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hi everyone how are you i hope you are,fine,welcome to my newsletter video today i,am going to discuss the important news,so let's get started,clock clockneck is a social media and,internet personality she is well known,for her videos,on popular short videos sharing platform,tip top and,her instagram questions she has,he has missed it a lot,a large number of followers in every,short,span of time,she is,also working as a non-exaggerated and,has,gained,popularity,for her,photos and videos she might be,soon see on the cover,pages,of well-known fashion and lifestyle,websites,amazing thousands of followers on her,social media account,coconut is annual,non-tick-tock personality with uh,10.5,000,fans followers,and only followers,ate 98 difference,she is a beautiful young woman with a,largest number of fans and likes on her,videos,her videos has a 79.7,000,views,including that her fans,help of a,professional at a young age and has um,missed,following on tick tock,and other social media updates,she is a young and pretty,with a fame,she has sizeable fans,based,of our dog,she,has posted are not available to the,journal public as she has kept her,profile private at,the moment,he is also,seen using,other,social media platforms like twitter and,twitter,thanks for watching if you want more,information about search topic please,like share and subscribe my channel good,luck goodbye

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check on damage as well here and today,I'm here with the lovely lovely coconut,and her kitchen salmon cheese yes it's,beautiful and we are back for red crab,season 2 and yeah season woohoo,we have her house and we have my house,over there and I also have a cat in the,chicken named Alphonso this is not a,thumbs up,nobody likes you and we have just been,doing crap like that in between seasons,obviously you guys can see we've got,these houses and everything's medieval,and low address your bag hope you guys,saw that video but yeah let's get on,with it was that that was the dirtiest,thing ever but um ok so over here we,were doing a little bit of messing,around and we ended up playing,tetherball two chickens we gave them,healing potions and beat them around,offense and because we didn't want to,kill them they now have that lovely,apartment and we can get the eggs when,we were eggs and eeeh,so that's their apartment and we could,just watch the show whenever we feel,like it,so that's lovely,so what do you want to do in there Coco,ok guys we are here the fifth line,you,okay guys so I think you see we got,obsidian in front of Steel and we have a,little bit kick axes and we are going to,build another portal and probably master,of nether portal building I suppose I'm,just going to watch this go down I,thought we were out of obsidian did it,scared me really bad because I don't,want back into this mine which by the,way it's no longer strip mines it's now,a line line oh yeah I'm up with that and,I'm proud of her nine-month ki t yes,alright let me clear up a area yeah I,have a lot of picking up chips I used,like two stacks of iron and half second,sticks and now I have I was having my,trusty leaned I gave us both down,storage and stuff like that,she hit me she doesn't love me oh yeah,let's go three two one no no no okay,okay hey Blanca so I'm here then oh,let's just go to hell real quick it's,fine,oh love another listen that's the,texture pack higher go,I hear deaf I didn't bring arrows for my,though okay okay,we have keep inventory I should get my,goal is to get some solace and just cuz,I want to expand my another worse harm,oh there's the gash I found the gas oh,okay I didn't even crack the cast here I,know we gotta get down there I feel like,we just beat minecraft I got go in and,take men whatever you do,did you get this here no I can't yet did,it burn I hope not,oh I forgot about those magma blocks,they kill you,and thanks a lot of a tirtir that is a,weird sentence Oh Laza ate my tears I,like how we just never acknowledged that,there's another fortress we were kind of,under attack from the beginning,I hear gasps find everything you guys,find it,I mean it great fault I broke on,cobblestone I'm gonna go keep stepping,stupid open my block I hate them,I'm afraid because of the blazes,otherwise I would want to go in the,fortress should we we don't even have,blocks to get in there and get working,on that right now,be careful I'm going to get some magma,blocks seems to be cool,I have no idea more though I mean before,my thing the sorcery because they drop,on the other magma block so I can't like,jump in with essence oh yeah if you're,shifting on a magma Blanc I can't hurt,you I forgot I like that run into then I,had to test it that could have gone,horribly wrong it's relying oh my gosh,okay I have enough to bridge up if I,want that oh I just bought gunpowder,I'm going to look around one more time,I definitely upgrade oh I do too extact,I'm a wheel get shot off oh my gosh i,blaze right so I have a plan I don't,trust your plan hey stop it okay how's,that go gonna make a man want it to,thank man oh you killed it teleport to,me when you go back through the portal,but you get in hit the Pigman which is,good because that could've killed us,wait why did I break up I should just,teleport to you okay so when you get,into Stella for all wait I thought a gas,blew up our portal and I freaked out so,bad,oh yeah we need a moment to mentally,prepare ourselves okay I made one bad oh,thanks and I can't one should I go in,there and should I try to break this,honor let me just try to kill fall first,oh yeah I forgot what kind of meat I,wish I had so touch my census owner and,I'm out of arrows so now should I bring,it out as our only hope I hope I admit,you out okay so what we can do is we can,go through here and we can dig around,the place and then we can get in the,rooms that are past this area okay yeah,whoa this is cool I got up like really,really high and we're so close to all,the glowstone ah this is great where,have you gone oh you're in that stuff,okay this is awesome,all right so we have all that cold stuff,from the nether what we're gonna do is,we're going to build a brewing,enchanting room here another parola room,here we're going to move it over here so,it's easier to access and the front lawn,can be made of soul sand and we're going,to plant on another works better so it's,gonna be our little nether town so yeah,let's get on to it,yo

