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The Stars of AEW Take Center Stage When Dynamite Returns to the Forum | AEW Road to LA, 1/10/23can y

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Updated on Jan 13,2023

The Stars of AEW Take Center Stage When Dynamite Returns to the Forum | AEW Road to LA, 1/10/23

can you just tell me about that night in,Cincinnati and what you remember,yeah they're checking them here they got,a doctor is checking him,that was a nasty Landing guys,I've been knocked out,in wrestling,more times than I can count the match,has ended let's see if we can get an,announcement hope hangers are right here,I was laying face down on the mat,snoring and they rolled me over and they,put them in the back of an ambulance and,they started to come doing the way to,the hospital and they're asking me,questions and I kind of started to get,them right after a while what's today's,date October 18th I knew it where are we,at we're in Cincinnati who you wrestling,the world champion that's who I'm,wrestling they hand me my phone and the,screen lights up and they say is that,your son he's he's cute,what's his name,what's his name,you know I,I don't want to talk about what happened,in Cincinnati any longer because I don't,want this to be a sob story from here on,out,it's a violent one,no I'm not even remotely concerned,and it was strong I know it was athletic,man Adam Paige I know he's dumb and that,makes him even tougher too dumb to quit,I don't think hangman has been cleared,I'm supposed to feel bad for you because,you didn't come prepared I don't know,how to keep your hands up because you've,got a glass jaw nah that ain't how this,game works so Cowboy where are you I,ain't waiting all night hangman Adam,page not cleared for Action yes charge,it right into the waiting fist of John,Boxley once starts getting wild you,don't want to be in the room who's that,what's Eggman page Adam page assaulting,Moxie you keep going as long as you want,but I'm starting to wonder when exactly,are we just going to go ahead and settle,this in the rain you know I don't blame,MOX for knocking me out that's the,nature of what we do right,the first three years of aw two men,stood above all the rest,I wouldn't have thought that the stakes,could have been higher than with the,world championship on the line but this,time it feels like my pride and beat,everybody there was to beat but each,other John Moxley the hangman Cowboy,Adam page but I feel like I need to win,this match not necessarily for my career,but I need it for me as a person I need,to know that,that I can continue to do this and I,need to know that not just by competing,I need to know it by winning by beating,John Oxley Blackpool combat club we,learn we teach our objective is to cause,pain to our opponent by any means,necessary catchers catch can means get,it anyway you can get it I got five,seconds in that five seconds I can pull,a knife on you as far as I'm concerned,in that five seconds I don't care what,you do,it's within the rules John Boxley I will,gouge your eyes out I'll break your nose,and I'll shove this non-alcoholic beer,straight up your ass,it is pretty good but I'll shove it up,your ass,Hang Man,this is your first test you're gonna,show me you're gonna show the world what,you're really made of you're just a fun,time BTE hang out with the elite have,fun go to a pizza party play wrestler,or are you the real thing this Wednesday,in L.A John Moxley I'll see you at this,point sometimes when we hit you you just,don't get back up I'm gonna make sure,this time,you never get up again,hey man how concerned are you about your,health going into this commercial,my health I um I feel great completely,confident,so mjf has this big plan it says if I,can win every match you really think,you're the best wrestler in the world,don't you but that's impossible because,I am and the Triple B the world,championship proves it and I have to,wrestle every week on Dynamite from now,until February he'll grant me a title,shot at Revolution this company,wings and losses matter and if you want,a shot at the king and the grandest,prize of them all you gotta become,number one Contender I like wrestling,I like wrestling every week,and I want to wrestle the best you can,win every week from now until February,8th,March 5th Revolution no questions asked,to Max it's a punishment because he he,doesn't like to wrestle he wants to do,as little work as possible which really,kind of blows my mind mjf talks about,how guys who wrestle because they enjoy,wrestling he's he says they're marks,which is a negative term in this,industry for years and years and years I,don't get my rocks off by putting my,body on the line to entertain these,Schmucks,mjf already has a ton of money,so he does something he doesn't like to,get more money if you can't make money,with the money you got you're dumbest,so that I can cheat in front of the,referee God you really are so brilliant,Brian go ahead please take any,stipulation you'd like and if you're,doing something that you don't want to,do just for money when you already have,enough money you're twice the dumb that,I thought you were so here's the thing,I'm gonna do what I love to do let's,just go out there and wrestle and this,week on Dynamite I'm wrestling one of,the best yo

