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The Challenor Reddit Scandala lot of people were asking me to sort,of give an update on,the whole si

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Updated on Jan 20,2023

The Challenor Reddit Scandal

a lot of people were asking me to sort,of give an update on,the whole situation that happened at,reddit now basically,i'll go into the beginning of it what,happened was a,moderator for the uk politics subreddit,posted an article that contained a,particular name,and that mod was banned even though all,he did was post an article,so the other moderators for uk politics,were all scratching their head like why,why the hell did he get banned for this,what what is going on,so they contacted the actual red admin,team,and they managed to figure out the the,reason that the guy got banned is,because the article contained,a particular name the name in particular,as it turns out this person was the,subject of a doxing and harassment,campaign,as the red admins have put it and,the mod was reinstated like he was,unbanned he was reinstated and it was,discovered that there was actually a bot,that was scrubbing,all of red of all mentions of this,particular name,now why is that well first we'll have a,look at the post the,ruk politics posted as you will have,noticed the moderators set the subreddit,to private last night this is not a,decision we took lightly but one that,was made to protect both the users and,moderators,of uk politics a moderator posted an,article from the spectator which,contained a three-word mention,in passing of a minor british public,figure,who was expelled from both the liberal,democrats and the green party,and was permanently suspended from,reddit and later reinstated after we,contacted the admins,for doxing as a result so basically the,mod that posted the article,the other mods for uk politics contacted,the red admin team and were like,why did you ban our mod and the red,admins on band the mod,as we had no idea what happened or why,posting this article resulted in a,permanent suspension we took the,emergency step of making the subreddit,private,and immediately contacting the admins,for clarification,we took this step to protect both the,users of this subreddit and,ourselves from further action by the red,admin staff because,people were getting random bands and,nobody had any idea why,it later became apparent that reddit has,hired this individual so the person,who's named,the voldemort of this situation is a,person that read it has actually,hired as a as an official red,admin and we're banning people from,discussing her past,to protect their employee from,harassment and then it says we would ask,the following please do not name this,individual at all please do not,ask further questions etc etc right and,then it ended up,that it was still going on if people,said the name of this person they would,get banned post articles of this person,they would get banned,and then protest a lot of subreddits,went private and blacked themselves out,and you might be wondering well why is,it it doesn't doesn't don't people have,like a right to privacy,what could be so wrong about this person,that reddit is doing so much to,you know banning random people using a,bot to completely scrub the site,to get rid of people talking about this,person,well this is why the name in question,was,amy chalinor who is a transgender,politician well sort of ex-politician,right but let's,let's have a look at this amy knight as,a former green party election candidate,knight because i believe she's married,now a transgender activist former,spokesperson for the green party of,england in wales,in 2017 she stood for election in,coventry south,receiving 1.3 percent with the votes god,damn it ukip got more than that last,time,in 2018 challenger's father who had been,serving as her election agent,was convicted and jailed for the rape,and torture of a child,challenger's recruitment of her father,despite him being charged with a serious,with serious sexual offences,led to an investigation and challange,suspension,from the green party she later resigned,and joined the liberal democrats,but was suspended from that party in,2019,over pedophilic tweets apparently made,by her partner,charlenor then resigned from stonewall,uk at around the same time,leaving the united kingdom for the,united states and then it turns out,she got a job as a red admin,now i know another thing that people,were pointing out as well is,at the time that this stuff happened,with her father,basically i'm not going to go into the,details but he essentially had a fritzl,dungeon in his attic,that he used for this child and,allegedly,amy was living in the house at the time,but apparently knew nothing about it so,whether or not that's true or you,believe that,i'll leave that up to you but i believe,that reddit,probably only held the harsh side of the,story and decided to,you know you can't you can't not hire a,transgender person,everyone will think you're racist right,so it turns out that amy was working for,redder and then read it put in that bot,to scrub,uh all mentions over from the site but,the streisand effect,is a very very powerful thing,right so all this did was just make it,blow u

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How one person BROKE Reddit last night | Aimee Challenor

