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ACLU now supports Donald Trump’s return to Twitter | Dan Abrams Livenow in a statement posted to i


Updated on Jan 18,2023

ACLU now supports Donald Trump’s return to Twitter | Dan Abrams Live

now in a statement posted to its website,the aclu's executive director writes,quote you'd be hard-pressed to find a,more steadfast opponent of trump and his,policies than the aclu,but elon musk's decision to re-platform,president trump is the right call,when a handful of individuals possess so,much power over the most important,forums for political speech they should,exercise that power with restraint if,trump violates the platform rules again,twitter should first employ lesser,penalties like removing the offending,post rather than banning a political,figure,like it or not president trump is one of,the most important political figures in,this country and the public has a strong,interest in hearing his speech,bravo,this is the same aclu that has sued or,pursued other types of legal action,against then president trump more than,400 times while he was in office now,many on the left are not happy about it,an article in slate magazine called on,twitter employees to mobilize against,musk keep in mind he hasn't even,officially closed on buying the company,yet quote engineers and others who work,at tank companies are in high demand,there's lots of competition among the,leading companies to bring in and retain,the best talent employees can organize,and seek to pressure twitter's likely,new owner to do the right thing they can,threaten to leave if he doesn't,now i've come out against some things,the aclu has said or done in the past i,support other things that they've done,this time i agree,as i've said many times on this show,for twitter or any other social media,platforms for that matter,to be in the business of censorship,doesn't work particularly of a former,president and leading presidential,candidate,even if the commentary is untrue,or could be interpreted as potentially,dangerous,the bar needs to be really high and you,can remove the offending tweets if you,need to but i think it actually,backfires by ratcheting up extremism,driving people to angrier parts of the,internet or platforms where there's,absolutely no pushback it creates silos,or echo chambers where there are no,dissenting voices at all,rather than enabling constructive,dialogue,said it before i think that some of what,the former president said on twitter and,continues to say about the 2020 election,is reprehensible and totally untrue,and twitter absolutely has the legal,right to kick him off the platform,so we talked about last night when i,debated this issue,but that doesn't mean they should i,don't even know what a lifetime ban,means i i do know that my lifetime,subscription to cnn plus isn't worth,much anymore,i didn't really buy that it's not true,but permanent bans in this situation,just don't make sense,joining me now is robbie robbie sueve,co-host of rising on hill tv and senior,editor at reason magazine robbie thanks,for coming on the show appreciate it all,right so were you surprised that the,aclu came out in this way supporting,president trump's,that coming back to twitter,well i was delighted that they took this,position i i'll say i'm i'm a little,surprised only because i think i've,perceived that the aclu's a commitment,to free speech and to defending the,rights of people who they otherwise,don't like has gotten maybe a little bit,weaker over the years now historically,this organization which i have supported,historically you know took a really bold,stances in favor of,the right to share unpopular speech they,famously defended even you know nazis,marching in,in in the public square you know the,rights of people as abhorrent as the,westboro baptist church picking military,servicemen's funerals you know saying,awful things we do not,we do not have to agree with the speaker,we can in fact condemn the speaker while,still recognizing the right and the,obligation on a free society to allow,that kind of speech so i would yes i was,glad to see i don't know if i'm,surprised or not i wouldn't have been,surprised 10 years ago a little bit more,surprised today but nevertheless it was,the right thing to do it does seem kind,of odd right that the positions of the,parties have kind of changed he used to,be the left who was always calling for,you know allowing for speech right we,don't care it can be ugly speech it can,be speech we disagree with but we've got,to let it happen,and and now it's the right um who's,saying that more of the time and it's,the left very often for example on,college campuses and elsewhere saying,hey hey we don't want this kind of,speech it's bad it's scary it's it's,it's dangerous,yeah many progressive activists and sort,of some liberal commentators i would put,in in the mainstream media,academics a lot of people who are,broadly part of the team blue democratic,coalition have gotten really hostile to,free speech they they sneer at the,concept they say that it allows for,harassment and disinformation and all,those other things and like you said,it's it's the right who at least you,know in in their stated commitments is,is more

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Twitter faces backlash from ACLU and world leaders over Trump ban, loses BILLIONS in market value.

