How To File TikTok Settlement Claim! ($92M Lawsuit)

you might be entitled to money from a 92,million dollar class lawsuit against the,company hey what's up guys it's josh and,in today's video i'm going to be talking,about the tick lawsuits and how you can,file a claim to get a check for yourself,for tick tock collecting your data so if,you guys have not seen recently there's,been a lot of articles coming out about,a lawsuit that's a 92 million dollar,case against tick tock for collecting,data on its users without telling them,it says right here if you've been using,tick tock in the us before october you,might be entitled to money from a 92,million dollar class lawsuit against the,company but how do we actually do it,says right here to file a claim you can,go to,which i'll leave the link in the,description let's go there and let's,actually see how to do it if you've,lived in illinois and use the tick tock,app to create videos you may be entitled,to six times the payment alright guys so,it seems like all we have to do is come,to submit a claim,and since i have not received a notice,and a confirmation code i'm going to,click here and now we're going to start,filling out my contact information it,says right here guys to put your parent,and guardian first last name if you are,under 18 i do recommend doing that,because when it comes to anything legal,you don't want to lie about your age,you're probably not going to end up,getting a check now guys right here,where it's asking for the email address,with your tick tock account make sure,you guys put the right email here if you,don't know what email you use for your,tick tock account you can go into your,tick tock settings and figure it out,pretty easily do you currently reside in,the us yes are you both a resident,illinois no i do not live in illinois,did you use tick tock make your day,video sharing application and or,musically processor prior to september,30 2021 yes i don't know how many of you,guys let me know down in the comments,but i've been using tiktok since it was,literally musically the first video i,ever made on tik tok you can actually go,check is i was doing the running man,challenge recording mannequins enter all,usernames for tick tock accounts used by,you or your miner child in the box to,the right so guys if you have multiple,accounts enter all those usernames your,alt account your second account whatever,for me i only got my main account,josh.bertie now we're moving on to the,payment section guys,now when it comes to this this is,seeming a little bit sketch i don't want,to give anybody any of my information so,i'm going to choose the option to get a,paper check success thank you for,choosing a payment method boom perfect i,think the paper check is the best option,because you don't have to give any bank,information or anything like that and if,you get the check you can just go and,deposit it into your bank and get that,money last thing you guys are going to,want to do is electronically sign it and,then hit submit and guys from this point,your claim is done as you guys can see,if you scroll down to the bottom if you,have any questions you can email info at,tick tock data privacy and you can also,print your claim but besides that i,think we're done so yeah if you guys,would like me to make an update video if,i actually get the check or not and or,if there's any more updates on this case,let me know in the comments below guys,but this has been joshuafusion here and,i'll catch you guys in the next video

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TikTok, Snapchat reach deal in privacy lawsuits | Morning in America