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That time I was on tv! (An extra on Casualty - a tv show!)

That time I was on tv! (An extra on Casualty - a tv show!)

so this is all about when i was an extra,in casualty,remember that an extra right i'll show,you the clip in a minute,so keep watching and let me talk about,my day,so this book here right,this book contains uh all the things i,was writing and,did during the wait on set right for,casualty,because i only brought this book and a,pen right,i was going to try and cite to read,whatever in the book now science reading,is basically where,i read a read a bit presented to you,read a bit,present it to you right but i put all my,auto queue and i'm reading it now,so the camera's here and also q is there,right,anyways let's begin so we woke up at,five,o'clock yes five so we woke up at five,o'clock,right we got ready my sisters were,either my aunts or my nan's,and left at six it was a very,interesting,car ride right a new point in the early,morning when it's dark about,is truly spectacular anyways we arrived,at seven o'clock on the set,right literally where it's being shot,but we were in the wrong place,since we were meant to meet in this uh,trailer park,place first right one of the uh crew,members helped us get through,to get to the right place they were very,nice fair play to them right,when we pulled up we got some weird,looks since nobody knew who we were,until somebody greeted us and took us to,this place where we had to sign in,and make sure that everything was fine,right and we went to this mini caravan,where another family were waiting,we waited for a bit until we were,introduced to our chaperones,right people who basically make sure,that we're okay,right you know safe not causing trouble,right,since your parents or guardians couldn't,be on set,this was how professional it was about,20 minutes later,we went to the costume department to get,changed right from what you were in,then to what you're going to be to,wearing on set,and after four months i can finally show,you what i was wearing,right you have no idea how long i've,wanted to make this video,right that's what i looked like right,now a week ago they were quite vague in,saying what we were doing so we couldn't,spoil anything,right but on the day they told us in,detail,you were russian we were bullies or,footballers depending on what group you,were in,and in a 90s flashback right,after we were all dressed i found out,that my episode was,series 34 episode 37,and i went to the makeup department now,i didn't need anything done,right but i still sat in this chair next,to this professional person,right it's like you having to hit your,haircut then right,and they would have applied all the,makeup and all the stuff i might have,needed,like shoe polish would do it or whatever,right,once we were done we went back to the,caravan until we were called to go to,the minivan,to location so i was so excited,this is definitely one of the best days,of my life i wrote that in the book,right when we arrived on set,right where me and mum arrived early,beforehand we sat in the cafe to wait,until we were called,i waited for about two hours right i was,used to waiting since,me along with some other actors from my,acting club right,we have been in a shoe advert right we,were on set for about six hours waiting,for that and it was brilliant,that too was also one of the best days,of my life,now after the two hours we were called,right there's one thing i immediately,thought of,my time right now i was nervous not,going to lie,of course i was first time going on tv,but on the set i was definitely,confident and i loved,every second of it first we had to like,scuff our shoes,and trousers to make them look all,rugged and muddy,somebody used a cheese grater on our,shoes which i found rather amusing,right for the first piece of acting,they wanted somebody to run across a,puddle right,nobody volunteered for that part apart,from me so i got the part,it's a good thing really right so it's,around five,five seconds run into this puddle at a,certain angle to get it on camera,right the splash impact as well now that,took three goes right,and then keep running afterwards until,they said to stop,i had to do the same thing again but,with a ball,right i'm not no i wasn't too bad right,now i am,crap football right but i wasn't too bad,next they filmed some other people,playing football and then they asked me,to go in goals for the bullying scene,now i should mention i'm not just,cropping football but i'm crappy,crappie pee in general right everyone,that knows me should know this,i had to try not to flinch when the ball,was being kicked at me that's something,that i tend to do with normal,in real life if the ball's being kicked,towards me a bit off flinch,right but i managed to not flinch at the,expense of having a few balls to the,stomach,right i did it right,and then i had to watch as two of the,actors get bullied by this other russian,actor,person right the actor was amazing,i have to just stun it and see him,witness it it's amazing like,brilliant scene once it was shot we,waited in the cafe for a few mor