Twitter faces backlash from ACLU and world leaders over Trump ban, loses BILLIONS in market value.

right now there are a lot of people on,the left celebrating,the banning of donald trump and hundreds,of thousands of other people,on twitter they're celebrating the,parlor was shut down they're celebrating,that,amazon pulled its services and all this,other stuff and they're missing the,bigger picture,but the thing of it is is i've been,telling you guys over the last several,days,i've actually been getting a lot of dms,and emails and hex from people on the,left who,i have not heard from in months who are,saying to me carlin,what is going on is really,concerning me and hallelujah,we have people that are finally starting,to see the bigger picture,that this has nothing to do with donald,trump,that the arguments about free speech,free expression,the right to protest the right to,assemble this has,nothing to do with donald trump,and everything to do with protecting,all of us and the aclu it sometimes,comes from the oddest places doesn't it,because the aclu,had basically stopped defending free,speech entirely to focus on,crazy crazy crazy left-wing progressive,issues but it seems as though they still,do have a couple of people working at,the aclu,who actually care about civil liberties,and even they,are coming out opposed to what this,is doing this is from the independent,aclu warns of,unchecked powers of big tech for banning,trump,amid calls for an investigation of,amazon,google and apple the american civil,liberties union has warned,the unchecked power of the big tech,companies to de-platform a u.s,president could be turned against anyone,to discriminate against political speech,on social media the warning comes amid,calls for a racketeering investigation,as donald trump and his supporters,become d-personed from twitter and,facebook while competing,platform parlor was booted from amazon,apple and google now listen i actually,have,a member of my locals community first,off if you're not in my locals community,yet you're going to want to get onto my,locals community because,this is one of the platforms that will,be completely,insulated from censorship from bannings,because of how it's being built and how,it operates the information for my,locals community is,literally right underneath me locals is,free to join you can get all my videos,ad free,on my locals it is completely free to,join the only thing,is that in order to keep the community,safe,in order to keep the trolls out the,bullies all the things that we have to,deal with on other parts of social media,if you want to participate in,discussions you have to chip in and it,starts at five bucks a month,in my particular community now if you,want a free month just to try it out to,see if it's something that you liked,you can use the promo code free speech,all one word,free speech to get a free month off but,definitely join my locals community at,least get,in there for free and that way doesn't,cost you anything you can kind of see,what it is,and then decide later if you want to,join but i bring this up,because here is the thing a member of my,locals community,posted yesterday in the group that she,had been banned,off of twitter now twitter made this big,announcement yesterday that they've only,banned,17 70 000 conspiracy theorists and you,guys all know the conspiracy theory i'm,talking about that i'm not allowed to,say,they banned all those people but the,thing of it is is i actually know people,who have gotten banned on twitter,and they were not the conspiracy,theorists this this member of my locals,community that got banned,they accused her of spamming and,platform manipulation,she barely even used twitter and she is,like the least conspiratorial person,i've ever met so they are,lying what they are doing is they are,taking,out smaller conservative accounts and,they're going to work their way up,until they start to get to people like,me so this is going to become even more,important to,make sure that you are following people,on different platforms i am on,locals i am on gab i am on mines i will,be on parlor when it comes back online,i am on cloud hub but locals is really,going to be my home base because it is,simply the place,that i feel safest that will not all of,a sudden disappear,one day but it is not just the aclu that,has a problem with this oh my god,look at this leaders in europe are,having a,problem with it this from forbes,problematic and perplexing,european leaders side with trump,over twitter ban well resoundly,condemning,last week's violence in washington dc,several high-profile european leaders,including german chancellor angela,merkel have objected to social media,companies like facebook and twitter,banning the president suggesting that it,violates,his right to free speech and arguing,that governments,not private companies should be in,charge of regulating,big tech now listen i've made this point,on several of my live streams lately but,i can't make the assumption that,everyone watches every single thing i do,because i know i put out a lot of stuff,b

