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Adrian Wojnarowski DISRESPECTED LeBron James!is Adrian wojanowski getting exposed for,this well the

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Updated on Jan 13,2023

Adrian Wojnarowski DISRESPECTED LeBron James!

is Adrian wojanowski getting exposed for,this well the Sports World cancel one of,the most popular reporters on ESPN we'll,dive deep into what happened,on August 8th 2022 sham shiranya came,out with a breaking news story about NBA,player Kevin Durant and his apparent,ultimatum Durant backed off on his trade,request Last Summer the reason why was,to maintain a good relationship with the,Brooklyn Nets but much has happened,since then and at this point it sounds,reasonable to many that Durant is,already reconsidering his options to,stay in Brooklyn besides the Nets aren't,really in their best moment since head,coach Steve Nash just got fired player,Ben Simmons recently suffered an injury,and Kyrie Irving has once again brought,about a huge Saga which may have just,been the last straw for the team when it,comes to Kyrie's tenure however besides,all the internal issues KD has been,displaying amazing performances on the,court,sadly Kevin's skills haven't been enough,for the Nets to enter a winning streak,and Durant is clearly frustrated with,the entire scenario for this reason the,Nets are worried about the player's,thoughts when it comes to loyalty to the,team,like always the entire Sports media went,on a rant about the situation and they,all wanted to get their opinions out,there but there was one media source,that stayed quiet and that was ESPN the,biggest sports news channel in the world,the ones that are always first in this,infinite journey of sharing information,they didn't say a word nor make any,statements on their social media finally,after all media sources finished,addressing the issue ESPN spoke but the,title was a little suspicious as it read,josai Voices support for the front,office and coaches in the wake of Kevin,Durant's trade demands ESPN didn't,mention any ultimatum no talk about,Durant forcing the owner to choose,between him and Sean marks and Steve,Nash none of these situations were,addressed ESPN acted as if they didn't,want fans to see the info but why,exactly would they do such a thing the,answer to this question will certainly,expose the amount of power Adrian,wojanowski has at ESPN in some of his,darkest Secrets regarding the way he,works as for the Durant situation woj,had once addressed the issue by saying,the following,the concerns certainly in Brooklyn is,this how long does Kevin Durant hang in,there with the losing with the,instability right now you can imagine a,scenario where Kevin Durant perhaps,visits his request from the summer at,some point although I don't believe,that's a consideration right now the,American reporter has earned the respect,of the NBA Community through his sharp,columns giving the fans a different,angle on things what really made him,popular is how he made connections and,established relationships with agents,and front office members Adrian would,call and text them not just for internal,Secrets but to sincerely ask how they,were doing family stuff and things like,that even in the early days wojnowski,realized how the San Antonio franchise,generated tons of talent that eventually,became coaches or front office members,of teams in the NBA so he worked on,establishing relationships with people,around them the reporter's connection,with the Spurs franchise combined with,the relationship that he has with people,signed to the CAA allows woads to have,access to basically any team in the NBA,the people who frequently provided woads,with valuable info were rewarded with,good treatment in his columns and tweets,those who ignored him got completely,blasted with negative comments just look,back at the LeBron James situation,LeBron and his agent Rich Paul already,knew someone in the media who they had a,good relationship with and pushed their,headlines through LeBron covered the,media part of his career with Brian,windhorst a reporter who attended the,same school as James and followed him,during his Cleveland and Miami days so,every time woj tried to get to James and,his Camp to give him some material he,got rejected,when this happened Adrian would go on a,Revenge rant criticizing LeBron for not,being able to deliver in the clutch,talking about his ego his behavior,throughout the 2004 Olympics being too,soft at certain moments and even his,All-Star Game performances in 2007 King,James LED his team all the way to the,finals to this day this is still one of,his best accomplishments,even though they were clearly,overmatched and LeBron displayed amazing,skills throughout the whole season woj,took the liberty of writing this after,the finals we Are Witnesses all right we,are witnesses to the truth that James is,trailing Dwyane Wade as the sports best,young Superstar a gap that he didn't,close in these finals but that's not all,in 2008 woj stated that the Detroit,Pistons were the most likely team to get,LeBron at the end of his deal which was,two years later that was one of Adrian's,most senseless statements just a week,before the king chose Miami woj came out,to say that the

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Adrian wojnarowski on twitter

Adrian wojnarowski on twitter

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Adrian Wojnarowski BREAKING Lifestyle is just...

