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You Can Apply to a Job with TikTok – Here's How

so you can now apply for a job through,tiktok with a video resume,never thought i'd say that sentence in,my life but here we are,this is because tiktok just launched,their tiktok resumes pilot program,and in this video i'm going to tell you,exactly what it is all the details you,need to know,show you how to make one and apply for,jobs by going through the process myself,and then also give you general tips for,video resumes,let's get into it so tick tock resumes,is basically a pilot program that tick,tock is trying for the first time,where you make a video resume you upload,it to tiktok and then you can use that,video resume to apply to a bunch of,different jobs at companies like,chipotle,shopify target and even tick tock,themselves the program is only open for,a short time this first round,any applicants who want to be considered,for these job postings have to apply,before july 31st so if you want to do,this,get your application in sooner than,later and they have said that they might,do a future round if this one goes well,currently they're only offering us based,positions,some of them are in person and some of,them are also remote now this might seem,like it's coming out of the blue like,who uses a video resume to apply for a,job,but it is a practice that has been,around for a while the number of people,doing video resumes versus regular,resumes has been small but video resumes,are definitely on the rise,linkedin also just released a feature,called the cover story where you can add,a story to your linkedin profile,so if you haven't gotten into using,videos for applying to jobs and resume,stuff before,now is definitely the time to get into,it at first i was also skeptical to use,video to apply to jobs,but there are a bunch of benefits to,them over regular traditional resumes,especially if you're in creative or,design field the first reason is that,you'll stand out,as i said not many people are making,video resumes compared to just,submitting a regular traditional,paper resume so this is a valuable way,to stand out to potential employers by,putting your face to your name,and just getting to show more of your,personality and who you are video,resumes are also an opportunity for you,to tell your story by weaving together,your experiences why you're interested,in these things and how you became,passionate about them,in a way that a paper resume may not,another huge benefit,is that you can show actual visual,examples of your work this could be a,sneak peek of your portfolio,whether they're images or actual video,clips or animations,of the things you've done but even if,you don't produce visual work like an,artist or designer would,you can show yourself in action at work,doing the things you're talking about in,your resume,or showing images from your experiences,words are great but visuals really stick,in people's minds at the end of the day,now there are a couple steps to actually,making a video resume whether you're,making one generally or for the specific,tick tock resumes program i'm going to,go through them and also give a lot of,tips for making it a good one,the first step of the process is to plan,your video resume now i know it's,tempting to just go and press record,on your phone or camera and just start,speaking but making your video resume a,well-produced piece of content like you,would with a regular paper resume,is important so you show your best work,to potential employers this can just be,an outline of points you want to make,during the video such as this kind of,skills or experiences you want to talk,about or convey,any examples of the work that you want,to show on the screen,also making sure to mention the exact,fields or types of jobs you're applying,to,and why you're interested in those,things you can go to the job postings on,the tiktok resumes website,and check out some of them see what kind,of words they're using,and i would try and weave those keywords,into your actual video,because people will recognize them more,and then learning from others is always,great,they have a couple examples on the,tik-tok resumes website for,ones that other people have made that,you can check out and if you go to,hashtag ticktalk resumes on tiktok,there's a bunch of examples as well,now the next step is to actually film,your video you definitely don't need a,fancy camera or equipment for this,you can just use your phone and if,you're doing this for tik tok,specifically you want to make sure your,phone is filming in the vertical format,lighting is also important i'd recommend,standing in front of either a window or,some natural light source so that your,face is well lit and then have a clean,or at least organized background behind,you,a wall or a more empty room can work,well if you aren't used to being on,camera,talking to a camera can be weird,sometimes so definitely do,multiple takes if you need but just talk,to the camera like,it's an interviewer or someone that,you're speaking to and i know it's,tempting but

