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Adam Says Elon Is Turning Twitter into a Dumpster Firethe elon's blowing it let's talk about,this be

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Updated on Jan 31,2023

Adam Says Elon Is Turning Twitter into a Dumpster Fire

the elon's blowing it let's talk about,this because I saw your you know I'm,probably I'm a pretty big Pro Elon and,listen I was previously too but let me,just say that the whole verification,scam that he's doing is so ,stupid you're fired up on this I've seen,your tweets it's just embarrassing the,verification thing is so dumb and the, uh the the fact that all the,advertisers are pulling out is so,predictable and it's just I feel like,I'm watching one of the most Brilliant,Minds of Our Generation making the,biggest mistake,ever to the tune of like 50 billion,dollars he's blowing it this,verification thing is going to be a,disaster when it happens you want to bet,you watch I'll bet you mother this ,is the dumbest most ill-conceived, concept ever I can't play cards,but I'll bet you on whether or not a,social media site implodes I as a Tesla,stock owner I don't love what he's doing,either because I want him to focus on,the bread and the butter you know I want,to focus on the Vroom vrooms and the,robots I was thinking that today when I,was looking at DJ vlad's Tesla I was,thinking the brand the brand of this,Tesla has decreased with the Twitter,purchase I think and I'm not saying it's,like an extreme decrease yeah but I,think Tesla has become a less Cool brand,as a result of this whole Twitter thing,the stock agrees with you yeah Tesla,Stock's getting hit,and but Tesla stock in particular the s,p has been going up marginally over the,last couple of weeks and Tesla has been,crashing,I agree what worries me is how much time,I see him spending on Twitter because,you know what I know that,the death of a productive day is when,you pull up that Instagram you go to,that explore page and you get sucked,into the big titty typhoon what are you,gonna do the rest of the same with you,going on Twitter and seeing somebody,talking about you and then this,guy's posting this thing about BLM and,then trompo that must be so distracting,to a mind supposed to be doing hardcore,engineering all day it worries me too,and I agree that the Tesla brand is it's,I'm nervous right I mean I read this,article in the New York Times about Elon,musk's crazy social calendar or whatever,it basically breaks down what he chooses,to do with his time when he's not at,work and he works a shitload and it's,like he plays like a weird amount of,video games like there's a couple,different video games that they,basically have like they called,attention to some tweets where he was,like acknowledging his understanding of,some games that would take like a,hundred hours of gameplay to do,well in and and then also,um talking about like just all the,different people he hangs out with,talking about him going to Burning Man,like he's clearly a dude who,he's not really like,he feels the need to continue to try to,expand his Social Circle and he's like,really trying to meet people who he,finds interesting and it's interesting,how he spent so much time around a lot,of these not only like you know Silicon,Valley like billionaires and but,then also like you know sort of,alternative type Comics the guys from,Rick and Morty you know he's like very,much going out of his way to spend time,with dudes like that and then even like,the Justin Bieber thing that kind of,that makes sense to me like it seems,like he's really trying to court like an,interesting cast of characters in his,life you know there's an article by his,ex-wife and he's clearly far more,open-minded than the vast majority of,people in his position sure oh yeah but,what what does ex-wife say his ex-wife,has a long form long-form piece of,Journalism and Vanity Fair or one of,these chick magazines and it's it's, fascinating and I mean I'm the,biggest Elon fan I love the guy but it,does cast him in a negative light of a,guy who is a social climber he's like a,hot chick who just moved to LA and that,when he started making money and getting,more and more famous he started,resenting his wife which is not all that,uncommon he started talking to her,I think at one point he told her that if,she was an employee he would fire her,and uh but then he just like was going,to clubs and hanging out with more and,more A-list Hollywood people starts, Amber Heard side note though,that's funny because I recently my girl,was kind of like bummed about something,and I actually did the opposite I,complimented her by telling her that if,she was a potential employee that I,would hire her I'm like I would love to,have you work for me if you weren't,doing what you're doing so that's,interesting Elon Musk did the reversal,of that if she wants to give up a,million bucks a month to make 15 an hour,chopping up Sledge Lord clips,we'll shoot her a resume that's exactly,yeah that'd be great for her,and to reiterate I I love Elon,Musk I'm just sharing the facts of that,article I think he's the man,okay I'm just telling you that the idea,that I am going to,lose my verification on Twitter and then,have to spend eight dollars a month,or otherwise I'm