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what's good YouTube X avoid tables and,on bad guys I'm back with another video,every nudujohn thank you John the jameth,fam like comment subscribe to this video,sparing the comments guys and let me,know what you guys think I should do for,my next video I'm gonna be doing another,cooking with the king part 2 guys I'm so,excited for this video,Oh be patient with me guys I'll explain,all the stuff I have in front of me is,I'm gonna make a cake but like a sauce,to go with it there's something I came,up with just was thinking about it and I,said I'll just do it okay so I'm going,to do what everything I have in this,problem you can freeze we confront I'm,trying to do it as healthy as possible,not too much sugar,I mean I'm using the right sugars and,the right flour and white everything for,you I'm using some mango if you can see,right here I'm using coconut milk I have,vanilla extract I have some imitation of,rum extract so basically this is like it,gives it a flavor for the sauce beacon,powder I have some almond milk I have,some organic eight organic eggs I have,this coconut oil I have all of these,measuring cups right here,calm down at this minute and I have,brown sugar okay so basically I'm gonna,start off with making the bread part of,it first of all I'm going to use the,flour for it I'm gonna just open this up,and I'm just gonna wing it,I kept saying I don't know so I'm going,to use that's actually the whole bag,it's a whole bag which is four cups of,flour I'm going to use coconut oil in it,so many one two teaspoons of coconut oh,three teaspoons let's do three coconut,oil I'm gonna use a I'm gonna put it,and so today and also I'm gonna put,coconut milk and now so I'm going to,open this up give me one second can,opener so for this one I'm gonna use one,cup of coconut milk no yeah maybe two,cups of coconut milk,alright so also I'm going to use two,tablespoons of vanilla extract,right and so it looks oh I didn't put,any sugar sorry it's a bit it's a bit,alright so there you go so while I'm,mixing this up a little bit I will let,the sugar kind of late you don't mean so,so guys I'm gonna be mixing the flour,a little bit I haven't put in dr. on the,brown sugars yet I guess,this meeting it needs to melt a little,bit so I'm soon for an in the flower,actually looks good the banner it looks,really good you guys will see I'm done,so basically I have to merge all of the,ingredients together so like it could be,uniform select press to go down so we,become that uh I don't know well,together,and this is what you really want,all right so the first part of the,process is done you want to get it to,look like that okay okay this is you,know that's what they do,so so when you spread out the dough on,the table and you like roll it out you,put the reminder Trump's inside the door,then you roll it they you know a rule,like that,and you grab your rest of your Maggie,Milo can you put it up because this is,going to be the sauce right you're gonna,do two cups of this again and then,that's two cups of brown sugar I put it,and then you have to put in some of this,rum extract so this gives it like a,flavor like you know and a lot of you,might wonder why you put the raw eggs in,there I don't know there's something,that we do battle with our sauce so it,smells like wrong so you wanna put one,two three like three dashes okay so what,I'm gonna I'm gonna dig up this area,first and then come back to you guys,it's done and then you're going to put,it in the fridge because this door,alright so after you ever let your,things sit for a while let it sit for,like 20 minutes,what you want to do is start to use what,I have so you want to put some flour on,the table like that just put flour and,tea with it this is nice,and then you put your things on this,like that,so you smoothly alright guys so after,you've done this the ruling party right,you spread it out and route it like this,and you get it all compacted together,like that you want to get you your,baking time like coconut for it in it so,that's sprayed down just like like so,and then you put it in the oven and I'll,see you guys in athletes done I'm gonna,leave in the oven for like 30 minutes,alright 25 minutes and I'll take it out,our shader final result yes guys come,back guys I'm back the cake is already,done I will show you the reveal right,now hold on one second,look at that,look at that guys look at that,and to see how it peace all right let's,go to school to school to school,hmm,oh my god is so good if you're mid to,the end of this video thanks for tuning,in to my channel see you guys in my next,video

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