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The C.S. Podcast: Aaron Leming interview (BearReport)welcome to another edition of the cs,podcast pr

Christian Shanafelt

Updated on Jan 27,2023

The C.S. Podcast: Aaron Leming interview (BearReport)

welcome to another edition of the cs,podcast presented by the NFL draft Bible,in and you see sports be sure to check,out the nuc sports magazine at NFL draft,Bible calm I'm your guys's host,Christian appel enjoying the show now is,Aaron lemming from bear report com you,have to give them a poll on Twitter at,Aaron lemming and I fell and I actually,had the pleasure of meeting Aaron down,in bourbonnais a couple weeks ago at,bears training camp Aaron how's,everything going you're good deal good,about you everything's great man,everything's great of course there's,been some big news surrounding the Bears,as of course a general manager Ryan pace,met with the media down in bourbonnais,on Saturday and announced that first,round pick having white suffered a,setback last weekend he'll need surgery,on that shin injury he's been dealing,with it sounds like they're going to,have to insert a ride into his tibia,doesn't sound good at all I'll not now,white will stay put on the pupae list,which means he'll miss at least the,first six games but even Ryan pay said,that it's a possibility that he can,indeed miss the entire season this,actually came as a pretty big surprise,to me I mean after seeing white making,progress you know doing light jogs light,workouts on the sidelines during,practices and then you know about two,weeks ago John Fox said and I quote it's,not like we're covering up some awful,injury he said looking now it seems like,that's exactly what they were doing I,what was your reaction to the news that,Kevin white will have surgery and will,miss at least the first six games of the,regular season and how do you feel about,the way Ryan pace and John Fox handled,this whole thing by sharing very very,little information on this injury you,know the holes are thing was dealt with,pretty weirdly you know I can't I can't,defend them on that I mean it really it,does seem like a blatant cover-up I,don't know if they thought it was as,that as it was or if maybe he is a you,know who suffered suffer the injury you,know and uh and OTAs and you know,thought it was going to heal on its own,but it didn't and instead of taking care,of the issue then doing the surgery you,know and doing that they didn't do that,so you know unfortunately it's it's it's,a decent blow it's not it's not it's not,huge blow like some fans may think,actually just published an article,earlier on today talking about its how,big of an urban impact that Kevin white,was going to have this year and you know,realistically he runs ball a lot more,there's going to be less throws to go,around so you know it hurts and it hurts,his development that's the big thing,even if he is out just those new nose,first six seven weeks of the season,ultimately if he does play this here,which I'm kind of doubting he will but,if he does play this year I mean it's,not going to be into a poly off the bye,week anyway so hits I'm more worried,about his overall development I'm,anything else at this point I do think,the way the fun office handle it was,weird John Fox you know he was snarky,with the media when they addressed,everything I don't really understand,that and speaking with a Denver beat,writer I mean he wasn't that way in,Denver so I'm not really sure what is if,you with Chicago media so far I don't,know if it's him ramping things up after,a lot of coal things out last year with,trusted and Emory but it's definitely,something that they've got to get a,handle on because you know the media,guys got to do a job and you can't do,their job you know this they're getting,lied to you and this information get,spread around you're absolutely right,about that and you mentioned that you,know you didn't really see white having,a huge impact on this team this year I,mean looking at the wide receiver,definite this team has aaron i mean this,team has Al's on Jeffrey Eddie Royal,Marquis Wilson and then after that,there's a few guys battling it out for,roster spot center of course they're,still Martellus Bennett Matt Forte so,even with white being out what for what,might be the entire season this often,still has really good weapons obviously,having Kevin white out there it would,have helped this team out it will help,this team out if he is out there how,much of an impact will not having Kevin,white out there really have on this team,I mean will it really be that big of an,impact I don't think so and it almost,sounds like using that way as well yeah,and I did everything I hadn't rejected,as no 45 catches you know somewhere,right about 1,600 yards the big big,thing that you know a lot of people,there overshooting they have high,expectations for first-round picks and,general graphics in general you know,on expect these guys to come in right,away and just take it up and be star,players and ultimately I think it's a,little unfair especially coming out of,last year when there's I mean that every,stever class was absolutely historic you,know things like that have never been,done before the amount of peo