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ACLU sues Trump for blocking twitter viewpoints (1st Amendment)

ACLU sues Trump for blocking twitter viewpoints (1st Amendment)

again attorney Steve Andhra in here,intellectual property social media law,we are talking about a recent update,First Amendment we are talking about,Trump blocking Twitter users on his real,Donald Trump account and that triggered,a lawsuit this lawsuit we're talking,about was brought by night First,Amendment Institute as the plaintiff and,here you can see the case number this is,on the federal court pacer system where,you can find these cases as you can see,here was brought in New York District,Court so let's click on this case and,take a peek see what kind of goodies we,can find so you can come in here and you,can see attorney see who the attorney is,as you can see it's American Civil,Liberties Union ACLU bringing it on,behalf of night First Amendment and you,have some plaintiffs listed here and I,haven't looked yet we're gonna look here,in a second but I believe these are,probably the plaintiffs who were blocked,on Trump's Twitter account now Trump,maintains a presidential potus account,president of the United States and I,believe he also maintains a real Donald,Trump which I believe was his personal,account during the election campaign so,this case I believe deals with that so,let's go in here to the history and the,documents let's see what we can find I,usually just run the inquiry there's the,complaint right there filed just here on,7-eleven convenience store convenience,store today say that ten times quick so,let's take a peek at the complaint and,see what it says it takes a second view,document all right let's see what's,going on here all right so you get in,you see Night First Amendment this has,filed United States District Court,Southern District of New York night,First Amendment at Institute at Columbia,University and you have these individual,persons named here against versus Donald,Trump President of the United States,Sean Spicer was sued as well didn't know,that White House press secretary and,Daniel's Covino White House director of,social media and assistant to the,president so a couple people are named,and let's just go over this briefly,president Trump's Twitter account has we,I'm an important source of news and,information about the government and an,important public forum for speech by to,and about the president in an effort to,suppress dissent in this forum,defendants have excluded or blocked,Twitter users who have criticized,President Trump or his policies this,practice is unconstitutional so as you,can see they're making a essentially,like a First Amendment argument that,this was a public forum that the,president is announcing his policies and,certain other critical information and,to block users is essentially blocking,them out from the public forum and so,what does it say here as the Supreme,Court recognized just a few weeks ago,social media platforms like Facebook and,Twitter provide perhaps the most,powerful mechanisms available to a,private citizens to make his or her,voice heard and they cite a case there,but let's go down and talk a little bit,more because of the way president and,his aides used the real Donald Trump,Twitter account the account is a public,forum under the First Amendment,defendants have made the account,accessible to all taking advantage of,Twitter's interactive platform to,directly engage the president's 33,million followers so that's what you can,see they're doing here,let's go down parties talks about the,parties and what else here you have the,case number here if you want to look it,up and read all this in particular and,let's see what they're alleging here a,bunch of factual allegations I'm not,going to go into those there's some,pictures of des prés and let's see here,what else do we have anything else good,some more pictures I don't know why they,have all the pictures let's see tweets,will talk about tweets and anything else,what are we looking for here I'm looking,for any causes of action that they've,alleged down here so here's my poll,let's see so we've got a bunch of this,stuff a bunch of pictures and tweets,what do we have here we honestly just,want it repealed like we've been,promised for years I don't know it looks,like probably these guys were blocked,when they made comments,anyway I'm gonna let you dig into the,details of that if you want to take a,look it's as you can see very lengthy,complaint goes on and on and on and on,and on and on and I guess each,individual will just take one here,Joseph,plaintiff joseph papp is a former,professional road cyclists and current,anti-doping advocate author and speaker,operates a verified Twitter account,which has approximately 11,000 followers,one or more of the defendants blocked,mr. Papp from the real Donald Trump,account on or about June 3rd 2017,President Trump who retweeted a video of,his weekly presidential address along,with the hashtag anyway so you get them,out you get the point here he was these,users were blocked plaintiff night First,Amendment Institute at Columbia,University is a 501 C 3 non-prof

