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Abella Danger Answers the Internet's Weirdest Questionshey I'm Abella Danger and I'm here to answer

Answer the Internet

Updated on Jan 16,2023

Abella Danger Answers the Internet's Weirdest Questions

hey I'm Abella Danger and I'm here to answer the Internet's questions would,you rather give up sex or porn for one year I would rather I kind of isn't it,the same porn in sex I guess I guess I would have to give up porn for one year,because I like having sex in private a little bit more shooting porn is really,fun but okay but money is only in you it can only give you so much happiness if,you could make one movie character real to date you who would it be I guess I,would really love to date Tony Stark like I'm obsessed with his character,he's just like such an asshole to like I love it,who is the hottest celebrity you think you have a shot with if they got to know,you I think Michael B Jordan for sure he's really hot and he'd be into me,would you rather have ugly shoes are ugly underwear for the rest of your life,definitely ugly under underwear like I love sneakers like I do not even like,fuck with heels like sneakers are my life and I wear like granny panties so,that's like already no I mean yeah no I don't but I don't worry like I don't,really like pretty panties though like it's just like whatever like I don't,know like but sneakers it's like my obsession because eventually we're all,naked like that's what matters you know you're you strip down to nothing would,you rather be married to someone extremely attractive or be extremely,attractive I guess I would rather be married to someone extremely attractive,because I'd be like wow there's such an honor you're like extremely attractive,you're married to me and I'm like not attractive well then they're gonna be,like there must be something really amazing she must be really good at,sucking dick they're gonna just be wondering and,that's just gonna kill them you know they're gonna be dying with jealousy and,love it would you rather a guy last 30 seconds or one hour,actually rather a guy last 30 seconds because I think it's like the biggest,compliment ever like I've had guys like last like not even a minute and I'm like,I love that like wow like I mean you come really early like I kind of find it,offensive if a guy takes a long time to come and like what's wrong with me it's,like would you rather be a bad kisser or give bad head fuck this is so like hard,because I'm really good at both I saw guys are always like you give like the,best blowjobs ever so book thug like no I have to give up good kissing because,they giving head is like an art form like it's so much fun I love it like,that so I'm like completely bisexual because I like both so much,whoa a pig's orgasm lasts for over 30 minutes a lion can have sex over 50,times per day which would you rather be I would definitely rather be a pig,because I always say the saddest part about an orgasm is how short it lasts,like I wish it lasted even like a minute like the actual orgasm feeling so I,would love for an orgasm to last 30 minutes I might pass out but what do you,rather live in a world where everyone but you is male or female this is so,hard yeah this is so hard well this is hard this is hard because I love my,girlfriend so much but imagine like the entire world like we would all get her,period at the same time so I'm like fuck like Amelia it's like I'll do it with,all girls if all the girls are like super hot and I would hide in my house,when we all have our period do you think there's more porn stars or murders in,the world someone that like does porn,yeah no I don't know I don't know I don't know I think everyone can be a,porn set that's a great thing like make like yeah she's a porn sorry she's,fucking in the top 20 of pornhub like you're fucking porn sorry like you can,be other things too like I'm a porn sir but I model too like but you're still,points are like don't forget what got you there sweetie so yeah I think,there's more porn stars in the world than murderers I mean over all of the,time then I guess murders but like currently fuck I don't know this was,really her question I really don't know how many murders there's probably more,there's a lot of like amateur porn stars like yeah there's more porn sires we,just you know that makes me happy murderers aren't cool,starting today if you get ten thousand dollars for every day you don't master,eight how many days could you go without jerking off fuck that's hard I don't,know I can only speak for myself and I love masturbating so much so like you do,it multiple times a day and so that'd be,probably like two days then it would not be worth it to me anymore I'll just be,like I need to do this I'll be so angry would you rather say on a cake and eat a,dick or sit on a dick and eat a cake I would rather sit on a cake and eat a,dick but like you know like suck it right not like eat it okay yeah yeah,yeah yeah I'd rather I'd rather I'd rather,stood on the cake and eat a day because I really like second answer we got,through that what's the weirdest thing you have masturbated to fuck it was like,anime porn and it was like a squid type thing having sex with like

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Abella Danger Answers The Internet's Weirdest Questions Part 3

