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Twitter VS Addison Raeaddison ray is an american social media,personality and dancer in july 2019 sh


Updated on Jan 17,2023

Twitter VS Addison Rae

addison ray is an american social media,personality and dancer in july 2019 she,started actively posting content on tick,tock where her dancing videos rose in,fame,well that wasn't very informative i feel,like that sentence could apply to a,couple hundred tick talkers but,regardless she is very very well known,and recently she's become very very,hated,it all started when she posted this,tweet to twitter where she says,i studied broadcast journalism in,college for three whole months to,prepare for this moment,showing a picture for a ufc event with a,ufc microphone,cryptic response to addison by saying,stealing jobs from those more deserving,very classy viktor says this is,disrespectful to all the people who go,to college and work their asses off for,jobs like this,and sometimes don't even get them but,because addison has clout,she gets them over qualified sports,journalists,mia says so you are taking away the,opportunity for people who actually need,this job while you have all this,fame if you can even call it that way,because it comes from 15 second,videos,very nice walker says so what makes you,qualified to do this job and not someone,who genuinely loves mma travis peters,says,i truly feel bad for her not to have the,ability to read the room or know,something you posted it insensitive,is such a bad trait to have seems like a,nice girl but makes herself come off as,entitled and an airhead,mark jackson's burner says with all due,respect this is a real job,troy says everyone on here bitchin,laughing my ass off,life isn't fair the fact life isn't fair,is what makes life life get over it,zhao responds to him by saying ain't no,one in this reply section on your side,bruh you know addison is in the wrong,here for even making this tweet and,still keeping it up,dream responds to addison by saying,people tell you to get a real job,and then are mad when you get one,shaking my head dave says,lol people mad at addison as if she,really stole a job from someone,she's obviously there for publicity and,if it wasn't her it was going to be a,different celebrity this is not a new,concept,someone then responds they are mad,because the job was given to someone who,isn't qualified to do the job it should,have gone to a real reporter not a tick,tock,star moving on to the quote tweets to,her andy says,people bashing her for not being,qualified to be a ufc journalist or,forgetting addison rey literally fought,in the ufc for seven plus years,and beat brock lesnar for the title,uncomfortably smug says,influencer's speeding up journal,unemployment rate lil sasquatch says,if you are mad about this maybe you,should grow up and start shaking ass on,tik-tok like the rest of us,sachi says all the replies to this are,how dare you my friend went into,journalism school for six years and you,were just handed this which is hilarious,because these people seem to believe in,a meritocracy in media does addison ray,have any idea how hard joe rogan worked,to get hired as a ufc talking head and,later a professional little baby,does she even know becca says youtube,privilege,always gets mediocre unqualified youtube,people's foot in the door,jade morris says damn it maybe i've been,doing it wrong,and should have had tick tock rather,than spending 10 years working as an mma,presenter,violetta says i'm sorry to people who,actually graduated and couldn't get this,job,bw carlin says people tell these,influencers to,actually do something other than post on,instagram then they do,and people become outraged she made a,joke she's famous,grow up michael says just imagining,everyone who went to school for this and,applied getting the call that addison,ray got the job,that's so sickening brandon wolfe says,crazy that i have more college,experience in sports broadcasting than,addison ray,yet she is working the ufc fight tonight,and i'm working construction busting my,behind,cold world out there folks nina parker,says not three whole months,michael tracy says instead of lashing,out people should be thanking her for,providing additional evidence that a,degree in,broadcast journalism is completely,worthless hayan tsuyum says,career advice for those considering,getting a full-time journalism degree,a lot of jobs in the industry are now,being taken over by influencer,celebrities youtubers,it's a reality you need to deal with z,says should we hire someone who busted,their butt through college and genuinely,loves ufc and is hungry for an,opportunity in journalism,nah let's hire aston ray because she's,popular for throwing it back on tick,tock,jack maguire says the amount of,complaining in the replies is insane,if you studied broadcast journalism and,are surprised a celebrity is,taking your job you went into the wrong,field bucko laura oakman says,to aspiring journalists devastated,frustrated over this,you will see many who land a sweet gig,for various reasons,not always deserved look away and keep,focused on what you are building,a career what's easy won't last and what,

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Bryce Hall GOES OFF on TWITTER RANT after Addison Rae & Tanner Buchanan KISS at MTV Awards!