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Will Saraya End RJ City? | Hey! (EW), 1/8/23

Will Saraya End RJ City? | Hey! (EW), 1/8/23

well that's all well and good but it's,not Florence pew,I am RJ City,to some crew people they pick it up on,the mic they're in the truck,soyria Syria,like a ray of sunshine Soraya,say it with me sir sir Ray Ray uh uh now,put it together Tito Santana exactly I'm,just happy that there's not one more,page you want to tell everybody what,happened the first time we met,hmm do you remember I don't know the way,yeah am I supposed to okay yeah sat down,and Catering you're like hey ew I love,that shirt I do because I have a hey ooh,shirt I guess and I was like you should,come on the show and you're like what,show,you nothing about this and you just,thought that what I was a wrestler who,was social and then immediately grossed,out,in a certain sense there was a time but,you just thought I was like a hey oh you,didn't know any of this at all no yeah,well is it yeah can I get that shirt,because the shirt is interesting itself,because you know you're like saying,someone just here for the free stuff I,am you know what I happen to have it and,if you do your best oh answer all the,questions and hopefully this does good,numbers then uh this at the end of the,interview will become yours okay I,always do good numbers all right sorry,don't you're welcome by the way yes,great you debuted before you were born,true your mother unknowingly wrestled,while she was pregnant with you yeah so,your Bump card was like already filling,up yes right and you came out of the,womb going let's take it easy kid grab a,hold out there scoliosis it's my mom's,fault you're like a baby vet I am yeah,I'm very broken inside and out yeah you,have five relatives who wrestle uh hang,on let me count my mom my dad yeah my,brother my other brother my two nephews,right my sister wrestling my grandma was,a referee including myself mine,I think that's it okay so you guys are,ready to know my two younger nephews too,they're very young so that is that's,good to start them at that age yeah you,really just like pale Samoans,yeah I guess is that like,can we say that is that what that you're,pale yeah I mean are you making fun of,my skin color like be saying pale like,is that can you say it is fair your fair,skinned is that better to say you have a,good computer I know I feel like I'm,gonna tweet about this because a lot of,people are very sensitive and they'll,have my back,great you were initially afraid of,wrestling and you wanted to become a,zoologist I did yeah in your family in,order to Rebel yes you had to pursue a,stable career studying animals that's,good to say go to hell Dad I'm gonna go,examine hippos exactly you know what,animals are just a lot better than,people I don't like a lot of people,right but then you you switch and then I,still do those for sure you know what,it's because my dad was showing a girl,one day and he was like get in the ring,Syria we need you right and I already,wrestled my brother as a pink Power,Ranger not me Zach was the pink person,okay and I fell in love with it yeah as,soon as you step your you know you'll,you know once you start wrestling right,and that was your Second Debut when you,were 13. yes but then your career kind,of derailed Because by the age of 15,you're working as a bouncer at your,parents Pub how old do you think you are,in life experience I don't know I say,that I'm a cat but I guess cat age is,what is that like seven years old,become a zoologist maybe I should have,yeah all right what else is interesting,here you were signed by the company with,too many video screens big moments,championships movie about your life,retired in 2019 ah you got a new neck,where's the new Next Door all these,people are getting new necks now I know,I don't know I don't know I went to Dr,Uribe and then again to Drury Bay and,then also my neck is better I mean I'm,just yeah because I'm a medical novel,honestly back in the day you either had,to stop wrestling or the vertebrae would,just grind down until you were ahead on,shoulders really exactly yes and Dr,Uribe he cleared you yes no no Dr Riva,didn't I don't know so um I forgot his,name great uh it's a new doctor yeah,obviously yeah well he did he had a Dell,in there too I'm gonna say that because,I think that's really cool but the,singer do you know who Adele is I've,heard,I just don't think a doctor should be,clearing anyone to wrestle I don't think,wrestling is a thing you should be,cleared for it's like clearing someone,to get hit by a car oh you're very,healthy here's a piece of paper to go do,something unhealthy has that doctor ever,been in the ring has he taken any bumps,none of the doctors have taken any bumps,if Dr Uribe took one hip toss he'd be,like this is a terrible idea oh probably,that's why he's a doctor and not,wrestler so they've never watched your,work yeah,you have a shirt maybe not that says you,can't kill me,you also have another shirt that says,back from the dead yeah so which is it,you can't kill me back from the day oh,yeah that is kind of stupid you know,when I

