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all right Mom I'm gonna give you 10,seconds to separate the salt from the,pepper if you do it I'll give you 20,bucks okay all right go,salt from the pepper,did you really think I want to get that,red,are you ready I'm ready okay,what's this piercing butterfly okay,what is what is this a wing okay,remember that word okay,go like this,okay say that word three times,Wing hello oh my God,all right Lexi you ready yep here we go,and go,oh I got one,no no no,oh God no no no no no no no no no no no,no oh no okay five here we go,oh God,hey Mom did you know if you put salt on,top of ketchup it heats up,so,no way,wait do you hear that what oh what do,you think I'd fall for that bread hey,Lexi I bet you a hundred dollars I can,make you clean my room with one word,Okay Tyler oh is it you who's Tyler Lexi,do you want me to dust too yes please,hey Lexie can I have one sure,thank you hey Lexie can I have some no,no let's see you know what fine,let's just agree to disagree fine fine I,hate you I hate you more,foreign,what are you watching Harry Potter oh,can I watch my show after sure okay what,are you watching Harry Potter not,anymore,all right Lexi wanna win the 10 bucks,yes all you have to do is take it from,my hands you,to dry belt to your hand no I didn't I,didn't tape anything no Mom,all right Pearson this is your stop oh,thanks so much for the ride,oh what what just happened did you see,that too,lip filler prank,what's up I did it do what,what,no,that I see,garlic fillers,Andrew,I'm really hungry,oh,yo Andrew oh I helped myself to the,bagels downstairs hope you don't mind,ow mom,ow mama,a baby,yeah I made out with your sister what,are you gonna hang out with your sister,yeah we're about to pick her up,I think she's really hot,huh yeah that's what I would have bought,the three sons yeah yeah you told me to,buy them,oh my gosh she looks so cute you look so,cute thank you oh my God you look so,cute are you almost done oh you can just,open,hey are you almost done oh you can just,hop in okay,yo you go she's calling she's calling,hey babe where are you I can't hear you,right now I'm in a bunch of traffic get,out of the road,what was that it actually started,raining really hard and thunder are you,okay oh my God I just got into a car,crash are you kidding me some lady ran,into me give me your license plate oh,she's walking over to me oh she just,slapped me oh she just slapped me again,put your finger on the screen and wiggle,it up and down,yo Ben do you know where my leftovers,went,I know we got leftover cake what,Lexi check him out he's cute he's all,right he's really cute stop he's really,cute say hi stop say hi to him stop hey,foreign,what dog do you look like okay I'm gonna,be a cute one oh yeah oh yeah you're not,a ghost yes I am you're a dog are you,I'm gonna be a golden retriever for sure,no you're not, you're right give me something cool,cool dogs,oh wow you are golden no I'm not what,dog are you,um I'm obviously a poodle yes you know,what they're smart I'll tell you what,hey Andrew are you okay yeah I'm good is,everything good yeah why are you crying,what no wait,what,is everything okay yeah you look really,sad what do you mean you're crying,no I'm not yo Ben why are you crying I'm,glad it's just bright no no you're,literally crying I'm not crying yes you,are all right oh my God there is no way,you can say this word and look angry so,say bubble in an angry way go,bble bubble,Maxine come help me,I got my hand stuck in this vase,I don't know I was cleaning it okay here,go like this I've been doing that,I'm doing that,hold it right there hold it steady all,right I have an idea,okay,here we go ready one,two three,ah there's something wrong with my eyes,are you okay there's something wrong,with them what's wrong with them I can't,keep the mafia oh my God,okay here we go three two one flying,full time,okay,are you not even playing no I was,playing I was playing all right guess,the country or get hit by a pillow oh no,Brazil yep all right okay here we go,okay come on give me an easy one give me,an easy one we got these pillow's ready,Brett oh Iceland yeah dang it okay here,we go,all right,um I'm gonna smash red,India yeah,you're a lucky duck okay here we go this,is so stressful,oh easy easy no no,all right so apparently if you burn an,egg and you dip it in water it turns,silver no no we're gonna try that right,now it's not gonna work I think it's,gonna work three two one,whoa what y'all,whoa,with somebody yeah,Wanna Dance With Somebody,with somebody who loves,happy birthday Lexi I got you balloons,200 your favorite flowers oh and a brand,new iPad oh thank you brand,on my birthday Brent I have a present,for you oh you do it's a hi,what's up Jeremy what's going on what,the hell what yo what oh my you gotta,smooth it over bro that's good do you,clean your car yeah I cleaned my car you,literally drive it a landfill I saw that,stuff in the back how's the lighting,it's fine you just spell that okay chill,out no I have to leave