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what's your name what's your age,where are you from what's your sign,who you love what's your style,what you do what you drive,stop should you use a tick tock resume,to get a job,that's what we'll be covering in today's,video i'm khmer toflow resume writer,linkedin consultant job search,strategist and linkedin top voice who,helps established professionals dare to,do work differently and learn great,fitting gigs,i post new job search videos every week,and my videos will equip you with some,of the most valuable information to make,your job search easier because job,searching shouldn't be this hard,earlier this month in july 2021 tick,tock announced that they were piloting,tick-tock resumes,this would allow you to use a tick tock,resume to apply to the likes of,target chipotle or shopify for entry,level to experience level rules,now what we know so far is that this is,a pilot project,this is not replacing the traditional,written resume across the board,when this project was announced,reactions to tick-tock resumes seem to,be mixed,in general i don't like the idea of,tick-tock resumes and my concerns have,been,noted in a forbes article which i've,included in the description below,now i'm not a tick tock hater i find the,platform entertaining and i've learned a,lot from different,tick tock creators and i'm not some,tuned out old millennial because i,happen to have a side part okay,but let me dive into the concerns that i,have about tick-tock resumes,and the risks that i predict you might,face,if you do decide to apply to a job with,a tick-tock resume just to make sure,that you're fully aware,of what you might encounter through this,process first i,am very concerned that tick-tock resumes,will fuel,and enhance bias and discrimination when,viewing you,in action on video just like you're,viewing me right now,the viewer will develop a knee-jerk,impression of you based on things like,how you look,how you dress how you speak how you,sound,how well you present on camera etc and,this impression very well could be,informed by,the viewers unconscious bias the,argument here is well there's bias in,every part of hiring and job searching,how is this any different the difference,here is that with applying with a,tick-tock,resume we're actually serving up more,aspects of ourselves to be judged upon,before we even get to the interview,stage,many of these aspects a recruiter would,be blind to,when just reading a resume now let's,talk about tick tock's alleged,suppression,and censorship of certain creator groups,there are countless reports and evidence,that point to,tick-tock suppressing black creators,as well as not properly crediting them,for their original work,in particular viral dance crazes that,many,white creators have benefited and,profited from just check out the tick,tock hashtag,black tick talk strike to get an,understanding,of what the issue is further there are,reports of censorship of black lives,matter,hashtags or related content check out,the tick tock video,that i linked in the description below,from ziggy taylor,in addition to this tiktok was exposed,by the intercept for their alleged,company policy to censor anyone deemed,unattractive by their standards,in the alleged policy documents it,outlined that people,such as those who were overweight or,living with disabilities,were subject to having their content,suppressed the,intercepts expose is linked in the,description below with this,illustrious history and reputation,i don't have any assurance that your,tick tock resume,won't face similar roadblocks within the,tick tock platform itself,and this really worries me next i'll,bring up the obvious,tick tock resumes have me worried about,ageism tiktok is considered a,young person's platform roughly 50,percent of tick tock's global audience,is under the age of 34 with 32 and a,half percent,between the ages of 10 and 19.,and 41 of tick-tock users are between,the ages of 16,and 24. by all means job seekers,who are older than these demographics,should,feel free to use tick-tock resumes as an,application tool,but will they to me tick tock resumes,feels like an,obstacle particularly for those who,aren't comfortable with tick-tock aren't,comfortable with video,or don't use tick-tock at all and with,the emergence of tick-tock resumes and,it being an available source for hiring,i do worry that tick tock resumes will,be favored,over the traditional written resume,finally let's talk about tick-tock,resumes versus linkedin cover stories,i've heard a lot of comparison between,tick-tock resumes and the linkedin cover,story,if you want to see my video on linkedin,cover stories,which happens to be the top ranking,video on,linkedin cover stories i've linked it in,the description below,comparing tick-tock resumes to linkedin,cover stories is like comparing apples,and oranges,with tick-tock resumes that is your,application,but with linkedin cover stories that's a,profile extra,it's there to enhance not serve as your,complete,application

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TikTok Resumes, How to make a video resume stand out.