How one person BROKE Reddit last night | Aimee Challenor

breaking news hot off the press within,the last 72 hours,reddit shut down basically and you might,wonder why,and i'm here to tell you,hi there ramroo welcome to my video and,in this video i'm going to talk about,amy chalinor and how she basically broke,reddit,over the last 72 hours,if you're an avid redditor you might,already know,but nonetheless let's look at the deets,so during the last few days,if you're a redditor you might have,noticed that a lot of,subreddits went private as in unless,you're a member,you can't look at them and you might,have wondered like why it's all to do,with their latest reddit scandal the,subreddits,went private in protest why,because of a certain reddit employee,misusing their power to censor things,about their past this reddit employee,was a person by the name of amy chalinor,amy chalinor born 1st of october 1997,is a british transgender activist and,former spokesperson and electoral,candidate for the green party,in 2017 she stood election for coventry,south,receiving 1.3 percent of the votes,now you might be thinking oh people hate,the fact that she's transgender,which is what she would like to you know,be the narrative,no no no that's not it not at all it,makes me really angry though that she,would try to,twist it to be like oh it's transphobia,when in reality she's just a horrible,person,and i'll tell you why by reading this,article from metro news,dozens of subreddits have been made,private in protest at the forum's,censorship and decision to continue to,employ,a controversial admin a moderator was,banned and then reinstated,after sharing an article which mentioned,reddit employee amy chalenor,despite not being aware that she worked,for the site,so the thing is someone posted a news,article,on reddit about something that pertains,to her,and she removed it banned the person and,made like,censored it and you might wonder like,what kind of news article was it,you see amy chalinor's father,is a convicted pedophile when amy,chalanor was,living with him he had a 10 year old,girl chained up in the attic,that he tortured and sexually abused and,amy chalinor says she knew nothing about,it,which is beside the point because even,if she didn't know about it,after he was accused of it before he was,sentenced and stuff,which he was he was sentenced to 22,years i think,before he was sentenced but after he was,accused by the police accused,she hired him as a photographer for her,political campaign,and she knew for a fact that that was,not kosher because,she lied about his name so that she,could like,hire him and have him work under the,radar but then people found out and you,know she was kicked out of the party for,this,imagine your father is literally a,monster and you're just like you know,i'm gonna hire him yeah people did not,take kindly to that and then there's the,other thing,of her husband who's also a pedophile,yeah it just gets worse her husband,apparently posts erotic fanfiction on,the internet,about abusing children sexually,she was a part of another political,party but she got kicked out of that one,because someone found her husband's,tweets,which said that he fantasized about,children,being sexual with each other with other,adults,and forced to have you know sexual,relations,and being abused yeah when they were,confronted with this her and her husband,they were just like oh no our account,was hacked,and besides it's not like he's into it,in real life it's just a fantasy,yeah it's like i didn't do it but if i,did,it's also like not really a big deal,yeah,insane so with that in mind knowing this,as her past,the fact that she was hired as a reddit,admin is horrifying made even more,horrifying by the fact that reddit,seemed to be,censoring and trying to hide the fact,that this was her past because she,worked for them,there was apparently you know an,algorithm set into place,where if anyone posted anything,with just her name in it her public name,which is you know,public knowledge they would be banned,and their comment would be,removed just straight up censorship,why they said it would be doxxing which,is ridiculous,doxing is when you tell someone,someone's personal,address and you know stuff like that,telling someone their name,is not doxing that's just public,information doxxing is when you,literally go this person lives at such,and such a dress go there and hurt them,that's doxing saying someone's full name,is not doxing,but yeah that's what was going on and,that's why people were so outraged,because,if just mentioning factual stories,of criminal facts that just so happen,to be a part of this person's background,is somehow doxxing that would,just that's censorship in like the worst,form that's like some sort of,dictatorship going on that's abuse of,power like if you can't even discuss a,criminal case,because one of the people in the case,works for reddit,yeah that's all kinds of shady and,that's why the subreddits,went private and said you know what,we're not gonna be,non-privat

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Aimee Challenor: The Reddit Admin That Enraged Millions

