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ESPN Suspends Host For Using Derogatory Slur Against Baker Mayfieldand we're gonna wench Watson keep

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Updated on Jan 23,2023

ESPN Suspends Host For Using Derogatory Slur Against Baker Mayfield

and we're gonna wench Watson keep it,going mahomes and now burn Alberto,there's a penalty for a negative yardage,but there was a lot of time,well when the penalty happened and we,were to go ahead a chance no no stop,saying but I just told you the clock was,running and we had a penalty do you want,to give them the ball back no you don't,play you don't know it that's just plain,and simple was I happy with the track no,we didn't score points it's a dumbest,question you can ask what is PN's Tony,grossie got caught on a hot mic going,after Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield,the two have a history just in case you,missed it here's bumped of audio Holmes,and now Burton now burrow through all of,this but the Browns is woes the past few,years guys aren't able to have hot taker,e in sports media it's why high noon was,cancelled however it seems like the fix,was in from the start,grossie tweeted Baker Mayfield was put,on this planet to sucker the Browns,hashtag Hundred Years War this is,tweeted in November of 2017 Baker,Mayfield wasn't drafted until April 26,2018 grossy of ESPN Cleveland ran with,the headline comparisons of Baker,Mayfield to Johnny Manziel are fair and,appropriate not lazy analysis what Jesus,Tony to words,that led to t-shirts being sold in,Cleveland with the fall out news 5,Cleveland comm wrote a piece titled Tony,grossie suspended indefinitely for,calling Baker Mayfield derogatory slur,grossie feeling the heat got his apology,in and in short what we are showing I am,truly sorry for my language and choice,of words and a remark I made about Baker,Mayfield that was captured on our live,feed I sincerely apologize for using a,word that is a derogatory slur there's,no excuse for using that language in any,context it was said without malice but,also without thought,ESPN Cleveland issued their statement on,Twitter as well ironically McNeil with,the tweet of the day,writing oh so now the mics pick up the,derogatory slur grossie has a history,and,20:12 grossie was removed as a member of,the Cleveland Plain Dealer staff gross,he had typed a message which he termed a,smart-aleck remark to a colleague that,called Browns owner Randy Lerner a,pathetic figure the most irrelevant,billionaire in the world,he thought he was texting it to a friend,but accidentally tweeted the message,there's also the 2017 case of grossie,claiming that the Browns are outsourcing,major decisions to a football analytics,columnist and podcaster with no,practical experience in football,scouting coaching or team-building,because one of their moves followed,something bill Barnwell once said in,October 2019 grossie has been quoted as,saying he had been disrespectful so many,times in the last couple weeks in,response to simple questions by me,grossie said of Mayfield while there are,beefs between athletes and media members,the question becomes not as a columnist,but as a beat reporter is there a bias,that will lead to unfair coverage this,was Tony grossie in his most authentic,form the ball now lies in ESPN,Cleveland's court

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Off The Bench | Friday, December 30th, 2022