Adrian Wojnarowski BREAKING Lifestyle is just...

Adrian Wojnarowski as known as Woj was born in  Bristol, Connecticut, on the 4th of March 1969. ,Wojnarowski, recognized with transforming  NBA newsbreaking and reporting across the  ,past decade-plus, is a central part in ESPN’s  multimedia coverage of the NBA throughout the  ,year — covering the league, its teams, players,  trade deadline, free agency, the NBA Draft,  ,Summer League and more. Education and Career ,Wojnarowski graduated from Bristol  Central High School in 1987.  ,He then attended St. Bonaventure  University, where he graduated in 1991. ,Adrian Wojnarowski began his career working  for the Hartford Courant starting as a high  ,school senior and continued during breaks  from college. After graduating from college,  ,Woj wrote for some smaller papers before  becoming a columnist for the Fresno Bee in 1995. ,In 1997, Wojnarowski started working for  The Record in New Jersey. As a result of  ,his work with The Record, Adrian was named  “Columnist of the Year” in 1997 and 2002 by  ,the Associated Press Sports Editors. During this  time, he also contributed regularly to ,In 2007, Woj left The Record and joined Yahoo!  Sports full-time. He has helped break many major  ,national stories while at Yahoo!. In March 2009,  Wojnarowski and Dan Wetzel wrote a story tying  ,the Connecticut Huskies men’s basketball  program to several recruiting violations. ,In 2010, the New York Post reported that Woj was  being sued by the Penguin Group for failing to  ,meet a deadline for a book covering the  life of coach Jim Valvano. He responded  ,that the problem was “a miscommunication  between my agent and me” and said that he  ,would be returning the money to Penguin Books. Adrian Wojnarowski left Yahoo! Sports for ESPN  ,in July 2017, just before the start of NBA  free agency. He made his ESPN debut on the  ,midnight edition of SportsCenter earlier that  day. He regularly posts his scoops on Twitter;  ,with important transactions he reports  referred to by his followers as “Woj Bombs.”,His reporting, insights and analysis  appear on and in the ESPN app,  ,featured on SportsCenter, NBA Countdown, Get  Up, Outside the Lines and other programs. ,Also, Adrian hosts The Woj Pod, which  regularly delivers the biggest stars  ,and newsmakers in the NBA. He also hosts  “The Woj Report” on ESPN’s Youtube page. ,Now Let’s see how Adrian  Wojnarowski makes that loot.,Salary Adrian  ,Wojnarowski spent close to ten years  at Yahoo Sports since joining in 2007.  ,COED reports that Woj created The Vertical,  which was quite a killer when breaking news. ,It seems like ESPN could not match the  competition that The Vertical brought in the game. ,Woj had signed a four-year deal with  Yahoo! in 2015. Reports have estimated  ,the contract was at $8 million. However, Woj joined ESPN in 2017.  ,Various experts have claimed that ESPN could have  poached or been involved in his contract buyout  ,while the writer was still working for Yahoo! Adrian reached a new five-year,  ,$35 million deal with the company. That’s  an average salary of $7 Million per year. ,The contract gives the reporter incentives to  make even more money over the course of the deal. ,Sounds like fun to get paid  to get the scoop on the NBA.  ,Now, let's look at Adrian's  other sources of income. ,Commercials Besides being a good journalist,  ,Woj also does a good job at acting. Since he's a well-known name,  ,various brands are paying Woj in their  advertisements, which makes a lot of sense. ,Adrian Woj has appeared in  commercials for T-Mobile and Samsung. ,WNBA star Sue Bird and Adrien starred  together in a CarMax commercial. ,"I actually really enjoyed shooting  with Woj," Sue Bird told Insider.  ,"He was a lot of fun to be on set with." Yep. Another contribution to Woj's income. ,Thanks to all the brands working with, My  man Woj is stacking more of that cheese. ,Books Aside from talking and writing about sports,  ,Woj has also published a book entitled “The  Miracle of St. Anthony: A Season with Coach  ,Bob Hurley and Basketball’s Most Improbable  Dynasty,” which went on to become a best-seller. ,The book chronicles the 2003-2004 Friars’  season as they fight through crisis after crisis  ,involving absentee students, a principal with  terminal illness, and better-funded rivals.  ,Leading the Friars for the thirty-second season  is the larger-than-life figure Coach Bob Hurley. ,Adrian was granted total access to the school  and its basketball team for the entire season.  ,He made full use of it to take  the reader through an amazing,  ,fact-infinitely-stranger-than-fiction narrative  that shines the spotlight on such a committed  ,coach that Bob Hurley has refused several  lucrative offers to move to the college ranks. ,Woj holds nothing back in this revealing  portrait of leadership amidst despair.  ,Hurley’s ways of operating may raise a few  eyebrows – he constantly yells at and berates  ,his players – but it is clear that his heart is  i