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The Issue with Trump Getting Banned from Twitter

The Issue with Trump Getting Banned from Twitter

the jurogan experience it's a perfect,time to have you on,i mean this is uh i mean when we're,talking about free speech in the time,when the president of the united states,has been banned off of twitter and,facebook and it's,right it's a wild time what do you make,of that,well you know facebook and twitter,are private publishers right i mean,whatever,we don't exactly know what they are,they're not exactly like the times,or like uh nbc or abc,um but they're close they're they're,certainly in the private sector,and and the private sector has always,had,has always had the discretion it's their,first amendment right to decide,who to publish and who not to publish um,you know it's different with facebook,and twitter because they,claim to be uh platforms,like the telephone company that you know,anybody can use to have,conversations but they're,they're not quite that they they really,are a lot like a publisher,and you know the times decided to fire,one of its columnists,uh because it didn't like what he wrote,they have a first amendment right to do,so and they're not the government,so you know and that to that extent,um what facebook and twitter did,is perfectly legal and,and not really different than what a,publisher or a broadcasting company,would do,if it decided to uh to change,or or fire one of its one of its,anchors or one of its columnists,on the other hand they are sort of like,a platform uh like an electronic soapbox,that they've erected,in a in a park and invited everybody,and anybody to come and when they start,picking and choosing,uh no you're not good you're not good,you're okay,you know they when they stop being a,gatekeeper uh,you run the risk of them closing people,out,of of uh a national dialogue,and depriving people of an audience,basically,and that that's a problem and it's a,problem we haven't figured out,how to work out yet uh because this,medium,is in its infancy you know it's people,forget that,that the printing press started in the,15th century in 1400 and something,and it took hundreds of years before,uh freedom of the press,and uh worked itself out in ways that,we're familiar with now,and we're you know we're right at the,beginning of this,internet speech uh medium,and uh it's hard it's hard it's hard to,say,uh i i think facebook and twitter,had the right to do what they did in,banning trump,um but the question is if they start,banning anything that they don't like,then they're really closing off the,public conversation,to people and what what's the criteria,how do you do that,yeah it's also it seems to me that we're,using these outdated,things to compare like uh comparing it,to the printing press or comparing,facebook or twitter to publishers,or even comparing them to something like,a utility,like the the power there's something new,there's something completely different,and,we i mean i hope it's not going to take,hundreds of years to have some sort of a,freedom of expression,online in these things but they're,monopolies it's not like anybody could,have bought or made a printing press,and printed their own books or printed,their own newspapers not everyone can,make their own twitter,you know it's too it's so complex and,there's so many users on it,it it yeah there's very few places where,you can like legitimately,get your word out in a way that you can,with twitter or,express yourself but you know and it's,true that these,this medium is analogous to utilities in,some ways,analogous uh to publishers in some ways,but they are new yeah and they're,different that's that's right,but but consider this when i was growing,up,uh i was a teenager in the 50s um,a big problem with free speech and,the democratization of free speech was,that nobody,had access to anything i mean you had,the times you had the washington post,you had the hearst newspapers you had,nbc and abc and cbs,and that's where most speech occurred,and nobody had access to that,um so even with even with the,monopolistic,bans twitter and facebook,are doing these days or can do have the,power to do,the fact is is that,many many millions more of people,ordinary people,have access to huge audiences uh,than did uh 50 years ago um,uh you know if you couldn't get into the,times and you couldn't get into the,washington post and if you couldn't get,onto television,you could speak you were free to speak,but nobody heard you,yeah and so you know it's a lot better,now,even even with,questions about abusing the power of of,being a gatekeeper that twitter and,facebook have,yeah it's uh it's just such a strange,time for this,because it's uh in the middle of the,like we're at the end of the president's,run he's still in office but yet,he's you know everybody wants him out as,quickly as possible,because you're wondering what he's gonna,do and he can't really express himself,uh publicly anymore it's it's just so,strange,yeah well of course you know he's still,the president,if he held the press conference uh,everybody would cover it,um and he you know

