14 year old falls off ride twitter

THE WORST TWEETS OF 2022all right let's look at some of the,dumbest tweets of this year okay it's,pe


Updated on Jan 19,2023


all right let's look at some of the,dumbest tweets of this year okay it's,perfect because this also starts off in,January last year in January the year,started off great even after a 12 hour,night shift at the hospital last night,my wife still has the energy to shovel,the driveway God bless her and all our,frontliners time to make her some,breakfast bro why'd you post this a,question I have all the time on Twitter,is why did you post this why would you,post you being like a horrible husband,oh my Lord okay what she needs is not,your breakfast what she needs is a,divorce okay that's what she needs she,needs a new man what has happened to our,men what will we do without men anyway,so that's pretty funny uh that was,really great I mean the year started off,awesome and by the way whenever I always,say like oh why did you post this I,always I'm simultaneously thinking thank,you for posting because honestly that's,what Twitter is the best at Twitter puts,these things on the timeline for my,enjoyment hi I am Pazzo this is what you,call a roach what do you consider a,roach I don't know what the this,guy was doing I didn't even see this,tweet but uh pretty sure you're if you,smoke that I'm I'm certain if,microplastics are making are children,gay or whatever you know you are you are,gay now you are just burning plastic uh,I don't know I don't know why you did,that probably shouldn't do that pan,fried is such a nonsense minion term,what else might you be frying in the,cotton a baking tray a kettle a shoe I'm,having to make this because it's a,mansplainer paradise enjoy yourself Lads,does she not understand that you can fry,things in different ways like a deep fry,stop mainsplaining sorry uh trigger,warning mansplaining in the context of,Prisons it's the hole that matters women,have a hole their vagina which men want,to penetrate with their penis either,consensually transactionally or by force,bluntly the reason we have men and,women's prisons is to keep the men away,from the holes that's cool uh famously,men don't out of their buttholes,that's not a thing this is like when you,when you've gone down I guess the the uh,Rat fem pipeline that you forget that,men also have holes also men also get,sexually assaulted in prisons so that's,like actually that's the most common,place where it happens and and also uh,women are incapable of doing sexual,assault according to this person that's,a good take Hillary self-awareness,slider set to zero MLK Jr said I had,hoped that the white moderate would,understand the Law and Order exists for,the purpose of establishing Justice and,that when they fail in this purpose they,become the dangerously structured dams,that block the flow of social progress,this is a sub tweet and who yourself who,the is the white moderate in this,situation Hillary Clinton is literally,like openly moderate and also openly,white and has openly wrote written about,having slaves black slaves in the,Arkansas Governor's Mansion she also is,called black people super Predators uh,young black people specifically during,the crime build she is not openly white,oh stop this dude what the we gotta,stop this dream my partner is still,Presidente well if my girlfriend's,having sex dreams with celebrities it,better be with the bar stool crew I just,had an hour-long sex dream about the,stool Presidente I've been having so,many sex dreams is unreal Dave portno,yep he had a huge I'm tweeting this,there was no penetration that is insane,why would you tweet that anyway let's,move on Darren roll goes calling me,racist is cute on this day especially I,have one of the largest MLK Junior,collections in the world and some of my,closest friends are black this was a,fire one that I also uh covered isn't,this guy like a sports broadcaster or,something very weird thing to tweet,proximity wise we're closing in on Black,History Month yeah he's a sports writer,and uh and like an analyst or whatever,and he just came out of the gates, swinging okay he said I have a,you know I have an MLK Funko Pop how can,I be racist maybe we should think about,how we treat our elected officials let's,take a look at this one do not,understand the empire caused a cape for,the government when they do something,wrong the response should be you,fix it when they do something right the,response should be you about time,that's how abusers think do you,understand the difference between the,government and a partner yes it's still,how abusers think you please me,even though I can't possibly be pleased,is a textbook abuser framing also abuse,doesn't only happen with a partner,demanding your government do its job and,improve people's lives is not abuse and,it's incredibly insulting to abuse,victims to imply it is you aren't,demanding the government to do its job,because you've already said that even if,it does what you want you won't,acknowledge it that's textbook,narcissistic framing that is textbook,Twitter I love that I know you're,talking about an entirely unrelated,thi