Aimee Challenor: The Reddit Admin That Enraged Millions

hi are you one of the biggest websites,in the world,and find yourself wanting to hire an,infamous pedophile enabler,whose only qualification is being a,disgraced uk politician,well then why,hi i'm jimmy robbins and welcome to my,free lesson,and how to up as bad as reddit did,let's get started huh so the first thing,to note,is it is impossible to screw up as badly,as reddit did this month i mean,the closest example i could think of is,when now disgraced uk politician,amy challener went out of her way to,hire her father as her election agent,despite the fact that that father was,previously charged,with raping and torturing a ten-year-old,girl,in the same house that challenger was,occupying at the time,and when confronted with this fact,challenger said she didn't know,her father's crimes despite the fact,that,she felt it was necessary to give her,father a fake name,in campaign documents i mean,god what a and just a shitty,excuse for a human being right right,anyway,um what's the name of the piece of ,pedophile enabler that reddit hired,no not the one i was just talking about,the one reddit hired,oh you're joking now just to distinguish,this because it's an important,distinction,mods are the volunteer moderators of a,specific subreddit or community,so they have pretty much unlimited power,over that subreddit,such as being able to delete posts,however,the moderator of one subreddit has,absolutely no,power over a different subreddit that,they are not a moderator of,admins on the other hand are employees,of reddit,who have moderator privilege across the,entire website now this all started in r,uk politics when a moderator posted an,article,and was banned from reddit as a result,and that article just so happened to,briefly mention,amy challenger now according to reddit,this mod was banned due to,automatic doxxing detection despite the,fact that the article,only mentioned the names of a few public,figures and,just naming a public figure is not,considered doxing in the slightest this,led to the mod team of the subreddit,claiming that they knew the person that,reddit was protecting,that they were now an admin of the,website and that they could not even say,their name,without risking being banned from their,website going so far is to precaution,their community,to take similar precautions in order to,not be banned from the website,now i know this sounds like some tinfoil,hat reddit detective right,thing is they were right so if you were,on reddit this week this is when you,started to see all those posts popping,up,about not being able to post about a,reddit admin without being banned from,the website,reddit admins then doubled down and,insisted that these stricter precautions,around challenger,was for her own personal safety and not,at all to preserve their own,image except the problem with that is,ceo steve huffman,previously admitted to removing comments,and posts,from r slash the donald that insulted,him so,there's precedent for this kind of,shitty behavior and what's kind of weird,is on the,post in which these precautions were,detailed mods of the website came,out and said that when they were doxxed,in the past,reddit provide absolutely no aid for,them,some of them even saying they had to go,to law enforcement because the website,was no use,in response to this information hundreds,of subreddits decided to go private in,protest,and why is that such a big deal it means,that if you weren't already a member of,that subreddit,you cannot see any of the posts in that,community so let's say you make a new,account or,you're on the website without an account,huge parts of the website are now,limited from you,giving you less incentive to be on the,website,which would cost right a lot of money,and within a week of this controversy,starting,reddit was forced to fire amy challener,so yeah the problem solved right why,does this still matter,a few reasons actually one of the,biggest websites in the world,hired a known pedophile enabler like,this person has a wikipedia page,with this information on it and and i,cannot stress enough,how big of a piece of this person,is her now husband,has also posted graphically pedophilic,tweets,that honestly reading it made me sick to,my stomach you can see it right,here,and it's bad she eventually claimed that,the twitter account was hacked at the,time of posting,but an inquiry was started in july of,2019,by england's liberal democrat party and,almost two years later this probe has,still not found her husband to be,innocent,so you tell me what's more likely a,hacker or,a known pedophile enabler enabling a,pedophile this person is also 23 years,old,and has absolutely no qualifications,that would make them an in-demand,employee for a company like this they're,a disgraced,failed uk politician who's never won an,election,and got 1.3 percent of the vote,in one of their elections i mean right,if that's your standards i don't mean to,brag,but i won class president in fourth,grade so i mean,if you want to

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Reddit Is Protecting Trans Predator Aimee Challenor.. Why?