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What Does Free Speech Mean Online? | At Liberty

What Does Free Speech Mean Online? | At Liberty

i do think that those big platforms,would much rather be having a,conversation,about content than about data,welcome to at liberty a weekly show,where we're gonna go deep on the civil,rights and civil liberties questions of,our time,i'm molly kaplan multimedia director at,the aclu,and your host this week i'm talking to,kate rowan,she's aclu senior legislative counsel,for the first amendment,she's going to break down the social,media bans on trump and why they raise,serious questions kate thank you so much,for joining us,hi molly thanks for having me hi so i,want to start with,i want to start by addressing and sort,of getting out of the way the piece of,that,of this conversation that involves now,former president trump and his social,media behavior,um and the conversation is obviously,bigger than trump but this is just a,good entry point to get us started,um and i want to begin by reading a,statement that we put out,um after it was announced that a number,of these social media companies,were um in some form censoring trump or,permanently banning him from their,platforms,and this statement is attributed to you,and it says,for months president trump has been,using social media platforms,to see doubt about the results of the,election and to undermine the will of,voters,we understand the desire to permanently,suspend him now,but it should concern everyone when,companies like facebook and twitter,wield that unchecked power to remove,people from platforms that have become,indispensable for the speech of billions,especially when pitiful,especially when political realities make,these decisions,easier president trump can turn to his,press team,or fox news to communicate with the,public but others,like the many black brown and lgbtq,activists who have been censored by,social media companies,will not have that luxury it is our hope,that these companies will apply their,rules,transparently to everyone all right so,let's,break this down at a very high level,when it comes to banning trump on,twitter and other social media platforms,what are we essentially saying are we in,favor of the shutdown,what are the concerns that we have um,with the shutdown,i i so when it when it comes to donald,trump what we're essentially saying,is somebody like donald trump has plenty,of other,outlets for his speech but we do,think that the companies had very,sympathetic reasons,for banning him this time around the,question,in my mind is you know if you look at,the if you look at trump's speech over,the course of his time on these,platforms,the speech that they banned him for is,very similar to a lot of what he had,been saying for,so very long and so the questions that,it raised,i think for us are the same questions,that the aclu has been,pointing out to speech platforms that,are so big,that are responsible for the speech of,billions so we're talking about facebook,youtube twitter we're not talking about,smaller smaller platforms that are you,know,for you know a smaller number of users,we were talking about,this speech like global speech of,billions of people,it raised the same questions for us as,questions that we've had,for a long long time in that content,moderation policies,for these big companies are difficult to,understand uh when they censor speech,they,often get it wrong and you know they're,not their rules are not transparent,or they're not and they're not,transparently applied and when,and when they do get it wrong um or when,users think that they get it wrong,there's no clear or accountable due,process,for having and for for for any ability,to you know,have these issues corrected over time so,it's why you see things like,you know videos of violence in syria,being taken off of youtube,even though they are documenting war,crimes it is why you see things like,women women of color who are repeating,racist insults that were communicated to,them by,uh by white people offline being,censored when they,when they try to share and call out,these acts of white supremacy these acts,of racism,when uh online so you know a woman black,black women,have repeatedly been censored on,platforms like facebook for,for sharing racist incidents that,happened to them and to their children,on facebook even though they're not the,ones that are engaging in the racist,aggression they are describing racist,aggression that is happening that has,happened to them in the real world,um these big platforms are just bad,at making those decisions and and our,our point was,you know donald trump will be fine at,the time that that all of the platform,banning happened he could have walked,down the hall in the house that he lived,in,and continued saying whatever he wanted,to say,that i think two days after he was,banned he did walk down the hall,in the white house did run into a bunch,of reporters,said something very similar to what he,had been saying that got him banned from,the platform,a reporter took it down and then tweeted,it out,so you know there's there's there's an,imb