Off The Bench | Friday, December 30th, 2022

is this what you wanted,foreign,foreign,thank you,thank you,foreign,foreign,foreign,thank you,foreign,foreign,foreign,everybody it is 7 A.M on Friday December,30th your government Taco forecast in,Baton Rouge expect clear skies with a,high of 68.,coming up on OTB Jacob Hester joins the,show at 7 30 from the Fiesta Bowl Rivers,Huey will be here at 9am and we make,some picks into degeneration Dome at 9,15. apparently Rivers will not be here,you can follow Today's Show on Twitter,Instagram and Tick Tock at OTB,underscore ESPN or catch us on YouTube,at the 1045 ESPN channel And subscribe,for daily content,hour number one of Off the Bench live,from the Mercedes-Benz of Baton Rouge,Studio Starts Now,All-Star Toyota presents off the bench,with Jacob Hester and T Bob a bear,All-Star Toyota presents off the bench,with Hester and t-bog,yo yo yo,yo what's happening y'all what's going,on hope you are having a wonderful wet,Friday morning here December 30th,2022 rolling right along into the new,year uh be safe out there if you are out,there it is um,got him crazy weather,right now uh t-bomb Mario and Danny,gonna be hanging out with you today,um and a lot to get to remember we had,that kind of fantastic,random Wednesday night chock full of,sports top to bottom well uh it's kind,of rolling right along as you look at,what's coming up in New Orleans alone,this weekend uh the Pelicans got a,couple of massive matchups right you get,the Sixers tonight Joel M beating,company a very good,Philadelphia 76 your team in fact um I,saw a tweet the other day you know when,Luca goes from 60 20 and 10. it's all,well and good but Joel embiid has like,you know more points higher uh,percentages on everything better stats,and more wins so you got the Sixers,tonight and then you got John the,Grizzlies tomorrow you got the Saints,playing the Eagles on Sunday not in New,Orleans but obviously New Orleans,relevant and that's a game that has all,kinds of storylines in it draft,implications and other um,other things on the line as well as,saying slim but somewhat existent,playoff folks you got two lane taking on,you as USC in the Cotton Bowl on Monday,and of course you got LSU Purdue coming,up as well both seasons roll right along,and want to get to those games last,night little Washington Texas action uh,a little Florida State uh Oklahoma,action and,um well we're gonna talk to Jeff Duncan,at 8 A.M uh as well,um so oh and uh shout out to the LSU,Women's Basketball team who after a,nine-day layoff,um goes into Bud Walton Arena last night,and dominates A ranked Arkansas Team uh,the the team that Kim Mulkey has,assembled here in Baton Rouge um is,absolutely they are absolutely fantastic,a huge win for them we're uh we will,talk more about that a bit later very,good start to the year,for LSU basketball as you beat the,Razorbacks not once but twice ranked,Razorback teams and I love this because,um,I was reminded of a tweet,uh that I had from earlier this year,where if you looked at the 21-22 season,uh LSU got swept in all the big Sports,by Arkansas,um I I you lost them in football uh I,want to say you lost three or four times,or maybe it was two or three in,basketball and then you got swept in,baseball so so the Hogs had Supreme,bragging rights over you in every major,sport I said forget about winning that's,James if Scott Woodward's number one,goal needs to be fixing this well all of,a sudden you look up,you got revenge and you beat them in,football uh you beat them in men's,basketball in a game in which you had no,business winning if you talked to,anybody before that game and then uh,coach Mulkey company as the favorite uh,beat them down maybe even harder than uh,you would have thought they would so a,fantastic start to the year in the LSU,Arkansas rivalry uh let's talk a little,football though as the LSU football team,is getting uh ready to play in the,Citrus Bowl and it's kind of a nice,time for a final kind of okay what,exactly happened with LSU in this uh,uh bowl season and who is left who is,going to play for the Tigers and before,we do that though I I do want to,reinforce look I think I think the,context of this game matters greatly,it's interesting because on an,individual level,uh for these players I understand guys,like Jacqueline Roy Ollie gay bjo jalari,not playing in this game leaving Dre,Jenkins like I understand individually,them doing what they deem best for their,career and for their potential,in the NFL and going to get ready for,that jump to the NFL and the combine and,everything is what oh they feel need to,do and I completely understand that,because this is a game that yes is,almost like an exhibition game in a lot,of ways it's a game that it is really,kind of kicking off next year's team in,a lot of ways so it's the the these bowl,games which I love and if you've watched,in the last couple of nights you see why,I mean these kids care they're fantastic,they're competitive but these bowl games,do exist in this odd almost Quantum,sta

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The Browns are going to trade Odell Beckham Jr. - Aaron Goldhammer | KJZ