Reddit Is Protecting Trans Predator Aimee Challenor.. Why?

meet amy chaliner trans activist,disgraced uk politician,wife of a predator daughter of a,predator,and apparently worthy of reddit doing,everything in his power to protect her,but why though hey guys welcome back to,the,show i mean my youtube channel so excuse,the weird,cardboard above my bed frame i woke up,the other day to,liquid dripping on my face in the middle,of my sleep never something you want to,happen,right above where my head glazed to,sleep every single night and i told,myself,if this is toilet water from my upstairs,neighbor,falling onto my face in the midst of a,global,panoramic panini whatever you want to,call it,someone's getting sued but luckily it,was not toilet water it was just a leak,so,anyways today's video is objectively,the most disturbing i've ever covered on,my channel,and that's probably saying a lot because,we've talked about some heavy stuff on,this channel but,i was gonna say oh it's one of the worst,no it's like probably the worst actually,i feel like my mental health was,actually compromised,by doing the research for this video but,it's important to talk about regardless,and i will just probably inevitably end,up posting a gofundme for the extensive,psychotherapy i will need for subjecting,myself to this information,today we're talking about the reddit,admin or at least she was,up until yesterday she was finally fired,amy chaliner,amy challenger is a trans woman a trans,activist with an incredibly shady past,and i am not sure,how she even ended up being hired by,reddit it's actually a disgrace and i'll,talk more about how,actual reddit users are incredibly,pissed off about this there's a huge,mutiny going on,on the website and on different,subreddits that people just outraged,about this but,amy tyler has an incredibly shady shady,past she is married to a self-admitted,pal who writes,child and defended her father after her,father was convicted of,child i'm smiling because it's awful and,if i don't smile,i might throw up why do you only talk,about trans predators blair,i don't anyone with the ability to,scroll through my channel would see,that i cover predators of all types a,better question is why other people who,also cover predators,don't cover the trans ones anyways,moving along so amy is a disgraced,politician who has been actually kicked,out of several political parties in the,uk,including the green party why one of the,reasons was that she appointed her,father,to be her campaign manager now why is,that a problem you might ask,well at the time that she appointed him,he was actually out on,bail for and torturing a 10 year old,girl,he also had 22 other similar convictions,and,amy was living with him while he,committed a lot of those so,what would any normal person do if their,father was this kind of a monster,i don't know probably disown him um,try to like feed him acid in his sleep,or something i don't know but,no she appointed him to be his campaign,manager her campaign manager,but it doesn't end there because she,then went on to marry a self-admitted,so this is amy's husband looks like a,totally um,well-adjusted person like so nathaniel,needs to be behind bars,honey like i firmly believe nathan needs,to be on someone's watch list,somebody's like all the spying the fbi,does,on like whatever like do that on him,please because nathaniel has publicly,posted i'll never understand why people,say this kind of stuff out loud i mean,in a way i'm glad because you're,bringing a spotlight to your own,like sickness and you are like warning,the world about,how they need to avoid you and possibly,arrest you and maybe like beat your ass,loki,um but nathaniel posted,her problematic associations do not end,there however because she is also,friends with another trans person who,also dresses up as a child,why are they trans,and why do they look like that like i,don't even care about being nice to like,these kinds of people but like why amy,clearly has a thing for predators now i,want to be very clear,that amy has not been convicted of any,particular,crimes of the like that her father was,however,there's something to be said about,intentionally surrounding yourself with,people like that,and endorsing it being compliant and,being okay with it because,there's no way you can be married to,someone or hire someone to be your,campaign,manager knowing these things about them,if you are not at the very least,okay with it and not only that you kind,of have to,be one of those types of people to be,okay with it like i don't think,there's an accepting enough person in,the world,who is not one of them to be okay with,them you have to be one of them right,does that make sense,that is my opinion blair's opinion so,here's where people get extremely angry,so you have all this stuff in amy's past,right,and all this stuff is very easily,googleable,it is her story it is her life it is her,associations and it is public,information right,so why when reddit hired her,in 2020 did write it hire her in 2020.,like why

