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TRYING *WORKING* ADOPT CODES THAT GIVE BUCKS IN ADOPT ME!and i'm pretty sure most of you guys,don't

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Updated on Jan 12,2023


and i'm pretty sure most of you guys,don't wanna pay four thousand six,hundred robux just to get ten thousand,bucks like you just pay four thousand,six hundred robux that's a bunch of,robux that's a lot of robux by the way,so,in this video i'll be showing you guys,how you guys can actually get,bucks on adopt me for free by using,adopt me codes and if you guys want to,get free adopt me books in adobe all i,want to ask you guys to do is to like,this video right now because i want to,see how many of you guys actually want,to get some bucks on adopt me before i,begin guys if you guys want to get any,of the pets on the screen right now if,you guys want to get any of the pets on,the screen right now i'm doing a huge,adopt me pets giveaway and if you guys,want to get any of those pets all you,guys have to do is leave a like on this,video hit the subscribe button i,subscribe to the channel turn on post,notifications to all and comment down,below your roblox i can add you and,trade you any of those pets on the,screen guys now this is this is my brand,new account i just created by the way,and that's why i have like very low,bucks and uh in this brand new card i'm,gonna be trying these uh this amazing,adomi codes glitch,that's gonna be giving us some adopt me,bucks for absolutely free so i by the,end of this video i hope to have about,like 10 000 bucks on my account,and um let's see what happens all right,so,if you guys follow these steps you guys,you guys can also have 10 000 bucks just,like i'm about to have i guess by the,end of this video so,the first thing you want to do is you,want to obviously exit,from the place where you spawn,and you want to you want to just follow,my steps,let's go ahead and do this method right,now so you want to basically go ahead,and go to the go on the direction i'm,going right now uh go straight go on the,middle and there's a bunch of people on,this map in the middle which is insane,and let's go ahead and go to the middle,and here what you want to do,is you want to uh keep going and you,want to go to the nursery right here so,you want to enter the nursery,so once you're at the nursery right here,okay there we go i'm at the nursery,finally okay so once you're the nurse,you want to go to the pets section,and you want to pull out one of your,pets by the way you want to pull out one,of your pets so on this brand new,account i'm going to be peeling out um,let's just pull out my black panther,because the black panther is a good one,so and then you want to drink your pet,you're trying to drink your pet,and then what you want to do is you want,to go ahead and go um in the red carpet,and you want to click on the royal egg,and then don't buy the royal egg by the,way just click on it,now once you click on the royal egg you,want to basically go ahead and go on top,of the royal egg and jump three times on,it one two three now once you jump three,times um,hopefully your dog is still,drinking or your pet's still drinking so,my pets are drinking which is a black,panther and then once it's still drink,uh once you jump on the royal egg three,times what you want to do is you want to,go ahead and go straight and go to the,baby section so you want to go to the,baby section and you want to basically,change to a baby here so you want to go,to the adriamatic and change the baby,now once you're a baby you can actually,earn a bunch of bucks in adopt me like,once you're a baby right so you can earn,a bunch of bucks in adopt me and it,creates an amazing glitch on adami so,which is very very good,now once you do that make sure to go,ahead and actually pull out your pet as,you can see like your pet is going to,stop drinking or your pet's just going,to disappear once you become a baby,and you want to have your pet and you,want to be a baby at the same time and,you want to do these things i'm already,right now so once you do that what you,want to do is you want to basically go,ahead and go over to the new farm area,that just came out so i'm going to be,going there right now so the farm area,if you guys don't know where it is it's,basically go it's basically,in the direction i'm going right now so,as you guys can see i'm pretty sure most,of you guys have been at the red bridge,i'm pretty sure most of you guys have,been at the uh,at the farm ag area already so i'm gonna,be going over there so it's it so you,guys want to go ahead and come over to,this bridge and then turn right and,there we go there's a new farm area,there's like there's like this trading,um this trading area or like a trading,like the trading license area yeah the,trading license area i mean the trading,license thing right here and like,there's like i don't know there's a,house over here that someone bought but,you're gonna basically go ahead and go,to the new,and then what you want to do is you want,to just basically go ahead and buy a,bottle of water now once like now it's,only one buck it's only one buck to buy,water here and also what this does is

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5 Hidden 🤫 ADOPT ME SECRETS 🤯That You Probably NEVER KNEW ABOUT!