Abella Danger Answers The Internet's Weirdest Questions Part 3

i actually became friends with this girl,one time just to her brother,this episode of answer the internet is,brought to you by showtime more on that,a little bit let's get to the questions,hey it's bella danger and i'm back to,answer the internet if every time you,finished sex a song played what song,would you want it to be um i guess cry,me a river or like,well you should be sad that it's over if,a guy matches with his best friend's,sister on tinder should he pursue it um,yeah just like don't tell him about it,but like because if because if she,matched then she wants to him too,so like,i don't know are guys like offended by,that do you guys not most guys don't,want their friend to their sister,really yeah believe it or not yeah but i,felt i felt my friends brothers and they,didn't care,and they don't care,well i don't know,i'm not still friends with the girls,that i their brothers,i actually became friends with this girl,one time just to her brother,and then i did let her know that her,brother had a really big,are the reasons why you don't want your,friends than your brothers to ,i don't get it it can be any guy or a,girl for you okay would you be celibate,for a year to be able to have sex with,any girl you wanted after the year was,up but like only have sex with her once,no you you yeah yeah yeah yeah,that's the thing i could do ,somebody could you like whoever it is um,no,no because i have like,most people will like slide into my dms,but i will like admittedly say that i,have slid into certain people's dms who,did not even open that chat and i'm like, how am i going to this,yeah,it was very humbling,i'll show you,very humbly i was like dan did you aim,really high were you like,what the ,i feel like i feel like yeah i wasn't i,thought it really humbled me because i,thought you thought you're like,like i'm the yeah i know i'm not,not responding right yeah that's,definitely that would really i mean my,ego would you go celibate for a year to, that person,no, that,two buttons you can only press one,instantly get a million dollars,or you have a 50 50 chance of getting,100 million dollars,oh my gosh i don't know if i consider,myself a lucky person you ever like one,won the lottery or i've never gambled,i'm very scared about it like i'm brave,yeah so i was just it's like but man a,hundred million also for you it's like,you're good if you know without it you,know what i mean like you have 100 uh,yeah i guess i would do the 50 50 chance,i'll do that one yeah,gonna gotta go big or go home would you,would you rather what a watch your dad, a hundred year old woman,or b watch your mother kill someone oh,you're a 100 year old man i would rather,watch my mother kill someone straight up,like,like,my mom like she's very she has a very,strong personality and especially with,girls like all my girlfriends like she's,so shady with them and stuff like she,loves all my guy friends and hates all,the girl and so i could easily imagine,her killing one of them,i wouldn't want to see it i know exactly,which friend she would kill too like i'm,telling you my mom will walk into the,room and she's there and she'll be like,ugh she won't even acknowledge this girl,she's like your mom hates me,really doesn't like her,is eiffel towering a chick with another,guy gay i feel like you know just limit,the eye contact um,yeah because then it's like if you're,staring into their eyes it's just very,strange,um but i don't think it's gay i think,it's just like,yeah if you're like if you're like,making eye contact you're definitely,like on the scale if you're just like,looking at the girl it's not gay at all,it's like straight so depending on the,eyes yeah like if we're like this like,yeah and we're like,like,then but if you're like looking at her,then,you know,yeah it's just something else it's just,like whatever this other guy if you,could see a sex tape with any two movie,characters who would it be,oh my gosh a sex tape with any two movie,characters,but just so hard there's so many good,ones i feel like i would do this chick,from kill bill and and bill like i would,want to watch them focus he's i like the,daddy vibes that he has,and then she's really hot and i feel,like i have a i have a foot fetish and,if quentin tarantino shot it it would be,like so much feet in it and,yeah i would be vibing with that you got,to get in a tarantino movie,i would love that,just so i could see my feet if you could,live inside one tv show what would you,live in damn i feel like,it would definitely be like shameless,because,it would just be so chaotic and like,interesting but then i wouldn't want to,because the way the living conditions,are set up aren't that ideal,yeah so but like everyone is so,interesting in it that i feel like oh my,gosh i would love it so maybe um you,want to like hang out with the cast of,shameless yeah,over here yeah like live from oh my god,like he's so hot like ,um,dang so,hmm,definitely like,the oc,like the original like oc that seems,more l

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Abella Danger Answers Questions from the DMs - KFC Radio

