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Breaking Down The Hilarious Nathan MacKinnon Post-Game Questionuh dave you know i know you're a game


Updated on Jan 20,2023

Breaking Down The Hilarious Nathan MacKinnon Post-Game Question

uh dave you know i know you're a gamer,and uh,and all this and uh you know i'm just,thinking maybe out loud as far as,in your shoes right now it's like all,right we've done all the things we can,do we've done all the game planning we,do,maybe maybe you know just it we'll,just go in next year and just not think,that anymore and just,win this thing when we don't take so,much is that am i on the right path at,all with this like maybe you just guys,think a little too much,no,we should have had mark specter on today,just to talk about that ,experience,oh that would have been hilarious oh uh,you wouldn't uh no i don't have his,number or do i maybe i do,it's okay i don't know but i would i,wish,we had uh so so nate,can you translate the last question,everybody's talking about the swearing,i think what i want to do i want to do,is go,go through the the the settings itself i,think we need to go through this,by the way if you don't know that who,that is it's adrian dater of,where does he work now i want to say the,denver post okay,okay let me see longtime reporter there,bit of an infamous cat,uh definitely an infamous cat and,has been in the news for the wrong,reasons before but in this particular,case,it's a and i don't actually know the,story because that was pre me,really getting into hockey in the media,side um,let's put it at bad dms that you,shouldn't dm,oh okay there you go so you guys want me,to read is uh where he works from his,twitter bio please do yeah so it's uh,adrian dater,avalanche writer editor boss for,dot abs insider at,104,3 the fan uh writer at bookies,whoa they let him on the radio,i hope he's better at answering,questions than he is at asking them,we're all,proof that they'll let anyone on the,radio well i guess but okay so let's,let's let's replay that question because,that was sure who cares that vegas got,through last night that was the biggest,news,that question i mean it was the biggest,highlight,all right you guys ready for it again,ready please as far as,in your shoes right now it's like all,right with general,uh dave you know i know you're a gamer,and uh and all this,and uh you know i'm just thinking maybe,out loud as far as,in your shoes right now it's like all,right we've done all the things we can,do we've done all the game planning we,do,maybe maybe you know just it we'll,just go in next year and just not think,that anymore and just win this thing,when we don't take so much is that am i,on the right path at all with this like,maybe you just guys think a little too,much,so so,don't forget the no nate,so what's basically like what's to do in,that situation you know he did the only,option,yeah like he,so it's basically like so like i don't,know this season you're,good but like you were thinking and,maybe next year it's like it don't,think,and then you win right,right like what was that now,here's the thing i have asked some,horrendous questions,to you guys to himself i've got i called,nick robertson the defenseman,i you know i i i you used to do the,dangle dial,with jeff blair okay but if ever anybody,you please explain the dangle dial the,dangle dial to me,was okay so steve already is a bit of a,cartoon character as you probably know,but what it was the fan 590s initial,attempt to,pull steve into the fold here in toronto,and the idea was that steve would,literally lose his mind,every single time he was on and so you,know because the leafs were a,frustrating team what a surprise,and uh and and jeff blair would try to,interrupt steve and get him to stop and,steve would just go and go and go and go,and then hang up,and uh and jeff uh god bless him,jeff's gotta be in his late 50s at this,point and doesn't get it,and none of us got it got it to be,honest with you i think it was a nice,idea,but so i would pre-record these little,rants,and he would talk over them in the,morning yeah but he would do it in his,aloof and dismissive jeff blair way,and i i think he did his best to make it,work to be honest,i think he did too because it was it was,him playing the,recording and then just kind of going,along with you but you're just,ranting because you don't know what's,actually going to happen in the moment,with jeff blair,it's just a recording of you so the,whole thing just came across,he'd be like so steve would be talking a,million miles a minute yeah,definitely like steve ah steve that's,not bad,ah steve um what no steve ah oh,and then oh he hung up,like it was just like i was like what,the what's being accomplished here i,don't understand this and what i didn't,love about it at the time for you,was that it just added to the the the,stereotype about what you are which is,what people were using to write you off,i was trying to be wacky stunt boy right,and and i didn't like that,so i remember thinking like why the hell,are they making them do that obviously,it's worked out,i don't know steve works at sportsnet or,whatever so i guess it's okay,well jeff jeff made it work and