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Roller Coaster Death: Five amusement park deaths that will shock roller coaster fans

Roller Coaster Death: Five amusement park deaths that will shock roller coaster fans

a teenager was decapitated by a,rollercoaster after jumping some fences,and entering a restricted area at the,Six Flags Over Georgia located in,Austell Georgia the horrific accident,occurred back in June 2008 on the Batman,ride,witnesses say 17 year-old Asia LaShawn,Ferguson,lost his hat while riding the Batman,rollercoaster Ferguson and a friend and,climbed two six-foot fences and passed,multiple signs saying the restricted,area was off-limits and dangerous to,visitors according to the parks website,the Batman ride has a top speed of 50,miles per hour and the roller coaster,was going at full speed when it struck,Ferguson killing him instantly the other,teen who was with him was not injured,and no one riding the roller coaster was,hurt either,however it's unknown whether any of them,required lengthy counseling after the,gruesome accident if you're looking for,a thrill in the Philippines there's no,better choice than Star City the,amusement park operates the star flyer,the only roller coaster in the country,where riders travel upside down,but star city is famous for another,distinction it's the location of a,possible suicide by roller coaster,you'll find star city here just south of,the capital of Manila,according to witnesses a 39 year old man,asked an operator what would happen if,he fell off the ride the operator didn't,think much of the man's question but,investigators suspect the victim wiggled,free of the star flyer safety harness,the star flyer has two inversions was he,thrown to his death the man struck the,rides metal framing before falling to,the ground when the star flyer pulled,into the station the safety harness was,still in the locked position following,the death pass a city engineers cleared,star cities saying no mechanical,problems were found but the man's,sisters said their brother didn't have,any problems and wasn't suicidal busy,adrenaline junkie and you want to fix,then you need some time on the ride of,Steel ride of Steel operated by Darien,Lake amusement park is one of the,tallest roller coasters east of the,Mississippi River however on July 9th,2011 something went horribly wrong when,the ride sent a legless Iraq veteran,flying Darien Lake amusement park is,located just outside of Buffalo New York,the attraction is a popular destination,for locals including 29 year old,sergeant James hacker who was visiting,with his family hakama had lost his left,leg and most of his right one as well as,part of his hip in an IE D explosion,while serving in Iraq,due to his disabilities hackamore and,family asked the park staff which rides,would be safe for him with one of the,workers reportedly telling them they're,all fine so that being the case a camera,con the ride of Steel with his nephew,Ashton who assisted him onto the coaster,when the ride hit about 50 miles per,hour,Ashton noticed the roller coaster,safety harness wasn't able to secure his,uncle properly and just as he was about,to help hakama the force and speed of,the ride ejected the Vette out of his,seat and to his death a very sad ending,for a guy who survived a war,investigators ruled out mechanical,failure as both the safety harness and,restraining bar were working the Darien,Lake theme park website says ride of,Steel passengers must be 54 inches or,taller but without his legs hakama was,only about three feet tall the,roller-coaster and surrounding area were,closed after the accident for further,investigation the ride reopened two,weeks later with a local Department of,Labor deciding that operator error was,responsible for the death of sergeant,hacker murder,the parks general manager said during a,press conference that they have expanded,existing training to include,recertification and increased disability,awareness meanwhile the accident hasn't,deterred thrill-seekers as to this day,there are still impressively long lines,of people waiting happily for their turn,on the ride of Steel tragedy struck at,an amusement park in China when a,space-themed ride designed to simulate a,rocket launch took thrill-seekers on a,fatal trip the space journey ride was,housed under an 80 meter diameter dome,and had only been open for just over a,year but sometimes made in China happens,and it happened big-time on one fateful,day in the summer of 2010 six people,died and 10 others were injured in the,high-speed accident at the overseas,Chinese town east resort in the southern,city of Shenzhen more than 40 passengers,were on board looking forward to an,intergalactic extravaganza of spinning,bobbing and acceleration twice that of,gravity but things quickly spun out of,control when a structural fault caused,one of the cabins to disconnect from the,ride the dislocated cabin smashed into,several other cars at maximum warp speed,as it failed to resist the pull of,gravity some witnesses said passengers,fell upside down from the,to their deaths others spoke of hearing,a Big Bang smelling burning than losing,consciousness an investigation later,found that a loose scr