Abella Danger Answers Questions from the DMs - KFC Radio

all right let's go through some of these,questions these are at least some of the,somewhat reasonable ones like like,there's one that is can you try to,describe a black can you try to,describe what a black feels like,for us guys who shoot straight describe,taking mandingo cowgirl anal versus,reverse cowgirl anal oh my god all right,how about this you're at a Halloween,party okay what is your go-to costume,okay so I'm gonna show you what I'm,gonna be for Halloween this year I mean,oh yes I already don't like girls no on,November first I just saw the movie,Rocket Man so I was like I have to wear,like a blinged-out Dodgers baseball fit,just like his we're just talking about,this recently on my last podcast about,how everybody is how what has gone,mainstream is eating ass Erik wants to,know is putting your tongue in an ass,really the thing to do yeah I feels,really good I can honestly say it's not,something you like I won't make every,guy do it like it's not like oh you have,to but like if you're into it I'm super,into it like if you're not into it you,know it's not the end of the world I,feel like you it kind of you just like,have to be into it it's free standard,choice I definitely like getting my,vagina,II didn't more but it's fine it's it's,definitely affects you but I won't hate,I won't hate a guy if he's not into you,know you can't you can't win him all,over it,it was it was like the progression of,that has actually been like one of my,favorite things where it's been like,it's been like over five years ideal,dick okay I guess it would have to be,like you know just pretty like it's do,you want a free actually new question,what is a pretty big okay like it's like,it could either be circumcised or,uncircumcised and it's just like an,uncircumcised it's not pretty no yes it,always, weird as like in high school we,had like sports and stuff like that,anyone circumcised dick is like mentally,damaged because they were there was like,no one who got bullied like like kids on,like like the hockey team or baseball,team and they try to tell you like no it,feels better for the chicks they make up,some shits like no you just got a,weird-looking dick dude I don't know I,like them both I don't especially for,you know like uncircumcised kind of feel,better than like than like circumcised I,don't believe you they do they do but,straight they're just talking about,pretty what's right here because I like,when they kind of hurts like decided,like it's this like unknown area but,with pretty one that got me to born his,curves like you know you don't pretty,think what you see when I guess guys I,think hey that's like a Supreme Court,justice I think like a long time ago was,trying to just like try and describe,they're trying to quantify porn and,their way to do it was like you just,know it when you see it hey did we save,the bees to be saving charities well you,know I guess when bees aren't endangered,I don't think we're ever gonna reach,that point we're gonna have robot bees,oh my gosh no let's make our own no I'm,90% sure we just did that we sent robot,bees to like do the work yeah well those,need to come back and that's gonna,backfire nautical I did I can't believe,these are in danger I guess that's,because so many people were like afraid,of them and they were just killing them,all,poor bees clay wants to,with your most awkward moment since,joining the adult industry,any bloopers or God I mean there I don't,know I'm just like the other day like I,was working with a really good friend of,mine Geena and she's like such a good,friend of mine that it's like awkward,first to work together so like I was,just like laughing non-stop like I was I,didn't even care to like actually like,have sex with her we have I have a,question which we've discussed ad,nauseam I'd say when I do it but you had,a poll of it on your Twitter I was,perusing Twitter Bush back or not back,yeah I guess I I think in like I think,normal like civilian girls don't have,bushes but it is important yeah it's how,the world works yes and then now it's,like everywhere porn porn just predicts,the future of sex in the real world you,know I never forget when I was in high,school I was talking to this guy and he,was like you should grow out a bush and,I was like why and he was like there's,this porn star Riley read she has a bush,like you should do it and I was like no,and he stole I didn't do it I didn't do,it inside,I got into porn and I'm still kind of,like should get rid of it because a lot,of like nor like normal girls don't have,wishes that they will um that's yeah,they're so cute yeah,so 90s or 80s whenever yeah it's a real,it's a retro it's like you wear vintage,t-shirts you have I have a question and,this kind of this kind of goes to it he,says has porn raised your expectations,for sex in relationships so like and in,general I feel like porn probably in,some ways I think girl like porn is like,bad for normal chicks because they,expect a wild to go down but I also,thi

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Adin Ross E-Date with Abella Danger.. *Full Stream*