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Eurolanche interview with Adrian Dater from Denver Post

Eurolanche interview with Adrian Dater from Denver Post

ok what is your most memorable,experience as a journalist for color the,word well I just think it's still,covering the first game the first that,first year of 95 916 I think that was,the most exciting thing just because it,was all brand-new to be getting on the,airplane the first time see a real NHL,game first time it still seems like it's,still very vivid led by so to me,everything that happened that first year,was still,what what has more what is more,available available for you the 926,couple 001 01 i think the old one though,i was more exciting and memorable,because ray bourque how exciting that,was it was a better team I think so but,yet it was probably the hardest playoff,they had over they had a harder time,putting that Stanley Cup no one over 96,because they had to really tough series,people recall to seven game series of,Kings Devils they had no Peter Forsberg,so I think that was for the role of,course when Ray Bourque won the Stanley,Cup who can forget that I was a lot of,the greatest moment history do remember,what did you do in June 01 when the,color the village was the link up what,did I do I just did my usual thing not,much just wrote about at all that was it,I didn't visit the cup or anything,just another day at work or like for me,one too exciting know about the present,theme of the college what is the mainly,reason of the success Oh start with Greg,inch in the goalie start from there,Keith without him I don't think that the,anywhere here first place he's been,brave definitely that's holy they've had,since basketball I think and then then,the other kids I've got the lad duchesne,leading league and rookie scoring,they've got I think Brandon yep it's,been a big story 11 bowls already Chris,Stewart finally playing like he can all,these young guys Ryan O'Reilly TJ,Galiardi youngest even believe but,they're so I think they're I think the,success is that they're faster than they,were last few years and then they have a,good goal and they also have two real,good centers up the middle three really,when Ryan O'Reilly playing on pattinson,three young centers Craig Anderson,once got the basics down like that they,do right now the world esteem missing I,think it's still missing power play guy,who can shoot the puck from the point,the gel miles is not even playing right,now he's been a disappointment they need,us they need a better power play,quarterback I think they need may be,awarded one more defenseman to hit,harder I think they may be a bit bigger,they could use I think one more guy like,that they could use maybe a little bit,more size up front but I don't think,it's as big a problem that there was,because they've got Brandon yup now as a,player and Chris Stewart so that maybe,that's not a weakness anymore but you,can always be bigger and faster I think,I'm friend so wats up yeah i think i,think the power players what's keep them,from being a dominant team right now,it's just still not very exciting they,don't they don't little bit the scary,team the power play it's something big,thing,which players should expect the trade at,the deadline after the season well,probably jon lyall is going to be traded,i think at some point after this season,you'll probably see guys like crystal on,sleigh Bret Clark maybe Adam Foote,probably all leave that's the DL,defenseman coming up we're gonna,probably take those guys place 40 low,Darcy Tucker probably will be back and,after that though not too many others,question I have is whether they're going,to keep boy tech wool ski or sign him,again to another contract or maybe not I,think I'll be something we still have to,wait and see about but that could that,could be something could happen in the,world about newcomers well they've got a,couple young defensemen college you're,going to come place in heaven,Shattenkirk hold the Cohen of Boston,University Cameron gowns mississauga the,free guys that are probably gonna play,for 40 low so,the four words I don't know and I don't,have so many great prospect for words,though so they're going to have to keep,building there but they're not going to,need a center for a while Shane stassney,O'Reilly all under 25 so pretty pretty,lucky there so so the next season will,be like the present about young guns and,like so without Oh all wet weather is,like food sally and i think so that's,what we're headed for ya and you know,it'll be a little less money too so,maybe they have maybe they have some,money to buy a free you know that could,be something maybe maybe another,defenseman out there they might want to,try and son we'll see but I think the,defense is going to be okay though maybe,another forward somewhere you know you,got to worry about me lot 80 dude how,long he can keep playing nicely after,this new knee injury know maybe 34 maybe,they're gonna have to start thinking,about replacing him but you know the,emergence of Brandon yep and David Jones,is still out there too,still gives them guys that are around,that they may not have thoug