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The Dark Truth About Adrian Wojnarowski

The Dark Truth About Adrian Wojnarowski

when you think of breaking news who's,the first person that comes to your mind,well more than likely you're going to,say Adrian wojanowski who is an Insider,for ESPN who seems to have connections,to just about every single person in the,NBA what if I told you this smiling,middle-aged man is actually a lot more,dangerous than you might think surely,the biggest Insider in the NBA who holds,a lot of knowledge that most people,would dream to have cannot be that,dangerous right well if you've seen even,a video on this channel you know that,this man is not as innocent as you might,think this is a part of a continuation,of a series called The Dark Side of NBA,media where I'll be talking about,certain aspects of the media that no one,wants to talk about in this episode I'm,going to talk about Asia rojanowski,who's one of the most evil people in the,NBA there's a playlist in the,description to see every episode that,I've uploaded so far now before we even,get into everything that watch has done,over these past couple years I think we,need to look into how even has these,connections well there's two aspects we,need to look at that are very important,number one is the fact that back in the,day he would contact the Spurs and,essentially he was able to get himself,into the Spurs Inner Circle if you guys,know anything about the Spurs and what a,lot of people call the Popovich tree you,know that they have so many connections,throughout the NBA in fact 30 of the NBA,head coaches have ties to Greg Popovich,and a lot of these guys are some of the,best coaches in the NBA now the other,aspect we have to look at and I think is,probably the most important one is the,CAA for those of you that don't know,what the CAA is basically it's an agency,that works with a bunch of athletes and,whoa which is actually signed to the CAA,in fact the list of players that the CAA,has signed is the most insameless I,think I've ever seen it's an All-Star,Talent roster so because roach is signed,to that agency he not only has ties to,those players so he can talk to them,because their agents are correlated but,he can even get access to most of the,teams in the NBA yay which makes total,sense because that's how woj bombs,happen he has the news before just about,every single person however when you,don't want to work with them things,don't exactly go well and a perfect,example of this is how he treated LeBron,James now I don't know how many of you,guys really thought about this but how,many times have you seen woj report on,something from him like him saying it,that was from the Lakers well the answer,would be not at all because he doesn't,have ties to the Lakers why does zini,have tied to the Lakers because he,doesn't have ties with LeBron James Sal,woj back in the day when LeBron was,starting to grow reputation as a player,he really did try to get in contact with,LeBron and be his go-to guy however,there was another person by the name of,Brian windhorst who's been covering them,ever since Cleveland so that's why they,went to Win horse instead and because of,this what would you put a bad light on,LeBron whenever he could and he,continues to do that to this day do you,see what I'm trying to get at if you,don't want to work with royal cheesy the,forward to a bash you and try to make,you have a bad reputation or B he's not,even gonna report on you but specs it's,what we're talking about he announces,just about every single big news story,right well remember that James Harden,trade where he got traded to Philly well,woj was constantly saying throughout the,day that Philadelphia and James Harden,were not going to make a trade in fact,James Hardy getting traded was not,likely however that's not what our boy,Brian windhorst said in fact he was the,one who was saying that Philly and,Harden were in talks now there's been no,I'm told real negotiation that's gone on,but,listen I think Philadelphia's motive,they are very motivated to acquire James,Harden meanwhile yeah so the teams are,absolutely engaged in trade discussions,I know that there's people saying things,on the record trying to act like that's,not happening but it is absolutely,happening who do you believe in this,situation woj who has a very big,credible past or Brian winhorse who,sells incredible past but not as much as,woj well when James Harden was,officially traded to Philadelphia Adrian,wojanowski made up an excuse saying that,like he was traded at the last minute or,some like that at the very end,of the negotiations today and they,really started in Earnest this morning,you know Philadelphia had lobbed calls a,couple times this week really with no,response from the Nets they weren't,countering they just accepted the offers,shut up,even though the trade talks were going,on for a majority of the time so if,there's a piece of news that wasn't,reported by roach first then it really,doesn't matter it's completely,irrelevant unless it actually becomes,official then when it does become,official it's jus