Adin Ross E-Date with Abella Danger.. *Full Stream*

so pretty much how it's gonna work is um,it's like it is a dating show,like it's like flirty,okay sound like something you don't feel,comfortable,all right Bella is it cool if I just use,the bathroom real quick,yeah that's fine I'm just holding logos,you're doing what,I'm just building Legos what kind of,Legos you building,um the Nintendo one oh that's fun,yeah it's really fun actually,okay um very fun so you do,all right let me just really quickly,take a a BRB yeah do you want I mean my,chat could see if you want to just talk,about random you can it's up to you,oh yeah I'll break her into the chat,I'll break into I'll break it yeah,I got you all right schnagi be on your,best behavior okay yes I'm not gonna do,anything okay,so um Mr Bella how how is your uh how's,your day today,it's been good I just went to school it,was pretty uneventful would you would,you would you go to school what you go,to school for,um today I just had a literature class,really pretty easy,really yeah,you're so weird bro get the out of,here and then you supposed to be taking,a piss you so weird bruh,you ready for this eating it's like it's,like 12 guys in here they're already uh,oh yeah yeah,that's cool we love guys hey I ain't,gonna live chat yo I'm nervous as ,bro I ain't gonna lie my this is,the first time you know what I'm saying,I I even talked to a female of this,caliber money you feel me oh my God stop,I'm like I'm I'm very nervous right now,I'm shaking in this I'm so normal,and like Joe though really you are yeah,I'm literally just sitting here posing,like I was like you're sort of gone,what kind of uh Legos you better,I'm building the the Nintendo it's like,a Nintendo and then like it looks,exactly like a little Nintendo from like,the 90s and then like a TV like an,old-fashioned TV with like Super Mario,in it,it's so cool,it's gonna come out great,but I can't I'm very far and I've been,working on it for a while but I don't,really have a lot of time to during the,day because of school but I still try to,Speed it in like in between classes I'll,like run to my office and then just,build Legos,all day oh you go you go to school on a,laptop like zoom and ,no I go to school in person,and then I just made school it's like 10,minutes away so I just like run home,in between,now how you throw this older person you,go with people like it's people in your,class yeah there's like people there's,like 20 people in like all my classes,somebody ever walked up to you and said,like something weird that rap,um no he wouldn't want them to me,I'm back really,yeah people have walked up to me on,campus but thankfully they haven't done,it in class which ones obviously with,like really upset me if they did because,um,it really upset me if they did because,then my professors would be like what,the were you asking this girl for a,picture or something,and I wouldn't want them to like look at,me and like in a weird way,um hey I'm back about I just want to say,I appreciate you again for taking time,out and uh and doing this I really,appreciate you I thought You're Gonna,Cancel me again I got really scared so,you know I'm sorry no I know you're busy,and I just want to say I really respect,um that you're going to school and ,not real that's actually,I'm glad we can make it happen dude for,sure definitely where you at right now,I'm in my office in Miami oh fine,yeah I was just in L.A recently but I'm,here all weekend five uh any plans this,weekend,yeah I'm gonna go skydiving,um,yeah I'm gonna go skydiving damn that's,crazy that's crazy damn yeah I've always,wanted to I'm really really scared,though I'm really scared yeah I don't,know if I would ever Skydive that ,is just I don't know scary yeah it's,something that like I'm really terrified,to do but I feel like I'll be very glad,and like proud of myself after I do it,one two three four five,um I'll be like really proud of myself,because it's like one of my biggest,fears,and I'm like strong to another person,I'm not doing it by myself so hopefully,knowing that will like help me not be so,scared like my best friend Liam he's,he's like so like down to do it like he,I don't feel like he's scared at all and,I'm just like how are you like that like,right right right,are you not scared of anything I love,people like that yeah,yeah yeah yeah yeah,I just Fearless people,started,um you know how these work or anything,or no I've actually I've done a lot of,twitch streams in the past but I've,never done like anything on Discord okay,so you definitely have to walk me,through the process okay,um I'm finally a version for something,uh and GTA yeah I know,the reason why I say that is because the,word that word is um it's banned on,Twitch okay so yeah tell me all I'm not,gonna curse or anything but no you're,not a curse no you're like you're a lot,of curse um you used to know there's,just you can't say the V word as an,insult actually so you could have,technically said it it wasn't an insult,so you can't deliberately I'm jus

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Abella Danger Answers the Internet's Weirdest Questions Part 2