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7 Matches: Athena Defends ROH Women's Title, Juice Robinson, The Firm, JAS, & More! | Dark, Ep 178

7 Matches: Athena Defends ROH Women's Title, Juice Robinson, The Firm, JAS, & More! | Dark, Ep 178

we are just over 24 hours away from aew,Dynamite live from Los Angeles,California but right now it's time for a,dark I'm Excalibur joined by Tess let's,go down to Joshua Gonzalez the following,contest is set for one call with a 20,minute time limits they introducing,first from Joliet Illinois weighing,227 pounds rock hard juice,Robinson know what Excalibur I don't,like many people but I like me some,juice I like this guy,his opponent's already in the ring,Travis Williams,juice Robinson a three-time former IWGP,United States heavyweight champion in,New Japan Pro Wrestling now making his,home here in all elite wrestling and,we've seen a lot of aggression out of,juices he has a high map return on,Travis Williams and incorporate a little,spin drill right there and a nice tight,inverted waist lock rear gut wrench,or a half Nelson yeah half Nelson is,Robinson breaks the grip with the boot,to the midsection on Travis Williams and,Juice Robinson he's really got all the,makings of somebody poised to really,break out here in aew in 2023 town I,agree I totally agree yeah juice,definitely uh has skill set has the the,background the history that he's getting,us beat him up a bit here yeah Williams,Landing a big series of strikes there,that's it every uh,and maybe,look at him it's a little too far here,he had to cap this off no oh juice just,stepping out of the way,he's getting a little too antsy oh,juice takes him off his feet and,reminder aew Dynamite live tomorrow,night 8-7 Central on TBS from The,Fabulous Kia's Forum in Los Angeles,John Moxley hangman page collide one on,one we will hear from the Jericho,Appreciation Society Saraya and Tony,storm will take on Jamie Hayter Dr brick,Baker DMD Brian Danielson kanosuke,takeshita one on one big build and Lee,Moriarty take on Jungle hook Jack Perry,and hook oh but juice with that,cannonball in the corner plus match,seven in the best of seven series Death,triangle the lead to the side who will,be the aw World trios Champions escalera,de la Muerte with a cent on there by,juice good job by juice,the lateral press two and oh Williams,kicking out and Los Angeles tomorrow,night is going to be fire for Dynamite,Man Loaded show in a city range,Jesus,the same people that call it hotlanta,juice now center of the Ring Williams up,for perhaps a Brain Buster no reverses,inside cradle juice barely a one count,there but Williams again showing signs,of life to roll up she's kicking out,Mahi straw and Williams two very very,close I've been a gigantic upset if that,would have happened it almost did,juice one for the elbow on the corner,Williams comes in the truck pick,catching juice Robinson and he is,stumbling he is down flat on his face,now the waist lock that Williams not,wasting time he's gonna hit a German,yeah,one two and no,it popped off the bridge never popped,onto his head it's tough to do that with,a stolen German especially with an,opponent the size of juice Robinson,right exactly yeah juice is a big cat,for sure,Williams looking to make an upset here,but juice blocks the swing DDT attempt,and a big,South Paul Lariat from juice Robinson,that was a massive line whoa,juice,flattens Williams hooks the leg,and scores the win,the winner of this match rock hard juice,Robinson,juice Robinson picking up his first win,of the year on Tuesday nights of aew,dark watch how he drops out it's,similar to a DDT but juice when he drops,his weight on his opponent's head it,drives him down even harder yeah and,supines demands back to a really Jacks,the guy's spine up shoots Robinson big,well I shouldn't say big win nice,impressive win how about that and 2023,could be the year a rock hard juice,Robinson,Tag Team Action coming up next here on,aew dark as Emmy soccer and Diamante,take on Willow Nightingale and Ruby Soho,right now,foreign,Oregon the veteran Veterans Memorial,Coliseum and uh an interesting Duo on,hand here with Emmy soccer and Diamante,but I feel like we say that every time,Emmy soccer has a new taxi partner well,because what makes it interesting is,Emmy Emmy is a very uh unique competitor,but she's got a dangerous partner with,her but dealing against a dangerous team,and their opponents introducing first,from Long Island New York Willow,Nightingale,and her taxi partner from Lafayette,Indiana,'s coming up this Friday night aew,Rampage 10-9 Central on TNT it will be,Ruby Soho and Willow Nightingale versus,Ty Mello and Anna Jay of the Jericho,appreciation society in a street fight,it's going to be physical and oh talk,about physical these ladies just got,jumped here and I believe we're going to,have uh,Ty Mello and add a Jay in action here on,this episode of dog in a little bit,that's right we'll be seeing them in,action later right now Diamante on the,boots of Ruby and Willow and,well that could have gone wrong about 10,million other ways in the way it went,went right for Diamante and Emmy,it did for sure and let's see oh it,looks like the amount is going to fly,buddy,oh,Ruby Soho the elb

