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Twitter's new owner Elon Musk sacks half of staff by email | ABC NewsDavid Moore drama at Twitter it

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Updated on Jan 19,2023

Twitter's new owner Elon Musk sacks half of staff by email | ABC News

David Moore drama at Twitter it's one,thing to be fired from your job that's,bad enough but to be fired via email,that's another that's the next level,yeah this is uh playing out like some,crazy reality TV show you can't make,this stuff up so with Twitter the latest,is that it's temporarily closed it's,offices worldwide and that it's also cut,off its workers access to its system so,they can't log in and by that some,workers have assumed they've probably,already been fired because of that they,can't work access their work email so,Twitter uh has told its workers they'll,receive an email that'll cover whether,they'll still have a job or not and they,were meant to have received that by 3am,eastern daylight time uh deadline which,has already passed now Twitter employs,seven and a half thousand people,worldwide and Elon Musk the new owner is,looking to cut half of them in a,ruthless cost cutting exercise and uh,it'll be affecting a wide range of,functions from engineering,Communications content creation and,Australian staff have also been affected,as well and it's the latest in a series,of firings on on day one in the last,week or two when Elon Musk became the,owner of Twitter he fired the CEO Chief,Financial Officer and the head of legal,who was responsible for the decision to,ban Donald Trump from Twitter on top of,that uh there's more there's now a,lawsuit that's been filed in the U.S,courts in a San Francisco Federal Court,where five Twitter workers some current,some former are alleging that the,company failed to Give Them Enough,notice before they got laid off so under,U.S law an employer needs to give 60,days or two months notice when there's a,mass layoff going on but it seems Elon,Musk has given them one week tops by the,sound of things and they're seeking,appropriate notice of dismissal and,severance pay now ever since he took,over musk has been clearing house at,Twitter and now he says that this,Twitter has suffered a massive drop in,Revenue yeah that's right so that's,according to the words of Elon Musk,himself in a recent tweet so he did use,those words massive drop in Revenue,because advertisers have been pausing,their spending uh essentially a boycott,from some major advertisers they didn't,give any particular numbers on how,massive it is so he's blamed this on,activist groups uh pressuring,advertisers and he said that Twitter's,done everything it could to appease them,he also didn't say who these activist,groups were and he's accused him of,waging a war on Free Speech which is a,pretty Sensational comment as for the,advertisers who's paused their,advertising there are some big names,here the lady says Volkswagen uh the car,company its Brands include Audi,Lamborghini Porsche and Bentley and on,top of that in the last week or so,General Mills the U.S cereal company has,also paused its advertising as well as,General Motors and other massive car,company so all in all a very chaotic,start to Elon musk's reign of the social,media company

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How will Elon Musk change Twitter? | ABC News

How will Elon Musk change Twitter? | ABC News

as you all know,um he closed his deal to buy Twitter for,44 billion dollars on Friday and since,then he has laid off a lot of the top,leaders of,um the company including the CEO he's,fired the board and you know there's,word that he will lay off between 25 and,75 percent of the staff in the next few,days so he's done all of that there's a,whole lot of discussion as well about,setting up a new,um type of board to let about whether to,let people back in such as Donald Trump,uh he's talking about charging for a,premium experience on Twitter how much,do you think he is going to change the,company,I think we can expect a lot of change I,think that the challenge though with,um someone like musk at the head of,Twitter is that we don't know what that,we don't know what to expect to happen,so he started with 1999 as the charge,for verification and is now at eight,dollars,um he said a lot of things about,um,the content the way that he wants to,moderate content but yet hasn't made any,of those decisions so I think we should,all be anticipating a lot of changes,um but I don't think it's easy to be,able to predict what those will be,um where do you think all of this is,going where do you think Twitter is,going to end up in in five months 10,months a year,you know the the the truth of the matter,is is that with somebody like musk at,the helm of a company like Twitter it's,really hard to predict where Twitter is,going to end up but I do know that if we,continue to allow,um,high growth advertising driven,businesses to be what is governing what,we are calling our digital Town squares,we are,um going to be in a really really really,tough position not only in five months,but likely in five years too and there,are plenty of people who aren't on,Twitter who are just thinking why why,should I care why does this actually,matter what happens to this company why,should people care,so it does matter,um I think that if you don't care about,democracy if you don't care about how,people are able to relate to one another,and whether we're creating societies,where everybody feels as though they're,they have their place then you probably,shouldn't care about what's happening,with Twitter but I think today Twitter,Facebook,these public social media platforms are,in fact where we're building a lot of,our community and our relationality and,our ability to understand one another,these used to be our ptas our unions,um the local newspaper but over the last,20 years these things have disappeared,and in its place we've allowed things,like Facebook and Twitter to kind of be,that connective tissue and so in order,for us to have healthy democracies we,need that connect we need that,connective tissue to also be healthy and,for that you want to have a an,alternative Vision a place where as you,said earlier,multi-billionaires aren't in charge of,it what is your vision for that,well our belief is that you know one of,the reasons why we're in this,predicament is because we've allowed,venture-backed,um,Innovation to be driving what is,creating the Public Square and in fact,we think that just like in our offline,lives we really build a lot of,inspiration from Real Town squares it is,that all of us may participate in these,are likely publicly funded without,necessarily needing to maximize for,growth and engagement in the way it is,that these digital platforms have to to,be able to serve their real customer,which is not us the people but,advertisers and so new public the,organization it is that I co-direct with,Eli Pariser is really thinking about how,you would build healthy digital public,spaces that are inspired by the parks,and libraries that surround us it's a,really interesting idea and one that is,certainly worthy of some thought deepti,Doshi thanks so much for joining us,thank you