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Fight Breaks Out During Interview with Suspect & Kelpy

Fight Breaks Out During Interview with Suspect & Kelpy

no jumper coolest podcast in the world,and today pretty excited because we have,somebody who's uh making a big splash on,the scene,yes sir Kelby is in the building Kelpie,uh also known as Kelpie to p a matter of,fact you can call me whatever you want,just don't call me broke,that's right out here today and then,co-hosting with me,Vic says Gabbert this flarger you know,what I'm saying yeah Almighty for the,album because the record Too Short you,did what I'm saying that was the real,deal you know what I'm saying Holyfield,you know I'm saying not the,impersonation damn he just came with a,whole little monologue like OJ the juice,um okay so I wanted to like hop in here,and attempt to you know have a,conversation that perhaps can build on,some of the other conversations that,have already happened yeah so let's lay,this all out so you had a very very uh,viral appearance on soft white,underbelly yeah tell me what happened,like what what was your life like in the,lead up to that why did you decide to do,that uh in the lead up to that I was uh,I was hustling I don't want to say,specifics but I was doing a little a,little in the streets and then,basically I was like you know what the,hell you've already filled this in about,what you were doing yeah I mean slow,well sharp made some accusations about,what I was doing I don't want to admit,or deny those but yeah basically I was,getting money and and then that,hustle came to an abrupt end when I got,raided so then I switched into another,one because I've seen some people that,needed help and you know I just jumped,into the game describe getting raided,though oh uh well I was outside vaping,and and like you know still,hustling and the girls were inside,um and basically just got a no-nock raid,they came in they pulled me outside some,Undercovers and they like Drew their,guns on me and like that put me in,the squad car and then they all just,were like inside my house and like yo we,got a warrant to search a person in your,your vehicle and and your house but they,were suspicious of you probably yeah,they were kind of saying that I was like,you know drug dealing or something like,that okay but you don't have a case as a,result of this oh no I never heard back,from them honestly yeah wow yeah okay,and so then you decide like how did the,software honorability opportunity even,come about uh well I've been trying to,do some like online stuff and just get,that internet money and also promote uh,my girls only fans okay uh so basically,check out Crystal roses on only fans by,the way she's going up,um but now basically I was just trying,to promote that stuff so I went on soft,white talking about my story and then,yeah that just kind of blew up from,there so what was the feedback like what,would you describe was the most common,comments that you saw in response to the,soft vulnerability thing that were,really driving it being viral oh just a,lot of hateful about the way I was,dressed mostly people was like and also,I feel like they took a lot of the ,I sent out of context like when I said I,was homeless that was because I just got,evicted after the raid the apartments,had like kicked us out with some Section,8 that I was standing with my family and,the girls so they kicked us out of that,and then a lot of people were like oh,why is he dressed like a Party City Pam,fake chains and all that but you know,it's all real you know the the outfit I,feel like that's the most thing that,people said was being disrespectful but,I was just doing that to get attention,but all my jewelry is legit and stuff so,it's been Diamond tested suspect fill me,in on that like is there is there,something expected of you before you've,earned the stripes to wear certain types,of like pimp outfits no it wasn't even,that it was like,we felt like that like the,equivalent to to get everybody to,understand kind of like kind of like,blackface,um you know what I'm saying like that, was kind of like like it's like a,costume you you know what I'm saying,right it's like he came in here he came,in here wearing that like in his,head like oh this is what pimps is,supposed to look like I got my little,dollar sign chain my little two of,them,do you feel like you know you could have,rocked the same fit or something similar,but I mean,I'm True to this so of course I could,but that's the same thing like I'm black,blackface you get what I'm saying like,it's like wearing black face but so but,aren't there white pimpses conventions,we asked you that last interview you had,no clue now you know white pimps last,time the sharp said you know who,the white folks is usually no I,don't you didn't know who the he,told me who that was on FaceTime before,the interview exactly you didn't know,this white folks was until we informed,you I'll tell you sharp informed me on a,FaceTime until a pimp informs you yeah,exactly but you know what I'm saying,there's white pimps out there,seems like you're bringing up racism,where it doesn't need no no no no