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since we're almost there guys this is,GPS there's nothing else listen I'm not,like you guys the only way I get booked,is if the signal comes back we gotta,find them come on I need this guys if it,comes back can we get paid oh my god,there it is what where it is oh what is,this,oh it's a video I thought it was a photo,you got a problem huh,I'm supposed to do oh I didn't see him,there all right guys it's time we got,one chance to make this right it's one,chance to get this thing back right so,so let's get this right I wish I had a,purple hat hey girl I know you stole the,wish and everything but I'ma tell you,which is about to be granted,so,that's the screw up the block is back,the block yeah that's exciting what,should we do with things yeah baby,welcome to your eyes,welcome Brave wrestling fan come on grab,your friends with Sam and Ty and the,Vlog guys the fun will never end it's,blood group time,what's up everybody it is Wednesday it's,like,Seven Something in the morning right now,and we are going to Dynamite,okay goodbye people hey where you going,where are you going hey nope,Goku's making sure I get my uh my cardio,in in the morning,in case I have a match today,you can have this problem child,good,what are you doing,being a problem,all right and we made it I'm cold I,don't have a match today Ty has a match,today,it was Ruby Soho now it's Ruby,so nunos,so we're waiting for the rental car,shuttle and Ty's going to see some other,dates,this is completely wrong how do you how,do you switch the feet no my face in WoW,oh,okay I gotta move this way yeah so it's,like,yeah I don't think I'm doing this right,this doesn't feel like how the videos,yeah,how do I do it,they go they move so fast energy oh my,God what do you mean,dude I'm so pale,dude,I got a I got a couple jackets on oh,what is that whoa oh my God damn,available,all I know is what people should do,you know if you didn't get any if you,didn't get a Christmas present get,yourself a present,Birch Vlog crew merch I don't I don't,think we're gonna make it to the show,there's no shuttle,I wanted to shout out the shuttle is,never gonna come it's never gonna come,oh there it is okay bye,and now we are getting a spray tan boom,there's ice on the floor there is ice on,the floor,they got me on the cover here went back,in my blonde hair days back in my,American Nightmare days,goodbye pale Sammy hello tan Sam,we are like,yep we gotta go,bye,I want to see the fire someone say Fuego,that's good and it still went off no,dude that's Dynamite,it doesn't say dark woman,it's dynamite damn he's the biggest,artist in the world I can't even get on,dark nowadays today you've been here,bro we convinced them for that too,y'all got hurt feelings,to bad money Bad Bunny,um I'm a huge fan of your work and um,I I paid like two grand for floor seats,for your concert I don't know if you,remembered but if you sat there and like,you pointed at me and you went to me and,I would love to meet you one day Danny,did you sign your release they can't use,any of this if you didn't sign it at,least I signed one a couple weeks ago,perfect,School you guys I actually was trained,that was good no that was good that was,good sounds good what do you got to say,I mean Sammy was your personal dude I am,a banker Bad Bunny is legitimately the,biggest artist in the world what is the,Spotify Spotify,I think when I looked it up Bad Bunny,was number one that maybe Taylor Swift,is number one now but I looked it up,yeah I do not like that Triple H took,away your money I know they're using me,so wrong,I saw on Twitter,oh God that your blue check isn't real,oh it's not it's not oh you got that you,paid for it is that true yeah,I love your eyes,Jeff Jones Jeff Jones give this man an,actual check so we just have to pay the,eight dollars no more eight dollars is,way too much please help me out yes,camera on camera my vlog's not going up,for a couple more weeks so we're fine,hey dude,let me ask you though so why are you,eating Paige's right now all right,so a long time ago they sold they sold,at Matt Hardy the amount Hardy turned on,them right and then Matt Hardy they,turned on Matt Hardy yeah,bro this story thing is so,goddamn long so Isaiah Cassidy and Mark,Quinn were a tag team that ended up,getting bought out they joined Hardy,party they got burned so now they're in,the farm by the way guys I've been given,the contract situations for two years so,if you know a lawyer that can help you,and Quinn and Matt Hardy like get out,the situation because we've been,absolutely you feel me oh ,hey what's up everybody I just guys got,you just like 300 more followers just,like that oh thank you reality star,cool you're welcome,speaking of reality shows what's up,what wait are you guys going to be,putting him,this is Sammy to the top so he's filming,himself but you're gonna do two reality,stars a Bad Bunny hit me up,rise down boys hey yo I love that bunny,I would die for him hey yo the rise down,boys,hey can we go lift the dumbbe