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What Is the ACLU? | History

What Is the ACLU? | History

The ACLU is an acronym that comes up,pretty often in politics and the news,,but what exactly is the ACLU?,And what does it do?,Here, we'll outline exactly how the ACLU,functions, its history, and how it aims to protect,all Americans' rights.,The ACLU stands for the American Civil Liberties Union,,and is the nation's largest public interest law firm, which,means, the ACLU works to legally defend every person's,individual rights and liberties that,are guaranteed in the Constitution,and the Bill of Rights.,The ACLU is not affiliated with or funded,by any political party.,It's a nonprofit organization that,survives through volunteers and grants,from foundations, donations, and annual fees,paid by its membership-- over 1.6 million strong.,Every year, the ACLU's almost 300,staff attorneys and 2,000 volunteer attorneys,,take on over 2,000 cases, including Supreme Court cases.,In fact, the only organization that,appears before the highest court more than the ACLU,,is the US Department of Justice.,The ACLU was formed in 1920--,a time when the unbridled fear of communism,led President Woodrow Wilson, along with his attorney,general, A. Mitchell Palmer, and the Department of Justice,,to conduct the Palmer Raids.,They arrested, detained, and even deported,,people they believed were political radicals.,Palmer used the Espionage and Sedition Acts,to justify the raids, and the criminalization,of people simply expressing opinions that he deemed,,threatened national security.,But others saw these unwarranted arrests and unlawful search,and seizures as egregious acts against civil liberties.,A small group of these idealists got together,to take a stand against these injustices,,and defend the civil rights outlined in the Constitution.,This group came to be called the American Civil Liberties Union.,The founders included the likes of Roger Baldwin, Crystal,Eastman, and Helen Keller.,Through the years, this small group would grow and evolve,,taking on cases many others wouldn't, including a number,of notable Supreme Court cases.,In 1925, the ACLU defended John Scopes--,a Tennessee high school teacher who was criminally,charged for teaching about evolution, in the famous Scopes,Monkey Trial.,During World War II, they fought against,the internment of Japanese-Americans,through two cases--,Hirabayashi v. The United States,,in 1943 and Korematsu v. The United States, in 1944.,They also worked with the NAACP to end,legalized school segregation in 1954's,Brown v. Board of Education.,In 1966, the ACLU argued Miranda v. Arizona, which gave us,the Miranda Laws, requiring police to read the accused,their rights when arrested.,In 2015, their work on Obergefell v. Hodges,helped repeal the Defense of Marriage,Act, which led to same sex marriage becoming,legal in all 50 states.,While some may not agree with every cause the ACLU takes up,,the ACLU is nonpartisan.,Its mission is to protect everyone's,constitutional rights, even when that,means protecting a widely unpopular or controversial,stance.,Like in 1977, when the government tried to prevent,the National Socialist Party--,or neo-Nazis-- from wearing swastikas,while marching through a neighborhood where,many Holocaust survivors lived.,The ACLU sued the government for infringing on the freedom,of expression, and they won.,The marchers were allowed to wear swastikas.,Because for the ACLU, if it's a constitutional right,,it has to be protected.,Nearly a century after its founding,,the ACLU is still active, and continues to grow.,The ACLU's platform and national projects,cover many civil liberties issues,,including immigrants rights, women's,rights and workplace rights--,to ensure that America remains a place of liberty and justice,for all.