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The C.S. Podcast: Bears postgame with Aaron Leming (

The C.S. Podcast: Bears postgame with Aaron Leming (

welcome back to another episode of the,cs podcast bears postgame show presented,by the nuc NFL draft Bible visit NFL,draft Bible on 12 is NFL draft Bible,calm follow on twitter at NFL draft,bible as always I'm regardez host Chris,Shanna so and it is another bears lost,the Bears fall to the Detroit Lions at,Soldier Field 24 to 20 another slow,start for the Bears they trailed 10 20,heading into the half and they now,finish the season 6 and 10 the lines are,now seven and nine bears fall to fourth,and last place in the NFC North one in,seven at soldier field and the last time,the bears defeated the detroit lions,whether it's in detroit or here in,chicago was december 30th 2012 and to,talk about this game and really a bear,season as a whole he joins me pretty,much every week he's aaron lemming from,bear report by report com give put her,at aaron lemming NFL and aaron can you,believe that the last time the Bears won,against the line december 30th 2012 yes,Ben they've had a lot of trouble,especially with on within their own,division you know definitely it it's not,a good look but at the same time I,definitely think they're in the right,direction this is one of those you know,the law always hurts but you know at a,certain extent I mean it really it is,kind of beneficial I mean they get,better drop positioning and you know,even though they did lose I mean,ultimately it was it was a good book for,them today they were able to battle back,I mean they really did have much much,talent on the field as usual um you know,even more than usual you know with all,the injuries that they've had so overall,I mean you really I can't get too upset,about laws and overall I mean the season,I would say the season finished success,I mean they've definitely definitely,improved all the way around and a lot of,injuries not a lot of the issues all the,way around I mean they've had a top five,part of schedule in the league so I mean,overall yes disappointing at six and ten,it's another losing season but at the,same time I mean there are improvements,and the steams definitely going on the,right direction,again the Bears fall to the lines 24 to,20 arm Matthew Stafford had himself a,day I mean he threw for nearly three,hundred yards and three touchdowns,Megatron Calvin Johnson had another big,day 10 receptions 137 yards and a score,why do you think the Bears weren't able,to stop the quarterback wide receiver,duo in either of their two meetings this,season I think they've just really had a,lot of issues with stopping Calvin,Johnson and general throughout his,career I really think the only the only,guy that's really been on the master,bottom has been Charles Tillman and,obviously now he's not i'm not with the,Bears not with carolina they just really,don't have that corner to be able to,match up one-on-one the good news is it,does look like a you know barring a huge,pay cut or some sort of restructure he,probably won't be back with Troy next,year so that's a good news but I mean,it's been something as simple as I mean,they really just don't have they don't,have the manpower right now Tracy,quarter is pretty good corner overall,he's just been you know somewhat,inconsistent and quite frankly you know,he's not over six foot he's not a very,physical guy you know he's maybe their,best cover guide overall I think polar,matched up better with him didn't really,get the matchup today but you know it's,really hard to stop a guy like that,especially Stafford's known the Bears,for a while he's been playing against,them for a while those Calvin Johnson so,it's just one of those tough matchups,and you know something that they got to,improve on and I think they will a lot,of money this offseason they've got nine,draft picks at least so I think they'll,get it figured out and you know what you,touched on it a little bit there air and,it doesn't look like Calvin Johnson will,be returning to Detroit less you take to,take on you do a ton of money next,season and i know i believe it was Brady,Quinn he was kind of alluding to this,throughout the game where you know if,Alshon Jeffery doesn't return I mean can,you personally see a situation where,Alshon doesn't return and the Bears go,after Calvin Johnson this offseason I,really can't now I don't only think that,fits the mold it's been kinda you know,some of the other questions like Mario,Williams and I different guys like that,I mean I'm bears looking to go younger,though we're going to keep their own,guys are looking to develop their own,talent but they're also looking to you,know get younger talent you know guys,like now the key players like that,so now I don't think that really fits,them all as far as the Jefferson goes I,think there's a lot of paranoia right,now on and I guess it's understandable,to a certain extent because right pace,has an extent to anybody but they do,have full control the situation they,have a tag that they could use for the,next two years tagless using around,around 14 14 half million personall

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The C.S. Podcast: Aaron Leming, David Bass interview (Chicago Bears)

