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Prince Harry book: Taliban leader condemns the Duke over 'chess pieces' comment | 5 Newsperhaps neve

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Updated on Jan 26,2023

Prince Harry book: Taliban leader condemns the Duke over 'chess pieces' comment | 5 News

perhaps never before has so much been,said by so many about a book that so few,of us have actually read Prince Harry's,Memoir spare isn't published here until,Tuesday next week but already we know,quite a bit about it a series of leaks,and an earlier than planned publication,in Spain has been revealing and that's,putting it mildly and generated plenty,of reaction today that extended to none,other than a Taliban and also some of,Harry's former comrades who questioned,his decision to say he killed 25,Fighters while he was serving in,Afghanistan Harry has also said he,thinks he was probably bigoted before he,met his wife Megan and once again,there's more detailed on that strained,relationship with his older brother,William one that's now looking more,difficult to resolve than ever Julian,druka has the story,of all the Royal Revelation shared,within the pages of Harry's Memoir there,is one area proving especially,contentious referring to his two tours,of Duty in Afghanistan he describes how,he killed 25 Taliban fighters he Likens,his victims to chess pieces today the,Taliban reacted with Fury with one,senior official tweeting Mr Harry the,ones you killed were not chess pieces,they were humans they had families who,were waiting for their return Among The,Killers of Afghans not many have your,decency to reveal their conscience and,confess to their war crimes today Royal,Marine veteran Ben McBean who served,with Harry tweeted that his friend,should shut up aside from a possible,increased security risk to the prince he,told us Harry's comments are highly,unusual,and you keep most things back there if,you're turning your own personal story,you've got it's all you can expose,yourself and say right I've done this,and I've done that but there's also,things that you're better off just not,saying,um in great detail and that's probably,one of them uh probably at the top of,the list actually,and then there is the conflict of a,different sort yesterday details emerged,of an alleged scuffle in 2019 with Harry,accusing his brother of physically,attacking him,in a new clip ahead of Sunday's ITV,interview we're told slightly more what,was different here was this level of,frustration and you know I talk about,the red mess that I had for so many,years and I saw this Red Mist in him he,wanted me to to head him back but I,chose not to and in a new accept aired,on American TV Harry has this reflection,on their relationship,how would your mom feel about your,relationship with your brother now I,think she would be,I think she would be sad,I think she'd be looking at looking at,it long term to know that there are,certain things that we need to go,through to be able to heal the,relationship,um I have felt the presence of my mum,more so in the last,two years than I have in the last 30.,there are many more disclosures in one,of the book's most emotional passages he,reveals the final words he whispered to,the late Queen at her deathbed just,hours after her passing I hope you'll be,happy he said,I feel sorry for Harry he's clearly far,more damaged individual than any of us,realized we've always told he was a,mischievous young boy that could get,through anything well that was clearly,not the case there has been no comment,from the royal family on these latest,claims they are bracing themselves for a,book which has not even been officially,released yet,as you can see Julian joins us in the,studio now good to talk to you in the,flesh we've got a couple of days,happening before we see that interview,here in the UK on Sunday and the book as,you mentioned is out next Tuesday do you,think we're going to see more coming out,from that in the next few days well,obviously weren't supposed to know all,the details yet but this book started,being sold in in Spain yesterday it's,not being sold in the UK till Tuesday,there is a slim possibility they could,now move it forward to Monday apparently,but in the next few days we can see four,TV interviews three of them in America,at this one in Britain on ITV it's gonna,be really extensive on Sunday night one,hour at 40 minutes so lots to get,through it's recorded late last year we,don't know how much time they spend on,this Afghanistan issue today Harry being,condemned not only by the Taliban but,also retired Colonels a former Defense,secretary Lord Hutton saying the,comments diminish Harry but one major,general I spoke to today said we should,remember all the good work carriers done,including the Invictus games no word,from the royal family Dan and we really,don't know if they're going to comment,at all over the next few days okay,Julian thank you very much for that

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Andrew Tate Twitter space ft. Taliban