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Power Play with CJ: Adrian Dater's Twitter Fiasco

Power Play with CJ: Adrian Dater's Twitter Fiasco

what's up everyone welcome the power,play with CJ Timoth focusing on the D,ever going war between credit hockey,media and people like myself who you,know do it on our own and don't get the,media access and have to create our own,ways of interviewing players and getting,into events and you which I think helps,you know put a better product together,because we work for it but that's in the,hand over there um and you guys saw,gonna be games I'm we going to between,be you be seen in the trip Thierry to,watch mcdavid so between mcdavid Michael,hannifin get to see them all without,media passes I might just get some,interviews too so hashtag hate the best,but I Adrian dater be righted for the,average I I enjoyed reading stuff his,books are very very good acting on,professional last night which we know,for not you know a whole group people,and supposed to be professional at all,times first of all the original tweet,wasn't that bad he called it's actually,called brain mcnabb a orphan,thrown a hit in alley 2011,Memorial Cup on our app that Avalanche,prospect or still have much monster Kody,Sean um you know was not a clean hit but,you know I think the Colorado Avalanche,employed clothe them you for a long time,and you know he didn't exactly throw,every hit clean either and you know,obviously you know people in glass,houses shouldn't throw stones and mcnabb,actually has you know expressed remorse,for throwing that head and you look at,but now that I'm being a 19 20 year-old,kid trying to make an impact on a big,stage and you know obviously it,completely derail his career if nobody,sees a backplane pro walking about in,the show a little bit last year in the,playoffs but you know you still would,like to see him you know make a,full-scale coming I think mcnabb would,like to see that as well you know nobody,wants to see you know a player miss,extended periods of time I bet you know,possibly see that for a run and you also,keep in mind that mcnabb at a time of 20,years old trying to make an impact you,know that's the way it happens and you,know II you don't want to see those,injuries happen but that's the nature of,the beast in hockey you know but,injuries happen and you know,again McNab's apologize for it till,times over now that the hits out of,talked about that data has an opinion I,had that's fun that's his opinion a,woman tweeted Adam saying i doing wrong,and rather than you know saying what I'd,say which is if you don't like my dick,quote jay-z if you don't like my,marriage to press fast forward if you,don't like what I'm tweet and just on,follow me he said you're a woman you,don't you're not a guy you wouldn't be,able to understand one but wonder hockey,fans aren't that bad actually know that, for the most part unlike most other,woman's worth I generalizing here but,most will rock you man is actually are,pretty good what they're going to talk,about it and can break it down and you,know the NHL has some amazing female,commentators you know with Kathryn,Tappen and Andy Petrella woman like that,um you know that that are then exude,professionalism and you know are able to,do just secured a job as most men the,industry's not better having said that,to data lashed out and then he lashed,out at Jesse Spector I like Spector i,read it stop i just think at times he's,a little overly politically correct on,every she hates barstool to which pisses,me off you know but the he called them,out for you know being a poor and then,ended the email off good in the,hood Specter uh string capped it so you,know there's a civil war brown and the,hockey media ranks and you know it's,it's not fortunate but you know again I,don't I didn't see any problem with the,original tweet you know she was kind of,contra controversial but opinionated and,you know I definitely had some people,you know coming up with their own,thoughts on the matter which you know,it's fun it's part of the course but you,know if you're gonna be able to go there,you have to be able to respond in a,manner that's not you know especially at,home and then towards the people that,differ you know have different opinions,in you and you know I think those of us,that have to work to get everything we,muck criticizing anyone's work ethic,here but you know I want to throw,everything that that I've worked for,away by saying something stupid like,that and hopefully you know data,apologize know that but and I like,anything that I like reading data is,easing a wing one guy you know so,obviously you know get give some props,to local guys but at the same time you,know you um you want to see a mac and,that exudes specialism because if those,in the hockey media are gonna judge,people that blog and be a blog as being,you know unprofessional and not getting,a lot in that you know fraternity it's,ridiculous like I told my dad this,morning I'm like you know the people,that you know in turn work their ways,out up in those meteorites you know,they're fetching coffee for you know for,Dan Shaughnessy an