Bryce Hall GOES OFF on TWITTER RANT after Addison Rae & Tanner Buchanan KISS at MTV Awards!

is that a sim ray dating her he's all,that co-star tanner buchanan,we will update you on the steamy kiss,that you shared at the mtv movie and tv,awards,and also how bryce hall reacted to the,kiss,i'm cousin mcdonald and you're watching,the daily report happy monday everyone i,hope you're all having a great start to,your week,and you know what it's just gonna be a,good one so i'm putting it out there for,us all,did anyone watch the mtv movie and tv,awards last night,did you see who presented the award for,best kiss,tic toc star addison ray and actor,tanner buchanan,the two are starring in he's all that,coming out later this year and,wow did they heat up the stage when,presenting the award,is it hot in here or was it just addison,ray's dress because,her looks her looks oh that's a whole,nother story before announcing the,winner the two showed off their,own kissing skills the winners of the,award for best kiss were outer banks,co-stars and,real life couple chase stokes and,madeleine klein,while accepting the award madeline,pulled in chase for a,very steamy kiss i mean i just love them,so much,ugh chad lynch life and i literally,cannot wait for season two like it,cannot come any sooner,anderson and tanner's kiss obviously,started trending on twitter and fans,started wondering about addison and,tanner's,possible relationship mtv tweeted a clip,of their kiss with the caption quote,confirmed the chemistry between he's all,that movie cast mates addison wright and,tanner buchanan is,exclamation point exclamation point,exclamation point the kiss,is a little bit awkward i'm not gonna,lie but you try kissing someone on live,television for the category of best kiss,at the mtv awards,i'd look pretty awkward too kyle and i,would probably just like fake,out so are these two dating drum roll,please,they are not addison and tanner are just,friends tanner is reportedly dating,actress lizzy broadway and the pair have,never publicly confirmed the,relationship but,have been together since 2017. even,though addison and tanner are not,dating and most likely kissed only for,publicity addison's ex-boyfriend bryce,hall was,not afraid to share his thoughts about,the kiss on twitter,obviously we know that bryce and addison,have been through a lot together,and it truly seems like these two will,always have feelings for one another,after addison and tanner's kiss erupted,on the internet bryce tweeted quote,sucks but moving on now we can only,assume this is in reference to addison,and tanner's kiss,bryce does have a history of tweeting,out his feelings so i think our,assumptions are most likely correct,he later tweeted quote i'm going to,fully focus on myself and shut everyone,up on june 12th that is the date he will,be fighting youtuber awesome mcbroom as,part of the youtuber's verse tiktoker's,boxing card,so we know bryce doesn't have to worry,about tanner considering he has a,girlfriend,but what about jack harlow we first,heard about addison and jack's possible,romance after photos were posted of the,two at the trailer fight club boxing,match a few weeks ago,addison was seen reportedly holding,hands with jack and there was a picture,where her hand was on his chest,but just hours before addison was,spotted with bryce,the two were seen holding each other on,an escalator and bryce even leans in and,kisses addison,bryce commented on the video that was,posted on the tic tac room instagram,account saying quote,wtf that's not us but like even though,the video was from behind it could,maybe possibly not be them but like it,totally was them like confusing right,i mean you spend half the day with your,ex-boyfriend and then the other half,with jack,what's going on here addison come on,addison let,everyone know after the rumor started,that she was not dating,anyone by simply tweeting quote i'm,single but,rumors have continued to swirl around,addison jack's possible relationship,in a recent tweet posted by the twitter,account death noodles they shared a,photo of addison wearing jack's,sweatshirt,a what now this is only a speculation,and it could be just a coincidence that,addison has the exact,same sweatshirt right i mean according,to reports,jack is currently in la so maybe the two,are spending a lot of more time,together as we all know though an,interview was posted last week by,pitchfork,was quickly deleted after jack started,talking about a tick tocker he had been,on the phone with,and had interest in again we can only,assume he was talking about addison,but the fact that it was taken down,immediately,like immediately after truly makes you,wonder if addison's team wants to keep,their relationship a secret,man i'm coming with a lot of tea today,this is so fun fans also think that,addison has been,shading bryce on twitter she recently,tweeted quote,remember when you swear to god i was the,only person who ever got you,well screw that and screw you you will,never have to hurt the way you know that,i do,um that sounds familiar aren't those the,lyric

