divisional,opponent twice bring out the brooms and,pull out the sweep but from my,perspective there's really no excuse for,San Francisco to lose this game they're,the far better football team I,understand that weather could play a,role with showers expected all,throughout the afternoon in Northern,California but the 49ers are more,talented deeper and they're the hotter,football team than Seattle and when,they've played so far this year San,Francisco has thoroughly outplayed the,sea chickens and you look back to that,week two game when Trey Lance got,injured Jimmy Garoppolo came in this is,really where the Niners started to find,a little bit of a groove it looked like,and then they lose that game the,following week to the Denver Broncos and,you're like okay what's happening here,they start the year three and four then,they end with 10 straight wins but going,back to week two I thought they played,good football against Seattle and things,were looking up and then the following,week is a disaster in the mile high city,but during this game and really you have,to focus on the matchup here between,these two divisional foes 25 first downs,to 14 and Jimmy G played well in this,game 70 plays to 47 373 yards to 216.,Niners ran for 189 rushing yards to 36,for Seattle,27-7 was the final score and the only,time the Seahawks got on the board was,with a block field goal that went back,for a touchdown and in week 15 when the,Nationals clinched the NFC West at Lumen,field in Seattle the final score was,21-13 but the 49ers thought also,outplayed and dominated Seattle and it,looked to be two teams on two different,Playing Fields here first Down's pretty,even 15-16 plays directly even at 61 a,piece yards 381 to 270 as I thought,Purdy played really well in this game,George Kittle had two touchdowns 170,rushing yards to 70. San Francisco,compared to Seattle and 21-13 was the,final score and if weather is a factor,on Saturday what was the consistent,theme in week two and week 15. San,Francisco running the football really,well being dominant in that fashion but,also stopping the run and if it's wet if,it's sloppy if it's a monsoon the Niners,are going to have to run the football a,lot they're running offense is good the,rushing defense is good Advantage San,Francisco and then you look at how these,two teams ended the season Seattle was,one of the surprise teams in the,National Football League to start the,year as Gino Smith was playing really,well Pete Carroll was really maximizing,the roster and then they started to do,to struggle a little bit three and five,back half of the year in their last,eight games and as we just talked about,San Francisco won 10 games in a row to,round out the regular season we'll get,to Jimmy Garoppolo in an update on Trey,Lance coming up around the corner first,though Today's Show presented by true,classic 25 off if you use the promo code,chat at chat,everybody out there men of all shapes,and sizes dad bods true classic Cassie,covered rip odds you know it your,average Joe yes sir get 25 off using,that promo code chat and free shipping,included on purchases over 100 new year,new me new you new tease thanks to True,classic tees and the old year with a new,you and close that'll give you the,confidence to tackle those 2023,resolutions thanks to our sponsor true,classic you'll have everything you need,to hit the gym take it slow or treat,yourself to

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