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Exposing Adrian Wojnarowski

Exposing Adrian Wojnarowski

supposedly this video is exposing,exposing Mr Adrian wojanarski,said NBA logic I'll go back to quizzes,in a second the ongoing melodrama with,Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn I'm ready,for the errors thing 30 p.m Eastern Time,on August 8th Cham sharanya posted a,breaking news story about so this,ultimatum uh I think I read like a,comment I was like what the hell are,they exposing votes for they're exposing,votes for like let's just watch it they,were saying it's a really good video so,let's just watch entire Sports media,exploded and they all wanted to get,their takes out that is everyone except,ESPN,the largest sports news Outlet in the,world the ones that are always first in,the never-ending story to Share info,they didn't talk about it nor mentioned,it on their social media platforms for,almost 6 hours finally at 8 23 a story,comes out on with a,suspiciously boring title Joe Tsai,voices support for the front office and,coaches in the wake of Kevin Durant's,trade demands no ultimatum no mention of,Durant forcing the owner to pick between,him and Sean marks and Steve supposedly,the ESPN's against player empowerment,and like in like all that type of stuff,is basically what this I believe none of,that as if they don't even want you to,see this info now why would they do that,the answer to this question will also,expose just how much power Adrian,wojnarovsky has at ESPN Chill on bro you,said why you sound like the Burger King,foot lettuce dude I don't know what the,hell that means nor do I I understand,the reference but like if you're like,American and your voice sound if you,sound boring it pisses me off sometimes,but this dude sound like he got a clear,accent English could be his second,language I have no clue so I'm gonna,take it easy some of this dark secrets,of the way he operates buckle up with,this Welch bomb what up everybody my,name is Stefan and this is what the hell,let's get into it to understand how it,is wait wait wait what is it first of,all he got Spike by the ball rack what,is going on here what kind of budget,they on hold on oh they got 600k okay,okay I didn't know that I did not I've,never seen this before okay let's get,into it to understand how Adrian,single-handedly stopped the entire ESPN,network from talking about breaking news,for like half a day I need to show you,just how much power he's had for a long,time woe turned the respect of the NBA,world through his sharp columns do you,guys remember when modes and Shams were,on uh it was something together on like,Yahoo together and then sham signed with,the athletic and woad signed with um,ESPN so let me tell this story again,just because we're literally watching,Awards video so I guess I should tell,the story allegedly um not that this is,really a punishable crime anyways but,allegedly back in 2018 or 2017,um no the year that he signed with ESPN,whatever year it was 2017 I think um a,young man one of my friends one of my,friends had started up an Instagram page,now there was all these people on,Twitter talking about oh yeah um what's,it called we gonna make our name woj,ESPN with a with an o or in capitals or,something to change up the name to try,and look like you were woes to be a fake,woge you know what I'm saying all this,stuff right and then be a fake whoa it's,this and that there was people I've seen,articles about it from stuff and people,on Twitter whatever so it's definitely,not a punishable crime because they,literally wrote articles but what um,what my friend did was that he uh went,on Instagram and said all right I'll,make whoa GSP on there it had been days,maybe even a day or two or maybe a,couple hours I don't know people weren't,on top of it right and had went on,Instagram and made a page called whoa,gspn but the exact same username he had,on Twitter the exact same and started,posting on the um on the Instagram page,as if they they were woge basically,nothing too crazy not like defamation or,anything just copying exactly what he,said and posting it into Instagram what,happens the page like semi blows up now,this also this said user of uh this said,Creator poster of my friend,um he uh he also was had his own,Instagram page at the time with like 20,000 followers but never told anybody,about this page it was actually my,friend's finsta page that's how all this,was um that's how old and uh and he,privated all the posts and made it into,a village page and um then uh my friend,um got got a couple thousand followers,and got followed by ESPN on Instagram,thinking that he was woj they genuinely,thought that he was woj and then a few,days later he logs into the account and,it says suspended or whatever because,woades wanted his username back so if,you ever go on Instagram,um and see see uh what was ESPN just,know that someone you ah as someone had,it first providing a different angle of,things but what made him a superstar is,how he could see I don't like I hate,when I go on rants too much but with,agents I feel like that one'