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President Trump Admin Tracked Individual Migrant Girls' Pregnancies | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

President Trump Admin Tracked Individual Migrant Girls' Pregnancies | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

we're actually going to start tonight,with an exclusive with a bit of a scoop,at the beginning of the Trump,administration there were a lot of,somewhat strange personnel choices made,by the incoming president I mean even in,the cabinet Rick Perry for energy,secretary right Rick Perry had not only,proposed abolishing the Energy,Department he also appeared to believe,that the Energy Department was the oil,and gas part of the government and not,the part that deals with like nuclear,weapons he didn't even appear to,understand that once he had been named,the Secretary of Energy so that was a,weird choice also remember the party,planner for Eric Trump's wedding was put,in charge of housing in the northeastern,United States that was a weird choice,also the president's bade personal,bankruptcy lawyer his bankruptcy lawyer,was named ambassador to Israel for the,United States also the president really,did make an effort to try to make his,personal pilot the head of the FAA so,there were some weird choices right off,the bat one less high-profile but,equally weird choice came when President,Trump picked a man named Scott Lloyd to,be the director of the Office of refugee,resettlement that was a weird choice too,because Scott Lloyd had never worked,with refugees ever he had never worked,with resettling anyone so the idea that,he'd be in charge of resettling refugees,was odd what Scott Lloyd had done in his,life is that he'd been a conservative,activist lawyer from a Catholic group,called the Knights of Columbus he,basically was an activist anti-abortion,guy his body of public writings included,stuff like this quote facts about,abortion why you can't be pro-life,and proprioception this is all about how,birth control is the same thing as,abortion and women shouldn't be allowed,access to either in this country all,abortion should be illegal for American,women and birth control should be,illegal for American women too so that,was his public profile before he gotten,put in charge of the Office of refugee,resettlement and if you want to know,what happens when you put somebody with,that pedigree in that experience in,charge of randomly refugee resettlement,in this kind,well now we've done that as a country so,now we know how that works out,here's a headline from the LA Times,December 2017 Trump official sought to,block abortion for 17 year old rape,victim,Scott Lloyd is the Trump official in,question part of this scandal was him,writing a memo outlining his reasoning,for blocking a teenage rape victim from,accessing abortion quote I'm convinced,that assisting with an abortion in this,case is not in her best interest I am,mindful that abortion is offered by some,as a solution to a rape I disagree,getting an abortion using his status as,a federal official in charge of this,refugee resettlement agency in order to,do it the seventeen-year-old in that,case the seventeen year old girl who'd,been raped,she was one of many kids who arrived in,the u.s. applying for refugee status she,was sent alone to a shelter operated by,the Trump administration at some point,along the way she found out that she was,pregnant as a result of that rape in,America it does not matter whether you,are an immigrant or not doesn't matter,your age doesn't matter where you're,from in America you have a,constitutionally protected right to get,an abortion if you want one the,government is not allowed to stop you,from getting one if you want one that is,a decision that you are allowed to make,for yourself it is protected by the,Constitution but when Scott Loyd took,over the office of refugee resettlement,he became the guy who was in charge of,all of those kids and he decided he,would make it his first priority in that,job to block any girl who came into the,clutches of that agency he was running,he would block any girl under his,purview at that agency from getting an,abortion the only reason that,seventeen-year-old rape victim from that,20:17 case the only reason she,eventually was allowed to get an,abortion and the only reason we know,about her plight is because she found,her way to lawyers at the ACLU who took,her case who sued the government on her,behalf and won she was the first Jane,Doe in the case she decided she wanted,an abortion and it's interesting in her,case she had raised the funds needed to,pay for it herself she had gotten a,judge in Texas to explicitly grant her,permission to get the abortion despite,the fact that she had no way of getting,parental consent for it she had arranged,for travel at her own expense to and,from her doctor's appointments that,would be necessary for her to get the,abortion but still Scott Lloyd's agency,the federal government agency he was,running wouldn't let her leave the,shelter to go to the doctor that is what,ultimately became a class-action lawsuit,led by that pregnant teenage girl who,was literally being forced to continue,this pregnancy against her will by the,US government until the ACLU intervened,to take her case

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Former ACLU president: Fight hate speech with more speech