5 Hidden 🤫 ADOPT ME SECRETS 🤯That You Probably NEVER KNEW ABOUT!

what's up everyone i'm matt and i've got,a secret to share with you well actually,i've got five secrets to share with you,the truth is all video games have hidden,secrets stashed in unexpected places and,adopt me is certainly no slouch in that,department from baby pets to hidden,areas there are some seriously,surprising easter eggs and secrets and,adopt me that you might have never known,were there so then let's get into it 5,secrets in adopt me that you never knew,existed now you might be confused when i,say that baby pets are some hidden,secret i mean when your pet hatches out,of an egg it's a newborn which makes it,a baby right well that's not the kind of,baby pet i'm talking about right now did,you know that one of the pets in the,game does in fact have a baby that you,can see under certain circumstances the,kangaroo is a cute legendary pet that,was added as part of the aussie egg back,in 2020. this pet is cute already but it,gets even cuter when you unlock trick 2,at the school activating this trick will,cause the cute face of the joey to poke,up from the pouch of the kangaroo before,the kangaroo jumps back to bounce up and,down on its tail you can also see this,cute kangaroo baby if you feed your,kangaroo a translucent potion some,people do think that one other pet has,babies and that's the legendary turtle,from the aussie egg once again when you,activate trick 2 the turtle will produce,three small green shells and then start,to juggle them these aren't babies,however because a cute pet turtle would,never be reckless enough to juggle its,young they're just decoration the,release of the mythic egg was one of the,coolest updates to ever come out in,adopt me it introduced a bunch of really,cool mythical creatures ranging from the,common wolfpatinga up to the legendary,goldhorn but did you know that the,mythic egg update was actually teased,long before it came out the toy shop was,updated on may 13 2021 and with that,update came a brand new hobby for,everyone to enjoy this obby took players,on a daring journey up to the very top,of the toy shop crossing over clouds and,then even a rocket to get to the moon,itself at first there was nothing,special about this obby other than the,fact that it was pretty cool but,eventually another update changed what,the moon looked like all of a sudden it,was surrounded by purple crystals these,purple crystals were in fact a teaser to,the mythic egg that would shortly,release this teaser was a cool way for,the adopt me team to get everyone,excited for the upcoming egg but it was,well hidden enough that you needed to go,out of your way to do the obby to,actually find it imagine you had no idea,about this change and you went to do the,obby and found it that would be pretty,cool,right since i'm asking questions i might,as well use this opportunity to do the,question of the episode like i said in,our top 5 updates video we're showing,off a couple of the answers from that,video so thank you if you were one of,the people who commented this time what,i want to know is what's your favorite,place in adopt me and why let me know in,the comments and i'll show off some of,your answers in my next video for those,of you who have played adopt me during,one of the easter events which have,happened all the way since 2018 then the,name egbert is probably pretty familiar,to you but if you haven't played during,an easter event then egbert is an npc in,the shape of an egg he would send,players out to hunt for easter eggs,which could be traded for special easter,themed items that were exclusive to each,event in 2019 however things were a,little bit different as egbert was used,to tease a massive change to the game,that was still to come at this point,pets still hadn't been added to the game,and egbert's 2019 egg hunt was used to,tease their arrival this secret quest,was triggered if you were to find a,broken egg and then show it to egbert if,you found the broken egg at the top of,the sky castle and then returned it to,egg but he would give you something,brand new a pet egg while it was,unusable at the time it's pretty obvious,that this pet egg was teasing the,arrival of pets in adopt me when the pet,update was eventually released all pet,eggs transformed into blue eggs a rare,egg that could only hatch into the blue,dog that's not where this secret stops,however oh no you can actually still,find egbert and the broken egg in the,camping shop behind this suspiciously,placed event they don't do anything,right now but this secret room did also,tease what the broken egg quest would do,broken egg plus eggbert equals dog,that's some pretty good maths right,there the pet update wasn't the last,time there was a special event to tease,an upcoming major change to the game,either in the run-up to the accessory,shop being added to the game players,could dive down underwater and hunt for,the three parts of the founders key that,were hidden in a special underwater,section of the adopt me map after,finding all

