Simple Dimple BEST TikTok Compilation

o controle só pedir tá fiz outro sentir,bem é só pedir pedir pedir pedir pedir,um,o controle sobre giro sempre bom,controle sobre si só pedir não tem,controle sobre bom controle sobre a rir,vamos rir vamos rir vamos rir um pouco,né,o controle sobre tiro só pedir pedir,pedir pedir pedir pedir pedir pedir,um bom controle sobre sentir um,pouquinho bem groff só pedir então eu,fiz outras ir fantásticos outra seguir,fantásticos outra seguir carros,apreendidos carros outra seguir contatos,apreendidos e,o controle sobre Ciro Gomes outro aqui e,outro aqui ó fiz outras ir lá,E aí

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Simple Dimple TikTok Challenge Compilation

Simple Dimple TikTok Challenge Compilation


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Fidget Toys Haul & Trading Jumbo Pop It Simple Dimple TikTok Compilation 53

Fidget Toys Haul & Trading Jumbo Pop It Simple Dimple TikTok Compilation 53

everyone i got an amazing package from,fox mind games and toys let's open it,oh look at how cute the box is decorated,a note,no,way,this poppet,is a limited edition tick tock themed,poppet,and only 120 of these poppets were,produced,let's open this,fox mine games and toys have been,producing profit since 2013.,this one-of-a-kind poppet is amazing,i love all their poppets because they're,super high quality and listen to the,popping sound it's amazing,i am so honored to receive this poppet,here's one of their normal puppets,i own many of their original go pops,and what i love about them you see that,side's amazing,and this side is two,thank you so much fox mind bye guys,i like pop it,pop it,pop it,pop it,pop it,pop it,pop it,pop it,pop,why are you still here are you waiting,for me to say yes and i'll do it for,free well i will but you have to like,and follow,everyone as you can see my puppet,collection is getting way too big for,the straw so i put my stress balls in,this drawer and then i'm putting my,puppets in this like organizer thing,where my stress balls were so let's get,started let's organize it in color order,so it's in color order now i put like,tarde poppers potato poppers and rainbow,poppers by rainbow poppy i put these two,together because i'm not sure where they,go let's start with the top section now,i'm going to do orange puppets yellow,puppets i've realized i've done a big,mistake because my giant puppets won't,fit there so now i need to move all,these puppets underneath so,green puppets i'll be back when i'm done,like all the puppets done with all my,regular puppets and i put some on the,sides there and many puppets are going,to go there,now i'm going to do these puppets,now i'm going to do my drawing puppeteer,and my dumplings here i attached all my,simple dimples together and i'm gonna,put them here here's it from the side,and here's it from the other side thank,you all so much for watching bye,so,hey guys variety fidget sent me these,two poppets to show you guys their shop,link is in my bio i definitely recommend,checking out their website if you love,poppets because they have so many,different kinds this is their hard shell,poppet,whoa,the popping noises,let's test out the crab poppet next,they have a bunch of different animals,and shapes of poppets on their website,as well,this is so good,two loud sides i tagged their fidget,account in the caption they post awesome,fidget content i would definitely,recommend you guys following them,go check out variety fidgets link in bio,two here are fidgets what do you have,for this,i'll trade you this,and this deal,for a monkey noodle,this,emoji,all three of those things for trade,i'll give you this orbeez just both my,wacky tracks and their slinky,deal,okay now i have two pop tubes what do,you have an offer for all of my globals,i'm gonna do this,i really like this i'm gonna put an,offer,how to do this okay deal,i really like this so i'm gonna give an,offer,okay i'll take that i'll give you both,mochi a pop tube a dough ball this,fidget pad this infinity cube and this,herby star spell,deal,yeah i have a rainbow poppet,for part three,real fidget training with my dad again,these are my fidgets,and these are my dad's fidgets,i'll trade these three awesome cute,mochis,i got four ugly mochis oh no i'd rather,the cute ones yeah sure look at this,thing no one even knows what it is,i'll add one cute one okay fine i'll do,it yes,offer me something for two monkey,noodles two marble meshes a snake and a,spiky oh for sure yes,maybe something good for this color,changing,no,and this one yes,this is brand new just got it kind of,love it what do you got,uh the strawberry one oh yeah sure okay,the specs,no idea what that meant but i got these,oh look attached to it is this how long,oh yeah sure,i don't know why people think this is a,fidget how about this,well since you don't really think that's,a fidget and these are like mini brands,they're not in fidgets want to do a,trade,yes i will hey guys today i'm going to,be unboxing this globby squishman let's,open it,so here it is out of the packaging and i,love how this feels,also this is supposed to be like a,little watermelon man so the black stuff,is supposed to be like seeds,i actually really like this one it's,super cute and it feels really good,that's all bye,hey guys so i just received a package,from bubblefidgets2,and they sent me two cool puppets to,review for you guys a huge thank you to,bubble fidgets for sending me these,let's open them here's the little,information card you can pause if you,want to read it,so here are the two poppets and i'm,going to start with this one also they,both have numbers and letters on both,sides,let's see how it sounds,this one feels really nice and it makes,really good clicking sounds,and here's the quiet side,here's the next one and i think the,colors on this one are super cool even,the sides look really cool and this one,sounds very similar to the other one,but i think this one