TikTok Resumes, How to make a video resume stand out.

good afternoon everyone this,is nishad gadani coming to you from uh,lockdown victoria yes we are in lockdown,and probably the whole east coast of ma,of australia is in currently in lockdown,so we are going to bring some optimism,some fun and some joy,on this friday at least in melbourne's,gloomy day outside it's,a bit overcast i don't know if it's,going to rain,but yes we are back on your linkedin,facebook youtube wherever you are,watching this,this is the episode 217 and this is uh,world's,large world's biggest running show of,only,something like that,you know just floating in ego on friday,afternoon,uh and um yeah and we are today we are,talking about,tick-tock resumes now who would have,thought gen xers,talking about tick tock resumes right uh,but here we go,the world has changed and that means,that we go to do what,the employers or the world really wants,so you know we are going to talk about,tick-tock resumes but,it's an important way for you to find a,job you know expand your personal brand,using a very creative platform uh,obviously most,tick tock is probably downloaded more,than two billion times,that's considered that's 33 percent of,world's population,that's a big deal by the way uh you know,and if you're,you know not if you're living under the,rocks you should probably go and,download teak talk it's fun,but it's also addictive too so make sure,that you,uh you know you put some you know what,we say some alarm,to tell somebody that you you know it's,been dinner time and you've been,watching tick tock since lunch,um so so just to just to make sure it's,quite addictive,too and when i talk to my son who is 15,years old he's in year 10 and so we are,going to talk about tick tock so if you,see a comment on there he's,already commented that he's there and,probably his,friends who are what we call millennials,or,jen zaire jen i know ex-wife,yeah that's right they will also be here,and hopefully they will,ask questions and be nice to us um you,know rather than asking,some crazy questions and and uh and,before we introduce our,you know great guest she's going to talk,about tik tok resumes and the importance,of it let's,welcome caroline brown thanks nation i'm,actually really excited to talk about,this,because just in general video cvs and,video applications have become,a bigger and bigger thing so i think,people really struggle with that,and i guess you know i know that it,probably targets a much younger,demographic than us,but we're kind of the demographic that,are doing the recruiting a lot of the,time,um so it's good to give that lens to,the the discussion as well so danielle,thank you so much for joining us,thank you very much um up here in,beautiful sunny,queensland it's still quite warm despite,the fact that it's winter here,um and yeah it's my pleasure to come,along and talk about um tick tock,resumes,uh so generally speaker you mentioned,the millennial category so the gen y,category for myself i am an older gen y,um i just make it into that bracket,there um but generally speaking um,you know we're still targeting around,the gen z you know so,a bit fair bit younger than me there but,um you know,as you said before we are generally,speaking the people who are doing the,recruiting so it's so important that um,you know we do engage with contemporary,platforms like this,so we can you know first make sure that,we have contemporary,recruitment practices so we can reach,those um demographic that we're trying,to target,and you know it's so important also for,our professional development to sort of,you know um you know expand our,knowledge on these things as well,fantastic tell us how a tick tock resume,works because i know they piloted i i,just saw the news release and i read,your blog post,um but how how does it work,yeah so um they started the process with,a pilot so it's a video,uh resume pilot program at the moment so,it started i think,must have been the start of july um and,the pilot closed on the 31st of july so,it ran for um about a month,um so basically speaking um there's sort,of two ways to engage with tick-tock,resumes so the first way,is to create a tick-tock resume broadly,speaking not pitched to a specific,job more of a general elevator pitch if,you like,and then you post it post it using the,hashtag ticktalk resumes,and then what that that is designed to,do is any recruiter who might be sort of,um you know searching for someone who,might fit,their requirements sort of you know,scrolls through the hashtags,they find a video that they like they,you know look for more information and,then they might reach out to the person,who has created the video,and um let them know about an employment,opportunity,so it's sort of like that cold calling,um you know cold leads type of approach,uh the second approach is more targeted,so um,on that ticktock there is a website,called ticktock resumes um,which is support there to support the,program and it's almost like a job board,if you like so,um participating bu

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Find a Job With TikTok Resumes