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Adam 22 EXPOSED For Tweets About Underage Girls

Adam 22 EXPOSED For Tweets About Underage Girls

alright guys so more internet celebs are,out here being exposed for some old,tweets whoopty freaking do I feel like,there's a team of people who just spend,their free time searching key,problematic words with famous usernames,and just seeing what they can come up,with so here we are again not surprising,I still don't understand why any famous,or even semi famous people wouldn't just,automatically delete every like pre 2016,internet footprint that exists because,people are bound to find something but I,digress so the person who's under fire,right now is Adam 22 and to be honest,I'm actually pretty surprised that,nobody's tried to find these tweets from,him before for the people who dislike,him and want to expose him for whatever,reason it seems like searching his,Twitter at and the n-word would have,happened years ago but it looks like his,time has finally arrived if you don't,know who Adam 22 is and you still,clicked on this video for whatever,reason he's the host of the no jumper,podcast he used to manage xxx Tenkasi,own and he got his on some store in,Los Angeles he's actually been under,fire in the past a few times for,allegedly canoodling with an underage,girl and people just generally don't,like him because they think he's a,culture vulture but everyone really has,their own definition of that and which,white people they do and don't with,he's also really big with the newer,internet hip-hop scene like I said he,managed xxx and he does interviews of,people like Lil's and Takashi 6-9 and,that general group of children getting,into the tweets of Hayes there's a few,different categories to them some of,them are racially insensitive and others,are dealing with him talking about,sexual underage things for whatever,reason which to be honest seems to be a,reoccurring theme throughout his,timeline and through,his other scandals RIT let's read,through this so in February of 2010 he,tweeted as attracted as I am to Jennifer,Aniston and ten-year-old girls come on,this one from September 23rd 2010 says,so you're saying you wouldn't suck an 11,year olds dick and just for reference,and also to be messy adam was around 26,at the time of both of those in April,that year he tweeted I would almost,rather sexually harass than have sex and,then there's a series of tweets from,throughout 2010 of him talking about,black people in derogatory way including,these rumors about blacks being good,dancers are true and most blacks are,habitual line steppers in 2011 he,tweeted if before I die I can convince a,confused teenager to commit suicide I'll,die a happy man,okay then some real progression from,2010-2011 on October of 2011 he tweeted,hanging out with my n words of my n,words in in December of that same year,he tweeted I can't relate to any black,girl by talking about worldstar moving,on to 2014 as an almost 30 year old,looks like Adam was still out here,acting just wild he replied to somebody,on January 31st saying who would be more,likely to own a slave me or you this,sweet I don't know how long ago it was,because all the screenshots I could find,were of a quoted tweet but Adam says can,any and all hot high school students,stop following me on Instagram I have,enough temptation in my life as is so,it's nice to see that he progressed from,11-year olds to high school at least,another 2014 gem on February 9th Adam,asked people who are already in South,Africa how's the Wi-Fi,I'm coming tomorrow and tweeting,offensive jokes maybe him and James,Charles were on the same flight I don't,know there are also a bunch of tweets,where he talks about beating up women,on September 22nd 2012 Adam said I've,hit girls and nobody even cared in 2013,he tweeted I like texting my ex insanely,offensive means of her husband knowing,one day he will see and beat the ,out of her in 2014 he was still on some,wink wink when he tweeted just beat the, out of a girl at a bar because she,swiped left on my photo on tinder so,those were most of the tweets I saw,going around and the rest were just more,of the same thing I can't verify which,ones were faking which were real for,liabilities sake but he's guilty as ,he did that and obviously Adam saw,them too and immediately started,deleting everything in the midst of them,going around he responded to the tweets,on Friday night and tweeted himself a,lot of these screenshots are fake as, but it's okay I can handle the,abuse lord knows I've had fun laughing,at other people's old tweets too so,right there there's already a little bit,of a discrepancy because he says they,want his and then he says he's laughed,at other people's old tweets as well so,unsurprisingly people were just replying,with more screenshots so I don't know,how well that worked out for him in,general but I think the outcome of this,really isn't gonna have much effect on,Adam whatsoever his fan base is the,opposite of the kind of crowd who would,really care about this kind of stuff and,the people who already don't like him,will just use this another re