Andrew Tate Twitter space ft. Taliban

this is like a big tall guys let's see,oh la la,but I have to translate,um,wait give him internet crowd what okay I,think now he can talk once again let's,go Link in Afghanistan come on,foreign,do you think the Tate brothers,do you think,ah sorry okay you're cutting out,did he ask to play this song I'm just,curious I don't understand if he what he,said this is fine uh Afghanistan,um,that's mad okay so if you guys have any,questions I'm going to ask you a,question,um,Afghanistan uh,shishma's uh,foreign,like 10 of it,yeah it's very difficult,any questions guys,keep the translation going for us yeah,I'm gonna try this is hilarious this is,amazing they have good liver meat in,Afghanistan okay so wait wait wait Mina,um so Lord Miles said that a lot of,Taliban,memes oh I'll ask him ask about that uh,Andrew Tate to afghanistani,he has,enemies,foreign,in prison should they have Halal meals,in prison all right um in the space so,you can ask him,sorry Samira what,he's in the space,okay perfect zalon what's your thoughts,about Andrew Tate me again,thank you,to all of you guys uh especially,I hope all is fine and good I just want,to say something about Andrew create,this,I saw a post he have been,surrendered by Army I don't know how he,is but I love it because he said in some,videos,that uh he he was on a good way that,he's supporting threats or facts,that's why we must support him uh I,think he said in some videos that he was,to converting to Islam so they're so,good inshallah do you think he's being,persecuted because he's the Muslim now,we all can come to become you know,convert to Islam because Islam is a,right and third that's why inshallah,do you think he'll stay Muslim in prison,or do you think he'll convert out,not inshallah all Muslim will be uh come,out conquerly or Victory inshallah,that's why like how Afghanistan have,been inshallah,so he's legit Muslim in your view did he,convert to Muslim to run away from,Israel,today,if you if you're from where it's not,problem from which county or foreign,country the Mustang is important to,become Muslim that's important it's not,important you are from Makkah you are,from Saudi or from west or south east,it's it's a must-have or important thing,that you become to a Muslim,alhamdulillah alhamdulillah you know,guys can I tell you something about,passport 911 the buildings fall down but,Arabic passport we're all good to go,that's why the reason to invade,Afghanistan and Iran so a lot of things,are staged are you trying to suggest,that maybe we haven't been told the,whole story about 9 11. well that's,because the pat those passports,passports guys,foreign,that there were these dancing Israelis,taking videos on 9 11. I I for one find,it exactly interesting,well when they went back see here's the,thing they went back on television back,in Israel and they said we were there to,document the event now some people have,taken that to mean that they were there,to document 911 before it was even,happening I take that to mean oh my God,we were up there and we saw the planes,hit the building and then we were there,to document the event of course after it,uh happened so no famous,talk show,taking pictures it was very strange you,know so it's a crime to publicize,massage agents or to show them on camera,on Israeli TV and yair lepid was asking,all these questions and interviewing the,people who were detained after 9 11 all,the Israelis were detained or at least,some of them and he panned the camera to,the Israeli Mossad handlers in the,audience and that was a big deal at the,time in Israel,from Israel about uh photography like,that's great but how come you're not,talking about Urban Moving Systems the,the company for which they were uh I,guess working for or whatever which now,like immediately stopped existing the,owner of which like ran out of the,country and everything they're actually,six thousand years afterwards,go ahead,um,were there some people who were hit by,drone strikes in Afghanistan that he was,okay with seeing go,okay well first question let me let him,answer the first question in the next,one,my name is,support,so he basically from what I understood,he said something like uh if this if 911,was the work of Osama bin Laden's and,why did Jews died in the attack Why,didn't it die yeah it's like it was a,stage and we know one who witnessed what,happened for the last time,okay what was the second question guys,I wanted to know if there were people,who were hit by drown strikes in,Afghanistan that he wasn't so sad to see,be killed,oh my God lots of Taliban victims of,those children actually their family,lost and drones uh they dropped you know,bombs and stuff in their house sure but,some of them probably needed killing I I,would think you know some of them you,got right,all right,Technologies,he said oh my God it's not just Jordan,there was another biggest highest very,highest technology in the name of area,and they tried twice on Afghanistan and,that was worse than drawn attacks