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Addison Rae Exposed for Racist Tweet and Shading Charli D'amelio

Addison Rae Exposed for Racist Tweet and Shading Charli D'amelio

i'm pretty sure we all know who addison,ray is,she's one of the most popular tick tock,creators at the moment alongside charlie,and dixie demilio,dixie and addison are pretty close,friends some may even say that they're,best friends because they're very close,in age,the three of them became close friends,because they shared the same amount of,fame even though charlie was only 15 at,the time,while something happened between them,that has caused addison to receive some,backlash,and an old tweet has been dug up from,her past we'll get into all of that but,let's start from the beginning,yesterday someone found these comments,that addison had liked from her tick,tock videos back in november,the comments were bringing charlie down,insulting her appearance and basically,saying that addison was better than,charlie,she's verified and you aren't,something's wrong there,you should be verified i'm not hating on,her i'm just saying you should be,verified too,i mean like she is pretty but the,prettiest girl on tick tock,no definitely not so who started the,hype about her your high key better,addison,honestly you're 10 times prettier you,deserve all the hype,when these comments started getting,spread around the internet of course,dixie and charlie found out and this is,what they had to say,dixie posted a string of tweets about,the situation,again charlie deserves better the,jealousy oh my god,obviously don't fight hate with hate,family first and that's that,last thing i'm gonna say i love my,friends but my family comes first and i,will not apologize for sticking up for,my sister,i have love for everyone i'm just very,frustrated right now,and charlie tweeted this out as well,basically saying that she's unbothered,by it,the same day she also posted this tick,tock that many believe was her throwing,shade at addison for what had come out,don't speak on me for free,addison rey's mom even commented on the,situation saying,never be proud of tearing others down,many believe that she tweeted this out,to shay dixie dimilio,addison eventually ended up responding,to the situation and tweeted out,live learn love in an instagram comment,she also said,gonna talk about it before it's on here,yes i did like comments saying,she deserves the hype and why is charlie,verified and you aren't in november,i didn't know her and i hadn't met her,this is no excuse,but i will say i had just gotten out of,an extremely toxic,and mentally abusive relationship that,tore my heart to shreds,i was fully depressed and hated myself i,thought i was worthless without him,after five years of being together i,searched for compliments and love from,others because i couldn't love myself,without him,it's so gross and makes me really sad to,think about it to this day,but i do know that i've loved and,supported charlie since,the day i met her i think charlie,deserves everything she's done,i know she genuinely loves doing this,and loves her supporters,i already told her that she doesn't need,to forgive me but i will say i was,insanely desperate for love,at that point in my life that was what i,had still terrible and i really don't,want that to sound like,it's an excuse because it's not okay to,do regardless,i love and know charlie and i will love,and support her no matter what,i know that addison is a sweet person,but her apology seemed very made up in,my opinion,she said that she hadn't known charlie,at the time but she was already friends,with her,she due added charlie in october saying,that she stands her so hard,she do edit her again in november and,she made a tick tock for her in november,addison made her first tick tock with,charlie december 4th,and she liked the comments that insulted,charlie november 20th,that just proves that she lied and they,already knew each other,i'm not saying her past relationship had,nothing to do with it because i know it,damaged her self-esteem,but i do feel that she was jealous of,charlie because there were so many other,comments she could have liked,that were uplifting to addison but she,chose to like the comments that were,bringing charlie down,mind you charlie was only 15 at the time,well her apology was a little too late,because someone had already dug up an,old tweet that many are calling her,racist for,it was a link she had posted that was a,video of a woman trashing the black,lives matter movement,and black lives matter is a coat it is a,cult,they doing more harm than they doing,good they throwing fuel on the fire,all the black murders are not done by,cops,they done by black people,they are done by black people they are,not done by cops,all is hatred a lot of people aren't mad,at addison,because it was in the past and she was,only 15. but if it wasn't addison people,would have cancelled her,on the spot you guys will get on someone,for saying the n word,as you should because saying that n word,is completely wrong if you're not a,black person,but won't keep the same energy with,addison i get that it was in the past,and she has