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Saudi Government Is Breaking The Law To Accommodate Ronaldo! No Jumper Crew Reacts

Saudi Government Is Breaking The Law To Accommodate Ronaldo! No Jumper Crew Reacts

no oh oh my dude you guys Saudi Arabia,is breaking the law for Ronaldo for him,and his wife to stay in the country,because they're not legally married and,that was yesterday,what does it you didn't mention it Josh,you close it early Brothers I'm,literally just there okay let me hear,what's going on okay so sorry you have,to be legally married to live with each,other okay you have to be like legally,married this party you know that is the,Muslim coach they have they have and if,you're gay they like what was,there Joshua before they die near, Stone you to death right if,you're anything other than married and a,hijab but they're bending the rules for,Cristiano Ronaldo that's what happens,when you hear the that's what,happens when you're the one of the goats,well um I don't know years ago but still,right maybe they're letting it slide a,little bit because they're not Muslim,are they you know what Christianity the,Saudi Arabia is probably one of the I'm,saying Chris Christian,they're unbelievably strict with these,rules,not a good thing that they're letting it,slide what's the type of law they have,it's called it has a specific name like,Shira forget it but um he's getting he's,getting paid 200 million dollars,Cristiano Ronaldo is the go,bro he slays the most poon per capita,will she at least dressing the part no,okay she's so bad yeah she is a,piece well she's wearing a head covering,and everything she's respecting that,that's nice bro that's just her hair bro,I'm not I'm not gonna lie,love,I've never seen her so was he I am in,love this Fooly he needs to get,smoked bro,I'm just kidding,the blowers right there take it dude she,is bad are all those kids hers too yes,they're unfortunately not mine,God damn you guys that's the prettiest,girl I've seen in a long time I don't,know my wife's pretty hot,your wife is beautiful but chill,there's levels to this then that,angle look like she's wearing something,you know you know she's you know I love,it yeah for definitely like she's,wearing her job but she has really dark,hair no it's just here,they're not gonna let this Rock no,more now that it's full coverage,around the world that's they're out no,no no no they're betting the rules,because it's probably the biggest for,him it's just for him and that,and soccer for two years plus plus he is,probably one of the biggest,are you someone are you well enough,someone argue because way bigger yeah,but but could you scroll down just a,little bit he was paid more than Messi,previously thank you brother it don't,matter he's one of the biggest,soccer players to ever oh yeah to ever,play soccer and or or any sport he's one,of the biggest,look at your ass bro this fool they're,bending her would you suck him up,they're bending the rule like you're,betting on the couch,look fool your teeth has been the ,I know okay what we need to do what we,need to do he's a very simple fix in,this situation all I gotta do is marry,the marry her he doesn't want,America,I'm marrying her come on okay,but look oh that's just his girl no no,okay for you guys are only talking about,the part how kids would talk right I'm,supposed to go with her and her no let's,talk about this I'm in pain oh my God,Lush sorry you wanna her okay,I want to marry her let's talk about the,fact that it's deeper than sex,let's talk about the fact that they're,breaking a religious like this is a,country where you cannot smoke right you,cannot jack off you cannot do you can't,watch porn you can't do a lot of these,things women probably don't even drive,there I could be wrong I'm just ,over exaggerating but it is a Middle,East Country a very wealthy one of the,strictest one of the one of the,strictest when people go there rappers,here follow the rules like up to the,utmost Extreme Rules ever you know,they're not getting paid 200 million,dollars this is a I know,but I know facts they're not getting a,picture and he is and they're still,betting the rule but you understand for,200 million dollars I'm marrying my,but you understand what he's doing for,their economy and how much he's bringing,to them like he's helping them a lot no,effect they're not doing that for no,reason,so,but I I understand,um people being from um must have a male,Guardians if you're from industry I left,if you're from an Islamic faith I can,understand you being upset about this I,ain't going life with Andrew that's kind,of the point too like you're writing,into your country and you kind of would,expect for them to abide by these laws,that you make everybody else what I'm,saying is what I'm saying this is what,I'm saying to some people but this is,the power of sports and that's why they,know why you because the powers in,the UFC all you ass Foods,if you guys had a fight there all you, ass food would have to sit there,and do nothing this motherfucker's,sitting there he's breaking the law that,has to do with their religion religion,is the biggest thing in the world right,it's big yes definitely the most,controlling