The C.S. Podcast: Aaron Leming, David Bass interview (Chicago Bears)

welcome to another edition of the cs,podcast presented by the NFL draft bible,in and you see sports be sure to check,out this podcast as well as all the,other work that's published there each,and every day at NFL draft bible calm,and nuc sports com once again i'm your,guys's host Chris Shanna fell and on,today's show we'll be focusing on my,hometown Chicago Bears last season this,is a this was one of the worst teams in,the NFL and after finishing 5 and 11 the,Bears higher-ups decided to part ways,with general manager Phil Emery and head,coach Marc Trestman and his coaching,staff and decided to bring in John Fox,and what looks to be a very good,coaching staff that includes Adam GaSe,and Vic Fangio on this show I'll be,joined by Aaron lemming who writes for,bear report com will be talking about,all the changes that this team is going,through starting with the coaching,changes to player departures such as,Brandon Marshall who is trade in the New,York Jets will talk about if this is the,year where we can see things begin to,look a little brighter for the defense,which has just been awful the last,couple of years as they're now switching,to a 3-4 defense for the first time in,team history with arguably the top,defensive coordinator in the NFL and Vic,Fangio um and of course towards the end,of the conversation with air will talk,about team expectations of what should,we expect out of the 2015 Chicago Bears,can we expect a better team than last,year's 5 and 11 team will answer that,I'll also be joined by Chicago Bears,defensive end turned outside linebacker,david bass who's entering his third year,in the NFL his third year with the,Chicago Bears and although it's early it,sounds as if that this new coaching,staff has really liked what they've seen,out of bass we'll talk about the,transition and he's making to the new,defense and the outside linebacker,position how much this team will miss,the leadership of guys like Lance Briggs,and peanut tillman and david has a,football camp going on July seventeenth,and eighteenth at st. Joseph's high,school in Westchester Illinois from 10,to 2 p.m. presented by the Palacios,foundation in Chicago United ventures,that will be spending some time talking,about as well definitely more than happy,to talk about that get these guys some,publicity for the great things they're,doing in the community before we get to,these interviews be sure to follow me on,twitter at crate,shanna film be sure to check out this,podcast is also my other work at NFL,draft Bible calm and you see sports com, slash Christian re7 22 and,Christian Shannon felt wordpress com now,here's my interview with aaron lemming,from bear report com you guys are,listening to the cs podcast presented by,the NFL draft Bible and and you see,sports com I'm your host Chris Shanna,felon discuss the offseason and team,expectations for the 2015 Chicago Bears,it's a pleasure to now be joined by,Aaron lemming from bear report com he's,at Aaron liming NFL on Twitter thanks,for taking some time today Aaron and,let's go ahead and start off by talking,about this new coaching staff obviously,after a horrendous 2014 season going,five and 11 the Bears cut ties with Marc,Trestman and his staff they've now,brought in John Fox who seems to be,bringing in two of the top coordinators,in the the NFL and Adam GaSe who will be,working with the offensive Vic Fangio,will be working with the defense looking,at this experience coaching staff and,comparing them to last year's Bears,coaching Sam how much of an upgrade are,we talking oh well looking at i mean,it's its head and shoulders above I mean,you have a guy in John Fox who,apparently Denver fans aren't too big,with Anna but when you really look at it,the guy in me when he turns teams,around and maybe he isn't the final,answer for the next ten years but it's,hard to not look at the staff atty he,brings you know you got Vic Fangio who's,arguably you know the top defensive,coordinator in the league and if not you,know top 355 navigates who the great,offensive mind he's done done good,things in Denver's in his time so he's,gonna come over so I mean when you look,at it I mean you just have a much more,established coaching staff which really,to help because that's one thing that,bears really like last he was leadership,now if i'm not mistaken air and you were,actually the one who broke the news,about Ryan pace becoming the general,manager of the Chicago Bears what was it,about paste that the Bears were sold on,to give him his first a general manager,gig well basically I was told going in,this whole entire thing that it looked,like Chris ballard was going to be the,guy he came in,you'd they had it was late Dawson and,then they had the guy from the Texans,I'm John blank on his name right now,that interview before then the next day,they brought in from stallard and Ryan,pays nine paces kind of one that God,used an up-and-comer he was on a core,Z's list so they brought him in and,interviewed him a

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BEST OF AARON - Funny Moments!