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Elon Musk closes Twitter deal for $44 billion, fires top executives | ABCNL

Elon Musk closes Twitter deal for $44 billion, fires top executives | ABCNL

we begin with that breaking news Elon,Musk now in control of Twitter the 44,billion dollar deal makes Twitter a,private company with no shareholders to,answer to and musk has reportedly,already started firing top executives,are mola lenghies at Twitter,headquarters in San Francisco with the,latest,Elon Musk celebrating his new ownership,of Twitter with a tweet saying the bird,is freed a sorceling ABC news that,musk's first move immediately firing,several top Executives including the CEO,parag Agarwal and CFO Ned Segal after,closing a deal originally valued at 44,billion dollars I think it was very,clear that Elon wanted to shake up the,leadership of Twitter he singled out,some of the executives that he fired on,Thursday in the past and said you know,that he had problems with specific,decisions that they had made decisions,like Banning former president Trump from,the platform after allegedly inciting,violence during the January 6th,Insurrection in a statement tweeted to,advertisers musk says the reason he,acquired Twitter is to have a common,digital Town Square but saying Twitter,obviously cannot become a free-for-all,hellscape where anything can be said,with no consequences Twitter has,struggled for years to actually get,control of some of the worst things that,happen on its platform and so the big,question is how can you expect as Elon,Musk to cut back on moderation or cut,down staff and not have this problem,just get worse after initially trying to,buy Twitter in April he said he plans to,change the platform's moderation,policies eliminates spam and be more,transparent on how algorithms promote,content musk hinting of a new era of,Twitter earlier this week tweeting a,video of himself walking into the,building with a sink with the caption,entering Twitter HQ let that sink in,musk already trying to calm fears about,some of his potential plans shooting,down reports that he'll lay off up to 75,percent of Twitter staff Diane all right,mola Lange at Twitter headquarters thank,you and let's bring in ABC News business,reporter Alexis Kristoff first for more,on this Alexis even before stepping,through the doors of headquarters Elon,Musk had already started talking about,some of the changes he wanted to make to,the platform so what can Twitter users,expect for their day-to-day still a big,question mark the one thing he did do,first off is change his Twitter bio to,Chief twit whatever whatever that means,so like it or hate it Twitter is one of,the most prominent influential social,media sites out there it is now under,the control of the world's richest,person and what that means for the,future of online discourse is yet to be,seen he's described himself as a free,speech absolutist we know that he's,pledged to limit content moderation in,an emphasis of free speech what that's,going to look like we just don't know,yet we do know he wants to customize,Twitter in some way to give users their,own sort of curated experience the way,you might go online and choose a video,game or a movie to watch again the,details are there are no details yet all,right interesting um uh there's also,been speculation about him allowing band,users back onto the platform Chief among,them perhaps former president Trump,right let me know in that front yep so,he actually has called those permanent,bands on some some forms of speech,foolish he said it was foolish to the,stream when Twitter banned former,president Trump after the January 6th,Insurrection he has said publicly he,would invite the former president back,on the site and at the time Trump had,said he had no desire to do that we'll,see if that changes over time and the,New York Stock Exchange has confirmed,that shares are suspended from chaining,this uh already this company is going,private what does that mean for people,who own stock and Twitter great question,and really it's a Payday for those folks,if you own shares of Twitter you can,expect to get a check the company has,been sold now for fifty four dollars 20,cents a share so just to make things,simple if you own 10 shares of Twitter,you're going to be getting a check for,542 dollars you will have to pay capital,gains tax on that though as you would,for any stock sale but this doesn't mean,that Twitter remains a private company,forever more some analysts are saying,that musk will go in there retool it I,mean it has posted a loss for eight of,the past 10 fiscal years he might,actually introduce new Revenue models he,might make parts of Twitter go paid,subscription for things like the,government or or commercial site so,we'll see how how he finds other ways to,make money so could they re-ipo could,they go public again most absolutely and,most analysts believe that's the,long-term goal here for him is to retool,the company make it strong make it,profitable and then make it public again,and while I have you I want to ask about,mortgage rates because they are now,topping seven percent for the first time,in 20 years so what does that mean