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Scar Lip on Glizzy Gobbler, Female Rapper Debate, Foster Home, Abuse & More

Scar Lip on Glizzy Gobbler, Female Rapper Debate, Foster Home, Abuse & More

what's the deal welcome back no jumper,family is your girl Gene of views,Almighty suspect and Almighty then,brought a phenomenal guest in the,building and we just learned that this,is our first interview,um we're coming with Bankers all 2023.,welcome to L.A hey y'all Miss Scott is a,scar just Scarlet Scarlet Scarlett,welcome how are you I'm good you good,yeah how's La treating you so far it's,extremely good first interview first,second interview okay second okay okay,okay still getting used to it that's,right that's right all right,so let's just start from the beginning I,want to talk about your upbringing,um where you grew up how you grew up,just give us a little background on who,you are,I'm I grew up in the Bronx in Brooklyn,you know Bronx and Brooklyn basically,um then I moved to PA,and,I started making music or whatever,like around 16. I started I was always,good at poetry so I was always a writer,like growing up you know like my Ela,teacher used to tell me girl you got,some good poems and I used to just write,all the time and then I turned my poems,into like actual songs okay and stuff,like that yeah,if you started off with poetry I know,the pen crazy,not a pen is crazy,have you ghost written for anybody no I,haven't ghosted for anybody yet okay,okay it's coming it's coming so are you,said you lived in the Bronx and Brooklyn,yes where you're originally from Okay so,I was born in the Bronx so,so good then I was,and then,yeah okay so how was it growing up in,the Bronx,born in the Bronx so you grew up in,Brooklyn though yeah okay so how was it,growing up in Brooklyn there we go,um,okay okay is it because I'm with,you or you have to defend yourself for,like why I was just a boy I was just,getting people just,stupid yeah what that was picking on you,for,eign,were you little about that were you,little were you like real small girl on,it because I was picked on because I was,so small now I wasn't that small it was,average growing up,okay okay so what what's like your first,memory of like writing a poem or like,writing something like what's your,favorite what's the earliest memory of,you loving music or like writing,the earliest the earliest memory is like,when I was in ela with my teacher and,like she would like,just like write about the book or stuff,or sometimes we would create scenarios,and write about it and stuff like that,but as far as music comes I had Elders,in my family that were rap you know they,never made it because they kind of suck,but you got to keep it a butt they suck,but they was aspiring artists and stuff,like that and we would do freestyles in,the house and remember I always was,gonna have poetry and stuff like that so,it wasn't hard right it's just like just,switch over yeah so when we do,freestyles I just eat them up I was like,10 10 years old young were you from the,land of the spitters like found my,favorite rapper so I like the East Coast,like y'all all just go crazy to me so,you had did you have any musical,influences other than the people in your,household,um yeah my influencers in music is DMX I,used to love DMX grown up um Ghostface,Killah,um who else Lauryn Hill Nicki Minaj,cardi the regular yeah DMX was my like I,used to call DMX my dad to be like,that's my dad that was your big,influence growing yeah okay what's your,favorite DMX song My Favorite DMX song,got to be look through my eyes because,like he well I got a lot of favorite DMX,songs right right I like look through my,eyes because it's like he's he's talking,about him and like his his battle with,like addiction and like that and,he's like I just respect a person that,could rap about something that everybody,could like that is about you that's real,come from the heart and make it hard,like how did his passing impact you it,it hurted just like pop smoke pass and,hurt her too because he was also a big,inspiration to me because like when you,grow up with an artist that you listen,to you don't grow up with them,physically but you know you listen to,them all the time and then,you are artists my goal I want to meet,DMX one day so the fact that he passed,was like I'm never gonna be able to meet,him I felt that my favorite is uh uh,intro where my dog's at that's my,favorite DMX song for Shuffle Show you,got any siblings yeah I got some,siblings yeah how many I got,three siblings where do you fall,I'm the second oldest brothers or,sisters two brothers one sister what's,your relationship like and then I got,some and then I got some siblings in,Africa because my dad is from Africa but,he moved to America but he was , in Africa um,he's Nigerian and he's gonna move to,America thinking he's going to just be,doing the same thing are they older or,younger than you,I don't know they got they got old as,hell you haven't like met up with them,so they're before you so that's before,he came to America and they had kids,with your mom type yeah um so so he,was just running around doing his thing, Rolling Stone as they call it,Daddy was a rule o

