Who Will Go Viral On TikTok? **Lilly K vs Anna McNulty**

oh yeah,yes drink it,hello everyone i'm in my studio in new,york anna mcnulty is in new brunswick,canada and lily k is in north carolina,and we are doing tick-tock dares let's,do this thing all right the first vital,tick tock tire is for lily k,it is the clock challenge oh i know how,to do the fall challenge with a bowl of,cereal on your head,oh go go go come on lily let's do this,get a bowl,she did she just climb up the counter to,get oh yeah that's how my daughter does,it,lily can you make chocolate milk add,some chocolate to it yeah,chocolate milk with cereal is awesome,anyway,lily does not agree oh yeah oh yes,we're doing a bunch of tick tock dares,today they're each going to pick one to,post on tick tock at the end of the,video whoever goes,more viral is going to get an awesome,prize at the end you're going to balance,this,can she get her legs straight up with a,bowl of cereal on her head,oh,oh no stacy i can come by in a couple of,months and help you clean that she's so,mad right now,okay to give anna her first dare i've,got a special,guest jack payne how you doing my man,what's up,we've done many videos he flips off,crazy high things he's awesome,oh here he goes okay he's the guest star,to give anna,her very first dare but before that jack,why don't you tell them what they will,win,if you win the entire tick tock dare,challenge you are gonna win,a brand new piece of jordan mata merch,it is brand new guys,and it is selling out fast also this,video is zooming by,so fast they actually just added a zoom,collection to the website guys,so go check it out and there is one,limited release item in the zoom,collection that will only be available,for the next week so go check it out,right now before that item is not,available,so here's your next dare i dare you anna,to go on top of a stranger's car,and make a crazy tick-tock video,ready go go go go go go go,oh she's legitimately already doing this,stay socially distant oh,she just went right out and grabbed the,car like right away,oh my gosh okay he's letting her do this,stop time to make a tick tock,thank you so much they're really nice in,canada,thank you so much my man oh we have some,fans that send me emails and so we're,gonna have them give you guys dares,hello,hi hi i'm tiana i'm 15 and i'm a dancer,i'm sophia and i'm 13 and i'm also happy,okay lily can you get in the dryer or,washer and make a tick tock,i can do that i can do that i'm gonna,give you two minutes to get this done,okay here we go there they go they're,running,oh wow she's going right in stacy can,you get me a cool photo too of her in,the in the dryer,yeah what tick tock should she do,um how about renegade yeah,oh,do you have clothes under there in that,hamper,perfect there it is thank you very much,so let's bring in another fan she also,emailed me janelle,i'm janelle i'm sabrina actually have a,youtube channel and they've done like,10 000 videos or something crazy like,that including a couple of 10 minute,photo challenges right guys,yeah now you get to give a dare to anna,i dare you to do your your mom's,lipstick with your feet in a contortion,pose,i can do that are you ready for that mom,all right you got one minute let's go,i probably have red lipstick okay very,red,where do you want my ears stand here,anna remember your forearm think about,your back leg,there we go yes,yes that's the shot all right they have,one more dare for lily let's hear it,lily i dare you to do a construction,pose with hot sauce in your mouth,oh no all right let's start with hot,sauce,that's hot sauce it's valentino,are you gonna go up here get on the,dining room table,right and then do contortion yes dip,back,and pour it in your mouth get that sauce,oh,oh i think it's pouring in there oh god,oh,oh oh,ten nine eight,good work lily that was awesome girls,those were two,great dares thank you very much for,participating boom,okay our next fan is amelia hi amelia,how are you,good do a contortion pose in your sink,should i go in this thing oh she's going,with the bathroom sink that's,really little it's like that's for like,a kitten,i just i'm gonna go on the other side,i mean you're gonna go in the kitchen,thing that makes sense anna you're gonna,get in the sink,and then you're gonna drink from the,faucet okay yep,now she's gonna go contortion straight,back down,way to go anna that was awesome amelia,thank you so much,boom this is ava hi,hi everybody you can buy born to dance,on amazon,it's a it's a promotional moment um,um you have to do a handstand on or,out the toilet okay okay,we're gonna lose anna she's gonna change,into dry clothing because she was just,in the sink,and now lily's gonna do it handstands in,the toilet,you're gonna grab the cleaning brush you,can prop your leg against the wall,she's gonna put that thing in her mouth,oh oh,that is great actually,god that's kind of gross oh cool that,was awesome,ava thank you very much for your help,all right guys i put it out on instagram,give us some awesome tick tock