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Does This VIRAL TIKTOK HACK ACTUALLY WORK in Adopt Me?! Roblox Adopt Me Tik Tok Hacks

Does This VIRAL TIKTOK HACK ACTUALLY WORK in Adopt Me?! Roblox Adopt Me Tik Tok Hacks

hey what's up you guys it's Megan,welcome back to my channel peachy Squad,today we are trying out adopt me hacks,that you have never seen before but,maybe you have I don't know I don't know,what you've seen okay I've been playing,a taught me a long time and just when I,think I've seen it all I simply have not,I have stumbled across a curation of my,own Tick Tock no no no no okay they're,not my tick tocks I curated the,selection myself and we are gonna test,them all but we're not gonna waste time,we're just gonna get into it oh wait we,are gonna waste some time don't forget,guys my brand new collection is now,available at Claire's we've got Pom-Pom,headbands tons of accessories keychains,and plushies so make sure you guys check,it out link below trying the new adopt,me legendary hack okay hatching the egg,so she has a cracked egg she's in the,VIP room she is going to be hatching,this egg she's taking it to bed she,doesn't specify exactly what needs need,to be done it just looks like we're just,hatching an egg pretty simple and then,typing the command backwards slash colon,spawn legendary no caps okay and then,she feeds it a moon cake or an apple,okay she feeds it an apple we can get an,Apple I don't know if that's relevant,must be she eats it and she says it,works,okay tell me what's wrong with this,picture we're gonna try it anyway oh,honey you're falling asleep on the job,we're very busy today so let's see do I,have any cracked eggs I happen to have,50 of them very cool all right so we got,ourselves a cracked egg and now all we,have to do is hatch it,how long is this supposed to take I,should have prepared before logging on,to adopt me because this is gonna take a,bit maybe while we wait let's check out,the next hack alright so this girl named,Megan that's my name she's on the swing,oh I already know what she's doing with,this she's gonna put on this little guy,like this body kit super important you,grab a balloon doesn't matter what type,then you reset your avatar doink oh you,go into you have to go into like the,thing like okay I'll explain when I do,it and then you float up let's do it oh,good egg needs a shower kind of mix,mixing these hacks together that's okay,right but wait I'm afraid to reset my,avatar while I'm doing this what if it,resets my pet's needs I don't think it,will I think we'll be fine whoa it's,already like halfway hatched do I have,an apple to prepare okay we do okay also,I love that we're recording this hack,video under the cover of Nightfall it's,almost as if we're super secret spies,not at becoming daytime while I was,saying that okay it's fine whatever so,the thing about the egg is like it's,already almost half we hatched and if I,take it to this if I do either of these,that's gonna like immediately hatch it,let's just do it we'll just go do it,we'll type the command we'll hatch the,egg we'll feed it the Apple,this is so silly I can't believe I'm,even entertaining this the command was,this space that spawn legendary and if,this girl knew anything about code she,would know that that would not work,let's get close I don't know the the,constructs the perimeter of this hack so,let's just get it here and if this,if the egg doesn't hatch or it's gonna,be real embarrassing okay okay okay guys,guys you follow along you doing this,with me so I don't feel so silly doink,spawn legendary come on where's my mega,neon unicorn where's my mega neon,unicorn unicorns,it's a corgi honestly an ultra rare pet,from a cracked egg that's pretty good,okay that's pretty good that's not what,I wanted it's certainly not a mega neon,unicorn but an ultra rare from a crack,deck I don't mind if I do now I do know,for a fact that this next hack works,because I have actually done it before,and I've made a video on it before but I,think it's so cool that I want to show,you guys again exactly about it and then,I want to try something else that I have,seen before so what you do let's put,away the monkey no so no one gets hurt,go ahead sit on the swing now the swing,is only used to Anchor yourself to the,map so you don't go off to Infinity you,go dress up you go down to the kits you,pick which weight,those are not kids you go down to the,kits and which one did she use she's,like the fire one but I know you can use,this one this is the one I used to use,whenever I would do this back let's,close out let's get ourselves a balloon,a balloon of any kind,um the heart one super cute super fun,and then you go in to dress up and then,you like you have to be aggressive I,think whenever you do this reset reset,wait a second,that didn't work did they patch it I,hope not we're gonna try the kit that,the girl actually had on maybe they,patched it for this guy I promise you,guys I'm not lying oh Megan pink hair,she's so cute I miss her so much why,should I dye my hair back pink let me,know sit dress up go to the kits now,she's the one that was like the fire guy,was it this one it's not that one why,are there so many kits that all l