The Browns are going to trade Odell Beckham Jr. - Aaron Goldhammer | KJZ

fill in the blank feeling of the day in,cleveland is,oh you guys the relief after,last night is palpable um i was nervous,i told you don't be nervous key,i was nervous and cleveland was nervous,because,we felt like it was more than just 0-2,that the browns were looking at it was,really baker mayfield's career,was swinging in the balance because if,you go into,against two division opponents and you,lose,on a short week to a rookie quarterback,at home,who is a division quarterback who's also,from ohio,like all of this stuff was stacking up,to tell a story,that case keenum was going to be playing,football for the cleveland browns before,you know it,and this season was going to fall right,off the rails and so,to see baker and odell connect to see,the browns run the ball the way they did,to see them scored 35 points to see,their coach coach a good game,and to get this win and get one in the,win column,there was some celebrating last night on,our post game show but more than,anything else i could,sense the relief when baker and odell,hooked up,for that touchdown well you're gonna,have some more celebrating throughout,the years i've always told you that,just it's it's patience you you they'll,be okay,to you know they'll be okay you just,gotta let it kind of,marinate a little bit now it's only one,game right obj had a terrific game baker,mayfield had a terrific game,based on last night though did you see,enough,to think that obj will be the long-term,solution there in cleveland,keyshawn i i think based on where the,browns are headed,um i think that the browns are going to,trade odell beckham,and it's just a matter of when um,now i know you talked about this you,guys talked about this and and we played,some of the audio on our show earlier,this week,um you know it's the the finances of,this,that they have two 15 million dollar,receivers that's 30 million dollars on,receivers,that the browns are are paying they also,already,signed uh kareem hunt to a contract,extension,nick chubb who i think is their best,offensive player,has is is coming up on a contract,extension,they've paid miles garrett 125 million,and if baker continues to play well,they're going to have to pay him,and i just don't know if they have,enough room under the cap,for it to make sense and just because,odell played one good,half with baker which really was the,first half last night,in fact i don't think odell even had a,ball thrown his way in the second half,last night,i i don't think he is an important,enough player to this style of offense,and i think if he plays well that his,value back in return,the browns at some point are going to,take but i think it's just a matter of,when is it going to be before the trade,deadline this year is going to be after,the season,but my guess is guys a year from now,odell beckham jr is going to be playing,somewhere else,wow i mean that that that's interesting,but at least they get off cheap because,if they had me i need all 30 million,right no i'm just i'm just,i'm just teasing when they when you look,at the defense right,miles garrett uh denzel ward,those guys came to play last night,against a young rookie quarterback that,threw the ball,61 times and was effective in getting,his team into the end zone three times,is there any cause for concern on the,defensive side,well the browns are super banged up in,their secondary they lost the rookie,grant delpid for the year,uh with a terrible injury and hopefully,he'll be able to come back from that at,some point but,it's not going to be this season they're,missing linebackers,at two corners greedy williams uh,from lsu and kevin johnson who's an,important player on their defense so the,hope is they get some of these guys back,but i mean yeah there were a couple of,guys playing on that defense last night,i don't want to name names because i,feel like it's not right,after they won okay but there are a,couple guys playing on that defense last,night,that should be in the arena league or,the canadian league,or not in the national football so miles,made a great play for us to turn over,denzel was fantastic on aj green,who was targeted 13 times and only,caught three passes,that's awesome against still one of the,best receivers in football,but you know the browns have defensive,problems to allow 30 points to joe perot,and the bengals,to allow five for five on fourth down,the nice thing is when you win,you can correct those things hopefully,headed into their next game and then,they have a little extra time,10 days before they play washington a,week from sunday,aaron goldhamer on with us from espn,cleveland,keyshawn j will and zubin let me ask you,this,off the off the field is there anybody,on cleveland's team right now currently,in the sports world that could basically,be the face of cleveland sports,post lebron so,keyshawn we have that billboard space,you know,right across from the arena that became,like a cleveland landmark like when my,friends from out of town would come in,they w

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The Guardians, Italian food, fights and Cleveland sports talk.