BEST OF AARON - Funny Moments!

well I was in school alphabetical order,because I would go first no hey I smell,a pH Mau okay this day happened I would,go first okay they're like you know what,one ace not enough luck has got it in,their name,we're gonna put two A's why are you,Mandy yeah why would you make believe,your nose your face is just the bad you,know what happens to bad cookies just,came over because I need to use the,bathroom okay I need to use the bathroom,I might be bathroom it don't come in,okay because you're a girl and I'm a guy,you know don't come in on the chunga's,I'm a Bertram but if you're married that,you should be able to like share a,bathroom,I feel listen when she became a Tungus,everything is on this way but she's,coming right for me what am I supposed,to do still cute,anytime I wanted to I know and you look,at all those stupid dog pictures my,phone and I can't like every time I,search for anything,I get recommended a fat Corgi or a fat,Christmas it's a pineapple it leaves in,Christmas tree I want you but I want you,no no no see I'm especially like I'm a,rare egg okay you can't look at me look,how festive,okay you are you know what I do a dance,for you dance I can go yes why don't you,just like that okay so this is very,different what happened it just stopped,Midway went back listen what are you,like 50 no one owns magazines anymore,dude it's the Internet oh okay never,ever owned an Internet not an Internet I,subscribe to the naughty internet meme,also does a message saying that she,wants to have Christmas at her place no,she did not she didn't she didn't say,anything like that I'm probably pretty,sure she hasn't said anything for a very,long time because her face is just,frozen like that,well but look she's got she's got the,cookie am I gonna be able to no no no no,oh I guess I am going to get that,promotion you know your tail is like,stick it out right there,I told you we have to do this this is,the roll please please please,I want to die it was not targeted,whatsoever what not targeted you hit,that spot pretty dead or in battle we're,going to Santa go forward the train will,leave a job let's trail I never leave,without me,come on you got going Michael and fast,enough we gotta go fast hard you,understand oh oh this is it all of our,luck into one dice roll we need a star a,ten please when I said you were gonna be,pregnant,I wasn't sure okay please fifty percent,chance it will not fail me a third time,in a row I'm talking about you what did,I jump in the air mold secret would you,like Bastion in the head,oh that was that was my stunt double Oh,Jared Steve guys I don't know his helps,but you can look at my butt,just not help I will be Santa okay I,will be Santa,guys guys stay away - all right it's,Christmas I am the bird of Easter past,and I have come to judge e wall o bird,what is my judgment yep little girls get,all the eggs but you I've heard that you,don't know how to play minecraft no I,can't look at me winking eggs and go oh,someone else that could be my partner,I found Gregory Gregory was a great,great shark,he was a great shark and you know what,we were star-crossed lovers he he,couldn't come above the water and I I,couldn't live underneath the water so,you know what we made it work though,some days some days he he bit my leg off,and other days I stabbed him in the eye,with the sphere we loved each other so,much I shook his head,I took his head and and I I put it on no,pants you judge me for not having no I,will I will teach you how to do it okay,here this is how you do it okay you can,be jolly like this no don't do that no,one no one ever wanted to see this stop,it my dude,I freaking hate eating people's help but,I might need yours,whoa don't let it get to your head go,stab you so I don't owe you anything,kind of threats here's the deal forehead,I might or might not feel tracted to,your buddy afroman your cheeseburger why,are you a cheeseburger guys just so you,know Aaron calls me his cheeseburger all,the time that's his pet name for me no,you were actually a cheeseburger no this,is pet name for me if you don't call me,your cheeseburgers because it's like hey,baby you're so cute when you breathe,like a fat Johnny boy I've been rolling,the same dice block the entire game I,muzzle keep doing it,I can't wait to roll a ten finally oh my,oh we got to stop here I have to,determine who is the evil one here okay,so you like the butter both sides of the,toast oh you like the butter one side of,the toast and you like the butter the,entire loaf of bread is that what I'm,here they will never bite one of their,own remember my story,I picked have no friends because I,wouldn't have met you without my phone,or been able to talk to you we met on,the computer oh my god well I just lost,everything guys all right I don't want,you to seem like a good person I'll grab,in I'm just ready ok she's pulling me,down okay I'm gonna grab raise me huh,try Arab you grab my hair it's very firm,you know what oh you know what,Oh would it be