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Gravitas: Prince Harry claims he killed 25 people in Afghanistan

Gravitas: Prince Harry claims he killed 25 people in Afghanistan

do you remember the story of The Boy Who,Cried Wolf,the first time people believed him the,villagers ran up the hill to save the,boy's sheep from the wolf only to find,there was no wolf,the second time when the boy cried wolf,the villagers ran up the hill again but,again there was no wolf,the third time when the boy cried wolf,the villagers were convinced they were,being fooled again so no one went up the,hill,but this time there was a real wolf and,it went after his flock of sheep the boy,had no help,the story ends with a villager,comforting the shepherd boy he is told,nobody believes a liar even when he is,telling the truth,every toddler every preschooler is,familiar with this cautionary Tale But,one Prince needs a reminder tonight I,hope Prince Harry is listening,because today no one is believing him,just like they didn't believe the boy,who cried wolf and the reasons are not,too different,Harry wants us to believe things that,are extremely hard to digest,some are laughable,others will make you spit out your,morning coffee many are dangerous,allegations,but here we are talking about them the,world is hooked on to a Cheesy soap,opera with dramatic plot lines,so grab your popcorn because tonight I,want to introduce you to the actors of,this not so Shakespearean tragedy,Harry's story is slapped on the,headlines across the world,I'm sure you've seen them,and why wouldn't they be the story has,drama imagination stage sorrow famous,names,it even involves interacting with the,Dead,it also involves killing terrorists in a,battlefield fighting for his wife's,honor it's like a Bollywood movie,commanding suspension of disbelief,throw in a few action sequences and you,may just have this year's first,Blockbuster hit,in his upcoming Memoir spare yes there's,book deal at the root of all this,theater,Harry claims he has killed 25 people in,Afghanistan,Let Me Now read our excerpts as they are,being reported by the British press,I'm quoting it seemed to me essential,not to be afraid of that number so my,number is 25 it's not a number that,fills me with satisfaction but nor does,it embarrass me,Harry goes on to say you can't kill,people if you see them as people,what do you see them as then Harry,chess pieces writes the prince,the metaphor is very problematic I'll,tell you why,you see Harry served in the British army,for 10 years he did undertake two tours,of Afghanistan in the first one he,served as a forward air controller in,the second one he piloted the Apache,helicopter,but did his role involve shooting,targets even if it did did Harry really,need to be so crass about it,remember the British troops are being,accused of committing war crimes in,Afghanistan and now you have the British,Prince telling the world that the,Taliban were not seen as humans,a chess pieces,now a senior member of the Taliban anas,hakani has said that the people Harry,claimed he killed in Afghanistan were,not chess pieces they were humans,he says and I quote,Mr Harry the ones you killed were not,chess pieces they were humans they had,families who were waiting for their,return,haqqani went on to say Among The Killers,of Afghans not many have your decency to,reveal their conscience and confess to,their war crimes,now do you get what we're talking about,what Harry sought to achieve by,narrating the story is obvious he wasn't,happy being just an entitled Prince,he also wanted to be seen as a war hero,as a husband out to protect his wife's,honor,Crimea River,it's 2023 do we really need a husband to,be guarding his wife's honor,but the question is how many people are,really believing him how many of you are,feeling sorry for this crying Prince or,for the royal family and the mud it's,being dragged through,I'll tell you what's ironical it's,better for Harry that people brush his,claims aside like the boy who cried wolf,because otherwise he's up for trouble,there's a reason why countries don't,like to reveal the identity of their,troops who serve in war zones because,that makes them vulnerable to Revenge,attacks,entitled an ignorant Harry is inviting,such attacks and just for the record I'm,not saying this experts in the United,Kingdom are,they are worried that Harry's claims,amount to a security threat,Harry has some more Bombshells to drop,which amounts to utter ridicule mockery,when you say you're beaten up by your,older brother the claim is believable,obviously I don't get why this is,national news or international news,why does Harry want to tell the world,about it sibling fights are not Front,Page News,but when you want the world to believe,that someone has been relaying late,Princess Diana's messages to you,that's when you become The Boy Who Cried,Wolf,that's when you become a walking joke,everything you say after that meets the,same reaction and that,who exactly are you trying to fool Harry,does not say where he met this woman,with these so-called powers or when,he writes I'm quoting the minute we sat,down together I felt an energy around,her the