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North American leaders hold news conference at leader’s summit

North American leaders hold news conference at leader’s summit

to presidents and prime minister,Joseph Biden Jr president of the United,States of America you have the floor sir,thank you very much,it's wonderful to be back here in Mexico,City I want to thank you Mr President,for hosting the Prime Minister and me,for the 10th North American leaders,Summit,it's a magnificent forum,and uh we're true partners,the three of us working together with,mutual respect,and a genuine like for one another to,advance a safer and more prosperous,future for all of our people,and the reason for this Summit this,trilateral relationship,are so impactful is because we share,common vision for the future grounded on,common values and I mean that sincerely,common values we share in our countries,since becoming president I've been laser,focused on rebuilding the US economy,from the bottom up in the middle out not,to trickle-down economy because the,bottom-up and the print and the middle,out it works because the wealthy do very,well and everybody else does well too,but everybody does well and from the,bottom up it means investing in,priorities for Working Families,the United States has made historic,bipartisan investments in infrastructure,and Innovation that are already,beginning to deliver concrete benefits,to the American people and I would argue,it will openly reap benefits for the,entire North America,we've renewed our dependents are,deepened and deepened our cooperation uh,for uh our closest friends and allies,none closer to Mexico and Canada,to take on the biggest challenges facing,the region and quite frankly the world,because there can no longer be any,question none in today's interconnected,world we cannot wall ourselves off from,shared problems,we are stronger and better when we work,together the three of us and together,we've made enormous progress since our,last Summit from covet fighting covid-19,and strengthening our ability to address,Public Health threats to investing in,and building a 21st century Workforce,at the top of our shared agenda today is,keeping in North America the most,competitive prosperous and resilient,economic region of the world,and the strength of our economic,relationship among our Nations not only,supports good paying jobs in all of our,countries but it generates tremendous,growth,now we're working to a future to,strengthen our cooperation on Supply,chains and critical minerals so we can,continue to accelerate in our efforts to,build the Technologies of tomorrow right,here in North America,this Summit the summit also Builds on,the continual consultation and,cooperation with one another,to take on the challenges that impact,all three of our Nations,our entire hemisphere is experiencing,unprecedented levels of migration,greater than any time in history,and North America at the North America,Summit leader and hosted in Washington,2021 we launched the idea of a,regional-wide approach a regional-wide,approach to a regional-wide problem,the idea grew into the Los Angeles,Declaration on migration and protection,which 21 countries ultimately adopted at,the summit of the Americas six months,ago,and we're working together especially,with our North American Partners to,fulfill our commitments under that,declaration,they include the policy I announced last,week to expand,safe and legal Pathways for immigrants,from Nicaragua Cuba and Haiti,and we're seeking better life here in,the United States of America,we also want to thank you Mr President,for stepping up to receive into Mexico,those not following the lawful Pathways,we've made available instead of,attempting to unlawfully cross the,border between our countries,on my way here I stopped in El Paso,Texas,to see the situation from my own eyes,and to meet with U.S border security,officials,is putting real strain on the,communities in both Mexico and the,United States,we're working together to address this,Challenge in a way that upholds our,nation's laws and protects the human,rights of migrants facing desperate,circumstances we're also working,together,to take on the scourge of human,smuggling and the illegal drug,trafficking,in just the last six months our joint,Patrols in Mexico have resulted in the,rest of more than seven thousand seven,thousand human Smugglers we've seized,more than twenty thousand pounds of,deadly fentanyl at the border and today,we've discussed how all three of us can,continue to deepen and strengthen our,shared efforts to cut off the flow of,illegal fentanyl including by tackling,the precursor chemicals used in,synthetic drugs as we go after the,Laboratories where they're made and the,stash houses where they're stored,we also talked about meeting our,commitments to make North America a,clean energy Powerhouse,and I believe that's within our grasp,and a global leader in addressing the,climate crisis that means working,together to promote zero emissions,vehicles,to build charging stations for electric,vehicles that are compatible across our,International borders,it means exploring shared markets f