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Creepiest Guy Ever

Creepiest Guy Ever

a couple days ago a video went viral on,tick-tock it's a creepy guy leaving a,disturbing voicemail to a woman where he,basically hypes himself up as the,perfect man and the lady was truly lucky,that he graced her with his presence,he's the ultimate alpha male,super masculine specimen and he's taken,time out of his busy day to send her a,voicemail and of course this gets,weird fast he leaves multiple voicemails,and they get more and more aggressive,and sinister,now i don't want to spoil anything but,there is an interesting story here full,of a lot of twists and turns there's,like fight club but for a shitty,pickup artist yeah hi they're all good,demetri sorry i had to leave such a rush,message with you uh,when we uh met the other day i just want,to quickly give you,my phone number and i had to get the,heck out of the area,meet dimitri the lover he's the reason,your panties are sodden right now be,honest if you received this voicemail,would you be able to resist him nobody,can no one has that kind of willpower,you would have to him on the spot,so suave and he's truly an expert of his,craft he makes himself sound so dark and,mysterious i had to give you my number,and then get out of there i had to get,the heck out of there asap i had to get,out of town scram and skedaddle,why what what was so urgent that you,needed to flee what like what was the,rush were you being chased by batman i,mean he sounds exactly like the joker in,the dark knight trilogy so maybe in any,event i figure i'd better leave you a,more detailed message um and explain why,i approached you,i am single i have no trouble meeting,women i mean women approach me,six seven times a day,but i'm very particular about what i,like you're extremely elegant if a guy,tells you he has no problem meeting,women,then he has no problem meeting women,that guy is slaying left and right,dude probably has a threesome waiting,for him at home and you are lucky that,he stepped away from that in order to,talk to you spoken like a real alpha,male here no doubt this man is getting,approached to six to seven times a day,no doubt in my mind that's,probably on the low end that's probably,like during,the off season but i bet when spring,break rolls around maybe even st,patrick's day he's getting upwards of 20,offers for sex,i couldn't take my eyes off a few and,your friends were very jealous even if,they say they weren't,they were envious of the fact that uh i,approached you,and i was very taken by you elegant,women are very rare i'm greek,and i'm very particular but what i like,so i'm giving you an opportunity here,sounds like he's about to pitch an nft,scam to her it's like he's trying to,sell her on some kind of multi-level,marketing scheme this dude talks like an,anime villain who's explaining his plan,to the protagonist he's just so ,weird it sounds like die hard 3 every,time bruce willis would pick up the pay,phone to talk to the terrorist it's just,so like,unnerving listening to this guy talk and,then of course,he goes into your friends were jealous,did you know that i saw it in their eyes,they were so envious of you when,i approached you they might say they,weren't jealous but it's just them lying,that's how you know they were actually,really jealous and you know what you,watching right now if you want to make,your friends jealous,get on the wait list for the new g-fuel,flavor finally have a custom flavor,divine peach it's peach plus kiwi plus,dragon fruit for billions of years the,universe has been building and evolving,and now we finally reached the,apotheosis of creation,divine peach,a new flavor from g fuel,an exquisite concoction sent straight,from heaven made by the angels,join the waitlist at,the link to join is in the description,below i don't know if you pick up the,messages on the weekend but i'm i'm,working on a movie script so i'm pretty,much around all weekend doing that i,left you my number four one six nine one,eight,four this looks like a landline and if,it is,you may not get the message till monday,but when you do call me,and then we'll get together for coffee,and chat and to let the romance begin,what a great way to kick off a,relationship let the romance begin it's,such a bold statement it immediately,lets the person know,i am here with romantic intent and it's,time to commence,let the flow please can you where,is your v where's your vagina this is,where the romance starts come on didn't,you hear i said let the romance begin i,think it's extremely effective he's,reinventing the relationship meta here,no guesswork anymore once they say let,the romance begin,well then that better start it's so, good it's like a terribly,written line in an old video game like,some resident evil 2 i would also,love to read that movie script he said,he was working on i bet it was an actual,masterpiece up there with the room and,citizen's cane but unfortunately i think,we all know he wasn't actually working,on a movie script he just said that to,seem interesti