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WWE Morale Drops Following Vince McMahon Return | AEW Star Faces Post-Surgery Issues, Return Unknown

WWE Morale Drops Following Vince McMahon Return | AEW Star Faces Post-Surgery Issues, Return Unknown

WWE morale drops following Vince,McMahon's return plus an aew star faces,post-surgery issues and multiple NXT,stars were backstage at Raw last night,it's all in the wrestling news right now,to the shock of no one morale is in a,weird old place since the return of,Vince McMahon to the boardroom what a,funny few days it's been less like,boardroom more like sad room am I right,kids say right Dave meltz has been on,pressing obviously Vincent man has just,resigned from the board after hearing,that sick burn,Ross has done it saved wrestling again,cheers thank you very much Dave meltz,has been on wrestling observer radio,saying the morale was much better,without Vince McMahon now everyone's,worried again because it's like,adventures in charge they're going to,try and they're going to sell does this,mean they're going to try and start,doing Cuts again maybe that's what a lot,of people got that conclusion didn't,they when all the cuts were happening,during 2021 and 2022 didn't they like,they're streamlining everything before,getting ready for a sale extreme,lighting yes streamlining everything's,involved I mean they might be liming as,well yeah that was the General consensus,that we got was that it was a,streamlining effort to make the company,a bit more uh a bit more appealing to a,prospective buyer I I can't see that,occurring because I think the sale is,going to happen very quick now I don't,think this is the case I think all the,streamlining has been done because,obviously there have been some higher,backs but not everyone has been hired,back I mean they've shut an entire brand,since then for goodness sake yeah so I,don't think there's any more of that to,be done but we will certainly certainly,uh they have reason to be concerned you,know what with the last few years and,all you know if if they're not gonna be,precious about your job during a,pandemic they're not going to be fresh,during this particular period where,everything seems fine I was saying,yesterday like well in the short term,obviously it's considered for the,wrestlers with the streamlining in the,past coming back to the Forefront of,people's minds but in the long run once,this contract of instrument fans,apparently come back to renegotiate with,the TV companies is done what will the,new people do with you know what I mean,because there'll be someone else,renegotiating the contract after that,and they could imagine if they just,canceled raw and smackdowns like oh,we'll just sit in the library we'll just,own that on our on our streaming service,and not do anything else with the live,rest this is something that we said on a,Friday it's very it's a very real,possibility that a major company could,come in buy WWE run it for a bit and,then go actually we'll just keep the,library we don't want to keep making new,episodes that could very well be how it,goes there's how many millions or,billions is the library worth you know,40 50 years of televised content I think,the current market value for WWE is 7,billion just under 7 billion which to,some companies is a large chunk of the,cheese but for somewhere like Amazon,that's like you know that's like buying,a newspaper on the way down that is Dave,Meltzer also talks about the,aforementioned sale above WWE saying the,idea of selling right now is safer than,waiting it might not be the right move,but it is the safer move for maximum,wealth to Vince McMahon the maximum,wealth is to sell the company now he,doesn't need the money but he may want,to sell get the money and have a deal,where he is in charge and this is,something that we talked about in a,video that we did yesterday,whereby Vince getting in now before the,sale happens kind of gets him in a,comfortable position on the board for,when it sells they'll just go oh we'll,just leave him in charge of them he's,going to go facility and all this so he,must be doing great things let's keep,him in charge now despite this despite,this melter believes that if more,Revelations about Vince McMahon come out,whoever owns the company won't blink,just to get him gone like there's no,loyalty there if if Amazon if if Jeff,Amazon buys WWE and uh these things come,out about events they go well you sacked,off you go yeah get gone and that's it,there's no there's no there's no,long-standing loyalty it's just okay,we'll find someone else to run this,company or we'll mothball it yeah we've,paid the money for it we'll run it how,we see fit we don't care about the past,year if anything things could take the,ship down I'm with him in that case yeah,I mean that might be his goal just a,minute,yeah they do all that sort of stuff he,did predict it 20 years ago didn't he,yeah it was a very slow burn that he did,in the NWO days it's terrifying Tom it's,a terrifying time for all concert I hope,that us content creators have put the,Forefront of everyone's Minds who are,doing this deal remember we've we've got,jobs to do it's fine well all just I'm,thinking of starting a football channel,all t