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you know folks when i woke up today and,pulled myself up by my bootstraps i,never imagined that i'd have to go fight,a battle in a war that i never chose to,fight in the first place but folks,war chose me the message came through in,the form of a carrier pigeon that told,me that,addison ray allegedly deleted my twitter,account well it was probably her team,which is basically the same thing and if,that wasn't enough crybaby dominic is,now trying to delete my youtube or at,least he's allowing his fans to do it,anyway folks since all these influencers,and agencies are actively trying to,de-platform me maybe i should try some,of alex jones's gay frog grape soda,sounds delicious oh that's just right,that kill us all of this started when i,tweeted out a reaction tick tock but now,the later video of addison ray trying to,use her 500 000 followers in her,freshman year of college to leverage,herself,a no cover card at a bar are you a,freshman yeah,we know itself way more literally no i'm,telling you,people in here when i was in here,they were coming up to me,you know what folks i just realized that,i have 500 000 subscribers on youtube,why the hell have i not been doing that,this whole time,jesus you know what folks i'm going to,petsmart later today and i'm going to,tell them just exactly how many,subscribers i have so they'll give me,some free catnip,it's about time anyway folks a few hours,later i sent out a tweet that eventually,went viral see i was one of the first,people to share a video,showing addison ray saying hi to former,president donald trump at the ufc the, out of the way,addison ray exposed folks you don't seem,to understand addison ray had to get up,out of her seat and walk past,30 seats to go and say hi to a person,that she is,not a fan of okay she just wanted to,know how his,tiny little clammy hands felt jeez,leave her alone anyway folks shortly,after i tweeted those tweets my account,was suspended and when i,appealed the suspension put a responder,with two emails sent 30 minutes apart a,new report about death noodles has been,received hello we have received a,complaint regarding your account death,noodles the reported content appears to,no longer be available on the twitter,service accordingly we have not taken,any action at this time,sincerely twitter oh wow thank goodness,folks that they took no action on my,account and decided to tell me that over,12 hours,after my account was suspended hello,accounts may be permanently suspended,for violations of the twitter rules or,terms of service twitter reserves a,right to eliminate user accounts without,further notice this account won't be,restored,thank you for your cooperation twitter,oh well thank goodness that this email,deny my appeal that came in,30 minutes after the report email that,we came in 12 hours after i got,suspended and filed my appeal,is telling me that i'm permanently,suspended without reason,it's almost like these two emails were,sent 30 minutes apart back to back after,my account was already suspended so that,twitter wouldn't have to tell me what,content was reported,and thus they could protect whoever,reported my account,allegedly hi that death noodles guy,definitely got escorted because of,addison ray's team wait hold on folks,why the hell are people rushing to,conclusions it's not because a pretty,big decision gets done and it's left,completely wide open for anybody to just,decide what the hell the reason was that,people should actually decide what the,hell the reason was,there is no reason get that straight i,have a suspicion it was addison ray's,team it's sad these tick tock stars hold,so much power it's the heel the power,and hey you can't get your account,deleted,allegedly essentially your page gets,suspended after posting that video of,addison ray greeting trump her team,working hard today,maybe they want overtime so they can pay,off their vacation home in the hampton,who the hell,are we to judge probably addison ray,team lol exactly what i was thinking,wait that person was thinking geez that,must feel good right addison,i keep forgetting she's just a picture,she can't answer,lol addison ray is wrapped by wme you're,never getting it back lol wait addison,ray is wrapped by,waffles marshmallows and eclairs jeez,that sounds tasty but it doesn't end,there folks because as i said the clip,of addison race saying hi to donald,trump went viral a whole bunch of people,tweeted about it a whole bunch of people,talked about it until it led to a,paparazzi asking addison this awesome,nice to meet you are you still getting, with being the trump supporter,oh my god,that is a resounding walk away folks and,it definitely means something somewhere,anyway folks soon after that numerous,tweets resurfaced showing that addison,ray had allegedly liked,tweets endorsing donald trump for,president in 2016.,and addison's team ended up responding,to the resurface tweets in a statement,to buzzfeed,despite the fact that addison is still,listed among the like