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How Kenyan Campus Girls Make Money!! #RuakaExposed (PART 1)

How Kenyan Campus Girls Make Money!! #RuakaExposed (PART 1)

Sunday 24th November 2019 Kenyans and,social media woke up shocked to the news,that police had arrested a group of,young girls working at a famous brothel,in ruaka well this didn't come as a,shock to me because this is something,I've been working on for a couple of,months now it all started when I got,this on my Instagram a screenshot from,one of my followers complaining that,ladies nowadays in Nairobi are selling,sex as cheap as 3 000 Kenyan shillings,just to make a living well that made me,remember this,a conversation started on my WhatsApp by,a lady identifying herself as Sarah well,she asked for a job and when I responded,saying that I didn't have any jobs to,offer well she sent this,a request to hook up with me saying that,nowadays relationships are hard to,sustain saying that she only wanted to,spend some good quality time with me and,in exchange I give her money,she sent me her location and asked me to,drop by for some steamy time,I thought about it the better part of,the day and in the evening,with my hidden camera at hand I headed,over to her place,yo so guys she just called me and told,me to to get into the apartments uh,Mulberry Court Apartments a fourth floor,A8,uh yeah bruh,uh what the hell am I doing here I,really don't know and I'm freaking out I,never freak out but bruh this this is,shocking man this this is Philippine,shocking like actually not this is,really the picture the Watchman ends,there I don't know I don't know what's,up,yeah let's see,a few minutes later she appears and,gladly welcomes me to her house,I slowly drive in and park well she,doesn't waste time she welcomes me to,the house and straight to the bathroom,where I find two ladies yeah,they're going to show me how they relax,their anal muscles using cucumbers since,they're getting ready for an anal,threesome with a rich Indian businessman,they continue showing me how it's done,all this time trying to convince me to,have an anal threesome session with them,they tell me even though it's expensive,their experience is worth it it's,sweeter than any type of sex,I act interested and curious at the same,time I start asking questions to better,understand what anal means before I buy,this amazing product they're selling,what's up,she asked me to join in the bedroom for,some good quality time at this point I,tell her that I think I have changed my,mind I want the threesome anal sex and,for that reason I think we need to,reschedule but for now,thank you,foreign,we head over to the bedroom and as they,get ready for the Indian I get to learn,more about them I learned that they are,all Compass students one of them,actually finished form four last year,and that they operate in different,houses across Nairobi,it's time to leave and I say my goodbye,I promise to come back for this team you,force him then I ask about the Indian,what's up,my own family,so in a week you can make an easy,hundred feet,in a month,definitely,um,okay there you have it guys uh it's it's,it's really shocking what's happening,she just went up and yeah man this is,what's happening in this in this age in,this digital age digital prostitution,young girls in compass uh just selling,their private parts for money it's it's,really saddening uh hiring out a house,and leafy suburbs like raka and kilimani,uh found out also in Roy sambu uh,they're hiring out houses and just,selling sex men for money to Indians to,wealthy people to politicians it's,really crazy so first of all the the,actors see if they're looking for a job,randomly looking for your number and,then once you start getting a bit chatty,with them they offer sex and the way,they start the conversation it's a very,casual and very friendly kind of way and,then you find yourself in places like,this and I've had a lot of complaints,from a lot of followers of mine who said,uh they've lost money they've lost,phones they've lost valuables so once,you've had sex with them they ask you,whether you want to go shower and or do,all that stuff and then once you're,there leaving a property there they get,to see it uh it's really crazy what's,happening so yeah hopefully this video,gets to inform a lot of you people gets,too educated a lot of people uh so make,sure you like subscribe comment down,here below tell me what you think,man I am shocked man it's happening,again,Department very beautiful lady it's,really saddening what's happening in,this country,bruh it's crazy yeah like subscribe,share comment below tell me what you,think it's it's much man yeah on to the,next one guys thank you very much,yo what's up guys so it's exactly a,month uh since uh my fast experience,with this ladies she's referring me to,another chick who lives in in Westlands,just off Rapture Road and I'm headed,there right now uh the picture she's an,Asian young girl very pretty so yeah,let's see how this goes