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Outkick DESTROYS ESPN For LYING - Adrian Wojnarowski EXPOSED

Outkick DESTROYS ESPN For LYING - Adrian Wojnarowski EXPOSED

what's up sports wars it's jeremy coming,to you with another video and today we,have i'll,kick the coverage putting espn on blast,for lying and spreading more,misinformation to keep people angry to,keep people misinformed,and to try to keep the racial division,going in this country,because that's what the mainstream media,does the mainstream media is the enemy,of the people they have been the enemy,of the people for a long time,and it just continues to get exposed,over and over again and thank goodness,we have,places like outkick with clay travis,calling the bs,out this is a beautiful beautiful thing,please like this video,share this video subscribe to sports,wars if you're new,let's get into it right here we have,bobby from outkick who says,three weeks after mark jones spread the,lie uh on an nba game that jacob blake,wasn't,unarmed when he was shot woj over at,espn puts it in print,espn promoted it for hours once outkick,called it out espn reworded it still not,saying blake had a knife,here's clay travis so espn was caught in,a lie,by outkick and now they won't comment on,their lie,perfect how can you trust anything this,network says or does,put simply you can't and here it is,right here,less than three weeks ago espn's mark,jones interrupted a live nba game to,spread a lie that jacob blake was,unarmed when he was shot by police,despite outkick pointing out to espn,over email that this was inaccurate,espn refused to correct jones lie as,always,when executives act like cowards it sets,a new standard across the company,sunday woes spread the same lie that,blake,put about blake but in print,and here it is right here front page,espn article by woes falsely claims,jacob blake was unarmed when he was shot,by police,blake himself admitted he was armed with,a knife,it has been up for hours this is an,indefensible,journalistic error by espn this may be,giving too much credit to espn,by the way to simply say this is an,egregious error,given the woke sports playbook it's also,possible espn just wants to continue to,spread divisive lies and doesn't care,about the facts at all,equally likely as equally as likely,it's not likely this is what espn wants,to do this is what the cnns of the world,want to do this is what the mainstream,media wants to do this is what hollywood,and big tech wants they need,division they need people confused they,need to continue to push this propaganda,because if the truth gets out there that,is no place,for the mainstream media they don't like,that at all,within 20 minutes of clay's tweet espn,had changed the article while providing,no statement on the error or the,correction,the article was up with incorrect facts,for over hours,even with the update espn refused to,mention that blake was armed it reads as,follows the nba and wnba postponed a,full,slate of playoff games after another,black man jacob blake was shot by police,in kenosha wisconsin,during the nba's restart in orlando,florida in august of 2020.,this reminds me of when a,article or a writer on,another website,started to say that i was responsible,for the solo boycott because solo did,lose money,because disney star wars is woke as hell,and solo lost,money and while i never did go see solo,in theaters,i never called for a boycott and i never,said don't go spend your money on it,but this person this writer for,,and star wars is owned by disney,lucasfilm's owned by disney,this writer for said,that i was responsible for it i make a,video,pointing out showing video evidence of,me,saying that i never called for the,boycott i showed all of the stuff,leading up to the movie saying like if,you're mad that i'm not going to see the,movie,go spend your money and offset it go see,it twice and offset the fact that i'm,not going to see it i have no problem,with that because i don't tell you what,to do with your money,you don't tell me what to do with mine,then the guy then edits it,but never actually says that he,was corrected he never even admits to it,he just changed it and moved on,that's what these weirdos do that's what,these far left-wing,weirdos do uh instead of lying espn is,now misleading its readers indicating,police just randomly shot a black person,who did nothing,uh espn's error is particularly,egregious because blake himself admitted,to,police that he was armed with a knife,when he was shot,yeah i had a knife blake responded when,asked,uh update espn tells out kick it will,not comment on saying blake was unarmed,uh how did woes,error make it past the editorial process,how did espn which,aggressively promoted the story for,hours not noticed a mistake,the same one it made weeks ago given,what espn has allowed over the past few,weeks,it's more likely that espn and woes knew,blake was unarmed but,opted for a familiar lie to cause more,racial division in america,espn made the decision when it let go of,trade window and mike golick to re-sign,bamadi jones pablo torre,and sarah spain that

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The Adrian Wojnarowski Emails Really Highlight What the NBA IGNORES IN CHINA!