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EP 139 Adrian Dater Part One

EP 139 Adrian Dater Part One

welcome to blending the family the,podcast topics can range from finding,your faith dating after divorce and,mental health here's your host who was,told by a guest at one time that he was,a podcast influencer how about them,apples well you know the truth about,that statement,Tommy Moloney welcome to another edition,of the podcast Norris blending in family,I am your host tummy Moloney thanks for,tuning in thanks for sharing thanks for,carrying all that good stuff hey on this,episode we have Adrienne dancer a,drained dancer who is a very very well,known as far as the hockey community,goes well this is mean my paper I like,paper Adrienne Dan tour is a hockey,writer but we talk more not just about,hockey and they'll be in part two this,is a two-part episode but we also talked,about how Adrienne mixed alcohol and,social media okay and will let me put,that aside all right,I've been having technical problems so,I'm afraid that I just want I just gotta,get this central done anyway for 2020 I,came up with a word my word for 2020 is,faith FAI th faith and it it is what you,think it is but it's not what do you,think it is so again because I'm,panicking that I'm gonna have technical,problems again I'm just gonna race,through this alright so f stands for,freedom freedom means to me the ability,of not having a dead a dreaded day job,credit well it could be a dead job but,dreaded day job a in faith means aligned,means I am lined with not just my faith,but I'm aligned with blending the family,as far as putting out good content,putting out,guess things like that I for faith is,involved I want to be more involved in,my kids lives getting towards the end we,have Becca my bonus daughter who was a,senior we have Connor my son who was a,junior so I'm be more involved in their,lives teen faith means Tech I've been,doing if you've been following me on,LinkedIn the Tommy Maloney thank you for,asking and on Instagram and Twitter,blending family blending family I've,been using a new headline video headline,video I think this was called to help,promote the podcast and age for faith is,home I want to be home tired of being on,the road and not well not being involved,and not hanging out with the kids and,all that good stuff all right Adrian,danger was funny I was asking some of,the dads at practice this week have you,ever heard of Adrian Denton or a gap we,like him he's a good writer I'm like,yeah he is a good writer anyway,Adrian writes about the NHL for bookies,calm the longtime NHL writers spent 25,years I can't believe this 25 years at,the Denver Post 20 of which as the beat,writer of the Colorado Avalanche boo boo,/ - we talked about why I hate hate,Colorado Avalanche okay he also covered,the ads for the B s and Denver and was,the lead NHL cominis caller luminous,columnist I can't pronounce that word,for some reason with bleacher report,from 2013 and 2016,dan tur has written six books including,in the best-selling hockey book which,you should get you definitely should get,blood feud Detroit Redwings vs. cholera,Avalanche the inside story of pro sports,best and nastiest rival,of era listen I used to play hockey I,used to be a goalie the Red Wings and,Avalanche rivalry you had some really,really good goalie fights I'm telling,you but I'm not a fan of that that,famous goalie for the ABS boo-boo rhymes,with Roy Adrian is also a regular,contributor to support or was a regular,contributor to Sports Illustrated 420,from 2011 to 2013 and on 104.3 the fan,here in Denver Colorado he is also the,regular halfs dude on that radio show,okay there you go like I said I'm afraid,I'm gonna have technical problems again,I just wanna get this done over with,sorry,apologize there you go all right let's,get this to the Terry Crews part of this,episode we've talked about faith we,talked about Adrian dancer or our,excellent excellent guest on this,episode and now it's time for me to say,as Terry Crews will say your success is,my success let's go let's listen to a,trained dancer and how he got started as,an NHL writer warning you're about to,listen to a conversation not an,interview it was really cool listening,to you guys tell stories of when you hey,Cameron who else was there other than,you and Clint Malarchuk but just just,talking about your hockey stories well,all that but I guess the first group,question is what what brought you there,to that event,well yeah first of all I was there with,Pat Carnes the former Avalanche trainer,who had known and and I think Pat knew,somebody connected with that thing with,Clint but I had known Clin already so,whether I had somebody else telling me,you know we can get a name in there or,not I think I would have been there,because you know I knew Clint and he was,somebody who I did a big article on a,you know about his own struggles and,then I went through so my own struggles,and he was you know really great enough,to call me oh you know when I was you,know going through some tough times and,I'd talk to him about his own