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Will Smith SLAMS Jaden Smith For Dating Tyler The Creator

Will Smith SLAMS Jaden Smith For Dating Tyler The Creator

jaden is,100,fearless,i'm looking in his eyes and i'm like,you're not pretending you really don't,care what i think he will do anything,he's completely willing to live and die,by his own artistic decisions,many people have questioned jaden,smith's sexuality over the years due to,his frequent controversial stunts and,until recently the 22 year old musician,had never confirmed or denied anything,jaden's most recent stunt has left fans,even more perplexed and questioning his,sexuality will smith jaden's father had,an unexpected reaction to his son's,stunt so what was will smith's reaction,allow me to break it down for you in,this video jaden smith is no stranger to,celebrity aside from being the son of,mega stars will smith and jada pinkett,smith the 22 year old actor and rapper,has been performing since he was 8 years,old he began his career in the 2006 film,the pursuit of happiness in which he,co-starred with his father and went on,to star in films such as the day the,earth stood still the karate kid and,after earth he also released three,studio albums and a slew of hit singles,including his collaboration with justin,bieber and never say never but it's,smith's one-of-a-kind personality and,willingness to express himself openly in,the face of conventional expectations,and social norms that fascinates fans,the most his personality has also had,many fans question whether jaden smith,is gay in recent years rumors about,jaden smith's sexuality have been,swirling for a while now but jaden has,always been pretty vague about his,sexual orientation leaving his fans,totally confused over the years he has,been linked to several other young stars,such as kylie jenner model sarah snyder,and actress odessa alden even more,recently he was spotted with bridgeton,star phoebe dynavere however this has,not stopped the fans from speculating as,to whether or not he's gay his fans,strongly believe that jaden is bisexual,especially due to the gay rumors that,have circulated around smith and rapper,tyler the creator the speculations began,in 2018 when smith made multiple public,claims that the who dat boy rapper was,his boyfriend during his set at the camp,flog non-music festival smith opened up,to his concert crowd and called tyler,the creator his, boyfriend i just want to say,tyler the creator is the best friend in,the world and i love him so effing much,smith said and pointed to tyler in the,audience tyler doesn't want to say but,tyler's my mother effing boyfriend and,he's been my mother effing boyfriend my,whole effing life smith continued to add,excitedly tyler the creator is my mother,effing boyfriend it's true if you take,anything away from his effing show,that's what you should take away a few,months later smith added fuel to the,fire after tyler the creator won a,grammy award for best rap album my,boyfriend just won a grammy smith,proudly tweeted what wasn't clear at the,time or even now was is whether the,after earth actor was joking or serious,about his relationship with tyler,neither performer has made a public,statement about their relationship,leading to speculation among the media,and fans however both personally and,professionally it is clear that the two,actors are close smith talked about,working with tyler the creator in an,interview with zane lowe for apple,music's beats one last year man i'm so,happy to have this feature from him,jayden said of tyler's appearance on a,single noise it's the first time it,might be the most talked about song of,the album you have to hear tyler's verse,people are going to listen to tyler's,verse and they're going to come back and,look at this and they're going to think,it's really funny listen to tyler's,verse it's probably like it's insane i'm,not going to ruin it but it's literally,insane people are not ready and that's a,fact this is so far off guard it's going,to be hilarious,tyler for his part has never publicly,confirmed these rumors largely ignoring,them it could be an inside joke between,the two or it could be a publicity stunt,his fans haven't noticed the statements,came out before the release of their new,music after all smith is known for being,provocative not only in fashion but also,in social media smith also hasn't been,shy about expressing his gender fluidity,after all it's what's helped him,establish as a fashion icon for the,non-binary community we can only say,he's ambiguous about it with the,information we currently have he could,be on the lg btq plus spectrum in 2016,he appeared in a pleated skirt and a,cool leather jacket for a louis vuitton,woman's wear campaign he also created,his own non-binary fashion line msfts,in a 2016 interview with variety smith,said he created the line for the girl,that wants to be a tomboy or the boy,that wants to wear a skirt and people,try to condem we're here for you tell us,your stories if someone at your school's,trying to pick on you it doesn't matter,because jaden smith got your back smith,also credited his famous parent with,