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Damar Hamlin is Released From the Hospital! No Jumper Crew Reacts

Damar Hamlin is Released From the Hospital! No Jumper Crew Reacts

he's dying last week during a game,against the Cincinnati Bengals as we,previously reported,one week ago the bill safety collapsed,on the field in Cincinnati he has been,transferred to the hospital in Buffalo,New York to continue his recovery can,you be imagine being in Peak physical,condition and then falling out and being,going to Cardiac Arrest well let's be,real if he wasn't in Peak physical,condition when he sustained that injury,he probably would have died shout out to,him and shouts to God for keeping that,man alive,at this point well we know you don't,believe in God so I also believe in,medicine so yeah and doctors which,suspect doesn't yeah,you were here,when suspect said that very unique that,doctors are professional guessers yeah I,saw that I mean okay we're not gonna,even die begin to dissect that okay Josh,Buffalo General he,might never play again right there's a,chance he never plays again I mean he is,just now at the beginning he gets to,play with his kids what like recovery,looks like you know what I mean like,where they're able to run all of these,tests and figure out like the severity,and like,you know they were doing all these tests,before when he was unresponsive so now,that he can actually you know move,around move around and his shit's,pumping kind of like what I was saying,the suspect too like the whole road to,recovery and doctors being able to do,what they need to do is being able to,talk to you and understand how you're,feeling see how things react x y z so,because the readings might be one thing,you might feel an entirely different way,so the fact that he's able to,communicate it's gonna it's amazing in,itself yeah the fact that he's up that,he's talking that he's conscious that,you know he's in a space where they can,transfer him these are all incredible,signs and you know he damn near he,basically died yeah I mean there's a,joke there's a chance he comes back they,can do all these tests and realize this,was an unbelievably freak accident they,could be do monitoring on him and he,could be playing again in a year or two,you know you don't know,that's scary as hell but he's hella paid,right is he a superstar or is he just,possible because of this well I mean he,was not he's not he's not paid by NFL,standards but you know he's doing all,right he's doing okay as a professional,athlete but not he's not making big,contracts he was in there yeah he's not,Tom Brady clocking in the major maker,NFL money is not guaranteed either so if,you do sustain an injury there you make,x amount of dollars too so it's like,he's not gonna be making nothing but you,know he's not making millions but also,let's hope he's made some smart,Investments with his original initial,money you know what I'm saying well the,outcry and the support from like the,entire league like you saw on Sunday,every single team had you know number,three on the field highlighted they had,like number three hats made and like was,officially licensed and I think like all,of this money ideally and hopefully is,going towards him in some capacity or,his medical bills,real quick real quick I know we're not,reading comments but Chelsea Rodriguez,donated five bucks and I want to shout,her out because she said why random look,like a mix between Juno and I'm not,random baby you just don't know me yeah,you're gonna find out let's go Chelsea,we out here Chelsea it looks like a math,equation this plus this equals oh my God,and I'm the coolest you are it goes from,order of course you're just the youngest,coolest the least that is so not true,icon is kind of cool no I it actually,goes from coolest to least,now we're talking G it's okay,forget this little kid,nah but um,even though like I'm not wrong like even,though I said before if I was the,commissioner of the league or,responsible for the decision I wouldn't,have stopped the game I respect the NFL,for doing so regardless because they,stopped the game and yeah that's,appropriate right and I want to applaud,the NFL for doing the right thing but,it's also a pretty glaring scar at the,amount of times they haven't done it in,the past and does almost feel like,they're trying to do the most to kind of,get you to forget about all of these,things and the real issue is,all of these like traumatic injuries all,the brain injuries all that stuff that,stuff the NFL's kind of,responsible for too they have changed a,lot of rules to try to help that from,not happening anymore it's like when the,Grammys give an artist like 30 years,past their Prime of a Grammy when they,should have given it to him from in the,beginning like they didn't agree for,Illmatic but he's gonna get one 20 years,later type like a makeup call yeah,who knows but they got his healthy I'm,glad he's good too but yeah that's that,is scary and that's why most NFL players,go broke,I hope whatever money he gets from this,he buys an apartment and just has,lifelong income after that and the,average in the average NFL player only,in the league for ab