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Aaron Leming discusses Mitchell Trubisky's struggles, Robert Quinn in Chicago, and much more! (2020)

Aaron Leming discusses Mitchell Trubisky's struggles, Robert Quinn in Chicago, and much more! (2020)

yo how is it going Bears fans welcome,back to another episode of the bear down,podcast where we talked everything bears,every day of the week I'm your host,Chris mopey,and I am joining with my co-host Jalen,McClinton and parse Shaw how's it going,guys are you I'm doing good and I am,doing good for one reason and that is,because we are joined by a very special,guest today we've got the writer for,24/7 sports his bear report also a,contributor for the Windy City gridiron,and the Blitz Network on he has over,24,000 followers and 161 bears related,tweets hundred sixty one thousand,welcome to the show Aaron lemming Haran,thanks for joining us man so today with,Aaron we're gonna be basically breaking,down everything that's going on with the,Bears right now talking a little bit of,offseason weren't we're in a pretty good,spot right now between the offseason,with free agency in the draft so let's,just hop right into it I've got the,first question here so Aaron uh-huh one,thing I love about your Twitter is how,vocal you are in how you kind of a,down-to-earth guy and call things as you,see him I think you and I have pretty,similar views on on the quarterback,position coming into last season you,know I think you and I both thought that,Mitch was going to take that jump and,clearly he didn't do that so what do you,think went wrong with Mitch in 2019 and,would you put the blame more on him or,the offensive line,but first the foremost when you draft a,quarterback at number two overall and,he's doing a new a third year you expect,big generous and I know that not,development as a whole is not linear I,understand that but when you look at,what Patrick Mahoney you look at what,the Shaun Watson has done and then when,you look at what your Biscay is done I,mean it's very clear the Bears made the,wrong decision and I mean like you,pointed out I mean yeah I was absolutely,on tradition going into year three I,think that that unfortunately because of,my view on tradition he was it was my,number one quarterback,no no you know no reason to admit less,than that I mean he was absolutely my,number one I was thrilled that the Bears,actually drafted somebody usually,doesn't happen with that being said I,think that that definitely clouded my,judgment a little bit in my evaluation,of those first two years especially your,two going into year three and really,when it came down to was I think arm it,was he cracked under pressure I think,the expectation of him being the number,two overall pick him trying to live up,to those expectations the Bears made the,playoffs maybe arrived a year too early,indigo called for NFC North Division,winners you know so on and so forth,losing the first round of playoffs and,you know you're expecting them to take,that next step and they did and I think,that when you go back and look obviously,there's a play calling issues offensive,line was an issue although not as much,as some people would think at least in,the past protection department I mean in,terms of when you look at the amount of,time he had when you draw back the past,in 2018 versus 2017 the numbers really,weren't that much different so one of,those things to me I'm done making,excuses again I know that Nagy's play,calling was questionable at best I also,think that obviously drops were an issue,an offensive line was an issue at some,points and I also think that the overall,running scheme that Mark Helfrich and,her he's done with and when they came to,bears clearly did not work with oh man,and maybe was trying to do which kind of,hints at some of the hires that he's,made with familiarity but I do think,that's absolutely the number one guy to,blame and I think that if you look at,from a quarterback perspective and,throwing in even an average quarterback,I think that you also need go from an 18,18 to probably a 10 and 6 or 11 a 5 team,I mean I think the quarterback play for,the Bears in 2019 made all the,difference in the world when the trade,for Nick Foles happened one of the first,thing you said was that falls behind his,offensive line gives you flashes of Mike,Glennon,do you still have those same feelings,and do you think the offensive line,needs to be the primary focus the NFL,Draft so I look at it and I think some,of my initial reaction may,then a little bit of a no reaction I do,think that when you look at some of what,we go back in this is my sting with some,of the websites that I write for,especially City gridiron as our lead,over they're less remote bomb I mean he,goes through he breaks down one of his,things he does in the season as he goes,and he does a single sac watch he goes,back and he looks at every single stack,that the Bears had that season from an,offensive standpoint and he essentially,a signs blame he looks at it he goes,through and he says okay who was a saw,you know love the blame throws window,for almost every single second that,happens I don't know why that is but you,can look at the breakdown of every,single sack and who was on and