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Taliban Accuses Prince Harry Of War Crimes | 10 News First

Taliban Accuses Prince Harry Of War Crimes | 10 News First

thằng chơi chắc như partan nên phải hay,thẩm giáo bảo và trả lời sàn miền than,taxi

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Prince Harry's revelation he killed 25 Taliban fighters risks being 'misrepresented'

Prince Harry's revelation he killed 25 Taliban fighters risks being 'misrepresented'

we're joined Now by a retired Air Vice,Marshall Sean bellshaw great to see you,as always well,um so so firstly of course we should say,getting a statement of criticism from,from the Taliban might not be something,that that angers a former uh or upsets a,former Soldier I mean with that partly,in mind is there guidance that you get,when in the Army when coming back from a,tour when leaving the army or the Armed,Forces uh more broadly I should say in,terms of what you do and don't say on,this sort of topic well there's two,things one of the official Secrets acts,which everybody signs up to and that's,legally binding this is not part of the,official secret sack this is more about,guidance but it at wartime experiences,are really interesting because I do a,lot of work with the Second World War,veterans not many of them left now very,few of them ever talked about their time,on the battlefields in the air during,the war because it was so horrendous,that actually they didn't want they,couldn't find a place in peaceful,Society to share those experiences and,yet many of them were absolutely Heroes,and I think the challenge here is that,we don't normally hear about what's been,happening on the battlefields except we,now hear about this in a book and that's,what's been a bit unfortunate here and,just talk us through this point he,mentions there you know in the age of,Apaches and laptops the the specifics of,his record are are recorded I mean talk,us through give us some color on that,yeah I think it's it's definitely worth,having some context here so um Harry,served in Afghanistan and our tour is,overlapped I did two years of my life,three tours out out there,um he said with a great deal of,Distinction out there he was in a very,very difficult role on the front line,flying Apaches providing close air,support to us our friendly soldiers on,the ground and because it's a high-tech,uh platform you do a detailed planning,before you go but more importantly,everything is recorded in the cockpit,and you do very detailed debriefs,afterwards part of that is did I hit my,target you know is there any way I could,do it better do I count the number of,casualties but more importantly did I,put at risk any of our Personnel on the,ground and it's all to do with how do,you do it better the next time around so,it's really Fierce professionalism and,ruthless the challenge here of course is,soldiers it's at the Second World War,veterans they see their their colleagues,being blown up on the battlefields that,lives with them Pilots are detached from,all that but they have to live with the,consequences of what they see on the,screen when they do their debriefs and,part of that leads to PTSD I think one,thing I'll criticize of what Harry's,done is just this number 25 we live it's,a grave risk that it gets,misrepresented we live in a world where,lots of the younger generation play,computer games war games and body bags,are a sort of badge of honor in some way,I can reassure that none of the military,take any Pride whatsoever in killing,individuals it is a ruthless game that,everybody knows they are human beings,father sons and and husbands and,increasingly females as well and I think,whatever Harry has done in his,post-military career it's not for me to,judge but he did serve this country with,pride and courage in during his time in,Afghanistan sure well as always thanks,so much

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Prince Harry killed 25 people in Afghanistan