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'Pretty Little Liars' Takes Over Twitter | Good Morning America | ABC News

'Pretty Little Liars' Takes Over Twitter | Good Morning America | ABC News

I have been looking forward to this talk,about social superstars the Pretty,Little Liars cast has taken over GMA,just like they took over Twitter the,show is the most tweeted TV series show,for two years running inspiring nearly,17 million tweets in 2013 alone before,we catch up with the cast here's the,four one one on PLL do you like that for,later they may be pretty but Aria Hanna,Spencer and Emily are wrapped at a very,ugly web of lies I never really loved me,deceit I'm not the one who's hiding,things and murder Alison was buried,alive and now the twisted tale of Pretty,Little Liars is the most talked-about,show on Twitter the season for winter,debut generating 30 thousand tweets per,minute at 1.3 million total making it,the most tweeted season premiere in TV,history oh my god viewers chiming in as,these four heroines search for clues to,their friend Alison's mysterious death,and their hunt for a the alleged culprit,who has been tormenting them for years,and I know everything hey Alison but did,Ali faked her death did you miss me and,who was she hiding from the person who,went after Ali could still be out there,tweeters get ready for the biggest,Pretty Little Liars finale ever Oh,splendid you're like da da we are,so excited to have Lucy Hale Ashley,Benson Troian Bellisario Shay Mitchell,and Sasha Peterson with us this morning,good morning to you all,so you're so incredibly talented you've,been good to us the years coming on the,show and singing and sharing your your,stories with us how excited are you you,can tell by the people outside they're,excited excited about the season finale,are you are you ready to share with,folks oh it's about time sure yeah it's,a big episode we're we like a lot of,secrets and answers so I think we're all,satisfied I think the fans are specially,going to be extremely happy,well we're extremely happy because you,gave us a little sneak peek so we're,going to show a little bit of the season,finale of Pretty Little Liars here it is,Ali we think your mom's the one who,stole that came from Mona we think she's,I,you don't seem surprised it's,complicated complicated that's a word to,use here I knew you weren't dead,in the time I'm just gonna come clean,there saw sematic we are too I heard,that in the finale that you know we got,emotional it was emotional some time for,you I think we all did but yeah I've had,a heck of a time in doing that mm-hmm,but I'm excited for everyone to see it,because I think everyone needs to see,the emotional side of Alison - she's,very vulnerable and she's been a victim,so she's not mean all around you know,she's yes different shades dimensions,are answered yes yeah our questions,going to be answered really I'll,actually no legitimate there's gonna be,a lot of questions that are answered but,you know in the nature of our show that,you know only raises more only raises,more questions so well that's that's the,beauty of it um I have to say your,characters love interest come on Ida so,is there a chance when you're gonna,reconcile um you know what we actually,start filming fifth season in like less,than 20 and they sort of keep us in the,dark so I actually have no idea what's,gonna happen which is cool it's exciting,I'm like right there along with the,audience but anything's possible we'll,see what a shot you the most I mean we,are shocked watching when you get the,script and when you're hearing about it,what what is what is over the years has,really jumped out at you and you're like,yeah you have dropped your job every,season finale someone either dies or,goes missing I think I'm like really the,only one that never reads the script so,I only go through my parts like really,quickly and at the table read and like,Ashley gasps that's like a big moment,you're like oh at the moment everybody's,gonna do that way yeah I always I'm,always very surprised but yeah the,season finales are always great they've,good cliffhangers and,especially this episode that we do find,out a lot about what happened to Ali and,all that skin and find out a Troyan um,I've heard that you want your your,character to to be a little darker is,that the phrase that you use that you,wanted to go I don't I don't think I,really need to want that anymore I think,I think the great thing that the writers,have given me over the seasons as with,all of the girls is that they they don't,just stereotype us,and I think especially as the resident,type a perfectionist on the show,Spencer has definitely had her huge,series of flaws and and breakdowns and,she's always had a fragility and a,darkness to her so well all of you have,done that and then show your character,it's just beautiful how it has all been,presented and just helping a lot of kids,you know are we helping a lot of kids,that are dealing with their their sexual,identity yeah I know I think it's,amazing and also I mean like I always,say this but the fact that it's on ABC,Family is so great because there are so,many girls and boys that are watching it