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E aí gente lembra do canal como é que,vocês estão seus maravilhosos Eu estou,muito bem e eu estou no cenário,diferente né inclusive se acostuma meus,amores que isso aqui vai ser o cenário,pelos próximos o mesmo sede tá de férias,aqui no loba entendeu então agora estou,aqui gravando vídeos aqui mas nunca vou,deixar de gravar vídeos estou de férias,mas estou aqui presente entendeu E é,isso que importa é na área só um cenário,tá bonito né Tem umas fotos tem uma,coloração simpática mas porque onde eu,estou hoje meus amores já pensou você,ser uma pessoa bilionária bilionária,meus amores Pois é imagina se você é,bilionária se torna um fenômeno capa da,Forbes um monte de coisa tudo incrível,maravilhoso e do nada você perde tudo,por simplesmente por ser uma pessoa, salafrária entendeu que aí,mereceu perder tudo porque porque tem,tanta golpe nos outros pois é é o que,aconteceu na história de hoje mas calma,que vocês tem que entender tudo que,aconteceu porque a história é bem,complexa mas antes eu pedi para você,parar tudo e deixar o like nesse vídeo,vocês sabem que o like me motiva muito,me ajuda muito a trazer mais vídeos e,também ajuda o YouTube a entregar Então,deixa o likezinho comenta aqui qualquer,coisa que sabe um comentário fortalece,demais e aí já tava com saudade Gostei,do cenário do Luba legal rouba mais,enfim comenta aqui para ajudar a,fortalecer também e quem está aqui do,meu lado é Luquinhas bota essa cabecinha,meu amor Nossa ficou bem estranho essa,frase mas bota a sua cabeça aqui isso,olha que maravilhoso é o Lucas aqui,gente esse aqui é o topo da cabeça de,Lucas que está aqui junto pode falar,também,mas vamos então para a história de hoje,Lembrando que,a gala também tá Oi galinha,é muito bonitinha ela é muito linda não,vou pegar ela não cola Porque ela fica,nervosa pegar ela no colo é a gata do,loba tá gente mas olha só esqueci o quê,o soquete meus amores vai ser um mês de,vida sem soquete mas eu vou ela ai,obrigado eu nossa bati na cara bati na,cara eu acho bati aqui ó eu vou expor,ela o quadro onde eu trago tretas e,casos reais de YouTubers gringos casos,reais oficiais e dessa vez não uma,youtuber Mas é uma influência médica,gringa que botou tudo a perder aí vocês,vão entender como a pergunta eu quero,fazer para vocês que estão aí é pode,responder aqui nos comentários quando,você era pequeno você sonhava em ser o,quê Você pensava assim ai quando eu,crescer você mete comecei astronauta sei,lá comenta o que que você sonhava em ser,e diz se você hoje em dia é o que você,sonhava porque essa mulher meus amores,Ela sonhava com que ela se tornou,presidiária não,precisara não uma bilionária Elizabeth,Homes desde os nove anos de idade dela,ela disse que o sonho dela era ser,bilionária é muito louco isso que quando,eu tinha nove anos eu não sabia nem que,era ser bilionária né mas a mulher já,sabia o que ela queria ser uma pessoa,que sabe o que quer né que já toca no,objetivo Ali vai aí Elizabeth ela,realizou um feito aí de ser a mulher,mais jovem da história acumular 1 bilhão,de Dólares em patrimônio meus amores um,milhão de reais não é um milhão de,dólares é um bilhão em patrimônio isso,porque Elizabeth Holmes fundou uma,empresa chamada runnows ou ter runows e,a ideia dessa empresa aí era,se tornar a indústria da Saúde nos,Estados Unidos ela quer saber por sua,frente do seu tempo entendeu ela queria,mostrar que a medicina estava atrasada e,que ela poderia trazer benefícios aí,para área médica imagina só que ideia,será que é essa a empresa ter anos,chegou a ter um valor de mercado de 9,Bilhões de Dólares valor a você ter que,ler gente que não me perco 9 Bilhões de,Dólares em valor de mercado até o ano,esteve ou seja foi uma empresa aí que,deu muito certo e tinha muito potencial,Mas o que aconteceu aí para ter,degringolado será que degringolou será,que aconteceu coisa por trás Calma que,você vai entender além de ter feito é,uma empresa bilionária Elizabeth Homes,conseguiu aí um feito de estampar várias,revistas gringas como o próximo Steve,Jobs enxergava a Elizabeth Romes como,fenômeno vocês sabem a gente teve Jobs é,um fenômeno aí de tecnologia né e,Elizabeth Romes era uma promessa de,futuro em tecnologia na área médica ou,seja a coisa boa mesmo mas tá gema,porque que ela fez Qual foi a ideia dela,que empresa é essa vamos então entender,que a história um pouquinho da Eliza,Elizabeth Homes tinha 19 anos ela,estudava na faculdade de standford,quando ela decidiu largar o curso falou,assim ó beijão galera tchau tchau não,quero mais fazer aqui a faculdade tchau,que eu tenho informações suficiente para,executar o que eu quero,Steve Jobs sabe quem falou que não,precisava de faculdade,a luz também falou que não precisava de,faculdade mas vamos lá que eu já trouxe,casa da Kate a luz aqui no canal,Elizabeth falou que não precisava de,faculdade que ela ia abrir o próprio,negócio dela no começo a empresa se,chamava real times stuarts ou em,tradução curas em tempo real isso a luz,mesmo uma coisa de curas em tempo real,C