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The dark side of Reddit

The dark side of Reddit

hey guys what's up and welcome back to,my channel so,today we're going to be talking about,what has really been going on,with reddit this was highly requested,but aside from that i think it's,important because i feel like i'm seeing,the words reddit a lot i'm seeing the,word,amy knight then i'm not really seeing,like what exactly is going on so i,figured i'd give you guys a basic,rundown of what's going on,i apologize in advance if i'm looking,down on my phone but i made an extensive,amount of notes because the situation,is in some ways very simple but also in,some ways very confusing at the same,time,so basically recently there were 200,subreddits that set themselves as,private,which might not sound like a big deal,but some of these subreddits are,subreddits such as,r music that has about 27 million,members so when that particular number,of subreddits puts itself as private,in a way to i wouldn't use the term,protest it sounds a little bit,extra but in a way to push back to,reddit in order to take,action and you might be wondering why,exactly that is all this controversy,surrounds a trans woman named amy,chaliner but she got married so now she,goes by amy knight,people were critiquing reddit for hiring,knight,due to her connections to her father,whom she had hired,as an agent when she was involved in uk,politics specifically in this case the,green party,so she chose him specifically to,be with her and her political career,which doesn't sound crazy,until it came out that he had been,accused and he later was convicted to be,clear he was convicted for this,of raping and torturing a ten-year-old,child,so this led to knight's campaign to be,suspended in,2018. so knight later on,didn't really apologize but kind of put,out a statement,saying that she acknowledged why people,thought that this was bizarre which i'm,gonna comment on a second and she said,on reflection i can understand that it,wasn't acceptable for me to appoint my,dad as my election agent,when he had been arrested i can now,understand the potential risks of that,decision later on in 2019,knight found herself in a relatively,similar situation,suspended again but this time from the,liberal democrats party,due to her husband who is still her,husband now,who allegedly posted fantasies about,children on twitter,knight said that his account had been,hacked so taking a quick pause here,the summary is reddit hired night night,is connected to,two separate situations that involve,children,inappropriately and pedophilia basically,so you might be wondering why reddit,hired someone who is so,enveloped in scandals but i wouldn't,even call it scandals because that seems,to minimize it but,crimes against or related to children,so that's pretty much where all hell,broke,loose but it somehow gets worse because,knight is a trans woman,and unsurprisingly she'd received a lot,of transphobic hate nothing to do with,any of this factual stuff that i'm,talking i'm just talking about straight,up hate,just because she was a trans woman,because of that they put a certain,amount of protection in to,avoid her that type of transphobic,harassment the problem was that they,ended up,in a certain way over protecting her,because,the type of protection they put out was,ill-fought out and it ended up putting,her,above critique redditors had posted,about night and when they posted about,night they were referring to her,political,past which is on wikipedia it's on,multiple websites if you look up her,name,it's one of the first things to come up,so it's not in any way,private information or doxxing as she is,or was,a political public figure reddit was,essentially suppressing the voices of,people who were discussing,a public figure like i said all this,information was very much out there,nothing was doxed in terms of,the actual meaning of doxing like,releasing someone's,address private number blah blah blah,everything that was discussed was very,much public so,an administrator then responded to this,situation saying quote,earlier this month a reddit employee was,the target of harassment and doxxing,reddit activated standard processes to,protect the employee from such,harassment,including initiating an automated,moderation rule to prevent,personal information from being shared,the moderation rule was too broad and,this week it incorrectly suspended a,moderator,who posted content that included,personal information reddit also added,our intent was never to remove any and,all mentions of this admin's name so,thankfully the person who was banned was,unbanned part of the issue was is that,to outsiders or to these moderators it,looked like reddit,preferred to protect her over them,because of this,too broad of a protection that,essentially made it so that anything,that involved her name,would disappear or get you banned or,something like that when her name,effectively as we know since she's a,public political figure,is not doxing it would be the equivalent,of naming a celebrity that's not,doxing th

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Reddit Censorship takes darkest turn yet. All discussion of Admin Aimee Challenor gets banned.

