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do it for you,let me do it for you,yeah,I remember her she was she was a ,I love you I love you I love you,laughs well that's weird,on speakerphone,shut up it is not yes it is yes it is no,it's not yes it is,these are things girls do but will never,admit to part three number one when it,comes to dental hygiene women have,developed a very special tool it's way,easier to carry in very useful in,emergency situations that's right it's,these bad boys whenever bestie gets her,nails done she can turn into Wolverine,so shortly after a fizzy drink of any,kind or just out of sheer boredom,chicken whip out her claws and scratch,off the black build upon her teeth and,then she realizes she's around people,they're watching and she should probably,stop it is oddly satisfying though,number two bad habits lead to not,showering for days actually unlike men,who have a 50 in one body wash our,process is a hell of a lot longer,especially when you factor in the 30,minute solo concert the long hair,maintenance is no joke men get out of,the shower quick Rattle and Roll and you,are done we still have to dry and style,our hair and we hate the thought of that,so much that we can procrastinate whilst,naked or in a wet towel for hours on end,now you know why dry shampoo and perfume,are a girl's best friend and last but,not least we have number three the sniff,test during a girl's period it can get a,little bit uh musty so over time we've,been able to adapt to twist ourselves,into a pretzel just to smell our crotch,to make sure our pad hasn't given out,and that no one else can smell us within,a three mile radius this one's happened,to me whilst at the gym on the hip,abductor my condolences to anyone that,was at the gym that day,believe I slept in today it it's already,four o'clock in the morning I can't even,imagine I don't have enough time to get,anything done I have to cook I have to,clean I have to do laundry but my kids,don't have school today so that means I,can make them clean for me okay so it's,4 30 now if I wake them up at 5 30 that,gives them enough time to sleep in and,then I can make them do the dishes mop,the floors take the dog out what else,can I make them do they can do laundry,they can vacuum they can clean all of,the rooms in all of the bathrooms they,can even rearrange my basement I think,they would really appreciate that you,know what I'm not even gonna wake them,up at 5 30. I'm gonna wake them up at,5am okay yeah I'm tired of waiting,around let's get the ball rolling,the truth is you don't need a final,conversation or a one last time to get,closure the disrespect was the closure,the countless sleepless nights that was,closure the tear stains on your,pillowcase that was closure remember,those things close out that chapter and,move on,but not my fault I did everything I,could and you did too also why are you,still here,shut up it is not yes it is no it's not,yes it is can you get pregnant on your,period you technically can get pregnant,if you have sex while you are on your,period it's not very likely but never,say never how is this possible once the,neck is released it can live up to 24,hours while sperm on the other hand can,live up to five days if you have sex on,your last day of your period we'll call,it day seven you're approaching your,fertile window which is days 11 through,21 that means sperm can be active inside,you when the egg is released,foreign,how much does the earth cost,I'm gonna buy the entire Earth,yeah I really are obsessed with me,thanks a lot you idiot thanks a lot,Rachel thanks a lot,I just love the taste of nothing,oh my God,oh,good morning beautiful I just want to,let you know I've been thinking about,you all night last night I had such a, wake up you ain't sleep hoe,hello,oh my gosh,what do I do,want to see a magic trick good,abracadabra,foreign,another,one,what's wrong now,what is,oh my God,dumb ,don't talk to me I'll murder you,oh the pain in my heart,it's time,did you see that well the waiter,literally wouldn't stop staring at me he,was taking your order he obviously wants,me oh my God he's doing it again here,are your dreams thank you he was just,bringing out drinks that you ordered,yeah to my table I don't know why he's,interested I'm not even pretty this,always happens to me when I go out it's,becoming a problem don't go out then,thank you,I'm gonna be brutally honest here and,say that I've been rejected so many,times in my life that it's not even,funny and I've handled it absolutely,poorly I handled it so poorly because I,seriously did not know how to handle,rejection and by not handling it,properly it seriously caused me so many,problems so I'm Gonna Save You All the,hassle and teach you how to properly,handle rejection and I'm not going to,sugarcoat it because rejection sucks but,it's a huge part of life and it's a huge,part of dating and being able to,properly handle it is an even bigger,part of dating so let's go over the do's,and the don'ts of properly handling,rejection this one's