The Guardians, Italian food, fights and Cleveland sports talk.

hey everybody it's a very special,Thursday afternoon edition of the,bullpen with Adam the bull it is,Thursday January the 5th 2000 excuse me,in 23. and on today's podcast all I do,is answer your questions I've been,asking you all day for your questions,that you have for me sports or,non-sports as long as it's not about,politics I'll give you an answer,I have the questions the answers are,coming up next in the bullpen with Adam,the bull,podcast is not for the fate of heart and,I do think it's time for the Browns to,move on it's not for those who ride the,fence he's proven nothing but if you're,looking for someone who tells it like it,is about Cleveland sports everybody does,fandoms their way you've come to the,right place I don't think he's any good,it's time for the bullpen with Adam the,bull,it's the bullpen with Adam the bull on a,Thursday and today it's your chance to,get your questions answered I've gotten,a bunch of questions today hopefully,I'll have time to answer all of them,uh we shall see here we go let's get it,started so earlier today,I put out a tweet,and let's see I gotta find the first,response to it I want to go in order uh,here we go I didn't okay here we go so,the question was that I asked,specifically today I tweeted this out,about eight hours ago uh doing something,a little different on the podcast today,send me your best questions about sports,local or national or anything else no,politics and I will answer as many as I,can today send your questions here or,via email between now and 3 pm all right,so let's get to it this one is from I,have a bunch of responses on Twitter I,did get a couple of emails we'll get to,those as well let's start with Tron,Madden Tron Madden on Twitter is there,any pro athlete you think you could beat,in a fight,is there any pro athlete,I think I can beat in a fight,uh I mean probably not,probably not I don't know probably not,they you know if you're a pro athlete,you're between 20 and 40,I'm 51.,I'm a big guy but I'm you know not in,the best of shape,I wouldn't have much stamina,uh so no that I I have to uh I have to,say no unfortunately I mean maybe,there's one or two people but probably,not I gotta keep it real,I'd probably get my my ass beat by uh,most professional athletes if likely all,likely all,right next question,what big name oh this is from Frank,on Twitter Frank it's it what's his ad,here it's um,uh,uh tell I can't it's hard to read his,Twitter handle let's see tell,I don't know t-e-l-l-s-l-i-k-e-i-t-i-z,Frank says what big name player position,should the guardos trade prospects for,well,um,I'll tell you it it's um it's a good,question and,um,there's a few different guys that I,think of and I've obviously thought a,lot about,who the guardians could trade for we we,talked originally about Sean Murphy,was uh you know was a guy we talked,about and uh,you'd hope the Guardians would trade for,it didn't happen obviously they were in,the mix there but in the end it didn't,happen so okay we go to the drawing,board and I'll bring up a guy that I,mentioned,a few weeks ago and it's gone quiet and,that's Pirates outfielder Brian Reynolds,um Brian Reynolds is an All-Star player,now he's not a huge name because he's,played for the Pirates,but he's in his prime of his career he's,27 years old,although well 28 years old because he's,going to turn 28 in a couple of weeks so,this will be his age 28 season he's been,the big leagues four years,uh in 2021 he he was an All-Star and,finished 11th in the MVP in 2019 he was,Rookie of the Year 2020 obviously was,the shortened season,uh he had he didn't have a good year in,that shortened season last year not a,great season,for him,but still better than average uh you,know Ops of 807 was down a little bit,but still over 800 still good he had uh,27 homers and 145 45 games that would be,near the top of the Guardians list only,62 ribbies but again not a particularly,good team,he gets on base career 361 on base,percentage and in about 2 000 plate,appearances he's got power he could,steal you know give you some steel he's,not a big time stolen base guy but he'd,probably be even better with the,Guardians he actually had a career high,seven steals last year and we know the,Guardians like to steal so he's not,uh deficient in that vein he is uh an,adequate Fielder not a great defensive,player but but an adequate,defensive player and he's just an,overall very good player,uh he'd be under team control,for I believe three more years but I'm,gonna double check that,uh let's see earliest free agent 2026 so,yeah 23 24 25.,so he's he's uh he's gonna make seven a,six point seven five million this coming,season,and then he'd be yeah be eligible for,arbitration in 24 and 25 they'd probably,have to pay him if everything goes well,he is a good year maybe 10 12 million,and 24 and maybe a little more than that,25 everything goes perfect,uh resale reasonable money,team control for three years,um,does everything well he's not uh,he's not you know he ha