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Addison Rae did THIS with Bryce Hall RUMORED ex Tessa Brooks! Dixie D’Amelio REACTS to Twitter DRAMA

Addison Rae did THIS with Bryce Hall RUMORED ex Tessa Brooks! Dixie D’Amelio REACTS to Twitter DRAMA

our tick tock stars addison ray and,tessa brooks putting the past behind,them and starting a new friendship,will tell you everything we know and why,dixie emilio deleted her twitter,i'm kelsey mcdonald and you're watching,the daily report happy tuesday i thought,it was wednesday this morning and i got,really excited so,here we are we all know about the roller,coaster of a relationship that is,hashtag bradison and even though they,gave us,all many heart attacks in 2020 with,consistent drama and rumored breakups,we are still shipping them hardcore and,love them,more than ever we haven't heard much,from bryce hall and addison ray for a,while now,which we can only assume is a good thing,and that they are super happy with each,other,but addison is in the spotlight recently,for hanging out with popular tick-tocker,and former team 10 member tessa brooks,now that,may seem normal two famous tick-tockers,hanging out getting coffee,but fans are fixated on the new,friendship due to tessa's past with,addison's current boyfriend,bryce in september of last year after,addison and bryce announced that they,were just going to be friends,rumors quickly spread that bryce moved,on to tessa,he posted a video on his instagram story,of him and tessa calling her his quote,unquote homie,which screams just friends right but a,video posted by the hollywood fix,paparazzi made fans a bit,more curious about their possible,relationship the video was released on,september 20th of bryce and tessa,hanging out at saddle ranch with a bunch,of other influencers,and they were holding each other in a,pretty cozy hug,it also looks like the two were close,enough to be kissing,no kissing was seen in the video that,was posted but it could have happened,when the cameras were off,you never know at the time bryce talked,about the rumored romance in a video,posted by youtuber jeff whitak,he goes into his breakup with addison,and says that it was a mutual breakup,and that they were still great friends,jeff also brought up tessa and asked,bryce if there had been,anything going on between them bryce,said quote we're just friends,when talking about the hollywood fix,video of the two almost kissing bryce,told jeff quote,we were tipsy we both looked at each,other and were like what the heck,he said that he was currently single and,just going with the flow,and also then he posted a video with,tessa on his own channel,where they reacted to the hollywood fix,paparazzi footage,where they basically said they had no,idea what they were talking about and,they were just friends,fast forward a bit and now bryce is,definitely not single and will be,celebrating his three-month anniversary,with addison,tomorrow remember rice officially asked,addison to be his girlfriend on october,13th,i wonder if they will post something,super cute you know,i feel like something's gonna happen i,really hope so so is it weird that,addison is now hanging out,with tessa the two were seen getting,coffee yesterday and fans were shocked,to see them together,i'm not gonna lie i was i was pretty,shocked too the video posted was by,kevin wong photography and he,definitely focused all of his attention,on addison not asking tessa any,questions,he asked addison if she and bryce had,any new youtube videos coming out in,which she responded quote,i don't know i haven't been on youtube,in a minute but when i come back i'll,have something fun,i don't know i haven't really been doing,youtube i've just been focused on a lot,of other things,we know that addison just recently,finished shooting the lead in the film,he's all that and i cannot wait to see,it,ocean can't wait either after being,asked if she had any other projects,coming up addison said that she is,working on a lot,but can't share anything yet so excited,to hear about all of it addison,you're you're keeping me hanging,cliffhanger,that's like the ultimate cliffhanger you,have a lot going on you're not gonna,tell me anything not even a tease,come on tesla and addison seemed super,chill in the video and we are,so here for this friendship maybe we,will start seeing some collabs on tick,tock,speaking of tick tock dixie emilio,deleted her twitter account,on friday dixie tweeted what seems to be,her final tweet saying quote,goodbye twitter it was fun fans were so,confused as to why dixie deleted her,account,and she let us all know by posting on,her instagram story quote,the reason i deleted twitter was because,i spend way too much time,reading hate she also spoke out to her,haters saying quote,hate me but talk about every move i make,okay it looks like dixie is doing a bit,of a cleanse because,she chopped all of her hair it honestly,looks so good and i feel like she could,pull off,any look we support you dixie hear for,it and you guys i have some,huge news noah beck's brand new show,with awesomeness to be noah beck,tries things comes out friday january,22nd that's like,literally so soon the show is all about,noah's superstar friends like dixie,emilio ja