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👶The ENTIRE HISTORY Of Adopt Me: From 2017 To 2022! 🐶

👶The ENTIRE HISTORY Of Adopt Me: From 2017 To 2022! 🐶

it's our birthday update this week can,anyone believe it's been a whole five,years since adoptme first came out,that's a long time and a lot has changed,over the years in celebration of adopt,me being around for half a decade we,wanted to take a look back through the,history of the game yep today we're,going to be taking a look at the story,of adoptme's history and how it became,the game that we all know and love today,but to begin our story we have to take a,trip back in time so join me as we,travel back five whole years to the 14th,of july,2017. the adopt me of 2017 was a very,different place to the adopt me of today,i wasn't around dahlia jesse and z,weren't around our incredible dev team,weren't around back then the future of,adopt me rested on two people and two,people only bee think and new fishy this,pair of roblox developers created the,original adopt me island together and,while there are some similarities to how,it looks now for the most part it was,wildly different the nursery looked more,like a grocery store and only contained,things to do with actual babies and,nothing to do with pets there was an,actual big grocery store a bunch of,places that stated they would be coming,soon and a ton of rentable buildings on,the outside area of the island to say,that this place looked massively,different in comparison to what we have,now is probably still selling things,short in this version of the game things,were pretty simple compared to what,would come in the future instead of,being able to adopt pets the only thing,you could do was adopt babies in fact,everything was centered around,role-playing the relationship between a,parent and a baby you'd earn bucks from,looking after your kid which could be,used to buy a bunch of things on the,island ranging from renting a home to,clothes and other items from the variety,of shops on this basic map the release,of the game was immediately popular but,new fizzy and b think weren't exactly,going to sit back on their laurels and,coast by on their success oh no they,immediately started getting to work on,releasing updates from new items to cool,events like the very first christmas,event in 2017 there were a lot of cool,small additions to the game but the,first big update that really,revolutionized adopt me didn't come,until around the first anniversary of,the game in july 2018. that was the,update that added building to the world,of adoptment before this update released,there were houses scattered around,adoption island that players could rent,for bucks however they didn't,technically own any of these houses and,they couldn't customize anything that,was inside of them each one came,prefabricated with its own design that,all changed with the july 2018 update,the very first buyable houses were added,to the game with this update allowing,players to customize their interiors for,the very first time the tools were,simple and there weren't that many,things that players could actually add,to their houses but it was still a,massive change that gave players,something brand new to do before we go,any further it's time for the question,of the video since we're on the subject,of the past today i want to know what,your favorite moment was while playing,adopt me this doesn't have to be about,an update it could be literally any time,that you had fun playing the game let me,know in the comments and the next time i,do one of these kind of videos i will,show them off right let's get back to,the history of the game the popularity,of adopt me did continue to increase,steadily but it wasn't until 2019 that,things really started to take off as i,mentioned before in the original version,of adopt me pets weren't a thing at all,first teased as part of a side quest in,the easter egg event of that year pets,were officially released with the first,pet egg in june 2019 if players had,completed that quest then they would be,gifted a blue egg and a pink egg which,would hatch into a blue dog and a pink,cat respectively but the main attraction,was the massive change to the nursery,and everything that was inside of it the,nursery had changed to basically what it,looks like today with the baby nursery,on one side and the pets area on the,other here players could talk to sir,woofington who would give everyone a,starter egg or they could buy the royal,pet and cracked eggs the egg gumball,machine was also there but players,couldn't actually use it yet other than,the pets that were present in the,starter pet blue and pink eggs there,were two more pets available the very,first pet games passes were the horse,and the griffin after the release of,pets and adopt me the game started to,see a truly meteoric rise in popularity,unlike anything that had come before the,next major change to the game was the,first egg to be released in the gumball,machine and it was added to the game,just one short month after pets actually,arrived on the island july 5th saw the,addition of the safari egg which,introduced seven brand