Abella Danger Answers the Internet's Weirdest Questions Part 2

hey if you haven't already got it get,yourself a copy of answer the internet,the card game it's available right now,in the link in the bio or you can get a,barcel sports Walmart Amazon or Spencer,Gifts play along with us let's get into,it hey it'sabella danger and I am back,to answer the internet once again,would you rather fight a hundred,duck-sized horses or one horse size duck,so like yeah no I I think I'm picturing,like a little horse,laughs,I once ran over a duck I feel so,um I once ran over a duck so,um,who's in the road,um,um, I'm I'm more scared of ducks than I,am of horses so I think I would rather,fight a hundred duck-sized horses,but why are you more scared of ducks,than horses because of their beaks,because it's like,and I ran them over so I feel like they,all have like a vendetta against me they,know I killed one before would you watch,a porn with the hottest girl from your,high school if the dude in it was your,dad,yeah I would actually,so hot I wouldn't mind that,she's my dad I'll be like,perhaps dad like like yeah she's really,hot you know it is yeah the person of,mine yeah,this is girl she's actually like a,little Instagram model and I've like,known her since like Middle School her,name is Miss buchani on Instagram so she,should thank me,yeah yeah I went to middle school and,high school with her I'm sure in high,school together yeah we're in the same,high school together yeah if you are an,old episode of room Raiders what would,be the most what would you most be,afraid of being found,in my room I guess my list of like,where I rank all the people I've had sex,with and then I put a one to five star,ranking every person you've ever had sex,with mostly every person yeah even,people like before porn I would like I,had like a list and then as long as that,list,it's lengthy,um I guess I stopped like once I just,kept having this sex with the same,people in porn so probably like 80 to,100 people,is that all right,what is the one thing that someone can,say that makes you immediately hate them,I don't need us I love Trump,um,I live with my mom,um,I'm vegan,um,so many things how much is too much for,a high difference in a relationship,um a lot of girls really like super tall,guys but like guys that are kind of like,my height so we could you know do the,standing sex because if they're too tall,and you're like,the shower sex is harder so um I think,like,listen,ing,tell me something about sex please,no like shorter than a foot like,I guess like 5 10 is good for a guy a,lot of guys happen would you rather sit,down with your parents and watch every,sexual encounter you've ever had,or say by yourself to watch a sex tape,of the night they concede you definitely,sit by myself and watch the night they,conceived me as discussing as it may be,I unfortunately had to like hear my,parents have sex growing up sometimes,like I would stay up a little too late,and I would hear something in the,distance and I was like what's going on,but I I they would be traumatized if,they witnessed every single sexual,encounter so I'll take one for the team,and um,so honestly probably boring my my dad,looks like a two-punch jump,what would you give up first drinking,watching sports or coming,drinking drinking is but forever,yeah I would give a drinking it's fine,it's fine,I would never give up coming I'm sorry,like I'm sorry it's like the best,feeling in the world like if you had to,watch one category of porn for the rest,of your life what would it be,incest no just kidding,um it would definitely be,um,big web butts that's a very popular,search term of mine,and like,anime,and I can't pick just one,um,and,yeah and then milk cream pies for sure,what I like what I like,what do you think is the oldest,someone's been when they've had sex,in their 90s is that possible,women for women women can get but,when do the guy's dick stop working but,they can get a pump now how old am I,yeah,it was like you know pills penis pumps I,don't think,okay there's guys in point that have the,pumps and be like just like squeeze,their balls and it goes whoop,easiest day ever,so but I guess with all the problems or,pills or anything,50. I don't know,the oldest guy I've had sex with was,the oldest oldest man that ever,that's what she said right well I'm,saying without pills or like a pub or,any help like naturally 55. oh he's so,hot yeah is he only 55 is it like he has,to be old he has to be older because,like Brad Pitt's like in his 50s now,those guys are not naturally no,I think he's probably having to like,take some Viagra or something because,even guys in porn that are like,in their like 40s,if you were born with action figure,hands stuck in the same position,what position would your hands be in I,think I would want them to be like this,and then they could yeah they want them,to be like this both of them yeah like,this because then you could like,so that you could also like,and you could like wife,you could do so much with it like this,thank you,I don't know

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Zias Puts Adin on a Date with a ‘Ghetto Girl'

Zias Puts Adin on a Date with a ‘Ghetto Girl'