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Testing VIRAL TIKTOK Hacks ft. Coco Quinn!! *They Worked! (Kinda)**HILARIOUS**

Testing VIRAL TIKTOK Hacks ft. Coco Quinn!! *They Worked! (Kinda)**HILARIOUS**

hey girls welcome back to my channel and,today I have a very special guest,drumroll today Coco and I are going to,be testing out 10 of my favorite most,viral tick tock hacks,I searched everywhere for these videos,and these are my favorite so let's get,started Shh,oh wait before we get started we are,going to do a like and subscribe button,challenge you have to press the like,button with your ring finger in five,seconds,are you ready 5 4 3 2 1 did you do it if,you did give yourself a pat on the back,now let's actually get started at the,end of this video make sure you go to,Coba Quinn's channel because we did it,twinning up for an entire day on her,channels so after this video go check it,out the link is in the description box,down below okay so the first tick tock,hack is where you get a water bottle and,a bunch of salt you put your salt in,your water bottle and then what's,supposed to happen is when you water,bottle flip it it will always land up I,don't know if that's gonna work but if,it does this is a really good party,trick to trick all your friends that,you're just really good at what our,bottle flip egg so let's try it and you,also have to like either empty out like,half of it or drink it I'm gonna drink,buddy because I need water oh my gosh I,can't open this why use mine so hard,mom really okay and do you know how much,salt we're supposed to put it I think,you have to hear like I think maybe you,can put up to here oh that's bring it,nicely yeah my sleep foggy I don't like,to shake it I don't think so,don't you want it's like heavy it's a,fossil and every time I think you're,just actually good at it,a few moments later no no no bill,nope nope nope okay so this next hat I'm,really excited for because you turn like,this weird kind of tank top into a,really cute shirt don't really know how,it's called like a wraparound shirt I'm,not sure but it's kind of a lot of steps,so I'm gonna tell you guys how you do it,I want to tell you how to do it okay,so first you have to cut up the sides,and you just cut the front so you cut it,however short you want don't cut it too,short,she found it actually good top I had to,find a really really large tank top that,was supposed to be I did not any I could,not find any shirt that what am I,supposed to say I just maybe I just need,to know I couldn't find a cuter top than,this this is the only one that will work,so I'm gonna start cutting,this is hard I'm terrible at cutting,clothes so the cut isn't going to be,straight it's gonna be like squiggly,same last might cut something I cut it,like really short on accident remember,you're only cutting that's right you're,really cutting the front left,I'm scared the lines are gonna be so,squiggly oh my god it's already terrible,it's already bad wait am i Oh yours is,more like squigglies mine's like big,let's see if we can make a $3 tank top,into a cute top oh we don't know where I,cut from the other side oh my god I'm,making it worse what am i doing uh I,need you to stop cutting it whatever,that's good enough,wait - so long all right let's just hope,that this works I mean eaten a tail okay,guys so this is my new top yeah let me,know if you want to buy this it would be,good but like armholes are so far down,it's like a little revealing but it kind,of worked,it's sort of work no I don't recommend,it and it comes out so perfect looks,like it's frozen so okay so I couldn't,find a balloon so I got these they're,kind of like bunch of balloons and I'm,gonna try and like take this off and see,if it will come off nope nope nope nope,I might just put like,a few moments later yeah I need mine to,go more like are you supposed to put the,tape around with the square then I'm,going to make a tic-tac-toe board on my,water balloons so I'll just show you,there we go that looks good okay so this,is mine it has like a little hole I'm,just gonna like set it up like this and,I think it's just gonna like squirt it,over I'm just gonna do it in my kitchen,because like right nice make it play,some tic-tac-toe,oh my gosh okay okay now we're gonna,bring this giant water balloon outside,and we're gonna take our toothpick,we're going to poke a hole in it but not,right now because they'll be a huge mess,and we're gonna see it freeze in the air,all right are you ready yes,Oh weights working it's working oh my,god this is even better I'm gonna do,this again for fun so for this tick tock,hack if you put like baking soda in the,ketchup and it's supposed to explode,everywhere and I don't want it to get on,cars so I'm gonna like point it this way,so we're gonna see how this works,nope nope nope,oh my my bottle is expanding,yeah this is so gross so this nest hack,is the lemon juice hat so you need a,lemon and some toothpicks you're gonna,stick your toothpick in the butt of the,lemon yeah the butt of the lemon you're,going to like try to break up the lemon,the inside of it and apparently it will,pour out super easily into your little,bowl so let's see alright I think tha

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