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Talking Seahawks-Bears, looking forward to Cardinals with Aaron Leming

Talking Seahawks-Bears, looking forward to Cardinals with Aaron Leming

welcome back on air with Chris Shanna,fell and here we are Wednesday evening,supposed to be Tuesday evening some,technical technical difficulties down,the way anyways here we are Wednesday,evening about 6:20 p.m. and the Chicago,Bears got their first victory of the,2018 NFL season I'm your host Chris,Shanna felt presented by the NFL draft,Bible dot-com and here we are the Bears,are one-on-one after two weeks into the,NFL regular season they should be to an,O based off of their first two weeks a,game in which they were up 20 to 0,against the Green Bay Packer Packers at,one point week one and then Monday night,they were able to finish the deal and,get a 24 to 17 victory against the,Seattle Seahawks who all week I and many,others worth telling,Chicago Bears fans around the nation,that this wasn't the same Seattle,Seahawks team from two three four five,years ago and again they got 24 - for 24,to 17 victory at Soldier Field Monday,Night Football and to help discuss that,game and all Chicago Bears is our good,friend Aaron lemming from Bayer report,calm from Windy City underground calm,and if you guys are familiar with the,show he's been on with us a number of,different times and again Aaron joins,the show now Aaron how's it going man,doing good man just spend time kind of,nice to have a week where the Bears win,about you,absolutely especially a Bears win in,primetime football and Monday Night,Football where you know kind of all the,NFL fan bases are paying attention to,the Chicago Bears and their opponent,here they are now able to get the,victory monday night football against,the Seattle Seahawks again this is the,same Seattle Seahawks from even a year,ago there's been a lot of turnover but,then a lot of changes especially to the,defense Erik,Thomas just reported to the team about,four or five days before the regular,season started we know they're without,Michael Bennett they're without Richard,Sherman and so on and so forth this week,actually this game the second game of,the season for the Seahawks they're,without two of their better defenders,arguably their best defender and,linebacker Bobby Wagner they're also,without linebacker KJ right and just to,make matters even better for the Bears,at least it was Brian Urlacher night,they're honoring the Hall of Fame,linebacker at halftime with ESPN we all,know dropped the ball they did not show,that ceremony at halftime which I have,no idea how that happened I mean you,know just looking at a rivalry,standpoint the Green Bay Packers I,believe showed the network at least,showed Brett Favre,Brett Favre night in which the Chicago,Bears kind of interrupted with a victory,that night on Thanksgiving a couple of,years ago and I believe they also showed,Bart Starr night anyways the Bears are,one-on-one Aaron we could be looking,back they maybe they should be too and,oh but here in Chicago Aaron yes the,Bears are one-on-one yes they got 24 to,17 victory at home against the Seattle,Seahawks but here I am I'm listening to,ESPN 1000 I'm listening to 670 the score,I'm reading articles and I'm reading fan,comments and if I didn't know any better,they'd be owin to just based off of the,performance by Mitchell true Biscay,second-year quarterback yeah he didn't,have the greatest game I mean he threw,for 200 yards he threw two touchdowns he,threw two interceptions both of which,were picked off by Seattle Seahawks,cornerback Shaquille Griffin but if I,didn't know any better,they should be Owen - instead they're 1,and 1 to start the Seas,they got a very winnable game at least,as of right now that's how it looks,against on the road at Arizona and which,they're favored by six and a half points,which honestly I don't know when the,last time they've been favored down the,road you know so two and one is,certainly in their future if all things,work out I'm really surprised have you I,know you cover the Bears and you do a,great job Aaron especially on the west,coast you know you cover the team on the,west coast and you have sources you have,a lot of you know you bring a lot of,insight from the west coast I mean are,you kind of getting the same feel are,you surprised at all from how the fan,base is kind of reacting after this,Monday night victory against Seattle I,mean again if I didn't know any better I,mean the Bears would be oh and two right,now instead of the one in one record,that they are indeed well you know I try,to be nice you know I try to you know,kind of kind of censor myself a little,bit but I'm not going to in this,situation I mean obviously won't cost or,anything but I think right now Bears,fans radio host media whatever you want,to call them or condition for the Bears,to be bad their conditions for them to,lose their condition for a three win,team a five one team or six one team,well I got news it's not the same team,anymore,we saw what they did in the off season,we saw who they added the head coach we,saw what they did in free agency we saw,what they didn't draft we saw what they,