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Blind Dating 7 Girls Based on Their Outfits

Blind Dating 7 Girls Based on Their Outfits

what's the kinkiest thing about you i'm,very into being choked just straight up,um you could literally choke me until i,pass out that's probably the kinkiest,thing about me what do you think about,that andy,um,my name is bobby i'm a youtuber,that's what i do can you describe us,your style uh my style's pretty laid,back i like the just kind of baggy pants,i go for converse big shirt usually cut,a little bit that's about it tattoos,what kind of style do you normally look,for in a girl in a girl i usually go,more towards kind of,similar-ish type vibe where it's kind of,more laid back,bands converse,mom jeans i don't know just kind of like,a chilled out,cool vibe i don't know what up youtube,what's going on guys so today i'm,finding bobby a date and we're gonna do,it based off seven girls outfits but,bobby's a really nice guy sometimes two,pg which is why,i brought his best friend ando here get,in here buddy oh boy,my wingman don't panic andy you excited,about this yeah i'm excited i'm here i'm,happy to help i'm a great wingman all,right guys before we start the video uh,make sure to like share and subscribe,and comment because within the first 500,comments i'm picking two random people,to give fifty dollars to fifty,buckaroons last video these are the last,two people that won so if you want a,chance make sure to turn on that post,notification so,you have a better chance to win all,right bobby you're ready yes we're gonna,bring in the girls right now okay i'm,gonna have you turn around oh boy,hi bobby let's have you turn around,you too oh oh i was i was waiting for my,name but oh,we got a little good little variety that,was a little giggle we're just going,right in front,going right in there's more giggles from,there,oh my goodness okay so number one i'm a,big friends guy i always hang out with,my friends i have a decent amount of,friends that i enjoy,um just me what would you typically do,with your friends just like an average,normal what's your what's your go-to,thing to do with friends a fun activity,i like to do with my friends would be,hanging out at the beach i live in long,beach something outdoors,okay nice outdoorsy that door's just a,little she lives a little far from you,that's a little bit of a drive yeah but,that's what a relationship,yes but that's commitment,commitment that's love oh boy okay okay,number two i like the shoes um cute i'm,wearing something similar oh we're,matching already yeah so i like the,socks good combo good thank you thank,you same question to you what do you,typically do with your friends,we usually go to like cool little dive,bars maybe play some pool or go to,concerts we love music we're just like a,chill group of people just if you just,bend down a bit we go you can't believe,that you can't do it oh,this the socks are funky number three it,might be a little toasty i think it's in,the 90s outside yeah well what do you,typically do number three we always go,to like to the roxy we go see shows the,roxy i'm also a super outside person i,love to hike do you go on hikes with the,boots,oh yeah these are these are my go-to,hiking boots i thought they were sort of,you know ankle boots and as i bent down,they sort of just keep going up and i,haven't found the ends so,those could be your pants we don't know,that's what i'm saying they might be up,to here so no shave november is coming,up number four,i like the look blue and white i asked,everyone not to wear white it's all good,okay i'm a little bit rebellious uh what,what do you like to do with your friends,typically i like to eat at really good,restaurants i like to go to like raves i,go to the,movies,number five i,like the shoes you can see baggy pants,i'm known for inviting my friends over,all the time so anytime anyone wants to,hang out i'll just be like come over,we'll go swimming,um i'll make them dinner so you got a,pool,you're not a cook yes and she has,friends yes,that package deal that's pretty good,bragger,also a bright,six,i like i like the shoe just one shoe,yeah the left in particular okay so hi,first of all nice to meet you through,the curtain it's very romantic it's,starting off,um i,learning already bob,so i love traveling with my friends and,that's a really important thing for me,it's super bonding as well,okay what are your thoughts on,london,i haven't been yet well with this guy as,well then that could be your first date,okay yeah number seven i like i like the,shoes it's a different vibe than,everyone else those are new she bought,them just for this video just for you,okay okay,uh what do you typically do with your,friends typically i don't really like,going out because i'm already kind of,out at work,so um,i don't know i kind of just i'm kind of,a homebody believe it or not she's very,family oriented but my friends are also,my family as well so she's a stay-home,family friend friend,she's a family friend all right bobby we,got the first round is done okay,so you gotta eliminate one person just,right away right