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why do developers build with twilio apis,because we make it easy to create things,find best-in-class documentation,sample code and tutorials,use the language you love see sharp java,python get going fast it all starts with,one line of code twilio we can't wait to,see what you build

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Beauty Makeover With Gadgets From Tik Tok / Emerald Girl Vs Ruby Girl Vs Diamond Girl

Beauty Makeover With Gadgets From Tik Tok / Emerald Girl Vs Ruby Girl Vs Diamond Girl

walking around this school can be pretty,dangerous a nasty prank can lurk behind,every corner today is just not a good,day for emeralds Ruby and Diamond it,seems oh but one thing you should know,about them they can teleport hey where,are you you're done for Alice get down,from there I should really get going,where are they even going but they'd,better not come back,goodness I'm not art hey this place is,pretty cute move over Julia I'm with you,girl,where are those guys oh I'll show them,huh oh we're alone in here hey I think,this place is like a beauty parlor,you're right Emerald let's have a look,around,oh the horror I can't watch I wonder if,they have anything for pimples here how,about this,oh I'm getting rid of you now,the gadget works so well those pesky,Diamond pimples disappeared Without a,Trace,just look how smooth her skin is check,me out girls how do I look oh whoa how,did you even do that you look amazing,Julia I want to be pretty too Navy's got,her own way of dealing with pimples this,mask is sure to hell with that cosmetic,problem let's get to work just put that,mask on carefully and wait for it to,work its Miracles I think it's about,enough girls let's take a mask off oh,oh well the mask worked one way or,another Navy's Emerald pickles are all,gone,wow I love how it turned out makeovers,are actually really simple you girls,whatever there are way better tools for,that check out this gadget it's great,for skin care do you think it's gonna,work I'm not sure bestie still doubting,me huh just watch and learn then now,your turn,oh you're gonna be like that well I'll,get you one way or the other,we warned you Alice didn't we,Julia our Ruby girl needs help,we'll free you in a moment bestie come,on baby,I'm trying just a little more,thank you don't mention it ew it's so,gross Alice,I feel so beautiful now yeah we're super,glad for you but don't pull stunts like,that anymore,relax just yet girls we've got a lot of,work to do ah and I've got so many great,ideas hold on just a moment my precious,first we need to take care of your,eyebrows don't even try to talk your way,out of this are you sure about this,Alice sure just trust me you'll love,your new look,what are you all right Julia just don't,do think drastic I'll fix this promise,just calm down,let's put everything back in its place,that's better you're always being too,rash Alice don't do stuff like that,again all right now the wax is sure to,work you won't even feel a thing,did it work yeah it did your eyebrows,look great that's nice but what are we,gonna do about my hair girls we'll get,rid of that too maybe it's really simple,see here we go no more inconvenient hair,wow you're amazing at this hey Alex,come on,I can do without I'm pretty cute as it,is are you sure about that Dusty have,you ever seen your nose oh I can handle,that with a trimmer,what you can do that and this doesn't,hurt yep it's great isn't it ew so nasty,all right girls we deserve a little,snack for our efforts Bon Appetit hey,it's pretty hot in here isn't it,makeovers are so exhausting maybe you,can wax your armpits if you want,help me out here Julia,let's do this bestie all right maybe,hold still we'll take care of that once,and for all I'm scared girls one two,oh,the pain congratulations maybe you're,all clean now,time to take care of our Ruby girls,haircut,what are you doing Alice oh girls I just,look terrible my hair is messed up,Beyond salvation but I'm not giving up,yet this spray will help now let's turn,up the heat a little hmm oh I hope this,works,ah straight hair is way too boring Dusty,I've got a cooler curlier idea,all I need is to put these hair rollers,in and be patient for a while in just a,minute you'll barely recognize me,my hair comes,Tangled oh it's not that bad bestie duct,tape will help you out there no no way,no how don't be a scaredy cat Julia yeah,it's a brilliant idea,whoa if you think it'll really work,all right girls get up it's time to,check our hair whoa It's just perfect,exactly as I wanted,you look great Alice yay do you like my,curls do I look like a real star or what,stop making such a Ruckus ah hey let me,go did you forget about me or what oh,right Alice help me out here sure thing,Dusty oh yeah my hair is finally,straight we look just like girls on,magazine covers,hey what if hold on Julia I've got an,incredible idea we're gonna become super,duper Mega hotties we'll have the whole,world in our feet yeah I don't think,that's gonna work out for you,your smile is like the opposite of hot,Julia we have to help her fix this let's,get to work don't be scared me just open,your mouth we'll get rid of all that,nasty slack for you come on Dusty you,can handle it you're doing amazing,sweetie,you really did it girl but why stop at,that our tongue should be cleaned up as,well,better there's a perfect Gadget here for,every job remember to clean your teeth,from now on,stop snoozing Julia your breakfast won't,finish itself,oh no Alice you're just like us this,wh

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