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How Schlatt Got a CAT Cancelled on Twitter - Chuckle Sandwich EP. 44

How Schlatt Got a CAT Cancelled on Twitter - Chuckle Sandwich EP. 44

guys,we're in,we've jacked in and right now they're,being forced to listen to us i think,yes the,codes the code has been completed uh,we're we're hacked into the mainframe,we're speaking through the speakers of,the white house joe biden hello,this is us from the chuckle sandwich,podcast,nice try joe you won't keep me out that,easily,pepsi cola joe biden listen to the the,sounds of pepsi what's going on in the,white house they've got so much pepsi,cola in there,joe biden is obsessed with soda,he's gonna make laws making it so only,ice cream,joe biden dental records they're ,guys it's like swiss cheese in there,he's got cavities all over the place,he's gotta visit the dentist it's mush,his his teeth are hardly as solid guys,when he bites down it's still like he's,gumming,do you think that joe biden knows that,it's the one year anniversary of chuckle,sandwich charlie i don't think so which,is why i'm gonna need a jack and a joe,biden cyber chip here i go,boo boo boo boo,hey what's going on joe which chuckle,sandwich anniversary shirt are you gonna,be buying today that's right ladies and,gentlemen it's the anniversary episode,of chuckle sandwich and we've got merch,baby look at that all right yeah,yeah you like those two shirts that,we're wearing schlatt welcome to chuckle,sandwich,guys we have great news one year ago on,this date schlatt was looking directly,into his monkey lamp a stingrays barb,was flying directly into my foot ted was,directly breaking all of the bones of,everyone listening as he does he will,find you eventually,seriously if you hit play you go on the,list,and now,we are here today guys how are we,feeling,i'm feeling fantastic i am surprised,that we managed to last a year but at,the same time,deeply delighted that we managed to do,it um you know along the way,charlie he,you know hit his head a little hard and,had to learn his abcs again and that's,very apparent in his recent tweet where,um he tried every letter in the alphabet,and he managed to not get the uh the,literal of the day,um,yeah,that was a good tweet charlie that was,that was not after multiple tries by the,way that was seriously like oh what's,this,we gotta we gotta we gotta narrow it,down for the audience what is le terra,lola,so you probably know wordle right,it's this word game schlot you tweet,about it every single day i tweet hassan,my results every day why is that by the,way,because he wants them to see them,i don't,believe you anyway wordle is a,five-letter game where you basically,guess uh and try and piece together the,word it tells you what letters could be,in it and when they're like in the right,place,and so naturally there were some,spin-offs because it's very very popular,and one of these that i saw pop up on my,twitter timeline,was literal,where it is a,one letter word,also known as just a letter,and you need to try and get guess,the right one through process of,elimination how many letters are in the,alphabet boyce 26 26. how many guesses,do you think it took me to guess the,right one took 26. it took 26 guesses,it wasn't even like i went abcd either i,was like okay i've got most of the ones,on this side we're going to switch it up,there's no possible way,ah,i thought you were doing a bit is that,an actual app another app called lateral,you could play literal i did and i lost,oh that's funny how are you that bad i,don't know dude because the question,he's asking himself every day it's,probably because if you take 26 tries,charlie you you take 26 tries to guess,the letter you're probably pretty bad i,don't even think i guessed the letter i,think i guessed every other letter and,then it filled in what the letter was,it was like when you come in last place,in mario kart and your card just stops,yeah and it's just like great job,everyone else is done give up,yeah it was x by the way it wasn't even,z or or it was x and i guess x last,um,well charlie,i got something to cheer you up man it's,a year into the podcast and we've done,something truly special,please tell me,besides hacking to the white house,earlier today,oh,baby oh wait a second i think i,um do you taste it do you taste it i,think i taste what you're serving me,ted's filling himself up right now ted,you're touching your hot body right now,what's going on touching my hot body,because i know what's on my hot body,chuckle sandwich merch the anniversary,merch,limited time available for only two,weeks,not wearing it right now,we've all got a different sandwich what,have you got ted let's let's i suppose,yeah we should explain what what we have,going on here for the merch basically,what we did is we worked with the,wonderful artist kajiro who made the,chuckle sandwich branding the the,original sandwich oh yeah,and,we each invented our own specific,chuckle sandwich so in the case of me,i've got the wonderful,knee break uh,the knee breaker that's the the,knee breaker burger my knee from when i,was catching a fly ball out in baseball,and you came and you came and buste