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Elon Musk to stand down as Twitter CEO after finding replacement | ABC News

Elon Musk to stand down as Twitter CEO after finding replacement | ABC News

Elon Musk says he will step down as the,chief executive of Twitter after finding,a replacement it comes after users,decisively voted for his departure as,CEO in an online poll which he launched,on Monday Dr Sarah Roberts is the,faculty director of the center for,critical internet inquiry at the,University of California Los Angeles and,she joins us now thank you so much for,staying up for us tonight what's your,read on this announcement,uh well I think it must be taken with a,grain of salt as Olive musk's,pronouncements must now uh he in in the,brief time that he has uh LED Twitter as,as such uh he has been quite,inconsistent in Mercurial in his,decision-making and not uh seemingly,particularly bothered about consistency,with past statements uh so I would take,it that way first and foremost what has,been the impact of musk's stewardship as,CEO of Twitter so far on the business,yeah I think it's important to look at,other market indicators as we look at,Twitter which have of course now gone,private and it's it's the difficult to,really after pain uh any,data that we can count on from Twitter,itself right now but we can certainly,look at other indicators like the,tumbling precipitous fall of Tesla stock,which clothed on the American Stock,Market Today uh under 138 dollars per,share it's something like a 60 percent,uh lot since he took over a Twitter CEO,so obviously technical investors are,very concerned about this bungled and,bumbling uh leadership and so do you,think that speaks to why he's made this,decision to relinquish the CEO title,well he certainly must be getting,pressure from the many investors that,helped him achieve uh the the kind of,credit he needed to purchase the 44,billion dollar company uh that many,people thought was quite overvalued and,we know he tried to get out of that,purchase so I imagine he's facing,pressure there but we have to also read,between the lines of what he actually,said he thought he would be stepping,down at CEO but he is of course still,the owner of Twitter I find it hard to,believe that someone like musk with his,personality will relinquish control and,the right to uh to create a great deal,of input whomever the CEO uh ultimately,becomes furthermore he thought he was,going to stay on as something called uh,the the head of the uh server and,software team people in the tech,industry engineering friends of mine,people who have been in the tech,industry previously and adjacent to it,such as myself we have no idea what,month of talking about there's no such,thing inside of a company called that,it's not recognizable people it's just,like when he asked people to print out,code that he was going to supposedly,review these are very strange activities,from a person that I think is really an,overhead so more widely how is musk's,business Acumen regarded in the United,States,well I think he's become as you can,imagine quite a polarizing figure he has,something of a cult of personality uh on,Twitter itself which is uh I think in,great part why he wanted to take control,of it he finds a great deal of pleasure,in tweeting and does though throughout,the day in your course of the business,day I might add,um there are other people such as myself,who think that musk is a bit of a,charlatan and uh we we take issue with a,lot of his his statements he seems to,have fallen upward much of his life,beginning of course in in apartheid era,South Africa in a family that owned an,emerald mine I think his approach to,labor and employees and workers with,regard to respect for them or lack,thereof can be traced directly back to,that lineage so I'm certainly not a fan,musk was in Qatar alongside Jared,Kushner for the World Cup final earlier,this week is he clear whether he has,specific political aspiration or,allegiances,well he may claim to be a sort of a both,sides guy but certainly his public,statements and his uh his donation,behavior and just uh kind of like his,his reported better fellows seemed to,tell another tale uh at best I would,call him a cyber libertarian uh somebody,who believes in in little to no,governmental regulation and we see where,that leads us I think another,interesting thing to ask though is,what's he considering someone like,Kushner to possibly come in and take,over at the EO although I would question,the wisdom of that choice too given,kushner's lack of a background in in the,tech industry or in social media and so,just finally and briefly if at all,possible do you expect that mask's,ownership of Twitter could have an,impact on the next U.S presidential,election,let's hope not,okay Dr Sarah Roberts from the UCLA,Center for critical internet inquiry,good to speak to you,thank you