I like your watch appreciate it oh baby,period,already,on Burberry,it's uh it's a pleasure to meet you Miss,Dead Homie well that's just what I say,it's a pleasure to meet you I love your,nails wow thank you magnificent what uh,uh what kind of uh nails are those,they're blue well I know that but I'm,single kind of like fresh tip French tip,gel you know what they say about women,with French tip,she go with the tip,exactly,exactly so what do you what are you,drinking,stuff what you got in that cup a little,bit of vodka a little bit I gotta not,open up because I'm not wearing no,straws hold on sorry sorry,not like my not all over Twitter but,um,what's up how you doing all right I'm,doing myself,oh he's like no oh I'll leave this one,huh what does the AR stand for Aiden,Ross oh okay okay I'm leaving myself you,know what I mean why you gotta do rival,huh you get waves wave check let me see,what it's not that bad all right,boneless power bulb is power okay let me,explain I love that ball too but like,damn your balls like that yeah,yeah that's a wait that's a weave it's a,wig no way,I've never built a girl with the weed,before oh yeah you can like call my ,I could Palm yours we could Palm it,together that's crazy,take the grill out bro you're like a,young Paul Wall,oh oh my God that sounds like Invisalign,myself you know what I mean so,um what's it called straight up like,something about yourself like I like to,suck dick,wow well have you ever been like in a,gangbang or a DP you ever in a train nah,I'm actually not I'm walking to Thomas,huh I'm more it's like the one-on-one,um,missionary yeah you are like you like,you a little cholo well I've killed a,couple people a Volo a white cholo oh no,but I you know I've well not killed a,couple people but I've had my you know,my favorite Call of Duty type stuff yeah,yeah like in games and you know,what I'm saying yeah yeah I get a lot of,kills in uh the video games and stuff um,so we um I'm gonna ask you straight up,um where are you from my mother's vagina,I know me too but I'm saying like where,are you located where were you born at,North Carolina I was born in Stanford,North Carolina oh wow good for you and,then um you just don't give a you,say oh I'll go for you,go ahead I care I barely,um when did you move to L.A,2017,2017. yeah,okay yeah okay,um you good you straight yeah bro I'm,good bro all right,um why are you turning red huh I'm not,turning red at all bro all right I'm,just gonna give it a buck you know what,I'm um the reason why I did this is is,it's not,I don't know how to put this the right,way I'm not I don't want to go on a date,with you no no listen I I'm celibate I'm,um currently not around I'm,about to be my gym journey and um going,to the gym every day I gotta workout,after this really yeah oh good for you,no so like real like I'm not I'm,not I'm not I'm not doing this to be on,a date right I really just did this,because I just wanted to I've never done,this before so I want to like just see,what it was like,you've never done a blind date e-day,whatever you've never been with a black,girl oh Zeus take a step back for a,second that's what this is no I'm just,I'm just saying like what what,let me explain a bit he ain't never been,on a date with a hood Beach that's,basically what he's saying,let me let me explain it in the more,so he like the Suburban girls let me,whitewash it a little bit he hasn't been,with a,um,while you go up that hard you shaking,your legs bro,so I'm Hood I'm ghetto this is you spicy,no I'll use spices how many bodies you,got like before more than a cemetery,what's that how many bottles you got a,lot how many a lot how many,how many years,a lot no you don't okay 15 15.,how many you got through you can't count,your hands how many you got a lot how,many is alive,yeah like quadruple I don't know the,exact number,because I had a lot of orgies a lot of,games you like gangbangs gang bangs,orgies like what like guys and girls I,had an orgy for my 22nd birthday it was,like 25 to 30 people in there that's,like a lot of bodies in one setting,that is her wrong I don't know,what that means what does that mean,people have said that but on to me,all right listen so again I'm not I'm,not doing this for me I'm more just,doing this because I want to understand,and I want to just connect I I love,people I love everybody I want everybody,to just be on this love train I want,everyone just be like on some like not,like that on this list no okay look I I,wasn't even thinking like that but since,you say that no no no it would be open,no you'd be the first person no no,okay all right Haram listen I'm really,just here because I want to just,understand,foreign,I just want to understand because Zeke,and me were supposed to do this long,overview I'm Gonna Keep it a buck we've,been talking about versus I've been,single but I'm not on this wave anymore,so you're probably gonna be able to,honestly you're gonna be the last female,I probably have on stream for a very,lo

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PamiBaby Reacts to Adin Talking About Having S*X with Her!