Prince Harry killed 25 people in Afghanistan

Sky News has obtained a copy of Harry's,new book due to be published on Tuesday,in it he reveals that he and his brother,William wanted to reopen the,investigation into the death of his,mother Princess Diana believing that,there had been corruption and cover-ups,he says especially the summary,conclusion that our mother's driver was,drunk and as a result that was the only,cause of the accident it was simplistic,and absurd,even if the man had been drinking even,if he had been drunk he wouldn't have,had any problem driving through such a,short tunnel unless Paparazzi were,following him and dazzled him why had,those Paparazzi got off lightly why,weren't they in prison who had sent them,and why weren't those people in jail,either what other reason could there be,apart from corruption and cover-ups,being the order of the day,we agreed on all those questions and,also what we should do next we would,issue a statement asking jointly for the,investigation to be reopened we might,call a press conference those who,decided dissuaded us,Prince Harry also reveals that he and,his brother William asked their father,Charles not to marry Camilla,in the book it says that's why when the,question came Willy and I promised our,father that we would welcome Camilla to,the family the only thing we asked for,in return was that he didn't marry her,you don't need to get married again we,asked him,Prince Harry also admitted in the book,that he killed 25 people during his tour,in Afghanistan,he says this most soldiers don't know,exactly how many kills they have to,their credit,under battle conditions you often fire,indiscriminately however in the age,Apaches and laptops everything I did in,the course of two tours of Duty was,recorded and time stamped,I could always tell exactly how many,enemy combatants I'd killed and it,seemed essential for me not to be afraid,of that figure,among the many things I learned in the,armed forces one of the most important,was to be accountable for my own actions,so my number 25 it was not something,that filled me with satisfaction but I,was not ashamed either naturally I would,have preferred not to have that figure,on my military resume or in my head but,I would also have preferred to live in a,world without the Taliban a world,without War,however he goes on even for a casual,practitioner of wishful thinking like,myself that our realities that cannot be,changed Tour of Duty nearing end around,Christmas 2012.,Sussex also claimed he was attacked by,Prince William during a row about his,wife Megan,he William called me another name then,came at me it all happened so fast so,very fast he grabbed me by the collar,ripping my necklace and he knocked me to,the floor,I landed on the dog's bowl which cracked,under my back the pieces cutting into me,I lay there for a moment dazed then got,to my feet and told him to get out,in an interview with Good Morning,America to promote the book Prince Harry,was quizzed on why he described Prince,William as his arch nemesis,the quote in his book where you refer to,your brother as your beloved brother and,arch nemesis,strong words what did you mean by that,there is always been,this competition,between us weirdly I think it really,plays into always played by the air,spare,joins me now good evening Ashner so well,where to start I mean some extraordinary,Revelations,you really do get,not only that this is a huge Rift which,is ripping not only through the Duke of,Sussex household but also right through,the royal family too and something that,has been going on for years and in his,own words and this is in the Duke of,Sussex Harry's own words he has written,this book you get a sense of that huge,amount of resentment that he has and,touching first of all on the fact that,he wants and it continues to press for,answers on how his mother died saying,that he wanted he and his brother to,open reopen an investigation into those,circumstances in August of 1997 to,discover exactly what led to her death,he says that they were dissuaded from,doing so he refuses to accept the,summary conclusion he says that the,driver had been drinking and that this,was an accident he repeatedly says that,he wanted answers for this and that both,of them wanted answers from this but,that they were advised not to do so you,I mentioned there the resentment and you,you do get a sense of how deep this Rift,between the two brothers really is,speaking about their time eaten together,he describes the fact that Prince,William did not want to be did not want,to know him did not want to um want it,known within the school that they were,brothers he says William told me to,pretend not to know him you don't know,me Harold and I don't know you for the,two previous years he explained to me,Eaton had been his sanctuary and at that,time the fact we studied at the same,school seemed to him a real torture we,then hear about this physical,altercation that happened once Prince,William had allegedly made comments,about Megan describing he

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The Drug 50x Stronger Than Heroin