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Dj Akademiks Disrepects Adam22's Baby Mama To His Face

Dj Akademiks Disrepects Adam22's Baby Mama To His Face

this is an important point though,academics is that what you've said about,my girl,during the course of this conversation,is a thousand times more disrespectful,than anything,that i ever said about you previously,and,and she's an innocent victim in all this,but you keep talking about her and it's,like,i think everybody i've seen a glimpse of,the comments but i think everybody seems,to agree with me that,your whole intentions in this,conversation intentions,uh seem a little weird i do have good,my intentions is for you to realize that,the next time you have sarah molina up,you either keep it at six nine because,to keep it real nobody wants to talk,about nothing about her but six nine,i can't tell you not to talk to right,but again you're talking about me,literally having a i'm gonna guess two,minutes,i hear that but i could get the chick,that claim that you raped her and,have a two minute conversation with i,gotta go and if you if you end up,talking to her for two minutes about me,then i would think it was a strange,decision and again i never raped anybody,but,again like i mean it just seems like a,bizarre uh,conflation of things to to compare,you're right,so how about i think i'm trying to mend,this with you adam i love you,i love you i'm gonna you know i like you,too but again you keep this,i think you owe her an apology to be,totally honest because i know she's,sitting,at home annoyed by some of the stuff you,said about it,how do you think i owe you i've already,given you an apology during this but,again i'm,i'm sorry for misrepresenting you and,six nines whatever encounter with selena,i already apologize a long time ago but,i apologize during the stream as well so,also as you say you feel i owe whoever,an apology,at least i'm only ever i've never talked,about any of these things because some,of these things you asked me in privacy,to take down and not mention,right which i did on her for the record,yo you have a whole video with three,million views with shawty talking about,me on some fake ,so i owe an apology you owe me three man,up,he said i want apology you owe me three,million apologies bro,you owe me two oh oh okay let me see how,many people watch,this could get that many views so i feel,like your side of the story is kind of,out there now,hey well well if i'm capping listen i,can't honestly say i tell the truth the,whole truth nothing but truth so help me,god,hey if i'm lying y'all get at me for,line but i have to get a yafa line,because y'all was saying cap,and y'all was repeating cap and i don't,like cap and we have it,it seems like the thing that you think,is such cap is such a minor discrepancy,he might you might not have handed six,nine in the condom but you did both ,her in the same night right,listen and it's all good there's nothing,wrong with that oh,listen listen adam,the six lena the same,night,again she she is saying that that's not,true and i would appreciate it just,just leave her out of it okay because i,no no no no no no because you're,bringing up somebody i don't even want,you to bring up anyway,i don't know but selena is somebody that,i'm cool with and again i,like how does it look to you that you,saw text messages from me to her telling,her that i don't want to talk about you,with her how is that not enough to make,it clear that my intentions,are to leave you out of it i've never,seen that i've seen,i've seen alleged screenshots of,somebody saying they're in l.a and,you're like you can't wait for them to,get on you,get on your podcast you know why they,bring the views i get that but then,they're,going to let you know there's a couple,things off the table let's not talk,about,academics i'm the one who said that i,didn't want to talk about academics with,your ex for the record,and then she unsent the message for the,record whatever you're going to see on,instagram i saw that she unset the,messages,she did so whatever i send you at the,dms she deleted messages so it's not,completely adam adam,chill see this is where you'll be, up and you'll be like slipping, in on some typical white people,no i'm just telling you the truth he was,never my ex angelico was never your ex,oh oh you're saying angelica sent the,screenshots to me is she,angelica dm me and the part of the,conversation that we had about,about you she unsent the message after i,responded and said i wasn't trying to do,the interview,okay so you're saying i can't prove that,but i can tell you that that's 100 true,no yo adam as i said we here for the,truth the whole truth,but nothing like that so call her a liar,i mean i don't know what she said to,call her a liar,you say she's on sending you're,telling me the story,so i'm saying that's not what i saw or,what she even said the conversation with,angelica was really simple i just told,her i didn't want to do the interview,with her because i didn't want to do a,podcast about your love life,dude you guys are going back yeah this,is so bad bro,we gotta get off of this

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Kai Cenat Responds To His Friend's SA Allegations!

