foreign,foreign,okay,watch it touch it touch it touch it shut,up and bend over I, up,14 questions you should ask your BFF who,replies to checks quicker who usually,plans Hangouts who's more likely to do,weird things in public who would die,first in a zombie apocalypse who's more,of a drama queen,who takes longer to get ready,who spends more money on useless stuff,who's more likely to be the heartbreaker,who's the funnier one who has more,tattoos who's more addicted to tick tock,who's more likely to become a,millionaire who's more likely to get,arrested,who's more likely to have a baby first,she thinks I'm cool,to finger down if you miss someone put a,finger down if you have a hard time,sleeping,put a finger down if you overthink put a,finger down if you have gotten your,heart broken,put a finger down if you're learning to,love yourself,put a finger down if you have toxic,friends or fake friends put a finger,down if you're single and you don't want,a relationship put a finger down if you,are single and you want a relationship,put a finger down if you like someone,and they don't like you back lastly put,a finger down if you have depression or,anxiety, up,foreign,beautiful,simple

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No Bra Mega Collection | TikTok Compilation

No Bra Mega Collection | TikTok Compilation

ờ ờ,à à,ở bên mai sẽ cứ đi đi anh về đi xa em,nơi rồi để đi ai hơn đi mon her to stay,in WordPress nâng anh lên đi tìm ngay vì,rất vui đi anh về,ở đây mình để trường phố đi anh về xứ,cái anh bên em để đi dù rất vui chơi đây,rồi đi xa nơi What are you doing lên đi,chữ ngay đi để anh về chưa,bộ đề thi trường mình đâu rồi ôi Hoa yêu,chưa ta không yêu anh đi về chưa chết đi,để anh về xinh gái thế nên để đi rủ anh,đi bên em anh về chữ K để ý,Anh tên là em đi về về mà về đi trường,bên vai trước đi anh nên tình ca em nơi,rồi à,có ai hơn đến khi to stay in Anh thương,Lady từ cái chết đi anh bên cái em ơi,tình yêu để đi chứ em ước mơ nhau với,mỗi tuyến phố đi anh đi về đừng gãi Vì,Nên nhớ tôi đi đi anh,Ừ chừng nào em để đi từng bước rời đi xa,về đi anh bên chữ cái đi đi anh về đi từ,ngay đến dù vẫn Sơn Ôi hấp yêu chưa đây,tình yêu nơi anh biết về sức ai yêu em,Ừ anh về trường ai em để đi Dù em anh,bên em anh về chữ cái để đi về mà em vui,về về là về đi chung à,anh em về mai giết đi bên nhưng ta em ơi,người để đi dù ai hơn em đi anh đến,những ai chết đi à,Ừ anh bên cái tên để đi trường e55 ước,mơ chuyện xưa phố anh về đi từ cái tim,em đi hết tôi đi đi Anh về ngay em để đi,dù anh về Đi chừng ai à,anh đi đi anh về đi mai em đến trường,sơn Ôi hơn yêu chưa Cho con nhưng là rời,nơi anh về xứ ngay Rất anh về chiều mai,em đến bên anh về đây đi chứ ạ,Anh tên là em vui về à

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Tiktok Girls Compilation - No Bra 02

Tiktok Girls Compilation - No Bra 02

you wanna do,what the hell you talking about get my,pretty name out of your mouth,cause i got a small waist pretty face,with a big bang,look how you hating on the and,you're my mama,i don't know if you can take,tell all my people cut a check,bust it down oh my god bust it down,goodness bust it down,thank you in advance i don't wanna dance,you're around i always seem to smile,smack my ass like a drum,i'm i heard you good with them soft lips,yeah you know word of mouth the square,root of 69 is a sum,right cause i've been trying to work it,out,uh,you're running late,foreign, i'm a ghost i could go on for days,and days yeah i do the most,wait whoa this one's for you,baby we could do it,thank you very much she is like pizzeria,oh you're so traumatized it makes me,want to cry you dumb i loved you,i loved you i loved you it's true i,wanted to be you and do what you do,i lived here i loved here i bought it,it's true i'm so embarrassed,i went free for weeks it,snatched my physique put the color back,on my cheeks i found peace now my,influence is catastrophic,the beat break down soon as i get on it,as soon as louis dropped the season, i cop it,feel like s.o.s you can't stop it no,smoke marijuana no show but the,but that's okay because i am still very,pretty,you know i really be questioning who tik,tok shows my videos to,like i could totally see somebody famous,scrolling past my video,being like next see me do my dance and,these thousand dollar pants,don't just spit me at my mans babe hold,on chops on your ass,keep the bands,bad to happen please don't go,bunny bunny bunny you're so funny with,your twitching noses, i'm a ghost,money is,oh no i hope i don't fall,no,mama,hate