Reddit Censorship takes darkest turn yet. All discussion of Admin Aimee Challenor gets banned.

what is,going on everybody hello and welcome,this was supposed to be a gay,day where i just play my,dumb little uh my dumb little phone,gotcha game,it was supposed to be my day off,or i roll for my comma,i just want i just want one i just want,to scotty loop with the comma that's all,i want that's all i want,but unfortunately there's a,really really big news story and it,has a lot of layers in it and,it also gets really,really dark i don't normally um,i don't normally put these sorts of,things in these,sorts of videos um i i just want to,forewarn you guys,we're gonna get into some really heinous,and dark,crap so if you guys are uh,not really cool with that no no worries,cuz,holy holy man dude this is um,this is some rough stuff um,okay so let's uh let's let's get right,into it so,uh today or well the story actually sort,of starts,this story's been brewing for a couple,of days but it's starting to get uh,like it came to a lot of people's,attention today specifically because of,this,um this post found its way onto,a uh a subreddit i believe uh,i want to say our uk politics,a welcome back statement or welcome back,subreddit statement,as you will have noticed the moderators,set the subreddit to private last night,this is not a decision we took lightly,but one that was made to protect both,the users and moderators of our uk,politics,a moderator posted an article from the,spectator which contained a three-word,mention,in passing of a minor british political,figure,expelled from both the liberal democrats,and the green party and was,permanently suspended from reddit and,later reinstated after we contacted the,admins,for doxxing as a result,as we had know what um the the person,posting,the uh the person posting this was,banned not the uh not the,person in question being banned from,reddit because,again to that later too um,as we had no idea what happened or why,the posting this article resulted in a,permanent suspension we took the,emergency step of making the subreddit,private and immediately contacting the,admins for clarification,we took this step to protect both the,users of the subreddit,ourselves from further action by the,reddit admin staff,it later became apparent that reddit was,hired has hired this individual as a,reddit admin,and were banning people from discussing,her past,to protect their employee from,harassment we would ask the following,please do not name this individual at,all,doing so may result in your account,being banned by the admins,please do not ask further questions,about this as doing so,may result in your account being banned,by the admins,please do not discuss the incident on,reddit publicly or privately,eg your private subreddits and or,in private messages chat etc as doing so,may result in your account getting,banned by the admins,we are obviously extremely concerned by,these developments but cannot express,our full dissatisfaction with reddit,on the platform at this time,so basically,reddit has hired a person and because of,that,they are apparently not even allowed to,be discussed on,any subreddit even if they're not being,discussed personally,now who is this person in general well,this person,in uh involved in this is one,i and i don't know how to pronounce this,name um,amy knight or amy channellor,like it's a really weird anglo name i,have no idea what's going on,the article in question is a article,from the spectator by julie bendel,and the person in question doesn't get,mentioned until the very end this part,right here,the formidable feminist arthur and,journalist bae campbell,a former green party candidate resigned,from the party last year after being,disciplined in part for refusing to keep,quiet,about the shocking and disturbing amy,chandler case,so hmm,what what what is this amy amy chandler,case,so amy chandler is a failed politician,um and uh uh well it used to be called,amy chandler now,known as amy knight because uh they got,married and took their husband's surname,and he's a bit uh he gets involved in,this too,so don't worry about that um,so why was why was why was this person,amy chandler,uh why was this person removed from the,green party why was,why were they expelled from the green,party well that part's a little bit of a,tricky question because they themselves,had resigned,in protest of certain investigations,that were involved in their campaigning,in the uk,um specifically and this is the,really heinous part this is the,really heinous part um,specifically this happened because,let me find the link um,let me find the let me find the article,real quick uh,i thought i had this on here,sorry give me one second chad i'm trying,to find the i'm trying to find the link,trying to find i'm trying because it was,it was in results of their uh,their father,come on,you know i should also probably put some,uh background music in here,because they're like they're they have,they're so they're wrapped up with so,many weird people,um one second,here we go uh twisted pervert abused,10