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Aaron Goldhammer on the impact of LeBron's decision in Cleveland - The Michael Kay Show

Aaron Goldhammer on the impact of LeBron's decision in Cleveland - The Michael Kay Show

Aaron Goldhammer joins us here on the,Michael Kay show that holds guy Mary,voices the yard from ESPN Cleveland,asking how you're doing a heron but it,sounds like you're doing pretty good,yeah I'm walking through downtown,Cleveland as I'm on with you guys now,and I'm like high-fiving every single,person that I walk by what a day for our,city you know it's been it's been a long,four years for us here from a sports,standpoint at an economy standpoint and,today was finally a day that you can be,proud to be a clevelander which is,really cool is there a day in the last,30 40 years as big as this one I can't,think of a bigger day in Cleveland once,when's the last date has even been close,to this Oh John I that they won the 64,championship game here in football the,Browns won the NFL championship it,wasn't even the super bowl yet you know,I think the lupron lottery day is a big,day for cleveland you know when when,they officially you know when they won,the first pick in the draft to be able,to take lebron i'm back in 2003 but,having lost him and then to get him back,in the way he came back I could argue,this is bigger than anything that's,happened here in fourth in the last 50,years I think unequivocally it is so,it's all forgiven for four years or,there still may be some resentment of,what might had been had he had stayed,and never left in the first place you,know here yeah I think there's always,going to be a few people who are really,bitter and say they'll never forgive him,but I think those people will be on,board the first time he drives down the,lane and throws down a dunk and then,they'll be up cheering with everybody,else III think that the way that he did,this the essay what the essay actually,said is really powerful and I think,really struck a chord with the community,here we had one host on our station at,ESPN Cleveland who was so anti LeBron,didn't want him back but after reading,the essay even munch is on board and if,munches on board I think it's pretty,fair to say that in one internet post,LeBron is forgiven in Cleveland it's one,of the great essays that I've ever read,I've got to say but i'm guessing the,second most popular person in,right now must be Gregg Popovich because,I'm thinking because if San Antonio,hadn't played games three four and five,the way they did LeBron would have been,under a lot of pressure to stare I,probably would have stayed in Miami,because he wanted to keep winning yeah,that's a fascinating question is if the,Heat had one and would have been going,now for four in a row if LeBron would,have stayed but we have a phrase in my,family it's a Yiddish phrase that I bet,a lot of the Jews in the audience will,understand caused by shared it was meant,to be if something's be shared it just,happened out of destiny and I think that,the Spurs getting hot and Patty Mills,didn't a bunch of threes but knocked the,heat out of the playoffs was destiny to,lead LeBron on this path that he's gone,on to get back to Cleveland that he,described in this in SS a spec all right,who would be a bigger hero to Cleveland,LeBron James bringing an NBA,championship to the Cavaliers or Johnny,Manziel hey super bowl for the Cleveland,Browns I'll take them both I we at Joe,Haden the Browns corner on our show,today before this news broke and I asked,him he said if LeBron comes back he and,LeBron are in a race to the championship,although i think the Browns are further,away I don't know if the Cavs are on the,doorstep of it even LeBron did edit in,the essay that they still have a lot of,work to do and that they're not,necessarily closed at this point but I,think that even though the LeBrons story,here is so huge I mean come on guys this,is a brown town first and foremost,football is number one in this town even,with LeBron here the Browns are always,huge and so because of the fact that the,Hall of Fame is just a few miles down,the road and Canton and yeah I think a,brown Super Bowl always reigns supreme,in Cleveland I'd like to see it here and,see a dinner with Johnny Manziel and,LeBron James maybe he can mentor Johnny,yeah do you think it's a great it's a,great point John because you know I,think Johnny needs a mentor right now,you know these pictures are getting,worse and worse and you know who better,to come in and tell them what to do not,only that they're represented by the,same marketing firm and so you know I,think that there will be a lot of,interaction in connection I know Johnny,tweeted as soon as he got the news today,and so hopefully LeBron can step in and,hopefully start to point Jonnie in some,better directions and I don't see any,pictures the LeBron and justin bieber,float has there been a parade organized,yet a commitment but not that I know,should be lebron lebron of the essay,says no parades no parties no press,conferences it's time to get to work,well Erin I'm happy for you I'm also,happy for the city of Cleveland it's a,time to celebrate so enjoy it and we'll,talk to you soon man thank you guy