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ASMR | Drunken New Year's Kiss w/ Your Tsundere Bodyguard at a NYE Party [Forbidden Love] [M4F]

ASMR | Drunken New Year's Kiss w/ Your Tsundere Bodyguard at a NYE Party [Forbidden Love] [M4F]

I hate this place,there's too many people,makes my job so difficult,if there's even a scratch on her the,boss is gonna kill me,out the way,I said move,it's college kids I swear to God,years,there you are you brought,party's over princess,you're coming with me now,back off,you lost not you,just me and her,go,what do you think you're doing here,it's so late,and you're supposed to be at your,father's party,not some frat house,almost making it with some random guy,that guy,really,of course I followed you here,it's truly my job,now come,we're going home,listen I don't care if your dad's,parties are boring what matters is that,you get there before he notices that,you're gone,because if he does I'm dead literally,meanwhile all you're gonna get is a,stand talking to and maybe getting,grounded,when you're all your eyes on me I'm,trying to keep you safe get it safe do,you have any idea what could happen to,you if someone found out you're a mob's,Boss's Daughter,yeah I care about my job and the money,why else would it take such a dangerous,job,I'm not gonna go back there without you,look we can do this the easy way and you,can walk out of this party with me or we,can do this the hard way and I'll have,to drag you out of here,yes I would,you know I could just throw you over my,shoulder and carry you outside,humiliating you in front of this whole,party,so,what will it be princess,well your choice then a,if we go,you can hit me all you want it's not,gonna hurt me,if you weren't such a brat I wouldn't,have to but here we are,you report yourself,shove you in there as well,good girl,finally listening,making it so much easier for the both of,us,now George take us back to the mansion,put a private route please don't want,any of the guests seeing our princess,drunk,do we,we might still make in time for the,midnight fireworks if we're fast enough,I'm sure your dad would want you to be,there,especially with who he invited,they're not useless and they're not just,any suitors,they're from the other powerful families,you try to get along with them because,you're the eldest child and you'll be,taking over as the head of the family in,the future you need to learn,you think you have a choice no,you're lucky you already have a future,set out for you,those other kids at the party,what do you think they're going to do,after college,they're gonna have to find their own,jobs and go to job interviews and,probably get rejected,because of how competitive the job,market is these days,you on the other hand,I have to go through all of that,hey shut up you don't know me you don't,know where I've come from or what I've,been through,your entitlement showing and no wonder,you're still single,don't you dare bring up my educational,background,you know school isn't really for,everyone,especially when Daddy is not paying for,tuition,you should be grateful instead of being,so spoiled,I despise your type,yeah but she's pissing me off,oh you know I wish I didn't have to come,here,understand how you made presence irks me,what are you even doing in the party,anyway I didn't think frat houses,and cheap booze would attract a spoiled,brat such as yourself,or just doing this despite your dad,your friend,I didn't know you had friends,and they know anyone could like you,New Year's kiss,saw a thing now,you would want to kiss you anyway,you're gonna let that guy kiss you,I thought you had standards,though,maybe just so desperate that anyone will,do,hey,I didn't say anything about me,why am I getting roped into this,I'm single by choice,also,I need to focus on my job,maybe if you want such a slippery snake,who keeps sneaking out,I would have time for a love life,but no,it's not your Dad's job to find me a,partner,I can imagine he's stressed out enough,with you already that poor man,see some gray hair starting to grow on,him but you didn't hear that from me,wait,you're not actually going to tell him,are you,there is no way I'm taking you back to,that party,surely there's something else that could,be done to buy your silence,their way in the hell am I going to give,you a kiss,I'd rather you tell your old man that,said he was balding then kiss his eldest,daughter,go ahead,I know he's gonna find me just for,saying that,or else he's going to find someone who,can handle his precious spoiled little,princess,okay time to go,and also what's your step I see you,wobbling over there,thank you,oh what did I tell you,God,how much did you drink back there,do you really want your father to see,you like this,well,you can stay out in the garden where,your father can see you from the balcony,hold on no hold on to me,all right it's about to stop there's the,bus right up there why don't you wave at,him and she'll hit me all right please,for both of our sakes,there I think we're safe,Hey look it's starting,yeah what is it,um,what was that what do you think you're,doing your father's right there,you should just be looking at the,fireworks like the others instead of,stealing kisses from you

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