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The C.S. Podcast: Talking Chicago Bears with Aaron Leming

The C.S. Podcast: Talking Chicago Bears with Aaron Leming

you are tuned in to acs podcast,exclusive presented by NFL draft bible,calm,welcome back to another episode of the,cs podcast presented by NFL draft Bible,calm with the college football season,now under way folks visit NFL Draft,Bible calm for scouting report,interviews and more on players that you,need to know for the 2017 NFL Draft and,beyond anyways i am your host christian,i thought we're going to dive right into,adjoining the show now is a very good,friend if you guys are familiar with the,cs podcast and you're certainly familiar,with this guy's teeth Erin Fleming,covers the Chicago Bears for scouts bear,report bear report com and of course you,could follow him on twitter at erin,liming NFL thanks as always for making,some time for us there and i mean there,is a lot to talk about some breaking,news over the past hour over the past,15-20 minutes and i mean again I mean,there's so much talk about you from all,the roster moves you know as team cut,their rosters down to 53 players,yesterday and today I mean it seems like,all the teams were all over the waiver,wiring and signing players to their,practice squad deals but let's start,about talk let's start by talking about,the news that just broke about 20,minutes ago air former Green Bay Packers,three-time Pro Bowl office live it Josh,Sitton had signed a three-year deal with,the Chicago Bears he was released by the,Packers yesterday early this morning,anum chapter reported that as the first,team to schedule a visit with him was,the Chicago Bears it's no secret that,the offensive line is long the weak,spots when booking at the Bears,especially once erroneous grass who went,down how much help will didn't I bring,to the offensive line and is he coming,into play guard i don't like McCarthy,has been on record saying that sitting,he's capable of playing center but,obviously a natural position the,position they played the most in the NFL,is left guard I believe should we expect,from to come into play guard should we,expect for them to come in and play,sander or should we expect for the,second round pick cody why here to move,the center,well first of all good sauce again there,been have been a long time he's like the,sauce really am i doing it man we get to,had a lot of news but uh as far as,Justin because I think it's a great,signing at least more bad big said it,looks like he is going to play at left,guard now you know as much as I do like,assigning an incident you know on it and,the one preach and if this holds our,time you know if you can get a good,player like Josh Sitton you gotta do it,you gotta find ty yeah either got to,find a place for him but I do kind of,question moving coding white hair in the,center that's one of the one of the,spots that really he hasn't played much,with I mean he was a web tackle at,Kansas State he was all over the line,that he played left tackle for the last,24 years so you know you're already,moving in the left already look pretty,solid I mean he's a boy he's gonna make,some mistakes but now you're asking him,not only to move in to center but you,also ask him to start making the play,calls I mean that's something that's at,least the line calls minutes someone of,a big deal but overall you know what I,said it's a good signing i think it was,three year 20 1.75 million dollar deals,so right over 7 million dollars per year,10 million guaranteed so yeah it like i,said i think it's a good move I mean you,any time that you can get somebody to,the caliber of Josh Sitton this late,right before the season starts you,always do it not at least from what,Biggs had said it looks like Ted Larsen,and white hair will probably battle for,the center spot I would almost kind of,think at this point just because Larson,has taken the majority of the snaps at,center since the start of preseason I,would assume that he may be the week 1,starter now with that being said I think,Cody white hair is their future I do you,think he is a future left guard I mean,it all really dependent this point I,mean sitting his never really played,center at the NFL level but he said,multiple times that he is comfortable,there so it's definitely something to,monitor but I mean you get your best,guys best five guys out on the scale,window from there at this point yeah,absolutely a huge get for the Bears and,you know just touching on the whole wire,situation you know maybe they are going,to be working about Center this kind of,reminds me of the whole there's how the,whole cow long moved to tackle went down,last,and we all seen how that went down and,here we have here we are talking about a,rookie and Cody white hair who decide we,have too much experience at center did,did play both tackle and guard at Kansas,State but not a whole lot of stunts are,now imagine doing that at the highest,level there is in the NFL but again a,huge get from the Chicago Bears I mean,it seemed like the interest is there,from the get-go as soon as josh sitton,was released and i'm sure that's one of,the v