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A NIGHT TO REMEMBER - Ring Ceremony and the World Series (Cleveland 2016)

A NIGHT TO REMEMBER - Ring Ceremony and the World Series (Cleveland 2016)

what is up guys welcome to today's,episode as you can tell by the title of,this video is a very exciting day I am,so excited i'm at ohio state right now,where I go to school obviously but I'm,going to Cleveland and I'm going to,Cleveland for a very special purpose,it's a big day for cleveland and it so,much,the test,down three nothing in the seventh inning,and a full count on David Ronn,Hustler's ready the payoff pitch,hang an immense did he go around yes,alright that was amazing I am so,grateful that I got to do that being,Cleveland on that like that is is truly,special definitely one of my favorite,parts was towards the beginning during a,timeout they played some commercial at,LeBron had may wear super inspirational,you may have seen it online somewhere,and that after it stopped playing so,he's doing a monologue over like all,these cool clips and then after that,stopped playing they put a camera on,LeBron who was just like by himself on,the bench and he was just cheesing he,had like the biggest grin on his face,and then he went up and go to go play,that was really cool and obviously,seeing all the guys on the bench like,dancing and stuff and having so much fun,in the fourth quarter that was awesome,also like the next very good team up,there gonna be a dangerous team as,you're no doubt so seeing us beat them,by as much as we did very encouraging,although I know like the Knicks have a,lot of chemistry stuff to work out still,but it was all around good fun and,obviously the tribe when I'm listening,to that on the Radeon the way back was,so much fun rock honors go honey um yeah,so guys check out where the booster,board Batmobiles thing is coming a,little hard to see from this angle but,like the back is really taking taking,some sheep that we're getting the,electronics for all the lights and sound,learn that sounds lights and stuff,tomorrow so Logan American start working,on that tomorrow and then I'm working on,getting a drone to get some shots like,that for the video so we'll see all very,exciting stuff so thank you guys so much,for watching please like dream boy,subscribe you have not already and I,will see you,you

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Thirsting Thursday My Dudes!

Thirsting Thursday My Dudes!