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THE APE | BONANZA | Dan Blocker | Lorne Greene | Western | Full Episode | English

THE APE | BONANZA | Dan Blocker | Lorne Greene | Western | Full Episode | English

so,freddy,i'm homesick,did you buy me a drink me buy you a,drink,your job's hustling drinks from the,customers but i've been trying i can't,get anybody to buy me anything maybe if,you'd stop crying in their beer all the,time about being homesick,you'd make out better,it's a long walk back to memphis,tennessee,you'd throw me out in the street,wouldn't you,your cut on them drinks is what we're,gonna have to eat on tonight,i haven't been able to start a game all,day,go ahead and give me a beer,sorry,those boys just coming in the,cartwrights they own a big range get,busy,the young one is just a baby,so sell them milk long as you get your,cut,howdy boys and welcome my name's sarah,bell,you,can call me sheriff,uh pleased to meet you i'm adam,cartwright's my brother joe,that's my pleasure man,wouldn't you like to have a drink with,us,why thank you i believe i might just do,that,hey dave let me have four beers i'll,also be along in a minute,uh my turn to pay isn't it no i've got,it,let's play blackjack and win enough to,buy champagne,is the only thing you ever drink,champagne,you'll have to catch me to get you a,dollar back,i'm sorry i,i didn't know you were there,now,i'm trying to apologize like a lady,at least you can do it you let go of my,arm ow,ouch take your hands off of me you're,hurting my arm,you let go of me,thank god me you big,you're the ugliest man i've ever seen,you got something to say to me,well not me,whiskey,well i got money,don't suppose he's human,i'm not fixing to find out,you don't have to,well,he's a customer,and customers are my business yeah sure,you better not i don't think it's a good,idea,well maybe he'll buy me some champagne,hey,big man,buy me a drink,well,i like big men,even if they are uglier in sin,i don't especially like them stupid,why'd you call me that,look uh,the lady didn't mean anything by that,why'd you say that to me,i'd like to apologize for the lady oh,i'm talking to you,look if if you don't accept an honest,apology why don't you go back to the bar,and forget,oh,hmm,oh,um,one hour and 15 minutes,and ain't even moved the last 10.,i'm still getting tired how about you,what are we fighting about you know,i don't know,you know you're dang there strong as i,am,and you smell nearly as bad dude,i don't suppose they've done something,in their heads do you,my goodness,two great big boys like you fighting,over a little thing like meat,gracious,but a body think you'd have better sense,not that isn't slapping of course you,understand but,my goodness,where did you get those shoulders,honey i swear i,i know some mules would like to be able,to kick as hard as you can hit,boys,please you're,making me all butterflies inside,all that trouble over little me,uh,name shara bill you can call me sherry,sharon bell,now ain't that a purty name i ain't that,a pretty name hoss,yeah that's,it's a real pretty name,uh host we gotta get moving paw's,probably waiting supper for us,harney these are my brothers this is,adam and little joe,hi ernie,purdy ain't they,well they're not,they're not really as bad as they they,seem,you fellas going men on auntie's got,some talking we got to do well uh horse,haven't we uh lost enough time on this,already,go now,they don't like me,well you,you learn to like one another once you,get acquainted,hey,i bet that didn't hurt you a bit did it,hurt me,no ma'am,i've never seen anyone with,such big muscles,well i sure hope hoss knows what he's,doing,uh you know he's always picking up,straight critters bringing them home,patching them up,i'm not remember that grizzly cubby,found up on the tahoe rim yeah well i,was just a cub this time he's got,himself a full-grown bear,this is it hoss,arnie this is where you live oh it's got,a good roof on it,yeah,well,i got you home in one piece in here hoss,you honey,wasn't she the prettiest,the prettiest girl you ever did see i,ain't never seen nothing like her,that's,that's her job being nice folks honey i,wouldn't give her too much credit oh no,ho she can't help being nice uh i can,tell,i'd like to see her some more arnie,you don't you don't think for one minute,well what i'm what i'm trying to say is,barney girls like sherry billy they,ain't interested in the man unless he's,got money well i got some money a feller,my feller give it to me what fella,some feller,i don't know who he was i forget,oh,look here let's,let's get you out of here and get you,into a room and house somewhere,i don't want that,i don't like houses much,honey you can't just live here,this is a good place,there ain't nobody else around,you're my friend ain't jehos,sure i am honey,you ever have a friend before,sure i am,well,i was raised with my brothers honey,brothers is different,i,never had a friend before,of course you have already no i didn't,you know why,people get scared of me,people just take one look and they don't,like me,well i like you,i took more than one look at you well,maybe,you're,uh a little more,like me,your brothers,they just took one look,i can tel