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From Hacking $4.1 Million to Prison | The IRL Money Doubler

From Hacking $4.1 Million to Prison | The IRL Money Doubler

people between the ages of 13 and 25 who,are living in their mom's basement,existing off uber eats never leaving,their homes and all of a sudden they're,instant millionaires on the 15th of july,2020 a 17 year old infiltrated twitter,posting a bitcoin doubling scam to the,accounts of numerous celebrities being,called the biggest security incident in,twitter's history former president,barack obama tesla founder elon musk,even microsoft's bill gates it netted,him a hundred and seventeen thousand,dollars pennies to a teen who at the,time of his arrest was found with three,million more ah and when i did some,digging i found that he has a long,history of internet fraud and extortion,so today i'm going to tell you the,untold story of graham how we went from,stealing thousands on minecraft to,robbing millions from ceo hedge fund,types to getting involved in a homicide,and eventually getting greedy and,hacking twitter all before he was 18.,this is going to be a wild ride into the,seedier sides of the internet so buckle,up,i don't scam dude your channel's,literal you get zero views i'm,basically your channel dude,might as well say open makes mcvids come,on now they work together and they scam,uh like my gun capes like they sell my,gun capes and it's a scam i mean i've,heard about your paypal,in the past month off minecraft i know,you're ddosing,i didn't hit him off you,hit him off it's not your first time,ddossing someone i i only believed it,because of um,his youtube channel because he has subs,but it's actually ridiculous some of the,stuff that graham got up to in 2016 when,he was just 14 years old but most of all,i found that this era of his life really,highlights something important about his,personality see graham was running what,was a rather large youtube channel for,the niche that he was in he was doing,videos on a minecraft game mode known as,hardcore factions and in his videos he,was extremely charismatic and charming,but underneath this act he was really,leveraging and taking advantage of his,audience to scam them for money and,worst of all when exposed he would show,zero regard for right and wrong he,literally didn't care what other people,thought of him,look what we're about to explore on the,surface is just the shenanigans of a,young teenager but what it helps us,understand is how he was able to make a,seemingly small leap out of this world,into committing his later much more,serious crimes,before any of the scams what influenced,graham to arrive at this point in his,life well very little is known about his,childhood other than that he was raised,by his mom a single parent as you've,seen already he certainly appears to,have been a troubled youth perhaps at,risk to get involved in any sort of,crime but i would bet money on hardcore,factions being his first introduction to,the dark side of internet fraud and,extortion there's a lot of context here,so let me explain see this game mode was,originally devised and hosted by shopo,network it was a twist on the already,notoriously toxic game mode factions pvp,at its core players formed teams aka,factions they would build bases to store,their loot and they would fight members,of other factions with the hopes of,beating them so they could raid their,bases for the riches and bragging rights,this new hardcore version had a couple,of twists that really pitted players,against each other the most intense of,these changes is that if you were killed,you would be banned from the server for,the duration of your playtime and this,gave players time to stew often coming,up with a plan for revenge even if it,meant taking it outside of the game,during this era minecraft cheating,clients were becoming extremely popular,due to griefing teams on youtube,glamorizing their destructive nature and,hardcore factions was no exception to,this with the stakes so high it was,almost irresistible x-raying was one,thing but the real power was in the pvp,cheats players were almost forced into,it to remain competitive,now that said i don't think the actual,cheating was the worst part no the worst,part was the culture around these,clients see hardcore faction players,were known for ddosing account hijacking,and even swatting the hack client,culture had permeated into these servers,there was and still is an overlap,between minecraft cheating and actual,hacking communities you know i remember,the natas forum i was a young teen then,myself and that place was literally my,first introduction into the world of,booters dump databases credential,stuffing remote administration tools you,name it they were using all those,techniques there to procure hacked,minecraft accounts on hardcore factions,people were literally purchasing and,selling stolen accounts known as alts,for a few pennies each to continue,playing during that period after death,but for some like graham they would end,up exploring these techniques outside of,the context of minecraft it was like a,stepping stone because these same,techniques c