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Adopt Me Is REMOVING These 3 PETS! Roblox Adopt Me Pets Update

Adopt Me Is REMOVING These 3 PETS! Roblox Adopt Me Pets Update

adopt me is removing this pet in a new,update the next update coming into adopt,me is in two days coming up on the 12th,of January at 4pm and in this update,they are going and removing Apex making,it non-obtainable forever so I recommend,that you follow these steps if you want,to get your hands on a pet that will be,leaving the game the pet in question is,a very special one that not many people,really know about the pets that is sold,in here and you have to do all of this,to get it buy an official adopt me,Avatar item uh which you want to wear on,all your Roblox games blah blah blah,blah blah Redeemer reward and adopt me,once you have five stamps so you press,start and as you can see once you get,all five you get the mystery prize the,pet that adopt me is going and removing,is called the Irish water,spaniel the only way to go and obtain,this pet is by going and purchasing five,different UDC items so as you can see I,purchased like this little jig cat this,little icy Crown some of this some of,this and that the cheapest things that,these cost are 59 Robux so that means to,go and buy it you need to spend an,average of 250 Robux to go and get this,pet making this uh this pet basically,250 Robux Worth or if you see it as,you're buying those items anyway then I,guess some people say it's kind of a,free pet but a dummy is going and,removing the Irish water spaniel and,going and giving us a brand new pet for,players to go and get in a couple days,so if you don't have the Irish water,spaniel yet then I recommend you trying,go and get one I guess it costs Robux so,if you don't have Robux then be sure to,go and trade for one because I'm pretty,sure there's not much demand for this,pet but once it leaves the game yeah,people people are gonna be like oh it's,not in the game anymore so now it's what,a mega neon shadow dragon yeah that's,definitely what people are gonna say so,if I was you go grab one now if you are,if you have 259 Robux ish spare or you,could just simply wait until the new,update comes out then go and purchase,the five items to then go and unlock the,new pet uh we'll also going getting,Furniture packs which is gonna be,interesting so let's find this out so,the pad that's replacing the Irish water,spaniel is called a glacier moth now,this is such a random pet to me honestly,I wasn't expecting this but then again,the Irish water spaniel is very random,personally I think it would make sense,if it was like a fashionable item,compared to a glacier moth uh honestly,very surprised about the choice I'm not,sure why it's a glacier version,um I guess it's because it's blue but,this is what the moth looks like uh if,you guys your dream pet is a moth then,congratulations you can now go and get a,pet moth in adopt me for 250 plus Robux,which is great the Irish water spaniel,isn't the only pet that adopt me is,removing they're also going and removing,the highland cow and the pet Nessie so,if you want to go and grab these I'd go,and grab them before they also go and,leave the game highland cow is 2 000,bucks and we've seen before in the past,just how rare things such as the space,whale went and got anyway adopt me is,not only going and giving us one pet,we're not just getting that Glacier moth,a dummy's also going and giving us,something else and this is the other,brand new pet it's called The Bloodhound,not gonna lie this is a very strange pet,it kind of looks a bit Derpy to me many,people are saying that it looks like the,dog leash so let's go and check this out,and just search the word dog leash and,yeah I guess this thing kind of looks,identical to the dog leash like there is,the dog leash and then that that is the,pet weight is it actually it's the exact,same thing,it's the actual exact same thing wow I I,am amazed it's honestly,the exact same pack that's so funny that,it's actually,exactly the same and this this dog leash,has been an adult me for like,since the toys were released into a,dummy so I find that so funny so to go,and get this I'm pretty sure you have to,purchase some furniture packs I think I,don't really know it says they're adding,three Furniture packs uh let me know if,you're sad about the Irish water spaniel,leaving or if you're sad about Good Old,Nessie leaving the game Nessie wasn't in,the game for long which I guess some,players are excited about because of its,Rarity and that because it's leaving it,will just go up in value so I guess for,the Trader's sake they're probably,excited and actually this looks so cute,when you call I like Carrie the Nessie,actually looks so much nicer,um as for that cow honestly it doesn't,really look anywhere and near as cute as,the actual cow but I imagine this will,get like some preppy values and that,will be in demand in the future so be,sure to go and pick up these three pets,before they go and leave the game soon,click this video here to see what,happens when I entered 100 adopt me,giveaways find out how many I want