TikTok, Snapchat reach deal in privacy lawsuits | Morning in America

social media giants snapchat and tick,tock could soon be paying out millions,to users after settling class action,lawsuits over privacy now both companies,are accused of illegally collecting,users biometric data and disclosing it,to third party companies without consent,earlier this week snapchat agreed to a,35 million dollar settlement then on,wednesday a judge approved a 92 million,dollar settlement with tick-tock news,nation investigative correspondent rich,mchugh is joining us live with the,latest on these settlements rich so the,big question is are we all going to get,paid if we have a tick tock account,that's a good question adrian uh good,morning,you know,everyone these days is talking about how,their internet their devices are,watching them or listening to them and,it turns out it's actually very true and,this settlement with tick tock proves,exactly that,we bought this lawsuit to protect users,of tick tock because tick tock was,collecting their biometric information,which is things like your eye color,things like what your face looks like,your race your ethnicity and they were,using that information and selling it to,other companies like google like,facebook in order to target you with ads,and they weren't disclosing that to,their users in the settlement made final,yesterday tick tock agreed to pay 92,million dollars to its users who used,the app prior to september 2021 and who,filed a claim by this past spring the,suit is divided into two classes,nationwide users and a combination of 21,different lawsuits filed on behalf of,children in illinois those complaints,dating back to 2019 allege that tick,tock uses a complex system of artificial,intelligence to recognize facial,features in users videos and that it,analyzes people's faces to determine the,user's age race ethnicity and gender to,recommend content and profiles for the,user to follow tic tac while it didn't,admit everything that we had accused of,doing it didn't recognize that changes,were needed and ultimately it was,willing to pay 92 million dollars to,rectify what we allege was a real,problem in previous court filings tick,tock denied all the allegations and said,it has never shared u.s user data with,the chinese government facing off,against tick tock you've gone through,discovery process with them what is it,that you would like parents to know,about tick tock for any situation where,their kids are on a the internet and are,able to use an app that they should be,looking at the privacy disclosures tick,tock now has implemented privacy,disclosures that will inform parents how,their kids information is being used and,it's really critical for parents to be,looking at that and determining whether,the use of their child's information is,right for their family if you are using,tick tock you are in effect consenting,to the use of your information,so to answer your question adrian unless,you submitted a claim by last spring no,you are not eligible about 1.2 million,tick tock users submitted claims and are,eligible for for some slice of this you,know this settlement,uh also important to note that this is,the second largest,uh privacy settlement the the biggest,was last year with facebook,um and it's i asked the attorney who we,just heard from are we going to be,seeing more and more of this with claims,related to privacy and she said,absolutely yes well is that it i mean if,you didn't file in the spring that's it,or or tick-tock users can still file a,claim,that's that's correct so they cannot,apparently i'm not a tick-tock user but,tick-tock every tick-tock user was sent,a notice on their account in in their,you know pop-ups wherever and it told,them if they want to file a claim they,can file a claim and they have to do it,by this date a lot of users should cause,a lot of confusion people posting online,about it but um,that was the deadline,jump in while the getting was good as my,mom would say all right thank you so,much we appreciate it rich,thanks for watching go to, to find news nation in,your cable lineup and don't forget to,click the red subscribe button below to,get more of news nation's fact-based,unbiased coverage

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Joe Reviews TikTok's Crazy Terms of Service

Joe Reviews TikTok's Crazy Terms of Service

the jurogan experience oh my god i read,tick tock's terms of service i went down,a tick tock rabbit hole yesterday yeah,it's good i stayed home smoked a little,weed and i started reading up on tick,tock yeah oh my god i'm gonna read you,this because this is so crazy is it good,or bad bad it's so what are you saying,it's a bad place to be listen to this,this is uh from tick tocks privacy,policy all right it said we collect,certain information about the device you,use to access the platform,such as your ip address um,user region,this is this is really crazy uh user,agent mobile carrier time zone settings,identifier for advertising purpose model,of your device the device system network,type device ids your screen resolution,and operating system app and file names,and types so all your apps and all your,file names all the things you have filed,away on your phone they have access to,that file names and types key stroke,patterns or rhythms so they're,monitoring your keystrokes which means,they know every thing you type,wow battery state audio settings and,connected audio devices where you log in,from multiple devices you will be able,to use your profile information to,identify your activity across devices we,may also associate you with information,collected from devices other than those,you know you use to log into the,platform meaning they can use other,computers that you're not even using to,log into tick tock they can suck the,data off that that's what you're,agreeing to,when you download and start using tick,tock,that's wild it's insane my question,would be do you think they did that they,created tick tock just on purpose to,have all that 100,wow i think they saw that people are,addicted to social media and they came,up with the most addictive version of,social media which is tick tock it's the,most addictive by far it's the best for,sucking people in my my kids are ,hook line sinkered on that and i,know a lot of other people hook line and,secrets to grown people it's good it's,good and it starts playing things,immediately the moment you turn it on,it's like playing you a new thing,playing you're like,you just sucked into it and all the,while it's monitoring your keystrokes,your audio settings but by audio,settings that means it has access to,your microphone that means it's,listening to you right now just tell me,how it ends man it ends with china,having all of your data,and if they develop if they get all the,data currency then what well you're,because if they look what's going on in,china i don't know if you've seen this,but they they pulled tanks in front of,banks to stop people from ,rioting because they just took all their,money did you see all that,yeah did you see that ,oh my god they have shut down people's,accounts and they're doing a social,credit score system in china and they,have digital currency,videos of tanks shows chinese military,exercise not bank barricade yeah,according to china and the ap but if you,see what what's going on over there with,the digital currency what they have is,the ability to tell you you can't buy,gas,like hey theo we don't like the way,you're living your life so you're not,going to be able to buy a plane ticket,china's a dump man,i mean there's cool people and i like,some of the food but,i think that i think it just i don't,know i don't like the way they're doing,it all,what any military exercise they're doing,when they're putting tanks in front of a,bank is intimidation at the very least,do you think the people there even know,what freedom is anymore you think,they're just so brainwashed they've,never had freedom like we have so no i,mean they weren't even capitalists for a,long time right it was a communist,country and then they realized you know,what in order to compete we got to,loosen this up a little bit and let some,people get greedy and make a shitload of,money and that's what they did they kind,of have a hybrid of capitalism and,communism you know because in the old,days it was like the government would,tell you what you do okay the government,would tell you what you get paid all,right and you just did what you had to,do you did what you were told right but,what they do now is they allow people to,get extraordinarily wealthy so some,people they develop industries they,develop businesses and they work in,conjunction with the government like,every business that exists in china say,it's a tech business,you are an arm of the government you you,know you're not independent from the,government like that was the the the,concern with huawei,like when they were trying to when they,banned huawei phones from being,distributed in america do you know about,all that i don't think so it's not the,gas station they no that's that's uh,wawa right what is that,you're talking about flip phones it's,it's it's a h,no they have super complex okay um,smartphones like huawei it starts with,an h,huawei had some amazing phones oh huawei,huawei okay,okay um and they had amazing phones that