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The losers on Twitter hating on Addison Rae at the UFC need to GET A LIFE 😤 (rant) | linh7x

The losers on Twitter hating on Addison Rae at the UFC need to GET A LIFE 😤 (rant) | linh7x

hello everyone my name is lynn welcome,to my channel,ufc seems to be taking a page out of,triller's book because they're starting,to hire,people like addison ray who is a tick,talker,to do the live event reporting for their,fight,addison ray tweeted i studied broadcast,journalism in college for three whole,months to prepare for this moment,so of course anything involving tic toc,seems to really piss off people on,twitter and of course leave it up to tmz,to report on these,whiny babies on twitter aka journalists,who are mad at addison ray for taking a,supposed job that they should have had,and are complaining as they usually do,so before we talk about whether addison,rey,is qualified to be a journalist now,whether she did a good job,at performing these live interviews,whether she deserved this,whether the journalists are the ones who,are big babies which,they are i have to plug something real,quick which is that i started a discord,server recently,if i had to describe my discord server,to you in three words i would say,it is lit it's called lynn 7x's server,for cool people which means that it's,all full of cool people,having fun discussions about just random,stuff we post,naruto memes we post fast and the,furious memes,we talk about makeup we talk about glam,we talk about food,see i'm telling you it's lit so if you,want to join in on all the cool people,conversation then there will be a link,in my description for you to join the,server and,i will see you there and with that out,of the way let's go ahead and,investigate this,situation so first let's go through some,of these tweets that some of these,so-called journalists are saying about,addison rey's new gig these are some,tweets that tmz pulled for this article,one says imagine spending four years in,college plus unpaid internships,plus reporter producer editor photog,jobs that pay next to nothing to even,have these,shot at a better job and all it takes,for addison ray is tick tock and three,months of college to be ahead of you,another person,says should we hire someone who busted,their butt through college and genuinely,loves ufc and is hungry for an,opportunity in journalism,nah let's hire addison ray because she's,popular for throwing it back on tick,tock,so essentially what people are pissed,off about is that there are apparently,some people who go to school for,journalism and they are pissed off that,it seems that someone like addison ray,who has minimal education who has clout,from tick tock cannot possibly,understand the art of journalism to be,able to be a,live journalist or a live reporter,rather for the ufc,so since addison ray was so privileged,enough to get this reporting job for the,ufc that all of these journalist,students are just clamoring to get let's,see how she actually did,on the red carpet so here we have a very,short clip which i think was originally,posted to espn's tick tock page,of her interviewing dustin poirier after,the fight,most excited is to go out there get a,win keep this,career moving forward and going to get,back in my mind awesome that's amazing,okay and then one more question,um you shouted out someone from the,audience can you tell us a little bit,about my brother,yeah we have a young kid from lafayette,louisiana,who is battling cancer i have a,foundation the good fight foundation,and uh we flew him and his family out,when we got him tickets for the fight so,they're here and,he's just i think it's the first time,he's been on the plane so just you know,he's a real fighter you know i can tap,out at any time,all right so here's my thoughts on this,this interview clip is very short,so we only have this much to work on i'm,sure,there's a full interview reel somewhere,but i am too lazy to find it and i think,this,short clip kind of shows us what we need,to see again i am no,expert i'm no journalist so you know i,didn't go to,school for four years to you know learn,about the art of journalism so,i'm no expert if you will from what i,have seen of live interviews it looks,like she's doing exactly what she's,supposed to be doing which is,looking pretty holding a microphone,while that person is responding to the,interview question,she nods every so often and smiles in,acknowledgment and,that is what her job is so these twitter,blue checkmark journalists kind of,people saw this,and think that this is real journalism,if they are pissed off at,addison ray for not going through four,years of arduous boring journalistic,education it's undeserving of this and,that they,should deserve that when this is like,not even journalism like,i am failing to understand why this is,even a thing for these journalists,because apparently,if they are so high up and mighty about,their journalism then they shouldn't,give a about what addison ray is,doing,on the red carpet of the ufc asking,shallow questions,to some fighter but here's the,kicker in this and,we're gonna go into this which is that,in this article that tmz was reporting,on and again remember