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Aimee Challenor FIRED from Reddit

Aimee Challenor FIRED from Reddit

it's reddit um a lot of people,i'm sure uh who watch this are,also redditers to some degree um and,read it if you didn't understand what,was going on yesterday and the day,before,i don't have anything for reddit we can,talk about uh,the american idol after um but the,reddit thing was my,that was my big story um because there's,a lot going on in red and i'm sure a lot,of people wanted to know because i was,seeing a bunch of memes,of this individual and i was like who,the is this why is everyone saying,like reporting in as a good soldier just,doing my duty this is a bad person,read it stop this so i would like to,tell you all,what was going on so,uh yeah if you can click the top one,that'll probably be,uh it's an explain like i'm five post um,and that'll help put some basic,information so,addressing concerns regarding reddit,allegations have come to light regarding,the recently hired reddit admin,who shall not be named that she was,she willingly associates with child,abusers and rapists additionally,there's evidence that reddit is abusing,their platform to stifle legitimate,discussions of these allegations,more information can be found at that,link given the seriousness of this issue,we are joining other subreddits in,asking for reddit's,administration to explain their,justification for hiring her,we would also like to see her remove as,we feel,that her employment with reddit stands,against the values that reddit users,believe in,if reddit does not remedy this situation,and or offer an adequate explanation for,their actions by,uh the 26th of this month we will be,set we will set to private in protest,we hope our users will support our,actions and stand in solidarity with us,and the other subreddits,that are looking for answers so with,that being read johnny do you,understand even what's going on from,that post,uh someone who shall remain nameless,uh associates with child abusers and,rapists,yes and is therefore being removed,from the platform and,uh she's employed yeah,they're not really giving the whole,story there's a lot to the story and a,lot that i've found if you could just,go into the search bar and look up amy,knight a-i-m-e-e,and then knight a-i-m-e-e,yes so this is about,yes so this is about,a woman there's a lot,regarding this woman this isn't just an,open and shut case this isn't black and,white there's a lot going on,so this woman was originally a part,of uh in the uk,she was a part of the green party well,twice she had appointed her father as,the campaign manager in politics for her,green,party run her father was charged with,22 criminal offenses including,taking indecent photographs false,imprisonment,imprisonment and raping and torturing a,ten-year-old girl,and amy had lived with her father,during that time or during some of that,time,um there's another thing i have in the,notes that's a little too graphic,for me to read in 2019 knight was,suspended by another political party,the liberal democrats after her partner,nathaniel knight,allegedly shared child sex fantasies,online knight has maintained that the,twitter account used to share the post,had been hacked,however this was the post quote,i fantasize about children having sex,sometimes with adults,sometimes with other children sometimes,kidnapped,and forced into bad situations,so that's a lot so is this person like,ex like going on reddit and telling,people their,feelings and stuff like that or are they,like angling to like meet other people,who,also feel that way to like start,some sort of trafficking ring or,something like that so that's actually,not how she got her start she actually,got her start,moderating on her own accord like,volunteer moderating the lgbtq,subreddit as she is a trans woman so,part of this problem and part of,why people were being banned so easily,because mo so any,any uh subreddit that had posted that,reddit had hired this woman,um was getting taken down for calls of,doxing,they weren't really doxxing because this,was a public figure this was someone who,was,known to the public and also the article,that was posted,and most posted i cannot speak for all,articles posted or anything like that,i have no idea the depths of reddit and,how many subreddits there are posting,this,information but a lot of the more,popular places um,with millions of subscribers were,posting,that hey there is this individual amy,knight,who was charged or who has been in,association,with pedophiles so,that is what got people banned uh,demoderated because there are a lot of,mods,uh that were taken down and in,solidarity,many of the uh of reddit communities if,you're trying to join a reddit community,yesterday the day before you'd be like,hey,why is any reddit group i want to join,private,well already most reddit groups said,we don't want to build reddit we don't,want more people getting to reddit we,don't want it to grow,during this period we want reddit to,show that,we don't care about our subscriber base,as long as you get someone who,associates

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Aimee Challenor | Pillars of the Community