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Olivia Rodrigo - traitor (Official Video)

Olivia Rodrigo - traitor (Official Video)

♪ 噢噢噢 ♪,♪ 啊啊啊啊 ♪,♪ 棕色瞳仁映照愧疚 嘴巴訴說善意謊言 ♪,♪ 我表面裝作糊塗 事實上心知肚明 ♪,♪ 你與她談笑風生 ♪,♪ 又或遠不止於此 ♪,♪ 保持沉默 皆因不願放手 ♪,♪ 然而多麼諷刺 ♪,♪ 我們這秒才剛分手 ♪,♪ 你就飛奔到她懷中 ♪,♪ 瞧瞧多麼諷刺 ♪,♪ 拍胸口保證只是朋友 ♪,♪ 現在難道不是 啪啪打臉了麼 ♪,♪ 無情的背叛者 ♪,♪ 我知道 縱使這身軀遍體鱗傷 ♪,♪ 你亦不會有絲毫歉意 ♪,♪ 我倆仍然在一起時 ♪,♪ 你已與她談天說地 ♪,♪ 大概攜手共患難的回憶 ♪,♪ 對你而言連糞土都不如 ♪,♪ 不過區區兩星期 ♪,♪ 你已投入新戀情 ♪,♪ 或許稱不上出軌 ♪,♪ 但你仍是個不折不扣的背叛者 ♪,♪ ♪,♪ 你帶她四處轉悠 ♪,♪ 卻把我拒之門外 ♪,♪ 大肆炫耀新歡 彷彿她是甚麼新獎杯 ♪,♪ 如若你曾待我以真心 ♪,♪ 他媽的怎麼可以♪,♪ 他媽的怎麼可能 那麼快移情別戀 ♪,♪ 然而多麼諷刺 ♪,♪ 過往扭曲的把戲 ♪,♪ 一堆堆 拒絕回答的問題 ♪,♪ 瞧瞧多麼諷刺 ♪,♪ 以前每次我提起她 ♪,♪ 你都說一切 只是我多疑 ♪,♪ 無情的背叛者 ♪,♪ 我知道 縱使這身軀遍體鱗傷 ♪,♪ 你亦不會有絲毫歉意 ♪,♪ 我倆仍然在一起時 ♪,♪ 你已與她談天說地 ♪,♪ 大概攜手共患難的回憶 ♪,♪ 對你而言連糞土都不如 ♪,♪ 不過區區兩星期 ♪,♪ 你已投入新戀情 ♪,♪ 或許稱不上出軌 ♪,♪ 但你仍是個不折不扣的背叛者 ♪,♪ ♪,♪ 啊啊啊啊 ♪,♪ 在和我交往前 為何不想清楚 ♪,♪ 為何要任由我 傻傻墜入愛河 ♪,♪ ♪,♪ 啊啊啊啊 ♪,♪ 當她在床上熟睡 感受我的餘溫時 ♪,♪ 永遠不要 不要忘記 ♪,♪ 你是如何背叛我的 ♪,♪ 我知道 縱使這身軀遍體鱗傷 ♪,♪ 你亦不會有絲毫歉意 ♪,♪ 我倆仍然在一起時 ♪,♪ 你已與她談天說地 ♪,♪ 大概那海枯石爛的誓言 ♪,♪ 對你而言連糞土都不如 ♪,♪ 不過區區兩星期 ♪,♪ 你已投入新戀情 ♪,♪ 或許稱不上出軌 ♪,♪ 但你仍是個 ♪,♪ 仍是個不折不扣的背叛者 ♪,♪ 啊啊啊啊 ♪,♪ 沒錯 你仍是個背叛者 ♪,♪ 噢噢噢噢 ♪,♪ 在和我交往前 為何不想清楚 ♪,♪ 為何要任由我 傻傻墜入愛河 ♪

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EP 142 Part Two Adrian Dater