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Addison Rae Responds to Nate Hill Bullying Her on Twitter

Addison Rae Responds to Nate Hill Bullying Her on Twitter

by a mighty only wanted to say his bread,and cousin that a same way you must be,focusing I do I mean if she told us,Gardens her face,I see how to girls everyday what's,getting in the hood of you - bishop boy,mess packing the wife and kids in the,car because this time to go back to 2016,Tony Tony we've done with you already,it's time to wrap it up there was,something that shifted in 2016 it needs,to hurry up and shift back cuz now if,you've got anything good to say about a,female then you are a sent but have a,negative opinion on that same girl and,now you're being charged with bullying,Nanette Hill is a content creator for,faze clan and he made this video making,a little song for Addison right but this,wasn't a song calling her the baddest,the bop he made was about how guys might,be praising her just a little bit too,much and he's being called a bully for,this just cuz he doesn't agree with the,hype because what I got from the video,is he's trying to tell you simps he's,trying to get it through your simple,mind that you are not enslaved to,Addison wraith there are girls that look,better than her and then he says that,all she does is scrunch her face which,isn't that really what she kind of got,known for I mean it's even in her,Twitter bio so I don't think that she's,really running from it now obviously it,wasn't too long before Addison saw this,and she said this makes me really sad I,can't change how people interact with me,or my tweets but I'm thankful they do,they have kindness they aren't afraid to,share with me and I'm grateful for that,I struggled with body image and,insecurities in general and this can be,so hurtful and look she's not lying it's,not her fault Klout really can give you,a false sense of security when you have,thousands upon thousands of fans,worshipping every single thing you do,and all it takes is one person with a,voice to break through all of that and,really let you get a look at reality,because it's so easy to get lost in the,sauce and there were other creators that,had some words to say about this,including Brooke from 100 thieves saying,it breaks my heart that bullying people,on the Internet as we come into everyday,thing young kids are being brought up,with the example that this is okay when,in reality on the other side of your,tweets or messages are real people with,feelings please be kind words hurt Tyler,one's girlfriend tweeted saying I just,can't wrap my head around this why does,anyone feel the need to put down a girl,who's doing nothing wrong why this is so,distasteful your rage even had to speak,his piece and said I think people care,so much because she actually is made if,someone made a troll song about the,hottest girl in the world being made,people would just think that dude is,dumb truth hurts I guess to a true,Addison race imp she is the best thing,to happen to,country nobody's better than her,nobody's touching her not even the,symptom soul is touching her and if,someone says they think otherwise and,they have to die that night they got to,be taken out they got to be cancelled,this canceled culture is goofy someone,gets cancelled every two weeks and,they'd be right back the next week and,everybody is fine for example right now,everybody'd call in a hill of bullies,trying to put that on his name and get,him a body here and this is why I said,that cloud was very dangerous especially,when it comes overnight because when you,go from being just a casual member of,society to then being worship like a,literal God then you're not really going,to know how to react when the time comes,that someone has a negative opinion on,you and it's very unfortunate to see,that there are a lot of creators that,show a lot more attention to the haters,than the people that are really showing,them love there could be a thousand,comments saying oh I would marry your,shadow just to be closer to you and then,the one comment that says oh your ears,are big enough to hear bug farts is the,one that gets replied to and I think,part of this comes from the need that,some people have to make everybody like,them not everybody gonna have something,good to say about you and if you're in,the public eye this is something that,you have to learn quickly if you want to,survive but I'm curious to see what,y'all think about this man that's gonna,be for this video hopefully I'll enjoy,it make sure you leave a like if you did,comment your thoughts down below,subscribe if you are new it has been,your boy Ness I'm out

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