Find a Job With TikTok Resumes

this is twit an interesting story,popped up uh i think it was just,yesterday i i saw it fly by,uh about tick tock and uh some potential,uses for it outside of learning you know,the latest,new dance or uh figuring out you know,what's replacing the,uh the the what is the chubby bunny,challenge,um and this one was kind of not where,not what i expected it to be uh so i,immediately said oh boy,i know who we've gotta have on the show,today uh joining us it is my absolute,pleasure to say,abrar alhiti from cnet is here to,talk to us about tick-tock welcome back,to the show,thank you so much for having me i,appreciate being your tick-tock uh,go-to person um,well let's let's kick things off here,with um kind of an explanation,of uh this new feature that uh tiktok is,trying out before we kind of get into,because,as i mentioned to you and inviting you,to the show i think this on its own,maybe,is not um a super in-depth story,but it's kind of the the thoughts,surrounding it and the impact of it so,we've got to start with explaining,what's going on what tick tock is,experimenting with,uh before we get into the the bigger,impact here,absolutely so tick tock is launching,this pilot program called tick tock,resumes,and so they as you said not only want,you to pick up the newest dances and and,find out about the latest products,um that people are talking about but,they want you to find a job,and so they want people to go to take,talk use a hashtag,ticktalk resumes and have companies spot,them,or find companies that are looking to,hire new employees,and what they want you to do is,essentially they want you to,show your personality through these,videos so they want to you know they,don't just want you to turn in a resume,and not have companies know what you're,like or what your interests are or what,you're passionate about,they want you to show companies and,there's such a wide range of companies,here there's target,shopify chipotle abercrombie and fish i,noticed even tick tock has job postings,on this and so essentially it's a,website that you go to,and you can see all these listings but,what you do is you create your tick tock,video,and then you drop in a link for your,tick tock video which has your elevator,pitch and you just apply to whatever,company you want to apply to ranging,from entry level all the way to expert,okay so see this is what's interesting,about this because i think when people,would hear about this right off the bat,um there's there's like there's so much,here because we've got to think about,how,um you've humans by default,are just uh incredibly resistant to,change and,um due to you know any level of,um you know unknown uh and,the fear that comes with that are also,resistant to kind of,the world changing while they stay the,same,and so i think immediately you're gonna,have folks going,okay uh this doesn't make sense it's not,how you do,resumes it's not how you apply for a job,it's back in my day this is how we,applied you got one sheet and if you had,more than one it got thrown in the trash,and all of that so i i find it,interesting,you've pointed out there that it's not,just that you can,you know send out your your tick tock,video your you know your resume or your,uh,application in that way but it's,companies actually kind of going to this,portal and saying,we're interested in looking at this um,so is it is it a partic in what you've,seen is it a particular type of company,uh that seems to be uh into this or,did any of the companies that are on the,list kind of surprise you,yeah you know it was such a wide range,of of companies i mean one of the things,that i thought was really cool was i saw,a listing for in all recipes on camera,host and producer and so it's like what,better way,to find if someone's a good fit for that,role than to see them in a tick tock,video and see,what they're like on camera and see how,comfortable they are so when i see roles,like that i'm like well that really,makes sense for something like this,because you can't pick up on that,when you turn in you know an online,resume um,that's just written and so you know i,think it's really cool that it really,does range from,you have retail and then you have all,the way up to like you know executives,at,various tech companies or um you know,like on camera stuff like this there was,listings for like nascar,and people in sales i mean it's stuff,that doesn't just relate to,you know being on camera but i think i,think when people see what you're like,and they see your energy,that becomes a really important,indicator because um,you know someone could have the skills,but if they don't fit into your company,culture we hear a lot about company,culture,you know you can teach people skills but,you can't teach people how to get along,with everyone and how to fit in at the,company so i'm thinking that this is,really going to be helpful,for a lot of people and yeah it can be,hard to get over that okay this is weird,like,why would a one minute video be,

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Morning News NOW Full Broadcast - July 8 | NBC News NOW