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Why I Hate Adopt Me

Why I Hate Adopt Me

today I'm here to do something really,daring I'm going to talk about why I,hate adopt me with all of my heart if,you don't hate adopt me after you watch,this video you probably will because I'm,going to talk about a lot of different,things that people don't think about if,you love adopt me this might be a bad,video for you to watch you're probably,gonna hate me so to start off I'm,actually going to join adopt me I really,don't want to do this at all I don't,want to play this but I'm going to join,it so when you first join you get this,basic music but there's nothing wrong,with that right I mean kids play this,game this is good music to kids it makes,them happy you get to choose between a,baby or a parent for this video we're,gonna click baby I don't know why look,at all this stuff popping up that's,already like look what four different,things just popped up also look at my,character my character looks stupid,though I hate when I join games my,character looks like this you might be,asking why are you in a uh Penthouse big,sweet do you hate this game I spent,money on this yes how dare you this is,literally my house and I say that I hate,this game but but let me let me explain,so adopt me is not even really a game,it's more like an online shop like you,join in it pops up with do you want to,buy this do you want to buy that oh your,peacock is is tired do you want to pay,this much money to get some serum that,your peacock will never be tired they're,trying to sell you something and that's,what a lot of Roblox games are they try,to sell you stuff you go to the shop and,you can pay something you can you can,pay 50 Robux to sell cotton candy to,your friend you can pay a 250 to unlock,a car you can buy candy you can buy a,ton of things the other thing I hate,about this game is that there's nothing,to do this is such a boring world it's,literally filled with other people's,houses let's just go into this person's,house for example,so I'm in this girl's house uh she,probably paid like 20 bucks for this,house which is another problem you have,to pay for almost everything in this,game I don't have anything wrong with,games where you have to pay but this,game is basically pay to play and look,if this girl paid this much money for,this house the upstairs should be nice,look at this upstairs you ready,what is this you might be saying DJ,there's plenty of stuff to do in adopt,me you can talk to people you can talk,to people in any other game I think the,main problem with this game is that the,developers they know that,eight-year-olds are gonna be playing it,so they made it a shop it's an online,shop that's what this game is there's,nothing rewarding about this game my,peacock since I haven't played this game,in two months it's dirty,my peacock is literally dirty oh and,when you click on your peacock it says,oh right okay bit I'm gonna ride my,peacock oh I have to pay for that no,thanks,I just got ran over while I'm speaking,that's another problem with this game,the game is so basic where like okay if,your peacock is dirty go take a shower,at home and it leads you to your house,and by doing Simple tasks you get these,bucks and with those bucks you can,upgrade your animals like there's,nothing wrong with that but the problem,comes in whenever you get super nice,animals so another thing is once you,spend your mom's money on getting like a,new dog in this game you can trade with,people and mostly this game is filled,with like eight-year-olds you know like,if I read the chat somebody literally,said I got scammed on my first pet I,don't have any pets but I can give you a,toy little kids are saying that they got,scammed and I'm pretty sure this game,has not done anything about it I think,this is the most notorious Roblox game,for having kids get scammed I'm pretty,sure I've never heard more about scams,until I played this game now I've never,got scammed and I don't think because,I'm not a six-year-old kid you know what,I mean and I didn't spend 30 bucks on my,mom's credit card and like I said before,you might be saying no adopt me is cool,you get to get pets and then you get to,talk to people and you get to role play,you can role play in any other game on,the internet you can talk to people on,any other Roblox game I also don't like,how this game is looked at as like one,of the most popular Roblox games when I,first started playing Roblox the only,thing I knew about Roblox was like adopt,me in like all these like little kid,games this isn't Roblox to me there are,so many different and better games on,Roblox in my opinion than this this game,is literally people running around,trying to get better pets but they will,never be as good as the people who spend,money on pets you can spend a hundred,dollars and have super super cool pets,in this game but if you never spend,money you'll never be as good as anybody,else and that's that's a huge problem,with games nowadays they're all pay to,win pay to be good I think up here is,like the hang