The Drug 50x Stronger Than Heroin

there are like so many farms scattered,in that region filled with children,doing that type of work I knew the,importance of the picture and it's all,about taking the risk,my name is salwan Georges and I'm a,photojournalist with the Washington Post,my editors asked me if I'm interested in,documenting the opioid epidemic that was,swiping through the United States and,taking so many lives,we got a call that two people OD'd,outside this bar in Thailand,Massachusetts,the gentleman was laying down families,were crying hugging each other shouting,please save them please save him,this was a fentanyl overdose I believe,that scene was so heavy that I had to,like at some point just put my camera,down and and just hope that this person,makes it,thankfully at the end of this night he,was awake and on his way to the hospital,to recover,I was able to cut up later with him and,he's doing okay now his mom writes me,from time to time,fentanyl is 50 times stronger than the,regular heroin unfortunately a lot of,times people don't make it back from it,we were undercover watching this,gentleman going from car to car selling,drugs when the detectives decided to,move in this person swallowed the bag of,fentanyl because they were scared to get,caught the detectives were able to kind,of pull out of his mouth it was that,white bag full so that's like we'll,definitely kill this person they just,must have chewed through the bag or,something and within half an hour oh,deed,it's what's during sunset as you can see,the light shining through uh between all,the paramedics working,and then within like 10 minutes this,person woke up they were like hello you,know you you have OD'd,um welcome back basically,I've never seen anything like that where,the drug dealer ODS,I spent time on Kensington Avenue in,Philadelphia it's uh heavily trafficked,open-air drug Market one of the people,was Gutierrez,and guterres was setting up to shoot,Fentanyl,I approached him because he was wearing,a Detroit Pistons hat and you know being,from Detroit it was an easy way for me,to introduce myself he was telling us,all these stories about his friends who,OD'd I was saying do you mind if I kind,of like hang around and take some photos,and and he was totally cool with it we,just you know watched him break the pill,heat it up fill the needle and then he,just shot it in his hands,after that he got up and walked away,so it just it seems like a very routine,thing it's like it's going to get a flu,shot basically,as you drive down Kensington Avenue you,see a bunch of people just going either,through withdrawal or this is very high,and it's just a very sad scene to see,in 2019 we went undercover to Ivory,Coast to expose some of the chocolate,companies that still use child slaveries,and child laborers a lot of those,leading chocolate companies like Mars,Nestle and Hershey pled to trace a,source of the chocolate to make sure,none children's were harmed harvesting,the cocoa according to our reporting,they still couldn't do it after 20 years,we spoke to these children who told us,that literally they were smuggled in,buses and were forced to kind of live in,this areas and have a master that will,barely pay them make them work in really,really harsh conditions to collect cocoa,and you can see the sadness on these,children they should be at school that's,what they told me they shouldn't be,doing this hard work and giving up their,dreams,it's not easy to find these children and,it's extremely dangerous because the,government doesn't want to see this,at the border of Burkina Faso and Ivory,Coast these buses come in the middle of,the night non-stop as you can see here,these kids could probably like 15 14,years old,some of them were crying,those buses kept coming every night,there are like so many farms scattered,in that region full with children doing,that type of work I knew the importance,of the picture I knew I really needed to,show what's going on and it's all about,taking the risk so I jumped the middle,of the street I grabbed the photo and I,left it's not a thrill or anything it's,more about showing the truth,one of the people I was able to,photograph and hear their story was Abu,he was 15.,Abu told me please take my picture,please show my face I want my family,back in Burkina Faso to see who I am and,what I do now,it was really sad thing to hear from a,kid to this day I think about it these,children Harvest a lot of the cocoa that,we eat and they just,they don't even know what chocolate,tastes like,so I was getting ready to go to,Afghanistan for work I got a call from,my editor asking me to reroute to,Ukraine,at that time we're afraid that Russia,will invade any time,this was the funeral of a 24 year old,Ukrainian Soldier this was his mother,sister and some relatives Grandma here,the war is kind of personal for me I,kind of grew up in a similar situation,as I was photographing I was thinking of,all the family members I lost in the war,in Iraq,it was really difficult for me to,

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Prince Harry "A Murderer”: Why Taliban, Pakistanis Fuming Over Duke Of Sussex's Afghan Statement?

Prince Harry "A Murderer”: Why Taliban, Pakistanis Fuming Over Duke Of Sussex's Afghan Statement?

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