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Disco Inferno on: his Twitter battles with AEW defenders

Disco Inferno on: his Twitter battles with AEW defenders

okay um back by popular demand the,infamous disco list you guys ready i'm,very ready absolutely okay,let's start off with the canadian,contingency a guy that i know no matter,you actually took them off the list put,them back on the list i can't see him,getting off the list on the,foreseeable future because he went into,a very well-behaven tirade on you,recently on twitter,don lord cyrus kalas uh he's on the list,you want to talk talk about this go,ahead yeah,um so,so meltzer was uh,um meltz meltzer recently like you know,when when aw tried to spin last week,that they won right in that that,head-to-head against smackdown and,there's a uh,and this is and i you know,i i listened to that clip where brian,and um,dave,went over uh we're talking about you,know let's,for the fans out there that do i'm sure,everybody knows this but smackdown has,been because i don't well maybe they,don't okay smackdown has been the number,one show on professional wrestling for,how long now a couple years a year and a,half for a while,okay and it's not losing numbers they're,pretty consistently between like 2.1,million and 2.3 million like every week,at they have a built-in audience right,and it's,it's the biggest audience in profession,wrestling okay so,so dave uh,after that show okay i get there once,you know something there's so many,people that block me on twitter the kids,i get this guy who's this guy the great,fowler did you do you follow him joe,i recognize the the handle i'm not,really sure who it is all right well,let's let me show you this exchange from,um from,last week after day after friday when,tony can you want to talk about this,after the disco list you want to talk,about part of the disc this is part of,the start of the disco list all right go,ahead all because this is all talked,it's all released into on callous being,on the list which is why this is an,omnibus disco list,this disco list is going to be very this,is a double decker like in britain,we haven't had one in a long time yeah,that's where okay so this,it like the smackdown the super size,smackdown yeah it's like the,wrestlemania of disco lists all right,okay,um so this guy peter rosenberg i guess,what does peter rosenberg do joe he's a,radio dj from new york and he also does,those pre-show panels for wwe panels for,free right there okay i know which i,don't watch so like so he tweets after,that like you know like his because,go uh meltzer and everybody were,reporting that they won the the ratings,battle even though like smackdown how,many what was the ratings like 866 of it,was it was like 570 yeah yeah it was,they beat up like 300 000 fans but there,were 250 000 fans but like for 15,minutes,like they in the demo uh,the oh,aw one right and these guys like,everybody you know tony conn tweeted,alvarez they want to build victory you,know something they can then i'm going,to show how ridiculous this is right so,this guy peter rosenberg tweets you know,shout out to the people in the comments,who ate don't understand ratings at all,and b,in their attempt to discredit roman end,up completely buried ruby soho and bunny,instead this great fowler guy tweets who,blocks me how can someone be so wrong,every time and then dave tweets i get,being a homer and all but smart homers,who work in the entertainment world and,know better shouldn't be outright lying,besides it's not about who won anyway,it's about what you learn from the,results if you don't learn you're way,behind those that do and peter gets says,response david david david i know you,were not talking about someone else,lying i know that's not what you're,doing trust me you don't want this convo,go back to the basement and work on our,design or work on your zine i have to,get some sleep before my new york city,morning show that dave tweets back at,him when you have facts on your side you,give facts when you know you can't fight,with facts you name call and i you name,call i think that was maybe from my,third grade teacher facts three twenty,eight,three hundred twenty eight thousand to,two hundred eight five thousand head to,head despite a two hour head start and a,company maybe twelve times as large,revenue wise okay so so then raj uh,geary um so then dave tweets always uh,he was from the dave tweets and he was,so impressed with the day tweets so,somebody said what why did you change,your tune over there it used to be total,viewership because he has a tweet back,from 2019 that basically says you know,it's total viewership so dave says i was,told by people in advertising with tv,stations that i was wrong and that's why,the charts are based on 18 to 49 so i,learned so raj giri tweets his quote,tweets so not until 2019 you learned you,were wrong so why not a correction for,all the times you said it was overall,viewers that matter not the demo if,there was one please send the link um,then dave tweets i was i was told by,people that okay but that doesn't real,quick just so conan knows raj geary uh,he used to run wrest