foreign,foreign,what is up everybody welcome in my name,is Joel this is hit Network gaming and,today is thirsting Thursday which is,terrible,what is up everybody what's up Dylan,what's up Jack yo what up side hustle,how you doing Mark You Beautiful,uh Thunder what's up man how you doing,babe,who is sub to his YouTube I know who the,heck is sub to my YouTube channel go,over there hit the like button boys we,are live I think actually let me pull,that up,I always forget about YouTube bro it's,so important too though I feel so bad,what's up everybody how was your,Thursday doing did you wake up on the,good side the bad side Joel what's up,Corey how you doing man,yo we got Aaron locked and loaded we're,gonna get some dubs in uh fortnite of,course sorry fortnite right now is it's,fun to play,we played uh war zone yesterday holy,crap,I suck at war zone,although there was the window clip which,was sick flew through the window killed,some,gonna get on fortnite look at you,thunder,YouTube shorts are always show on my,recommended thanks man,thanks Dylan you're the man dude Bass,Pro Shop,I spot a sponsor dude imagine,getting some ugly sticks in every day,all day,I wish I could make money off of ugly,sticks I was beat by an ugly sick when I,woke up I mean when I was born not when,I woke up dude I'm still waking up guys,we got the Celsius today,oh God,the Celsius hopefully it's good,hopefully it's not someone else's too,because it was in the fridge oops,WWE 14 or 100 to play fortnite shut up,Corey fortnite's fun dude Tony shut up,Fork nut what's up Hudson how you doing,baby,what happened to uh level five hedgehogs,huh or is that your is that your uh your,Twitch twitch thing yo everyone right,now go over to YouTube hit the like,button please please we are trying to,grow on YouTube also if you're not,subscribed Please Subscribe hit the bell,I don't know what the hell the Bell does,I guess it notifies you,that's what I'm saying dude that's,messed up you have to identify as a,pineapple pen Ah that's what it is if,you go full on bang till your heart,explodes dude,I'm not up there yet I'm not up there to,the bang status dude soon yo Romeo with,the 69 oh,and bitty poos man thank you so much,Romeo how you guys doing today on this,beautiful Thursday I refuse,Tony you monster dude,speaking of monster I think monster,green monster is my favorite energy,drink I know it's like nostalgic that's,why I like it though it's because I used,to grow I grew up in Detroit,it's a long story I was born in,California anyway then I moved to,Detroit because my dad works for GM and,me and my brother used to go to the,clubs yes clubs I'm a dancer not anymore,I'm old but uh I used to go to clubs and,we used to drink an energy drink on the,way to the club dance our hearts out and,then get an energy drink on the way home,I'm probably gonna die like today on,stream but,every time I have a monster it just,takes me back to hanging out with my,brother and it's good times it's,Nostalgia so uh all right check YouTube,chat I'm checking bro Hudson's in there,he's cute,eel green monster makes me sick man what,the hydrate thank you so much,Thunder,also guys we are being e-girls in stream,today go smash that like dude Jack,you're the best bro I freaking love you,man all right guys we got Aaron in the,house let me unmute this Cube uh,you there Aaron oops,user,okay dude this is our goal today right,there if if Christmas is still in there,I think it still is in the in the game,right now also I took down your notes,hopefully January 3rd they might get rid,of Christmas we'll see but uh they still,have Christmas in fortnite so what we're,gonna do is we're gonna find Santa Claus,he's in a truck we're gonna kill his,little elves,and then we're going to act like the,elves and drive Santa's truck around,that is our goal today besides getting,three or four dubs in a row we'll see,how many see what we can do but you're,the best Aaron you're really good at,this game,thanks troll thanks man thanks bro glad,to be here god dude you're so good all,right let's get thunder in here dude uh,Thunder you're in here bro let me get uh,where you at there you are,invited the party bro,here we go guys look at these cute kitty,cats uh we got,school girl we just don't consume energy,drinks green monsters only Hood with,jaeger Hood,yo I lived in the hood man I loved I,lived on Nine Mile which was like,literally a mile from eight mile I'm I'm,the I'm the new Eminem baby what's up,my favorite is this one guy you might,know his twitch is called Hit Network,gaming or something like that nice Dylan,thanks bro,oh going to Chris Christmas Day,dude uh Michigan beach rock in the,summer around the sand dunes yo yo,I used to drive down to Ohio,and go to,um Cedar Point Cedar Point was the best,man,it was absolutely phenomenal,all right man let's go find Santa Claus,let's kill his elves,and let's take his truck and we'll go,give gifts to kids and then shoot them,in the face,let's see if we can do it let's se