Morning News NOW Full Broadcast - July 8 | NBC News NOW

good morning,everybody quite a morning it is i'm,jasmine vasugin we're so happy that,you're here again i'm savannah sellers,joe is off today,right now on morning news now recovery,operation,officials in surfside florida confirm,it's quote,no longer possible to find survivors,buried beneath the rubble of that tragic,condo collapse,as the official death toll climbs to 54,with dozens more presumed lost,coved concerns we've got our eye on the,rapidly spreading delta variant this,morning now the dominant coronavirus,strain in the u.s,accounting for more than half of new,cases but will your vaccine protect you,we've got the answers moving north,tropical storm elsa is now responsible,for one death in florida as the system,makes landfall for a third time,making its way up the southeastern coast,this morning we'll take a look at the,damage left behind and where elsa is,heading next,boomin boise even as the pandemic kept,most of us home over the past year or so,millions of americans moved across state,lines,for a better life so where did they go,well a lot of them boise,idaho will let you in on america's best,kept real estate secret,and infiltrating the system followers of,the controversial far-right conspiracy,movement q anon have a new plan,to spread their beliefs offline to a,school board near you,we'll explain we'll begin this morning,though with the heartbreaking news out,of surfside florida,exactly two weeks after the deadly,collapse county officials have decided,to formally end the search for survivors,and shift now,sadly to a recovery operation paxton,boyd from our nbc affiliate wtbj joins,us now in surfside,paxton good morning thank you for being,here with us today so,first just tell us about this decision,what if county officials said about it,and any reaction there,right good morning yasmin uh savannah,yeah this was the,inevitable and gut-wrenching update that,families simply just,did not want to hear as of midnight last,night search and recovery,search and rescue i should say efforts,officially switched to that of recovery,and this comes 14 days after the,collapse of the champlain tower south,since that time,54 people have been pulled out of that,rubble,more than 80 are still unaccounted for,at this time with wednesday marking the,largest one day total,in the death toll and it all made for an,extremely powerful,and emotional evening here in surfside,last night those first responders who,have been,working tirelessly on that pile for two,weeks now,coming together stopping for a moment of,prayer and just a block away,at a makeshift memorial that has really,blossomed over the last couple of weeks,a vigil was held by county city and,state officials along with community,members who are mourning,to really pay respects to those who lost,their lives and,mayor daniella levine cava of course,saying that,you know first responders have,officially just exhausted all,possibilities here,talk to us about the moment of silence,last night it was,an incredibly emotional moment in making,this transition,from search and rescue to search and,recovery,a real moment for all the victims of,this incredibly tragic collapse,paxton do we still have you do we have,you paxton,seems like we've lost paxton for now but,obviously savannah just an incredibly,tragic moment there for the surf side,uh community with all the members that,have been lost all the members of that,community the folks,that have died the families that have,just been ruling over the last couple of,weeks waiting for any kind of,miraculous good news now,that time coming to a close but offering,a bit of closure i'm sure,for many of them one family is saying,like please be honest with us about,what's going on here we heard president,biden say that when he visited,us with these families there's certainly,an element of closure but of course i,mean just such a heartbreaking and,then of course that moment of silence um,last night so we're going to continue to,follow that story obviously as it,develops over the next couple of days,and still very much,a search and recovery yeah mission,all right so we're also following some,breaking news this morning um japan has,declared a state of emergency in tokyo,just two weeks before the olympic games,are due to be kind prime minister,yoshihida suga made the announcement in,the last few hours he said that stronger,countermeasures were needed to combat,the rise in coronavirus variants,this state of emergency is going to,remain in place throughout the olympic,games and,end on august 22nd he did not say,what the restrictions could actually be,now the variants are also a cause of,concern in the united states the highly,contagious delta variant is now the,country's dominant strain,it's now responsible for more than half,of all new cases,nationwide just two weeks ago the,variant was only making up 30,of new infections so that's quite a jump,nbc news now correspondent maura barrett,is following,the latest on the variant this morning,maura good mor

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