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Youtuber Accidentally Exposes the Scam He's Promoting

Youtuber Accidentally Exposes the Scam He's Promoting

this is the streamer I show speed and,he's about to accidentally expose the,scam he's been paid to promote,especially For Speed just for you,Paradox crypto see the moon Paradox,crypto to the Moon not only that I,actually ended up confronting the people,behind all of this and it didn't exactly,go well advertising 10x to 100x is that,a get rich quick scheme yes or no no now,we're gonna get to all of this but first,let's start at the beginning in what,started as a live stream to meet,Cristiano Ronaldo and give away ps5s,quickly turn into a nightmare after fans,realized the Meetup was fake and was,being used to promote a scam literally,they used a fake Cristiano Ronaldo who,couldn't play soccer and was wearing a,buy Paradox crypto coin t-shirt and it,quickly got worse the live chat started,calling paradoxcoin a scam in the middle,of this sponsored stream and called I,show speed a sellout which caused him to,get very angry you sold out they're,using your speed this is just sad,that is crazy bro like them comments,like that bro this makes me like that's,crazy bro the fact I ever made like,I just think of me like that it's just,crazy I hate that bro y'all so weird bro,it's crazy bro it's crazy when people,think of me as a sellout as I literally,sell out now to be honest I don't watch,much of iso speeds content I know he's a,popular streamer and from what I,understand he's followed primarily by a,bunch of teenagers who think comedy is,now we know comedy is subjective but I,do think one thing is objectively,hilarious and that is the fact that all,these teenagers and kids called this guy,out I mean just think about it the,target of most crypto scams is gullible,people and who's more gullible than kids,and teenagers so when those people see,right through your scam that's pretty,embarrassing and it got so bad that,speed had to mute himself to try to,figure out how to salvage the situation,the only problem is he forgot to fully,mute the mic so what do I do now,foreign,now before we get to the rest of this,audio of speed exposing the scam let's,talk about Paradox coin the thing he's,promoting how do we know this is a scam,anyways well I checked out their website,to learn more where they call themselves,the future of gaming but the one thing I,really took away from Paradox is that,they're not one thing the Paradox,metaverse is actually seven things each,one possibly dumber than the last and,I'm gonna explain them so first up is,the Paradox game which has Graphics out,of the PS2 era which made me wonder why,they'd be giving away ps5s I mean are,you trying to make your games look worse,by comparison but it gets even crazier,because I spoke to the founders and they,called their game Triple A quality and I,took issue with that we have worked day,and night for the last year to make this,as you probably know you've probably,done your research it takes two years on,average to make a triple A game right,yes yes or no on average anyone that,does a bit of research in Triple A game,you know it's roughly takes between two,and three years for a triple A game as,far as we are concerned and frankly I,have to take Serious,serious that this is a AAA game yeah,this looks like,designing Unreal Engine I'm sure you,have,defined it but you admit,wait a second can you describe yourself,as an indie game you describe,yourself,to you but just give it you are,interrupting me of course you are you,you call yourself an indie game on your,YouTube channel and then have the,audacity to come on my channel and call,yourself AAA yes we are a self-funded,Indie Studio a UK based Indie gaming,studio Indie studio so yeah I'm not,buying this AAA game story because not,even they believe it and even for an,indie game studio uh things seem,unfinished I mean in one of their,gameplay trailers I found like the,starter weapons HUD in Unreal Engine in,their game so how many day and nights,did this really take this isn't just any,regular game of course it's a blockchain,game so they sell nft avatars which you,can used to play in game and if you play,in game it earns you para coins now,follow me here uh to earn these pair,coins you complete missions which,apparently require up to eight hours of,gameplay to accomplish and once you do,that you have to wait 24 hours before,starting another mission uh I guess if,you do that full time they estimate you,make 500 a week based on four hours a,day of playing weight I thought these,missions took eight hours to play okay,I'm a bit confused but whatever let's,press on they even have an answer for,people who don't like grinding,themselves apparently if you want you,can rent out your avatar to someone else,for para coins and passive income uh,okay so now you have para coins right,what are you gonna do with them well you,can sell them but why sell them when you,can lock them up and stake them forget,this even more paracords if you do this,your paraccoins turn into P Save which,then you lock up for a period sorry,trying to maintain my a