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The Metagenomics of Dozens of Earth's Cities and One Space Station

The Metagenomics of Dozens of Earth's Cities and One Space Station

hello everyone and welcome to today's,webinar the meta genomics of dozens of,Earth's cities and one space station i,am michelle ashton of lab earth and I'll,be your moderator for today's event,today's educational web seminar is,presented by blabbers and blast to you,by GMO research DiMeo research is a,privately owned company that has been,proudly serving the scientific community,with state-of-the-art molecular biology,tools since 1994 the beauty of science,is to make things simple as a mantra,that is reflected in every Vimal,research product from epigenetics to DNA,RNA purification solutions historically,recognized as leaders in epigenetics,today's Imoh research is breaking,boundaries with innovative solutions for,microbiome measurements bio daemul,research is the first company to develop,microbiome solutions from collection to,conclusion based on new rigorous,standards for microbiome measurements,daemul research has been leading the,innovate innovative to improve reproduct,ability and accuracy in the field by,developing the first commercially,available microbiome standards to learn,more about our sponsor please visit, any time you want,during the presentation to do so simply,type them into e into the ask a question,box and click send,answer as many questions as we have time,for at the end of the presentation if,you have trouble seeing or hearing the,presentation click on the support tab,down at the top-right of the,presentation window or report your,problems by clicking on the ask a,question box located on the far left of,your screen,this presentation is educational and,thus offers continuing education credits,please click on the continuing education,credits tab located at the top right of,the presentation window and follow the,process to obtain your credits I now,present today's speaker dr. Christopher,E Mason the associate professor at Weill,Cornell Medicine for the complete,biography on our speaker please visit,the biography tab at the top of your,screen,dr. Mason you may now begin your,presentation,you,okay well hello everyone thanks for,joining for this webinar on metagenomics,and best practices that we've been,tinkering with and testing for teasing,out as much as we can for look at,large-scale metagenomic studies,everything from conferences to cities to,space stations or one space station I'm,calling in here from Wael Cornell,Medicine where I'm an associate,professor and also a director of the,initiative for quantitative prediction,from World quant and I'll start with a,bit of background so in particular I,think most of you who have seen the,literature and are familiar with what's,been published in the past few years are,deeply familiar with the fact that,microbes are in us on us and all around,us and probably several kilograms of,your weight is likely made of microbes,including fungi and bacteria if you,include phages which are smaller but,still add to this weight a really an,extra organ in your body that really is,a key mediator both health and,potentially disease and these microbes,change over time so if you look at one,of the proportions of different,organisms that occur in on and around us,you can even to some degree gauge what,how old you are based on your microbial,signature this is from some data just on,16s which I'll talk about in a little,bit and some of the exciting thing about,microbes not only at they're an entire,extra oregon and that their dynamic and,seem to be a function of time and health,and disease but they also do a lot of,things for you so in particular one of,my favorite you know sort of summaries,of this work is done through the human,microbiome project also work from,Mohammad Anya and Michael Fischbach that,shows that basically even antibiotics,can be discovered from normal flora that,are on our body so studying a microbiome,is not just an exercise you know really,in fundamental human in microbial health,but also it can serve as a means to find,you know new biosynthetic pathways new,drugs even new antibiotics which is,really you know kind of extraordinary so,and I'll come back to this later today,of some of the actually billions of,potential peptides we pulled out from,assembled metagenomes from around the,world and so it's exciting if there's,this really ongoing chemistry between,you know human cells we like to call,host cells in many cases and the,microbial cells although the jury is out,on who's really hosting who but clearly,you know they can and do you know,interact you can see this is how,children are Knox with the,rolled in some cases and you know what,about a more modern environment so for,example if you think about how on every,given day at least in New York City 5.5,million people go in and out of the,subway systems and transit systems and,you can see you this itself is also an,ongoing exchange and sort of interaction,environment and I got curious about this,because there's you know so many,millions of people ride the subway you,know what happ

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