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Ryback On AEW Signing Ricky Stark,Tony Khan on Twitter Signing Ex WWE Talent

Ryback On AEW Signing Ricky Stark,Tony Khan on Twitter Signing Ex WWE Talent

the salsalin with Chris Jericho talking,about how they're like not just gonna,take and he'd like all the WWE games,that were released I know he'd mentioned,he goes what we're not interested in any,of them with the current crop of,releases and I guess outside of light,FTR because those they were involved in,that and I don't know if he's he goes by,I wouldn't be surprised as it's one or,two or something pops up or ends up here,and I can only imagine the guy like,rusev I think would have to be top,priority I'm getting him into that,system because I know Chris had,mentioned something like a Roman reigns,he thinks would thrive over there was,Roman what Roman Romans top-notch and a,great worker is rusev is intrusive as a,character and a built-in brand that I,think you'd give them a little boost and,everything specifically the ratings and,I think it and I don't know with Chris,and he talks about like WCW and that,stuff of bringing in past guys and I do,think you have to be careful on that on,how many guys but I also think that era,was different with guys making money and,not being hungry and guys getting older,and coming in I think I'll hit old I,look at things I think from a business,standpoint you have to look at a case by,case basis and looking a brand to look,at a guy look at its following and you,go can we can this can this guy benefit,us could we benefit him is this a good,pairing and it's mindset and it's an,individual performer thing and I don't,think you should it's good to group,anybody as a whole no matter what,because I do truly think aw and I love,what they're doing it with guys but they,would do nothing but benefit by getting,the right people added into that roster,as they continue to go along and I think,rusev is gonna be one of them I really,really do with that and that's gonna,help them you know you bring a guy like,rusev that has a millions of followers,on social media and say you're gonna get,a small percentage of that maybe you get,maybe you only get maybe you get thirty,thousand people that are watching that,weren't watching before that's thirty,thousand more people that are watching,though with that guy and maybe it's,higher than might be if it's much higher,than that I don't know but you got to,look at it like that where you could get,new eyes and those new eyes will then,become fan,the guys you have become familiar with,them and so and you just continue to,build but because I think a e-w has the,potential to surpass WWE in time in the,ratings the Raw and Smackdown side of,things and they're just so early on so,we just got to kind of wait and see but,they're saying that they're staying on,top for the time being yeah absolutely,and they're still silent signing new,talent we've seen the revival a recently,debut and then former NWA champion Ricky,Starks he made its debut on dynamite I,thought he looked great he's got that,kind of natural smugness great heel,aspect to him so he appeared as a,surprise opponent for Cody in the open,open challenge had a good match with him,Cody beat him that's one I don't know I,wouldn't have someone beat their first,night out but then again Stark's was not,signed yet he was legitimately given a,contract after the show was over and he,signed with aew so the arocs not with,them so a couple things on that Ricky he,was actually a local that I did I,believe in Laredo Texas where I was,doing the bullying stuff and where I,walked into catering and he was making a,sandwich in a fish sandwich and I said,what'd you say to me and and he didn't,say anything and against the wall I,remember I had to slap him with a thing,of tuna fish the tuna got like in his,ear maybe they'd like it all over his,face it's hilarious with that but he was,such a heel I remember he was a really,cool guy and I need a Brandon no he came,to the gym I go to here in Vegas a,couple years ago when I was all messed,up and I don't know if he was here for a,show I think it was something along the,lines of being here for a show and we,just got to talking about stuff and we,were talking about we were talking about,conditioning and burpees and how much,those helped me with everything but he,man in he's just busted his ass ever,since from the first time I met him and,finally you know you keep busting your,ass not to say that you it's always,gonna work out but this is a case where,it ended up getting an opportunity I,thought he looked very good as well on,there,and congratulations to him as his career,gets going and getting may hopefully,make some money now doing everything and,busting his ass I like what Cody's doing,and the reason why Cody's a very smart,guy he keeps himself in a prominent,position on TV and while not having to,be aew talent at the time essentially it,creates and there's multiple reasons why,this is good,it gives Cody a secure spot on TV where,he's essentially can go out and have,classic wrestling matches with,up-and-coming talent and they hit the,rub from so that's where they're okay,with guys