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Virginia man accused of killing neighbor found guilty of first-degree murder; video shows incident

Virginia man accused of killing neighbor found guilty of first-degree murder; video shows incident

well we have something that is just,breaking this evening a verdict in the,case of a former nasa worker charged,with killing his neighbor who was a,national guardsman we'll have the,details plus show you the video,prosecutors used in court right after,this fox 5 breakthrough,the case of a springfield man accused of,killing his neighbor is now closed the,former nasa employee was hoping to,convince the courtroom he shot a,maryland national guardsman in,self-defense but they decided otherwise,sierra fox is live in fairfax county,virginia tonight with the verdict and,sierra what are you finding out,good evening jury deliberation started,around 10 o'clock this morning here,behind me at the fairfax county,courthouse in a sealed courtroom and,ended around 4 30 this evening the 12,jurors found michael hetley guilty of,first degree murder and use of a firearm,in commission of a felony today i was,able to get my hands on new video,evidence that shows the ongoing brewing,tensions between these two neighbors,that lasted for years we want to warn,you it may be difficult to watch,that was six months before the murder 24,year old javon prather is seen driving,by 54 year old michael henley's home,cursing at him later police arrive and,prat their shouts at officers from his,front door now let's fast forward to,march 2020 the day of the deadly,shooting you can see prather walk over,to hetley's home the defendant claims,his neighbor was banging on his door so,violently is swung open hadley's own,ring doorbell camera shows him coming,outside with no words in just a burst of,gunfire seven shots went off in six,seconds four shots at point blank range,two in the back as prother tumbles down,the stairs and the last shot as prather,lays helpless in the driveway now listen,to what hatley yells at prather's wife,as she tries to find out what happened,before dragging her dying husband to,their yard,get away,hadley the former nasa employee tried to,convince the jury that he shot and,killed prather the maryland national,guardsmen in self-defense to protect his,family however that did not work fox 5,just received a statement from fairfax,county's commonwealth's attorney steve,discano who says race did play a role in,this deadly incident back to you

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