PamiBaby Reacts to Adin Talking About Having S*X with Her!

yes,let's remember they want you to host oh,my god,i love it,so okay because this is so we haven't,even really talked about sex we got to,get gritty we gotta go,um,i want to hear i'm trying to think,because you are young you're 20. yeah,i'm like do you have crazy and you're,streaming oh give me something come on,give me the juice streaming uh it's,actually insane like you're saying,myself,no it's actually like five i actually,really miss him,um,me and my girlfriend like literally,every time like,we like come at the same time every time,how at the same time you're lying bro,everybody says that i swear on my mom,and dad's like i'm not joking wait are,you okay,no yes i'm positive,what do you guys think of that,what do you guys think of that,what do you guys think of that,jealousy jealousy yeah,those girls trying to get with them,no,she's cute though,bro,okay now i get why they were surprised,let me i don't even know if i could talk,about this can i go about this,it's gonna be like she's weird you know,she's weird,that's all you guys do she's weird,okay it's true but like what he said,like it doesn't like what he meant so,like okay when it first came out like,yeah it's true like why is everybody,tripping but now i get what like it,meant,so,basically,basically,he,he said that,we do something at the same time right,so,every time,not every time,bro i don't even know how to explain,this,um,can i just,i'll just keep uh watching this ,they should do this something weird you,guys asked me to elaborate on the video,i'm watching and now i'm weird,where are we how,literally how,no i'm not telling her first and then,she's like oh yeah i mean so i was yeah,i'm telling you bro it's like every time,and i can time it to where it's like,after y'all use sex toys,no,how do you make your girlfriend come can,you please tell the male audience and,make sure that someone is listening i,feel like i feel like it's just like,compatibility like no that's , no it's not i have been really,compatible with men and i have ended,things because it was like there's just,no way well,huh,you don't know,no like with past girls that i've slept,with it's like like i would obviously,finish but like they would never like a,couple of them might have finished here,there but it's like he's like good,comfortable well he and bex are talking,about really like how nice must it be to,be a guy going into sex and being like,man i hope i don't come too soon like as,a girl we go i'm like like i hope i,get something out of this,like you know oh my god why are you like,why are you all like tweaking right now,are y'all like uncomfortable with me,is this i'm actually asking is this,video making you all uncomfortable or,are you guys chilling,you're funny i see you bro someone said,something and it was mad funny actually,no okay so why are you all bitching like,little girls like what what is this chat,doing bro,stop pausing go watch out yourself,what the is on the internet the,whole point is for me to pause,and elaborate the ,weirdo,we can't talk,bro,y'all could talk but,why are y'all crying,why are you saying oh my god i'm,uncomfortable what is it like scaring,you,it's like touching girls,yeah but i can't imagine being a guy,being like yeah i know for a full fact,unless like obviously like how do i stop,okay now continue so you you said,compatib i don't believe that i swear i,okay describe compatibility like if,you're just compatible with somebody,like you get signs about somebody i,don't know even outside of like sex like,it makes the sex but i can't like would,you say what's better for both you like,when you're hooking up or like when,you're in love with somebody in love,with someone right of course so when,you're in love with somebody,like you know everything gets better,like the guy obviously is more turned on,the girls more turned on is just,more like,like real yeah but there's just no way,you're making this girl come every,single time without sex toys,describe your sex enemy i want to know i,want to know what do you have you've,broken something you come at the same,time,like every time like literally 90 of the,time like 9 out of 10 i promise you,every single time how,it's just literally i it's so rare okay,well spill the beans what are you doing,like every time like literally 90 of the,time like 9 out of 10 i promise you,every single time,how,it's just literally i it's so rare okay,well spill the beans what are you doing,literally what position are you okay,like we'll use like like i'll get her on,a pillow right yeah so like obviously,elevation maybe um i'll stand up,sometimes so you put her you put no,now i get why you guys were tripping,it's a very interesting conversation to,be having with me,who's he putting on a pillow,who's he putting on a pillow,me laugh hella hard like,like that ass like y'all be like,oh wait oh wait no i've heard i've i've,really heard that yeah,you've heard that or you've done it no,tony number two has told me that i don't,want to do my