Kai Cenat Responds To His Friend's SA Allegations!

not me Kai sanat responds after his,friend was accused of sexual assault at,a party tick tocker Jovi Penna took to,Twitter on January 5th 2023 to claim,that she had been raped at a party,that's not had invited her to in the,Tweet paina said that,Flacco digiglyc had raped her I can't,read that digitally sackhead raped her,and that she did not know him he,allegedly raped her after discovering,her upstairs in bed which she says was,where kaisana had told her to go in,order to remain safe we had the tweets,right here,um,let's pull it up man,oh yeah like you can like yeah like all,right Flocka start to break this down,for us what happened no so okay so like,here's just New Year's Eve right yeah,yeah right and here's just in her story,right so you know like you can pretty,much like just read like those tweets,Josh and then we can get it done all,right so you can read it in the first,person like it happened to you yeah,is that gonna do something for you yeah,all right on January,2023 I was raped at a party by a,complete stranger I was invited to this,party by someone I thought to be a,friend I asked for help and I'm not,going it's not going anywhere so I,decided to take it to social media his,name is jigui sack and I think she ends,up finding out that's not his name,either uh one I wasn't his name like,Jiggy didn't they call him yeah yeah,I was invited by Kai when I decided to,leave he told me I'd be safer upstairs,since I was drunk and nobody would,bother me however after I fell asleep,since I thought I was safe due to there,being safe security at Kai's,confirmation,however I wasn't safe uh jaguis walked,into the room where I was asleep and,brutally raped me to the point where I,bled when I woke up to see him still on,top of me I called him out as a rapist,and he told me that I was in his bed and,that's why he did that yo that's ,grimy the entitlement of like oh,someone's in your bed yeah that's real,Twisted no this is her account this is,exactly right yeah we have to take all,of this into account this is what she,said okay yeah I was in shock I called,texted my friend who invited who invited,but I got no answer and I was told by,the rapist that he left which I found,out later to be a lie he told me when we,can just keep it a secret and pretend,nothing happened it was already,traumatized by then I asked him to at,least use protection which he then,showed me a dirty condom and said yes a,Skin's condom but now I have to take,medication for a month to make sure I,didn't catch any STDs as you all know,these condoms only protect you from,unwanted pregnancies and not STDs I,spent I did not know that I spent all,day crying and processing what had,happened to me instead of enjoying my,vacation in New York at the at night,time I had dinner reservations but I,went to the emergency room instead and I,was still in pain from what had happened,to me,I describe what the person looked like,to my friend who had invited me and he,said he didn't know that person however,after digging for a day and a half I,found the person's Instagram,that they have been friends for years,yeah so so like here's mine like General,I take on this so Kai did say and and,like we will like see you know you know,like Kai's response pretty soon but,um Kai did say that the term friend,um you know was being used used Loosely,because like he met her on New Year's,Eve right and he invited her as well as,he invited like hundreds of people to,the party now here's my thing man,regarding this,um men for years in this country have,been prosecuted with little or no,evidence right so you know so like for,for me to sit here and automatically,deem this brother here is guilty to me,is wrong especially because listen like,and he has the Ted you know like the uh,Ted Cruz rice syndrome right like where,like when you like look at them they,just automatically look dishonest and,untrustworthy right like the dude's,faces look like diabolical devious and,evil right they always take the picture,that looks the most grimy too yeah yeah,bro bro like bro he looks like straight,up like freaking Movado right along with,the scar smiling evil so the duties have,a real untrustworthy face automatically,so like it's easy for us to look at his,face and say okay he did it right and,then people are saying I mean look at,the dude he's ugly she's bad as hell so,you know like ugly dudes like this can't,only smash girls like this by rape I'm,just here to say I haven't seen a lot of,ugly dudes especially from New York,dudes talk females right I don't even,think it's like that yeah that's not the,thing we'll be focusing on no no no,why are you writing for ugly dudes,no but the focus the focus on on this,whole situation should be on her story,is something happened to a young lady,um at a New Year's Eve party now one,thing that I do not like is that they're,like attacking Kai crazy yeah like he is,the person that supposedly did this ,you know what I'm saying and this is why,when you,um young and succ

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