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Prince Harry’s memoir 'Spare' is the fastest selling UK non-fiction book ever | ABCNL

Prince Harry’s memoir 'Spare' is the fastest selling UK non-fiction book ever | ABCNL

hey everyone I'm Terry Moran here are,some of the top stories we're following,today on ABC News Live President Biden,in Mexico facing questions now about,classified documents found at his former,office what we're learning about those,documents and why this case is different,from the raid at Mar-A-Lago,and deadly storms Hammer the West Coast,the latest on the drenching rain,triggering devastating floods and,dangerous mudslides plus the new Fallout,from Prince Harry's book what he tells,ABC's Michael Strahan about the queen,consort Camilla,foreign,but first we do have some breaking news,a former Trump organization CFO Alan,weiselberg has just been sentenced to,five months in prison after pleading,guilty to 15 different tax crimes last,year weissenberg had worked at the Trump,organization since the mid-1980s right,up until his arrest weiselberg had,agreed to testify against the Trump,organization as part of that plea deal,and pay about two million dollars in tax,penalties he was handcuffed and taken,into custody right after the sentencing,so far weissenberg is the only person,charged in The Manhattan's,three-year-long investigation into,Donald Trump's family business,now the justice department has launched,a preliminary review after President,Biden's lawyers revealed documents,marked classified were found in an,office space that he used as a private,citizen after he served as vice,president the White House says it's,cooperating with the justice department,and the National Archives which were,notified the same day the documents were,found back in November,the Senate intelligence committee,chairman Mark Warner has now requested a,briefing on the classified document so,the question is how classified are these,documents and do they put National,Security at risk to discuss this let's,bring in Davis news investigator,reporter Catherine falders is White,House correspondent Karen Travers she's,traveling with the president in Mexico,right now so Catherine start with you up,on Capitol Hill how are lawmakers,reacting to uh the news of classified,documents found at Biden's old office oh,well look as you just mentioned you saw,that statement from Mark Warner right,there they want a briefing on this they,want to know the nature of those,classified documents what were the,classification markings on those,documents I think there's also a lot of,questions surrounding how did they get,moved from the White House into that,personal office of Biden's at the time,and what are the circumstances,surrounding how they got there what is,the nature of them what is the topic all,of this is something that lawmakers on,the House and Senate side want answers,to Terry,understandably and you know this,obviously takes us back to the,controversial rate of former president,Trump's uh Mar-A-Lago estate the FBI,they're seized classified documents,after a long dispute over uh what how,much classified information uh Trump had,down there how does this differ from,that well it's different in the sense,that when Biden's lawyers discovered,these documents they say they,immediately notified the national,archives in the Department of Justice,that day they were then in the,possession of the government the,following day the case of trump there,were lots of months of discussions back,and forth investigators wanted these,documents Trump wouldn't give them back,he claims that they were his documents,in fact when he did give some of them,back he had his lawyer sign a statement,that certified that there were no more,classified documents left at Mar-A-Lago,when in fact there were so the,difference here it appears so far at,least is what happened after the fact,what happened after those documents were,discovered,and and Karen the White House really,doesn't have a choice here they got to,cooperate with the Department of Justice,preliminary review and Republicans are,very interested in opening,investigations uh into the in the house,into some members of the Biden family,how is the White House reacting all this,this can't be good news for them,and they're not saying very much at this,point we got that statement last night,from the special counsel's office that,laid out much of the details that,Catherine just said that when these,documents were discovered they,immediately alerted the National,Archives and within a day they were in,the possession of the government so the,White House is indicating that right,from the start they have shown that they,are willing to cooperate and they've had,every intention of cooperating on this,issue very different than what the,former president did and you know when,you look at some of the things that this,president has said about that case about,how Donald Trump and his team have,handled it he has said things like,totally irresponsible of what Donald,Trump did so you know today though we,are waiting to hear from President Biden,on this Terry he has been asked numerous,questions about these classified,documents last night when he was in