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Mike Konczal and David Beito Debate Charity vs. Government

Mike Konczal and David Beito Debate Charity vs. Government

there are three ways to help people who,need help government can try to do it,give people money start programs,charities do that too and I'd say,they're better at teaching people how to,help themselves as the saying goes teach,a man to fish then there's a third way I,think it's the best way and I'll get to,that later in the show but first let's,debate the first two when I was in,college president lyndon johnson,declared an all-out war on Human Poverty,he said for the first time in our,history it's possible to conquer poverty,I believed him then but then I watched,his poverty programs create more poverty,governments spent trillions of dollars,and people are still poor people on the,Left say the money was still worth it,look at this chart it shows that the,poverty rate fell sharply after the war,on poverty began and that's great but,wait if you extend the chart back a few,years so when data was first kept on the,poverty rate you noticed that it was,already falling just as fast but then it,stopped falling about seven years after,the war on poverty began history,professor David bado says that's because,government encouraged poor Americans to,be dependent on government and stay poor,but Mike console of the Roosevelt,Institute named after the president who,helped begin the welfare state says no,we need more government age eight more,you always want more you guys trillions,isn't enough well I mean let's talk,let's talk about the balance between,charity and government I mean there's,never been a period where was just,private charity the government's always,been involved whether it was civil war,pensions or mother pensions or the,background of the poorhouse or,bankruptcy laws you know there's never,been a purely private space and but it,was ninety-nine percent private and as,well here lover of it was tiny we had we,had a voluntary sector that was able to,provide some social insurance we,shouldn't romanticize the past they,mostly provided funeral benefits maybe,some sick days maybe if you're in a big,city a downward,absolutely and you know we grew the,country we became the most prosperous,country in the world well third world,the first world well what destroyed that,system was the Great Depression the,Great Depression hit it in exactly the,worst way because when people couldn't,work or couldn't find jobs they needed,more charity and you know charity simply,couldn't raise money at that time you,saw you saw a whole system of voluntary,societies that were trying to really,balance people against the risks of,economic life get wiped out David he,said that proved that government has to,step in well I I don't think it proves,it at all in fact it proves in some,sense you don't want to have,governmental policies that cause 10,years of double-digit unemployment that,you had with both Hoover and Roosevelt,and their interventionist policies,however I disagree about the,characterization of the mutual aid,organizations at least that I've written,about I looked at 65 fraternal societies,mutual aid groups that provided social,welfare we've written a book about this,yeah only five only five ceased,operation during the Great Depression in,fact in at the end of the Great,Depression they were devoting more money,to social welfare than they were before,the Great Depression what hurt him was,he had 10 years of double-digit,unemployment so people couldn't pay dues,you can't keep keeping the varied a,spiritual aid societies well these were,mutual insurance organizations and,basically you pay membership dues like,you paid to the I don't know American,Automobile Club or your professional,organization they would provide sick,benefits early form of health insurance,some of them had hospitals some of them,had orphanages some of them had homes,for the elderly they step in when they,saw that people needed help but they,could make judgments they could say yeah,he needs help but this guy no he needs,to just work harder government Mike,can't do that government just gives,money to everybody who qualifies and,hence that chart that shows the poverty,rate went down but then it's gone up and,down ever since we taught people to,depend on government and we made them,passive well one thing that I think is,really,social spending does increase because,the government takes over the really big,risk the risks of poverty and old age of,decrepit seen old age and the real,economic risks of the business cycle I,mean the system may have worked very,well in the late 19th century but now we,live in a system where whole industries,can disappear because of an app on a,phone economic security has gone up,that's great that means diamond ism and,growth but it does mean that you need a,deeper set of pockets in order to,sustain people's ability to transition,through jobs transition through the life,cycle and retire with the basic decency,and basic amount of money to get by,David it seems all wrong to me there was,not one best system before the rise of,the welfare state there w

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