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appreciate you I'm just gonna wind up a,little bit I got a little bit sharp for,the for the podcast you get credit like,super often or what,um regularly when I have hair yeah yeah,but uh I'm bald now so you know I've,seen it yeah Choice yeah oh Bradley,that's speed over there by the way,what's up man I see you for sure,beautiful hey I don't know I hate that,listen we have all of our fingers in our,butt wait wait wait oh wait you're,telling me you've never put your fingers,in your hands all your hairs okay you,say fingers in your butt okay okay I've,done that too I'm not gonna lie see you,but you've done that too bro in my, we've never been in a shower in,your booty right yeah,I have before yes okay okay you're alive,you said you have it you're alive you're,a alone so the shower do you,suck your phone in the shower,today do you put up here again,belly button I feel like he probably,does one of those you know you just like,shout it out but you don't beat your,finger in your head we're like you get,bored though and you get one upstairs,yeah yeah,oh well you know a man's on the writing,zone is in his you wouldn't know,that you know the male camel's g-spots,in the ball I swear to God no you,definitely it is,how do you how do you do Mr Macho how do,you do that you're out of the shower bro,wash my ass but I don't stick my fingers,bro how do you get the hole,I I see it now no bro you have to get in,the hole oh no you put your finger in,your first bro out of here,bro that's crazy Macho Macho huh in,reality,bro bro we don't finger it right it's,like a little like fingering the, double bro so how do you put your,finger okay,you know what it's like that little warm,like yeah,so you're cleaning the inside right yes,what sometimes like this I'll take this,and rub it against like my like this,like sometimes you get in there too it's,not okay I'm not gay I'm actually very,um I know what I like and I'm very,confident in my sexuality exactly so I,can do whatever I want,to kiss speed right now it's not gay,yeah not Dennis no real if you're,not gay you're not gay bro literally,you're not really right yeah it's just,kissing dudes it's not a problem,literally nah for real yeah yeah just,kiss him yo chill all right later,bro what I just woke up exactly you,didn't brush your teeth your breath,still smoking yeah holy oh yeah 10 years,you're gonna be 43 years old that's,crazy do you still get a heart what like,dude,bro what do you ever experience you,can't get hard no I begged that ass cat,bro how was that cat it was not fluent,as much as it is,exactly bro what have you got protein if,anything it makes it more efficient no,no right no it's uh of course no no he's,on the phone he's on the phone oh,does the pecker does it float does the,blood flow your pecker well,he's lined you can just tell you line,them up really how can you tell,um,so I think his dick already has issues,as it is really my stereo my steroid,usage in my desk those do stories like,actually make your balls wrong they they,change your production of your natural,testosterone so like your natural,production is from the testicles so if,you don't use them they kind of like get,smaller yeah so you did go get smart,just your boss yeah so they do get,smaller yeah,yeah how do you know that though oh no a,lot of research,and you ever took steroids before,no so if you take stories you don't,gotta work out no,so what are stories do to make you feel,strong that mean you got a workout right,so what's the point of steroids to make,you look big like,just I think I think the the point is,most people who like want something from,working out you get all of that faster,depending on what it is it just makes,everything happen faster essentially but,you still have to do it,thank you,oh well no that's my point no no no,technically yes because that wasn't your,search it's five serves and then you,switch so it's right now it's 4-0 and,it's your server right it's what I'm,saying so no it's my point,the balls forward,zero zero monster no because the ball,had a crack in it,come on four one let's go hey Darren,shut the up and play bro let's go,stop bitching no excuses in life,yes it did,it again,but I touched him,yes,it says,if it touched his leg it does not count,bro listen listen I'll give you that out,it fell off the table I'm gonna give you,that point I'm still gonna beat,you all right,thank you,thank you very much okay okay fair you,got this hype up turn up spin me around,that's why oh,yeah come back bro it's not a stinky one,finish it man yo Eddie you're trying to,handicap bro it was not a stinky one bro,W it's four six I gotta do is get three,points,he answered me about like phone like,this like really dark where he was at I,thought he was sleeping I'm like oh did,I wake you up like what do you want he's,like no I was just jerking off I'm like,whatever oh shut up,it's all like moisturized yo,and I literally just called you know,people and they I I don't want to see,their reactions,are you j

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