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Twitter tumult continues as company ends paid verification

Twitter tumult continues as company ends paid verification

Elon Musk is facing new difficulties,after his takeover of Twitter ABC News,has obtained exclusive audio of the,world's richest man telling employees,they cannot remain at the company unless,they return to the office full time,which some employees say is a violation,of their contracts,basically if your truck if you can't,show up at an office and you do not show,up at the office resignation accepted,and a story,meanwhile setbacks are mounting on the,social media platform itself after must,implemented a new policy allowing,accounts to pay for verification leading,pranksters to impersonate public figures,and Brands like this account,masquerading as the Eli Lilly company,claiming that insulin is now free and,this Pepsi imposter declaring Coke as,the superior Superior soda ABC News,senior reporter Emmanuel Saliba joins me,now for more good to see you friend so,there's been a back and forth on this,verification question what exactly is,the policy now and how do we get here,yeah let me try and keep this simple so,the biggest change that happened this,week was that Elon Musk made blue checks,available for purchase so anyone who had,a Twitter account was able to pay eight,dollars a month to get a blue check now,it happens that today it seems that that,is on pause but all of these,verifications are still exist on the,platform so the biggest difference,between the two is that the blue check,mark used to be available as you,mentioned for government officials,journalists public figures and it,required a certain level of identity,verification meaning you had to prove,that you are who you say you are but now,anyone has the ability to purchase this,check mark and there's no verification,going into who they are okay,um we're gonna point out that Jesus is,verified there so okay you all as,journalists we use Twitter as you know,all the time to get statements from,elected officials and even to get,information from emergency workers about,things like active shooter alerts and,natural disasters how dangerous is it to,potentially have people pose as public,figures like this,I mean exactly like,like pretty funny impersonations right,where it gets serious and where there,are real consequences is when people,start to impersonate government,officials public figures during natural,disasters or elections both both events,are ongoing right now in this country,and it becomes it becomes extremely,difficult for users for everyday users,of the platform to figure out who to,believe who to trust and that's the,biggest consequences that that this new,verification rollout is having right now,so help our viewers slash Twitter users,out here what should they be looking out,for to know what's real and what's not,okay so there are a few different ways,that you can go about this but you,should really check,um to see whether or not the handle for,example matches the username uh here are,two examples up on your screen and this,one's really challenging so take a,moment at home to see if you can figure,out which one is the real Apple TV,verified account,okay yeah I think it's the one that says,the real account under it I mean it does,say that but nice try tell everyone to,imagine that the real in the fake,account is not there because I was,looking before I saw that and I couldn't,tell the difference it's so difficult,right well it's the the the devil is in,the detail,um the plus the L is actually an i,that's capitalized and that's how they,were able to fool people online but if,you look closer so another tip that,people can use at home is look at the,number of followers in that fake account,it's very low so real account of a real,brand or a government official or an,emergency service would have a larger,amount of followers so that's kind of a,quick way but obviously you have to have,the time at home to go to click to spend,the time to do that to double check that,you're in fact following a a trusted,Source wow okay well another big,question today is Will Twitter even,survive because Moss apparently admitted,that it's possible Twitter could go,bankrupt what's next,anyone honestly it's anyone's guess at,this point but what's important is that,the verification this verification,rollout was supposed to do two things,according to Moscow was supposed to,bring in revenue and it was also,supposed to limit spam and Bots and it's,done the contrary so it's really we're,gonna see it's changing the policy is,changing day to day hour to hour and,we'll keep you updated on on as much as,we know,um yeah but you want me to follow you on,Twitter I don't even know if it's really,you or not Emmanuel,is it you it is me Vanessa yeah it is me,okay it's me as well at Kenneth Moten,for me and my blue check is still there,we'll see if I have it by next week all,right Emmanuel Saliba thank you so much,for helping us thank you get through all,of that all right hi everyone George,Stephanopoulos here thanks for checking,out the ABC News YouTube channel if,you'd like to get 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