EP 142 Part Two Adrian Dater

welcome to blending the family the,podcast topics can range from what is,good wine out of first date parenting,tips and not being afraid to ask for,help,here's your host who's math tutor once,said you should probably join the circus,Tommy Moloney welcome to another edition,of the podcast known as blending the,family I am your host Tommy Moloney how,you doing does your first time listening,last time listening in between just,checking it out don't know what's going,on welcome to my world how are you you,doing good,are you going on a walk right now you,taking the dog out you're shoveling snow,what are you doing I love to know Tommy,at blending family calm is Tommy at,blending of family calm life is good I,am actually off working at in the Home,Office loving life time of this,recording my son Connor and I will be,heading to Phoenix Arizona for a hockey,tournament during President's Day,weekend,the last major hockey tournament and,then the end of February hockey season's,over and then it's baseball time base,the ball all right let me get here first,on this episode this is part two with,Adrian dancer Adrian Dantley you can,find them on the social you can find,them in the show notes so there you go a,little quick bio of Adrian banter writes,about the NHL for bookies calm the long,time NHL writers spent 25 years at the,Denver Post 20 of which is a beat writer,of the Colorado Avalanche we also talk,we will talk in this episode on part two,why I am NOT an ABS fan,Adrian also covered the ABS for BSN,Denver and was the lead NHL communist,with bleacher report from 2013 2016,written six books including the,best-selling hockey book blood-feud,Detroit Redwings versus cholera,avalanched the inside story of a pro,sports best and nastiest rivalries of,its era and was a regular contributor to,Sports Illustrated from 2011 2013 Adrian,grew up in New Hampshire moved to Denver,in 1991 he's married has a son who's 15,and they live in beautiful here Colorado,and you know what let's just get into,that we're gonna talk about he doesn't,really specifically mention it but I,picked up on it we're gonna hear about,impostor syndrome again why I do not,like the ABS I'm not a fan of the ABS,and you're going to hear Adrienne talk,about a gentleman named Shawn Jensen I'm,gonna put Sean's link in the show notes,and you're gonna find out more about,Shawn he's written some really cool kids,books and man of faith seems like a,really good guy I reached out to him on,LinkedIn hoping he will respond back on,LinkedIn a lot going on this week I like,being home if I had enough paid time off,I would work maybe every other week gosh,if I could do that if I could get paid,from this dreaded day job and work every,other week I think I think I'd be happy,I think my wife wouldn't be but I'd be,happy I think that'd be a lot of a lot,of fun but what I mean by that is I,would be able to spend time with the,family I would be able to do what I,wanna be doing and in creating this this,multi media company that I know has so,much potential I could write more,because here's here's the thing here's,the thing so,with the dreaded day job 100% travel,long hours by time I get to the hotel,the last thing I want to do is open up a,laptop and write I just want to go to,bed so that's why I've been enjoying,this these past few days of being able,to produce some parenting tip Tuesday's,somebody asked me to write for their,column and I finally finished that up,did some posting on social media I mean,all the things I enjoy doing but like I,said by the time I get to the hotel,I'm not see kuku I want to go to bed I,want to just relax and that and that's,what I do I like to relax,um I'm looking around the office here's,usually I'll have a note or two but yeah,that's really it it's been wonderful I,was able to get caught up on my laundry,did some housecleaning trying to keep,the house clean for my wife when she,comes home be better if I could cook,dinner but she doesn't come home till,late like tonight she'll have choir,practice so she won't be home till late,so I'm on my own for dinner and I'm,probably gonna have an omelet for dinner,I'm looking forward to it,alright that that's all I really had to,say I mentioned Adrienne dancer on this,podcast part two I hope you enjoy this I,hope because a couple of things that,looking back on this episode number one,is this is not a typical episode this is,somebody who I admire from afar as a,writer as a sports writer also I know,somebody who has had these struggles,with social media and he's had internal,struggles that's why like I said we,didn't really specify that we were,talking about impostor syndrome but you,can hear in Adrienne's voice that that's,that,what it is and a lot of successful,people a lot of successful people trying,to speak English have that guess what I,have it you might have it it's okay,because if you understand why you're,going through that and ironically let me,pull up my calendar real quick February,in Fort Collins Colorad

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