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Tiktok | Users Report Receiving Real Payout in TikTok Data Privacy Settlement

Tiktok | Users Report Receiving Real Payout in TikTok Data Privacy Settlement

users report receiving real payout in,Tick-Tock data privacy settlement,in the small hours of Thursday October,27 2022 numeristic doc users took to,Twitter to report having received an,email regarding an approved real data,privacy settlement,the figure most users claim to have,received is,27.84 although some say they have,received a larger amount naturally,people are suspicious of emails,promising them funds,many have aired their thoughts on,Twitter seeking confirmation that The,Tick Tock data privacy settlement is,real and that the email they have,received is legitimate,the focus in grv media have reached out,to tick tock for comments on the payouts,is The Tick Tock data privacy settlement,real,yes in the sense that the settlement,itself exists it is entirely real,in February 2021 bite dance the company,that owns the social media app Tick Tock,agreed to a 92 million class action,settlement to settle data privacy claims,from some U.S users of the site NBC News,reported at the time,NBC cited documents filed at a U.S,District Court in Illinois the,settlement came after more than a year,of litigation tiktok consistently denied,any and all allegations made against it,while we disagree with the assertions,tick tock said in a statement the same,day the documents were filed rather than,go through lengthy litigation we'd like,to focus our efforts on building a safe,and joyful experience for the tick tock,community,but the settlement still required Court,approval fast forward to July 2022,settlement granted approval,a year and a half later a federal judge,approved tick tock's 92 million data,privacy settlement,in doing so Judge John Lee of the,northern district of Illinois resolved,litigation dating back to 2019. that,year Tick-Tock users brought a total of,21-class action complaints against the,company media post reports,an update on September 20th 2022 on The,Tick Tock data privacy settlement,website informed those following the,case that an appeal had been filed this,may have postponed the issuance of any,payments,the settlement cannot become effective,the update reads and settlement payments,cannot be issued until all appeals are,resolved we have no estimate as to how,long this may take,Twitter users report receiving emails,relating to real Tick Tock data privacy,settlement,numerous people have taken to Twitter to,share what appear to be screenshots of,emails they have received with regard to,The Tick Tock settlement from an email,address linked to Hawk Marketplace,Hawk Marketplace is a rewards delivery,platform it enables reward management,via an online portal,those discussing the tick tock,settlement online report having received,emails with information relating to,Virtual prepaid MasterCards worth,27.84 cents as part of their settlement,payment,many have also posted what appear to be,screenshots of their updated bank or,PayPal balances reflecting an increase,of,27.84 cents,why do some people claim to have,received more from the settlement,for The Tick Tock data privacy,settlement websites FAQ page the,deadline for submitting a claim form,either online or by US mail was March 1,2022,in other words it's already passed,anyone claiming to have received money,from The Tick Tock settlement submitted,their claim forms before the state,those living in Illinois who use the,tick tock app in Illinois to create,videos maybe to create videos according,to a statement on the home page,this may explain why at least two people,claim to have received virtual prepaid,cards worth 162. or thereabouts,162. is six times greater than,27-27.84 cents multiplied by 6 is 167,dollars and four cents,thank you for watching please subscribe,and hit the notification Bell to stay,updated

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TikTokers Receiving FREE MONEY From TikTok Privacy Payout?

