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once upon a time there was a girl who,made a wish to find yourself,how can you stop me,Slow Me Down,you tell me,Magic Touch,ES,right here,about me,touches

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Play Dead ttl model Bigo nip slip Bigo danceBigo show Tiktok

Play Dead ttl model Bigo nip slip Bigo danceBigo show Tiktok

out of my life,never really notice what you want with,you i don't ever feel calm,i could feel the sweat inside my palms,play with me like cats and a string,you don't understand the pain it brings,you don't ever wanna give me,got me coming back for more even when,i've been screwed dolls full of pins,pierce my heart straight,through i got issues in my head i like,you in my bed but you keep me on red oh,everything is like a test i better not,text or i'll come off desperately,i don't think you understand what you're,doing,is i'm the one who's always sorry the,conclusion even though i offer all of,the solutions i wish you love me like i,love you it's stupid when i'm alone with,you i never feel lucid,i wish i wasn't struck by cupid i wish,when i first saw you i knew this when,i'm with you i feel so useless i feel,diluted my heart's been wounded,silhouettes of you are like a dawn,never really know just what you want,with you i don't ever feel calm,i could feel the sweat inside my palm,play with me like that's industry,you don't understand the pain it brings,you don't ever want to give me wings,you don't ever want to set me free,will you get me,i

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Nip slip huge cleavage TIKTOK STAR topless fun no bra showing hot body #nipslip @bumpyrideasmr

Nip slip huge cleavage TIKTOK STAR topless fun no bra showing hot body #nipslip @bumpyrideasmr

particular facts here's my example,a good example of this is the Golden,Lion Tamarind from Brazil which nearly,died out because of logging and Mining,activities which are destroying its,habitat,today a third of wild gold mines,were raised in captivity,that's the three parts of the first main,body paragraph complete,here's the finished paragraph,I've color Coast it to highlight them,pause the video and read the paragraph,So that you can hear them so many,projects,facing extinction have been successfully,bred in captivity and their numbers,increased substantially,this is important foreign,I started main body paragraph one with,the phrase on the one hand,so main body paragraph two will,naturally begin on the other hand,these are great cohesive devices to use,when making a direct contrast between,two opposing views and they link the,ideas together well,they can be used in most discussion,essays and will help you to earn a good,score,the main idea for main body paragraph 2,is cramped cages and natural,environments and animals distressed,and here's this idea summarizes a topic,sentence,on the other hand as a significant,percentage of zoos house their animals,in cramped cages with very little space,to move around or behave naturally,they love the explanation centers to,explain and expand this idea,there's one way we could write it,stressed and depressed as well as,suffering physically through lack of,exercise,finally an example to support this point,as I mentioned before you can make one,up if you need to as I have here just,make sure that it's believable,is my example,a friend of mine recently visited a,Wildlife Park while on holiday abroad I,was very upset to see the lines pacing,up and down in a narrow bare pen and,Eagles and enclosures so small that they,were unable to fly,that's the three parts of our second,main body paragraph complete,here's the finished paragraph,pause the video again and read through,it,now we need a conclusion and our,discussion essay is done,essay should do two things,summarize the main points and state your,opinion,this can generally be done in a single,sentence,if you're below the minimum of 250 words,have you written your conclusion you can,add a prediction or recommendation,statement,our essay currently has 231 words so,we're on Target and don't need this,extra sentence but you can learn more,about how to write a prediction or,recommendation statement on my web page,about task 2 conclusions and in the,related video,I put a link to them in the notes below,this video please,link all your ideas together,sum up your argument or opinion and,answer the question,if you achieve this you'll improve your,score for both task achievement and,cohesion and coherence which together,make up 50 of the overall,Mark without a conclusion you'll score,below balancing for task achievement

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