The Adrian Wojnarowski Emails Really Highlight What the NBA IGNORES IN CHINA!

80% of all placements in China would,perform their forced despite the fact,that they're regionally makes up 1.8,percent of the nation's population this,is going on in China where the NBA the,NBA who claims to be the locus League,and they care about everything you know,you want to make money make money but,they are in bed with China with for,money you wouldn't believe all right,where we got here this is time to talk,about Marco first of all free watch let,me just say hi guys the best man makes,me feel better the best the oppression,that he is enduring right now I will say,I don't agree with the suspension no no,no I don't I mean if we're gonna rip,ESPN all that think I don't know but you,know I mean that's if we're of all the,suspensions that one's like it's pretty,unprofessional completely oh yeah I can,understand yes warrants a suspension not,even left free speeches you think that's,a an unprofessional thing to do but you,know the people who executed his,suspension agree with his sentiment of,course they don't they don't like,senator Holley at all why do we mind it,if we rip ESPN all the time when they,actually do something like this you,gotta say well they did it yeah you know,like we always say oh they're ,completely liberal they're in the tank,which they are but they pay and I think,I saw Andrea Martian there's a media,critic for New York Post must be nice to,have a media critic in that town said uh,you know a lesser guy would have been,fired for this like no that not even,doubt yeah this guy yeah Georgia now ski,you know he didn't do anything for me I,don't give a with the NBA but like,he could take his brand anywhere else,he's the chef dirt of the NBA where he's,the only guy that really breaks stories,right which I don't really understand,it's a different cause it's a it's a,it's a side conversation but I don't,understand the value for having Matt,ESPN I know he breaks a lot of stories,but so what,like you can retweet away it's just on,Twitter yeah I've never understood one,second later so anyway,Josh Hawley is a senator from Minnesota,Missouri rather I beg your pardon and he,sent a press release you have all the,questions on it Steve or no yeah yeah,it's got the full letter,and he said we talked about this before,when Popovich and LeBron and kur ,completely turtled and again like I,would encourage people if you really,want to dig into what's going on with,China right now and the way they're,treating Muslims in China and the fact,that they're literally in concentration,camps that's going on as we speak right,now yes that is that exists right now in,the country of China it's a it's an,ongoing genocide yeah I mean they are I,mean it goes let's just look at some of,these stories last night just to get,sort of a you know I mean it is Gimli,genocide yes I mean they're they're,reducing the population of the we Gers,which is a ethnic yeah I was gonna Gertz,we Gers it's an ethnic and religious,minority right in western China what has,been known as from the Washington Post,just a couple of days ago it's been,known now about China's persecution of,the weaker so say you Eagers Uehara yeah,another Muslims is focused on cultural,genocide concentration camps intended to,eradicate the language traditions of,ways of life but new evidence the,surface and this was an investigative,report by the AP which is actually,pretty good in the Jamestown foundation,it shows that china is systematically,using pregnancy checks forced devices,sterilization and even abortion to,reduce the population of other Muslims,and uh where is it in in western West,Western according to saw the leaked data,obtained the corroborated by the AP for,the foreign 84k camp detainees listed in,one County 150 were there for me too,many children I mean families are being,ripped apart I mean literally kids you,mean take away from their parents,eighty percent of women of childbearing,age are intrusive prevention surgeries,or sterilizations a lesson there like,cauterizing they're eloping eighty,percent of all ie places in China would,perform their forced despite the fact,that that regionally makes up 1.8,percent of the nation's population this,is going on in China where the MBA the,MBA who claims to be the locust league,and they care about everything you know,you want to make money make money but,they are in bed with China with for,money you wouldn't believe so much so,that guys like Gregg Popovich and Steve,Kerr and LeBron,James of getting their soap box and rip,Donald Trump great I have no problem,whatever you want the back your ,shirt by the way - I don't care they go,at these guys but when this comes up,which to be honest is much worse than,anything that's going on in America,right now I'm sorry - bar stool Kate who,wrote it incredibly stupid call,on the other day which okay I mean an,amazingly stupid college she's a stupid,person,and she her come back to me I'll be like,oh he's always negative whatever she,hates me I don't really care but it will,get - i