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BEST OF 2022 comp! #MatthewRaymond (TikTok/Shorts LaBoogie & Tyrone)

BEST OF 2022 comp! #MatthewRaymond (TikTok/Shorts LaBoogie & Tyrone)

well well well looks like someone wants,to watch a compilation of all of my,greatest moments,stop talking and just play the video,please everybody like comment on this,video subscribe if you haven't already,subscribed and i hope you enjoy this,hell yeah,hey i want to know something what the,hell was i like when i was a baby you,were a lot less annoying than you are,now you were actually pretty nice wait,how the hell would you know you weren't,even dating my mom you were actually a,baby when i first met your mom,hey so uh i saw you back there and i was,just wondering if i can get your number,who is the hell is this ugly house,crusty house raggedy man trying to talk,to my mom who in the hell does he think,he is oh you're real sweet i think my,baby likes you yeah he's got a lot to,say i wish i could understand him goo,goo go go go go go go you know i think,your cute little baby here is telling,you you should let me take you on a date,hell no hell no i'm not saying that you,better get your dry crusty house ashy,house whips away from my mom uh i think,he does like you okay we can go out hell,no mom don't talk to this bum house,raggedy house man don't let him take you,out his broke house doesn't even have,any money,what is this noise,i know this cat is not dragging his butt,all over my floor yeah his house is,itchy as hell first of all watch your,mouth secondly pick him up and go clean,it no ew that's disgusting tyrone i told,you the only way you could keep this cat,is if you took care of him now go clean,him oh good it looks like he's almost,done now,you have got to be kidding me,and we're home time to wake up tyrone,hey come on wake up we're home,babe your son is passed out here,oh i can tell by the way you're looking,at me that you want to sriracha my,spinach feta wrap,what are you doing why aren't you,cleaning i can't i'm i was i i'm just go,i was gonna we have guests coming over,grab a broom all right look i just,cleaned oh yeah you did look at that,what is that that's a speck of dust you,have to clean everything,now,okay all right all right hell yeah hell,yeah,hell yeah,stop making all that noise in this house,you're almost here my cousins are almost,here yeah and i don't need you to start,acting crazy like that,babe when are they supposed to get here,i don't know my sister says she's,dropping them off right now okay then,everybody needs to make,their hair oh,yeah,oh sweet hell yeah all right i need your,kids okay just relax for a second let's,play video games,babe,you good babe i have the hiccups,those are intense you you should drink,some water yeah i tried it,wow,nope this is bad,babe come back no nope nope,all right tyrone you're about to meet my,good friend danny please don't act up,okay fine whatever you say,yo danny what up what up matt long time,no see baby yeah man i see you got two,girls now congrats yeah man they're a,handful too my dad has a rash and the,doctor says he needs ointment it's,because of his constant diarrhea girls,get in the car this man right here is,not even my real dad he's just my mom's,little boyfriend tyrone you get in the,car too my dad's last girlfriend says he,has explosive fonts good to see you bro,girls get in the car now please thank,you yeah my parents are negative ten,dollars in their bank account why would,you say okay bye to get in the car,seriously,at the same time and they all glue them,come on girls let's go,my daddy can't even afford this car my,mommy pays for it yeah my stepdad pees,to bed every single night sorry it was,great to see you after all these years,okay boogie it's time to leave your,daycare my house wants to stay at her,daycare no tyrone this isn't about you,tyrone tell my daddy i gotta sneeze no,tyrone i'm serious there might be snot,everywhere all right come on the boogie,oh you are getting heavy well boogie,says she's about to sneeze all over your,ugly face that is not what i said,terrible,my house is tired as hell so i'm brewing,some coffee no you can't just walk into,my office and make coffee well i just,did kids your age shouldn't even be,drinking that mm-hmm,don't you take a sip,whoa whoa whoa holy smokes i'm filled,with so many ideas right now,okay tyrone just relaxed holy smokes so,many new ideas here's what we should do,we should build a whole new house start,by breaking this wall down build a whole,new one right in this point okay no,we're not gonna do that just chill out i,could go for a cheeseburger right now,you want a cheeseburger i'm gonna go to,the kitchen right now and get a,cheeseburger out of the fridge no no no,you can't just get a cheeseburger out of,the fridge,okay i didn't find any cheeseburgers but,i didn't find a bag of chips i already,ate it tyrone just calm down so much,energy right now,hell no i'm not cleaning that dish,tyrone i know you are not throwing my,dishes leave me alone i'm doing my,chores like you told me to do i said,clean the dishes not throw them well i,don't feel like cleaning these,i'm getting your mom,jada

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