TikTokers Receiving FREE MONEY From TikTok Privacy Payout?

numerous Tick-Tock users appear to be,receiving emails promising them free,money as part of a data privacy,settlement,the email which has been shared by,multiple users on Twitter claims that,the recipient is eligible for a payment,of 27.84 cents as part of the settlement,while it is not yet clear if the email,is legitimate the offer of free money,has led many users to speculate that it,could be a scam okay so what's going on,and why are people receiving these,emails,email appears to be legitimate and is,likely related to a data privacy,settlement that was approved by a U.S,District Court in July of this year,the settlement in which tiktok has,agreed to pay out 92 million resolves,claims that the social media app,violated the privacy of its users by,collecting and storing their data,without their consent while the deadline,for submitting a claim form is already,passed it is possible that some users,may have submitted their forms late and,are only now receiving notification of,their eligibility for payment,it is also possible that the email is,going to a larger group of people than,just those who have submitted a claim,form in which case it could be,considered a scam,if you have received this email we,recommend that you do not click on any,of the links or provide any personal,information,if you are concerned that your personal,information may have been compromised,you should contact Tick Tock directly,still most of these emails are probably,legitimate so if you did submit a claim,form and are expecting to receive a,payment you should be on the lookout for,an email from tick tock this is,something that you'll want to be sure,about before you provide any personal,information or click on any links,however,so when was the settlement granted,approval and why,the settlement was approved by a federal,judge in July of this year after tick,tock agreed to pay out 92 million,dollars to resolve claims that it,violated the privacy of its users by,collecting and storing their data,without their consent an update which,was featured on September 20th on The,Tick Tock data privacy settlement,website informed those following the,case that an appeal had been filed which,may have postponed the issuance of any,payments the settlement cannot become,effective the update reads and,settlement payments cannot be issued,until all appeals are resolved we have,no estimate as to how long this may take,okay so why do many people seem to be,claiming that they received more than,27.84 cents,The Tick Tock data privacy settlement,website's FAQ page states that the,deadline for submitting a claim form,either online or by US mail was March 1,2022,those living in Illinois who use the,tick tock app in Illinois to create,videos may be entitled to up to six,times the payment according to a,statement on the home page,this could explain why some people are,claiming to have received more than,27.84 cents as six times that amount,would be 167 dollars and four cents and,indeed many of the users who have been,making these claims seem to be from,Illinois,of course it's also possible that some,of these claims are simply people trying,to take advantage of the situation and,scam others out of their hard-earned,money,so as always be sure to exercise caution,and use your best judgment before,providing any personal information or,clicking on any links,still what are your thoughts on this,matter do you think that the email is,legitimate or a scam let us know in the,comments below that's it for this video,though so go ahead and leave a like And,subscribe if you haven't already

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BREAKING NEWS! That TikTok notification about a settlement payment isn't a scam. Here's what to

BREAKING NEWS! That TikTok notification about a settlement payment isn't a scam. Here's what to