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Reacting To EXPOSING Wojnarowski: The Dark Secret Of NBA's Biggest Insider

Reacting To EXPOSING Wojnarowski: The Dark Secret Of NBA's Biggest Insider

yo what's going on guys crispy flakes,here welcome to extra crispy man so,what's like the one term that we use,whenever there's like a big trade going,on we use the term a woj bomb that's,because adrian wojci has become just,like,the figure of big time moves when it,comes to the game of basketball that we,all know and love before today's video,we got a video by a channel called heat,check link to their channel description,below titled exposing exposing not,exposing exposing,wojnarowski it's how you say his last,name i just call him woach because,where's your heart the dark secret of,nba's biggest insider let's get him in,let's get it,we have a development in the ongoing uh,melodrama with kevin durant and the,brooklyn next yeah,every damn day is something new on,august 8th sean charania posted a,breaking news story about katie's,ultimatum so naturally the entire sports,media exploded and they all wanted to,get their takes out that is everyone,except espn,yo what did why do they they say no the,largest sports news outlet in the world,the ones that are always first in the,never-ending story to share info they,didn't talk about it nor mentioned it on,their social media platforms for almost,6 hours finally at 8 23 a story comes,out on with a suspiciously,boring title josiah voices support for,the front office and coaches in the wake,of kevin durant's trade demands no,ultimatum no mention of duran forcing,the owner to pick between him and sean,marks and steve nash none of that as if,they don't even want you to see this,info now why would they do that i'm,scared yeah why this question i'm so,intrigued just how much power adrian,wojcinorovsky has at espn and some of,his dark secrets of the way he operates,buckle up here we go here we go here we,go everybody my name is stefan and this,is heat check let's get into it yo you,want to understand bro you got a,basketball court in your house,yo that is badass oh the light oh my god,that is badass,oh my goodness wow that is really cool,that is really cool to understand how,adrian single-handedly stopped the,entire espn network from talking about,breaking news for like half a day i need,to show you just how much power he's had,for a long time,woach earned the respect of the nba,world through his sharp columns,providing a different angle of things,but what made him the man overstar is,how he cultivated connections and,relationships with agent and front,office members he would call and text,them not just for inside schools but to,genuinely ask how they're doing family,talks all of that this made a lot of,people into his sources even early on,he noticed the same personal franchise,as one that produces a ton of talent,to become coaches and office members of,teams around the league so he focused on,developing relationships with people,around this organization just take a,look at the spurs mafia stemming from,pop these are all high profile people,scattered at about a third of the team's,like how do you hey there's sean marx,we'll get back to him later this,connection with the spurs franchise,along with the relationships that boat,has with people signed to the same,agency as him which is the caa means,that he has asked like the real,commissioner any team in the league the,ones who consistently give him valuable,info get a favorable treatment in his,columns and tweets the ones who ghost,them however get blasted by adrian just,ask lebron james the king and his agent,rich paul already had their guy in the,media who they worked with and pushed,their narrative through a reporter who,went to the same school as lebron and,followed him all throughout his,cleveland and miami days that reporter,is brian windhorst,so every attempt to get to james and his,camp got rejected adrian yeah he's got,his guy already revenge tour writing a,ton of pieces throughout the years,criticizing lebron for failing to,deliver in the clutch his ego and,attitude during the yeah that's if i'm,being honest that's kind of weak um,that's really weak in the sense that you,know if he's only roasting lebron just,because he ain't working directly with,him then at that point are you really,getting the truth of all his reports you,know or is he just like,gonna say things how he wants to say,things with the people that like him and,like is best for his business i don't,know what you all think about that it's,uh 2004 olympics being sold it's like,some business ethic stuff right there,start game performance in 2007 james,literally dragged this team all the way,to the finals three,greatest accomplishment despite clearly,being,matched and despite lebron's heroics,during the entire season loge wrote this,during the finals we are witnesses all,right we are witnesses to the truth that,james is trailing dwyane wade at the,sport's best young superstar a gap he,didn't close in this finals damn,in 2008 and 2010,wrote 10 columns about lebron's free,agency mentioning different,possibilities and teams based on no real,informatio

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