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Jim Cornette on NBA Twitter's Reaction To Chris Jericho & AEW

Jim Cornette on NBA Twitter's Reaction To Chris Jericho & AEW

this question is one that many people,have sent in,a ton of people actually so this is from,a few weeks ago,aew their show was delayed it didn't air,at its normal time because of the nba on,tnt,causing a lot of nba fans to tune in to,aew,seemingly for the first time and see,chris jericho,did you follow this at all the it went,pretty viral the,reaction of the episodes on twitter to,chris jericho,i saw it on twitter is and and saw,people uh,i guess they're people were calling it,nba twitter,is there actually a group of people on,twitter that do nothing but tweet about,the nba,like there are the group of people on,twitter about wrestling or,is that just it's just so many people,watch,basketball in the nba that a lot of,people tweet about it anyway,i'm not exactly sure this is the first i,had really been exposed to i didn't i,don't know if there's,any organized nba twitter or whatever,like there is wrestling because maybe,basketball fans you know maybe just,don't care that much because they don't,have,any storylines to complain about but um,but yeah i mean why is anybody surprised,this is another thing that i've been,saying,for a long long time,whether you like it or not chris jericho,is the biggest mainstream name,recognition star in aew,specifically because of his years and,years spent,with the wwe when their ratings were,much higher than they are now,it's not because he main invented the,tokyo dome a couple of years ago,it's not because he's with aew now,it's not because he was with wcw in 1998,it's because he was a big star on wwe tv,for a significant period of time when,they were doing much better,ratings themselves than they are now,that is,that's just math and common sense,what that's not saying he's the greatest,wrestler in aew some people well no the,biggest star is this the guy that got no,that may be your pick for,the best wrestler or your favorite,wrestler but there is nobody even cody,was there for a shorter period of time,did not achieve,nearly as much success and i'm not,saying that was his fault either he was,he was,he was not used to the level that,jericho was this is common kenny,olivier give me a break,on the radar map of,mainstream wrestling names in the united,states,he ain't on it because the,average person in the united states,doesn't,read the internet to get the tokyo dome,results,they would have watched it rest if,they're not,particularly close wrestling fans they,would have watched wrestling,from the wwe probably 10 or 15 years ago,at least,and potentially glanced at it in a,sports bar at some point if it was on,so with jericho being then that's the,point with jericho being the the person,that they recognize,of all of the people on that program and,they haven't seen him,in 15 years they're thinking,what the this guy is a wrestler,from 15 years ago when he was,established then he's still,wrestling and oh he doesn't look,very good and this is a knockoff,promotion,look at these other goofballs that was,the gist of twitter,well that's what it is and to your point,jericho is in terms of name recognition,the biggest star they have,it makes sense taking a guy like that,and putting him in the opening match on,a show where you're gonna get that big,audience from the nba,potentially still having the channel on,we've talked about his,physique and its changes and we watch,him regularly,these are people who have not seen him,in a long time and this is their,reaction to chris jericho,and that's what i thought was pretty,interesting these are non-wrestling fans,but it's it's more but it's this is more,than a hit piece on jericho,although that will that will obviously,be one of the purposes this serves,and let's be fair nobody looks the same,after 15 years well,actually lance storm does and that's,kind of funny at lance storm if you put,hair on him,right now looks the same physically he,did and probably he's a little lighter,uh 30 years ago and and jericho's the,the painting and, dorian gray's attic,but but more importantly,they got a people to a new audience,who obviously knew who a wrestler from,the past,was to sample the program and the,feedback besides jericho being older and,out of shape,was it's a knockoff program they got,that of impression,from seeing everything else about it,that they were seeing about it the guys,he was in the ring with,the overall tone of the program,that's what they thought well this isn't,it it's some knockoff,and and that's why there there's the the,the test group i've been talking about,if you wanted to,do a show to appeal to the same people,that knew who all these guys were before,you went on the air,and you have succeeded but to make an,impression on a group who,doesn't live and die with wrestling and,has not watched it in a while but,obviously watched it in the past because,they knew who jericho was and knew what,was going on there,thinks it looks like some kids,and that's why that,i'm sorry they cannot grow an audience,presenting something that looks like,okay this

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