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PETS Can NOW DIE In Adopt Me?! (Roblox)

PETS Can NOW DIE In Adopt Me?! (Roblox)

if pets could die and adopt me one pets,drowning oh,look at that panic drown regular drone,that is awful driving over pets,you have killed a pet teleport to the,hospital and save it please click,teleport,make sure to use star code i am santa if,you're buying roblox make sure to leave,a thumbs up on this video for good luck,and make sure to subscribe to my channel,if you haven't already so there are a,lot of updates we want to come out into,adopt me but there were also some,updates that we might not be thinking,about that we definitely do not want to,come out into adopt me i mean we all,want more pets we want more houses we,want more furniture we want to be able,to customize furniture we want,everything there's a bunch of different,updates that we want to come out we want,to be able to trade bucks i mean the,list goes on but also there are a lot of,things that we should be grateful for,that is not an update and adopt me,because today i am going to be going,through some tick tocks which shows,updates that we don't want to come out,and to adopt me because it would be,crazy i think everyone would go,completely crazy and be very very,unhappy with these updates so,today we're going to be checking through,a few tick tocks of updates we do not,want to come out and to adopt me alright,let's get started with the first one,okay three two one go what is that what,is that monster right there,what is that,it's a monster and adopt me how did it,get him to adopt me no wait what is that,blood in the river,what is this,um,what is this,new fizzy and b think they're standing,there did someone make this game oh wait,do you see that there's blood there's a,dead pet there's also tombstone and,there's a toilet there's a toilet huh,this is weird oh,what this is crazy i definitely do not,want this and adopt me did you guys see,that,this is,so weird and it just goes on and on,look at that scary huge monster,imagine monsters came to adopt me not,only cute friendly pets but also just,evil creepy scary monsters who would,follow you and come after you,okay,i do not like this this is looking crazy,and they're running around chasing you,oh okay well i definitely did not enjoy,that and i would not want that update to,come out and to adopt me let's check out,the next one i guess,okay three two one go,uh what is that on the screen right,there,um what is that,die here what why would anyone walk in,there no stop why is it going in there,what,you died what imagine if you couldn't go,to your house anymore to the,neighborhood and adopt me and you just,died whenever you tried to get back,now that sounds like a nightmare to me,and i would not want that i definitely,would never want that update to come out,into adopt me all right oh that's so,weird let's check out the next one,weird things that are slowly changing an,adopt me map what things are changing,right now,i had no idea i've never noticed,anything changing let's have a look,what are they talking about the pet shop,has more,cracks i don't know is it true though,does the pet shop have more cracks i,always thought it would look like that,already,the campsite is moving further back what,and the r has fallen off,what i don't know,has it always been like that guys let me,know in the comment section below,because i am actually not sure they,could be right but i don't know if i've,ever noticed anything like that before,okay so let's check out this next one,and this one is actually from a youtuber,called forever sparks and,they do a bunch of really really cool,updates that should and maybe should not,come out and adopt me and this one is,definitely something we would hate to,come out in to adopt me are you guys,ready for this i don't even know if i'm,ready for this all right let's have a,look let's start it in three two one go,if pets could die and adopt me one pets,drowning oh,look at that panic drown regular joan,that is awful driving over pets,you have killed a pet teleport to the,hospital and save it please click,teleport that is crazy,dead pet section in backpack,look at that all the dead pets in the,backpack,dog dead pet reason drowning that would,be crazy pets burning no no no no no at,the campsite your pet is at risk of,dying,imagine going to the campsite to enjoy a,nice campfire and your pet falls in the,campsite campfire and dies no no no no,no no we did not want that,pets dying do you want to save your pet,for 350 robux your pet has 30 seconds to,live,dying no,that is crazy okay this is actually,making me so sad right now thank you so,much forever sparks for this that,was crazy uh you're very talented,oh please,do not give and adopt me any of these,thoughts uh i do not want pets to die i,love it that my pets are alive right now,and i hope they stay alive forever,imagine vegetable would die i have a,bunch of different vegetables,well for example my giraffe imagine if,my giraffe would die,oh,i'm happy you don't die giraffe you're,with me forever and ever and ever that,would be really really s