if you've used tick tock or its,predecessor before october,1st you may be eligible for compensation,as part of a 92 million dollar,settlement against the app ticktalk,users received a notification from the,app monday about submitting a claim for,compensation,some expressed confusion on social media,and questioned whether the notification,was part of a larger scam,the settlement is real,tick tock parent company bite dance,agreed in february to pay 92 million,dollars as part of a class action payout,to settle allegations of harvesting,personal data from users without their,consent dot as part of the settlement,which affects an estimated 89 million,tick tock users the company would have,to change and disclose its data,collection practices,the settlement is the result of an,amalgamation of 21 lawsuits many of,which were filed on behalf of,minors.documents filed in the u.s,district court in illinois alleged that,tick-tock uses a complex system of,artificial intelligence to recognize,facial features in users videos and it,also analyzes faces to determine the,user's age race ethnicity and gender to,recommend content and profiles for the,user to follow,by utilizing this private and biometric,information the suit continues tiktok,maintains a competitive advantage over,other social media apps and profits from,its user of improperly obtained data all,while failing to comply with the minimum,requirements for handling users,biometric data established by bypass,the plaintiffs allege that tick tock,violated the state's biometric,information privacy act which guarantees,individuals the right to take action,against companies that collect biometric,data without consent,under bypass companies can't use facial,recognition to identify users or add,them to a database of face prints,without explicit permission according to,the cardozo school of laws journal the,cardozola review,illinois is the only state that allows,people to sue companies for violating,biometric privacy laws.the suit also,claims that tick-tock mind user,information from draft videos that were,never posted.tiktok has denied all,allegations but settled for the payout,to prevent the case from going to trial,while we disagree with the assertions,rather than go through lengthy,litigation we'd like to focus our,efforts on building a safe and joyful,experience for the tick-tock community,the company said,in a statement following the february,settlement agreement,tick-tock will delete certain swaths of,user data as part of the settlement,the court documents did not disclose,whether the company would specifically,delete already collected facial,recognition data like facebook said,earlier this month it would do but tick,tock will not continue collecting,biometric data,under the settlement tiktok agreed to,stop recording users facial features and,other biometric information stop,tracking user location with gps stop,collecting information from user drafts,and no longer store or transmit u.s user,data outside of the country unless the,company discloses so in its privacy,policies,tiktok also agreed to no longer disclose,users personal data to third parties,like facebook and google and to delete,unposted unsaved user generated videos,from its servers.parent company by dance,is set to pay a hefty settlement,individuals likely won't walk away with,that much.s,residents who use tiktok before october,1st are eligible to submit a claim,however illinois residents are eligible,for a larger share of the settlement,pool,each individual is eligible for one,share of the divided settlement,illinois residents can receive six,shares of the divided payments.parents,can submit claims on behalf of their,minor children.after attorney fees which,are not to exceed 33.33,of the fund if everyone eligible submits,a claim most will only receive about 96,cents,illinois residents can get up to five,dollars and 75 cents,but the filed documents note the claim,rate will affect individual payouts,if only 1.5 of eligible tick-tock users,submit a claim then illinois residents,can receive 383 dollars and 33 cents and,non-illinois residents can receive,dollar 63.89,if 20 of eligible users submit a claim,then illinois residents can receive,28.75,and non-illinois residents can receive,4.79,to submit a claim visit the tick tock,data privacy settlement,must be submitted by march 1st,2022.settlement class members can also,object to the settlement by writing a,letter to the court by gen 31,2022.payments will only be made after,the court grants final approval of the,settlement during a hearing scheduled,for may 18 2022,if the court approves it then payments,will be made electronically via paypal,venmo or prepaid mastercard,this story first appeared on,thank you for watching please subscribe

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TikTok Data Privacy Settlement email is REAL.

TikTok Data Privacy Settlement email is REAL.,

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What Is TikTok Settlement Payout, tiktokdatapravacysettlement?

What Is TikTok Settlement Payout, tiktokdatapravacysettlement?

in this video i will talk about why,does thick luck privacy installment is,actually trending in this period of time,and why as many people are searching,about that and what is actually tick,tock storm and payout so if you are,interested in some details about that,because i'm going to give some useful,informations,if you are interested again just stay,with me,hello welcome back again this video,hopefully doing well this day is going,great with you so,you know,in this video i'm going to explain so,much information so first of all tick,tock okay tick tock is an entertainment,app as we know where you can share your,creation related to music or dance or,any specific,category and millions of people or you,can say plenty of people use this app on,the daily basis and plenty of accounts,are created on a regular basis on the,platform creating an account means,fulfilling certain online documents that,give away your personal information,might be your name or,even an email address so there is a,lawsuit that was filed a field against,the entertainment company which is,tick-tock okay a couple of day a couple,of months sorry a couple of months ago,for illegal data,piracy and the use of children's,information without constant and,furthermore the playing tips agreed to,civil uh personally with the company and,started a campaign,from where you can get money if you are,already eligible okay,so now what is now the question is,why is,that data privacy statement is actually,trained you know a lot of people are,searching about that lately so what you,really have to know that it's trading,because,it is giving free money you know to,people if they use tick tock before,october 1 october 21,and this came as a result of the last,thought failed against the company by,the victims of that accuracy,and the ons uh who referred to them as a,plaintiffs seem to have started campaign,after coming to a stillman with a,detector company as mentioned in the,particular website,they did,this to close of the course fees and,other expenses relating to the low suit,producer okay,peru suder sorry procedure,now the other question that's uh you,know a lot of people are asking is what,is ticktock stoneman payout okay what,you already have noise,tick tock stillman buyout is a,compensation,platform that provides money to certain,eligible tick-tock users the stillman,payout arose due to the illegal use of,the data of the talk users,and what you have to know is that the,site confirms that there are at least,92 million dollars to be claimed,so if you,or any of your kids or no you know,people are eligible you called a,receiver part of the total claim amount,okay,so actually that's all sincere at this,moment if there are any other updates so,i try to make another video,thank you so much for watching

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