Former ACLU president: Fight hate speech with more speech

well online and on-campus free speech is,imperiled in the name of tolerance a,majority of college students now say,that protecting diversity is more,important than free speech as if they're,mutually exclusive on Twitter YouTube,and Facebook of course accounts are,routinely banned and opinions suppressed,in the name of fighting hate which is,never precisely defined but you know,what they mean the movement comes mostly,from the left but many traditions some,of them anyway traditional liberals are,upset about it and the Dean strossen is,a former president of the ACLU and she,just released a brand new book called,hate : why we should resist it with free,speech not censorship the in Strassman,joins us tonight,Dean thanks for coming on my pleasure,for a first to confession you're the,kind of liberal I used to make fun of,and now I wish there are more people,like you on the left there seem to be,very few why the change why are you one,of the only people on the left saying,wait hold on free speech is more,important than anything else well I'm,not going to demonize the left Tucker,because I completely agree with the,sentiment expressed by former,journalists I mean sadly he died several,years ago Nat Hentoff whose book title,said it all freedom of speech for me but,not for thee how the left and right,relentlessly censor each other so upon,that hold on hold on Nat Hentoff was a,wonderful man and I wouldn't say toward,the end of his life he was much of a,liberal he was a pro-life activist the,Liberals are defending individual,liberties and that's the most important,value right and I wanted that group,messages of my book is that all of us,regardless of where we fall on the,political spectrum have a crucial stake,in defending the same robust freedom of,speech that the US Supreme Court,interestingly despite its ideological,diversity unanimously supports in the,Supreme Court's most recent decision on,so-called hate speech last summer all of,the justices struck down a federal,statute that prohibited the use of,so-called disparaging or demeaning terms,as trademark to subject to trademark,protection so,they upheld the right interestingly,enough of an Asian American rock band to,choose the name the slants of course,that's a disparaging term but the Simon,Tam and the other Asian American rock,band members chose that not to denigrate,their own ethnic origin but for exactly,the opposite reason to celebrate their,dignity and to empower themselves and,show their pride and that illustrates,Tucker the problem with handing over to,government the power to pick and choose,which particular words are going to be,ruled out of Bounce you have to look at,the context you have to take you know,all of us have different subjective,perceptions and we have to make these,decisions for ourselves and not try,agree to the government I agree we,completely and the reason that that,right really is enshrined in modern laws,because the ACLU in the Brandenburg case,in 1967 and a bunch of other free speech,cases at the ACLU which you ran for,years brought to the to the High Court,but the main threats to speech now exist,not from government but from big,technology companies particularly from,Google and Facebook and Twitter they're,the conduit through which all,information flows they control speech,and they're swelling it and the ACLU is,saying nothing and I don't know why well,let me tell you there is a big legal,problem here in terms of remedies for,what clearly are restrictions on speech,and by the way I disagree with you that,the ACLU has not spoken up but first,most people do not understand that the,First Amendment free speech guarantee,only applies to government to the public,sector so you have no First Amendment,rights with respect to Facebook and the,other private tech companies yes but you,can bring pressure on them and Tucker,the ACLU along with a large coalition of,other civil rights and civil liberties,organizations have been complaining to,Facebook for years about how they are,wielding their power to take down hate,speech we've complained that they have,not done it in a way that is supportive,of equal rights and civil rights,I respectfully disagree with you I think,if eight,see you has stood back now it's spending,its all the time defending illegal,aliens whereas everybody in the world is,so sorry let me tell you that some of us,can defend all fundamental freedoms no,but the emphasis on speech has been,absent with the issue tell that to the,people who are criticizing the ACLU and,lobbying us to change our position which,we have not because we defended the free,speech rights of the alt-right,demonstrators in Charlottesville that is,a decision that I stand by and that my,ACLU colleagues stand by in part no no,that's not true so you college do not,stand by that's - no that's a look I'm,here to tell you how much I respect your,views but you're not being honest there,and discussion within but you know what,we have not seen what we saw during the,Skokie

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