Aimee Challenor | Pillars of the Community

in march of 2021,reddit users found that the website was,censoring various articles that were,being posted to its political boards,dick articles in question only gave,passing reference to one,amy challener one of the most,controversial trans activists in the,united kingdom,it transpired that chana had recently,become an administrator on the website,and a bot had been set up to censor any,and all negative discussion on her,claiming it to be tantamount to doxing,with some users,even being banned just for sharing,public information,the automated censorship on reddit,started a streisand effect,exposing the wider world to amy,challener and the various controversies,she's been directly,involved in despite a young age,challenger has found herself in multiple,high profile roles,with almost all coming to an,unceremonious end,but who exactly is amy chalaner why is,she so controversial,and most importantly how a challenger's,antics a reflection of how one can,weaponize their identity politically,to escape responsibility time and time,again,amy charner was born on the 1st of,october 1997,to david and tina charlena her parents,first met in 1993,after finding each other through cb,radio and after meeting at a cafe for,the first time,they moved in together just 36 hours,later,amy was the first of the challenger,children to be born although tina had,two children of her own from a previous,relationship,the next two challenger children,appeared to be named in alphabetical,order,not much is known about challenges,earliest years but around 2011,between the ages of 14 and 15 celina,came out online as,a diaper fair that is a fury who gets,sexual kicks out of wearing diapers,and defecating in them yeah things,really cranked up to 11,real quick here didn't they challenge,his first sona,as it's called went by the name monkey,meerkat,an autistic male meerkat who wore,diapers a commissioned art piece of,monkey list as hobbies as my little pony,and colouring in,although it's also mentioned that it's,acceptable to sissify,the first owner please please don't,google what that means,monkey meerkat would regularly post on,twitter and other websites about his,defecation fetish,and would gain the attention of older,users online,a profile on the furry fetish website,for affinity,also showed that challenger considered,herself to be close to two particular,trans fairies,named runt and maddie wolfe both of whom,identified as adult babies,chana would go through multiple fursonas,in her teenage years,changing from moki meerkat to cassie,lovecraft,and at one point publicly distancing,herself from the furry fandom,only to go and create two more fursonas,afterwards,in 2013 celina decided that being a,fairy who enjoyed soiling herself wasn't,enough,and so she became an online vigilante by,joining anonymous,with the group she joined in a protest,against the birmingham bullring shopping,center,claiming the owners to be tax dodgers,the protest became heated and following,this it was alleged that challenge,issued a threat against the boring,owners,to take the website down in a cyber,attack challenger was arrested for the,threat but the charges were eventually,dropped,speaking about the matter to coventry,live in 2017,celina claimed the police involvement,was an overreaction and that she would,do it again,it was not long after this however that,chelana was separated from her parents,and put into care,but exactly for how long isn't entirely,clear,it was around 2014 that challenger,looking for further identities to add to,her growing collection,came out as a trans woman she attended a,high school ball wearing a dress and,high heels,she claimed this was initially banned by,the head teacher but following pressure,from her parents,the school eventually allowed her to,attend with teachers helping her to,apply makeup,challenge claims that her medical,transition through the nhs hits a,stumbling block,after her gp wanted to look into her,autism,channel was concerned that her autism,diagnosis might affect her transition,although in a statement on the matter,nhs england implied that such a referral,would only be to assist the person,transitioning,challenger's autism was eventually,referenced by a general specialist in a,report,which he claimed was unnecessary during,the early days of her transition,challenge launched her own website,transfer,dedicated to trans furries although the,limited posts on her site only focused,on trans issues,the last post featured was on a hometown,coventry having its first pride parade,in late 2014 challenger got involved,with stonewall,a uk lgbt charity which at the time,focused exclusively with lesbian gay and,bisexual issues,she stayed over at a stonewall organized,retreat and,in 2015 she received a certificate from,the then,ceo roof hunt for her work on the,stonewall youth volunteering programme,at the stonewall youth awards where she,got to meet gaquan,despite her young age celina saw herself,as a rising star in the queer activism,sce

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