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Hindi Short Film - Girl In Red

Hindi Short Film - Girl In Red

A terrible blank page...,...stands against bloody terrific ideas...,...that's the genesis of any good story.,A writers life is ironical...,...you sit idle for hours...,...to give life to a boring dull page...,...a writers blocked mind messes up everything.,5 days, 15 shags and 500 cigarettes later...,...the blank page had now begin to tease me, coax me for a story.,Suddenly I sensed that maybe this is a sign...,...a story idea may be born.,And maybe an interesting character...,...is waiting on the other side of the door to meet me.,Waiting to... Surprise me!,Idiot Sweeper!,F#@k!,Could he be the extraordinary character of my ordinary story?,Hey!!,His name was Shahrukh.,But he was just the opposite of a hero.,He was assigned to do all the dirty slimy work that no one else wanted to touch.,A loser who no one else was interested to know or meet...,...except for me.,I was searching for a story in him...,...and he in other people's garbage.,Who had a breakup last night!,Who is expecting a child!,or was conceiving one.,Who all ate what and belched out the whole night!,Who slept where and with whom?,The dirty garbage was like a book of mystery to him.,And if these secrets were revealed, he could break families.,But if one wanted to check out his life, how would one do that?,Then I saw another unique talent of his...,...he supplied drugs to the so called intellectuals in the neighborhood...,...and I found a way to know him.,Just put an intoxicating thing in front of men...,...and they'll instantly become friends.,Saheb! Have seen a dog wag its tale several times...,...but this is the first time I'm seeing a tale wag the dog.,For others its mere garbage.,But only I have the eye to find stories in them.,What did you do before this job?,Please don't tell anyone.,I was like the famous villain of a film...,...but got checkmated by a girl.,If the people around get to know that the trash they throw...,...let's out their dark secrets...,...you'll be in a lot of trouble buddy.,What sir,you're making me smoke while on duty...,...and also screwing with my mind!,If I consumed this in large quantity, I may die right here!,Don't you worry.,No one has ever died consuming Marijuana.,But if you put a Pancuronium Cyanide into this...,...one can guaranteed die a slow but painful death.,All this info is written in this paper?,Thousands of stories get printed every-day.,If you find a good one then that could be a best seller...,...otherwise it's all just mere toilet paper.,Stories are simple to make sir...,...if you say I can cook a thousand stories right now.,I believe we all are sitting on one story or the other.,This is Mumbai.,Throw a stone outside this window and it'll hit some struggling writer.,Sir,I can see a kind of a story in your eyes.,A love kind of a story.,Sir..,Sir..,Sir!!!!,Do you have more interesting stories in that computer?,Would you like to hear about a strange murder?,A strange, unique, well planned murder.,The killer chopped and flushed away the victim's body with the help of chemicals.,What happened?,What happened?,The killer brought acid along with him?,Yup. And Ammonia and other chemicals too...,...so that no trace of evidence is left behind.,Oh boy!,Was he a killer or a witch ghost?,He made the girl's body disappear in thin air?,So how did the cops find out about the murder?,The fool made a silly mistake..,..he accidentally forgot to flush out the two fingers.,The local cop once told me...,...that these kind of psychos are really dangerous.,Once they mark someone, they stalk them like a ghost...,...and swiftly kill and vanish in thin air.,You know what is the most dangerous place in the whole world?,Have you found anything like this in your garbage?,What sir! It's mere garbage, not Google.,Come on...,...surprise me.,You know Pooja madam of 303 Flat?,She is fooling around with Secretary's son Bobby,,...everyone knows about it.,Then listen to what you don't know...,...one day Bobby got a skin rash, Pooja madam was upset.,She fumed "How can one get this kind of disease!",I quickly brought the "Adult Rash Cream" for them.,4 hours later when I was taking out trash from Nikita Madam's flat...,...I found the same "Adult Rash Cream" in her garbage!,Same to same!!,Now connect the dots and know where Bobby got the disease from!,When you have to choose side between girl or money.,You should always opt for your own side. What say?,Idiot!,Behave yourself!,How am I an idiot sir?,You are the one smoking with the garbage man!,What is your issue?,Is it dame or dough?,It's always about the girl. Isn't it?,Sometimes...,...mystery is a bitch!,Recently, the Nawab of Lucknow was happy with my writing...,...and he gifted me a unique rare statue.,I was then researching for a book in the Library-cafe...,...and that's when I saw her.,Have you ever felt that you are dreaming...,...yet you so bloody don't want to break the flow.,You sense that something is wrong but...,...you still let it overpower you.,Wh.. What was that girl's name?,Sa

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