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The 😍 TOP 5 UPDATES 😍 In Adopt Me! History That Changed The Game Forever

The 😍 TOP 5 UPDATES 😍 In Adopt Me! History That Changed The Game Forever

hey what up everyone i'm matt the new,media producer at uplift games i'm gonna,be working alongside the rest of the,team to bring you even more incredible,adopt me videos but don't worry jesse,isn't going anywhere i'll just be making,videos as well and hey let me tell you,adopt me has changed a whole lot since,it was first released into the world,back in 2017. that's five whole years of,incredible updates and changes that the,game has undergone all coming together,to create the version of the game that,exists now today i'm gonna be going over,some of the biggest and best updates,that changed it up me forever leaving a,lasting impact on the game that can even,be felt now but before that if you,haven't already you should definitely be,subscribed with the bell button clicked,i mean how else are you going to know,about all of the updates and changes,that are yet to happen in the future it,only makes sense anyway here we go the,top 5 craziest updates that changed,adopt me,forever the dress your pets update was,absolutely incredible and not just,because it involved ped accessories,being added to the game for the very,first time this update was so impressive,that at the time 1.6 million players all,joined the game at once which a lot of,people say caused roblox to go down,completely,whoops there was a lot of hype for the,dressier pets update and that was due to,the limited time quest that led up to it,before the accessory update actually,went live there was a single golden,crown called the founders crown that,could only be acquired by getting three,parts of the founder's key in a special,underwater area of the map you then had,to go to the vault in the pet store upon,unlocking it you would find the founders,crown which teased the arrival of even,more pet accessories just before the,update hit something else happened burt,was out fishing at the hospital when,suddenly he actually managed to fish up,the hat shop after it rose out of the,river the dress your pets update was,released and players were finally able,to place accessories on their pets this,was a great update granting players the,ability to apply a ton of items to their,pets and with more items released over,time well it's safe to say that the,dressier pets update truly changed the,world of adopt me forever trading and,adopt me is something that just about,everyone loves to do come on it's great,fun to be able to swap items with,friends or to get rare pets and eggs,from other players however the trading,system in adopt me didn't always used to,be as robust as it is right now,originally players were only able to,trade up to four items with someone else,but the trading update on november 5th,2020 increased that up to nine items,that's a pretty impressive change by,itself allowing players to trade more,items at once was a great quality of,life edition but that's not all this,update did it actually made the game a,lot safer with the introduction of the,trade license this brand new item is,needed to trade any ultra rare or,legendary items which at the time was a,pretty big change you can only get this,trade license by completing a test in,the safety hub this test will make,players choose whether certain trading,scenarios are scams or if they're safe,if you get all of those questions,correct then you will be allowed to get,your trading license which will allow,you to trade those top tier items with a,mix of increased security levels and,better quality of life in general for,the trading system this update was,honestly a great change to the game and,certainly changed it for the better,going forward it's always great to hear,your opinions so i'm going to ask the,question of the video today we want to,know what sort of things you would like,to see in the future of adopt me let us,know in the comments and we might just,show some off in one of our future,videos events in adobe have been getting,better and better over time and honestly,the winter holiday 2021 event was the,best one yet the first big addition to,this event was actually the return of,something that had been included in the,2019 version of the event and that is,the advent calendar the advent calendar,included 25 days of exclusive items,ranging from cool pet accessories like,the festive top hat to toys like the,gingerbread face flying disc to even,pets like the saint bernard there were,also three mini-games that players could,enjoy the first of these was a return of,the ice skating mini game which was,first introduced in 2020 you had to,skate on ice and collect gingerbread,while avoiding all the naughty penguins,who were there to slow you down the,other two mini-games were both new,additions there was pet rescue in which,teams would have to break their pet free,of a block of ice before the other team,did the winner of this game would get a,lot of gingerbread there was also,present shuffle a minigame where bert,would put either coal or gingerbread in,five presents players had to try to,discover the gingerbre

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